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the first few weeks of the justice league actually being a team are probably a fucking nightmare. superman keeps using midwestern expressions. you’re not going to need paper towels to clean this up, you’re gonna need an irrigation system, he says. nobody is entirely sure what that means. aquaman keeps leaving in the middle of fights to go save lobsters from restaurants, because he can’t just let them get eaten, y'know? wonder woman quickly figures out that there’s maybe three people here with any serious combat experience. the flash is just a police officer, man. that’s all he knows. she’s in despair. speaking of the flash, someone made the mistake of giving him caffienated coffee, and now the power’s out. someone tell green lantern that he can’t wear the same gross jacket to every meeting. shouldn’t his space cop uniform keep him warm. who keeps playing ‘mmm whatcha say’ over the speakers. batman keeps disappearing during after battles, and it turns out he’s at the daycare down the street hanging out with the babies. he got bored


btvs rewatch ✞ 3x20 The Prom

honestly not over the ‘look for the force and you will always find me’ thing. like this is love. the purest greatest love i’ve seen is ages. fuck romeo and juliet, this is the most wonderful thing ever. honestly i want to watch this scene time and time again until i die a happy, though heartbroken, woman. this is everything and it changed me as a person. i bawled my eyes out in the cinema but fuck, this is amazing and great and so gay and i’ll never be over it ever

I hate to see how *upset* loo is about this. Shes getting hate for a character she didnt write. She literally portrayed her in the most wonderful way possible in the “i love you” scene, and people are hating on her for what the writers have done with her character. Seriously just leave her alone, shes a wonderful woman and shes handled the situation in the best way possible.

Also what moffat said about her “ just probably going and shagged another man to get over it” is really rude in my eyes, molly isnt like that, not to me anyway, how can he be so vile. 😭
  • me: that last scene was beautiful and heartbreaking and the most wonderful it could have been they had such a deep connection and the declaration of love was more beautiful and pure than i ever could have imagined and it was perfect in every possible way-
APH The World Twinkle Ep 13

Alfred on the outside :

Alfred on the inside :


Miss Marple and the creator of James Bond at a bird lecture in A Caribbean Mystery

(Fun background story: Fleming was indeed an avid bird-watcher, as is Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Fleming took the name for his superspy from an American ornithologist and Caribbean bird expert James Bond, who’d written the definitive field guide on the birds of the West Indies. “Casino Royale”, Fleming’s first Bond book, was written in Jamaica in 1952. Coincidentally, the name “James Bond" first appeared in the Agatha Christie story “The Rajah’s Emerald”, 27 years before Casino Royale was published. To top it off, the guy playing James Bond the ornithologist in this scene is Marple screenwriter Charlie Higson, who also writes the young James Bond books.)


The Grand Inquisitor was able to use the right and left hands equally well, but I like to think he was primary left-handed (especially when it comes to using Force. He favored left one even when he had lightsabers in both hands). So have a few gifs with Inquisitor using his left hand in various situation :)


“I don’t know if I believe in God anymore or heaven, but if I’m going to hell, I’m making damn sure I’m holding it off as long as I can.”

Okay, but I can’t stop thinking about what it means to Yennefer that Ciri calls her mother. Because Yennefer really, really wants to be a mother. She’s sterile, like many other sorceresses, but unlike them, she never really accepted it. She has tried for years over years over years to find a cure for it because she wanted children, she wanted to be a mother, wanted to love someone unconditonally. To give to her child that what her own parents never gave to her. But it was a lost cause. 

And then there is Ciri, Geralt’s surprise child, and Ciri not only adopts Geralt as her father, but she adopts Yennefer as her mother too. 

I mean, Ciri surrendered herself over to Vilgefortz to free Yennefer, whom he held captive. The scene where she, Geralt and Yennefer reunite is one of the most heartwrenching, wonderful scenes I’ve ever read. 

Ciri views Yennefer as her mother. She even insists to be called Yen’s daughter, if I remember that correctly. 

I can’t stop thinking how Yen must feel about it. Because Yen is good in retaining a cool and collected appearance, but it’s a mask and she’s gone through hell to keep Ciri from harm. She endured horrible torture, torture that could’ve ended in a moment if she just had betrayed Ciri. Many, many people wouldn’t have had that strength of will, no matter how much they love and care for their friends and family. It speaks volumes about both Yennefer’s strength of character as well as of her love for Ciri, whom she, too, views as her daughter. 

So, I can’t even begin to imagine how overwhelmed, touched, HAPPY Yennefer must’ve felt to hear Ciri say that. 

Ciri’s and Yen’s relationship is just as wonderful as that between Ciri and Geralt, just as important. 

the russos: we wonder which scene the fans will love the most in cacw. there are so many great emotionally complicated scenes
us: He Plum

anonymous asked:

Since this season takes place in winter, for the first time we see C and Q so warm in their clothes (most of the time at least) ....I wonder what THE SCENE will be like. Are they going to fuck dresses or nudes? A poll?

Are you asking us if they will have sex with their clothes on? Seriously? SMH.


WOW LIZ JEALOUS LIZ (I also feel like Red was almost trying to bring out that jealousy/possessiveness of hers on purpose hmmm suspicious)

Red: Lauren we’re going to have to forego the makeover today.

Liz: *eye twitch + snapping mouth shut*

Lauren: Let me see what I can do.

Red: *staring dOWNWARDS AT THE BUTT*

Liz: *licks lips*

Me: jfc you guys

Also- Liz trying to goad Red by talking about her mom and him totally deflecting her and SHAMELESSLY looking at *gasp* do I believe it?? Her chest. Oh. My. God. She licked her lips again. WHAT IS HAPPENING. That smile. What is this battle you guys are fighting. I’m dying on my couch. heL p.

Thoughs on this week’s Friendship is Magic:

  • I’m glad they didn’t focus as much on Twilight Sparkle’s paranoia as they could have; instead they focussed more on Starlight and Trixie’s feelings about being formerly-bad ponies seeking redemption. It still kinda bugs me how Twilight was less willing to forgive Trixie for conquering Ponyville while hopped up on dark magic than she was to forgive Starlight Glimmer for starting an anti-cutie mark cult and trying to alter history out of spite.
  • I’m almost certain Celestia was thinking during the dinner scene “I wonder how long before My Most Faithful Student admits she screwed this up and begs for my forgiveness.” I also wonder if Celestia has any amusing anecdotes about dinners gone awry…
  • Trixie nearly committing Suicide by Manticore because she couldn’t forgive herself for alienating Starlight was probably the darkest moment on this show, but at least it let to the hilarious line “Behold, the Pate and Growerful Trisky!”