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Can you write some losers club as high school stereotypes hcs?

- bev is the goth girl who everyone assumes is dating her punk best friend richie but in fact they’re each other’s wingmen on nights out, she also has a massive crush on the kid who writes poetry and richie teases her endlessly for it

- richie smokes nearly a pack a day and constantly gets detention because he can’t stop writing ‘i heart EK’ on the bathroom walls, he also can’t stop staring at eddie during math because math is boring and eddie isn’t

- bill is the artist who always has a paintbrush behind his ear and is always doodling over his arms because he’s too poor to pay for tattoos yet

- stan is the baseball player of the school that literally everyone is in love with and all the girls fawn over him but he’s too busy staring at the kid covered in paint to notice

- mike is the most popular guy in school and is also a jock and prom king, literally he knows everyone and everyone loves him and he could have so many more close friends but he chooses to hang with the ‘losers’

- ben is the english lover who always has notebooks filled with stories and poems in his back pack, mostly written to beverly, and leaves his friends words of encouragement every morning in their lockers

- eddie is the smartest kid in his grade and is basically everyone’s math tutor, richie’s too, and he gets paid a crap ton to help kids pass their exams, but he also can’t help but zone out during his study break when richie chews on his pen or plays with his hair

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this is a dumb question, but what exactly is the "point" of the characters (particularly the Heathers, i'm assuming) that the new TV show is fucking up with their redesigns. i just wanna make sure i understand the issues here.

Ok the Heather’s are suppose to be the “popular girls”. They are the people who have the characteristics of what society considers to be beauty and they mock anyone who doesn’t met those standards.

Being skinny and making fun of people who aren’t. Caring more about their status standing than their grades, making fun of people for being geeks or nerd. Mocking people for not meeting what is considered the norm in society, aka being along the LGBT spectrum. (I mean damn JD and Veronica staged Ram and Kurt’s deaths as them dying because they where gay. And expecting them to be the mockery of the school. So making fun of people for being gay and the like.) Wearing clothes that are considered in at the time and that highlight their gender. Aka anything the Heathers wear which was all considered in at the time and stylish.

Heck the colors where a power symbol recognized by them. The queen of the school wore red. Both Chandler and Duke established this in the movie.

And then the first promo pics lacks the signature colors and shows them in weird clothes that would have gotten them weird looks and mocked at my school. The first promo pic is suppose to be thought over carefully. This is the first real image people are getting of your product. This is the hook that should help spark a person’s interest in your product. Get them thinking and hopefully interested in what you are making. And if the first image alone is already putting off a good portion of the fandom. Then you know you have an issue.

They only care (especially Chandler) about holding their social status. Veronica herself has said that she’s using her High IQ to pick out lip gloss and trying to figure out how many kegers she can hit before curfew.

Chandler gets pissed at Veronica for not holding up to the standard she expected for her at the party. (Sleeping with a guy she just met). Chandler certainty would never let herself be fat because it would go against her standards.

They are suppose to be a symbol of what society considers beautiful. And yes they are doing a modern version. But what sparks JD’s hatred for them. Is that he observes them (the Heathers, Kurt and Ram) mocking people for being different. He has seen this all before. Every school he goes to he sees it again and again. A never ending chain of bullying. He watched the Heathers make a mockery of Martha in the cafeteria. Making fun of the fat kid. (Now the show has a SKINNY Martha.) He watches Ram and Kurt chase down those nerdy boys and says stuff like “you piece of shit fag” and trying to get the kid to say “I like to suck big dicks”. Being gay wasn’t a good or popular thing. It lead to you getting bullied.

And yeah times now are a bit more accepting. But I went to a big school. I knew a lot of the LGBT kids because I was friends with a lot of them. I ran in circles that had a lot of them. (Anime Club, Art and Theater related things, Even Band.) I knew the spots where you could go after school and find a group of kids and a majority of them would fall into the LGBT spectrum. None of them where along the popular side at my school. Knowing my school they never would be.

By having the Heathers fall into the very groups they are suppose to mock. It goes against their characters. You can’t have an openly gender-fluid person or Lesbian mock other LGBT people. Yes not all LGBT people are nice. I’ve met plenty of assholes who are LGBT. But being LGBT and being the top dog at school and mocking other LGBT people at school. That doesn’t fit. A LGBT person couldn’t come up to me and make fun of me for being a girl who gets crushes on others girls. Because I’d just be like “so what you’re a guy that’s into guys. Or so what so are you. Etc.” It doesn’t have the same sting it does when coming from a non LGBT person.

A well known girl at my school was obese. But if she came up to me and made fun of my weight it wouldn’t work because she was heavier than me. Her insults could be fired right back at her. Now if a person in extremely good shape where to mock my size then that would hurt.

On top of that having all three of the Heathers fall into a minority but none of the other main characters. That also just seems wrong and like they are baiting people for brownie points.

Here are some changes to make the characters more diverse that would have worked.

•Making JD or Martha a race other than Caucasian. My favorite version of JD is Dan’s. Dan isn’t Caucasian. Yes I love Slater and Ryan. But image wise and art wise I love it when people base their JD around Dan. Also making them another race wouldn’t hurt their characters at all.

•Making Martha Bi or Pan. Martha’s crush is apart of the story and how she gets mocked so she still has to be into guys. But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be Bi or Pan.

•Making JD along the Ace/Aro spectrum. I personally headcanon JD as Demisexual Hetroromantic. JD doesn’t seem like the type of character to honestly be that all into sex. Yes he had sex with Veronica. But I wouldn’t see it as interfering with the point of his character if he only had an interest in people after having a connection. I don’t think JD would just sleep with any girl. That he would have to have a general interest and connection with them. And yes typically Demisexual people (in my experience) need a longer time frame. But part of Heathers… well insane story is that it happens so fast.

•Making Veronica Bi. it wouldn’t mess with her character purpose and could give them that diverse cast they are looking for.

•Not making Martha skinny.

Now I wouldn’t want them to make all three of them minorities. As I feel like
It might give the baiting feel it has with the Heathers. But if they did like 1 Heather & 2 of the others. Or 2 Heathers and 1 of the others. And making it seem like only minorities are mocked and non-minorities can’t be mocked doesn’t sit right with me. And I feel that’s how it would come off is all the bully’s werent minorities while the bullied kids were. As I know it isn’t true and I’ve watched people who fall into minorities categories make fun of people who don’t.

Idk three just feels like a good number.

And by 1 or two of the Heathers I mean their race. As I don’t think them not being Caucasian in a modern heathers would be much of a problem. In all productions of the musical I have seen at least one of the Heathers. (Usually Duke) isn’t caucasian. So having one of the Heathers a different race wouldn’t be an issue.

Oh and here is an idea. They go to a freaking school. You have cast characters you could use to get that diverse character cast you are looking for without messing with a character’s role. You want an LGBT character, I’ve said this before, but try having a girl have a thing for one of the Heathers. Like they did in the musical. Show her confessing to one of the Heathers. Then show how they treat her. Show them making fun of her or treating her poorly. Show me these asshole Heathers that are suppose to be an example of what is wrong with society. Show me Bi Veronica and them learning she is and Chandler pushing her to hide that side of her. That would be in character.

Show them making fun of a trans kid and that being part of that fuels JD to kill them. Because that would fit.

Show the negative consequences of what the Heathers do. Show how it effects people. When the show ends show Veronica trying to make things better. Show her approaching some of those kids and working with them.

Also for a racially diverse cast try having kids who aren’t just Chinese, Japanese or black. Try having Cuban characters or Native American or Polynesian or Puerto Rican, Indian, etc. Branch out to other races. Because while black and Asian may be two of the other top races after white in America, they aren’t the only ones.

I’m doing this on mobile. So sorry if it is long or runs together weird. I’m not always the best at wording this. @power-of-innocence tends to do a better job than me.

Edit: I would like to add that the reason the LGBT kids of my HS would never be popular wasn’t like due to my high school being really homophobic. (One of the most beloved seniors when I was a sophomore was an open lesbian.) But mostly due to the sheer size of my school. We had between 3,000 and 4,000 students each year. And 6 different lunch periods. (Technical 3 but for the 9th and 10th graders it was 6) It was impossible to fit the whole school in the cafeteria or gym. We didn’t really have popular kids. The closest you would get to it is kids whose names were well known. Like people really active with school related stuff. Like being apart of the student council or on the Cheerleading squad. (I actually knew many of those girls and they were all really nice.) Also having known those kids they weren’t the type of kids to ever be popular due to their personalities. They a lot where into unpopular subjects and/or also feel into the emo/goth categories. So a lot of them wouldn’t have been popular due to that. But even then the popular kids at my school weren’t mean. Most of them where popular because they where really nice and a lot of people just naturally liked them. Sorry just wanted to add that. Edit: At the time I made this every time I heard Martha mentioned people were saying that they were making her skinny, this maybe incorrect but I’m still not 100% sure. It’s still a horrible show regardless though. Just wanted to correct that.
BTS SCENARIOS: Their S/O Finds Out They Cheated

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K I M S E O K J I N :

Let’s say you two were cuddling on the couch. You both made time for each other for an at-home date, where you guys popped some popcorn, filled up glasses of soda, and selected a movie. The lights would be off, your bowl of popcorn would be in between you two, a huge blanket would be covering both of you, and your phones would be placed facing up on the coffee table beside you. 

