the mostly popular girls in school

So, my school has this really intense rivalry with another school in our area, and typically both schools were pretty good at keeping it mostly good-natured, but one day this girl (She was the Popular Girl stereotype, lazy, shallow, bitchy, petty, all of it.) and her friends went up to the (other) school and they vandalized a rock in front of the school.
Turns out that rock was a memorial for a student who had died from cancer, and shit. hit. the. fan.
I can’t remember what exactly happened, but I’m pretty sure they at least had to clean it up (and they probably got weekend detention too)

High School (1/?)

Summary: It is alternate universe where Steve goes to the same high school as the reader but she is very shy and quiet while he is very popular. Lindsay is there to make reader’s life miserable. 

Pairings: AU!Steve Rogers x Reader 

Word Count: 1,940

Warnings: Angst, reader gets picked on a lot and she get’s called “retard”

A/N: This was requested by @ruby-rose789 and I’m sorry it’s two parts. It just got way too long and I didn’t want to drag it. Next part will be very fluffy, I promise and I recommend checking out, ‘A Little Princess’. It is amazing! 

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Y/N walked through the halls with her head down, trying to get to her locker without any problems. There were a lot of other people that made walking down the hall difficult for a person that is shy and quiet; like Y/N. It was ironic really, that the quiet people got more attention than the loud ones, well usually they got attention from others who hated them, like how Y/N got attention from Lindsey Montenegro. Lindsey Montenegro was the most popular girl in the school which happened mostly because her dad is the principal which makes everyone fear her and it also made her have power. Power to make everyone’s life miserable by picking on them, even if they’re doing nothing but breathing.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas for a JJbek high school au

  • JJ is literally everybody’s darling at school; he’s handsome, he’s pretty and he’s really easy going and friendly towards everybody. He’s arrogant too, that is at least what a lot of people say.
  • He’s captain of the ice hockey team and therefore very popular especially with the girls. Actually he’s the first captain with dark(er) skin in the history of the team  
  • JJ’s best friend is chewing gum and converse sneakers
  • It’s sports, sports and more sports for him.
  • JJ doesn’t care about school a lot. He performs badly at maths, he hates chemistry and physics. Music is okay-ish. But it’s the sport he lives for. He aims for a college with a very good ice-hockey team.
  • His (female) admirers are many, he’s mostly surrounded by a flock of girls, and he dated some of them (High school AU JJ is bisexual)
  • JJ knows he should reduce training to get better at school; he can’t however, because he wants to live up to his own standards.
  • Otabek doesn’t give a shit about sports, if they aren’t esports. He loves those
  • Otabek is quite good at school, basically in all subjects, but especially in music and art. When he was younger he dreamt about becoming a pianist. 
  • Otabek  doesn’t have many friends. In fact he has one friend he met at a book night organized by the librarians a while ago. 
  • Otabek literally cannot stand JJ at all. He’s too loud, too popular, too easy going (with the girls) - it’s inappropriate and .. distasteful?
  • More importantly: Otabek thinks JJ is dumb, really dumb - yet nobody ever seems to give a shit about JJ failing exams and performing really badly at school. He just doesn’t understand why all teachers seem to favor that boy, when he constantly gets ignored by them, or worse: is being told that his work is not good enough during class
  • Otabek’s a favorite victim for some nasty older boys (boys who are in that ice hockey team too); making jokes about his quiet nature, calling him nasty things (weirdo, and worse), even try to ‘steal’ money from him.
  • One day, JJ witnesses such an event and intervenes quite fiercely. The boys let Otabek be due to JJ’s popularity and his status. JJ is taken aback that such things tend to happen at his school; he never knew. He feels bad for that, and also bad for Otabek asking him a thousand times if everything is fine, if they have done anything else. he also promises to speak with their coach about that. It is basically the first time that they talk with each other. 
  • Otabek is thoroughly surprised by JJ’s reaction; there was no need to intervene, yet he did. There was no need to offer his help, yet he did .. all that keeps Otabek thinking for many days. 
  • A couple of days later Otabek’s phone buzzes. It’s a message from JJ, asking if everything is fine or if another incident happened. Otabek wonders from where exactly JJ has his phone number. For once, he doesn’t ask, but states all is well (which it is). In the next message JJ asks if he’d up for meeting at Starbucks later on. Otabek doesn’t quite feel like it .. what should he talk with JJ? Why should he talk with JJ? and more importantly .. WHY should JJ want to meet with him? It doesn’t make sense, yet his upbringing bids him to agree and so he does.
  • He’s nervous when they meet. Afraid not knowing what to say, afraid that other friends of JJ are somewhere around; some flirty girls - all these things. It never happens. They are basically undisturbed. Otabek has to admit that JJ isn’t half as dumb as he thought he is. JJ has to admit that Otabek isn’t half as weird as he thought he is - actually they share some interests:
  • Both love to read (even the same books), both love photography, and are interested in politics. JJ just hides this side of his, because it’s deemed ‘uncool’. Otabek also learns that the attention JJ receives is kind of unwelcomed; it stresses him, it gives him anxiety attacks on a regular basis. He doesn’t like all the attention at all, but has learned to cope with it and deals with it to reach his major goal: a sports scholarship for a good college. Time flies: when they realize it, they are the last guests in Starbucks and it’s long dark outside. JJ invites Otabek to watch his next game
  • Otabek watches JJ’s next ice hockey game, although he has NO idea about ice hockey. They meet afterwards at the mall. 
  • After that, they meet on a regular basis .. Otabek helps JJ with physics, they’re doing homework together, they play computer games together .. both are astonished how pleasant each others company is .. at school they pretend as if they aren’t that close .. both are somewhat annoyed by that but have decided it would be the better option, at least for now.
  • JJ has stopped dating those girls all together.
  • One night, a couple of months later, they share some beers and watch some stupid movie, when JJ asks if Otabek ever dated someone, or kissed someone. Otabek shakes his head, eyes casted to the floor. And JJ, being tipsy JJ keeps asking all the more: Why not, are the girls not to his liking here, or is it a religious thing or has it to do with his nationality until Otabek looks up, saying dryly: “I don’t like girls.”
  • JJ feels as if the world stops for a split second. “So,” he ventured carefully, “it’s boys then?” and Otabek is like.. “Yeah .. I guess .. but it’s not ‘boys’ actually.”
  • JJ stares at him with ??? in the eyes until Otabek adds… “It’s A boy. Not boys.”
  • and JJ is like .. OMG .. an unrequited love .. does he know, and have you tried and and and, with Otabek always shaking his head until JJ asks if he knows him. and Otabek is: “if not you who else.”
  • It takes a while until JJ understands, or thinks he gets it .. actually he only gets it when Otabek looks at him, nervousness visibly spread across his face.
  • Now JJ is nervous too. “So .. is that .. boy .. me?” .. Otabek only managed to nod, averting his eyes. JJ so wasn’t prepared for that .. he’d been so damn sure that Otabek was a bit awkward with girls, but straight .. and for that he never spoke about his own feelings, afraid to ruin their friendship. 
  • That night, it’s the first time they kiss each other ..
  • A year later, they are accepted to the same college. 
  • Two years later, JJ is the first captain of the college ice hockey team who’s poc and openly living in a gay relationship. 

..anyways, lovely high school AU anon .. I guess that got LONg :D

Outcast (High-School AU)// Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark x Reader (ft. Jackson, Jinyoung + Yugyeom)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Being the school outcast doesn’t bother you too much - except for the grief you receive from 4 boys in your class - little do you know, Mark has always had a thing for you.

This scenario contains slight mentions of bullying.

It’s not that you hated high-school – you just hated the people that were in it. Everyone had their group, their clique that they belonged to; the popular girls, the popular boys, the kids that were dedicated to studying, the alternative kids that seemed to own mostly black clothing and so on, so forth. However; you never really found yourself ‘fitting’ into any of these categories. You wouldn’t have said you were completely dedicated to your studies, but you did well in your classes and the teachers recognised it. You weren’t so much interested or outgoing when it came to sports – but you enjoyed gym nonetheless. With that being said, you excelled the most in visual and audible arts with music being your favourite subject bar none – allowing you to express your creativity in whichever way you saw fit.

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Because there isn’t enough love for the f/f ships in the fandom

Femslash Week will commence on February 20th and run until the 26th.

This blog uses the time GMT+11:00. Because of conflicting time-zones, late entries will be accepted. The deadline is one week after the week officially ends


  • Day 1: Selfies
  • Day 2: Unexpected Rendezvous
  • Day 3: Alternate Love Square
  • Day 4: Project Partners
  • Day 5: Power Couple
  • Day 6: Reveal
  • Day 7: Smooches

Genderbending will be allowed for the week. As long as it’s f/f, it’s acceptable

Please use the tag #femslash week in the first five tags of your post. You can also tag this blog in your post. Submissions are allowed

Any creation is welcomed e.g. art, fanfiction, videos, edits, gifs etc

Reblogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

Also, if you want the latest news or updates on the blog or weeks, don’t forget to follow ;)

Below the read more are details on the prompts (just in case some of them are unclear or confusing)

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Not My Best Friend (Peter X Overweight!Fem!Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Overweight!Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Bullying, teasing, body issues, mild swearing

Request: Hey, I was wondering, could you write an overweight!fem-reader with a lot of trust/self love issues x Peter Parker? They go together to highschool, have some classes together, and reader takes ballett lessons after school, with some of the girls from her grade - and she’s getting bullied by them (=issues), even by Peter’s new, popular ass girlfriend (not Gwen, bless her). And Peter finds out. And saves the day. You can change anything you want, just make it fluff and I’m happy. Thank you, hehee!

