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The Signs as Types of Witches

Traditional Witch: Capricorn

Traditional witches are interested to the roots of witchcraft. Their craft is past down from previous generation which in return makes them feel deeply connect to their ancestors They work well with plants, herbs and chemicals and are familiar with different techniques of witchcraft. They can be drawn to either dark or light magic which is a decision that is left to the individual. They are all about personal growth and desire the expansion of knowledge of the craft. It is hard to describe what is true to a traditional witch because they definition is whatever fits best for them. Key characteristics: Wise, responsible, considerate and connected.  

Hedge Witch: Aries, Sagittarius & Pisces

Hedge witches value the bridge between the material world to the spirit world. They can step foot between the different worlds and feel quite comfortable doing so. They mastered using nature for witchcraft and have a knack for herbalism. They value taking care of their community whether it is from aiding people with protection and healing spells or acting as a midwife. They are known for their wisdom and are often self-taught. Key characteristics: Friendly, adventurous, knowledgeable and spiritual.

Earth Witches: Taurus, Virgo & Scorpio

Earth witches are known for being in touch with nature-based witchcraft. They familiarize themselves with gardening and have quite a green thumb. They feel the most powerful during the spring when life forms around them, but they respect the power of destruction and death. They maintain an envious form of level-headiness for they tend to wait and listen before reacting. However, they are no stranger to anger and can form a strong grudge. They pride themselves in being a strong role-model and a wise teacher. Key characteristics: Patient, cautious, mature and reserved. 

Kitchen Witch: Cancer

Kitchen witches focus on bringing magic into their everyday life. They are rooted in their own homes which brings a sense of simplicity to their hectic life. They are spiritual beings and want to make sure that aspect remains true no matter what life bring to them. They are more comfortable with their refined culinary expertise and herbs to make some magic happen. They also incorporate their knowledge of gemstones to healing practices. This practice is a little more independent and a more natural approach of witchcraft. They value protection of the home and fond of love and relationships. Key characteristics: Creative, proud, kind and loving.

Eclectic Witch: Gemini & Aquarius

Eclectic witches pick and choose what they want to follow and practice. They take up many forms of witchcraft and merge it into one. Their practice is very personalized and because of this they tend to do it in private. They may cause others to question their legitimacy, but that doesn’t bother them too much because they know themselves more than anyone. They don’t believe in conforming and rather do the research before fully committing to one thing. Key characteristics: Unique, confident, adaptable and inconsistent. 

Sea Witches: Leo & Libra

Sea witches are known for controlling the waters around them. They specialize in water-based magic which they receive the help from numerous water sources to successful practice witchcraft. They practice grey magic which is a balance of dark and light. They are known for their creation of tools and know how to improvise when needed. They are opened-minded for they like to take note of each prospective before committing to a side. They often reflect what they see from others so treat them wisely or they will make you regret any form of mistreatment. Key characteristic: Balanced, intuitive, energetic and fair. 


“When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing you feel the most powerful. You radiate the most. People can sense that immediately. I’m not necessarily drawn to one particular style, but to people who know how to take their insecurities, spin them on their axes and present them to the world through their clothing.” - Amandla Stenberg, InStyle

I don’t think it was love that I felt towards him, it was more of an infatuation. He had the power to make me feel like the most important person in the world or make me feel like I was worthless. I think I stayed with him for so long because I gave him so much power over me but finally I realised that I was addicted to him and if I didn’t leave then he would destroy me. So that’s exactly what I did, I left. It wasn’t easy but as soon as I accepted that I didn’t need a boy to love me to feel like I was worth something and that my own love was enough I finally realised what I deserved.
—  know your worth and what you deserve and don’t ever settle.

these are about the best and the most powerful words I’ve ever heard in my life. and they feel like Steven Moffat stabbed me in the heart using Benedict’s hands.

How To: Bless an Object

Here are multiple methods of blessings objects, feel free to add your own, and I’ll credit you! 

#1: Simply Meditate: 

The method I favour is to infuse the object with my personal energy whilst meditating. You infuse it with love, with the intentions you have if it and so on. I hold the object in my hands of between my legs as I meditate and focus it there. 

