the most punk picture of me


Hey uuuuh look at this anime themed “punk” jacket I made a bit ago ;0

All the non iron-on patches and the team skull piece on the back are painted by me ofc.

I still feel like it needs few more things, especially on the sleeves. It’s really hard to stud or sew anything on there due to how I can’t really reach it from underneath"“ maybe I’ll get more safety pins and make some kinda design out of them, we’ll see. For now it’s gonna be like this.

On the Evolution of Fursuits

Has anyone ever wondered how the first fursuits looked like? I know I have. I’m actually quite curious as to how fursuits have evolved over the years.

 Did they simply start out as mascot costumes, where vision was through the mouth? Or did they have through-the-eye vision and tear-duct vision like today’s suit. I’ve read something a few months ago that claimed that 3D/follow-me toony eyes were quite the big deal when they were invented. I wonder what other fursuit feature, that we now take for granted, made a splash when they first appeared in the fandom. Also, if they weren’t present from at the dawn of fursuiting, when did realistic fursuits first made their presence in the fandom?

We see new styles being invented all the time. At first, they seem extremely unique. It can be argued that eventually, these styles become more common as new fursuit makers get inspired from these innovations. Now i’m not saying that any two fursuit makers have identical styles. In the contrary, they are all beautiful works of art, each with their own distinctive characteristics. What I’m saying is that they have similar features and build techniques (balaclava, bucket, resin, etc…). As new styles become popular, others must surely die off. There are a bunch of 80’s and 90’s trends that, while popular at the time, simply make us cringe today. Is the furry fandom an exception to this phenomenon. We can see influences of scene and raves in today’s art and fursuit, but how has 90’s pop-punk and 80’s rise of pop and other pop-culture trend effect the styles? 

I’d like to propose a small study of the evolution of fursuits. I’m going to try to dig through the internet in search of old pictures of fursuit. Unfortunately, many websites and servers that most likely stored this pictures are no longer in use today, and popular websites such as Furaffinity and Weasyl were invented in 2005 and 2011, respectively. This is were I need your help. If anyone has any old pictures or information or stories, or know where I can find such info, please send me a submission or an ask! This would be much appreciated. 

TL;DR: I’m looking for retro fursuit pictures and art!

can we talk about rachel knowing too many things about chloe??

chloe states that before that night she and rachel never actually met

but fucking rachel knows about chloe’s cat wtf???

and she also knows about the bouncer even if she wasnt there and also about the fight against the jock and who knows what else.

the most eh, rational? explanation about it is that maybe she has time travel powers as well, but im not sure.

but i want to believe shes just gay.

like just picture this: little gay rachel stalking big punk chloe, looking at her in the gay corner™ taking her books out of the lockers and noticing the tiny photo of her cat

ok lmao just let me believe

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Drabble game - uhh ALL OF THEM but specifically #83, "Stay there. I'm coming to get you." Silverflint.


so yeah. everyone who has forgotten by now that they sent me one of these, be prepared to suddenly get a notification like “wtf is this” over the next…..i don’t even fucking know. i don’t know. 

i also got an anonymous prompt with just the number and listen, friend, i don’t even know where the original list is so i have no idea what your prompt was but if someone sees the list flying around, let me know.

so many of these prompts were also more aligned to a modern AU but i’m not capable of doing a regular modern AU so here it is, the first 1920s gangster AU no one (or, like, four people, retroactively) asked for

although this is more like Black Sails: Prohibition-Era Gay Chicken AU

#83, “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Flint lights a cigarette. The metal clink of his lighter flicking shut is the only sound trickling across the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Other than the crush of waves, of course. Everything glows a hazy orange in the steam of the summer air. Fuck, it’s hot, even with the breeze pushing off the sea. It’s barely a breeze, really, the waves twitching only as much as an accomplished sinner in church. They’re moving, sure, but they aren’t exactly calling attention to themselves.

