the mosthappy

hello everyone so i am shaking really bad as i type this but ok here we go

it’s sceawere/the-mosthappy here

tumblr just terminated my account? with no warning i’m so confused and scared

i have no idea what happened i went to delete some posts from an old side blog and then my page refreshed and it wouldn’t let me log back in

then came the ominous ‘account terminated’ screen

so right now i’m having a panic attack that’s not an exagerration i have been on tumblr for about 7 years and used it throughout my breakdown and recovery and if i’ve lost all of that stuff/those people idk what i’m going to do this was literally a fucking lifeline to me and im praying this was just a mistake or something we can sort out???

i wanted to let people know what was happening and i’m reallt scared rn but i’ve seen that this has happened to other people and they’ve had them brought back? but it took them a couple days? idk i’ve emailed support idk what’s happening i’m genuinly emotional and panicking rn my anxiety is through the roof i’m aware this isn’t a rational response but like i say this place is incredibly important to me

i use tumblr as my main social thing ya know being basically housebound with my mental illness atm makes this place really important to me so thsi is really affecting me rn ummm idk what else to say sorry everyone please bare with me

i don’t know how to get ppl to see this bc i can’t remember all your urls so like i’m just going to put it in my usual tags and hope you guys see it

also @annaleyson sorry hun it’s tatties and idk what’s happening


Petticoats!  Time to Muster!  

We have our second season!  

Which means the Black Petticoat Society will remain fully operational (not that we would ever consider disbanding anyway).

 For those of you not yet aware of our existence, who are looking to survive the hiatus by fangirling in the interim, come and join us.  

We’re just a bunch of fans who love Turn, a smaller, subset affiliation of Turncoats.  I think people call this “friends.”  Share your feels!  Read fic!  Check out amazing drawings and gif sets!  Get recorded on video and uploaded to Facebook by friends and family talking about Seth’s behind (this did happen, results not typical).

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Am I missing anyone?  Please tell me if I’m missing anyone!