the mother of all battles

In the Bones: Part One

Title: In the Bones

Rated: M (for violence and later chapters)

Words: 10K+

Summary:  Natsu and Lucy are from warring clans, each acting as a powerful warrior for their people. Natsu’s clan consists of skilled blacksmiths, crafting weapons from the earth and enchanting them with lost elemental magic. Lucy’s people are Spiritwalkers, powerful seers who can make contracts with ancient spirits from the bones they leave behind. (enemies to lovers AU)

AN: New AU for @constellunaa‘s birthday! Happy birthday Shana! Have a lovely day <3 This one is based on her warring clans AU which is AMAZING.

*also on FF, so please be sure to drop a review there and follow the story if you want to!

Lucy bends low over the bowl before her, cupping her hands to trap the gust from her lungs as she breathes life into the broken, forgotten splinters of bone. Cracked ribs lay before her, as well as the remains of a smashed skull, barely the size of her palm, small enough to cradle. They rattle when she blows warm air against them, shifting slightly, and she grins. Excitement sweeps through her, her hands trembling, and she has to steady herself before trying again.

She takes a deep breath, golden eyes slipping shut as she pushes passed her nerves, readying herself. Her eyes snap open once more, a faint shimmer of blue in her irises, and this time when she breathes into them, a pale, ghostly blue glow pulls from her lungs. It fans across the bones, and they quiver, clacking together wildly as she leans back, waiting for the creature to form, long forgotten pieces of itself finally becoming one.

Her eyes slam shut, her heart stuttering in her chest, and she bites her lip. Lucy’s lungs go still, the oxygen leaving her in a rush, and she reminds herself not to panic, her mind used to the loss of breath, though her body constantly rejects the feeling. Her lungs scream for air, her spirit flickering as she continues to breathe against the bones she found days earlier while out in the woods.

Eventually, she runs out of air, the blue glow leaving her and washing across the rattling bones, the sound growing so loud she can barely think. Lucy gasps for breath, coughing slightly, and winces as her chest aches, her life-force growing thin for a moment before coming back to her.

The consequences of walking with spirits were the first things Lucy was taught as a child, her mother making her promise never to spread herself too thin. There’s only so much a Spiritwalker can take, their lives much more fragile than others.

The bones fall silent a moment later. The rattling stops suddenly, and her eyes snap open, gold flickering in the early morning light spilling in through the open window. The wool rug beneath Lucy tickles at her skin, and the bones are quiet, as if nothing happened. For a moment, she frowns, eyes narrowing as she stares down at them, but then they shift again, though not because of her.

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The last great punk rock song before I unspike my hair and carry on, and I will wail about anarchy, drums will blare in rhythmic harmony - anti establishment just gets me no where fast and it’s the last great time I’ll try.

Meanwhile, in a Basement in Emon


“Alright, Princess, you really gotta stop fidgetin’ or I’ll just end up making it worse!” The tiny woman she vaguely remembered lectured her while slowly trying to pull the arrows out of Cassandra’s body, hands glowing softly with healing magic.

Fidgeting, in this case, meant rocking back and forth while breathing heavily and desperately fighting down the urge to vomit.

“I know,” Cass managed to gasp, desperately trying to shake off the memory of the last time she had been struck down by arrows, the warmth of the healing spell not enough chase away the creeping cold and the sensation of snowflakes falling down on her while she watched her brother get away. No, no, no snowflakes this time. She wasn’t even outside. She was in some sort of basement, there were only two arrows stuck in her, no one had left her behind… The cold still wouldn’t go away, though.

“What, you get into fights often?” The gnomish woman snorted. Cassandra vaguely recalled her being the missing gnome’s daughter… Hailey? Miley? Something like that. “Didn’t think you were the type.”

“I’m going to get us whatever healing items I have left in stock,” Shaun announced.

“I wouldn’t recommend doin’ that before someone takes care of that giant-ass cut across your chest!” The gnome reprimanded him, accidentally yelling right into Cassandra’s ear. The ringing was a good distraction, though.