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Growing up, ballet had always been something that peaked your interest. However you never had any proper lessons. You were discouraged, mostly because of your weight. At first you didn’t understand why, being so young… but as you matured you realised that your body type was far different from the girls and boys you saw on those stages.

Yes, you weren’t thin. You were actually the opposite. You had tummy rolls and your thighs touched. However it never really bothered you. Especially since Peter was there to compliment you every day.

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“Friendly Neighborhood Watch” | Young Sam x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive, language


DESCRIPTION: There are four days left of school before Graduation Day. It’s so goddamn obvious you and your childhood best friend Samuel Drake feel the same thing for each other… but you won’t say anything because you don’t want to risk your established friendship, and Sam doesn’t want to say anything because he can’t risk giving himself away. But when two people are a perfect match for each other, some things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

This is technically Part 2 of “Trick of the Light”, but you don’t have to read that in order to understand this (regardless I’ll still leave the link to it below). I’m really pleased with how this one came out because it just makes my heart so happy like aw Sam :,)) It switches between Reader and Samuel so sorry if it’s kinda unclear as to whose POV you’re reading from haha *sweats intensely*

And I also wanna tag @le-ephemere @hyperionbabe @a-n-g-e-l-frommynightmare and @nataliarmnov because you guys are SO NICE and left such sweet comments on Part 1 ily please enjoy

Trick of the Light

Inspired by this song (Rather Be With You - Sinead Harnett)

The only reason why you were with Rafe Adler in the first place was because you were lonely.

Well, more like the one guy you were ever seriously in to never paid attention to you the way you wanted him to, and conveniently, Rafe Adler transferred to your shithole high school and you thought he’d be a lovely distraction.

Except that, despite getting together with Rafe, you still couldn’t get over your one true crush.

The boy next door, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend: Samuel Drake.

You remember precisely when you started crushing hard on that boy. You were in middle school, still in your semi-awkward tween stage, lost in the masses of equally confused prepubescent boys and girls trying to find their places in the social hierarchy. Sam was one of the popular kids; he and his little brother were both notorious for their mischievous methods of cutting class and their bright, cheeky grins. Always the one with extravagant (although mostly exaggerated) tales of adventures, it was expected for girls and boys to flock around Samuel Drake. His heady Bostonian voice and loopy grin managed to light up any room he walked into; Samuel Drake had this laid-back, passionate, and approachable dynamic.

And on top of that… it was almost painful how good-looking he was.

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majoringinsarcasm  asked:

TsukkiKage lovechild. He's four and looks exactly like Tobio only he smiles all the time and laughs. His favorite time of day is when Papa Kei gets home from his early shifts on the weekends. Tobi jr pitter patters to the door and raises his arms. Kei will move suuuuuuper slow in taking off his shoes and coat, and then moved super fast to pick up his kid. Tobi cheers and babbles on about his day and asks if they can have Dino chickies for lunch

Gwaa this is adorable :’) I cant stop myself from adding more so here:

•Kageyama getting home from a long training camp and his kid just jumps onto him and clings and Kags just has the biggest smile on his face (not the creepy kind)
• Their kid loves milk just like Kags and Kei is a total pushover when he sees those cute blue puppy eyes (Kags sighs when he sees empty milk cartons and Kei standing there sheepishly)
• They all three watch dinosaur movies cuddled up on the couch with their kid on one of their laps
• When he grows up a bit more, his personality is more like Kei’s but he’s a bit more outgoing and somehow really popular (also bc he’s really cute/hot and all the girls love him)
• Even though his parents have been teaching him mostly how to set and block since day 1, when he joins his high school team he becomes their libero and everyone’s like ???
• but he’s the BEST libero of course and Kei comes to watch all his games (Kags too although he’s more busy being on the national team and all)


A new AU by celestialmeadows and me!But mostly her :3

This is the Adoption AU. I can’t remember who it was, but someone in kino’s stream suggested an Adoption AU for RWBY. I want this to be a normal life, meaning no Grimm and no Faunus. The closest to enemies would be gangs or “populars.” What it is, is that the RWBY gang meets in an orphanage and become very good friends as kids. By the time the older girls turn ten years old, they are adopted and separated. Five years later, they would meet again in High School. - Amy-sensei

This is a comic before the main story starts,

Weiss (7) and Ruby (5) are playing tea party and Ruby is having problem pronouncing Weiss’s name.

anonymous asked:

I dunno if you like Harry Potter, but what house do you think the mysme boys (and girl) would be assigned? Love your work!


Anyways! Thanks for reading my stuff darling, it always lightens my heart to know that someone out there might be getting enjoyment from my work. So thank you! 

Yoosung- CONTENTIOUS! But… HUFFLEPUFF. From a family of Ravenclaws. The only reason he fell into the yellow and black was because this boy literally is the most loyal of all Puff’s ever (coming from a fellow Hufflepuff, from a family of Ravenclaws- I sympathise with this booboo). He is more than bright enough to be part of Ravenclaw but his personality is so cheery and sunny and bright, that the blue and bronze would only help to kill that out of him. Therefore, HUFFLEPUFF!!!
Best subject: Care of Magical Creatures, Worst Subject: Astronomy 

Zen- GRYFFINDOR. THE BOY RUNS IN AN APARTMENT WITH AN ACTIVE BOMB IN IT… IF THAT ISN’T GRYFFINDOR-Y I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. He is brash and brave and headstrong, he will always believe in himself and his strength and that is enough for him to keep surging onwards.
Best Subject: Divination, Worst Subject: Potions

Jaehee- RAVENCLAW- This Queen Bee would have been Head Girl, and would have served as Prefect under Jumin and would have hated every second of it because he made her do everything. Though in retrospect him making her his underling would have helped her immensely in her own duties as Head Girl. The Professors cried when Jaehee graduated, she was such a kind and gifted student.
Best Subject: Transfigurations, Worst Subject: Divination

Jumin- SLYTHERIN- For the cunning and ambitious… well, Juju is just that. From a perfect pedigree of Slytherin’s before him, the hat sniffed the air (because the hat can smell ok) and as he approached the stage it already called out Slytherin. He was however, the most kind hearted of all Slytherin’s and was often looked down upon in his own house- and people from other houses thought he was supremely out of the league to talk to so he was ostracised by the masses too… luckily he had the mind, fortitude and Jihyun to get him through his school years. His good grades and clean record made him the best candidate for Head Boy, like his father and his father before him… 
Best Subject: Ancient Runes, Worst Subject: Flying 

Saeyoung- RAVENCLAW- Best and brightest for a reason. He would have made Jaehee’s life hell by always getting into trouble and dragging down the house points by his stupid pranks and creating mischief with the Hufflepuff boy. He would however make up for all the lost points by excelling in all his studies and even creating new and exciting spells for the wizarding community for shits and giggles. Cos that’s how he rolls apparently. 
Best Subject: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Worst Subject: History of Magic

Saeran- RAVENCLAW- with big bro of course! The hat very nearly put him into Hufflepuff and when he freaked out saying that he would rather die- the hat almost said slytherin… and then he panicked and told the hat he wanted to be with Saeyoung… a choice he regrets to this day. “If I was in Hufflepuff I wouldn’t have to worry about getting expelled because I suffocated you while you were sleep Saeyoung” Just as bright as his brother but tends to hang with other people, is more quiet and more likely to get caught late at night in a broom closet with a girl (or a book… sometimes the boy just needs his space) than causing havoc.
Best Subject: Potions,  Worst Subject: Herbology 

V- HUFFLEPUFF- which surprisingly, no one ever mocked him for. It was impossible to hate or make fun of V, he was the most gentle and most popular boy in school. He was in the lead to make Head Boy, however with a quick word to his Head of House- he politely declined out of the race. For one he didn’t want to contend with Jumin, but mostly he wanted to enjoy his final year with all his friends and make memories he deemed worthy of remembering. Bright enough to be in Ravenclaw, Pureblooded enough to be in Slytherin and self- sacrificing enough to be in Gryffindor- this man’s large heart belonged in the Yellow and Black.
Best Subject: Charms, Worst Subject: Arithmancy 

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Ice To Sun

Title: Ice To Sun

Sypnosis: Parent!Phan, (Could be seen as AU if you prefer it)- Focuses on Dan and Phil’s teenage daughter who has a drug addiction, please read with caution.

