the most simple edit ever done

Full photo set available on my Patreon now, prints will be mailed out this week!
I want to take a moment and talk about a few important things; body positivity, and how it relates to cosplay. I’m going to be real for a minute, this photoshoot was the hardest I’ve ever done. I was constantly afraid of judgement, not just from others but mainly myself. I’ve struggled for many years going back and forth from too thin to overweight, so the idea of putting on something this revealing honestly scared me to death. However, I wanted to send a message with this shoot. I chose Pyrrha because I feel she is the character most like myself. I recently created an armor version of her because I wanted to display how I saw her as a warrior; fierce and strong. Once that was completed I felt like there was something missing. I’ve been cosplaying as Pyrrha for 2 years now and I’ve done so many (probably too many) versions of her, but never one that showed off her sublime feminine design. To make a long story short, I made my decision, put on the outfit, and that was that. Once I finished editing my photos (Simple color adjustments, as seen above) I felt more confident that I ever had in a costume. The point I’m trying to make is that you should not be afraid to cosplay as something because of your body type. Cosplay is about having fun and no one should fear persecution because of their size, big or small. I really hope you enjoy this photoset, I put a lot of my heart into it.

Anyone else ever have an existential crisis but like.. more about your abilities as an artist?

Style? I have a style? I can’t decide on what I like in my art! 

Simple rendering? Love it. Highly detailed art? Love it. …combine it? Yes… ye–wait no no no no what have you done ?!?!?!

TMW uncanny valley effect is birthed as an unholy child of the above process

Inspiration hits!! (at the most inconvenient time) 

Welp. I finally have time to draw/write! (No! Wait! Motivation-senpai please come back!)

oh yeah I remember starting that piece/comic/fan fiction/ OC story… I wonder why I—*loses motivation* oh

I should totally redraw this! <never redraws this>

My art has improved! <<Then why doesn’t it get more views??>> 

Frick you! Art is great expression! I don’t need validation from anyone else!  <<I need validation. I reeally need validation.>>

The whole “Hmm.. that would be great! but now–to research for the perfect reference and in the midst of it give up entirely cuz you sucked the joy out of what you’re trying to have fun with!”

I spent 42 hours on this = that one mutual you love reblogs but that’s about it

I spent like 0.2 seconds on this shitpost idea I had = infinite likes, a ripe field of reblogs to harvest, and a few nice tags <???? but why???>

I have a new follower! They must love my–*porn bot* … oh. of course.

*places my OCs/children out on the Net, kisses their heads, forced smile* I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING

There’s like loads more I’m sure and you guys can add if you want. I just don’t really know what to do when this thing happens… like why do I art? I am art? Why suck? Why I need validation? Shouldn’t my art be enough for me?