“My dear, I’ve gone toe-to-toe with an ancient dragon before. Twice,” Shaun informed her, his usual bravado slowly returning to him. “This is nothing I can’t handle.”

“So have I,” Cass said quietly. With one arrow removed and the wound it left behind closed up, she could now feel the blood rushing through her veins again, trying to fight off the cold for her. “Not in a fight, though, I just played hostess to one. Which Mother used to say was a battle in its own right. All the hospitality in the world didn’t keep her from killing my brother, though, and while he sort of had that coming, I supposes that’s just what guests do to our family…”

“Screw the healing stuff, this one needs booze!” The gnome now more considerably didn’t really yell into Cassandra’s ear. This one felt different, too, magical somehow, and despite the volume and candor was almost pleasant.

“I’d still categorize that as healing items,” Shaun declared, then Cass heard a door close.

“A man after my own heart!” The gnome declared. “And I don’t say that lightly.” She then turned around to Cassandra once more. “Okay then, Princess, one more arrow and we’re done here!” She announced while eagerly rubbing her hands together as they started to glow again.

“My name is Cassandra,” Cass somehow found it in herself to remind her healer. “Cassandra Johanna von Musel Klossowski de Rolo of Whitestone, Guardian of the Woven Stone.”

“…Yeah, I think Princess is pretty apt.” The other woman said after a short pause. “I’m Kaylie. Shorthalt, I guess, but don’t tell anyone I said that.” She winced. “You’re the, what, sister of the white-haired asshole then?”

That made Cassandra laugh a little despite herself.

“I suppose so,” she confirmed.

“I won’t be holdin’ that against you, don’t worry,” Kaylie assured her for some reason. “So, uh… You come here often?”

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Young guzma entering the Johto region bug catching contest

*whispers* for you big sis

“I’m getting that kiss, and you can go straight to hell!” Plumeria growled. She nestled into her black parka, dammit Johto was so cold! She didn’t understand how even though you looked cute, you were content with overall shorts and a t-shirt.

“Oh yeah?” Guzma said through chattering teeth. He fared no better in an old long sleeve and sweats torn at the knees. “Well ya better get used to the taste of shit ‘cause tha’s what your gonna be eatin’ when I’m the one whose kissin’ on her, ya dingus!”

Plumeria and Guzma had to be careful to speak no more than above a whisper, engaged in a battle of wits. After all your mother didn’t believe that twelve year olds should be speaking in such rough language. Especially when you, the youngest of the bunch at eleven, were still so impressionable. The two kids didn’t want to ruin their chances of accompanying you and your mother on another trip to the Johto region for summer, especially when it was a chance retreat from Alola and what waited for the two of them at home.

They stood in a line with a Pokémon each and 20 Park Balls, Plumeria waved and blew you a kiss while Guzma winked and tried to look as manly as a twelve year old could. You sat on a park bench with your mother, knees covered in bruises and band aids from your little mishap the hour before. You’d taken quite a tumble off a dirt ledge, emerging a bloody crying mess from the ordeal while your mother, Guzma, and Plumeria tried to console you. When not even a Rage Candy Bar could cheer you up, it was Guzma who announced that he would make it all better by catching you the rarest bug at the Catching Contest. Plumeria refused to be one upped by a boy, especially when it came to attaining the affection and admiration of the one she cared for the most. The kissing thing came later when Plumeria insisted that you would be so overflowing with joy, that you would bravely kiss her on the lips.

“Like she’d kiss your ugly mug!” Guzma had said, “She’d rather kiss me, ‘cause I’m so good at catchin’ bugs!”

So here Plumeria stood with her Salandit, insisting that the type advantage would ensure her victory.

“Your ass is grass nerd!” Plumeria yelled when the judge gave the signal. She nearly tripped Guzma in her mad scramble in the tall grass. He didn’t bite, but instead turned to you and waved.

“Don’t worry cutie!” Guzma reassured you, “Imma catch you the biggest, bestest bug ever!”

Before you could respond he took off with Wimpod, trusting in his instincts that had lead him to capturing his partner Wimpod.

