the most stupid post i ever made

Old People: “Fucking immigrants.  Taking our jobs, not speaking proper english.  Go back to your own damn country.  Only true americans like me can live here.”

Old People: “I don’t want gays to get married.  It makes me uncomfortable, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Old People: “What’s with all this love for trans people all of a sudden?  It’s like an epidemic!  God made you one way…at least that’s what I believe, and what I believe is always right.”

Young Person: *posts a selfie*

Old People: “Ugh your generation is so entitled.  The most narcissistic and selfish generation ever.”

I’m not really sure how to begin this, especially considering the fact that I never imagined having to say something like this publicly in my life. But I was told something by multiple friends of mine and it’s so alarming that I have to make a post like this, but here it is. I apologize for not putting this under a Read More, which I was first tempted to do, but apparently the issue I need to address concerns a number of people and I need this to be seen by them.

To whomever of mine and Alisha’s followers have become so alarmingly invested in our lives and every detail concerning the two of us that you created a group chat to discuss our personal business amongst yourselves, you need to stop right the fuck now.

This is so creepy. I will repeat: THIS IS SO FUCKING CREEPY. I am actually disgusted and freaked out to come onto my own blog now because I know there are people following me who are discussing me as though they have any right at all to speculate what is going on in my life or why I have made the choices I did. Not to mention, this same group is the one who was targetting my best friend (who I’ve known longer than Alisha??? and who was the one who first watched Voltron with me???) with horrible asks of mindless unfounded hate just because they could hide behind anon like the cowards they are.

You have absolutely no part of my life except what I have willingly chosen to share with you all. You have apparently taken the fact that Alisha and I wanted to share our relationship with our followers as a go ahead to speculate about things that are not your fucking business and you need to STOP.

This is violating, this is gross, and this is wrong. This makes me want to delete my blog because I’m so fucking uncomfortable knowing that people who are delusional enough to make some sort of conspiracy out of a break up that has nothing to do with them are following me. You’re fucking creepy. Do you truly not have anything better to do with your time?

From everything that I have heard and seen that you have done in the name of “finding out the truth” about mine and Alisha’s break up—AFTER I literally already made a post explaining it was for personal reasons, you stupid fucks, and ONLY that—along with your crusade to act like the most immature, delusional, psychotic creepy stalkers, I hate you. I want nothing to do with you. I want you to know you are vile people who have no sense of boundaries or respect, and neither Alisha or I will ever condone this kind of behavior. Get a life, disband your stupid group chat, keep our names out of your mouths, and even better, block me. You make me sick.

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i'm in a long distance relationship and we talk a lot and call each other a lot but besides that we don't really do anything that's relationship-y??? what things can we do together while long distance? help pls !!!

hi! lucky for you, most of my relationships have been long distance so here’s some things i used to do in previous relationships  

  • when i was dating my ex, we used an app called LokLok that lets you draw on each other’s lockscreens! we’d write little good morning messages or post stupid memes and it always made me smile. it’s the little things, yknow
  • make lists of things you want to do when you’re together in person. it’s fun to daydream and plan, and when you finally meet you won’t ever run out of things to do
  • watch movies or videos together! you could use or the classic “okay one, two, three - PLAY” method
  • play games together: yahoo and pogo have a bunch of multiplayer games, or there are apps like words with friends if you want to keep an ongoing competition up. cards against humanity and board game online get honorary mentions here of course

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Hey, I wrote that kkk/reylo post. Instead of reblogging it and asking me to elaborate, you just twisted what I said to make a strawman out of all antis. I am NOT saying that all reylo=kkk members. And no other person made a post like that, so antis dont all think that.

Strike one: I didn’t say all anti reylos I said anti reylo as in one anti. So no I’m not making a strawman argument

Strike 2: I didn’t twist your words when this is what you said

Strike 3: The post was stupid and insulting. You trivializing the most hated racist groups ever and comparing it to fictional character set in space where they use magic. A movie that came out 2 years ago so literally what is canon about that? If Kylo and FO really where racist terrorist group Finn a  black character would not be a stormtrooper he be dead not steal him when he was a baby. It’s also insulting when poc shippers, black shippers like me and even Jewish fans that like reylo and kylo to be compare to racist scum that are legit coming out woodwork in public trying to harm folks that doesn’t have same skin color as them. 

Look at that 3 strikes you’re out, please think about what you say before posting it cause  infantilizing and condescending.

And if there was some KKK member that ships reylo ( not sure why????) They be gone in a heartbeat. A website that hates white supremacist and Nazis to the core! Best believe everyone be on their ass and making sure they never set foot in tumblr, in our fandom and ships again.

But by all means due show me a reylo shipper projecting same qualities that makes a KKK member or Nazi. And also if you really can’t tell difference of a shipper from a racist group due seek help. 

