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Belle Moth : “ I didn’t hurt him ! Neither Cornélia or Cœur Blanc ! We just took his outfit to be sure he don’t remember he wanted to rob us and gave them to an association who help ponies !

It was Coeur’s idea. She is very smart and even thought to wash them before .

No more questions now ! I need to focus on my job ! ”

Update realised by la délicieuse @kajeaynart ! thank you again It was really fun to do that “ guest artist trade “ and your art is the best and Belle is perfect in your style ! “ ;w ;)/


big white moth with hot pink legs nominated for most 80’s insect Vid: Kayla McCurry

Excited to share this illustration for today’s issue of the New York Times! I really loved working on this piece, and I was so honored to be invited to tackle such a sensitive topic.

As a proud black woman, with a proud asian background, I know that skin whitening can be such a normalized part of our culture- I’m glad to see a conversation open up about it, and beyond honored to be part of an article that truthfully explores it.

Thank you so much to the folks at NYT, and Rodrigo Honeywell for the opportunity.®ion=top-stories-below&WT.nav=top-stories-below&_r=0

Let me tell you a story about this courageous little male Anthela Ocellata that I released today…

Well, I took this little guy out to where I usually release my moths and took him over to the specific pot that I usually hide them in until it’s night where they come out and fly off.

There were a lot of skinks out today and one was in the pot so I decided that I would release him into a different part of the garden where I couldn’t see any skinks.

So he catches the breeze and very happily flies off and lands in the garden as he tried to figure out where to go next and it was a very beautiful goodbye… until a skink came racing out of nowhere and took him!!

So there I was, distraught and jaw-on-ground as I was trying to process that I may have just spent months… raising this moth from an egg… only to have accidentally fed him to a skink!! I was so terribly speechless and distraught!

My husband and mum came out and I, head in hands, told them what happened. “I was releasing him and a skink took off with him in his mouth!”

My husband saw some wings under the bush where the skink took my little moth and called for me to come over. The lizard had dropped the moth and run away! I picked up the poor little thing and found that he wasn’t even injured, just in shock!!


I took him over to a bush and put him within the bush, hidden from any predators and balanced a thick leaf over him to further hide him. He grabbed onto that bush and seemed to recover, despite still being in a bit of shock. I was so happy to see that he was okay, and tonight he should be able to venture out in search of a mate with no troubles (except the usual night predators).

And that’s the story of the little male Anthela Ocellata and the skink.
A Secret Jew, the New World, a Lost Book: Mystery Solved
An octogenarian cracks the case of a missing prized manuscript by Luis de Carvajal the Younger that surfaced on sale for a fraction of its value.
By Joseph Berger

Until 1932, the 180-page booklet by de Carvajal, a secret Jew who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in Spain’s colony of Mexico, resided in that country’s National Archives.

Then it vanished. The theft transformed the manuscript into an object of obsession, a kind of Maltese Falcon, for a coterie of Inquisition scholars and rare-book collectors. Almost nothing was heard about the document for more than 80 years — until it showed up 13 months ago at a London auction house. The manuscript was on sale for $1,500, because the house had little sense of its value.

I was a little hesitant to put this up but I decided to anyway. In any case I’m a huge sucker for reverse beauty and the beast stories because monster girls are my favorite.

It’s not shaded or colored anything and it’s kind of messy but I tried. Anyway I guess in this story a bug monster girl and Karamatsu become pals… AND MAYBE MORE??? I mean, if he doesn’t, I’ll date her.

Like Moths To Flames//Fighting Fire With Fire

(My edit,not my photo)


Within a White Darkness (Pt. 1)

The cool dark of your bed was pulled away, the cover pulled back in a blinding rectangle of light. You cringed, rolled on your side, pressing your face into the pillow you laid your head upon. How long had you even been sleeping here? Your mind is a fog, formless and free of landmarks, much this space you lay in before the light flooded in.

Oh, darling色

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Thank you Ruby @likeamisfit​ for tagging Claude and Harry from MOTH in this fun character thing. 

rules: choose a couple of fave photos/gifs/manips/etc of your ship! copy and paste the questions down below! answer as if you’re the characters that have been tagged! then tag some more of your fave ships/characters to answer next!

I don’t really know who to tag. Everyone has probably already done it tbh and I am just late to the party. (Which makes me even more thankful that Ruby remembered I exist lmao)


  • Make breakfast: Harry
  • Cuddle the other for no reason: Claude
  • Sleep on the couch after an argument: As if Claude would ever sleep on the couch.
  • Drive and who is most likely to ride shotgun: Are we talking horse and carriage here? Harry would definitely take the reins on that one (pun intended), but Claude rides better.
  • Choose the music in the car:
  • Get jealous: Both, but Claude is worse for it.
  • Break the expensive gift rule: CLAUDE
  • Remember anniversaries: Harry
  • Sneak sweets in the shopping cart out of the pantry: Claude
  • Hog the covers at night: Claude

1. What do you do when the other is upset?

Claude: I’d cheer him up just the way you think I’d cheer him up. [Wink]

Harry: Claude is a very… shut off person. Not that I am one to talk. But it’s difficult to get through to her when she’s upset. I’ve always offered to be there if she ever wanted to talk something through, but she usually denies me and deals with it on her own. That said, when I’m annoyed, or unhappy she is so careful and doting. She’ll run me a bath or set aside time to just talk, or sit in silence if I’m not ready. She’ll hold me and soothe me. Claude, she really looks after me. She’s not who I or anyone else thought she’d be. 

