the most popular trolls in school

The Types as Fuckboys

ISTJ: the fuckboy looking for his manic pixie dream girl

ESTJ: Meninist fuckboy

ISFP: Stoner fuckboy

ISTP: Stoner fuckboy/white guy with dreads

ESFP: Original fuckboy™  /fuckboy with a band

ESTP: Jock fuckboy

INFP: fake deep fuckboy who tries to “save” you

ENTJ: fuckboy who always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, constantly talks over you

INTJ: fuckboy who breaks up w/you for being “too emotional”

INFJ: fuckboy who writes pretentious poetry

ISFJ: The “nice guy” fuckboy who gets friendzoned

ENTP: player fuckboy always talking to 100 girls at once/can’t commit

ENFP: charming fuckboy who constantly flirts w/other girls

ENFJ: controlling fuckboy, probably tries to do weird stuff like pick out your outfits for you and tell you how to cut your hair

ESFJ: most popular guy in school prom king fuckboy who will only date the most popular girl in school and is too worried about his image

INTP: fuckboy who trolls women on the internet/is secretly a brony

The most popular trolls in school

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D–> Hello Meulin. How’s it going?

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(^=._.=^)Well I’m dead and still living with my lusus in dream bubbles. I have an art digree at a night school. My purrbeast just died. I’ve lost 100% control of my hearing. There’s a pain in my wrist when I sign. I drive a 91 dodge neon. I have ovarian cysts. I sometimes I p33 the bed. I have worms. The only person who wants to fuck me is my occultist ex boyfriend ps he has his mouth stitched closed. Soooo I guess better than you.