No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Kabby social media AU, 3200 words, T

did u know that 1. it is @kane-and-griffin‘s birthday 2. she accidentally went viral for ranting about Friends and 3. once I start thinking about how A Thing (random example: Marcus Kane writing viral Friends tweets) would go down I cannot stop until I just write the thing

anyway happy birthday claire!!

Marcus Kane is, unfortunately, very familiar with the Nice Guy phenomenon.

It’s an occupational hazard of writing science fiction, especially in the internet age; all he has to do is look for his most obnoxious fans, and he finds an unfortunately loud contingent of entitled mostly white men who believe that the world owes them women and happiness without any effort on their parts. It’s something he tries to combat as much as possible, wherever he can, and he knows it works in some cases. For every reader who’s turned against him for being an SJW cuck (whatever that means), he has another who’s expressed appreciation for his opening them up to perspectives they hadn’t considered and broadened their empathy and understanding.

That’s what sci-fi should do, as far as Marcus is concerned. The heart of science fiction is acceptance and unity.

Which is why he tells Bellamy, “I need you to do one of those Twitter threads for me.”

“For what?” Bellamy asks, wary. As Marcus’s assistant, he seems to think his most important duty is talking Marcus out of interacting with social media. And he may be right.

“Ross Gellar.”

It takes him a second. “The guy from Friends?” he finally asks.

“Yes. I want to explain to my followers why he’s bad romantic lead and role model.”

To his shock, the response is instant. “Okay.”

“No arguments? No lecture on how that isn’t what Twitter is for?”

“No, fuck Ross,” he says. “What do you want to say? I’ll make it happen.”

Marcus clucks his tongue. “I’ll write up a statement.”

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Okay it’s late and I can’t sleep so I’m sharing a story about a formative event in my childhood. My older sisters were probably watching some TV around 1996-97 and I whined at them until they let me join in and see whatever they were watching. Which in this fateful case happened to me  Dracula: Dead And Loving It, a parody featuring Leslie Nielsen in the lead role.

For a kid it was pretty mature with all the boobs and fake blood, especially for one who knew no English,so I was very sure it was a proper horror film. But oh boy, neither I or my sisters could have predicted that I was about to see something that would change me forever. Haunt my nightmares for years.

Bat with Leslie Nielsen’s head.

Honestly, that shit was the most horrifying thing my young mind could EVER have imagined. I had dreams of bats with Nielsen’s face scurrying all over the walls and dropping down on me from the ceiling, only to bounce off like little blood-filled balloons. In my mind every scary film equated to being at least as scary as Bat Nielsen. I was probably in my late teens when I realized that if the movie had Nielsen in it “it probably couldn’t have been horror”. Did I ever watch it again out of curiosity? Oh FUCK no. Even looking up the pictures for this post made me want to hurl. Can you imagine what it’s like to live your life having Bat Nielsen pop into your mind over the most mundane things? People sharing their favorite horror movies, Bat Nielsen. Actual pictures of bats, Bat Nielsen. Batman? Bat Nielsen. Furries? Bat Nielsen.

So if I ever do a gorey comic with little bat creatures with human faces, it’s because this shitty (probably) Dracula movie cursed me as a child. 

Anyway it’s 4am good night.

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I know it's just a show, but boy do I have this sinking feeling in how they did this season. I just cannot believe that Isabella truly was just such a shit plot device to curb the romance and I can't believe this is the outcome. I am so disappointed Gotham. I absolutely would have bought them becoming enemies in pretty much any other way, but the way they did this just...

Oh anon  *pats your shoulder and gives you a hug* 

Gotham fucked up… and that’s putting it blatantly. I mean I love the show, I wouldn’t have fallen so deep into the fandom if I just liked it but even my love for it doesn’t cloud the momentous screw up called Isabella. Chelsea Spack deserved better than this. She deserved to be remembered as something far greater than a stupid plot device used to split up what was a fantastic pairing. 

And yes, pairings aren’t everything. I am a huge multishipper. Huge. I mean zsaszma almost ties in with nygmobblepot for me but that’s not the point. The point is… all the stupid tick tock posts and the sharing of the nygmob art works. The point is building the hype to only have our souls crushed at the very end. It’s baiting… which is a word I’ve avoided saying on my blog until now, despite screaming it at my friends. Gotham teased and taunted us and it hurts because they also made us so invested. 

In the end you are right. There are tonnes of ways for Ed and Oz to become enemies but no, no they had to do it via to the most ridiculous thing ever (once again i love Chelsea and isabella could have been so interesting, they could have made her a villain but y’know… then they would have had to twist her character too). Like Oswald had one ep, ONE, of being happy in love, trying to work up the courage to do something people struggle with everyday and what does Ed do but fall for the woman in the past…. after 12 hours. Stop being so desperate Ed! 