Halfway through the movie, Jin would fall asleep on your shoulder. You, on the other hand, would be captivated by the plot of the movie you were watching since it was so sad and dramatic. There were some tears you didn’t bother wiping off that strolled down to stain the collar of your shirt & snot wiped on the sleeve of your arm. 

Jin’s phone chimes, causing the phone to light up the dark room, and you didn’t bother to look at it at first because it wasn’t your business, but through your peripheral vision, there was a photo that perked your attention. Your eyebrows furrowed, not believing what the corner of your eye has caught, and with your free hand that didn’t have Jin using as a pillow, you grabbed ahold of his phone.

It turned off by the time you were holding it, and as you were going to press the home button, the phone chimed again, and your eyes widened at the sight of Jin’s messages.

The messages came from a girl you haven’t heard of, with a text that was suggesting sexual actions, and a photo of nudity. 

Tears started to form and your heart was beating so loudly against your ears and you were giving yourself the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just by the slightest possibility, this girl was some school-made friend that Jin had happened to have stored in his contacts and this girl sent him this inappropriate image & text by accident and—

Suddenly a third message chimes, this time it was just a message, no photo, but it included Jin’s name and that’s when you knew that the messages were no accident; these sext messages were intended for him.

Your body became numb and your glossy eyes dared to look over at your ‘boyfriend’ sleeping peacefully beside you. You put his phone back down and covered your mouth to stifle back sobs as you abruptly got up and ran to the bathroom. You knew you had woken Jin up, so you locked the door behind you, pressed your back against the door, and slid down so you can cry.

A couple seconds later, Jin is knocking on the bathroom door and he’s calling out to you to open the door but you ignore him. “If something happened in the movie, then remember: It’s fictional!” He tries to comfort you, but you roll your eyes.

You shut your eyes tight and take loud, deep breaths as an attempt to calm yourself down. Once your sobs were steady enough, you manage to yell out, “Fucking hell, Kim Seokjin,” His knocks stop because you used his full name & he knew that the reason for your crying had nothing to do with the movie, “I know you cheated, you bastard!” 

Jin doesn’t say anything for a moment, but then he whispers,”What? What’re you talking about?” 

You responded to him with a laugh full of anger and sadness, because who was he to try and make himself seem like the victim here? “Cut the bullshit and check your phone, why don’tcha?” You spat out.

You resumed sobbing when you heard the quick little taps of him running towards the living room. 

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M I N Y O O N G I :

Let’s say you did the laundry. Yoongi would be out at the studio, as per usual. You had just finished folding the last of your guys’ clothes and now you’re putting it away in the drawers. 

After putting your clothes away first, you moved on to your boyfriend’s. You opened out a drawer and put his neatly folded clothes on top of the ones that were already there, and as you were smoothening it out so that there was as much space as possible to fit in all his shirts, you noticed a Victoria’s Secret tag sticking out at the bottom of the drawer. 

You immediately assumed that it was yours, but confusion filled your heart as to why it would be with Yoongi’s clothes, especially since you weren’t one to misplace things. You took it out and realized that you’ve never bought something like this. Without even thinking, you took out all of Yoongi’s clothes out of that drawer and you were surprised to find more of this lingerie hiding underneath his belongings.

You put the pieces together and came to the conclusion that he was seeing another woman behind your back. 

Anger filled your heart and suddenly you’re thrashing all his stuff around. His clothes and the other woman’s clothes were scattered all around the room, and your anger has been replaced with sadness. You took out the suitcases from your closet and started to fill it up with all your belongings as tears streamed down your face. When you were done, you placed the bags beside the door and took out a post-it & a pen, where you wrote him a message and stuck it in the middle of the mirror in your shared bedroom.

With that, you left and you didn’t bother turning back.

Yoongi would come home later on, as in late at night. He would notice a strange aura, considering that you’re usually doing something when he got home. It was quiet, and he didn’t complain about it but he would be lying if he said that it didn’t concern him. So he makes his way to the bedroom, thinking that maybe you fell asleep. Much to his dismay, he finds the room a mess with his clothes spread on the floor mixed with the clothes of his other girl’s. His eyes widened at the sight as he steps over the clothes. 

As he made his way to the middle of the room, he can make out some teardrops that were sprinkled on the hardwood too. His hands grab his hair, tugging it at the roots from the frustration reigning over him because he cheated on you and now you know. He looks around the room, not focusing on the clothes anymore, to see if you’re still around, but his eyes stop at a yellow piece of paper stuck in the middle of the mirror. 

He slowly walks over it, already feeling his heart dropping and his eyes tearing up. He takes the note in his hands, where he reads:

Don’t bother looking for me

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J U N G H O S E O K :

Let’s say you were out shopping. You would run into old classmates that you haven’t seen since high school and they invited you to eat out for lunch with them. Even though you wouldn’t consider them close friends, you accepted anyways. 

You didn’t say much to them, you just listened to whatever they were gossiping out. They were mostly talking about other classmates and what they’re doing now, and honestly, you couldn’t care less. 

At the moment, they were talking about this one popular girl that used to be in your class. At first, they mentioned what she did during school-times and complimented her looks, but now, they were talking about who she was dating. This caught your attention because according to them, she was dating someone from BTS. 

From Bangtan, you say?” You ask, and your group looks at you as if they forgot you were there. You don’t blame them for forgetting your presence though, since you haven’t said anything until now. “Which one?” 

You were interested in this because you’ve met & befriended the boys, and none of them mentioned dating anybody. As far as you were concerned, you were the only girl dating one of the members of BTS. Your relationship with Hoseok was a secret though, so it’s not like your friends knew.

Ah, I don’t recall the name,” One of the girls say. “I believe he’s in the rap line though.” 

Oh, so it would be Suga or Rap Monster?” You pressed further, not even including Hoseok as an option because you were the one dating him.

Yeah, but the names don’t ring a bell…” She responds. “What’s the name of the other rapper? Or is Suga and Rap Monster the only rappers in BTS?

Well…” You say, your mouth going dry. You lick your lips and say, “There’s also J-Hope.” 

The girl’s eyes widened & her eyebrows raised at the name as if there was a light bulb that turned on above her head. “That’s the one! J-Hope!

Your mouth dropped to a frown, and you manage to whisper. “No way… Really?” 

Wait, I have pictures saved on my phone, I’ll show you.” The girl then pulls out her phone and starts looking through her camera roll. 

When she finds the picture she was looking for, she hands her phone to you, and you had to fight back tears at the sight of your beloved boyfriend kissing another girl. Since you were in possession of the picture, you decided to send it to yourself before giving back the phone. You then excuse yourself to the bathroom, where you let yourself cry. 

You pull yourself together and take out your phone to look at the picture, which was a mistake on your part because it fueled your anger and made you cry even harder. 

You send the picture to Hoseok, where you also message him, “Is this why you wanted to keep our relationship a secret? Because you were dating her too? Well don’t worry about it anymore because we’re over.

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K I M N A M J O O N : [inspired by Day6′s “Congratulations”]

Let’s say you and Namjoon were going through a rough patch in your relationship right now. The fight that caused this rough patch wasn’t a big one, but it was enough for Namjoon to need space from you and for you to need space from Namjoon. Sure, it wasn’t good for this fight to be unfinished like this, but it was another problem for another day.

During the time that you & your boyfriend were giving each other the silent treatment, you had been accepted to a job that you applied for. Unfortunately, you had to take the train on a daily basis.

One time, on the way to work, a couple took the seat in front of you, and at first, you paid no attention to them & you were staring out of the window you were sitting behind just to kill time, but you changed your focus to look in front of you and that’s where you caught Namjoon holding hands and laughing with another girl. 

He didn’t notice you; he was still captivated by this girl. You watched him with wide eyes as he leans his nose against her temple and presses a kiss on her cheek. You scoff at the sight, rolling your eyes and looking off to the side as you crossed your arms. You didn’t bother looking towards their direction after that, and you guess that Namjoon didn’t bother looking your way too, because you can hear him having a conversation with this other woman. 

Luckily, your destination was close by, so when the train stopped, you immediately got up. Namjoon seemed to snap his eyes away from the girl and look at you, finally realizing that you were there. HIs jaw dropped a little as he watched you leave. Before the doors closed, he chased after you, leaving that other girl behind. You didn’t notice him behind you though, because you never bothered looking back. It wasn’t until he grabbed your wrist and stopped you in your tracks that you’ve come face-to-face with him.

He doesn’t say anything to you, still needing a moment to take in the fact that you saw him being affectionate with another girl. You yank your arm away from his grip.  “When you said you wanted to take a break, I didn’t know you meant breaking up.” Your voice cracked in the process of saying. “I’m gonna be late for work.” You then mumble off, “Goodbye, Namjoon.