“You have such wonderful friends sweetie.” Your mother said. She smiled at the two children hunting through the grass, too far away for her to hear the obscenities they were screaming at one another. You still hurt a little too much to talk, but you nodded in agreement and smiled.

“I think we’ll have to invite them more often.” She laughed when she saw Guzma struggling with a Pinsir that seemed keen on having Wimpod for lunch. “I don’t think they’ve ever been outside of Alola. And I’ve heard rumors about their parents… I think it’s good for them to come places with us like this.”

“Yes.” You agreed. “I want them to come all the time.”

You nursed your wounds quietly, and you became excited when the whistle sounded once more signifying the contest had ended. The judging process was done where contestants stood, so you could not see the results, but when Plumeria and Guzma returned you assumed the worst with their crestfallen faces.

“Twenty minutes of my life wasted and all I caught was this stinkin’ Weedle!” Plumeria cried.

“Least you caught one that can evolve into somethin’ cool!” Guzma yelled, “All I got was this Kricketot! A lousy Kricketot ‘cause a Pinsir tried to eat Wimpod!”

They both approached you with Pokeballs in hand.

“I’m sorry.” They said in unison. “I’m really sorry.”

You took both Pokeballs in hand, tears having dried up some but now springing forward afresh at the kindness of your two friends.

“Thank you!” you whimpered, standing weakly to first kiss Plumeria, and then Guzma on the cheeks.

“I love my new friends.” You said quietly, cuddling the Pokeballs to your cheek. “I’ll cherish them forever.”

Normally the two would have resumed their argument anew to determine what your kisses meant. But for now, Guzma and Plumeria sat one on either side of you, wrapping their arms around you and basking in the radiance of your affections.

Little Lady

Title: Little Lady
Summary: Even if Yukimura had died, Saizo still checked up on the child and woman he had left behind. If only to make sure the little ladies were alright.
A/n: This is an old one I had done nearly a year ago, and forgot about, but then decided to finish it. I hope it comes out well. Also be noted that there are spoilers for Yukimura’s sequel. Just slightly though. Please enjoy~!
It had been awhile since Yukimura had passed away during battle. Even if most agreed that it was a fitting end for Japan’s most powerful samurai, Saizo couldn’t just forget the things the little lord had left behind. Namely, the wife and child Yukimura had left behind.

Saizo would be hard-pressed to admit that he was worried about their well-being, since having been left in the care of the Date clan, but he was also relieved that Yukimura hadn’t expected him to look after the family he left behind. Most likely, Yukimura thought it would be too dangerous with the life Saizo had, and the little lord wouldn’t exactly be wrong.
Saizo’s life was far too busy, and dangerous, to have the burden of looking after another. Much less a woman and her child.
Still, that didn’t mean that on his down time, the Iga ninja didn’t visit the two on his own free time, if only from far away. He didn’t dare risk being outright seen for numerous reasons. So, he settled from watching them from a far…

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It’s been a hard year.

in the past twelve months we’ve seen too much. 

across the world we’ve seen devastation and hatred. if it’s not the manmade terror of neo-nazis and hate groups voicing their opinions and being protected by those in charge, it’s disasters like harvey or irma that shock us and leave us broken. 

it’s been a year that feels suspiciously like we’ve gone back in time. nazis marching in the streets and calling for the deaths of jews, calling for the deaths of people of colour. the threat of nuclear war looms over our heads as the leader of the free world engages in arbitrary battle with north korea’s leader. 

and then there’s personal lives and the struggles we all face.

i’ve spent this past year trying to reconcile my sexuality with my religious beliefs, something i thought i’d dealt with long ago. i faced coming out to my mother and am still working through the fallout of it all. i’ve battled stress and anxiety and neither seems to be giving up any time soon. 

this world is crumbling around us and we, too, are crumbling within it.

every year i try to enter rosh hashana with a message of hope and happiness, as is tradition. we wish our friends and family a ‘sweet new year’ and we go to shule and we pray for our souls to be spared and for our lives to continue on for another lunar calendar year.