2. Who is more romantic? Give examples.

Harry: I think perhaps we surprise each other every day. We came from this odd vortex of being both irritated and infatuated with one another that when we finally came to blows, neither one of us were sure whether or not we’d survive; whether we would come out fighting or… something entirely opposite.

3. What do your families think of your relationship?

Claude: They don’t think anything, because… they don’t… know. 

Harry: I don’t have any family to tell anymore.

4. If you had to wear a couples costume for Halloween, what would you go as?

Claude: [Sigh] Something equally romantic as it is epic… Romeo and Juliet? Imagine! I could design my own dress and Harry would sport a rather fetching pair of green hosiery.

Harry: A horse. And Claude would be the back end, because she’s quite the pain in my arse.

5. Are you both earlier rises? Or do you both sleep in? Or is there one of each?

Claude: Depends, I suppose.

Harry: Don’t be ridiculous. You sleep like the dead. I have to be up early to work in the kitchens and unload the deliveries from the village. I usually slip out and Claude is drooling onto her pillow.

Claude: I do not drool, Harry!

Harry: Yes, yes you do. [Smack!] But you make it look beautiful, obviously. Very queenly dribble.

6. Do you have any routines at night? Before bed, in bed, etc.

Harry: She takes ages to come to bed. All these tonics and potions that she’s convinced will make her embody eternal youth. 

Claude: Oh please, you’re always asking me to put them on you after because you don’t want to get wrinkles.

7. What nicknames do you have for each other?

Claude: Much to my disdain, Harry relishes in addressing me as Princess. It is quite improper. I like to call Harry ‘Master Styles’. It has a lovely ring to it, don’t you think?

8. Say you had a child, who is the strict parent and who is the lenient parent?

Claude: [Shudders] I would be a terrible parent.

Harry: Nah, I don’t think you would. You’d be great!

9. Would you rather go to a fancy restaurant for a date or stay at home and watch movies with pizza?

Claude: What is this ‘movies and pizza’ that you speak of? No, any time Harry and I are able to share together is usually spent locked away in my bedroom.

Harry: But we’re not rabbits. It’s simply the best place we can go for privacy. Sometimes I read to Claude, or we play chess. Let it be known, there is more to our relationship than simply physical activity.

Claude: [Pouts]

10. What first attracted you about the other person?

Harry: I couldn’t… possibly say.

Claude: Yes, well… We don’t speak of that now do we, Harry? But for me, I would say… His mystery. And his body.

thesecretsofdaydreams  asked:

Wait, tell me the story about Moth man punching you in the face behind the Wendys??


It was a dark and gloomy November night. The Wendy’s parking lot was empty, not a soul in sight except for me and my binoculars. There I was, sitting next to the dumpster behind the Wendy’s. It smelled of rotten burgers, rancid ice cream, and capitalism. All of a sudden, I heard it. A gentle flapping sound. I turned my head to see what it was-and bam there he was.


“Holy shit!” I shrieked.

Mothman then proceeded to punch me in face, steal my sweater, then fly away, leaving me in a dazed heap on the concrete.

The End.

i can’t even use my menstrual cycle as an excuse for crying at the moth radio hour stories i’m just a girl in touch with her emotions now

The Creepy Castle Trailer and Some Stuff that Didn’t Make it

With the recent launch of the Creepy Castle trailer (which you can watch here!) I figured I’d share some things that didn’t make it into the final cut.
Originally, there was a little story where Moth faces misfortune during his quest for the ultimate adventure (which ends up leading him to the creepy castle)…But! It didn’t really match the song all that well so. Yeah! I have quite a bit to share!

Moth and the tiny…Thing that shares his face:

What is it? Where is he going? Why does it look like Moth??? But…Smaller?!
So many questions surround this little guy!
Maybe they’ll be answered one day.
Who knows!

Moth, you really shouldn’t have put that there…:

Rule number one: You never, EVER put anything important on the edge of a cliff!

All of my food was in that bag:

Good thing fried stick-on-a-stick is Moth’s favorite anyways! (There’s no flame here because it was added in the editing process.)

Character cut-ins uncut:

Just as the description says! These were extremely fun to do!

For those interested:

You can follow this link to check out the trailer uncut.
I have to give a huuuuge thanks to @lazymoth and Nicalis for the opportunity to get paid animating cutesy cartoon buggies! Also shout out to Matthias Bossi for his excellent narration and super, amazing theme song, and Alex Hicks for making ALL of my work look SOOOOO much cooler in the final cut.