the most popular girls in naruto

My biggest problem with this series is something a lot of the fans, especially the girls, agree with. Whether or not we ship the same things.

You know, how girls are treated in this series. They’re not as smart as the men, they’re not as strong as the men, they’re too sensitive, they’re too bitchy, their boobs aren’t big enough, their boobs are too big, they cry too much, they don’t cry enough, they’re too slutty, they’re too boring, the only girls that get attention are those whose lives revolve around men, I could go on and on about the complaints people have.

But I’m going to talk about one girl specifically, Hinata.

I don’t like her character, and for reasons not a lot of people talk about. And no, it’s not because I don’t ship NaruHina. We all know she’s the most popular Naruto girl. And yes, she is kind, shy, some fans say she is beautiful [though no one in the series or databooks actually says it], some say she is strong [though she’s never won a fight that wasn’t added in or expanded by Studio Pierrot] and she’s very agreeable. So why don’t I like her?

Because she fits the bill of the sexist man’s perfect woman. Here’s a clip from American Psycho, directed by Mary Harron, for reference

Really this entire clip can be applied not just to the entire Naruto series, but the Anime and Manga business as a whole. But for my point, I’m going to point out one quote specifically,

“A good personality consists of a chick with a little hard body who will satisfy all sexual demands without being too slutty about things, and will essentially keep her dumb fucking mouth shut.”

And look at the youtube comments below if you think men don’t think like this.

For those of you thinking, “No, she’s a good person!” She’s not a person, she’s a fictional character created by a man who paired her with another character based off of himself. If you don’t agree that she fits the bill…

…We’ve got Hinata with the huge rack that has been pointed out more than once in the series [chick with a little hard body]. Her entire character revolves around wanting to be with Naruto and wanting to do what he wants to do [who will satisfy all sexual demands], but of course she’s not going to just throw herself at him because oh gosh that would be inappropriate [without being too slutty about things], and she’s oh so shy so she won’t speak her mind whenever Naruto’s being dumb or unreasonable [and will essentially keep her dumb fucking mouth shut].

Yes, she does fit the bill.

Kishimoto is not kind to women in fiction, never has been. Even to Hinata, everyone’s favorite “Byakugan Princess” [because being the oldest girl in a family makes you a princess apparently]. Even since the beginning, with Sakura, Kishimoto created her to act like a “real girl” and not just what men want women to be like. You know what else he claimed he first made Sakura to be? Unlikable.

Despite how great of a person people claim she is, Hinata was not spared by Kishimoto’s sexism. She simply bothers me because she is not a good person, she is the direct result of misogyny.

  • Sakura: hey Sai-
  • Sai: [Punches Sakura's stomach]
  • Sakura: wHAT THE FUCK?!
  • Sai: You are one of my very best friends and I just couldn't stand by and let you throw away your life like this. yOU'RE TOO YOUNG! YOU'RE TOO BEAUTIFUL!
  • Sakura: what the fuck are you talking about...?
  • Sai: I'm talking about the baby that's going inside of your belly right now.
  • Sasuke: See ya. {leaves]
  • Sakura: I'm not pregnant!
  • Sai: Well not after that punch your not. heheh...
  • Sai: I've been talking Taijutsu lessons.
  • Sakura: I was never pregnant , Sai!
  • Sai: ......What....A-are you sure?
  • Sakura: You think fucking sure?!
  • Ino: I'm sorry but why the fuck is everybody yelling over here?!
  • Sai: Oh , I found this positive pregnancy test-
  • Ino: [Punches Sakura]
  • Sakura: oH mOTHERFUCKERS

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How do you think Naruto became so popular?Was it the ninja theme or the attention seeking protag?

Attention seeking protag. He wants to be popular. He thinks he’s an underdog/victim cos people at school don’t like him. He resents classmates who’re popular and have good grades. Same reasons Mean girls was a hit.