but i think we need so much more than that this year, so here we go.

i wish you all a year of clarity, filled with understanding who you are, of who you want to be. i wish you success in following the paths you choose to follow.

i wish you a year of strength, with the hopes you use it to fight through whatever comes, and the courage to face whatever it may be.

i wish you a year of love and light, to combat the hate and darkness that threatens to divide the world.

i wish you luck in facing the uncertainty that our futures hold, in standing up for what you believe is right, for trying to make this world a better place for the people in it.

the coming year is always hard to face, and it’s even harder to face it knowing that things will probably get worse before they start to get better. but humanity has survived through the darkest of times, we’ve thrived when we’re together. this year i’ll be praying for our safety, for our love, for our health. i’ll be praying for the world and her people and for love to finally conquer hate. 

i’ll be praying that we get the chance to rebuild our crumbling world.

shana tova.

Pebble in a Shoe (Fred x Reader)

Description: Reader’s mother is a deatheater

Word Count:615

It was supposed to a fun night, a bit of light in the darkness of the approaching war, but it seemed that no one could get a break from the horrors that had been happening in the past few months.

One minute you were dancing with Fred, him spinning you causing your champagne dress to twirl around your exposed thighs, fairy lights not being the only bright thing on you. Fred’s warm brown eyes full of laughter, but even more so when staring at you.

Then everything went to hell.

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Yugyeom Got7 Single dad AU FF Part 1/?

A/N~ HEY. I am starting this AU Fanfiction, and I am posting it on the GOT7 Amino app, and this account. This is my first chapter I hope you all like it! Thank you!

Contains: Anger, LOVE💜, misunderstanding, heart break, a little affection later.
CONCEPT: You are a top celebrity in America, but you always wanted something more. Something to call your own but you could never put your finger on what it was. When you stumble upon a single dad with is friends, and son at a concert you take interest in something other than yourself.
Main:Y/N (You!!!), & Yugyeom

Yugyeom sat near his friends rubbing his head. Then a sudden spark arrived in Mark. “Yugyeom how much sleep have you gotten?” Yugyeom only replied half heartedly, due to his lack of rest. “I’ve barely had any. Mathew has moves into my room. He’s constantly crying, and asking me questions about his mom. I have no clue what to do.” His head banged on the table without warning. Bambam rested his hand on Yugyeom’s shoulder. “Yugyeom you’re doing great and we are all very proud of you. We knew it’s hard raising a child on your own at such a young age. But maybe to help out Mathew you could get him a female therapist?” Yugyeom replied getting angry with himself. “We all know I can’t afford that. I’m deep in debt from the funeral, medical bills are up to my neck!” Youngjae moved in closer to whisper words or advice. “Listen to me… Mathew loves you, and he’s only 3, he’s a toddler. Just try to be my motherly?” Yugyeom returned his head to the palms of his hands.

[B] Yugyeom started to date the mother of his child 6 years ago. They were too deep in love, and so many people questioned their relatonship, but he was willing to do anything for her. There relationship grew fast, and soon they had a baby on the way. Mathew was born to Yugyeom’s shock, but he loved his child more than anything. Despite him being young he wouldn’t have had it another way. They were a perfect family of 3, there life style even made his friend jealous. But then she got sick. Mathew was 3, but he understood most of what was happening. His mother battled with cancer, and she lost the fight. With all of the bills coming from the hospital Yugyeom’s money couldn’t suffice, and the funeral prices drained his wallet. So Yugyeom was left with his six friends, and his son. He was lonely, and scared for the future he wanted something of his own. But he didn’t even bother looking.

“Get up Yugyeom you need to go out. There is a Y/N concert downtown. Maybe tickets will be available. Even Mathew could go!” Yugyeom wanted to protest Jackson idea. But how could he when he was right. Some fun for Mathew and him wouldn’t be so bad? “Fine when I get home I’ll get Mathew ready, and meet up with you all.” JB then hit his shoulder teasingly, “Hey don’t forget to get dressed yourself, it might do you some good.” That was supposed to be a joke but Yugyeom didn’t find it funny. Moving on from the love of his life was too hard to think about, and he wasn’t ready to move on, but his son begged him to. Mathew had wanted a mother again, but Yugyeom wasn’t interested.


