the most shocking part is she has no idea what homestuck is

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you've admitted before that gamzee abused terezi why are you going back on that?? dude what the fuck she explicitly said that he put his hands on her (now of all times you can't raise a hand to me) and she was blatantly beaten and humiliated by him IN FRONT OF HER FRIENDS. if it wasn't abuse.. why were karkat, rose, kanaya, and dave all so upset and righteously angered by it? it obviously wasn't "just a troll thing" -- karkat was FURIOUS. seems to me like you're just twisting the narrative :/

Yeah, I might’ve said that. If I did, I’m not backing out of the fact I did. If I say something, I say it and when I say it, I mean it.


Do you know what Work In Progress means? My research on Homestuck and its background is in constant WIP mode. Even now I don’t dare to say I know everything because it’s true - I still learn new things everyday and I’m sure that at the very best I can say my knowledge has reached around 80%. 

The older the post is the more probable is that it has some misconceptions. I started talking about possible theories and explanations when I was still in the dark about where Hussie was coming from and what he was doing. Foolishy, I assumed I actually knew what I was talking about and started making opinionated posts. It was not good. There’s a whole debate that’s happened like a year ago on this tumblr where I tried to prove that Darkleer (and Zahhaks in general) have problem with rape and rapist tendencies. While it’s not 100% wrong (there’s still something odd about this and I still wouldn’t back out of the idea that there had to be at least one incident where Zahhaks actually do something like that against better judgement because of how fate pushes them around), it’s ridiculous in the light of what I know now and for that I should eat a gargantuan humble pie, because I said things none of the Zahhaks deserved to be labeled as.

Speaking of which, I’d apologize to pocketfulofporcupines for being so stubborn about something I wasn’t right about, but they clearly don’t want to give me a chance.

That’s the thing. I make mistakes. And when I notice I make them, I change my mind and try to back out of them. I’m pretty sure I made a stand about Terezi being abused, because this relationship looked like a big clusterfuck of mistakes where one person hits another and vice versa and they just keep spiraling lower and lower until there’s nothing left but suffering. Obviously, it didn’t look healthy, so I pointed it out. There was only one problem:

it didn’t add up.

And when something doesn’t add up, I can still say something, but I keep digging deeper, until everything clears out. That’s why sometimes I make a claim and then I add to this claim, then I say one more thing and it’s just a thing that piles up. That’s why reading one post on my blog is often not good enough (I will most likely do a few masterposts where I group the posts that gather the whole evidence on particular characters to make it easier for everyone and I hope it will be helpful).

Terezi’s case is one of the things like that. I made a claim about what it seemed to be on the surface, just to have a basis I could come up to and prove it or disprove it eventually. It came out to be a different thing entirely than what most of the fandom views it as - and that’s why I changed my mind. The things you’re saying are misconceptions and blurry, unexplained that can be understood a few different ways. For example, one of the heaviest things Terezi says is this line:

My first reaction to it was an obvious shock. “What?! Gamzee beat up Terezi?! Holy fuck!…” The initial shock was so big I automatically took it in as an obvious truth and sort of rode with it for some time. But then, I started deciphering their relationship and I stopped at this line for quite some time.

I mean, why is it worderd this way?

Why not “raise hand against” or “raise hand  over”? Why not make it obviously clear and just say “you can’t hit me/beat me up now of all times”?  Because, while “raising hands to…” might mean “to hit sb”, there’s also another thing it might mean. I’ll give an picturesque example.

Silence. You’ve said enough.

This is a gesture someone of incredible authority could exert over people who know status and power the one person exerting it has. Emperors and any sort of rulers around the world used it to silence down, warn people that they’re crossing the lines and just being a signature sign that “it’s enough”, not always in hostile manner.

This might sound ridiculous at first, but when you consider what kind of change Gamzee went through once he quit slime

I don’t care about social order!

I care about social order and I admit I’m on top.

Could he have done that to silence down Terezi? Maybe. Terezi has been chasing after Gamzee with her blackrom crush basically since the beginning of her arc - all her actions and speeches she had with him show that she wanted Gamzee as her arch-enemy. She might’ve even noticed that Gamzee was acting weird and tried to prod at his mindcontrolled brain - and Gamzee was controlled by two different personas when he was on the meteor: Lil Cal and Aranea. Maybe she tried to talk him out of the weird mood changes and he simply cut her off, because that’s what Gamzee does (he did it with Karkat too). There’s also another interesting thing about the whole “hand raising thing”.

This is both a proof that “raised hand” means “be silent”, but also the fact that Aranea uses it as a silencing gesture. Remember this part of Terezi’s speech?

Gamzee had no idea who Aranea is.

