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I’ve got one question for every hateful and coward person who spent their time sending an stupid amount of anonymous asks for Caryl shippers trying to convince them that their ship isn’t happening? Okay, I get it, you don’t ship Caryl, good for you. But why bother trying to convince people to think like you? Why try to convince them to stop loving and shipping a couple that they love, that make them feel good and that is far, far away from being a problematic ship? Why spend your precious time and energy doing somenthing so stupidly pointless? Because, believe me, nothing you say will make the shippers change their minds, nothing. But what aspect of your life will change or improve if you got one shipper to do it so? Do you think this will provent Caryl to happen? I really think you should all spend your time with something more meaninful or at least positive.But hey, if you like to waste your time, do it, just stop making people waste their just to answer to you pettiness.

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One of the most stupid denial has to be the larries on twitter who said Harry is growing is hair again so he was mistaken for a girl and he was the "girlfriend". A few months ago I would have taken that as a joke but now... Also is it just me or are they obsessed into making H the "Female" in the couple showing once again their homophobic attitude towards same sex couples?

the larries on twitter who said Harry is growing is hair again so he was mistaken for a girl and he was the “girlfriend”.


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.

NCT’s names according to google voice:

Lee Taeyong: Lithium Song

Dong Winwin Sicheng: Boosie When When Song

Qian Kun: Cancun

Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkun: 10 Cheetah Porn Ricetta Bone Coon

Mark Minhyung Lee: Mark Mentally

Lee Haechan Donghyuck: The Hitch On Dump Truck

Jung Jaehyun Yoonoh: Jungle Jay Can You Know

Nakamoto Yuta: Nakamoto Yootha

Seo Johnny Youngho: Sale Johnny Young Whole

Ji Hansol: G Hansel

Kim Doyoung Dongyoung: Kim Do Young Dumb Young

Moon Taeil: Moon Tail

Na Jaemin: Najee Men

Lee Jeno: Legion No

Zhong Chenle: Zone Show Mall

Park Jisung: Fuck You Song

Huang Renjun: Long Run June

Unpopular opinion time
  • Cisgender people aren’t automatically transphobic just because they’re cis.
  • White people aren’t automatically racist because they’re white.
  • Men aren’t automatically misogynistic, rapists or abusers, just because they’re men.
  • Everyone can be racist to everyone else of a different race. Reverse racism doesn’t exist, it’s just racism, everyone is capable of it.
  • Anyone who lies about rape accusations should receive prison time.
  • Everyone is entitled to a proper course of justice in the court of law.
  • Transgender men should be put in men’s prisons, transgender women should be put in women’s prisons.
  • Women can be abusive to their partners. Do not automatically victimise women or say “this motive means that the man deserved it” are you fucked in the head?
  • People who are incapable of looking after their child should not receive custody over the other parent.
  • Feminism is great. Everyone deserves equality, and the proper precautions should be put in place at demonstrations. However, extreme feminism is not great. It gives feminism a bad name. If you go out there shouting “MEN ARE PIGS!” “MEN DESERVE TO DIE!” and all that bullshit, you’re a fucking moron.
  • Transpecies and transrace are not things. You cannot be cat, or a horse or a fucking bunny rabbit. You cannot be black, or Asian or anything else to the race you were born. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Go ahead and call me transphobic (even though I’m not)
  • The amount of genders and sexualities that Tumblr is creating is fucking ridiculous. “Angeligender– A gender found only among angels, that is hard to describe to non-angels. For godkin and angelkin only.” “Lichtgender- A gender represented by a ball of light.” “Zodiacgender– A catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign.” I’m sorry, what?? What the fuck? No.
  • There is not 76 fucking genders. Fuck off.
  • If you are transgender male and deliberately present as female, or transgender female and deliberately present as male, and then complain that someone misgendered you, that’s your fault, nobody else’s.
  • If you are 13 and your boyfriend is 20, I’m sorry, but he’s a paedophile. “Age is just a number” yeah, then prison is just a room.
  • Stalking celebrities to a point where you find out where they live is NOT okay. Stop being a creepy little weirdo and play outside or some shit.
  • You are not edgy because you hate people. You are not edgy for self-diagnosing mental health issues. You are not edgy for self-diagnosing other medical issues. You’re a twat.
I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.
Chicken emoji reviews

Barely a chicken, the wattles aren’t even right and the comb is too smooth, a bad chicken 0/5

A very stout but good hen, i like their small comb and correct wattles, they look a bit scared tho with those white eyes 4/5

Strong and sharp! This hen reminds me of a dragon, could possibly be a cockatrice, so watch out! The wattles are wrong tho 3/5

The fuck is this, who gave this marshmallow a beak and two twigs for feet? Also those fake eyelashes and blush won’t fool anyone buddy -2/5

Very large and soft gal, tho her head is too small and that neck doesn’t quite look right, nor are the wattles correct 2/5 

That’s just an egg with a face drawn on it and a ribbon put on top, you didn’t even try, very bad -2/5

You tried, tho the wattles nor comb look right, combs don’t work like hair silly facebook 1/5

A better version of facebook’s attempt, this hen looks a bit confused tho, probably because it seems barely anyone can get a chicken’s wattles right 2/5

This abomination is out for blood, don’t let it stare at you for too long or it might attack you 0/5

A nicer version of twitter’s evil hen, simple and kinda cute but still incorrect, would put my trust into her tho to protect me from her more frightening cousin 3/5

Amazing, beautiful! The best looking one so far, almost perfect, has a great looking comb but their wattles and feet are a little lacking, i can look past that tho and this hen will keep you safe forever 5/5

My poor darling, what the fuck are you even?? That’s not a chicken, not in the slightest, and if it is then it has been deformed beyond repair, i feel sorry for whatever this thing is -3/5

Honestly one of the weirdest things about the hs fandom has got to be the sprite edits. We take canon images of characters and alter them for no reason at all, and i have no idea why and have never seen another fandom equivalent thats not just accepted, but expected. Like oh its gamzee but with vriskas hair and kanayas horns and also his horns are hanging off those horns. Again.

How Grantaire Lost His Hoodie (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #3)

Third giveaway fic is for @turquoise-candy, who requested “Enjolras who is always really cold and wears way too many layers and Grantaire who is less that way and just wears a hoodie and always has warm hands.”

ExR, modern AU, developing relationship, and literally all the fluff.

“You look like an idiot.”

Grantaire’s tone was fond, if a little exasperated, and Enjolras blinked up at him, having been previously engrossed in an article on his phone. “Excuse me?” he said.

Grantaire crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You heard me,” he said, and the few others in the back room of the Musain waiting for the meeting to start looked up, muttering to themselves (and almost certainly betting money on what was about to happen). “You look like an idiot.”

Enjolras glanced down at himself, a frown puckering his forehead. Sure, he was dressed in a few layers - a long-sleeved thermal shirt underneath a red flannel shirt underneath a puffy vest he was fairly certain Courfeyrac had bought for him as a joke, accompanied by one of Joly’s many scarves and fingerless gloves he might have stolen from Jehan at some point - but it was cold out. “What?” he asked defensively. “It’s cold out.”

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The answer is no. Absolutely no. If she thought she could win this fight why would she be offering to sell the victory to us even for a fortune? Trust me.