He sticks the cigarette in his mouth and takes off his jacket, throwing it over the railing. He smokes with his lips pursed, rolling up his sleeves, never taking his eyes off the horizon. He’d get a good breeze if he was on a boat, even in this fucking July swelter. He lets loose the top button his waistcoat, then takes off his hat to wipe at his brow with his forearm. The only way to get a good goddamn breeze is at sea.

The boat still isn’t in sight.

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What hand tattoo do you think you wanna get?

*cough cough* heh. nothing

*pictures of the cult symbol fly out of pockets*

*eggplants fall from shirt*

i promise you im not robert small trash

*crying as i fall straight into my cosplay*


No seriously, I’m most likely  probably gonna get it, since I know i’ll be able to cover it up via makeup (trust me, im determined enough. im likely gonna get some wigs so i can dye my hair, just so i can deal with being punk af). Along with some ocean themed stuff, since yall know im a slut for the sea au.

It’s a neat symbol tbh :P

Picture This

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Imagine: Bucky asking you to give him a haircut, showing you a picture of him in the 40’s in his uniform and getting emotional. (But still giving him the haircut)

A/N: this is my idea. Btw, I just spent like 5 minutes yelling at my screen “Oh yeah, because you know. Still gotta give him a haircut after I get done crying. Yeah, that’s relevant. Wow. Fucking wow. I’m such a dork.” NO LIE. NO FRICKEN LIE. YOU ALL SHOULD BE FUCKIN HAPPY. XD

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: IT’S SO FLUFFEH, angst, swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were seated at Steve’s kitchen table, listening to the record you had put on after Steve taught you how to use the player. You were hanging out with him and Bucky, sharing dinner and playing some old card games. You were watching Steve as he drew a card and sighed. He caught your gaze and you immediately said.

“Don’t you even think about it, Steven Grant.”

Steve gave a smile and leaned back, laying down his cards.

“Going out.”

You gawked at his suit. Three tens and two aces. Bucky threw his cards down.

“What the fuck, Steve!”

You busted out laughing and bragged to Steve, laying your cards down.

“Ha-ha, Two aces and three kings.”

Steve gawked at you and you danced in your seat. Bucky had a two, two fours, and two queens. Bucky glared at both of you and stated.

“I used to be the king of 5 card draw. What the hell.”

“Sorry, Bucky. Guess you lost your touch.”

You grinned and Steve rolled his eyes and got up.

“I refuse to play with either of you.”

“But we haven’t even played Bullshit yet!”

Steve rolled his eyes and Bucky gawked at you.

“We are not playing that game.”

“Oh why not?”

“Because you always fucking win!”

You giggled and Bucky grinned at you. Steve walked away, calling.

“I’m going to bed, you two tire me out. Bucky, behave.”

Bucky flipped him off and you called.

“It’s only seven pm but night anyways.”

Bucky sighed and you grabbed the deck, shuffled, and then put them away. Bucky then proceeded to ask.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“Can you cut my hair?”

You looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes trained on you. You shrugged and agreed.

‘I guess. What kind of hair style do you want?“

Bucky pulled out a picture from his pocket and handed it to you. You frowned a bit but almost spit out your drink when you saw the picture. It was a black and white picture of Bucky before he had left for war. Clad in his uniform, wearing a handsome smile, he had his arm wrapped around a scrawny Steve. You felt an emotion well into your heart and tears pricked your eyes.


You put a hand over your mouth and looked up, to the left. You were nostalgic, shocked but honored. Bucky got up and hugged you. You said quietly.

"I’m sorry. That was just…”

“I know. It’s ok.”

You laughed and wiped your eyes, pulling back and patted his shoulder.

“You look so handsome, James.”

He smiled genuinely and you cleared your throat. You put the picture up on the sill in front of the sink and stated.

“Go get your shampoo, conditioner, comb, and the hair scissors. Don’t forget a towel.”