Some people say it’s because naruto is an outcast. Kaneki is an outcast, TG is not nearly as popular as naruto. Kaneki has moral dilemmas, people who like naruto don’t care about philosophical shit like that, they relate to superficial goals like becoming an important person and becoming popular.

Some people say it’s because naruto is a hard working underdog. Rock Lee is the hard working underdog, he’s not popular. Naruto is the chosen one, descendant of a god, blessed with the most powerful bloodline power. People like naruto cos he has MC privileges, not because he’s hard working.

Assassination classroom also has a whole class of underdogs who’re discriminated by the whole school. But the series isn’t popular in the west. (hugely popular in asia tho) It’s too aspiration, they’re students who study hard to get promoted back to the classes in main campus. Naruto only wants to be popular.

There’re only a few ninja things in the begining of the series, chidori and rasengan are typical elements abilities in shonen. I don’t think “foreign themes” have that much an impact on popularity, saumari manga are not popular in the west


Naruto + Harry Potter aesthetics │Uchiha Sasuke

♦ slytherin ♦ pure-blood ♦ seeker ♦ death eater

“Uchiha Sasuke was a pure-born wizard, one of the few living members of his family, only survivor of the massacre of the Uchihas. He is considered handsome by most girls his age, and his popularity only just growth when he is joined his house’s quidditch team as a seaker. Even for his popularity Sasuke have only just few friends. In his first year he met Uzumaki Naruto, who was later get shorted into Gryffindor and Haruno Sakura, who became a Ravenclaw student. From that thay they are just stuck together. This changed after his entire family was killed by Itachi (his brother), the person he most admired in the world. He became cold toward others, unmoved by and uninterested in what they do or think of him, choosing instead to keep to himself. His only goal in life became to take revenge for his family’s deaths. Thirsting for more power he- and some of his newly made friend, joined Lord Voldemort in his last year in Hogwarts, and take the dark mark.”

Naruto High School

Ino- Probably the most popular girl in her grade and every guy is dying to get in her pants (except Sasuke)

Sakura- Is secretly insecure about her looks and wishes Sasuke would notice her

Hinata- A shy closed girl who’s always withdrawn from conversations and loves drawing.

Temari- One of the prettiest but toughest girl in her class; no one ever dares to approach her

Tenten- A cheerful talkative girl who’s friends with about everyone. Has a secret crush on Neji Hyuga.

Lee- The most annoying kid in the class but people keep him around because he knows all the juicy gossips

Neji- One of the most attractive guys in his school. A straight A student who mostly keeps to himself and only hangs out with his close friends.

Sasuke- probably the most attractive guy in his class. He’s mysterious and mostly drawn back from conversations however is cheerful around his friends. Him and Naruto are really close.

Gaara- A well behaved quiet lad who mostly hangs out with Naruto and his brother Kankuro.

Naruto- The most popular guy in his class mostly because he’s really friendly with everyone. His closest friends are Sasuke and Gaara.

Shikamaru- probably the smartest guy in the whole school, people tease him for being a nerd but he doesn’t care. He’s really lazy and he tries to avoid women drama as much as possible because he thinks women are troublesome. He secretly has a crush on Temari and wonders how the heck does he like such a troublesome woman.

Sai- a quite emotionless student who rarely interacts with anyone and is labeled a ‘freak’ for having really pale skin. He has no friends.

Chouji- A sweetheart who likes helping everyone and offers tutoring people who need help with Math. He hates being called fat. He’s secretly insecure about his weight. He admires Karui from afar.

Karui- A quite forbidding Red head who everyone usually avoids because she looks intimidating when quite in fact, she’s a really nice person. She mostly hangs out with Temari.

Kiba- A loud messy lad who likes sneaking on girls while they change and takes his dog everywhere he goes. Is still a virgin but won’t admit it.

Shino- a mysterious, quiet lad who alienates most kids in his class. He’s good friends with Kiba and sometimes hangs out with Hianta.