He watched you leave, not chasing after you anymore, and you cried.

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P A R K J I M I N : 

Let’s say you were just doing a routinely clean up of your apartment. Jimin, as far as you were concerned, was at the dance studio. 

As you were jamming out to some music and vacuuming the floor, you hear your doorbell go off. You’d blink at the sound of it at first, confusing the chime with the background of your music. You even turned off the vacuum to see if it would ring again, and you were quite surprised when it did, because you don’t remember inviting anybody over.

You open the door to see a girl. You look at her in question, and you say, “Uh. Hi. Can I help you?” 

She bites her lips as she looks at you straight in the eyes, which makes you slightly uncomfortable. After a moment of silence, she brings herself to ask, “Are you dating Park Jimin? Of BTS?” 

You tilt your head at the girl, wondering why she would ask you such a question. You assume she’s a part of A.R.M.Ys who bias Jimin and happened to find your house. You hesitated to answer, but your relationship wasn’t a secret and you’ve already been seen with him in public anyway.

Yes, Jimin is my boyfriend. Why?” You respond honestly.

I’m sorry,” She whispers. “But, last weekend, he slept with me…

Your eyes widened and you didn’t know how to respond, so she continued explaining, “I don’t want to go into details about it, but the guilt was building up in me and I don’t think he plans on telling you anytime soon if you’re still his girlfriend…

I, uh,” You say, still a little distraught, “Thanks, I guess. I’ll deal with him when he gets back.” Suddenly, this need for revenge takes over you and you say to the girl, “Hey, why don’t you come on in?

Jimin visits your apartment later that evening. He would’ve came sooner, but he was all sweaty from dance practice, so he went straight to the dorms to freshen up before arriving. He has a spare key to your apartment, so he doesn’t have to ring the doorbell. 

He walks into the living casually, a small smile forming on his face from the sound of you laughing with another person. He assumes you have a friend over -which wasn’t exactly the case. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees you on the same couch as the girl he had slept with just days prior, a drink of some apple cider in each other’s hands

When you two notice his presence, you say, “Aw, speaking of the devil,” You say with an exaggerated smile. You get up and walk over to him, greeting him with a kiss on the cheek before going to his side & placing your arm around his back. The other girl does the same thing, kissing his cheek and going to his other side, placing her arm behind his back.

Jiminie, this is my new best friend! Her name is— Wait a minute, you know her name, don’t you?” You say, your pettiness reaching a whole other level. “Hey,” You say, leaning forward to look at the girl, “Remind me, how do you know him again?” 

The girl finishes taking a gulp of her drink before replying, “He fucked me last weekend!” 

Oh yeah, that’s right!” You say, laughing, and the other girl laughs with you. 

Then, you and the girl splash what’s left of your drinks on Jimin.

Now,” You say, your tone turning from forced enthusiasm to venom, “Get out of my fucking life.” 

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K I M T A E H Y U N G :

Let’s say you work at your average coffee shop. It was just another tiring morning, managing the counter.

This one girl comes in, though, and you notice that this one isn’t a regular customer. She takes a moment to glance at the menu hanging on the wall behind you before walking up to you. She then puts her phone on the counter as she tells you, “Can I get a small iced coffee, please?” 

You type it into the register and say, “That’ll be $3.25.

She hands you three dollars, and she sets her bag on the counter to dig through for a quarter. “I know I have it here somewhere…” She mumbles, and you wait patiently for her to find it. Suddenly, her phone sets off, the vibrating startling you a  bit, and it was a natural reflex to glance at whatever the source was for your jumpiness. 

You were confused to see your boyfriend pop up on her screen. “Ah, here it is!” She exclaims to herself before handing it to you. You exchange a forced smile as you take it and put it into the register. You give her the receipt with her order number and she goes off to the side to answer her phone. As you were taking the rest of the costumer’s orders, you focused an ear to listen in on the girl’s conversation.

Mixed emotions of anger and sadness took over you as you hear the girl say things like, “Tae baby,” and “I love you,” and “See you later!” 

When you finished taking the orders of the rest of the customers, you went on to make their drinks, and as you were making the girl’s drink, you couldn’t help but write on her cup, “Tell your boyfriend that Y/n is breaking up with him.

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J E O N J U N G K O O K :

Let’s say he was on tour. He texts you when he cans and he video chats/calls you whenever it was nighttime where he is, but the long distance was really putting a damper in your relationship and you weren’t going to let it be the reason to your guys’ end. 

You’ve been talking to the other members too, and you guys all planned on flying you over to the country they’re in right now to surprise your beloved boyfriend. You were so excited to see his face when you arrive in his hotel room. As you were on the plane there, you couldn’t help but imagine scenarios of how to surprise him.

Jin picks you up from the airport, where he takes you to the hotel. You and the rest of the members meet up in front of Jungkook’s room. Jimin, who was sharing rooms with him, opened up the door for you.

Jungkookie!” Taehyung sings, “Guess who’s here for you!” 

Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung all crowded you so that your presence can still be a surprise to him. He didn’t answer, and since you can’t see anything, you were quick to assume that he was probably asleep. They waddled their way inside the room, not daring to break formation of keeping you hidden. When they stopped in front of the beds, you hear them gasp but you didn’t pay attention to it. You did find it weird though, when they didn’t part to make space for you to see Jungkook. You had to practically wiggle in between two of them to finally see your beloved boyfriend.

As you suspected, he was asleep on his bed, but his arm was around another girl. You stared a little bit longer, just noticing that they were both naked, before Namjoon covers your eyes. 

C’mon, Y/n, let’s get outta here.” He mumbles, still covering your eyes as Hoseok takes you by the hand and drags you back into the hallway.

Once they close the door to his bedroom, they all look at you for some sort of reaction, and to their surprise, you remained neutral -in fact, way too neutral. You didn’t bother to look at them before going off to your own hotel room. “Y/n-ah, wait! Where are you going?” 

You kept your head held high as you made your way to the elevators. Your room was on a different floor, after all. “I’m gonna head to my room and look for the closest flight back home,” You answer. “I’m not in the mood to see Jungkook right now, and I don’t think I can ever, so do me a favor and tell him that I’m dumping him.” You sigh, “Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be in contact with you all, and I’ll probably ask Suga to pick up his stuff from my place when you come back from tour.” 

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okay so the one-shots are taking so long for me to write and i’m sorry, pls accept this bts scenario as an offering

just a little fyi, i have three one-shots coming up, and they’re all the maknae line lol

the first one i’m determined to post is a soon-to-be-father!jimin one-shot
the second one after that is part two to “that’s not me”, the taehyung one-shot
the third one is an angsty jungkook one-shot

school has started for me & i’m already dying, but the love yourself highlight reels have got me sUFFERING SEND HELP PLS

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Hypothetical plot outline for “Spider-Man 2: Prom”

(For simplicity sakes, I won’t really mention Infinity War. Let’s just say, this is set after Thanos’ defeat)

Peter Parker is in his junior year of high school and is now an experienced crime-fighter. Unlike Homecoming, he now has solid footing as Spider-Man, such as being able to intimidate bad guys and his web-swinging is far smoother than before. Ned becomes his official “guy in the chair” and even has his own “Spider-Lair” set up.

Which is his bedroom of course.

Also, Michelle joins “Team Spider-Man” when it’s revealed that she knew about Peter’s secret identity from the very beginning. We get a brief recap of scenes from Homecoming, but this time from MJ’s perspective. MJ joins as the “other person on the field” besides Pete. 

Rounding out Team Spider-Man are Aunt May and the newest main character, Gwen Stacy. For MCU Gwen, I had Sophie Turner in mind.

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Aunt May is the den mother of the group while Gwen joins as the investigator a.k.a. “the girl in the chair”. Also, Gwen finds out about Peter’s identity early on in the film when Peter gets knocked out during his first fight with the movie’s main antagonist, Kraven the Hunter. While dragging Pete to safety, Gwen accidentally takes his mask off. Gwen decides to keep his secret by joining Team Spider-Man. Her inclusion in the team is not received well by MJ, who believes that Gwen is hiding something.

Also, yeah, there’s a love triangle subplot between Peter, Gwen, and MJ. HOWEVER, I want to emphasize that MJ is the one clearly favored by the movie.

Going back to the main plot, the MCU Kraven the Hunter is revealed as a big game hunter who fled to America in the 1910s after the Tsar fell during the Russian Revolution. The only reason why he is still young and fit is because he feeds off a de-aging serum developed by OsCorp. When OsCorp discontinues the serum, Kraven wages war on the company in order to get either the last sample or the formula in order to find someone to replicate it. Also, he decides to hunt the Spider-Man in order to add his head to his “collection”. 

For Kraven, I had Rory McCann in mind (wow, two GoT actors in a row).

Originally posted by bisexualsweeney

While the fight with Kraven goes on, the high school side of the movie focuses mostly on Peter and MJ’s friendship/budding romance. Continuing off of MJ’s “observant” arc from Homecoming, it’s made obvious from the start of the movie that MJ is crushing hard on Peter. Meanwhile, Peter is a bit lost when it comes to his love life since Liz moved away and he’s still coming to terms with the events of Infinity War. 