Bucky saluted and walked to the bathroom. You grabbed a computer chair (Why does Steve even have one if he doesn’t even know wtf the internet is?) and locked the wheels so he wouldn’t roll away. You pumped the lever, bringing the chair high and Bucky walked in, setting the required things on the counter. You smiled softly and gestured.

“Take off your jacket. I don’t want to get it wet.”

He did as told and sat in the chair. You steadied him and gently; carefully leaned him back. You turned on the water and waited for it to get hot. Bucky said, watching you.

“I remember when I first got my haircut for the army.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I was nervous.”

You chuckled and asked, turning on the sprayer and praying his hair carefully, running your fingers through the soft locks.

“Why were you nervous? Scared they were going to cut an ear off or make you bald?”

“Actually, yes.”

You giggled and looked at his picture. Bucky watched you and asked quietly.

“Did you cry…because my picture reminded you of something or someone?”

You looked at Bucky and smiled softly, shaking your head no and mouthing 'no.’

“I cried because it made me think of how proud of you I am.”

Bucky widened his eyes a bit and asked.

“You’re proud of me? But…why?”

“Because you fought for the safety of this country. It almost cost you your life. I know you did a lot of crazy shit when HYDRA got you…but it wasn’t your fault.”

You lathered his shampoo into his hair and carefully massaged the soap into his scalp. You laughed a bit.

“I wish I could be that brave. My grandpa was in the 107th.”

You washed out the shampoo and squirted conditioner into your palm. Bucky was watching you, an emotion in his eyes that you couldn’t recognize and continued.

“He was a sergeant, one of the best. He would tell me stories about how Steve and you would infiltrate the HYDRA bases, how he was such a womanizer back into eh day.”

You chuckled and said, letting the conditioner soak in his hair a bit.

“I’m going to let the conditioner set in your hair for about five minutes. Anyways, when I was bullied in high school and came home crying. My grandpa would look at me and say 'Now you listen here, doll. If any of them little fuckers try to make you cry, you make them cry. Punch them in the nose, drink a beer, and call it a day. Go dance with your lady friends, break men’s necks. You’re too pretty for them tears to stain your face.’”

You and Buck laughed and you continued.

“When I would get angry or throw a fit, Grandpa would cough and say ’Ok, I know you’re pissed off but you really gotta listen to this, lil lady.’ I would turn to him and sass. 'What? What do I need to listen to?’ he would turn to me and say. 'Remember how I told you that Mr. Rogers had a lady friend named Peggy?’ "Yes, sir?’ he would just deadpan and glare at me and say 'You are really starting to remind me of her. She was a find dame, but goddamn did she scare the hell out of me.’”

Bucky chuckled and you washed the conditioner out. You sat him up and shook a towel into his hair.

“James, you remind me of my grandpa sometimes.”

Bucky looked up at you and asked.

'How so?“

"You’re a good man…but you just fail to see it.”

Bucky looked up at you, his blue eyes twinkling and he whispered, hugging you.

“Thank you.”

You patted his head and ran his comb through the damp locks. Bucky acknowledged.

“You know, you’re the only person I allow to call me James.”

“I actually noticed that. Hope I don’t make the 'Kid from Brooklyn’ mad.”

Bucky smiled and asked.

“He’ll get over it, the punk. Anyways, want to know why?”

You looked down at him, cutting his bangs and asked.


“Because that’s the name the people I love the most call me by.”

You paused and looked down at him and smirked.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

“Pfft. trying? Dame, I think I just won you over.”

You laughed and punched his metal shoulder.

“Don’t get too cocky, James. Remember, I’m cutting your hair.”

That shut him up. You looked back at his picture and asked.

“How long do you want your bangs? Your hair is slicked back in this picture so I can’t tell.”

He put a hand up and asked.

“Can I get them right to my eyelids?”

“I don’t know, can you?”

Bucky glared up at you and you giggled. He sighed and rolled his blue eyes.

“To my eyelids.”

“Copy that.”

You gave a two-finger salute and cut his bangs. You cut the sides of his hair short, smiling and ruffled his hair to get any pieces out. You jumped and yelped when a voice stated.