Word Count: 12,131 (yIKES)

Warnings: Drug Use/Abuse, Suicide Attempt, Character Death (Not D or P), Smut tell me if I’ve missed anything out

A/N: This isn’t real (sadly), I am not claiming Phan is real etc etc, I don’t own Dan and Phil bc you know, that’s illegal. Also, I don’t have any personal experience with drug addiction and all of my research for this has been done online, so I apologise deeply if it is inaccurate or anything. This is also my first ever phanfiction that I’ve ever actually published online so please bear with me if there’s any mistakes or if it’s mediocre etc.


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I didn’t knew anything about Norwegian cinematography ‘til I found this amazing TV show called Skam. I fell in love. Even though I’m not a Norwegian teenager, so some of their daily things seem weird to me, it shows the real atmosphere of high school, all the characters look like real teenagers, maybe more beautiful then my classmates, but still like high schoolers (mostly bc actors are nearly the same age as the characters). This show worths watching, believe me😉

The bad boy and the good girl PT 1

Request: A Kol Au where he’s just a regular teen in high school and he’s like the bad guy you should stay away from but the reader (who is a goody too shoes and teachers pet) starts to like him and idk how you’re gonna do this but they end up sleeping together. 

SORRY I DIDN’T POST THIS WEEK. I HAVE SCHOOL AND I JUST LAY CRYING ALL DAY. Please tell me if you like it and/or want a part 2 

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 I had never done anything bad. I got straight A’s. never handed in and assignment late. Never broke a rule. But that all change the day i met Kol Mikaelson. I knew who Kol was but i never talked to him. Mostly because we never met. He was our high schools bad boy and i was the good girl. Kol would walk around him his normal black cloths talking to every girl possible where as i would walk around in my normal black jeans and white shirt trying to be invisible, not talking to any living human. That is besides my best friend Davina Claire. 

“Hey girly.” Davina called from her locker. I walked over to her already uncomfortable with how many people were around her. She was the most popular girl. Every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her. Davina and i met because of our mothers. They were friends when they went to high school so it was inevitable that Davina and i became friends.

 “Hey” i said quietly. Most of the people left giving Davina and a i little space. We started talking about stupid stuff like grades, homework and how much we hated our teachers.

“There’s a party tonight wanna come.” she asked me. Davina always tried to get me to go with her to these kind of parties but i always said no. i felt uncomfortable around all the popular people. It’s not like i had anything in common with them. But this time i felt like going.

 “Yeah. sure i’ll come” i said taking Davina by surprise. “I’ll come over at like 7” i said walking away from her when the bell rang indicating it was time for the next period. English. I walked into the classroom and sat in the corner hoping i didn’t have to speak up even though i knew the answers. 

“Okay class. You had a essay about narcissism due today. Did anybody not reach 10 pages.” Mr. Jensen asked. I laughed to myself. 10 pages was nothing. I had to make mine shorter. But to my surprise there was one person who raised his hand. Kol Mikaelson.  

“How come you didn’t reach 10 Mr. Mikaelson” Mr. Jensen asked him with a long sigh at the end.

 “I would lie and say that i didn’t have time to finish it but you know me well enough to know i didn’t want to” Kol who sat besides me said. I rolled my eyes at the excuse if you could even call it that. “Something bothering you love” Kol asked me. I felt heart rise to my cheeks. I didn’t know how to answer him. For once i decided to do something i never did. Be bold.

 “No nothing. It’s just surprising how a person who has two weeks to write something decides to ignore the task they were given.” i said. I felt even worse after that. I should have kept my mouth shut. But to my surprise Kol started smiling. ‘

“What’s your name” he asked with a smirk on his face. 

“Y/N” i said quietly. 

“Well nice to meet you i’m Kol i think we’ll get along well” he said. I smiled at him before i heard Mr. Jensen clear his throat.

 “Well since you seem to be very fond of miss Y/L/N i give you both a challenge. Y/N you are one of the best students in this school and Kol you… well you show up that has to count for something” he said making the class laugh a little and making Kol give him a cold look. “I want you Y/N to help Kol write this essay. Miss Y/L/N i’m sure you’ll do it without anything in return because you’re again a good student but for you Mr Mikaelson. Write this essay and don’t annoy Y/N and i’ll let both of you out of the test we are having next thursday” 

“You got yourself a deal Dennis” Kol smirked. I didn’t really need saving from the test but then again who likes tests. 

“It’s Mr. Jensen to you” Mr. Jensen corrected Kol before continuing with his lesson. After he was done telling us about the test that i could possibly get out of the bell rang and people started packing their things. 

“Okay i have math now and i know you do too. After that we will go to my house and finish your essay” i said to Kol while packing up my things. I tried avoiding his eyes but it was kinda hard when he gave me a disbelieving look. 

“It’s friday. You wanna do homework on a friday.” he complained. I looked at him really taking in his appearance. He wasn’t unattractive. But i couldn’t go there. He probably didn’t think i was pretty and he’s not really a good influence. 

“Yes come on. I have to go to a party at 7 but from 3 to 6:30 i am all yours” i told him before walking to math. Math was probably my least favorite subject. I knew what they were telling and it’s not like it was interesting. Luckily math seemed to go by quickly and before i knew it i was back at my locker.

 “Hey” Kol said behind be making me jump and all my books fall out of my hands. I bucked down to pick them up and so did Kol. “Sorry i didn’t mean to scare you” he laughed. 

“It’s okay” i said. When i got all my books back into my locker i turned back to him. He smirked at me making me blush. Out of the corner of my eye i saw Davina looking at me with a shocked expression. I couldn’t blame her i don’t really talk to a lot of people. “Hey you have a car right. Meet me out there i’ll just be a second.” i said after shutting my locker. He nodded and walked away. I turned slightly to see him leave but right as i turned back around Davina was in my face. “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL DUDE DO YOU HAVE TO SNEAK UP ON ME” i yelled. 

“What the hell are you doing with the bad boy” she asked me completely ignoring my question.
“Nothing he’s a nice guy. Our teacher said i have to help him write his essay and if it was above an A he would let both of us out of the test next week” i explained.

 “Look i know him a little and i have heard things. Please be careful dude. He’s not the type of guy you’re just friends with” she said walking away from me. 

“What do you mean…. Davina. DUDE” i yelled after her but she kept walking. I walked out the front doors to be with the sight of Kol in his black car waiting for me. I opened the door and sat besides him. He started driving without me even telling him where i live. “How do you know where we are going” i asked. 

“I asked around about you.” he said like it was nothing. When he noticed my shocked expression he continued talking  “Yeah well i needed to know some stuff about you. All i got was that you were Davina Claire’s best friend so i went to some of her friends and they gave me your address and said that you weren’t the type of person they enjoy hanging around and they only do it because of Davina so i punched them” he explain while driving into the driveway.

“YOU PUNCHED THEM FOR THAT.” i yelled. “People say waaaaay worse things about me. The only reason they don’t like me is because i don’t drink and party every weekend” i said. I didn’t really care if they didn’t like me. I didn’t like them either. “I like you. I like how you don’t care. Hey i know how you feel people say stuff about me too” he said. I sat on one end of the couch and Kol sat at the other “Just because i drink more than them and get high from time to time people like to judge too” he said. I was surprised to hear him being so open about his drug and alcohol use. 

“Anyway… what’s your genre” i asked him while pulling out a notepad for me to write ideas on.

 “Uhmmm. I don’t know.” he said with no care in the world. I sighed. “What i’m not a born writer” he complained.

 “It’s fine. How about you write about a boy who thinks he’s better than anybody else so he doesn’t do his homework… i think mr. Jensen would love it” i said sarcastically. Kol rolled his eyes at me. “Okay fine. A girl. She is the most popular girl ever and she starts to love herself more than she loves her family and friends” i said hoping it was fine 

“Is that fine with you since it clearly based on your best friend”

“IT’S NOT BASED ON DAVINA. SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU DON’T KNOW HER OKAY I DO AND SHE DOES CARE. SHE CARES ABOUT EVERYONE” I yelled in his face. I got really defensive when it people talked bad about Davina 

“I do know her… we used to sleep together” 

The Pastel And The Punk

Summary: pastel!dan has been dating punk!phil for eight months, and Phil’s parents aren’t exactly pleased about this. Dan has to deal with Phil’s father, Phil’s there to comfort him.
Word Count: 2k
Genre: AU, Fluff
Triggers/Warnings: homophobic parents, swearing

A/N: What’s a fic? Also, worst title ever? Yup.

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No Promises | Oh Sehun

Genre Fluff, (Accidental)Angst

Word Count1.6k

SummaryIn which the popular Sehun asks for help with homework and gets your number and ends up falling for you as he spends time with you in classes

High School AU


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The desperate pleading look in his eyes did nothing but annoy the hell out of you, but that was definitely not something that stopped him from staring at you. His request was something that you had received multiple times in the past –and you had rejected mind you- but his constant efforts never came to a stop as he kept claiming how much help he needed for his Chemistry and Biology assignments.

