the most precious human being in the world

can u believe sebastian is such a delicate angel the most wonderful precious human being and the epitome of pure light and happiness and all that’s good in the world, my lovely little flower, he’s such an inspiration and he honestly deserves the entire universe and all the love and happiness in the world. i just feel incredibly lucky to exist at the same time as him

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Do you have any favorites blogs?

AH! Yes of course I do! I’m assuming you’d like to know who they are?

@jypnior, @kriswu, @chgkn, @exclan, @shin-jiho, @tuanes, @hellazelo and @wonhosbabygirl these people are all bolded because they are in my “tumblr crushes” board on the side lmao !!!

OKAY as for my faves that I don’t reblog 1000 things from daily !!

@holyfuckmark- listen Precious means tHE WORLD to me and she’s the kindest, most sweet human being a live and she deserves so much. Like as much as it pains me to say this, she def deserves Mark’s love more than anyone I know. I could go on forever talking about how much I adore her and love her, but I’ll stop here for the sake of my heart.

@hoshehe- /sighs/ Finn is so sweet, please love her. She’s beautiful and thoughtful and she is like a little pit bull puppy who is super super cute but like mess w her friends and she’ll probably kill you.

@slay-bum- OKAY WOW. I LOVE SHELBY??? We’ve only talked a few times but I love her so very very much and she’s so funny and nice. She’s so kind and idk why but she reminds me of like an expensive soft fur coat,,,, idk but she means a lot to me.

@officialimjaebum- UGH, okay Jacke is so nice? ALWAYS TAGGING ME ON THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE AND MAKE ME HAPPY MARK !!!!! U MEAN A LOT TO ME AND I LOVE YOU PLS SMILE ALL THE TIME. I’ve never met anyone who is as thoughtful of me as Jacke? When I say I’m always getting @’s from Jacke I mean like…. always and it makes me so happy?

@got7mademedoit- Alright, Daphne is so sweet it hurts my heart. She makes me want to be a better person. We haven’t talked in a while and that makes me so sad ? But she is always thinking of me and she sometimes messages me randomly and my heart just meLTS.

@gotchicken- Okay, listen, we talk about soft!jaebum and soft!mark couple goals and that makes me so sad bc I wish that’d happen for my girl Jillian because she deserves that Jaebum love, alright? She’s sO funny and nice. She’s so easy to get along with and I honestly feel so comfortable being gross and mushy with her bc she does the same thing. Please be her friend, she deserves the world.

Thought for the Day – August 24 

Bartholomew or Nathanael? We are confronted again with the fact that we know almost nothing about most of the apostles. Yet the unknown ones were also foundation stones, the 12 pillars of the new Israel whose 12 tribes now encompass the whole earth. Their personalities were secondary (without thereby being demeaned) to their great office of bearing tradition from their firsthand experience, speaking in the name of Jesus, putting the Word made flesh into human words for the enlightenment of the world. Their holiness was not an introverted contemplation of their status before God. It was a gift that they had to share with others. The Good News was that all are called to the holiness of being Christ’s members, by the gracious gift of God. The simple fact is that humanity is totally meaningless unless God is its total concern. Then humanity, made holy with God’s own holiness, becomes the most precious creation of God. St Bartholomew Pray for us!

I vehemently think Hanzo is the most beautiful thing ever had been created all over this world,Hanzo is too beautiful and too much precious to human being I cant even breath every time i see this character

what a babe