#2: Smoke: 

Simply pass the objects through the smoke of an incense for a few minutes. Look into each properties of incenses to better use them. Practical for paper or parchment. 

#3: Anointment: 

Anoint the object with either a mix of essential oils (or one single one), a herbal brew (either a tea made for those purposes or a mixture made for that.). You can do so by making a specific symbol while doing it, like drawing a pentagram with the oil.

#4: Burial: 

I’ve done it twice and it’s a powerful but lengthy process. Bury the object in a place that means a lot to you, I prefer doing it under a tree, and ask the earth to bless it. I left it six months, but do as you feel. You may draw a symbol on the earth where you buried it. 

#5: The Moon:

On a full moon, ask the moon to bless the object and leave it on the window sill, under the moonlight. 

#6: Music:

Use a singing bowl, or bells or instruments to really soak your object with the blessing. Or sing yourself, words of blessings or just humming. High notes heal and bring about a higher vibration. 

#7: Crystals:

Make a grid of crystals around the object and the the crystals bless it. Most commonly used would be crystal quartz.

#8: A Spell
There is an infinity of blessing spells out there. Find the one that suits you best. 

But most importantly, while doing any of these or you own techniques, remember to:
State your intent. Your words are a vibration that will begin to bless the object before you even start anything.
b) Get yourself in a calm state of mind. I don’t see the point of having a big get up for a simple spell (big rituals, yes, but one spell, no.), so without necessarily casting a circle, lighting 20 candles and and surrounding yourself with salt, just meditate a bit, calm your mind. Because you will also be blessing it with your own energy, even if you ask for the help of a deity.
c) Use your own energy. That’s your most powerful tool. More than anything else. You are the most powerful tool in witchcraft.

Feel free to share your experiences with me by tagging me or adding to this post! 

Witchy Plants Questions!

These are not exclusively related to Witchcraft or paganism, and any question that doesn’t explicitly reference one of those things can be answered in any way, not just in a way that relates to your practice! Please, two plants per person!


BELLADONNA: What was the first spell you ever cast?

MANDRAKE: What attracted you to Witchcraft (and/or paganism)?

ROWAN: How did you learn your Craft (e.g. from a teacher, from books, etc)?

HEMLOCK: How do you feel about casting curses, hexes, and other harmful magick?

FLY AGARIC: Do you practice openly, or in secret?

FORGET-ME-NOT: Why do you keep your Craft secret, if you do?

HENBANE: What kind of Witchcraft do you practice most often?

WOLFSBANE: Do you practice a tradition that’s culturally important for you?

MUGWORT: What habits do you have that you’d prefer to be rid of?

PEPPERMINT: When are you happiest?

MISTLETOE: What holiday, festival, sabbat or season is most important to you?

YEW: What was your most recent experience with a spirit?

DANDELION: What do you feel was the most powerful magick you have ever performed?

HEARTSEASE: Have you ever performed love magick? How did it work out?

VIOLET: Are you queer? What does this mean to you, especially with respect to your practice?

BRIONY: What is your favourite way to perform magick?

GINGER: Do you practice complementary medicine and/or herbalism?

STARFRUIT: Do you believe in astrology or use it in your practice?

ELDER: Are you a feminist, and if so are you intersectional?

BAMBOO: Are you in a coven, or where you ever in one?

APPLEBLOSSOM: What’s your favourite phase of the moon?

YARROW: Do you live with a disability? Does it affect how you practice?

MARSHMALLOW: Where do you feel most at home?

HAZEL: Have you ever performed magick for someone without their permission?

WALNUT: When are you most stressed? How do you combat it?

DRAGON’S BLOOD: What physical object means more to you than any other? Why?

salamencerobot  asked:

The other three were inspired by animals right? if so, i'd like to know what kinds.

They were roughly inspired by animals. Some more closely resembling what they were inspired off of and some just taking some characteristics. River had their own reasons for each animal skull, but we paired them with their “hosts” for certain characteristics we think fit them. 