“Sehun stop following me, I said no!” You whisper-exclaimed, rolling your eyes at the constant pout he had on his face as he leant against the bookshelf.

“But whyyy? It’s not as if you have crazy plans throughout the week. I’m cancelling all of mine for you by the way…” He proudly admitted, causing your annoyance to turn into enragement at his smug comments. You huffed out and grabbed the first book you could find, before quickly making your way to the table, with him shadowing your actions of course. You sat down at one of the long mahogany tables and opened the mystery book you hadn’t even managed to open yet, before he plopped down next to you and opened his book. “Come on Y/N… You’re the only girl in our year that has finished all of your revision to have time to tutor me!” He reasoned and you sighed snapping your head in his direction.

“Why do you need a girl anyway? Ask Junmyeon or something!” You hissed turning a page and cringed at the other long whinge he let out in the almost silent library.

“Come on, you’re making it sound like I’m a nightmare” He cried, making your eyes widen at how loud he was being. You had been close friends with Sehun for the duration of your past high school years so you were accustomed to how annoying he may have been, but that wasn’t the reason you refused to tutor him.

“Hmm… Spending my last few weeks of school with the school playboy who would do almost anything to get into my pants, or sit here reading a book I have no interest in whatsoever. The second option sounds weirdly appealing don’t you think?” You sassed, slamming your book shut and turning to him.

“Okay now that I’ve experienced you daily dose of sarcasm. Please can we make some kind of deal through which we both benefit?” He offered causing you to perk up and finally give him the satisfaction of your full attention.

“I’m listening” You prompted. He went onto explaining how much help he actually needed with his final exams and how hard he would try to spend as little time with you as possible if you agreed. In exchange of your sessions, he offered to be your chauffeur for the next few weeks – for dropping you off to school, taking you places and whatnot- since he knew that you usually walk to school. As tempting as the offer sounded, you were still weary of the fact that you might develop feelings for him. Regardless of how stupid the decision was, you agreed to be his tutor as long as it would stop him from following you around and begging for tuition.

“Great, now give me your phone” He beamed, and you cocked your head to the side in confusion.

“What would you need that for exactly?” You asked, pulling it out anyway because saying no to him wasn’t something you wanted to deal with right now.

“So I can put my number in and we can beautiful midnight conversations about how much you love me and so on.” He explained half-genuinely, typing in his digits and handing you back the device before getting up to leave. “Meet me at the Chemistry lab after school? For our tuition…” He offered, wriggling his eyebrows, causing you to raise yours in surprise.

“Oh Sehun you are not trying anything on me, or else I’ll leave you to fail your high school finals” You threatened, igniting a childish giggle from him as he walked out of the library.

“No promises” He winked, leaning against the door frame before waltzing out into the hallways. You felt stupid for choosing to agree to this; not because he was already beginning to annoy the living hell out of you, because his wink caused butterflies to erupt in your stomach. The next few weeks were set to be an event.

Sat at the large chemistry desks in the lab, you continued to explain multiple equations to him providing examples as well, but nothing seemed to be getting through his head. You figured that it was mostly because the only thing he seemed to be staring at was you, so you decided to call him out.

“Stop” You breathed, looking over at him to find that his eyes were now trained on your slightly red-lip balm tinted lips. You rolled your eyes at how long it took you to actually get him back out of his own world. “Sehun you’ve zoned out at least ten times in the past hour. Are you sure that the only reason you picked me was that I finished all of my revision? Or are you using this as an excuse to get me alone with you so you-” You were cut silent from your little rant by him suddenly grabbing your shoulders to make you stare into his strong eyes. Your eyes widened at the sudden intimate distance between the two of you, but you were too shocked to say anything.

“Listen. You know I’m not that kind of guy and I would never try anything like that, especially with you” He quickly defended, slowly releasing your shoulders. You slowly let go of a breath you didn’t know you held onto before you slowly looked down to the books in embarrassment of what you had just said. The title of School Playboy did initially start as a joke because he’d dated and broken up with five different girls in the space of three months, but everyone knew that the break ups happened because of mutual problems not Sehun’s interests. But it seemed to be the only thing you had to hold against him because under that usual cold demeanour he held, he was one of the sweetest most caring guys you’d ever met. But you never wanted to be caught dead having feelings for one of the most popular guys at school, mostly because you had no faith in you two being a thing. I mean the amount of more attractive -in your eyes at least- girls who liked Sehun were uncountable, so why bother with liking someone who’d never see you in that way?

“Sehun I’m sorry, I just- I uh don’t know. I can’t explain myself without embarrassing myself so um, I’ll just leave” You hastily stood up, muttering and beginning to gather your things but you were stopped when you felt the warmth of his hand taking a hold of yours. You slowly trailed your gaze up to meet with his now warm eyes, now trying to calm you down from your flustered state.

“Y/N I’m sorry if I ever put those thoughts into your head, but the real reason I haven’t been able to find anyone to tutor me is because no one trusts me enough to be in the same room with me anymore. You were the only one who knew me well enough to not think that so I asked you, plus you’re the smartest person I know so… I’m just stupid I guess-” You stopped him from badmouthing himself further by taking his head between your small hands and slowly pressing your lips against his. The sudden kiss seemed to take him by surprise but before you could pull away out of embarrassment, he slowly tugged at your waist and began to return the kiss. Your lips brushed against each other’s delicately as you gently played with the collar of his school shirt, whilst his hands stayed firmly on your hips; not wanting to move down further without your consent. Slowly pulling away from his lips but keeping your arms hooked around his neck, you stared at his now lightly reddened lips and cheeks, waiting for someone to break the silence.

 “Well just because I promised not to try anything, doesn’t mean you can suddenly surprise me with kisses” He joked, playing with the ends of your uniform jumper as you continued to blush at your actions. “Now, tell me how long you’ve liked me Miss Y/L/N” He demanded, causing your eyes to widen before lightly smacking him for being so blatant. It took a bit of convincing before you eventually admitted to having feelings for him, but you decided not to tell him why you didn’t ever act on those feelings.

“So that’s it can we please get back to studying now?” You requested, desperately trying to escape from the embarrassment of pouring your heart out to someone who probably didn’t even like you that way.

“So why was I not made aware of the fact that a girl that I’ve liked for so long likes me back?” He asked you, sounding almost genuine. The rest of your session consisted of constantly teasing each other about how you’d had moments where you struggled to hide your feelings for each other. Well his confession wasn’t exactly something were expecting, but it was definitely something you had long awaited…

A/N: The request was originally for a fluff but my depressing ass put some angst into it and I don’t even know anymore… I hope the requester liked this, thank you so much for supporting me and reading my work. Later Loves

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Phillip x Reader: Modern! AU

its not even a surprise this is in a modern au lets be real 

Words: 930

Warning: fLuff

Request:  I saw this on Instagram and I was like, “aw that’s so cute!!! IM DOING IT.” so yeah

A/N: I wrote this in five minutes, im actually somewhat proud of it. & I’m not even gonna bother with bolding this anymore my computer is jacked

y/f = your friend ((duh??)) 

A.L is just study hall


You hastily pushed all of you books in your bag. You were late for the bus, yet again.

It was Wednesday, and on Monday is when finals had started. Everyday you would go home, drink a couple cups of coffee, and cram as much information as you could in your brain. It caused you to either get two hours of sleep, or pull all-nighters.

It was stressful, to say at the least.

“Bye, mom! Love you!” You got cut off as you ran out the door, you never got to hear her response as you ran towards the bus doors that were closing.

“Wait! Waitwaitwaitwait,” you said, breathing heavily. Your bus driver rolled their eyes and opened the door, you gave a sarcastic smile, “Thanks.”

“Don’t let it happen again, you may just get kicked off my bus,” they threatened. You winced and walked towards the back of the bus anyways.

You found an empty seat and let out a heavy breath as you sat down, then you felt a poke on your shoulder, it was your friend.

“You okay? You look stressed,” y/f asked. You gave them an ‘are-you-kidding-me’ look,

“It’s finals week,” you stated bluntly.

Y/f let out a breathily laugh, “Yeah, I guess. I’ll see you at lunch?”

“Yeah,” you said, turning around. You cursed yourself for forgetting your headphones, you didn’t want to converse with anyone on your bus.

The bus halted to a stop when another kid got on, you knew who he was.

His name was Phillip Hamilton, and he was one of the 'popular’ students at school. At least, he was with his friends.

Phillip was quiet when by himself, or with people he didn’t know, it seemed unlike him, but it’s just the way it was. Around his friends he was loud and obnoxious, using dumb pick up lines that somehow worked on girls.

It was mostly his looks, that got the girls. They didn’t care what he said, because Phillip was talking to them. He had short curly hair, and lots of freckles that covered his face; you would be lying if you said he wasn’t attractive. He was also very confident, he always stood taller than everyone else.

He came and sat down next to you, not saying a word. You looked out the window as he set his backpack on his lap, pulling out something. You heard a clicking sound, and as your curiousity got the best of you, you looked over.