That’s mainly where Gwen and MJ come in. Peter bonds with them both, with Gwen intentionally reminding Peter of Liz (the popular girl who everyone likes) and MJ being lowkey jealous. MJ eventually decides to step back, deciding that Peter will never look at her the way he looks at Liz and Gwen (you can just hear the inner angst) since she’s the weird girl with no friends. However, that’s when Peter makes his move. 

Around the same time MJ steps back, Peter decides to pursue her since he’s slowly returning her feelings. While he likes Gwen, Ned and Aunt May helps him realize that MJ’s been there since the start and despite her attitude at times, she’s always been there for him. In my head, his big eureka moment is when MJ gets him a new backpack with a note that says, “Heard you lost your backpack, you dingus”. Something like that. 

The turning point is when Gwen asks Peter to prom. He politely turns her down and runs off to find MJ to ask her instead. Peter asks MJ to prom and she happily accepts. On the night of prom, it’s even revealed she went out of her way and got a gorgeous red dress (another allusion to Mary Jane Watson!) 

Now…here’s where the big plot twists start coming in.

Kraven goes after Norman Osborn in order to find the last remaining vial of de-aging serum. By the way, for MCU Norman Osborn, I had Jeremy Irons in mind.

Originally posted by we-arethewildthings

While holding Norman hostage, Norman’s daughter comes home. It turns out, Gwen Stacy is his daughter. The MCU Gwen Stacy is an amalgamation of Gwen and Harry Osborn (her full name is Gwen Harriet Stacy-Osborn).

Norman is forced to hand over the last of the serum, which Kraven takes. However, he keeps Norman and Gwen hostage since he wants to lure the Spider-Man out (Kraven, at this point in the movie, knows that Gwen is friends with Spider-Man since she saved him earlier). In order to raise the stakes, Kraven goes after the rest of Gwen’s friends, reasoning that if she’s friends with Spider-Man, then surely some of her other friends know him as well.

He pretty much kidnaps the entire academic decathlon team, right on the night of prom. When Peter learns MJ and Ned have been kidnapped, he goes into righteous anger mode and takes off into the night to face Kraven. 

While Peter and Kraven have their fight, MJ, Gwen, Ned, Norman, and the rest of the academic decathlon team manage to escape captivity thanks to Ned’s computer expertise. Before they can escape, Gwen and MJ stay behind to help Peter. Gwen takes matters into her own hands and enters an experimental pod designed to enhance a person’s abilities. She reasons that in order to fight Kraven, she needs to be more powerful than usual. However, what she doesn’t realize is that the machine drives its subjects insane. 

So Gwen emerges as the Green Goblin, but as a hero only for this movie (she’ll be the main villain in the third one). Gwen and MJ head off on the Goblin glider to help Peter. For the final battle, all three of them contribute to Kraven’s defeat. MJ disables the traps and destroys the serum, and Gwen and Peter take Kraven down. Kraven is spared since Peter has a no-killing rule.

Also, he’s spared since we need Kraven for the Sinister Six. 

This is where Gwen’s sanity breaks. Instead of thanking her, Peter rushes off to MJ to make sure she’s alright and we get a kiss. Already disappointed in him because he turned her down for prom, plus some deep-seated father issues and her mind pushed to its limits by the experimental pod, Peter and MJ’s moment pushes Gwen over the edge. But instead of going after them, she goes after her dad. 

(There’s a subplot about Gwen having father issues since Norman is a shitty dad)

There’s a short battle where Peter fights Goblin-Gwen while MJ escorts Norman to safety. Eventually, Gwen takes off into the night when she realizes that she can’t beat Spider-Man and that the authorities are arriving.

With prom ruined, Peter and MJ decide to have their own dance in the remains of the Osborn mansion. The academic decathlon team joins in as well, with Ned dancing with Cindy Moon (that’s the ‘my friends call me MJ’ moment of the movie, when Ned’s date reveals herself as Cindy). However, the dance is cut short once again when the group hears sirens in the distance.

Peter wants to stay but MJ tells him that he needs to go save the day and that they have plenty of time to dance afterwards. Movie ends with MJ saying the famous line, “Go get em, tiger”, and Peter takes off into the night. 

Of course, since this is a Marvel movie…


Set a few minutes after Peter leaves, a meteorite lands by MJ, Ned, and the rest of the academic decathlon team. The Venom symbiote slowly makes it way into Ned’s backpack. 


Aaron Davis drops off his nephew, Miles Morales, at his school. For Miles, I had Caleb McLaughlin in mind. 

Originally posted by strangerthingscast

Outcast (High-School AU)// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jordragon

Pairing: Mark x Reader (ft. Jackson, Jinyoung + Yugyeom)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Being the school outcast doesn’t bother you too much - except for the grief you receive from 4 boys in your class - little do you know, Mark has always had a thing for you.

This scenario contains slight mentions of bullying.

It’s not that you hated high-school – you just hated the people that were in it. Everyone had their group, their clique that they belonged to; the popular girls, the popular boys, the kids that were dedicated to studying, the alternative kids that seemed to own mostly black clothing and so on, so forth. However; you never really found yourself ‘fitting’ into any of these categories. You wouldn’t have said you were completely dedicated to your studies, but you did well in your classes and the teachers recognised it. You weren’t so much interested or outgoing when it came to sports – but you enjoyed gym nonetheless. With that being said, you excelled the most in visual and audible arts with music being your favourite subject bar none – allowing you to express your creativity in whichever way you saw fit.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas for a JJbek high school au

  • JJ is literally everybody’s darling at school; he’s handsome, he’s pretty and he’s really easy going and friendly towards everybody. He’s arrogant too, that is at least what a lot of people say.
  • He’s captain of the ice hockey team and therefore very popular especially with the girls. Actually he’s the first captain with dark(er) skin in the history of the team  
  • JJ’s best friend is chewing gum and converse sneakers
  • It’s sports, sports and more sports for him.
  • JJ doesn’t care about school a lot. He performs badly at maths, he hates chemistry and physics. Music is okay-ish. But it’s the sport he lives for. He aims for a college with a very good ice-hockey team.
  • His (female) admirers are many, he’s mostly surrounded by a flock of girls, and he dated some of them (High school AU JJ is bisexual)
  • JJ knows he should reduce training to get better at school; he can’t however, because he wants to live up to his own standards.
  • Otabek doesn’t give a shit about sports, if they aren’t esports. He loves those
  • Otabek is quite good at school, basically in all subjects, but especially in music and art. When he was younger he dreamt about becoming a pianist. 
  • Otabek  doesn’t have many friends. In fact he has one friend he met at a book night organized by the librarians a while ago. 
  • Otabek literally cannot stand JJ at all. He’s too loud, too popular, too easy going (with the girls) - it’s inappropriate and .. distasteful?
  • More importantly: Otabek thinks JJ is dumb, really dumb - yet nobody ever seems to give a shit about JJ failing exams and performing really badly at school. He just doesn’t understand why all teachers seem to favor that boy, when he constantly gets ignored by them, or worse: is being told that his work is not good enough during class
  • Otabek’s a favorite victim for some nasty older boys (boys who are in that ice hockey team too); making jokes about his quiet nature, calling him nasty things (weirdo, and worse), even try to ‘steal’ money from him.
  • One day, JJ witnesses such an event and intervenes quite fiercely. The boys let Otabek be due to JJ’s popularity and his status. JJ is taken aback that such things tend to happen at his school; he never knew. He feels bad for that, and also bad for Otabek asking him a thousand times if everything is fine, if they have done anything else. he also promises to speak with their coach about that. It is basically the first time that they talk with each other. 
  • Otabek is thoroughly surprised by JJ’s reaction; there was no need to intervene, yet he did. There was no need to offer his help, yet he did .. all that keeps Otabek thinking for many days. 
  • A couple of days later Otabek’s phone buzzes. It’s a message from JJ, asking if everything is fine or if another incident happened. Otabek wonders from where exactly JJ has his phone number. For once, he doesn’t ask, but states all is well (which it is). In the next message JJ asks if he’d up for meeting at Starbucks later on. Otabek doesn’t quite feel like it .. what should he talk with JJ? Why should he talk with JJ? and more importantly .. WHY should JJ want to meet with him? It doesn’t make sense, yet his upbringing bids him to agree and so he does.
  • He’s nervous when they meet. Afraid not knowing what to say, afraid that other friends of JJ are somewhere around; some flirty girls - all these things. It never happens. They are basically undisturbed. Otabek has to admit that JJ isn’t half as dumb as he thought he is. JJ has to admit that Otabek isn’t half as weird as he thought he is - actually they share some interests:
  • Both love to read (even the same books), both love photography, and are interested in politics. JJ just hides this side of his, because it’s deemed ‘uncool’. Otabek also learns that the attention JJ receives is kind of unwelcomed; it stresses him, it gives him anxiety attacks on a regular basis. He doesn’t like all the attention at all, but has learned to cope with it and deals with it to reach his major goal: a sports scholarship for a good college. Time flies: when they realize it, they are the last guests in Starbucks and it’s long dark outside. JJ invites Otabek to watch his next game
  • Otabek watches JJ’s next ice hockey game, although he has NO idea about ice hockey. They meet afterwards at the mall. 
  • After that, they meet on a regular basis .. Otabek helps JJ with physics, they’re doing homework together, they play computer games together .. both are astonished how pleasant each others company is .. at school they pretend as if they aren’t that close .. both are somewhat annoyed by that but have decided it would be the better option, at least for now.
  • JJ has stopped dating those girls all together.
  • One night, a couple of months later, they share some beers and watch some stupid movie, when JJ asks if Otabek ever dated someone, or kissed someone. Otabek shakes his head, eyes casted to the floor. And JJ, being tipsy JJ keeps asking all the more: Why not, are the girls not to his liking here, or is it a religious thing or has it to do with his nationality until Otabek looks up, saying dryly: “I don’t like girls.”
  • JJ feels as if the world stops for a split second. “So,” he ventured carefully, “it’s boys then?” and Otabek is like.. “Yeah .. I guess .. but it’s not ‘boys’ actually.”
  • JJ stares at him with ??? in the eyes until Otabek adds… “It’s A boy. Not boys.”
  • and JJ is like .. OMG .. an unrequited love .. does he know, and have you tried and and and, with Otabek always shaking his head until JJ asks if he knows him. and Otabek is: “if not you who else.”
  • It takes a while until JJ understands, or thinks he gets it .. actually he only gets it when Otabek looks at him, nervousness visibly spread across his face.
  • Now JJ is nervous too. “So .. is that .. boy .. me?” .. Otabek only managed to nod, averting his eyes. JJ so wasn’t prepared for that .. he’d been so damn sure that Otabek was a bit awkward with girls, but straight .. and for that he never spoke about his own feelings, afraid to ruin their friendship. 
  • That night, it’s the first time they kiss each other ..
  • A year later, they are accepted to the same college. 
  • Two years later, JJ is the first captain of the college ice hockey team who’s poc and openly living in a gay relationship. 