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Scene Short: From a Distance

Just a little bit of looking back from a long way down the line.

I mostly don’t ask because I’m sick of hearing everyone say I’m too young, that I shouldn’t worry about unpleasant things. I only get to know the basics, like we are from a country called Norta, my mother is from the Lake Lands. We left Norta after their civil war in which my mother, aunt, and uncles all fought. It was a battle in the war that killed my father before I was even born. I may have stopped asking, but I didn’t need words to put together some of the story, I fill in the gaps with daydreams and stories of my own.

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You know what the stupidest thing about the whole ‘Spider-Man is about youth’ thing is?

Most people who have gotten into Spider-Man first discovered him through some form of media or merchandise outside of the comic books.

Toys, a t-shirt, TV shows and the movies of course.

And therein lies the utter nonsense of Spider-Man needing to be a high schooler in order to be relatable and appealing to mass audiences.

If your first exposure to Spidey is seeing him on a t-shirt, or on a lunchbox, or as an action figure line chances are you haven’t the first inkling as to his age.

In fact between the 1960s and the 1990s (maybe early 1980s) the dominant rendition of Spider-Man used in all merchandise was Romita Senior’s rendition which was based upon a college aged (we’re talking 19-20, 21 at a push) Spider-Man.

And that was used to sell Spider-Man in merchandise regardless of the fact that the character from the mid 1970s-the late 1980s was no longer in that age range. in fact come the mid-late 1980s Peter Parker wasn’t even in full time education anymore so using a college aged Spider-Man in merchandise didn’t make sense. Or I guess having him NOT be college aged like the merchandise really didn’t make sense.

Except it did because shockingly seeing this image on a t-shirt…

Doesn’t pin the character down as either 19-21 nor 22-25 nor 35+ because the costume if effing ageless.

AH but when they get to consuming actual STORIES about Spider-Man then his age WILL become a factor because they WILL be able to clearly tell if he is a teen, a college student or a fully grown married adult right?

Yes, but putting aside how by that point they’ve already tuned into or purchased a Spider-Man story anyway it still puts to bed the lie that he NEEDS to be a kid to attract an audience.

But lets run with the idea of consuming actual stories.

Lets consider how most people alive today who LIKE Spider-Man (regardless of whether they follow the comics or not) got into the character.

The answer is through the movies or the TV shows.

In fact whatever you might say about it’s quality overall, the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon was influential enough that it’s still seen as the defining piece of music related to Spider-Man. 

For children (and maybe some teens) of the 1980s Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends WAS Spider-Man.

For folks of my generation there can simply never be a truer rendition of Spider-Man than Chris Barnes in the 1990s television series.

And I’m sure for better or worse at least some people got greater expisure and maybe interest in Spider-Man due to the Shoddy as fuck Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon and the CGI MTV series.

But by leaps and bounds the original Sam Raimi trilogy takes the cake. Those movies, especially the first one, shot Spider-Man up to new heightes of pop cultural awareness.

Before the 2002 film people who’d never seen or read any Spidey stories (we’re not counting the poor parents of kids who watched the cartoons) could clearly identify him if they saw his costume and knew he could stick to walls and swing from webs and hey maybe they knew he was Peter Parker and (at a big push) could MAYBE identity Doc Ock and Venom. After the 2002 film EVERYONE knew Spider-Man was Peter Parker, that his Dad was Uncle Ben, that his mother was Aunt May, that he loved Mary jane, that his best friend was Harry, that Harry’s Dad was his enemy, that he worked for the J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle taking selfies and that he got his powers from a spider bite, those powers including super strength and agility.

Come the sequels everyone now knew who Doc Ock and Venom were too and that Harry followed in his Daddy’s footsteps.

And what might we ask do all those adaptations barring the 1960s show (but including the forgotten 1970s Nick Hammond experiment) have in common?

None of them are about a high school aged Spider-Man.

