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a lot of the anons have requested something marriage related, so what kind of wedding dress do you think each of the boys would like on their s/o ... sorry if this is not what you do :/

Bambam : something shorter and a bit more fun, but still elegant and very pretty

Yugyeom : a very simple, yet elegant dress, no lace

Jackson : straight skirt, but he’d also think it would be very cool if your dress was a subtle color other than white, he’d want his tie to match

Jinyoung : E L E G A N T, but also a little sexy, something classic with a medium length train

Jaebum: something a bit edgier, no sleeves, unique fabric choice

Mark : one word - EXTRA. He wants his jaw to DROP, something like an off-white color, you definitely should be wearing a tiara

Youngjae : extra as well but slightly toned down, sleeveless, something that hugs your body and slight lace to give viusal interest

Toxic Love (from FernGully)

Codot as Hexxus

Well, this has probably been my most requested song to date, so I hope I don’t disappoint. Be warned: Tim Curry is my idol, and I tried to bring every ounce of his sexuality to this song.

Side note: This will be the singing voice of CV’s Music Meister, just so you know what you’re getting into.

I was happy with this. I hope you’re happy too.

Enjoy xx

Break Up Prank

(Y/N pov)
I set up my camera making sure it was recording as I jumped into my swirly chair for the Intro, “WHATS UP GUYS !!! So as you guys know I recently moved in with my boyfriend Sammy and it just so happens that he isn’t home right now soooooooooo WE’RE GONNA PULL A PRANKKKKKKKKK!! So I tweeted what I should do to prank Sammy but quickly deleted it so he wouldn’t see the tweet and the most requested prank was a break up prank. I figured this will be great because as I said we JUST moved in together.-”

I get cut off by my phone ringing “that’s him right now” I say to the camera then answer “hey sam.. mhm.. okay. See you then, bye”

I end the call and focus back on the camera. “So for the past week I’ve been acting a bit distant towards Sammy, haven’t been calling him pet names as in babe, baby, sweet heart, love, etc. I actually really only call him ‘Sam’ haha. But I’ve been making it seem as if I just don’t want to be intimate with him in anyway.”

I proceed to pick up the camera and hide it so Sammy won’t suspect a thing, as I continue talking to it. “At first he took it as a joke but for the past few days I’ve been able to tell that it’s really starting to get to him and he seems very confused. But he just told me he’s almost home and as you could tell by the call I had a very blank attitude towards it hahaaha but I’m curious to see how this goes, my prediction is-”

I get cut off by the sound of the key entering the door. I quickly make sure the camera is hidden backing up from it, 'he’s home’ I mouth into the camera. As I jump on the couch and turn my attention to the already turned on tv acting as natural as possible.

Sammy then walks in, “hey baby” he says as he sets his keys down, taking off his shoes and hat.

“Hi” I say grabbing the remote and turning down the tv and facing him but still sitting upright on the couch. He then sits down on the couch next to me putting his feet up on my lap, understanding that I needed to talk from my body language and actions.

“What’s up ma?” He asks

“um, well Sam I have something kinda serious to talk about..” I drag on, he nods indicating for me to proceed. I could see the worried look on his face, as if he knew what was going down but didn’t want to believe it. “Okay Sam, well first off I want you to know that I love you dearly, you’ve made this past year and a half of my life the best it could be. But I hate to say, I honestly think we should break up.”

By now his legs are off my lap, he’s sitting straight up, face in his hands, tapping his foot. There was an awkward silence for what felt like hours, then he finally said something. “Is there anything I did that made you come to this decision?” He asks finally looking up at me as if he’s about to cry.

“No not in particular I just think we both have stuff going on in our lives. We barley see each other, you’re barley home and if you are then I’m not…. I don’t know it just feels lost ya know?” I say as believable as I can.

His tone completely changes “Y/N what the fuck do you mean?! We grind together!! Half of the time we’re out together when we’re not home!!” He seems to be getting pissed but is trying to stay calm

“Sam this relationship is too distant, I’m not feeling it” I state.

He then stands up as do I, he starts to pace a bit and run his hand through his brown locks “Y/N ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WE JUST MOVED IN TOGETHER!! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS??” He questions

“I don’t know about a week..” I respond


“SAM STOP FUCKING YELLING AT ME!” I ironically yell back


“I’m sorry Sam I really am” I say

“WHY ARE YOU SO CHILL? Do you not care? Because all I ever did was care, what FUCKING HAPPENED TO FOREVER??”

“Nowadays forever ain’t too long” I say nonchalantly.


“Sam, things change, people change, I’m sorry you feel this way but I promise it’s the best for us” I state


“Sam there’s nothing to resolve, it’s over.” I blankly say

Sammy then starts to frantically pace “OH MY FUCKING GOD Y/N ON THE OTHER HAND WE HAVE A YEAR LEASE!! WE HAVE TO LIVE HERE FOR YEAR BEFORE WE MOVE OUTT!!!-” while Sammy continues to rant I slowly start backing up towards the camera, I quickly look at it and smile before he notices. Then behind my back I grab it. “-I REALLY CANT FUCKING PROCESS WHATS GOING ON! I REALLY THINK IM GONNA GO INSANE” he says looking at me as he finishes

“oh yea Sammy?” I say walking towards him and I continue “And I really think that THIS IS A FUCKING PRANNNKKKKKKKKK!!” I say as whip the camera out from behind my back and dramatically move it around Sammy’s face.