..anyways, lovely high school AU anon .. I guess that got LONg :D

friends to lovers!ten

prompt: how about a scenario in which the reader enters a convenience store, late night, wearing super fancy clothes and ten works in this store and they talk and sparks fly and there’s a little bit of angst but lots of fluff?

Originally posted by sunnyten0227

  • okay well so this request immediately made me think of that ten gif where he is wearing those pajama pants nd the black sweater
  • y'all KNOW the one
  • i found it and added it ^^
  • but that outfit comes in a lot later in this scenario so we’ll skip it for now
  • okay so the setting is prom
  • nd the most popular boy in school asked you so you bought this super fancy dress and wore your nicest heals and jewelry
  • you even wore fake eyelashes like you wanted to look n i c e
  • bc you’re not very popular in school and you thought your senior year would’ve gone unnoticed by everyone
  • but the cutest (*´꒳`*) boy in school asked YOU out and so ofc you accepted
  • but :(((

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High School (1/?)

Summary: It is alternate universe where Steve goes to the same high school as the reader but she is very shy and quiet while he is very popular. Lindsay is there to make reader’s life miserable. 

Pairings: AU!Steve Rogers x Reader 

Word Count: 1,940

Warnings: Angst, reader gets picked on a lot and she get’s called “retard”

A/N: This was requested by @ruby-rose789 and I’m sorry it’s two parts. It just got way too long and I didn’t want to drag it. Next part will be very fluffy, I promise and I recommend checking out, ‘A Little Princess’. It is amazing! 

Originally posted by boston-boy-evans

Y/N walked through the halls with her head down, trying to get to her locker without any problems. There were a lot of other people that made walking down the hall difficult for a person that is shy and quiet; like Y/N. It was ironic really, that the quiet people got more attention than the loud ones, well usually they got attention from others who hated them, like how Y/N got attention from Lindsey Montenegro. Lindsey Montenegro was the most popular girl in the school which happened mostly because her dad is the principal which makes everyone fear her and it also made her have power. Power to make everyone’s life miserable by picking on them, even if they’re doing nothing but breathing.

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imagine bts as girls | ☁

a/n; made this to procrastinate and bc I’m bored. also, this will be mostly based on outfits and generic things like that. I hope you enjoyed!


Adidas everyday 

• wears pastel patches or pink sweaters

• braided pig tails 

• probably the most popular in school 

• is surprisingly friends with yoongi 

• looks stuck up but is actually super sweet and willing to do your makeup for you 

• eats a damn lot

• p u r e 


• very intelligent 

• wears specs

• can pull off brown turtlenecks better than anyone

• listens to rap 

• is on the debate team at school 

• lives on caffeine 

• best friends with seokjin 

• acts like a dad more than a mom 

• bookworm


• s a v a g e 

• Instagram pics are all monochrome filtered 

• owns a pair of beats

• will slit anyone’s throat if they touch their headphones

• stressed 24/7

• has two locks on their bedroom door

• makes diss tracks at two in the morning

• can be such a cutie sometimes

• is passed for a thug 

• black hoodie and vans are a must


firmly believes that laughter is the best medicine

• is such a good dancer

• so friendly it hurts sometimes

• really outgoing

• also an avid Adidas wearer 

• black crop top, tights and a white cap are a go-to outfit

• can judge very harshly 

• hangs out with yoongi a lot

• pulls short hair off really well


• angel by day

• devil by night

• has a very drastic alter persona

• but is mostly a soft mochi

• owns three cats

• has thick af lips

• kylie jenner is jealous

• wears a lot of lipstick/lipgloss

• is the one of the more quieter ones

• wears skinny jeans and thin, cotton sweaters

• can protecc

• but can also attacc 


• 99% percent of wardrobe consists of white shirts/sweaters

• has thick and muscular legs

• spends more time eating than washing their face

• has such an extra ass

• baby of the group

• though almost no one believes that

• can go 0 to 100 real quick

• very athletic 

• hangs out with boys more than girls

• wears more boots than sneakers

• communicates through facial expressions


• best friends with jungkook

• certified art hoe

• runs a meme account 

• wears very aesthetic clothing

• eye makeup on point

• drinks Arizona tea 

• goes to museums at least once a week

• dyes hair every week 

• wants to model for Gucci 

masterlist | ask

So, my school has this really intense rivalry with another school in our area, and typically both schools were pretty good at keeping it mostly good-natured, but one day this girl (She was the Popular Girl stereotype, lazy, shallow, bitchy, petty, all of it.) and her friends went up to the (other) school and they vandalized a rock in front of the school.
Turns out that rock was a memorial for a student who had died from cancer, and shit. hit. the. fan.
I can’t remember what exactly happened, but I’m pretty sure they at least had to clean it up (and they probably got weekend detention too)

Not My Best Friend (Peter X Overweight!Fem!Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Overweight!Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Bullying, teasing, body issues, mild swearing

Request: Hey, I was wondering, could you write an overweight!fem-reader with a lot of trust/self love issues x Peter Parker? They go together to highschool, have some classes together, and reader takes ballett lessons after school, with some of the girls from her grade - and she’s getting bullied by them (=issues), even by Peter’s new, popular ass girlfriend (not Gwen, bless her). And Peter finds out. And saves the day. You can change anything you want, just make it fluff and I’m happy. Thank you, hehee!

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Growing up, ballet had always been something that peaked your interest. However you never had any proper lessons. You were discouraged, mostly because of your weight. At first you didn’t understand why, being so young… but as you matured you realised that your body type was far different from the girls and boys you saw on those stages.

Yes, you weren’t thin. You were actually the opposite. You had tummy rolls and your thighs touched. However it never really bothered you. Especially since Peter was there to compliment you every day.

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Pacify Her- G.D (Pt.1)

Song: Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez.

Twin: Grayson.

A/n- so this imagine comes in 2 parts. The 1st part is more explanatory, the 2nd is more action I guess. Hope you like it!

Tired, blue boy walks my way

Holding a girls hand

That basic bitch leaves finally

Now I can take her man


Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours

But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?


Pacify her

She’s getting on my nerves

You don’t love her

Stop lying with those words

Grayson Baily Dolan. What a man. Nice, friendly guy whose open-minded, and has a personality as good as his looks. He and his twin brother, Ethan, being the most popular guys in the school. No, not just school. The whole town knows about them, because of their vines. Their house was next to mine, so I knew them pretty well. We’re friends, actually. Ethan is my best friend since middle school, Grayson on the other side is my big crush. I was known as the popular kid as well. I guess when you’re the only girl in the schools lacrosse team; you get your title. I’m in Level blue of the popular kids.

See in our school everything is divided. There are the usual groups, but it doesn’t stop there. They all are divided levels.