Oh, the 2002 film starts with a high school Spider-Man. But when we say he was in high school we mean for like the first half of the first movie where he was months away from graduating.

In fact even in the 1960s show Peter might have been in high school but it boiled down to more of a point of background trivia than anything. Peter sounded like a grown man in the show and precious little time was shown depicting him in school or going through typically teenage experiences. Mostly the show relied upon the Bugle as the main place for Peter to hang out wen not in costume and relied upon him getting into costume ASAP so the action (such as it was) could start.

So yes that did present a teenaged high school version of Spider-Man but not one for whom that was particularly emphasized. he was more or less a generic superhero except he lacked a batcave but did instead have an elderly aunt.

Hardly a life situation that a teenager, or a 8-12 year old (who allegedly Marvel actually want a their core readership) would relate to beyond perhaps the parent/child relationship with Aunt May but even that’s tenuous, a 12 year old wouldn’t have the same relationship with their mother as Peter had with May in the show).

The idea of an 8-12 year old relating to all those other Spider-Man adaptations becomes even more ridiculous once you realize that in half of them Peter is living away from home (either on his own or with roommates) and is clearly over 18, i.e. an adult. And he does adult things like go out on dates (or tries to), tries to earn money, worries about his sick mother, and goes to college which just in the way it’s talked about and looks on screen and how the classes play out is clearly giving off a different vibe to a high school setting.

Yes some adaptations still had him living at home but again, his relationship and dynamic with Aunt May was simply not the same as what the dynamic between an 8-12 year old kid’s would be with their parents. When you are that age your parents are the dominate authority figures in your life (whether you kick back against it or not). For a college aged man, even a young one of 18-19, Aunt May isn’t an authority figure and the shows clearly conveyed that.

In the 1994 cartoon Peter briefly moved out in the first season and was shown to look after Aunt May more than once (including in the first episode). in the iconic Alien Costume three parter he even shoots down May’s suggestion to stop taking Spidey pix.

No little kid seeing that saw themselves in Peter and their relationship with their parents in Peter’s relationship with Aunt May.

Perhaps the most adaptation where Peter’s life as an independent adult was clearly conveyed was Spider-Man 2. The whole movie is the aggressively NOT a coming of age story. That was the first movie.

Spider-Man 2 isn’t a coming of age story it’s about learning how to manage and come to terms with the push and pull of adult life and who you are within that.

Honestly the only thing that a kid could even possibly relate to in that movie is when Curt Connors gives Peter a dressing down and when Harry is upset with him. Kids have teachers and authority figures who take them to task and they fall out with their friends too. MAYBE they could relate to his falling out with MJ for the same reasons but it’s devoid of the actual point of those scenes, the romantic emotions that underpin them.

Beyond that Spider-Man the superhero that Marvel desperately want 8-12 year olds to love and follow deals with rent, romance, crappy accommodations, and rather complex emotions related to his dead Dad and his grieving mother. All whilst he battles a guy who he used to look up to but ho’s wife just died.

You know, all the stuff kids and teens could obviously relate to.

Except they couldn’t because no kid or teen deals with that kind of stuff.

And yet…kids and teens fucking LOVED Spider-Man 2. 

Much the same way kids and teens in 1980 fucking loved SUPERMAN II which was another super hero movie about another character dealing with another set of adult romantic issues that involved him also forsaking his role as a hero only to readopt it later…And he was clearly even older than Spider-Man. Shit, you straight up see Superman and Lois Lane in bed together in that movie, which (hopefully…dear God hopefully) no kid would relate to. An adult man and an adult woman sleeping together in the same bed? That’s not them being represented on screen, that’s their parents.

But they still loved it. Much as they still loved MOST Spider-Man adaptations that didn’t portray him in a lifestyle that close to their much at all.

In fact if we really, really ,really cut the shit to an 8-12 year old kid watching 18+ year old college student Peter Parker (who usually lives away from his mother figure), who is clearly interested in romance and also has to earn money…Spider-Man is an adult.

MAYBE they recognize he’s not AS much of an adult as Superman or Batman.