Sans’ Blaster:

His blaster is like the one we see in game. For our design it was based on a canine skull.  Sans gets canine because they are loyal and selfless, also make great companions and protectors. 

Papyrus’ Blaster:

Pap’s has characteristics of a Horned Lizard. He’s got lizard because they are survivalist, kinda like himself. His is also one of the widest blasters. Great to nap on.

Gaster’s Blaster:

Ding’s blaster is based off of a crow. We put a crow to him because they are smart af and very fast learners, just as he is. He also really likes birds. 

Now while we might not consider Rivers blaster to be an animal… Not everyone agrees with that. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to figure out what Rivers blaster was modeled after

As for why we gave them that kind of blaster… Well I guess it’ll be clear in due time.

~ Sol

this is my gift for @defractum for the @aftgexchange valentine’s day round! one of your prompts was an urban fantasy au and holy hell i am weak for it so here:

Modern covens aren’t like the old-fashioned ones, but the Fox Coven is more unconventional than most. For one thing, they don’t live in one giant den of iniquity in a backwater town, close to the trees and the moon and what-the-fuck-ever-else.

To be fair, Andrew’s lot does live in a small den of iniquity, forced into close quarters by promises drawn far tighter than blood. But it’s a city apartment, at least. Probably closer to the moon, and definitely further away from the wild animals covens attract like crazy.

What it does mean is travel. Covens are by nature tightly knit, and even the Monsters aren’t immune. That necessity is what sees Andrew - and, of course, Kevin - travelling three quarters of the way across the city to Renee and Allison’s townhouse on a bitter cold Tuesday afternoon.

Renee’s taste for pretty and Allison’s for pink means their two-bedroom in the suburbs looks just like a gingerbread house. It’s in contrast to the wards, which are blood-bound and harder than stone to anyone with the senses to feel them. Knitted in to them are Andrew’s own speciality, centred in the gardens and asleep with winter peace.

Except, when Kevin and Andrew approach, they aren’t asleep. The roses are whispering loud enough even Kevin can probably hear them, murmuring of their taste for blood underneath their repetition of Andrew’s command to wait and hold. They’re sentinels, all thorns and hunger, nurtured by Andrew from seedlings and planted here for just this purpose.

Allison’s in the doorway, confined to the front stoop by the sudden explosion of rose vines across what was a beautifully manicured lawn. The captive in the centre of the thorns has gone still - they never fight for long, with the threat of inch-long thorns aimed at eyes and all the other tender spots. They aren’t designed to kill, only capture, and maim a little if necessary.

They shiver and retreat from Andrew’s touch, quiescing. Like all plants, they resist against anything that isn’t growth, but Andrew never has to ask twice. Only the centre-most vines remain, curled around wrists and ankles like manacles, to reveal their prize ward-breaker.

And there - there’s a surprise.

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lilith + rejection with the self
  • lilith in the houses show where we are rejected by others but also where we empower ourselves. note that lilith is not prominent in every chart.
  • lilith in the 1st: people reject the very essence of you, making you feel like an outsider. you may try to hide yourself, or even reject your identity. however, you feel most powerful when you embrace who you really are.
  • lilith in the 2nd: people reject your values and possessions, making you feel like you are worthless. you may try to buy items secretly to make yourself feel better or you try to adjust your values. however, you feel most powerful when you flaunt what you have proudly.
  • lilith in the 3rd: people reject your mind and thoughts, making you feel like your thoughts are wrong. you may try to hide your thoughts or radically change the way you think. you are at your most powerful when you reveal your real, genuine thoughts.
  • lilith in the 4th: the people in your family may reject you. you may try to search for other families, or you can try to reject them back. you are at your most powerful when you can finally establish and strongly the family roots you've made for yourself.
  • lilith in the 5th: you may find yourself rejected when you try to have fun. you may feel that your children reject you. you may try to make yourself like other hobbies or hide your creativity. you are at your most powerful when you can express your hidden creativity and inspiration freely.
  • lilith in the 6th: you may find yourself rejected by your coworkers or when you are required to do daily work. you may be very overcritical of yourself when you work because you don't feel competent. however, you are at your most powerful when you do your work the way you want to do it.
  • lilith in the 7th: you may find yourself feeling rejected by the people in your life or you're rejecting others. you may be very picky and shallow with your partners. you are at your most powerful when you can express your rebellious side intimately with others.
  • lilith in the 8th: you may find yourself rejecting the secrets you keep to yourself or rejected by others in intimacy. you may be manipulative and dangerously secretive. however, you are at your most powerful when you reveal your secrets without shame.
  • lilith in the 9th: you may find yourself rejected for what you believe in and for your culture. you may try to get rid of your cultural and worldly essence, but you are at your most powerful when you can show what you believe in.
  • lilith in the 10th: you may find yourself rejected by others before they meet you or you reject the world. you may try to hide from the world with resentment, but you are at your most powerful when you can stand out confidently.
  • lilith in the 11th: you may find yourself rejected by your friends and peers. you may feel lonely and detached, but you are at your most powerful when you become stronger through your solitude.
  • lilith in the 12th: you may find yourself rejecting your subconscious. you may feel there is a disconnect between your ego and subconscious due to this. you are at your most powerful when you accept your subconscious for what it is - even its dark side.