And then there are the popular kids-

·         Level Yellow- Just gained their popularity;

·         Level Blue- Popular because they’re in the school’s sports team;

·         Level Pink- Cheerleaders;

·         Level Red- The ones who are rich and good looking, throw big parties. (also think that they’re better than anyone and mostly are bullies, but refuse to admit it)

Some of the levels can overlay. For example there’s this kid Hayes. He’s on the lacrosse team, and he’s rich, and stupid I might add. Those two factors give him 2 levels- blue and red.

The popular group is mostly made out of girls though, and there’s a special level me and Ethan made up. It has only one person in it. Nicole Rose Jackson. She’s the captain of the cheerleading team and her parents are rich. She’s mostly known for being a bully in the normal world. She also switches guys more often than clothes. She’s a cheater who throws parties every weekend, when her parents aren’t home. She also thinks that she can do whatever she wants, because apparently she’s the queen of our school. If you try sitting at her table, god stands with you and guards your soul. She’ll start a fight for sure, which will end up in you being humiliated in front of everyone. I might have to mention that we’re enemies. As far as I know, there’s only one reason why she dislikes me and that is my friendship with the twins. To me it seems completely stupid, but for her it’s a big deal. Big enough to hate me.

I sat down at our usual table with my food. It was lunch time so I could finally sit down and just talk to my friends. I was the first to sit down, but not too long later I saw Ethan coming my way. He looked tired. “Hey, E!” I said and took a bite out of one of my carrots that I had taken as a snack. “Hey, Y/n.” he mumbled and slouched down in the seat in front of me. “What’s wrong?” I asked intrigued. Lately, he seemed tired and sad, something was off, but he wouldn’t tell me. He groaned and pushed his food to the front, putting his arms on the table and resting his head on them. “Nothing, if I don’t mention Grayson.” His words bringing anger in his voice. I clearly knew what he was talking about. Grayson recently asked Nicole out, and now they’re kind of officially dating. It took all of us by surprise, mostly because Grayson disliked bullies and he always said that Nicole was only trouble. “I don’t understand him.” I said picking at my food with my fork. Jealousy making my blood boil. “Just 3 weeks ago he said that he hates her, then we all went to that party and he’s suddenly under her spell.” Ethan said the same thing that I thought. He knew about my crush on his brother, and he knew how mad the whole thing made me. “He’s also turning into an asshole. God, it’s been a few weeks. What is wrong with him?” He asked picking his head up and looking at me like I knew the answer. “I don’t know.” I mumbled sadly. He took a look to the side and turned his head back to me. “Look out! The demonic monstrosity from level-grave is nearing our table.” He said making me chuckle “and the blue boy is right next to her.” I said taking a quick glance their way. “Hey Ethan, hey…. Annie?” she said in her high pitched voice. “My name is Y/n, not Annie.” I said with a sarcastic smile. Grayson was about to sit down right next to me before she grabbed his shoulder. “What are you doing, babe?” she asked a fake smile placed on her face. “Sitting down to eat?” he asked confused. “Not there. Let’s go sit next to Harrison, at that table.” She said pointing at the rich kid table that literally had the letters VIP written on it. “Why-“ Gray tried to ask but she cut him off. “Because. They’re my friends. I haven’t talked to them today.” She said trough gritting her teeth. “We talked to them less than 5 minutes ago, Nikki.” He said still refusing her. “But babe.” She whined and Grayson gave in. They walked over to the ‘special’ table leaving us alone. “Did I just witness that circus?” I asked looking at them with a raised eyebrow. “It’s way worse when she comes over.” Ethan mentioned. “She goes to your house?” that was something I didn’t know about. “Yeah… sadly.” He said taking a bit out of his food. “Why would she go to your house, they’ve been dating for like 2 weeks?” I asked confused. Ethan put his finger up mentioning to give him a sec, while he swallowed his food. “Oh, Grayson! Yes Grayson! Just like that Grayson! You’re so hot Grayson.” He started mimicking Nicole, his voice high pitched, yet quiet so no one else would hear. “You know what? I just lost my appetite.” I said putting the fork down laughing sarcastically. “Well I’ve lost my sleep, my appetite and my brother over these two weeks.” He said taking a sip from his water bottle. “I can imagine.” I added understandingly. A few seconds later Grayson came back to our table, this time he was alone. “Hey guys! Sorry for that.” He said sliding down in the seat next to Ethan. “Sure.” I whispered looking down at my food. “So! Nicki is throwing a party tonight. She wanted me to give you the invite.” Grayson said sliding the invite on the table over to Ethan. E turned his head the other way, not looking at his brother. “It’s only with invites, but you can bring a date.” Gray added as I watched the whole scene from the side. “You coming?” he asked pushing the paper more towards Ethan. Ethan remained silent. “Common dude! We’re brothers. You’re going to let one disagreement go this far?” Grayson questioned getting mad. “One disagreement? Just one?” Ethan asked back seemingly pissed. “Just come to the party. You need to let off some steam.” Grayson said clenching his jaw, a thing he did whenever he was pissed. He sat waiting for an answer, which I knew Ethan wouldn’t give. “I think you should go, Grayson.” I said looking down from them both. “Seriously?” he asked me. I said nothing in response. “What’s wrong with you both? He doesn’t like my girlfriend. What about you? You don’t like her to, huh?” he asked clearly mad. “Wait, I know what’s your deal! You weren’t invited.” He said pointing at me. “Stop being ridiculous, Grayson. I don’t care about some stupid party. Go back to your stupid girlfriend, before that bitch gets too bored and starts making out with Harrison.” I spat, hiding my sadness behind madness. “Don’t s-“he stared before cutting himself off and standing up. He walked away not even locking back. “Great.” I said standing up, and taking my food. Ethan did the same fallowing me.

After the lessons had ended I went home. I needed to be alone, because no matter how big of a dick Grayson acted, I still had feelings for him. I’ve always had feelings for him. I went up to my room and flopped on my bed. I let out a groan when I heard my phone ding. I pulled it out of my pocket. It was a text from an unknown number. Intrigued I opened it. “Please stay away from my boyfriend, I saw you talking to him today. Also you could stop stalking him. I know you followed him when he was walking home. –Nicole” I read the text over and over again, until I started laughing. I decided to call Ethan and tell him about it. After a few rings he picked up. “What’s up?” He asked. “That bitch just texted me.” I said sitting down by my window and looking at Ethans window. “What? What did she say?” he asked surprised. “She said ‘Please stay away from my boyfriend, I saw you talking to him today. Also you could stop stalking him. I know you followed him when he was walking home.’” I read the text to him. Ethan started laughing on the other side of the line, I saw him walking around the room, until he stood by the window. He pushed the blinds a side and sat down looking back at me. “Apparently, I don’t have a life, because I fallowed Grayson home and stalked him.” I laughed, he chuckled. “I actually wanted to call you.” He informed. “Really? What for?” I asked intrigued. “Can I come over?” he asked. “Yeah, sure. You didn’t need to call me for that.” I said chuckling and walking out of my room. “I’ll tell you when I’ll be at your house.” He said. Soon enough there was a knock on the front door. I opened it up to see Ethan, who had his hair and clothes wet from the rain that had just started raining. I let him in and we walked to my room. “What did you want to talk about?” I asked as we were walking up the stairs. “Grayson.” He simply said. “Okay.” I said letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. We walked inside my room and I heard my phone ring. I walked back to the window where I had left the device and picked it up. “Sorry.” I said to Ethan as I picked it up, he just nodded sitting down on my bed. “Hey, sweetie! I’m sorry I won’t be home today, the hospital is a mess and I’ll have to do a double shift. Your dad said that he can’t come home for the weekend so you’ll have to be home alone.” Mom explained through the phone. “It’s fine. I can take care of myself.” I said my voice a bit sad. “Do you have enough money for food? Maybe come by the hospital later? I’ll give you some money for take out.” She said. “No, it’s fine. I can make some food if I’ll get hungry. Don’t worry.” I said before I heard some people chatting in the background. “Okay, honey. I have to go now. I love you. Take care.” She said and I smiled. “Love you too mom.” I said and hung up the phone. As I was still looking out the window I noticed someone in Ethans’ room. “Uh, E?” I said getting his attention. “I think there’s someone in your room.” I said pointing out the window. He quickly stood up from the bed and stood right next to me. “That bitch.” He said. “Why is she in your house again?” I asked confused. Nicole was walking around Ethans room looking for something. “She’s the reason why I came over.” He explained. Suddenly the door to Ethans room opened and Gray walked inside. He seemed to be arguing with Nicole. His facial expression angry. He kept saying something to her, but she didn’t seem to care. She walked closer to him and kissed him, shutting him up. In a quick motion they started making out. “Ew.” I said walking backwards and shutting the blinds. “My eyes.” I added. “Not in my room.” Ethan whined. “We need to stop this.” He said to me sitting back down on my bed. I sat next to him “How?” I questioned. He groaned lying down. I was suspicious, because he knew something I didn’t know, and that something had something to do with me. “Ethan, what is going on. And don’t tell me that it’s just them dating. You know something. I know you do. Why can’t you tell me?” I was getting irritated with the whole situation. “It’s not my duty to tell you about it, okay?” he said letting out another groan. “Well, maybe if you tell me, we could figure out how to stop Nicole.” I said thinking, trying to get out the information. Ethan suddenly sat up like he had an idea. “Start getting ready.” He said to me walking towards the window. “What for?” I asked confused. “We’re going to that party tonight.” He said with a duh tone in his voice. “You can go… I don’t have an invitation.” I reminded. “But I can bring a date.” He said looking at me with a smirk. “So, I’m going as your date?” confusion filled my head. “Exactly.” He smiled. “Ethan, you know I do-“ I started off but he cut me off. “You like my brother, I know. Don’t you get it? I have a plan to get him back to normal and you’re my strongest weapon.” He said trying to explain but I still didn’t understand. “I don’t get it.” I stated. “Okay. Basically.” He stared walking back to me and falling to his knees. “I shouldn’t be the one tell you all of this.” He reminded, “But, the reason why Grayson started going out with Nicole is because he wanted to make you jealous. I tried to tell him that there’s many other ways he could get your attention, but he didn’t listen. He thinks that going out with Nicole would make you jealous enough for you too like him. Honestly, I don’t understand the logic of his plan. And the plan didn’t work as he wanted. He thought he could go on one date with her and that would be enough, but apparently that bitch thinks that he actually likes her, so she doesn’t leave him alone. She’s using him and he can’t get away. Also the fact that you’re mad at him, makes him upset and he doesn’t know how to deal with it so they have sex almost every fucking night. I’m sick of it. So please. Just listen to me and come to the party as my date.” He explained and took in a deep breath, slowly exhaling to calm himself down. I didn’t even know what to say. He wanted to make me jealous, so I would like him? He could’ve juts asked me out. “And how is going to the party with you going to help?” I questioned. “We’ll feed him his own medicine.” Ethan said with pleading eyes. “Okay, we’re going.” I said and stood up to walk to my closet. If I’m going I better make myself look good.