Anyway… yes, back to the point. They didn’t need Isabella to come in and destroy their friendship. The writers were lazy, they’ve been sloppy for a good portion of the season and I am betting the finale is going to be so action packed we’ll have to watch it three times to get a good scope on what the hell is going on. 

The upcoming docks scene does have me a little intrigued. That’s where Ed died and became the Riddler. It’s only fitting he does so again. I love the kid but he’s been dead for a while now. Someone toss him in the lazarus pit… i mean Gotham has already twisted his character so much they may as well give it a some context now although frankly it’s too little too late.  

Give me Oswald running the Iceberg Lounge and being all mafia boss and I’ll be happy. 

Sorry for the huge rant, it’s almost 4:30am and I haven’t slept. Gotham rage is keeping me awake. Where’s the alcohol?

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I’m WELL aware of how stupid this is but I’m really stressing out about the reputation track list order because I’ve preordered a few albums lately and when the whole album is finally available it keeps the pre-releases at the bottom of the list of songs in my phone?? and doesn’t integrate them into the album as a whole and for some reason it’s stressing me out so much because I REFUSE to listen to reputation out of order and i know that i can just play the songs in the right order but I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO DO THAT and this is so dumb but i’m so stressed should i cancel my prelease and just buy it when it comes out so all my songs will be in the right order?? but also i don’t want to do that?? i want the fun of preordering and also i’m very excited about the email i will get that says “your pre-order from reputation is available now!” why do they want to rob me of that fun

also this is so embarrassing but i think i’m just really stressed right now and that is the detail my mind has decided is the most important so i know RATIONALLY this doesn’t matter at all but for some reason I’m just very upset okay thanks bye


this is the most stupid batim shitpost i have ever made

this is LOUD

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Okay i agree with that marco posts you made about marco but i gotta say that i know coco its not a perfect movie but you know there was actually mexican people involved in it? The visual deployment artist of the movie is mexican?? As well other involved in it,i dont trust disney at all but pixar did a decent job with the movie in many ways because well mexicans were involved they consulted them so the movie could feel relatable w/ us ,the plot was predictable but still was as good as TBOL

This is one of the most stupid asks ive ever received. Like first things first Disney OWNS Pixar,just like it owns Marvel and Star wars, okay? I have about as much trust for Pixar as i do Disney because Pixar is OWNED by Disney.

Anyways, if you’re honestly expecting me to like this shitty movie just because the visual development artist is Mexican, you’re an idiot. That’s like expecting me to excuse all the blatant racism in Star Vs just because one of their background designers is Mexican. Which one is. They named Marcos dad after him and guess what? That show’s still an insult to me as a Mexican and I’m not gonna like it just because they got a Mexican on board.

Fuck off.



I’m changing this art blog from my usual username of “Left 2 Fail” to “Drawn ‘Til Dawn”. I’m super sad about it but I feel like it’s obviously a lot more professional and I don’t want to have to explain to someone when pitching myself that my name is a stupid play on “Left 4 Dead” that I made at the bright ‘ol age of 12 and thought I was the most clever person ever.

Keeping the old nickname for social media/video game platform stuff but just gonna be using this for separate art things. Not sure what to do about my Twitter though. I don’t want to make a separate account for my usual shit posting + art sharing there because I’m super lazy so that’s the only one I’m gonna keep combined :P  

Gonna keep the URL the same for now because my current business cards link to left2fail still :I

My bf just surprised me by buying me the domain of too I FEEL SO BAD LOL

probably gonna bump later since my usual queue time is 5-ish

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yamaguchi does stupid shit a lot, surprisingly. tsukishima records it and posts it on the internet, much to his bf's chagrin. (i saw the vine where this kid tells an anal joke to the class and then the teacher made him stand up and apologize and i was like "ok but what if yama" and lost my shit lmfao)

Tsukki also screenshots all the dumbest things Yamaguchi’s ever texted him and half of them have become memes in the team group chat and Yamaguchi references them most of all

~ Mod Han

Hey uh if i ever do say something that comes off as racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc please dont hesitate to let me know!! I dont ever mean to be any of those things mentioned above but i can acknowledge that there is a chance that i may word something wrong or enforce a stereotype. If ive said or done anything, i apologize for causing any harm or discomfort. Seriously please let me know, send me an ask or a message, and i will correct my actions!!