But he’s an adult all the same.

Because to an 8-12 year old once you are tall enough and are interested in romance and a job and going to college and not living with your parents anymore your an adult.

Hell when I was like 3-8 years old I could tell the Power Rangers were going to school but I didn’t relate to them because of that. Because just from how they looked and what they did besides going to school they were adults to me, like older brothers and sisters or something.

The same was true of Spider-Man.

He might literally have been a YOUNG adult but to a child there is precious little difference between him going to college, the Power Rangers going to high school, Superman going to work at the Planet and Batman having Robin as his ward.

They are all essentially characters who fall under the banner of ‘adult’ in the mind of a child.

And yet despite essentially seeing Spider-Man as an adult they couldn’t relate to children of multiple generations have continued to love Spider-Man and become interested enough to sometimes follow him into the comic book pages.

Because Spider-Man’s appeal is partially a thing of magic maybe nobody can fully understand and partially because yes he is relatable but because of his PERSONALITY not because of the specifics of his life situation.

Hell, the success of characters like James Bond, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Wolverine and Daredevil rather eviscerates the notion of characters needing to even BE relatable to most people to be popular and successful. 

I personally relate to Superman more than Spider-Man in many ways but as a character Superman is…well it’s in his name. The central idea and appeal is for him to be a powerful human who is stronger and faster than anybody else, impervious to pain and can even defy gravity.

James Bond/Wolverine and Wonder Woman are quintessential male and female power fantasy figures, the latter two (especially Bond) being indulgent about that.

Daredevil is blind and that fact is integral to his whole set up despite most audience members reading or watching his stories obviously NOT being blind people.

By and large Batman is a wish fulfilment fantasy character who is at least AS popular as the more relatable Spider-Man and WAY more popular than Robin who was literally created to be the audience surrogate figure.

Long story short:

Spider-Man can and has repeatedly been able to appeal to mass audiences to immense critical and financial success regardless of what age he happens to be and what his life status quo in regards to his age might be.

So insisting his gimmick and purpose is to be young and a high schooler and that is the best way to optimize his success is profoundly idiotic.



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You're honestly acting like a child. You're working right? You don't sound mature judging from all these beg posts

Anon, hey, go fuck yourself, man. Try having no money, having the threat of having no roof over your head be a constant in every day living, and just walking out of the shittiest relationship you’ve ever had and still have it as a crutch on your conscience and let’s see if you don’t act volatile and weak and needy, so fuck you very much. I was working. I thought I was taken care of by my bosses but we found out later they robbed us of our insurance money and sapped our pays into their personal checking accounts just to gamble them away. Even promised me my old position after 6 months but where is that now huh? And we got nothing from the court case. All the while when these are all happening my mother was battling cancer. CANCER, YOU SON OF A BITCH. So let’s see how difficult your life is, you fucking prick. You wanna laugh at a beggar who barely has financial resources, go to your nearest sidewalk and kick him to the curb why don’t you. Asshole.

One thing I like about FE4 (and there are many) is that it combines the characters marrying with discussion to how it relates to the plot (albeit sparingly).

The example I think of most is Ayra and Lex discussing their situation after Sigurd captures the first castle in chapter 5, and Lex specifically mentions Oifey and Shannan heading to Isaach which had just happened right after the capture. It’s a short conversation, but it puts the characters’ relationship in context with the events of the plot.

Instead of Awakening’s time-traveling and Fates’ deus ex machina use of Outrealms, the characters in Genealogy have a real problem when they produce children in the middle of a war. Lex wants the children to have a mother but Ayra isn’t about to abandon him before all of the battles that Sigurd’s army have to fight are finished, and it’s that conflict that makes the tension in chapter 5 very palpable, in my opinion.

You can’t view these conversations at any time - it only happens between the first and second castles of that chapter, compared to the only equivalent conversations I can think of, S rank supports in the newer games. By doing this, it makes the occasion weigh more, because the character development fits into the story and feels less more like an aside.