the losers club as mistakes

stan- deciding u want to be “emo” in 6th grade and forching ur mom to get u a septum piercing

bill- biting into that four year old rock candy that you found in your bedside drawer and chipping your tooth

bev- getting huge rose tattoos over your entire torso (like, the tattoos that wrap around your body)

eddie- accidentally sending your mom nudes with the caption “thinking of u babyboy 😍”

richie- assuming that there aren’t any teachers around and screaming some really extreme collection of swear words when really, the principal and four other teachers aren’t congregating 9 feet away.

mike- kicking a ball to your friend but underestimating your own strength and hitting the cutest most popular girl in school square in the face, breaking her nose (this actuallg happened to me yesterday, minus the breaking her nose part. i think she’s fine)

ben- getting drunk in college and blaring love ballads outside your crush’s dorm room until someone calls the cops on ur say anything ass


Because there isn’t enough love for the f/f ships in the fandom

Femslash Week will commence on February 20th and run until the 26th.

This blog uses the time GMT+11:00. Because of conflicting time-zones, late entries will be accepted. The deadline is one week after the week officially ends


  • Day 1: Selfies
  • Day 2: Unexpected Rendezvous
  • Day 3: Alternate Love Square
  • Day 4: Project Partners
  • Day 5: Power Couple
  • Day 6: Reveal
  • Day 7: Smooches

Genderbending will be allowed for the week. As long as it’s f/f, it’s acceptable

Please use the tag #femslash week in the first five tags of your post. You can also tag this blog in your post. Submissions are allowed

Any creation is welcomed e.g. art, fanfiction, videos, edits, gifs etc

Reblogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

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Below the read more are details on the prompts (just in case some of them are unclear or confusing)

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“Friendly Neighborhood Watch” | Young Sam x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive, language


DESCRIPTION: There are four days left of school before Graduation Day. It’s so goddamn obvious you and your childhood best friend Samuel Drake feel the same thing for each other… but you won’t say anything because you don’t want to risk your established friendship, and Sam doesn’t want to say anything because he can’t risk giving himself away. But when two people are a perfect match for each other, some things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

This is technically Part 2 of “Trick of the Light”, but you don’t have to read that in order to understand this (regardless I’ll still leave the link to it below). I’m really pleased with how this one came out because it just makes my heart so happy like aw Sam :,)) It switches between Reader and Samuel so sorry if it’s kinda unclear as to whose POV you’re reading from haha *sweats intensely*

And I also wanna tag @le-ephemere @hyperionbabe @a-n-g-e-l-frommynightmare and @nataliarmnov because you guys are SO NICE and left such sweet comments on Part 1 ily please enjoy

Trick of the Light

Inspired by this song (Rather Be With You - Sinead Harnett)

The only reason why you were with Rafe Adler in the first place was because you were lonely.

Well, more like the one guy you were ever seriously in to never paid attention to you the way you wanted him to, and conveniently, Rafe Adler transferred to your shithole high school and you thought he’d be a lovely distraction.

Except that, despite getting together with Rafe, you still couldn’t get over your one true crush.

The boy next door, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend: Samuel Drake.

You remember precisely when you started crushing hard on that boy. You were in middle school, still in your semi-awkward tween stage, lost in the masses of equally confused prepubescent boys and girls trying to find their places in the social hierarchy. Sam was one of the popular kids; he and his little brother were both notorious for their mischievous methods of cutting class and their bright, cheeky grins. Always the one with extravagant (although mostly exaggerated) tales of adventures, it was expected for girls and boys to flock around Samuel Drake. His heady Bostonian voice and loopy grin managed to light up any room he walked into; Samuel Drake had this laid-back, passionate, and approachable dynamic.

And on top of that… it was almost painful how good-looking he was.

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Pink Roses

Summary: Popular!FootballPlayer!Phil comes up with creative ways to ask Pastel!Dan to Prom, but it doesn’t work out the way he’d hoped. 

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: none

Genre: fluff mostly, maybe angst if you squint really hard

Being the senior football star of his high school, you’d think that Phil Lester would already have a date to Prom. He was the only one on his football team that didn’t have a pretty girl on his arm planning out their outfits so that they matched perfectly.

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A new AU by celestialmeadows and me!But mostly her :3

This is the Adoption AU. I can’t remember who it was, but someone in kino’s stream suggested an Adoption AU for RWBY. I want this to be a normal life, meaning no Grimm and no Faunus. The closest to enemies would be gangs or “populars.” What it is, is that the RWBY gang meets in an orphanage and become very good friends as kids. By the time the older girls turn ten years old, they are adopted and separated. Five years later, they would meet again in High School. - Amy-sensei

This is a comic before the main story starts,

Weiss (7) and Ruby (5) are playing tea party and Ruby is having problem pronouncing Weiss’s name.

untainted-memories  asked:

mtl in w1 to be in the popular clique at school??


  • Seongwoo
  • Daniel
  • Sungwoon
  • Woojin 
  • Minhyun
  • Jihoon
  • Daehwi
  • Jaehwan
  • Jisung
  • Guan Lin
  • Jinyoung


Seongwoo, Daniel, Sungwoon can’t really help it. They would all be extremely popular in school for being freaking handsome and on top of that talented as well. They would just happen to hang out with the popular kids because they invited them to lunch one day and since then, they just somehow stick with the popular clique.

Woojin, Minhyun, Jihoon would be part of the popular clique without even knowing why. They were mostly chosen by the other kids because they are handsome and very popular among the girls in school and also the ones in the group. They won’t really care too much about it and probably never acknowledge it. 

Daehwi, Jaehwan, Jisung would be the ones that would be a little jealous of the popular clique and try to become part of it. They would be known among the other students for their funny jokes and for their nice personality. They are the ones that will be friends with everyone. 

Guan Lin, Jinyoung won’t care too much about popular kids, nerds, cheerleaders. They would just hang out with the same two persons everyday and not pay attention to anyone else, unless they come to befriend them first. 

Superfan - Peter Parker x Reader

So I had a great idea late at night one time and again when I wrote it, it didn’t come out as great as i imagined it again. I hope you guys like it and requests are open however, I am at summer school for the next few days so I won’t be writing them anytime soon but I have some queued stuff ready for you guys!

Wanna be tagged in anything or everything? Message me and let me know!

*You have to see this* one text from Ned and a link had let him stumble across it. All of it. Someone, somewhere had written fan-fictions about Spiderman online and they were pretty damn popular. People, mostly the girls of NYC loved Spiderman - loved him. Peters eyes widened drastically as he couldn’t help but read through a few of them, each one beautifully written but ever so slightly weird, someone out there adored him enough for all of this work and time and he wanted nothing more than to find out who. But how? There were hundreds of girls in NYC, it could have even be a guy but no, he recognised the writing style from somewhere. He knew that written voice, that elegance and descriptions he had seen it before he couldn’t remember but it grew more familiar with every word and the smile on his face grew bigger with every story.