He had some index cards, and a pen in hand. You were happy he didn’t catch you watching, he probably would have thought you were weird. You couldn’t see what he was writing on the index card, so you just took a guess.

He’s probably finishing flash cards, you thought, before finals

At lunch, you headed outside in the courtyard, off to find your group of friends, who you almost instantly found. They waved you over at one of the concrete tables.

“Hey guys,” you yawned, almost to the point where they couldn’t understand.

Y/f laughed, “Hey, y/n, how’s it going?”

“I hate school, I almost fell asleep already.”

“Yeah, finals suck.”

Your conversation was cut off when some loud laughs erupted the air. You turned around to see a couple tables away, Phillips group of friends.

They were laughing and pushing him around playfully, holding his index cards. He was rolling his eyes with a smile on his face.

Were they making fun of him for studying? you questioned yourself, that’s kind of stupid.

“Y/n?” Y/f asked, snapping their fingers in front of your face, “You’re staring.”

You turned around and faced your table, “Sorry, I was just… Thinking…”

“Oh, you’ve got a crush!” They teased, you rolled your eyes, heat creeping up to your cheeks,

“Whatever,” you muttered, opening your bag of food.

You dragged yourself out of your last class, off to A.L., it wasn’t your favorite thing, but it did give you time to study.

On your way, you ran into someone. “Oh sorry,” you let out a breathily laugh, “I didn’t see where I was going.”

You looked up to see Phillip, your stomach flipped. He looked surprised to see you, his eyes were as wide as saucers. You looked at his hand to see him clutching the index cards from earlier in his hand.

“Hey, are you okay?” You questioned, still knowing it probably wasn’t your business.

“Can I… Can I talk to you for a second, y/n?” Phillip asked.

“Uh… Sure,” you said, raising your eyebrows, not knowing he knew your name.

He looked around and pulled you to the side of the hallway where it wasn’t as busy. Phillip looked down at the index cards for a quick moment,

“Hey so… Uh, are you,” Phillip looked at his notecards, “from heaven, because you–” he accidently dropped his cards on the ground, “Oh, shitfuck oh god I’m sorry. You’re just really– so pretty,” he bent down and picked them up.

You had a smile on your face as he looked up at you, he was blushing furiously, as he fumbled through his cards, “I… Uh, don’t have any cards for this situation…” He took his right hand and scratched the back of his neck.

“Phillip, are you trying to ask me out?” You asked, eyebrows raised.

“Uh, that depends… Is it working?”

“Maybe…” You smiled up at him.

“Would you like to get coffee tomorrow, at 6? We can, uh, study together.”

“A study date? I like it. I’ll see you then,” you leaned up and kissed his cheek, walking away with a big smile on your face.

You couldn’t wait for the bus ride home.

NCT members in school

Taeyong: the cold face who doesn’t give a shit while breaking rules, every girl’s major crush.

Doyoung: the nerd who is every teacher’s favorite student.

Ten: everybody’s best friend and class clown.

Mark: the innocent good student and teacher’s pet

Jaehyun: the prince of the school, teachers adore him.

Taeil: secretly popular but doesn’t know or care.

Johnny: the popular one who is mostly found in principal’s office.

Hansol: the quiet one, many girls secretly crush on him.

Yuta: not very social but quiet popular and an average student, is in the school’s band.

5SOS Preference #7.

Preference: Frat Boy.
Here’s part 2!
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Luke: “Jesus Christ,” (Y/N) groaned under her breath as she entered the frat house, being immediately shoved and ran into by multiple grinding bodies. The smell of weed burned her nostrils and the yearn for alcohol burned in her veins as she studied the structure of the house, noting that there were way too many people to count inside. “Come on, (Y/N). You’ll love it!” Her best friend, Amber, squealed as she tugged the back of her already short dress an inch higher up her thighs. (Y/N) was unsure of how much she would ‘love’ this party. She was actually still in shock that she had let Amber convince her to join her out this evening, considering she had a huge psychology final tomorrow and she should have stayed planted on her bed in her dorm with her notes in front of her face. “Let’s just get a drink.” (Y/N) yelled over the music, rolling her eyes as Amber grinned and sauntered her way over to the kitchen, grabbing vodka out of the cooler that was set up. Amber mixed the vodka with some other kind of alcohol, and (Y/N) knew that the two of them were going to end up too drunk to function in a matter of an hour as she watched the amount of alcohol poured into their cups. Amber handed her the drink, smirking as (Y/N) tasted the lime green liquid with a satisfied smile on her face. “This is really good! What’d you mix?” She asked her friend, sighing as Amber shrugged her shoulders and took a drink from her own cup. “Let’s go dance!” Amber suggested, (Y/N) shrugging as she figured she should at least try to have fun instead of being a sour puss all night long. After setting their drinks down on the counter, they made their way into the living corridor, where multiple couples were sprawled around the room together. Grinding, twerking, and break dancing were all being performed in each corner, and (Y/N) had to admit that she was somewhat impressed with some of the moves she saw being performed. She and Amber took the middle of the floor as Hot in Here by Nelly came over the speakers. The two girls were swaying their hips, teasing anyone watching as they twirled their dresses enough for them to get a slight glimpse of their asses as they got low to the floor, sensually rubbing on their thighs as they swung their hips to the tune. Just as the song came to the last chorus, (Y/N) felt a pair of hands on her hips and a body pressed into her backside. She gasped and turned in the arms that were holding her, seeing Luke Hemmings, the leader of the frat house they were in, standing tall above her with his bottom lip tucked under his teeth as she still slowly grind her hips to the song. “Can I help you?” (Y/N) asked him, not pleased with the boy who had taken an interest in her. After all, she knew of his reputation. Drugs, sex, and constant relationship troubles due to his cheating and partying habits. He didn’t seem like a nice boy, and (Y/N) was well aware of his intentions with girls like herself. She refused to be lead into his game. Luke smirked, letting his lip go from his teeth as he slowly nodded his head, rubbing circles into her hips with his thumbs. “If you can follow me upstairs, it’d help a lot.” He winked, causing (Y/N) to roll her eyes and scoff at him, tearing herself from his grip. “I don’t think so, Hemmings.” She snapped, crossing her arms as she finally stopped her dancing. Luke laughed, placing his hands on his hips as he looked down at the shorter girl. “And just why not, little lady?” He taunted her, causing her blood to boil. (Y/N) stepped closer to him, a smirk gracing her lips as she pulled Luke down to her height by the collar of his shirt, the two of them too close in proximity for (Y/N)’s liking. “I don’t fuck frat boys,” She whispered as she let him go and pushed him away, walking in the opposite direction with an exaggerated swing of her hips.

Ashton: History was such an easy subject. It was simple to understand the concept, at least, it was for (Y/N). Of course, she was majoring in the study, so it would be easy for her. However, some of her classmates were not so lucky to be able to understand the subject as easily as her. She wrote her notes hurriedly, legible enough for her to be able to look back over when she returned to her dorm after class; her tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth as her hand dashed across the lines of her paper without any trace of hesitation. “If you keep sticking your tongue out like that, I just might have a heart attack.” a voice spoke beside her, causing (Y/N) to jump in her seat as she turned to place a body with the voice. Her throat turned dry as she noticed Ashton Irwin, captain of the football team and most recognizable frat boy, sitting next to her. His head leaned against the palm of his hand as he stared at (Y/N), his paper noticeably blank in front of him. “Have you not been paying attention to this lecture at all?” (Y/N) grimaced as she spoke to the boy, disliking the fact that she was even cursed to sit next to someone with such a low value of morals. She mostly disliked Ashton’s reputation; since he was popular for fucking girls and leaving them the next week. She knew his intentions, she knew who he was as a person, and what he was about when it came to school. She was still surprised that Ashton was managing to pass history with the amount of classes he missed due to his massive hangovers after the parties that his fraternity threw every other night of the week. “So I get distracted. Is that such a problem?” Ashton smirked, looking down at (Y/N)’s two full sheets of paper that he knew he probably should have copied down, but he didn’t care at the moment. His goal was to invite (Y/N) to tonight’s party, and he did not intend to take no for an answer. “Yes, Ashton, it is a problem. We have a huge test in two days!” She whisper-hissed, feeling annoyed by his continuous conversation. Ashton knew that (Y/N) disliked him, but that just made him want her more. She was probably the only girl in the school that hadn’t thrown herself at him due to his popular status, and that drove him wild. He intended to get her to become involved with him one way or another, and he knew just the way to do it. If only she would come to one of his fraternity’s parties, she would see why Ashton was worth all the talk he got. “Good, then that means you can come out tonight.” Ashton smiled, taking his head off of his palm as he sat up straight in his seat next to her, causing (Y/N) to laugh aloud. Few students turned and shushed her, but she flipped them off and continued to write as she talked to Ashton. “If you really think I’m coming to one of your parties, you’re insane.” She remarked, stopping her writing as the professor turned his smart board off so he could lecture more verbally. Ashton crossed his arms, leaning against the desk in front of them as he eyed her. “You would enjoy yourself, you know? We’ve got great music, awesome booze-” (Y/N) cut Ashton off with a groan, shaking her head as she began putting her notes back into her folder she carried to class with her. “I don’t do parties, Ashton. I have too much to focus on instead of a good time every night.” She rolled her eyes as it was now Ashton’s turn to chuckle at her comment, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Are you scared to have fun?” Ashton taunted, causing (Y/N) to pause her movements. She looked ahead of them at their professor for a few moments before shaking her head. It wasn’t that she was afraid of having fun, she was afraid to let the party life consume her and get in the way of her history major. Too much would be on the line if she began partying with Ashton and his fraternity, so she always refused any time Ashton invited her to come to their parties. “No, I’m not scared to have fun,” She mocked him, throwing her hair over her shoulder. “I’m just not interested in letting fun consume my priorities.” She bit back, watching as Ashton shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh. It was difficult to get her to agree to coming to one of their parties, and he knew he was going to have to promise her something that he knew would never happen. “If you come to the party, you don’t have to drink. I won’t drink, either. We’ll just hang out and babysit everyone.” He swore, feeling sick in his stomach as he thought of the lame idea. (Y/N) sincerely smiled, her eyes softening at the way Ashton offered her a simple hangout instead of getting drunk and having sex. “Really?” She asked, unsure if he was being honest. Ashton quickly nodded his head, standing from his seat as their professor dismissed their class. (Y/N) grinned and nodded her head as well, holding her folder to her chest. “Then I’ll be there! No alcohol, just hanging out.” She said, walking past Ashton to get back to her dorm. Ashton sighed and rolled his eyes, thinking of ways to get (Y/N) drunk so that the two of them wouldn’t be bored out of their minds in the night’s events.

