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Did Chris ever talk about his book dedication to "Charlie"? At least to give some explanation, even a fake one. I know he always talks about his grandma and Hannah so it was obvious that some dedications were meant for them, but this?

He has never mentioned it. The plausible deniability is due to the fact that the dedication was made by the character Red and not by Chris himself. Just like Mother Goose dedicated her book to Lester.

Happy March, and happy Women’s History Month! This month, as I’ve done for the last two years, I’ll be posting a new woman illustrator every day here on the blog. I can’t believe this is the third year running that I’ve done this, and it’s something I look forward to doing every year.

I wanted to start today with an artist that I recently came across, who created the iconic suffrage poster above. Bertha M. Boyé (1883-1931) was a San Fraancisco-native illustrator and sculptor.

Boyé was born in Oakland and raised in San Francisco. She attended the California School of Design, where she received awards of merit and scholarships for her work in life drawing and composition, but her professional work focused mainly on sculpture and “decoration” or illustration. She reated illustrations for books such as A Mother Goose for Lovers’ Use, a series of rhymes based on Mother Goose (1912), and Dotty Seaweed (1909), a children’s book about a mermaid. ) Finding examples of her work other than this iconic poster has proved extremely difficult; at first I assumed she had not pursued professional art past this one published piece, but her story has much more to it.

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May 6th 1919: L. Frank Baum dies

On this day in 1919, the famous American author L. Frank Baum died in Hollywood aged sixty-two. Born Lyman Frank Baum in 1856, he was plagued with health problems in his youth, which prevented him from graduating high school. Baum tried his hand at journalism, business, and chicken farming before turning to children’s writing when he was in his forties. His initial forays were not successful, and Baum received so many rejection letters that he kept them in his own ‘Record of Failure’. He finally broke into the children’s books business when he published his popular collection Mother Goose in Prose in 1897. However, he is best known for his 1900 work The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which enchanted young readers and sold 90,000 copies in its first two years. The novel told the story of the young Dorothy from Kansas and her adventures in the magical land of Oz, accompanied by a tin man, a scarecrow, and cowardly lion. In 1902, the story was adapted for a Broadway musical - earning an impressive $160,000 - and two years later Baum published a sequel. In 1910, enjoying fame for his Oz books (which ultimately totaled fourteen) and other works under various pseudonyms, Baum and his family moved to Hollywood, attempting to translate his work into film. Influenced by his wife, who was an active feminist, Baum was a supporter of women’s suffrage, and is notable for his early depictions of female protagonists. Baum was widely mourned upon his death in 1919, but the Oz stories continued at the hand of Ruth Plumly Thompson. Twenty years after his death, the famous film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, was released to great success. L. Frank Baum’s stories continue to entertain children and adults alike.

“I believe that dreams — day dreams, you know, with your eyes wide open and your brain machinery whizzing — are likely to lead to the betterment of the world”


Mother Goose descended on TLOS4 signing. 

Chris: Oh! -laughs- 

Me: Hi 

Chris: Can I have some? I want some of the good stuff. -Takes my cup and drinks from it- 

Me: Okay. Chris, we need to talk. 

Chris: Oh no. 

Security: What now? 

Me: When I send you an evite, I need you to respond to them. 

Chris: What did I miss? Me: A bunch. For drinking. Chris: Oh sorry. Which ones? 

Me: Well, Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday…-draws a blank- Well.. I don’t remember what Friday was but it was really fun. 

Chris: Was it Frisco Friday? 

Me: Uh..yup! That was it. 

Chris: I’m sorry. 

Me: I thought we were friends!

Chris: Well, I thought we had fun writing that book together? You know, Mother Goose Encyclopedia. 

Me: Well yeah! I thought we had something special and that you’d respond to my evite. 

Chris: I’m sorry! I will!

Me: But when we do, I need you to keep your hands off all of this. -Motions to my body- because Chris, I’m taken. -Points to button that says “Merlin is Bae”- 

Chris: I know. I know. I’m dying. I won’t. 

Me: Well you better come out next time because I’m trying to bring this one along -Points to Red- 

Chris: -laughs- Okay! 

Me: Because she’s getting depressing and everything. 

Chris: -laughs- Oh my god. 

Me: So… I need your help. 

Chris: I will. I will. Thank you so much for this. -Shakes my hand- Please take a picture for me. 

Me: -Loses character and mumbles while walking away- 

Thanks wiseshots for these amazing pictures, once again.


So, this is what we know is coming up for the Land of Stories series:

Oct 2015 - picture book “The Curvy Tree”

Nov 2015 - companion novels “Mother Goose Diaries” + “Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty”

2016 - Trollbella picture book (I don’t know the date on this one).

July 2016 - TLOS 5 Novel

Fall 2016 - TLOS Fairy Tale Collection

July 2017 - TLOS 6 Novel

Fall 2017 - TLOS Graphic Novel