“Oh my god” he says chuckling a bit and falling back on the couch. “Did I get ya?? Hmmm???? I think I did” I gloat as I jump on his lap straddling him, the camera out arms length so it could view us both.

“yes oh my god I’m like so glad that was a prank but I’m so mad too haha” he says hugging me and I hug back.

“Were you mad?” I question

“umm yeah obviously” he says in a 'duh’ tone.

“Explain to the people how you felt” I say looking at the camera then him

“I really didn’t know how to feel, like I felt like you didn’t love me. And the fact that you were acting so chill made it so much worse. I could literally FEEL my heart breaking, I don’t know it’s hard to explain but yeah” he says feeling a bit shy, I could see his cheeks flushing as he explained.

“Awwww babyyyyyy” I say giving him a kiss. “It honestly hurt me to see you that pissed off and sad and in such mixed emotions, it was like you wanted to kick my ass for making you feel that way but you couldn’t because you love me too much” I add on

“EXACTLY” he shouts in admiration. “And I was also thinking about how if we did break up we’d have to live together for a damn year since neither of us can move out and that also would’ve killed me”

I nod in agreement, rubbing his back slowly as he’s still breathing pretty harshly “I’m sorry Sammy boy but it was for the fans” I chuckle

He then hugs me again for longer this time “ugghhhhh you don’t understand how relived I am- WAIT is this why you’ve been calling me 'Sam’ ALL WEEK?” He realizes and pulls away to look at me.

I smile and nod “yeah ahhha I had to set the mood for the finale” I say.

“Well you did a pretty damn nice job, you’re a good actress”

“thank you my love, well that’s all for this weeks video I hope you guys enjoyed because WE DIDN’T!” I say

Sammy adds on “we love you all so much,”
he says blowing a kiss to the camera then holding up a peace sign.

“ANNNDDDD I’ll see you guys next videooooooo” I say finally covering the screen with my hand
I then turn off the camera. I get off of Sammy’s lap place the camera on the table next to my lap top for when I’m ready to edit.
I walk back over to the couch and Sammy pulls me on his lap, I screech in surprise.

“You know that wasn’t nice baby” Sammy breathes in my ear

“You know you love me” I say looking at him with a smirk on my face

“Ehhh maybe a little bit” he says rolling his eyes, a smile creeping upon his lips

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Yaku for the bedroom headcannon

(Wow, this prompt has been the most requested)

Morisuke Yaku:

How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

  • Yaku usually sleeps on one side and doesn’t tend to move too much during the night. He is a pillow hugger, though, and if he shares the bed with someone, he might steal their pillow.
  • He has a tendency of murmuring things in his sleep, a fact that Kuroo uses a lot against him to tease him. If he’s half awake, he might even say complete sentences with no sense.
  • His sleeping schedule is pretty organised in order for him to have a total of 8 hours of sleep throughout the day and at least 6-7 per night.

What are their pyjamas like?

  • He has a really nice pyjama set that his siblings have given to him as a birthday gift and he wears it to please them. But no way is he letting anyone else know about this.
  • Otherwise, he is content with a t-shirt and some pants since he’s sleeping and no one else is there to judge how he’s dressing for bed.

What do they dream about usually?

  • Most of the times he doesn’t remember what he dreamed the prior night and thinks that maybe he just doesn’t dream anymore?
  • Sometimes he has quick dreams when he takes naps about either the team or his family. Once he’s awake, he can’t tell if it really happened or it was just his dream.

How neat/tidy is this character?

  • I believe that Yaku finds tidiness quite important to him, so he always keeps his room in order, both for his own wish and in case he has surprise visitors.
  • He always helps cleaning around the house and feels proud to see his younger siblings give a hand as well.

How affectionate is this character?

  • Yaku does not appear to be the most affectionate person and would be quite flustered if his significant other would be the one to show him signs of physical affection.
  • Secretly he quite enjoys it, because he feels to shy sometimes to make the first step. But he truly knows how to show how much he cares about his partner through little gifts and gestures, like making sure they’ve eaten or are not tired.
  • He does like pecks on his cheek and quick hugs.
Well, the hands are mine. And the boots are also mine. They were just kinda poking out. There’s not anything too crazy. I think that’s fun though [people putting too much thought into the cover], I like when people do that. I think that’s why I never tell anyone what it kinda means. I think it’s nice for people to kinda take away what they see and things.
—  Harry talking about the “Sign of the Times” cover
My 10 fave ADC looks...

The sexy af pizza delivery girl look

The sweet and innocent look

The “She calls me daddy too” look

The sunbathing look

The confused af look

The adorable dork look

The leather jacket look

The “I woke up like this” look

The simple white shirt look

The “Damn even I’d fck me” look