Calum: “Goal!” (Y/N)’s friend, Callie, squealed as she stood from the metal bleachers. The crowd were all cheering in unison, all of them excited to see that the school’s team was going to be winning the tournament soccer match. It was only the semi finals, so they would still have one more game if they won, so (Y/N) kept her cool instead of getting excited with the rest of the fans. Callie sat back down, a wide smile on her face as she watched her boyfriend, Calum, running up and down the field with the ball between his feet. He was the star player of the team, as well as one of the cocky frat boy’s that (Y/N) found herself not too fond of. (Y/N) couldn’t believe that someone as sweet and innocent ended up with someone as devious and wild as Calum. “Isn’t he just so great?” Callie swooned over Calum, causing her friend to roll her eyes as she stayed silent, not wanting to comment her true opinion on her boyfriend. Callie began clapping loudly as Calum shot the winning goal, the crowd behind her screaming and chanting his name over and over. (Y/N) could see his shit-eating grin from her spot on the bleachers as Calum walked off the field, giving hand shakes and high fives to his teammates as he joined them in the locker room for the after game ritual. Callie grabbed her bag as she stood behind (Y/N), the two of them exiting the bleachers and going to stand by the locker room so they could meet Calum when he exited. “Are you going to join us to celebrate?” Callie asked her friend, her voice hoarse from all the cheering she’d been doing during the game. (Y/N) quickly shook her head in denial, not wanting to go to one of Calum’s frat parties that usually ended in an argument between he and Callie. She knew that she would need to be sober to comfort her friend when she came home with make up stained cheeks and messy hair; she needed to be well rested to listen to the sob story she was bound to hear in the later hours of the night. “Not this time.” She spoke, laughing as Callie rolled her eyes. Calum finally exited the locker room, dressed in his jersey and skinny jeans, sweat still clearly visible on his muscles and skin as he rested his arm around Callie’s shoulder in a proud stance. “Hey babe,” He whispered to her as he kissed her temple, a smirk on his face as Callie blushed and wrapped her arms around his waist. (Y/N) rolled her eyes mentally, tapping her foot impatiently. Callie had their only dorm key, so she had to wait around for her to finish her session with Calum before she could return to her bed to sleep the rest of her Saturday night away. “Are you celebrating tonight?” Callie asked for clarification, her voice soft and shy around the boy she was head over heels for, and Calum scoffed at her question as if it was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard leave her lips. “Of course! Do you really think we’re gonna let this victory go unnoticed?” Calum laughed, stopping as he spotted (Y/N) standing with her arms crossed over her evident chest. He smirked at her, letting go of Callie as he walked to stand next to her. “And will you be joining us, buttercup?” He flirted, Callie’s nose scrunching at the nickname her boyfriend used for her friend. (Y/N) stepped away from his close body, shaking her head the same way she had moments before. “Absolutely not. I have better things to do than show up at one of your stupid parties,” She snapped at Calum, his smirk growing more and more as he watched her annoyance grow with each passing second. “What would be better than drinking with the lot of us? Sleeping all day?” Calum made fun of her, having heard Callie talk about how much (Y/N) slept and how lazy she seemed to be. (Y/N) flipped him off, standing beside Callie as she was ready to leave the field to be away from Calum. “I’d rather sleep than see you shagging ten girls in one night.” She spoke, instantly biting her tongue as Callie gasped. Calum’s eyes slightly widened as he replaced his arms back around her shoulders, awkwardly clearing his throat as he avoided her questioning eyes. The trio began walking back towards the college dorms, a tension built between them now that (Y/N) had admitted to her knowledge of Calum’s cheating record. “You don’t have to come, but keep your nose in your own fucking business.” Calum barked at her as he and Callie dropped her off at her dorm, and (Y/N) laughed in a menacing tone. “Keep your dick in your own fucking pants and we won’t have a problem.” She smirked, knowing she’d crawled too much under his skin for his enjoyment.

Michael: (Y/N) stood awkwardly in the middle of the back yard to the frat house, her arms hugging themselves as she watched the band performing in front of her. They were a huge hit on the campus, and she had to admit that she liked the music they played; however, she hated the band members. Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and most importantly, she hated Michael Clifford. She hated their attitudes, but she hated Michael’s constant flirting with her when she showed no interest. She hated his reputation as an alcoholic, she hated his way with girls, and she hated the fact that he took nothing seriously in school. She was almost positive he failed most of his classes, yet it didn’t bother Michael as long as he could have a good time at the end of the day. She hated him for his leisurely activities, but she had to admit that he was well talented when it came to playing the guitar and singing harmonies with Luke and Calum. The crowd around her were all dancing, singing along with the band. Some girls had even thrown their bras and panties up on the stage, Michael taking some of the bras and commenting on the cup size to cause the girls to swoon and freak out that he’d complimented their breast size. (Y/N) rolled her eyes, venturing out of the back yard as soon as the set ended. She found herself back at the kegs, filling a cup with beer that she thought tasted like absolute garbage, but she needed a sort of buzz to continue her partying at the frat house with the boys she disliked the most on campus. (Y/N) was very unsure of how she’d even gotten to this party, but she was sure it had something to do with the fact that her best friend, Brittany, was trying to fuck Ashton from her chemistry class. (Y/N) agreed to tag along so that Brittany wasn’t by herself in case something happened, and now she was starting to feel nervous about staying around. She pushed her nervous feeling aside as she sipped on her beer, watching the crowd from outside come inside the frat house like a stampede as everyone cheered about the performance and called out about getting drinks and getting the party started. (Y/N) rolled her eyes, spotting Brittany arm in arm with Ashton as he whispered in her ear and she bit at her lip. (Y/N) smiled at her friend, giving her a subtle thumbs up as she leaned against the counter, watching the party before her begin to take place. As she began to get to the bottom of her cup, she noticed a head of dyed hair next to her, his smirk too prominent for her to miss as she looked up into Michael’s green eyes. He filled his own cup of beer, staring down at (Y/N)’s exposed chest due to her low cut dress she decided to wear out for the night. “How’d you enjoy the show, hm?” Michael yelled in her ear, the music bumping too loud for her to hear him otherwise. She sighed and put her cup on the counter between them, motioning for Michael to fill her cup once again. He did as she requested, waiting for her answer. (Y/N) smirked, knowing how to get Michael to leave her alone in the span of two minutes. “You all were pretty mediocre,” She spoke, lying through her teeth. “If you could better yourself on your solos, you’d be a better band.” She laughed, watching Michael’s mouth drop and his eyebrows raise to his hairline as he listened to her insult his band’s performance skills. He laughed sarcastically, handing (Y/N) her cup as he leaned against the counter next to her. “You’re probably the only one here who doesn’t like us,” He commented, still too confident in his own self. Which, he had a right to be confident in guitar playing, but (Y/N) didn’t want him to know she thought he was good. “I must be the only one with real music taste.” She spoke, not thinking as she said each word. Michael choked on the beer in his mouth, swallowing the small coughs he could muster as he looked directly into (Y/N)’s eyes. “If you want a real show, come with me upstairs and I’ll show you how talented I really am,” He whispered into her ear, his hands coming up to cup her thighs as he slowly trailed them up to her ass, giving it a tight squeeze as (Y/N) gulped the lump in her throat. “Fuck off, frat boy!” She spat, wiggling out of Michael’s grasp as he laughed and shook his head at her. He rolled the sleeves of his flannel up as he trapped her between his arms once again, leaning his forehead against hers so she was forced to make eye contact. “Don’t act like you weren’t turned on,” He smirked, but (Y/N) was fed up with his cockiness, and she threw the remaining contents of her beer into Michael’s face, drenching him in alcohol. He groaned, moving back to wipe the liquid off of his skin and out of his eyes as (Y/N) stood still, her anger clear in her face. “I said fuck off, frat boy.” She spat, walking past Michael and out of the fraternity as all eyes were now turned to Michael, who was drenched in beer.