Sightless :: 11

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1,827

Pair: Yoongi x Jimin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 (of 13)

“On a typical Saturday, a near-fatal accident destroyed his eyesight.

Now Park Jimin feared Saturdays.
Whether it was the most beautiful, clear day out or a rough, raging storm. Every Saturday, he would go into hiding, away from the world, away from any danger.

But then Min Yoongi shows up, picking up the little pieces of life Jimin lost and tries to show him that Saturdays can be, in fact, the safest day of the week.”

A/N: Every chapter switches perspectives, the name of that person (Jimin/Yoongi) will be in bold before the start of the chapter.

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My Feelings Towards The Recent SJ Eps

Where do I even start…

I guess I will start where jack was going to kill himself. The spirit that drew jack was underplayed…and made to look like a fool like any other unimportant villain. He was just there. He meant nothing.

And then jack acts as if everything is norm right after that? That pissed me off. All you have to say after almost committing suicide is complimenting ashi about her bullshit transformation?

Second is the supposed death of ashi’s mother and ashi being all of a sudden op in battle when she has gotten her ass kicked by less. It makes no damn sense. I don’t want to hear no excuse for how it could happen cause I really couldnt care.

And her mother, who had so much build up gets killed off like scaramouch did in the first ep. That was distasteful. Ashi should not be able to even come close to defeating her mother. Not one damn bit.

If anyone should be the one to kill her in a moment like that or at least put up a fight for her should be jack after getting his sword back.

Hopefully she pulls one of those returns like scaramouch did. At least it would make me happy.

Now about jack obtaining his sword again. That was kind of dissapointing as well. Once again it didnt feel like it was built up enough for him to deserve it. Regardless if he realizes he needs balance.

Here is my most hated episode of the season. The love episode. I know that some of you think its petty to dislike romance in a cartoon because its fictional and shouldnt matter. But if you are a fan who like a good fucking show, then you should be mad.

It was so wrong and disgusting. Jack was no where close to himself. He seemed like he was shot with the bullshit Disney arrow. It was soo forced that it made me feel literally sick. It wasnt real nor could ever be a real thing. But they made it real. And I hate them for that.

Not to mention the ending almost made me want to break the tv and walk out the room but what I did instead was walk out the room and cleaned the shit taste out of my mouth. No seriously, that’s exactly what I did.

Before all of you say I’m against straight love, shut up please. Because I do love straight love and couples. This is just one of those that should have never been. I mean, I would have been way happier if they made them have more daughter and father relationship like I’ve seen many do. That would be way more acceptable. But they fucked it all up

At this point I don’t care about the fandom as much but I will continue to make jack art because I enjoy what jack use to be before it was ruined.

That’s all I have to say.

Caged [31]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2381 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 30  Part 32

You didn’t know what Jungkook had forced down your throat, but it had slowed down the room and numbed your thoughts, and somehow day had turned into night and the world had become quiet. Your body felt heavy and like it wasn’t yours, like it wasn’t real, but then again nothing felt real anymore.

Hoseok was sitting in a chair by the bed and had been for hours while you had drifted in and out of sleep, unable to move or speak. Sometimes you had stared at the ceiling, sometimes you had stared at him, but through all of that time he had simply held your hand and refused whenever someone had come in and offered to watch over you for a while. So had Jungkook, who was seated on the foot of the bed with his legs crossed, and no matter what he did, it seemed the shadow of guilt was not going to leave his expression anytime soon.

The world outside had been dark for a few hours when you finally found the strength to sit up in bed and pull your hand from Hoseok’s grasp. Jungkook’s head perked up when he noticed you moving, but he stayed quiet. You looked around for a bit, confused, your mind blurry, and you found it hard to form a clear thought and figure out where you were and remember what had happened the last few – hours? days? You weren’t sure anymore.

“Where’s Namjoon?” you asked, but corrected yourself immediately when you saw Hoseok’s and Jungkook’s alarmed faces. “I mean Yoongi. Where is Yoongi?”

Rubbing your face, you tried to fight the feeling of sickness creeping up your esophagus. You really had meant to say Yoongi, but your own body had betrayed you.

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