I really need a hug, or for someone to run me over with a bus

okay this is the most popular text post i have ever made and i nee to say something about it. first of all, stop reblogging it. its not trendy. its not relatable. its not aesthetic. its stupid. it was a post i made because i was sad and stressed. i was depressed and i said it to vent. i’m sorry that so many of you feel with this statement, and so i am going to tell all of you something; you are loved. all of you. every single last one. i care about all of you. please if you at anytime feel like you are not cared for, think of me and know that i am thinking of you all, i will keep going for all of you, because you are stardust, all of you, every fibre of your being comes from stars. you are not left behind, or forgotten. you are human. and that alone makes you a legion. i will stand here and listen to every word you speak, ignore what others have called and will call you. i am calling you friend.

One for the Team (G-Dragon)

“What are you doing?” Jiyong asks, squinting at your bright cell phone screen as it lit up the dark room. 

“Can’t sleep… Browsing instagram.” He leans over and stares at the screen. 

“You’re posting pictures of me sleeping again?" 

"Yes. Your fans love it.” He grunts and puts a pillow over his head. “Oh… I’ve been tagged." 

"Tagged?” Jiyong peeks up from the pillow. 

“The ice bucket challenge." 

"Oh that, I’ve been tagged to do it too." 

"Then we should do it together!" 

"Now? It’s… Two in the morning.” You send him a disappointed pout and he sits up, ruffling his messy hair and sighing.

“You’re getting up?" 

"We need to go buy ice, don’t we?” He throws on a hoodie and grabs his car keys. You nod and spring up from bed to follow him to the convenience store.

“Should we get the five pound bag?” You turned to check Jiyong’s reaction, he simply shrugged. You couldn’t help but giggle at his current appearance. He was in his pajamas with a hoodie and sunglasses in the dead of night.

“You should take a look at yourself.” You look down and remember that you were wearing his t-shirt and a pair of shorts. You blush and turn your attention back to the ice. “Just get the small bag. We don’t want to waste money. It’s money we can donate instead.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” Jiyong takes the bag from you, catching glances of your excited face. You stopped by the supermarket to buy a couple of buckets before returning home. You filled them with water and Jiyong took them out to the driveway. You return with the bag of ice you had bought. You were about to dump it in when he took it from you. “I can do it.”

“I want to." 

"Oh, okay then. I’ll just get some towels and the camera.” He nods and you run back into the house. 

“Oh my God!” You screamed as Jiyong poured the bucket over you. Your scream woke the neighbors as you struggled to get some stray ice cubes out of your shirt. Jiyong laughs at you. “Yeah, it’s funny now. But you’re next.” He takes his hoodie off and throws it aside. You grab the other bucket and tilt your head to the side. “This is a lot heavier than mine." 

"No, it’s not. You’re just weaker than me.” You frown but quickly disregard it as you pour the icy water over him. He curses and walks around, as if it was helping him forget about the cold. You run over and hand him a towel. “You should worry about yourself. Your hair is all wet. You’ll catch a cold." 

"What about you?" 

"Let’s take care of you first.” He takes the towel off himself and wraps you up with all the ones you brought out. You enter the house and he sits you down at the kitchen table before going back outside to clean up the mess. When he returns he sees you dozing off. “Stupid… You’ll get sick.” He carries you to bed and the rest of the night is quiet. 

When you woke up you noticed the abundance of blankets on top of yourself and sit up, throwing the extras aside. You look over and see Jiyong to the side with a single thin blanket.

“Hey… Wake up.” You tap his shoulder. He looks over and smiles. 

“Good morning.”

“Why aren’t you using the blankets? I don’t need the whole thing!" 

"I don’t want you to be sick." 

"Think about yourself! You’re burning up.” You put your hand on his forehead and bite your lip, feeling guilty. 

“Don’t feel guilty. I did it willingly." 

"I knew your bucket was heavier. You put most of the ice in it. That’s not fair." 

"It’s plenty fair.”

“Why do you always do that? I’m not that important.” He scoffs and pulls you into his embrace. 

“You’re the most important person to me. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got sick. I’ll get better." 

"Sure, you will. But you actually have important things to do on a daily basis." 

"Now I have excuse to get out of some. Besides, I get to stay home and have you take care of me. I think it’s worth it.” You shake your head and kiss him. 

“Your logic is flawed, but I love it anyways. Now sleep. You need your rest.” He woke up several times throughout the day, ignoring you orders to get back in bed. He was now awake again, staring at your sleeping face. He rolls over and grabs his phone, checking the comments on the videos you posted when he notices your most recent post from only 10 minutes ago. It was you, kissing his head as he rested. He read the caption quietly to himself. 

“The best boyfriend in the world… Took one for me and has ended up sick. Don’t do that ever again. You’ve made me worry. I love you forever, stupid.” He scoffs and takes a photo in the same pose.

You’re the one who’s stupid… I’d do again. Sleep well, my princess.

He set his phone aside and pulls you towards himself and kisses your head again. 

“Forever and always… I’ll do anything for you." 


SHYATAAAAA Another scenario mwahahahahah this was really fun! Thank you anon. lol