Chapter By Chapter |BTS Jungkook (Hogwarts!AU)

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CHAPTER TWO: Sorting Ceremony

Summary: Mr. Popular meets Miss Wallflower; your cliché high school love story that has been told in many forms before, but this one just has a touch of magic in it.

Characters: Jungkook, Reader and other BTS members are mentioned

Genre: FLUFF nothing but fluff and a little bit of angst in upcoming chapters

Word Count: 3542

Warning: None (does cursing and foul language count as a warning?)

A/N: It was quite a shock to see how the first chapter had a great response from you guys and I hope you do as well for the future chapters and my future work! I have decided to keep this blog as a writing blog and please do give me feedback, it really encourages me and helps me a lot as a writer! Here’s chapter 2 for ya! *And as usual Y/L/N = Your last name

Chapters: 1 - 2 -


When Jeon Jungkook abruptly came into the compartment, not only did he shock himself but also you.

Jeon Jungkook, the sixteen year old fifth year flower boy from Gryffindor. The boy whom everyone loved and appreciated, the boy who stole the hearts of every girl in the school.

Of course you knew who he was. He is, after all, a smart, kind, talented and a very, very handsome guy. He’s only in his fifth year and he is already deemed to be one of the best Quidditch players the school ever had.

You first heard of Jungkook during your very first year in Hogwarts. As you remembered, it was only your third day in Hogwarts and during your spare time, you thought it was a good idea to explore the castle. Your tiny legs took you everywhere, from the library to the Potions classroom down near the dungeons. And alas you have arrived at the famous hang out spot, The Viaduct Courtyard. Seventh years to first years, Gryffindors to Ravenclaws; everyone was there enjoying their break off classes. It was then when you were walking around the courtyard, you saw him. He was sat in between a Hufflepuff boy and an older Gryffindor boy. They were playing a game of some sort with their wands and laughing.

“Isn’t Jungkook so cute?” A girl commented. They were huddled in a small group, a mixture of houses. 

“No! Jimin is!” another girl added. They all giggled and swooned over the said boy. 

It was then that he caught your eye, or shall say them.

It was also during your first year you heard of the rather infamous group called BTS. They were a big and very powerful group of students with very high and accomplished family backgrounds. They were group of seven fine looking young men, smart, full of aspiration and talent. 

Kim Seokjin, a Hufflepuff prefect in his sixth year. A very good looking young lad with charms and intelligence. His father is known for being one of the head officers of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Secondly, there was Min Yoongi, a Slytherin fifth year boy, perceived as one of the most talented student Hogwarts ever encountered. Following his famous mother’s footsteps of being a pianist, he is constantly working hard and that is why he is admired by all.

Then there was Kim Namjoon, acknowledged as the smartest kid of his age. Kim Namjoon, the fourth year Ladies’ Man of Ravenclaw, is not only intelligent but he is also quite a charmer. With his good looks and intelligence he woos both the younger year students and the older year students alike. Being the son of an accomplished Dragonologist and a mother who is an Arithmancer, Namjoon will sure be looked upon as one of the students to be admired the most.

Also there was the three heirs, Jung Hoseok, a fourth year Hufflepuff, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung both third year Gryffindors, are all pure bloods with royalty within their blood. Having parents as Dukes and Duchesses, their popularity was inevitable. One of the other things they are quite famous for was that the trio are always in trouble for their vacuous stunts.

And lastly there was the thirteen year old Jeon Jungkook, the one that stood out to you the most. He was in his second year and was placed in the great House of Gryffindor. While his looks and intelligence are just a few points to his popularity with the students, nothing could compare it with his popularity throughout the country through his father’s and brother’s fame, who are famous Quidditch players.

Everyone, including you would watch them at awe every time they were praised by the professors.

You were confused at first at why was a member of a famous group would come barging in a compartment known as ‘The Compartment of the ancients’. Then his silly question, which did hurt you a bit but it did amuse you, answered your question. He was lost.

You laughed silently, as you watched the poor boy stutter in front of you. Who knew Jeon Jungkook of BTS could be nervous in front of a girl like you? Well now you did. 

Even though you were having timid thoughts about him sharing a small confined space with you, it was still a virtue of yours to be kind and warm to others despite your lack of social skills.

You were a blushing mess when he sat down. You saw how his toned muscles really stand out and also his prominent jaw line. He was already undeniably really handsome from afar and my god was he more when he is up close. 

You blushed even more once you caught him staring at you. Does he really think I’m a ghost? Does he think I’m weird? Is there something on my face? Those were the very questions you had.

You were taken aback when he introduced himself to you. 

“My name is Y/N” your voice came out quieter for your liking.

When he asked you if you were new, you could not help but laugh. You weren’t that surprised that he did not know who you were, as a matter of fact, some of of your fellow students in your year does not know who you are, unless they were sat next or near you.

“No, no I am not.” you said with a hint of amusement in your voice. “I’m in my fourth year here and I’m in the same house as you,sunbae

Before you was a completely flabbergasted Jeon Jungkook. His mouth hung open and eyes wide with shock.

“Your a Gryffindor?” he asked. You nodded. “How come it’s my first time seeing you?” 

Well that was a question you could answer very quickly. Some might say you were a weird kind of girl, you weren’t seen as much,apart from the times you are in class and the times of you walking around the library.

“Well,I pretty much spend my time alone and I don’t have a lot friends, maybe that’s why you haven’t seen that much of me, sunbae” You replied. 

He nodded in understanding. “But that is still impossible, I personally know most of the kids in Gryffindor and it’s still quite a shock not knowing someone who is in the very same house as me. I could have at least recognise you from your Sorting Ceremony.”

You found it adorable how he scrunched up his nose as he thought hard, recalling those memories of the Sorting Ceremony. He was having trouble and you decided to help.

“I had long hair back then” you said. “and I also had glasses that were a bit too big for me”

You cringed at the memories of yourself back two years ago. You had long hair that almost reached the floor and your height was not helping that situation either. You had glasses that are big and engulfed almost half of your face. 

“I remember now!” he exclaimed.

He clearly remembered who you were. You used to be short and had really long hair. He remembered how they were always in pigtails, every time he saw you. He also remembered how you always find yourself stumbling because of your robe.

But now you looked far different from two years ago. He noticed how your hair was cut shorter but it was still long and you no longer had glasses. He noticed that you grew as well and how your facial features change and became more mature. You truly bloomed and became a lady.

The train ride felt short as you two talked the whole journey. You two got to know each other more, well it was mostly you who have gotten to know the boy better because he was the one who talked the most but never the less he had such a pleasure of getting to know small details about you.

Jungkook was amazed on how interested he was on you. Never had he taken an interest on anyone, especially with a girl. Even though he is very popular with the girls in your school, it was hard for him to take on a liking with most of them. It’s either he shrugged them off completely or politely say that he just wanted to be friends and nothing more.

“I’m really sorry Y/N” He apologised as you two boarded off the train. 

“Why, sunbae?” You asked.

“I just feel bad for not talking to you before or even recognise you from the very start. It’s just upsetting that I ignored such a wonderful person like you for four years. I shouldn’t have been so ignorant.” He said, eyes wandering to the his feet.

“It’s alright, sunbae. At least we’ve met each other now than never.” You shyly reassured him. “And it was really nice meeting you too sunbae” 

For the first time since he walked through that compartment door, you two locked eyes, making both of you blush profoundly.

“W-well I guess I’ll see you around then sunbae” you said and pointed to  the direction where the group boys were standing at. “They are probably waiting for you.”

When he followed the direction you were pointing at, he saw his hyungs standing around. So the bastards did wait for me! He thought. Everyone was there, with the exception of Yoongi and Jin who have now graduated. 

“Yo! Jungkook!” Namjoon called out to him. He was leaning on a street lamp waving his wand lazily causing some sparks to fly. 

He waved at them. “This is a goodbye for now Y/N!”  he said.

He ran to them before turning back to you and waved “And this is most certainly not the last time I will talk to you!”

After you were dropped off by a Thestreal, you immediately went towards the Great Hall for the Sorting Ceremony and The Start-of-term feast.

All these years of you coming in and out of the hall, you still can’t help and feel open-mouthed as you would enter the hall. The candles that float around, illuminated the hall. It also made a very alluring illusion, turning the dull grey walls a splendid colour of gold every time its glow would hit the wall surrounding you. And the oh so beautiful mirage of the enchanting sky above that plastered the ceiling above, still has and will forever captivate you.