“Wow, you look good.”


You threw your shoe at him and yelled.

“Don’t fuckin do that, you fuddy duddy, creepy, meatball!”

You punched his stomach and Steve laughed out, holding his stomach. You put your hands on your hips, one coming up to your mouth and you close your eyes. You glowered.

“Steven Grant Rogers! I’m about two seconds from letting you have it. Sit down.”

Steve bit his lip, snorting and Bucky quirked an eyebrow up at you. Steve said.

“I love it when you get scared. You speak like an old forties gal.”

“You call me an old lady? Look who’s talking, geezer.”

Bucky snorted and you dried his hair. You complimented, blushing a little.

“Whoa, you do look good.”

Bucky smirked and thanked, kissing your cheek.

“Thanks, doll.”

Steve complained.

“I couldn’t sleep so what are we going to do till I do?”

You smiled and stated, holding up a fist.

“Want me to help you fall asleep? I got just the remedy.”

Steve rolled his eyes and Bucky smirked.

“I’ll help out.”

“Bucky! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

“Sorry Steve, James is my bodyguard.”

“Oh, so she gets to call you James and I don’t?”

“Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.”

You stated. Oh yeah, super soldier got mad. Bucky held you into his side and shrugged.




I hope you enjoy. ^-^

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"Are you saying Gaster went through some goth or punk phase? This I gotta hear!"

Technically we all did. Not really the “goth or punk” you’re referring to. It was most of a “we are trapped here… our lives aren’t getting anywhere… Fuck it. Let’s do what we want.” And what we wanted we did.

Those were a rowdy couple of years. We had… a few excess, made stupid decision… mine was not permanent… unlike someone else’s, hehehe!

Piercings. I got piercings. Not really piercings. Decorations. With rocks or crystals. They looked rad… And no, I don’t have pictures and No, I’m not doing that again… They DID pierced my “skin” to get stuck on me… so no… not again.

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write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

this is so much fun omg. i could do more than this but i don’t want to make y’all read that much dnfhkdfnhd (also i’m sorry i’m roasting most of you lmao it’s all out of love!)

  1. she’s #1 here and #1 in my heart, my bff and the most extra person i know little punk ass bitch
  2. closet ot7 stan
  3. smol child who needs to be protected, stans jihope i fucking guess
  4. bridget jones side character
  5. LOVES ME!!!!!!! (this is sharm btw. 100% sharm)
  6. has way too many biases but is willing to share :’)
  7. meme
  8. she need some milk
  9. says y’all a lot when she gets super sappy, my secret twin
  10. m-mommy 😳😳😳😳😳
  11. loves shrek and minions
  12. has a massive hand kink
  13. her love for yoongi is equal to the amount of typos she makes
  14. insanely talented omgggggg, makes gifs into literal art
  15. shares lots of fic with me because we’re both thirsty as fuck
  16. c*mbox
  17. [picture of yoongi falling off the couch in the love yourself highlight reels]

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Flower Crowns and Cigarettes

Summary: Daniel is the local priest’s son and Phil is his next door neighbour. They’ve been best friends for over a decade but one three a.m. visit from Phil changes everything.

Warnings: pastel(kinda)!dan, punk!phil, religious!dan, childhood friends, smut, dirty talking, (my failed attempt at) degradation, first kiss, grinding, cumming in boxers.

Word count: 2.5k (whoops)

Read on Ao3 or on main blog (because i post most of my fics there)

A/N: You can blame @gorgeousdan for this atrocity. It took me four day’s but i wrote it!  

Based off of these posts: The beginning, the clarification, the confirmation. I’ll be waiting for that marriage contract.

