the most uncomfortable 20 seconds ever

Set in Stone (GabrielxReaderxDean)

Chapter 1|Chapter 2

You tapped your pen against the diner counter as you skimmed through news articles, trying to find a case to work. Beside you Gabriel sipped on a milkshake as he played his way though Candy Crush. In the back corner a man sat with a cup of coffee doing a crossword puzzle. Everything was quiet except for the oldies radio station that played over the loud speaker.  

“Can we please go now? I’m so bored,” Gabriel whined.

“Shh I’m working here,” you replied, not looking up from the newspaper.

“There’s nothing here (y/n)! It’s 3:30 in the morning and you still haven’t found anything. I think it’s safe to say this town is clean. Besides you need to try and sleep. You’ve been awake nearly two and a half days now,” he added in a concerned voice

“It hasn’t been that long,” You sighed.

“It has. I’ve been keeping track. So can we please go?” he pleaded.

“Alright fine,” you sighed. You paid for your food and Gabriel took your hand and led you out of the building.

“Hey you know where we should go? Hawaii. It’s nice and relaxing. You’d totally be able to get some shut eye there,” he told you when you were halfway to your car. You were about to answer him when it suddenly started raining. At the same time a black impala pulled into the diner parking lot. Gabriel raised his hand above you both, creating an invisible shield that protected you from the downpour.

“That’s weird,” you said as you looked at the sky. “There weren’t even any clouds in the sky a second ago.”

“Everything about Earth weather  is weird,” he replied.  You dug your hands into your pockets to find your keys but soon realized another important item was missing.

“Oh crap I forgot my phone. I’ll be right back,” you said as you turned to leave.

“No wait I’ll come with you,” he grinned as he noticed the impala parked across the lot. Seeing as he was currently acting as your umbrella you simply nodded and made your way back to the diner. Once inside you saw your phone on the counter where you left it, only now it was between two guys.  

“Well if it isn’t the Winchesters,” Gabriel said as you both made your way over.

“Oh please no,” the one with the longer hair said. They both turned around and your eyes immediately locked with the man’s closest to you. Thunder clapped in the distance but you didn’t notice. To you everything had gone silent and all you could concentrate on were the eyes in front of you. You studied the green eyes, looking over every line and fleck while their owner did the same to yours. You don’t know how long you both stared at each other but you only tore your eyes away when you heard Gabriel’s muffled voice say your name and take your hand. You turned to look at him and saw his mouth moving but you couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“What?” you asked.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his words becoming clear.

“Oh, um, yeah. Sorry, I guess I’m just more tired than I thought,” you said as you ran a hand through your hair.

“Hey don’t worry about it. Comes with the job right? I mean, I’m assuming your one of us since you’re hanging out with this guy,” the long haired man said.

“Hey watch who you’re calling this guy. I’m an archangel capable of melting your face off if I wanted to,” Gabriel began, causing the two to begin bickering.  

“I’m Dean Winchester,” the man closest to you said as he offered you his hand, completely ignoring the other two.

“(f/n) (l/n),” you answered reaching for his hand. As soon as your hand’s made contact the light in the diner flickered off but when you drew your hand back it immediately flipped backed on.

“That storms really picking up,” the other man said as he looked out the window. “I’m Sam by the way.”

“(f/n),” you replied as you shook his hand. “So you guys are the legendary Winchesters?”

“That we are. Although legendary is a bit exaggerated,” Sam answered.

“I’ll say,” Gabriel mumbled which earned an eye roll from Sam.

“Anyway,” he continued. “So, you a hunter too?”

“Yup, have been for most of my life,” you answered.  

“And you’re with him?” Sam asked.

“Just until I find somebody better,” you joked as your eyes involuntarily flickered over to Dean. Gabriel saw this split second interaction and shifted uncomfortably.

“Alright enough with the 20 questions jolly green,” Gabriel interrupted. “We just came for her phone so if you would be ever so kind as to return it.” Sam reached for the phone but Dean beat him to it.

“You gonna be in the area for long?” he asked as he handed you the phone.

“I’m actually heading out right now. It’s been pretty quiet around here so I figured it was time to move on.”

“Oh I see,” he nodded.

“But hey,” you began as you set down your newspaper and began scribbling on it. “If you’re ever working a job…and you’d like some help… just give me a call.” You tore the paper and handed it to Dean, who happily took it.

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that,” he smiled.

“Hey, (y/n) we’d better get going,” Gabriel said as he watched the exchange.

“Oh um yeah. Hopefully I’ll  see you guys around,” you said with a smile. You stuffed your phone in your pocket and took Gabriel’s hand as you walked towards the door. The rain was still pouring outside so Gabriel lifted his hand once again to protect you both from the rain.

“They’re a lot nicer than you made them out to be,” you told Gabriel.

“Yeah well they’re usually not that nice to me. We usually don’t meet under the best of circumstances,” he explained.  

“Well knowing you, I can believe that,” you laughed as you unlocked your car.

“Hey let me drive,” Gabriel said as he grabbed the keys from your hand. “You need sleep remember?”

“Fine mom,” you said as you walked to the other side of the car. Gabriel slid into the driver seat as you got into the passenger seat.

“So which way we going?” Gabriel said as he turned on the car.

“Mmm….west,” you said after a moment of deliberating.

“You got it,” he said. He drove out the parking lot past the diner windows, giving you a final look inside. You saw Dean laughing at something his brother said as he turned toward the window, but before he could notice you Gabriel had made a right turn out of the parking lot. Now all you could see were closed shops. You turned from the window and flicked through radio stations, stopping when you found a classic rock station. You leaned back in your seat when you felt something jabbing your side. You realized it was your phone and removed it from your jacket pocket and placed it in the cup holder.

“Any particular place we’re headed?” Gabriel asked as he looked out the windshield.

“Nope,” you said as you leaned back again and closed your eyes. “Just into the west.”

After a few songs you fell into an uneasy sleep, which left Gabriel alone with his thoughts. These thoughts were particularly troubling. All he could think of was how you and Dean had practically ignored everyone but each other.  Then you went and gave him your number, an act which was extremely rare for you. It had taken months before you were willing to give it to Gabriel. True, he didn’t exactly need it to get in contact with you, but it had still taken months. But you handed it over to Dean within minutes without a second thought! And he couldn’t help but think about how your eyes had flickered over to the Winchester when you joked about how you would leave him for someone better. But he was just being paranoid right? You weren’t about to leave him for someone you had just met. No, he was just over analyzing things.

But then there was the rain that had mysteriously started and stopped along with the thunder that seemed to occur whenever you had looked at the Winchester. Not to mention the power going out when you had shaken hands. He didn’t like any of this. Those were all cosmic signs he had definitely seen before…

Suddenly your phone vibrated, drawing Gabriel out of his thoughts. He looked down and saw you had gotten a text message. He tried to ignore it, but curiosity got the best of him and he grabbed the phone.  There wasn’t a display name, meaning it was the either a wrong number or a new number. He had a feeling it was the latter of the two.  He opened the message which read, It was nice meeting you. Can’t wait to work a case together.

No, he definitely didn’t like any of this.


The most shocking thing I’ve noticed about R+ training is how quickly the horses get comfortable with brand new situations.  After a few months they get to the point where even though you can tell they are uncomfortable with new stimuli, the trust they place in you becomes easier to earn and it comes more and more quickly.  Xen is highly reactive, suspicious, and pretty flighty, but he was able to control himself and focus on me within seconds of introducing the umbrella.  

This is Xens first ever session with the umbrella, and after 20 minutes I was able to walk him the 300yrds back to his paddock while using it in the pouring rain.