The ceremony begun once one of the,professors guided the nervous first years to the very front.

Shortly after, the hall was filled with roars from the students who gleefully welcomed the first years on their respected house.

“GRYFFINDOR!” The Sorting Hat cried after he finally decided for the girl who sat on the seat.

You jumped and joined your house as they cheered for the girl. She was chubby and had an undeniably cute face. She reminded you of yourself in the past making you smile.

“She’s more of a Hufflepuff, in my opinion” A voice shocked you because of its close proximity to your ear.

You turned around to see a grinning Jungkook, applauding the girl.

“S-sunbae?” you were left stunned as he sat on the place next to you. 

“Y/N, you can call me Jungkook. ‘Sunbae’ is a bit too formal for me. You don’t have to be scared! Just be comfortable, I’m not like a famous celebrity.“

Oh but he is. To him he may not be but that doesn’t stop the girls who sat close to you, giggle and gawk at the boy.

“Yes, Jungkook-sshi” You stuttered quietly. You don’t even know if he had heard you or not.

But he did. “Nope. I don’t like that. Jungkook. Just Jungkook.”

“Oh o-okay t-then. Uhmm.. Jungkook.” You muttered awkwardly.

“There we go!” He hailed while patting your back. “That’s much better Y/N!”

When the cheering died down and the headmaster’s traditional start of term feast was finished, plates of heavenly food started to appear in front of you and that’s when you knew the feast has begun.

“Jungkook” you called out to him.“why are you here, may I ask?”

He looked at you and smiled. “My part of the table was getting too boring for my liking, with Jimin telling everyone which girl he fucked in Barbados. So I decided to sit here with you because you are way more fun than those pretty explicit stories coming from Jimin. Roasted chicken?”

You accepted the offer rather hesitantly. You were surprised at how he would rather eat with you than his friends, after all you just met him today.

“So, Y/N, you never really told me what you did during summer.” he said.

“Well.. uhmm… My parents took my sister and I to the muggle world and went to the beach and shop around muggle stores.” you told him.

That was a white lie you told. Yes you did spend the greater part of your summer in the Muggle world, more specifically in France but that was only because your famous mother and older sister had business affairs there. During your summer your mother, who is a muggle born wizard turned fashion critique, forced you to study muggle literature and fine arts, which you were very unenthusiastic about. So you could say, instead of frolicking in the beaches of Monte Carlo or roaming the streets of Paris, you were locked up in a hotel room studying whilst your sister who was a known fashion model in the muggle world was partying with her muggle friends.

It was also hard for you to say no to studying, as the daughter of the Head of Auror office, your father has great expectations of you, especially since his perfect daughter, your sister, had rebelled out of the wizarding world to focus her life in the muggle world.

“That’s cool” he said snapping you out from your trance. “I, too, have spent my summer in the muggle world. In Japan to be exact. such a beautiful country with amazing people. My brother had a Quidditch game there so my dad and I came out to support him. It was a great decision that i went and I came home with no regrets what so ever.”

You had fun talking to him , even though he was the one who did most of the talking for you. He talked about everything, how he broke his arm during a Quidditch play off with his brother, how Taehyung and him nearly used magic once in the muggle world, he even told you the time a girl drunkenly kissed him during one of his dad’s championship after party. His stories really captivated you thus you preferred listening thoroughly to his tales rather than talking. 

You noticed how you two have gotten comfortable with each other and you certainly noticed the icy glare of one particular girl who sat next to Taehyung while you and Jungkook talked.

After the feast, Jungkook bid you farewell to join his group friends. 

“Well, look who’s here, Mr. Lover Boy!” Hoseok hollered as he gave the younger boy a headlock.

“Ahh! Stop it hyung!” Jungkook screeched as he tried prying his way out of his older friend’s grasp.

“Who was that girl you were talking to Kook?” Namjoon asked when they made their way up the stairs. “It’s my first time seeing her around here. Is she new by any chance?”

“No. That was Y/N.” Jungkook answered with a smile “And I actually thought of the same thing when I met her earlier in the train but she told me she wasn’t. She’s just the shy type”

“Well she’s cute” Namjoon said showing his infamous devilish smirk.

“And very pretty, I’d do her if she wasn’t three years younger than me and is the shy type" Hoseok added causing the others to laugh. 

Jungkook blushed at the comment just as he remebered how adorable you are and at the same time gave Hoseok a hard punch in the ribs for his irrelevant comment. To his demise, Taehyung caught a glimpse of the younger one’s hot pink cheeks and decided to tease the latter.

“Awww! Look you guys, he’s blushing. Is our Jungkookie in love?“ Taehyung teasingly cooed. 

Jungkook blushed even more. “No, I’m not!“ 

“Say what you wanna say kid but that pink tint on your ears says otherwise!” Namjoon teased before running off with Hoseok to their respective Houses, too afraid to face the wrath of an annoyed Jungkook.

“So when and where did you meet the girl anyways?” Taehyung asked after both of them are left alone together.

“I just met her today, in the train. I was looking for somewhere to sit because you idiots took most of the compartment space with Namjoon’s side chicks clattered everywhere and I don’t really want to be in the same space as six Hufflepuff girls who constantly giggle everytime they see my face. I decided to go to the end of the train and lucky enough she was there alone in a compartment.” Jungkook explained. 

“Who met who now?” Jimin asked, shocking both of the boys when they didn’t see him coming. “What did I miss?”

“Shit, dude! You scared the living crap out of me!” Taehyung cried, stumbling back while holding his chest dramatically.

“Seriously, hyung! I thought you were old Saint Nick doing his daily scares again!” Jungkook added. 

“Where were you, you ass? Hoseok was looking everywhere for you!” Taehyung said giving Jimin a push. 

“I was trying to hide away from Filch because I may or may have not put Norris to a four day long sleep and that’s when I saw you two coming up here.”

“Well thanks for that great scare!” Taehyung laughed.

Jimin laughed and apologised. “So what were we talking about?”

“Well, Jiminnie, our maknae here had found himself a girlfriend!” Taehyung replied whilst giving Jungkook a teasing look.

Jimin’s eyes grew with excitement. “Who’s this girl that caught our Jungkookie’s eye?“ 

Jungkook rolled his eyes at his hyungs’ utmost childish behaviours and then answered. “Y/N. Here name is Y/N and Taehyung hyung stop saying bullshit! She’s not my girlfriend!”

“Y/N?” Jimin asked in shocked. “The Y/L/N Y/N?”

Jungkook nodded. “Yeah I think so, guessing she’s the only Y/N I know." 

"Damn dude, that’s one pretty tough chick to crack.” He laughed causing the other two look at him in bewilderment. 

“Well there goes your chance Kook! When you finally found the girl but Jimin already contaminated her with his bull, sorry to say bro, but let her go. Jimin probably has his germs surrounding her.” Taehyung joked, earning him a punch in the stomach.

“Wait, you know her?” Jungkook asked the older boy. 

“Yeah, sort of. A lot of people call her ‘the girl full of mysteries’. She’s always in the library. The chick’s weird but she’s good, pretty cute and more pleasing to look at than the other girls in this school.” Jimin explained to him. “Plus the girl’s family is big time. Her dad’s the Head of the Auror office while her mum and sister are pretty famous in the muggle world." 

"So why have we not heard of her until now when this kid came across her earlier today?” Taehyung said as he pointed at Jungkook. 

“Don’t know.” Jimin replied “Some say she’s a freak. She, apparently, doesn’t talk and spends most of the time locked in her room. There’s even rumours that her only friend is Moaning Myrtle since apparently the first floor girl’s lavatory is where she ‘hangs out’ most of the time”

“Bro, you sure you haven’t fucked the girl? You seem to know a great deal about her.” Taehyung asked in an inquisitive manner to only find himself wincing in pain when Jimin, yet again, punched his gut. 

“There are these things called ears, you dumb piece of shit” Jimin growled “I hear the girls in our House talk about her all the time. I would bang her if her dad wasn’t the scary Head of the Auror Office. And plus I go for the older girls not the younger ones." 

"And I thought Namjoon and Jin were the fuckboys.” Taehyung mumbled. “That’s just good to know that Jungkook here still has great chance with the chick." 

"But unfortunately Kookie, that girlfriend of yours is a tough girl to be with. After all, she’s a daddy’s girl and her daddy is one the big guys in the Ministry. Once you break the law, you’ll end up with a story like Romeo and Juliet, well except on this one your the one ending up dead not her.” Jimin warned Jungkook with a tease. 

“For the last time, she’s not my girlfriend!” Jungkook wailed in annoyance.

The teasing from the two older boys did not stop until they’ve reached the Portrait of the Fat Lady.

“She’s not your girlfriend yet but someday she will be!” Taehyung laughed. 

The constant teasing had Jungkook groaning and sighing in defeat, knowing full well that they were not going to let it go for a while. 

But deep down inside Jungkook felt something strange, a feeling he has never felt before. Was it just friendship was he really looking for with you or something else? Something more, perhaps?