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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bambam) : Slytherin

Third Year | 10″ Sycamore, White River Monster Spine, Springy | Member of the Silver Spears | Dove (Patronus) | Half Blood | Metamorphmagus (special ability) | Magical Theory, Charms, Transfiguration (best subjects) | Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, & Im Jaebum (best friends) | Kim Yugyeom (Boyfriend)

  • Extra AF
  • This boy is just doing too much. All the time. For no reason other than to just be doing it.
  • Most people call him Bammie
  • Kunpimook is a mouthful - he also won’t really respond to it, mostly because sometimes he forgets it’s his name because nobody calls him that. Like, what are you even doing, are you new here!? “Kunpimook? Hello!? Kunpimook? BAMBAM!?” “What? Were you talking to me? Call me by my name then, idiot.”
  • Cute AF
  • Bammie also serves looks like nobody’s business. Probably the most fashion forward wizard in the goddamn country, okay?
  • Which is probably why Bammie likes being a metamorphmagus so much. He can change his hair, eyes, and facial features at will to basically whatever he wants.
  • Sometimes he uses that advantage to make himself look older. His hyungs call him out on his bullshit every time, though. “I’m at least ten years older than you!” “Yah! I will smack you into last night.” <– Jinyoung, probably.
  • Sassy AF
  • He’s also obsessed with keeping up with the latest celebrity trends. Wizarding or Muggle world - he does not care. His favorite thing to do is piss off purebloods with muggle trends.
  • Smartass AF
  • Refuses to work out. As far as he’s concerned that shit is annoying.
  • Legs for days - like where TF does he put them half the time, nobody knows.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t recognize him. He seriously loves to use his ability to mess with people.
  • Bammie loves to invent spells. He excels in Magical Theory and outside of creating his own fashion line when he leaves Hogwarts (because that’s happening one way or another), he really wants to create spells and charms. He’s good at it, too.
  • Meme face AF
  • On the one hand Bammie can be a very mature kid, especially since he’s only a third year.
  • On the other hand, he’s a little shit and he enjoys giving his hyungs premature gray hair.
  • This boy is in love with Kim Yugyeom LET ME TELL YOU.
  • Friendship Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Broship Goals
  • OTP Goals
  • You name it - YugBam has already taken the title for it.
  • They’re so freaking adorable it’s not even funny.
  • Jinyoung and Mark love to embarrass them by giving them fake sex talks  over breakfast.
  • Bammie holds a special place in Jackson’s heart. Jackson will purposely mess up Bammie’s hair, Bammie will then tell Jackson he’s an old fatass with no legs, Jackson will threaten to hang him up by his toes and beat him like a pinata and Bammie will retort with, “You can’t even reach that high.”
  • Two peas in a pod, those two.
  • Seriously though, Bammie is so in love Yugyeom. It’s so cute. All fluttery and what not.
  • It makes JJProject wanna vomit…but in a good way. Sort of.
  • Protected AF
  • You touch one of Jinyoung’s children and you’re going to die.
  • That being said you so much as look at any of Bammie’s friends sideways and he will concoct the most elaborate payback and you will suffer.
  • Don’t forget this boy IS in Slytherin and he is NOT to be trifled with, peasant.
  • He is typically a people pleaser but Bammie is one of the most ambitious kids in the school. He knows what he wants and he’s gonna go after it and if you’re in his way you’ve got two seconds to move before he forcibly does it for you.
  • He’s smart, too. So don’t think he can’t.
  • Jokes for days.
  • He’s not as funny as Jackson, but he sure as shit tries. When they get together you either can’t breathe because you’re laughing or you’re eternally in facepalm mode pretending you don’t know them. There’s no in between.
  • Bammie has great grades. He’s a Slytherin and he’s got shit to do, and he’s not about to let an F get in the way of his dreams.
  • He’s not insane about it, though like SOME people are YESHEISREFERRINGTOMARKBUTWHATEVER.
  • He has, on more than one occasion, incurred the wrath of Tuan (I fucking love you if you get this reference btw) by bothering him during exam time. They’ll be in the library, Mark will be hunched over his study notes with coffee in his free hand and ignoring the Earth and everything on it. Jackson will be in the room with in, being smart and actually leaving him alone but studying next to him nonetheless just so he can be close, and he’ll see Bammie creep in out of the corner of his eye.
  • “Bammie…don’t.”
  • “Oh, come on, hyung. Look at him. He’s got crazy eyes.”
  • “They’re cute crazy eyes. Don’t bother him.”
  • “Come on, it’ll be funny!”
  • “He’s going to kill you - you know that right?”
  • Bammie acknowledges this, but he is determined. While Mark is focused solely on the chaos that is his study space Bam will move Jackson so he’s out of Mark’s eyesight and morph himself to look like Jackson. His ‘prank’ is in motion.
  • He’ll come up behind Mark and practically yank the coffee cup from his hand. This will certainly get Mark’s attention…probably not the kind of attention you want from him though.
  • Looking as Jackson, Bammie will say, “Kisses MarkiePooh!” and puff his lips out like a fish.
  • “I will give you literally three seconds to give that back to me.”
  • “Aw, but Markipooh, you wouldn’t hurt your boyfriend, would you?”
  • “You think I don’t know what my boyfriend looks like? One.”
  • “What do you mean? I just wanted a kiss.”
  • “Three.”
  • “What? You missed tw–”
  • Mark has his coffee cup back in his hand and poor Bammie is on his ass turning an odd shade of maroon as the hex forces his features back to normal.
  • “Good one, baby.” Jackson tells him, knowing Mark is already back on Planet Bananas. “To be fair, I told you not too, punk.”
  • “Who are you calling punk, half pint!?”
  • Bam is going to get himself killed via his hyungs one of these days. I’m telling you. That’s basically his school year in a nutshell - trying not to die from pissing them off.
  • They love the crap out of him though. So he’s safe…most of the time.
  • Trust me, you want Bammie on your side. For one thing, he’s a great ally to have and not somebody you want for an enemy.
  • For another, he’ll totally fix that horrid fashion sense of yours.
  • “Oh my god, if I see you wear those awful shoes one more time…”