You walked through the halls of Midtown High, your head down as you buried yourself in your phone and the world you had created, hundreds of new hits over night again. These stories of yours were becoming some of the most popular fics out there and no one knew it was you. You were like the secret superhero of writing online, a fan that had fans and it was incredible. You would never admit it to people you knew in real life but you loved to immerse yourself in these fictional moments, take yourself away from the horrors of high school and the fact you had one huge unrequited love. Peter Parker. The nerdy kid that sat beside you in English lessons and in front of you in Chemistry, the boy you had been admiring for moths without saying a word about it. Of course you had your fictional crush of the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman but your feelings for Peter Parker were very, very real. So you wrote everything you wanted to do with Peter in your fics but replaced him with the hero. If only he knew, if only he knew your feelings and everything you had imagined not that you would ever let him read your stuff. It was bad enough letting him read your English work after every lesson, he practically knows your writing voice like he does his own.
Double English. Two hours, only separated by lunch  working with Peter on narratives - it’s just like any other lesson, you told yourself. The fact you were working together was nothing new, just don’t let anything slip. Peter had a way with you that made you want to tell him everything about your feelings. He was sweet and caring and so freaking adorable that you found it hard to keep it all in.
“Is there a reason why you’re staring at me?” He asked, his voice cheeky and joking again as he looked up from his paper at you and you blushed profoundly looking down immediately,
“I didn’t realise, I didn’t mean too, god I’m sorry.” you felt his hand on your lower arm before you saw him turn to you,
“It’s fine,” he chuckled, “are you okay, (y/n)?” he asked, the way your name rolled off his tongue in such a caring demeanour made your heart skip. In simple reply you nodded and carried on with your part of the task, “You know, there is a big viral thing going around about Spiderman,” you tensed up immediately,
“What has he done this time?” you asked nervously, hoping he was on about some video that had surfaced online,
“Turns out, he has quite the fan base. Someone is writing these most amazing stories about him,” you attempted to hide your face - people in school knew about them, “and there are some quite romantic bits, extended metaphors and stuff you know?” you nodded and bit your lip,
“What about them, Peter?” you asked cautiously,
“Well, I recognise the writing,” you swear that you stopped breathing for a minute, “I was hoping you might be able to help me find them. You are the star English student, you help Miss mark all the time, I know you do. You read everything, please help me.” He looked at you with that lopsided grin again and couldn’t help but nod slowly, he didn’t suspect you. Thank Thor. That cheeky grin turned into a huge smile, “Thank you so much. I really wanna meet her, you know, see who it is.”
“Why are you so interested Peter?” you asked with a small smirk when really you were masking your nerves, “You’re not some mega fan are you?” you asked and it was his turn to blush, swapping his paper with yours to continue the task and not have to look at you as he spoke again,
“No! I just think they’re cool. That’s all.” The two of you fell into a comfortable silence for a little while, your usual method of working back and forth working as well as always until you went to switch your papers again. 

His eyes were blown wide, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth agape a little as he held you paper up slightly as if to read it better. 
“Wait, what is it, what’s wrong?” you asked trying to look over the paper in his hand. 
“It’s you.”
“What do you mean ‘it’s me’?” you asked panicked, 
“You’re the writer online. You’re my super fan.” you paled then suddenly realised want he said, 
“Wait, your super fan?“ 
"Wait what?” You both looked at each other, both pale and both confused when the bell rang for lunch and he took your am lightly almost pulling you out and into the empty gym just a few doors down, ensuring the door was closed behind him before turning to you again, “Okay so, first things first, you need to forget what I just said and secondly, you’re the writer of all them stories?" 
"I am and what the hell are you on about, Peter, are you Spiderman!?” you almost shouted but Peter shushed you, 
“Since I slipped up, yes I am but you gotta keep this to yourself. Only Ned knows and I cant have others knowing too!” he pleaded, he was giving you the puppy dog eyes he would normally give you when he needed help in English but he knew they always worked, 
“Fine, your secret is safe as long as mine is,” bargained just as worried even though the two situations were nothing alike. “How did you even find them anyway?” you asked, clutching your phone in your hand for dear life, 
“Ned found them somehow.” His face was still worried, “Why do you write them?” he asked, 
“Because I do.” you mumbled trying not to have to admit that your two crushes were the same person, 
“Give me the real answer, (y/n)” suddenly he was stood before you his hand holding yours comfortingly, 
“Because I like someone,” you partially admitted, “and I always thought Spiderman was pretty cool, you know all heroic, so I wrote everything I wanted to happen and everything I wanted to do with that person down but with Spiderman instead. I didn’t expect them to be such a hit and I certainly never expected them to be the same damn person.”
“Wait, what?” he exclaimed in disbelief his hand tightening around yours, “You like me?” You went silent, he still had that ability to make you tell him anything without realising,
“I know it is crazy but you’re the only thing in this whole place that feels right but now I am afraid I am even more not good enough for you because you’re damn Spiderman!” you whispered the last part but Peter never dropped your hand, 
“(y/n), do you love me?” Peter asked quietly, “Or do you love the idea of Spiderman?” there was a seriousness in his voice you hadn’t heard, 
“I love you, and I love your spider side.” you admitted finally meeting his chocolate brown eyes with your own, 
“So you wouldn’t object to me kissing you right now? And maybe a visit later tonight off a certain hero?” he asked his voice low, like you had imagined so many times but so much better, all you could do was shake your head, 

“Good.” And with that, your lips met.


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anonymous asked:

I dunno if you like Harry Potter, but what house do you think the mysme boys (and girl) would be assigned? Love your work!


Anyways! Thanks for reading my stuff darling, it always lightens my heart to know that someone out there might be getting enjoyment from my work. So thank you! 

Yoosung- CONTENTIOUS! But… HUFFLEPUFF. From a family of Ravenclaws. The only reason he fell into the yellow and black was because this boy literally is the most loyal of all Puff’s ever (coming from a fellow Hufflepuff, from a family of Ravenclaws- I sympathise with this booboo). He is more than bright enough to be part of Ravenclaw but his personality is so cheery and sunny and bright, that the blue and bronze would only help to kill that out of him. Therefore, HUFFLEPUFF!!!
Best subject: Care of Magical Creatures, Worst Subject: Astronomy 

Zen- GRYFFINDOR. THE BOY RUNS IN AN APARTMENT WITH AN ACTIVE BOMB IN IT… IF THAT ISN’T GRYFFINDOR-Y I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. He is brash and brave and headstrong, he will always believe in himself and his strength and that is enough for him to keep surging onwards.
Best Subject: Divination, Worst Subject: Potions

Jaehee- RAVENCLAW- This Queen Bee would have been Head Girl, and would have served as Prefect under Jumin and would have hated every second of it because he made her do everything. Though in retrospect him making her his underling would have helped her immensely in her own duties as Head Girl. The Professors cried when Jaehee graduated, she was such a kind and gifted student.
Best Subject: Transfigurations, Worst Subject: Divination

Jumin- SLYTHERIN- For the cunning and ambitious… well, Juju is just that. From a perfect pedigree of Slytherin’s before him, the hat sniffed the air (because the hat can smell ok) and as he approached the stage it already called out Slytherin. He was however, the most kind hearted of all Slytherin’s and was often looked down upon in his own house- and people from other houses thought he was supremely out of the league to talk to so he was ostracised by the masses too… luckily he had the mind, fortitude and Jihyun to get him through his school years. His good grades and clean record made him the best candidate for Head Boy, like his father and his father before him… 
Best Subject: Ancient Runes, Worst Subject: Flying 

Saeyoung- RAVENCLAW- Best and brightest for a reason. He would have made Jaehee’s life hell by always getting into trouble and dragging down the house points by his stupid pranks and creating mischief with the Hufflepuff boy. He would however make up for all the lost points by excelling in all his studies and even creating new and exciting spells for the wizarding community for shits and giggles. Cos that’s how he rolls apparently. 
Best Subject: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Worst Subject: History of Magic

Saeran- RAVENCLAW- with big bro of course! The hat very nearly put him into Hufflepuff and when he freaked out saying that he would rather die- the hat almost said slytherin… and then he panicked and told the hat he wanted to be with Saeyoung… a choice he regrets to this day. “If I was in Hufflepuff I wouldn’t have to worry about getting expelled because I suffocated you while you were sleep Saeyoung” Just as bright as his brother but tends to hang with other people, is more quiet and more likely to get caught late at night in a broom closet with a girl (or a book… sometimes the boy just needs his space) than causing havoc.
Best Subject: Potions,  Worst Subject: Herbology 

V- HUFFLEPUFF- which surprisingly, no one ever mocked him for. It was impossible to hate or make fun of V, he was the most gentle and most popular boy in school. He was in the lead to make Head Boy, however with a quick word to his Head of House- he politely declined out of the race. For one he didn’t want to contend with Jumin, but mostly he wanted to enjoy his final year with all his friends and make memories he deemed worthy of remembering. Bright enough to be in Ravenclaw, Pureblooded enough to be in Slytherin and self- sacrificing enough to be in Gryffindor- this man’s large heart belonged in the Yellow and Black.
Best Subject: Charms, Worst Subject: Arithmancy 

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