Its not like Mon El came to Earth, woke up and was like I am the Prince of Daxam. All Hail Me! Obey Me! Treat me like Royalty!
His first instinct was the go back home without hurting anyone. And then he was locked up at the DEO where Kara spewed hateful things about him (a lot of prejudice for a 11 year old), and didn’t pull the Prince card.

He lied because of the obvious prejudice that Kara HAD and STILL HAS, but also because he was ashamed for who he was and where he came from. 

There is a reason why he kept saying he was coward, and not a hero. Because he truly believed he didn’t deserve that mantle. And Kara was unfairly pushing him towards that role without truly asking what he wanted. And when he didn’t rise to occasion they were mad at him!? Alex was like, “I dont believe in you, my sister believes in you!” He didn’t ask to be hero, he didn’t want to be hero – he lost all his people, escaped in the most brutal circumstance, discovers he has these incredible powers, has survivors guilt, feels like a coward, has no home no job, has to adjust to a culture that is directly polar to his (and he is trying so hard to adjust!), and its been like a month? a month and a half? LIKE LET THE BOY FUCKING LIVE!

Clark had probably 20+ years to decided if he wanted to be hero. Kara had 10+ years and still chose NOT to be a hero. Clark believed Kara could be a hero, but never forced her and let her decide when the time was right for her to take the mantle. Kara believes in Mon, which is GREAT!, but Mon should be allowed to decide when he is ready, not by guilt tripping!!!

Like CHILL PEOPLE!, let him adjust to being on Earth before throwing a Cape on him! He has shed his Prince roots, but let him find himself on Earth, before making him a hero of Earth. 

The Signs as Types of Witches

Traditional Witch: Capricorn

Traditional witches are interested to the roots of witchcraft. Their craft is past down from previous generation which in return makes them feel deeply connect to their ancestors They work well with plants, herbs and chemicals and are familiar with different techniques of witchcraft. They can be drawn to either dark or light magic which is a decision that is left to the individual. They are all about personal growth and desire the expansion of knowledge of the craft. It is hard to describe what is true to a traditional witch because they definition is whatever fits best for them. Key characteristics: Wise, responsible, considerate and connected.  

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Run with me for a minute on this mental journey :)

We are part of the Universe. We are not separate from the Universe in any way; we are a part of it fully. I am a part of the Universe and so are you!

The Universe loves you because the Universe loves itself. It wants to heal you. It wants to help you.

But goddamn it if we don’t keep that shit bottled up and crammed inside of ourselves until we literally just break down.

Sit down. Light a candle if you want. Look at the clouds. And feel the Universe inside of you, and feel the Universe outside of you. And fucking talk that shit out.

Express how you feel. Share your pain. Share what uplifts you. Share how your relationships are going. Share your hopes and your fears. Let the Universe know. Ask for help if you need help. The Universe loves every word it hears from you. It cherishes you. No problem is too small for the Universe to heal. You don’t have to deal with it yourself.