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*pictures and gifs aren’t mine. i made the moodboard but the pictures i got off of tumblr and google. credit to their respective owners.

so my 5-year old sister is very invested in fall out boy but she only knows patrick stump by his actual name and every other member she refers to as ‘his friends’. so she’ll walk around the house asking about what he’s doing today, how he feels, and if he’s singing the song that’s currently playing (which when she asks it usually is some variation of fob or soul punk). if she sees a picture of pete she immediately says ‘patrick’s friend!’ and the same goes for andy and joe. she also told me that i wasn’t allowed to look at patrick unless she was there but i was allowed to look at his friends ‘if i wanted to’. she was also convinced on st. patrick’s day that it was in fact a day dedicated to patrick stump when she was told about the holiday.

so today coffee’s for closers was playing and she sat for the longest time and finally looked at me with the most broken face and whispered “why doesn’t patrick believe in anything…?” and proceeded to have a 5 minute existential crisis

the future of the world is bright and it’s in the hands of tiny emos


anyways the Most Important Thing about this makeover is that it’s a telling sign to me that Hanzo has begun to Move On from the Defining Event Of The Last 10 Years, he’s not as stuck on the past and The Traditional Look he’s Moved On with a Physical Change

which leads me to believe that he has started on or is in the middle of the path towards reconciliation with Genji and coming to terms with the past and

my point is Genji is so stupidly proud of his brother’s dumb punk look he took fifty pictures as soon as he saw him sporting it for the first time and then went around dragging Hanzo around to show it off to Everybody Right Now Immediately Look at My Big Brother He’s Done This To Himself And I’m So Proud Of Him

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can you make a post about your alters? If youre comfortable of course.

Sure! We’re all okay with that. For anyone who doesn’t know, alters is the shortened clinical name for the different identities in a dissociative identity disorder (or DDNOS) system. :) 

There are five of us here! And here’s a picture of how we all generally look (though my look sometimes switches around a bit). From left to right, top to bottom, it’s Bael, Arien (me), Sion (that’s the top row). The bottom row on the left is Little A and Ava. 