He is asking “who the fuck is this sexy person”

Therefore, it’s really possible that this thing is what Aranea did through mindcontrolled Gamzee to Terezi. And it really wouldn’t be past what she did, cause Serkets are abusive af.

The whole scene with beating up you’re bringing up is a REACTION to what Terezi did before. I know people love to forget that it was Terezi who started this fight

This is where the fight starts.

and it happens after his eyes turn red, bulgy and swirly, which I have said countless time already - is a clear sign of mindcontrol

They are still red and swirly.

Karkat and Dave didn’t get really upset about it before the physical fight has happened. Sure, Karkat did pull out chair and questioned Terezi who had been sulking on the floor, but he let her be, because blackrom relationship is not about holding hands and being happy simply cause it’s not a redrom. Rose wasn’t upset about the relationship (she is fine talking about it with Gamzee), she had no idea what was going on and whether it was alright for it to happen. She was mostly upset at herself that she couldn’t remember what Kanaya said to her about it and finally decided that even if it’s all in the rights of the relationship, it had to stop.

However, Kanaya and Karkat do get upset after Gamzee keeps beating Terezi up, clearly not giving her a chance to either protect herself, respond back in the same way or use her weapons.

He almost lets her get her canes and yanks her back.

I think that the fact this particular scene has happened (as well as that he turned to Karkat and flipped him off) is what actually started the anger in Karkat and Kanaya, because this was a clear sign that this was not a fair struggle, it was a murder attempt.

Also, the whole thing with flipping off…

Y’know, this thing

Doesn’t it remind you of something?

I have a friend at Anime North who has Connections so I got a hold of her for the whole Homestuck Panel Rip Fiasco yesterday. Hopefully the numbers we got for Rachel were useful. Afterward, she asked me how it went and I said “go look, the homestucks are swarming the website.”

Today she posted this on the matter:

Fans have Power… Oh Homestuck. I still don’t know what you exactly are but apparently you have so many hardcore fans that flooded a stores website/email to remove stolen art which was printed on products for profit. Congrats to the fans on the win. 

Now..If only all hardcore fans would do this for japanese animation (regarding piracy)- it wouldn’t be in the same situation it is in today. On the decline with studios shutting down. People losing work…..Well at least one artist got a win today. That is a plus in my books.

Jade is so popular she knows people from the future.

I thought we would have seen her dreams so that I could have confirmed or disproved my theory that she gets visions while she dreams but NOOOO. Also…umh. I think her bed is reacting to her sleeping in it??

And transmitting some sort of signal to this thing, that is probably going to explode in a few moments.



She’s dreaming… of being dressed in golden pajamas. The same she had in the photo on the fireplace…. Or maybe this IS a prediction. Of when she is in The Medium? That’s way too bright to be in The Medium though.


Mystery arm, I will figure you out later. Now I have other things to worry about, don’t be jealous. And why is she dreaming of her room but without any poster on her walls? She replaced it with a cute pink pattern. 

Why would you try to sleep when you’re already sleeping. It’s dumber than when you told John to wake up when he was already awake! Listen, I get it. There is something incredibly weird going on with Jade and the way she sleeps/dreams. THE PROBLEM IS THAT I DON’T GET THE WHAT, THE WHY, OR THE HOW IT IS WEIRD. 

Is this REALLY a dream?? If the arms have an owner who has been creating some sort of portal in various places (Witch of Space, anyone?? Sounds like something they could do.) they will only show up in places that DO exist. Not in screenshots, not in other webcomics inserted (The characters of The Midnight Crew turned out to be characters of Homestuck), NOT IN DREAMS. But the point is that Jade IS dreaming. So basically I don’t know what I’m getting at, here. I NEED MORE INFORMATION. 

Also, this conversation/monologue offered by one Dave Strider:

I suddenly understand everything. And by that I mean even less, but at least I know what he meant. If she switched on her laptop and began texting someone, she would be doing this while sleeping. Or… her dreambot thingy would. But being narcoleptic she falls asleep suddenly and if she texted someone while sleeping she wouldn’t know if she was asleep in that moment or not.

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I was wondering, because you know a lot about vocaloid stuff (I think), do you think you could tell me if Dark Woods Circus is based off of a true story? I heard some people say it's not, but a lot of people say it is so I'm just a little confused... Thanks... I read some stuff about it but I'm still confused.

i do know a lot about Vocaloid! been a fan for 4 years now, so i do have some knowledge!

as for Dark Woods Circus, there have been many people saying either or, but as for what i say, the events of DWC are fictional. i myself have believed that DWC was based off a true story when it had been mentioned (there also had been an original post about that but it had been taken down), but had later realized that it wasn’t.

let’s go over why the events of Dark Woods Circus is entirely fictional and not based off a true story.

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