You don’t have to be alone in this.

Just sit back in your chair, on your bed. Feel the Universe and talk. Just talk it out. Communicate, connect. Heal. Don’t keep it inside. You don’t have to keep it inside and you don’t have to be alone.

The healing I have received from the Universe is the most real, tangible, powerful feeling I have ever experienced. You just have to ask. All you have to do is exhale, and ask.

Being an Aromantic Asexual is Weird

Being an aromantic asexual is weird. We defy not one, not two, but three societal norms; heteronormativity, compulsory sexuality, and amatonormativity. It gets even weirder when you’re indifferent (even favourable!) when it comes to sex and romance because you think your experience is universal, that everyone feels the way you do. It’s not feeling wrong and broken and out of place. It’s feeling normal, and then realizing that you aren’t.

Thinking (read: assuming) that you’re straight for most of your life and then finding out you’re not is weird. Mostly because once you realize you’re not straight, it dawns on you that you feel the same way about boys that you do about girls and non-binary people. And then you wonder if you’re pansexual because they’re attracted to all genders, and you have to be attracted to someone, right? And then that thought is immediately dismissed because you don’t feel attraction, at all. But it doesn’t stop you from contemplating every other sexuality and romantic orientation, because you’ve been taught that everyone wants sex and romance.

And then you remember: you like sex and romance in fiction. You like seeing your friends in happy, healthy, consenting relationships, and you’d always assumed that one day, you’d be in one too. But you’ve never pursued one. You never had more than a fleeting interest in boys, and lingering but still platonic affection for your female and non-binary friends. Those “crushes” that you had in elementary school? Maybe not crushes after all, because God knows you haven’t had one in nearly eight years. The most powerful feelings you’ve had for another person have been squishes so intense that you had to look back and question if it was actually romantic attraction (spoiler: it wasn’t).

And then there’s that epiphanic moment when things start to fall into place. Why you were always so vehement that soulmates could be platonic too. Why the idea of loving someone more than your best friend is incomprehensible (because romantic love is always shown as being more. Hello amatonormativity). Why when you ship fictional pairings, there are people you want to get together romantically, people you want to be friends so bad, and the ships that you like the most are the ones that could go either way. Why you desire emotional closeness and intimacy with the people in your life, but that had always been conflated with sex and romance so you wondered if what you wanted was more than friendship. Why you want to take the expression “more than friends”and burn it to the ground because there is no vocabulary for friendship that exceeds “best friend” without crossing over into romantic and/or sexual territory.

You realize that your ideal relationship isn’t necessarily romantic. It’s best friends who cohabitate and snuggle and hold hands and go on adventures to the library together. Kissing and sex? Well, that’s more of an afterthought. A “yeah, that’ll probably happen somewhere in there.” An assumption, because you’ve been taught that primary, monogamous relationships are always romantic and sexual. You reflect and see that there are very few things that you see and inherently romantic, and that there is a lot of cross-over between things you consider platonic, sensual, and romantic. A grey area that you can’t define.

Being an aromantic asexual is weird, because while I’ve always said that you don’t need romance and sex to be happy, I now realize that it applies to me too.


Note from mod fitz: This has to be one of the most moving descriptions of this I have ever read. This exactly describes how I felt coming to the realization that I was not straight, and I think had I read this when I first began questioning it would have made things go a lot smoother for me. Thanks so much for submitting!

Why Harry Potter is in love with Draco Malfoy

Harry fell in love with the spark that lit Draco’s eyes ablaze before he got ready to argue about something incredibly stupid; with the way his top lip curved delicately like a bow atop a gift. He fell for the way Draco’s fingertips danced across the back of his neck and down his spine like ten fragile ballerinas. He fell in love with every wink, pinch, poke, smirk…

Harry fell in love with Draco when he hummed quietly to himself as he set the table for dinner when he thought no one could hear him. Draco’s singing filled Harry with the kind of happiness that made him feel able to create the world’s most powerful Patronus charm. He fell for the way Draco always smelled faintly of coffee; how he always kept his nails impossibly short and his hair impeccably combed.