Bael: Bael’s the system punk haha. His style is a lot more grunge and punk, he likes more hardcore music, but he’s also a really heart-focused person. Very cuddling and a genuine personality. We always joke that his alignment is “chaotic chaotic” lmao xD. He’s the most masculine out of us all and he’s somewhere around his late twenties. He also has borderline personality disorder and he’s a protector of the system (in a more fighter sense). He’s ENFP.

Arien: I’m the main one who runs this blog (and the one writing right now)! I’m also find going under the online nickname Sopheriel. I’m sort of an emotional protector–like helping everyone empathize and get along well together. I’m gentle, compassionate, and very much a healer type of person. I’m an INFJ. A couple more stats: I’m agender, my age usually feels around the body’s age, and I use he/him pronouns!

Sion: He’s a protector, but in a more moral sense (like doing things that we are unable to cognitively do). He’s quiet, introverted, and a bit more cold in his personality (just like emotionally shut down). He’s also an introject alter, based off of our childhood abuser. He’s somewhat androgynous. He’s in his early thirties or late twenties, approximately. 

Ava: A super quiet alter that none of us know much about. They’re very scared and anxious and in about their mid-twenties. They’re some sort of neutral gender identity. They are rarely up front. 

Little A: Our child alter! A super cute, playful, and mischevious 5 year old kid. He’s really fun and silly, though he holds trauma memories too. Pretty shy when meeting new people, but when he likes you it’s hard to keep him away from hanging out and snuggling xD. He also wanted me to mention his little stuffed animal named Anthony that he really loves. 

Hope you found this cool to read! Feel free to ask me (or any of) questions about our DID. :) 

Help us fundraise for a PTSD service dog? We just reached the halfway mark! <3


As the title says, this list has fanfictions where APH England is the main character. If you are here searching for fics with that characteristic (APH England as the protagonist), I hope it will be useful. This one may be a little confusing, because in this list doesn’t have FRUK and USUK fics but fics with APH England and another partner. Also not all the fics here have romance or love stories.

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Interview with Transfac Magazine [Translated]

This is such a great interview, and I’m so happy I found it! It’s from Transfac Magazine, a French publication for university students, from February 1997. This is the most I have ever seen Guy-Man talk– like seriously, he talks way more than Thomas does. They talk about their own experiences with school, the star system, and making music to get girls.

Are you going to university?
Thomas: I got a DEUG [a 2-year degree, similar to but not the same as an AA degree in the US] in sociology and linguistics at Nanterre [Paris Quest University Nanterre La Defense, one of the best universities in France], then I was going for a license [like a Bachelor’s degree in the US] in Ethnomusicology, but I stopped there.
Guy-Manuel: Actually, I did a bac [short for baccalaureat, a college entrance exam taken at the end of high school in France] in art and I spent some time at university in St-Denis, not anymore! It bored me because in the end their teaching method was the same as it was in collège [like middle school or junior high]. I was bored shitless until the bac because nothing interested me. I didn’t want to slip back into the same system. I don’t think I would’ve been able to stay because I was motivated, while the overall atmosphere was too amateurish. Clearly, people who were there had chosen this path to screw around, but not me. I wanted to do design and make that my life…

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electronicaerotica  asked:

21 & 44 for the ask thing!

21: What I love most about myself
I’m a good listener, always there for friends and I’m great with animals. 

24: My relationship with my parent(s)
Dad: Have never met him or seen a picture of him. Have no interest to do so. 
Mom: She’s a great parent. She grew up a punk in the 80s (left home at 16, mohawks, battle jackets, etc) so ever since I was little she’s given me space if I needed it and treated me like a human being rather than “her kid”. I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging, but she’s a great Mom who went through a lot of shit as a single mom without ever taking it out on me. I didn’t rebel as a teenager because if I had a problem we could discuss it and work it out together. I love my mom a lot.