He fell in love when Draco subtly let him win at chess to make him feel accomplished. He fell in love with early mornings under warm covers, holding Draco impossibly close to his heart because he had already lost so much and he couldn’t let go of the person who meant the most to him. He fell in love because Draco only laughed at old films and bad puns and was snarky to old people in the supermarket. 

Harry fell in love with the inside jokes they’d only talk about in front of Ron and ‘Mione to piss them off. With long talks under the stars about where they came from and how the universe was created. He fell in love each time they argued about who ate the last brownie in the pan (it was always Draco).

Harry fell in love all over again each time he stopped long enough to remember that, for the first time he could remember, he finally belonged to someone.  

Companion to this. This is to make up for the ridiculous amount of angry and personal posts today hahaha. I don’t exactly know where this came from; I’m having troubles thinking of things with actual plots so I keep writing these like… Things. Drabbles. Yeah. Anyways, I love you guys and I hope you all have wonderful nights/days/afternoons! xx


The Morning After

Sorry this took so long but thank you for being patient and thanks for your request!

Originally posted by the-mind-of-an-amateur

Waking up the morning after was never like they showed it in the movies. The reality was altogether a messier affair. Sheets clung uncomfortably in crevices, your bodies draped unceremoniously over one another, and a sweaty humidity still lingered in the air.

Jay was lightly snoring next to you. The scattered bits of sunlight that peaked through your bedroom curtains showed the stubble that lined his jaw. He looked almost innocent and you had to fight the impulse to kiss him.

How does he always manage to look so handsome?

You rolled over to check your phone that was charging on the bedside table. No new messages. A yawn escaped as you stretched your stiff muscles and wiped the sleep away from your eyes. Looking back over your shoulder to make sure Jay was still asleep, you went to wash yourself off in the bathroom. But his arm was pulling you back against him by your hips before your feet could touch the floor.

“Leaving me already?”

“Afraid I won’t come back?”

His face was nuzzled against the nape of your neck and you could feel his smile spread at your response.

“So feisty,” he teased, his hand shamelessly groping your ass. “But I haven’t given you permission to leave this bed. I’m not done having fun with you yet.”

“I feel gross, Jay. Let me go take a shower.”

His grip around you tightened in defiance when you tried to struggle free and you turned around to glare at him.

“You have to say the magic word first.”

“What are you? My mother?”

“Well if I remember last night I was your d-”

“Don’t remind me,” you groaned as you buried your face in the pillow. “It was a momentary lapse.”

His chest shook you as he chuckled and he leaned down to kiss the top of your head that was still exposed.

“I like your ‘momentary lapses.’”

He reached for your leg to lay it over his hip and your muscles clenched in anticipation. Jay smirked when he noticed your back arching at his touch. He loved how malleable you were in his hands. That just a simple touch could make you so willing. It was an affect he had on you that he would never be tired of.  He leaned closer to you so that he could nibble your earlobe.

“Your legs are like sandpaper, babe.”


You slapped him playfully on the chest before breaking free from his grip. He scrambled after you, the two of you tumbling across the bed in a mixture of limbs and laughter until Jay had you pinned underneath him. His eyes gazed fondly down at you as he swept a rogue strand of hair from your face. You rose up to meet his kiss and he shifted his weight to his elbows so that he could support your head. It left you with a sense of pride that you could still taste yourself on his lips.

“But seriously, babe. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m not even sore actually.”

He arched one of his eyebrows down at you as if your words were a challenge.

“I’ll have to fix that.”

Why girls wear makeup:
- Because it’s fun.
- Because its a creative way to express your style.
- It’s artistic.
-You can consider it a skill since it’s challenging when wanting to make it look very nice.
- It makes you feel confident.
- People like to see how many cool and different ways they can look.
- You feel like the most powerful princess ever.

Wearing makeup does not mean:
-They are insecure.
- They are unattractive.
-They want boys attention.
- They want your attention.
- They are sluts.
- They are fake.
Stop judging people based off of how they change their physical appearances due to their perception of how they want to look in order to be happy with themselves.