Yahiko- A smart and friendly good looking guy who loves hanging out with his friends and values friendship above all. He has a secret crush on Konan.

Konan- Sakura’s cousin, a beautiful blue haired girl that stands up for her friends in need. She has a secret crush on Yahiko.

Nagoto- a dark haired boy who mostly gets bullied by Orichimaru and Kabuto. He only hangs out with Yahiko and secretly admires Naruto.

Kankuro- A tough looking lad who only hangs out with his brothers friends. There’s a rumour that he’s covered in tattoo’s but nobody can be sure because he never takes his shirt off.

Karin- A loud red head who’s always trying to get Suigersu’s attention. She’s really smart and she likes hanging out with Ino.

Jugo- a friendly guy but doesn’t like talking much. He can be really scary if you piss him off.

Kabuto- an older guy who intimidates about everyone. He likes showing off and thinks of himself to be better than everyone. No one dares to mess with him.

Orichimaru- a narrow eyed older guy who hangs out with Kabuto. Everyone is afraid of him mostly because if you stand in his way he could ruin you.

Itachi- Sasuke’s older brother who usually stands up to Orichimaru and Kabuto. He came to an agreement with them that he doesn’t care what they do as long as they don’t bother Sasuke.

Shisui- Itachi’s and Sasuke’s cousin. He only hangs out with Itachi and he hates Kabuto’s guts. He also likes helping Sasuke in his studies.

Kaguya- a rich thirsty for attention girl who takes pleasure in bullying Hinata to breaking point

Toneri- A transfer student who’s chasing Hinata everywhere trying to get her to date him but his straightforwardness and creepy talk about marriage results with Hinata keeping her distance.

Kakashi- A a carefree lazy science teacher. He enjoys reading porn and doesn’t make a secret of it. His relationship life remains a mystery.

Gai- A weird thick browed GYM teacher who likes competing with Kakashi to be the best at everything. Favours Lee and doesn’t make a secret of it.

Asuma- Material art teacher who favours Shikamaru but doesn’t make a fact of it. He’s rumoured to be dating Kurenai sensei but denies it.

Iruka- Math teacher who’s really friendly and secretly looks after Naruto.

Tsunade- School’s hot principle. She’s very intimidating.

Jiraya- School’s pervy vice principle who secretly has a crush on Tsunade.

I’m probably turning this into a fanfic after I finish my exams on Wednesday, i you’re interested in reading it, just reblog/favorite this and I’ll message you when I post it :-)

Oh and feedback would be very appreciated!

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As Naruto is a shounen, us boys prefer relationships like NH to SS. Naruto loves Hinata and treasures her, and Hinata is loyal to Naruto even tho he's not as handsome as Sasuke, NH is equally mutual from both sides; while Sasuke, when he came back in The Last, he didn't visit Sakura but left quickly, and he didn't put any effort in the relationship. SS is popular only 'cause the girls are active on tumblr and other social network, in fact NH is the real couple in most Naruto fans' hearts, not SS

There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.

Firstly, please don’t group and generalise male fans like that. I’m a guy and SS is my favourite ship in the series. We’re not obliged to prefer one relationship over the other. It being a shounen is no justification either.


“Naruto loves Hinata and treasures her, and Hinata is loyal to Naruto even tho he’s not as handsome as Sasuke”

If that’s your justification for NH being mutual and SS being one sided, then that’s very, very weak.

I can just as easily say “Sasuke loves Sakura and treasures her (Gaiden illustrates this. If you want me to explicitly explain it to you bit by bit then I will), and Sakura was loyal to Sasuke even though he was severely lost in darkness during the main story”.

Thirdly, the mere fact that you’re using Sasuke’s appearance in The Last as any kind of support isn’t doing your point any favours. His journey of redemption wasn’t over and he wanted to be by himself. Why does that portray SS as being one sided?

Fourthly, I’m so sick and tired of this “Sasuke didn’t put any effort in the relationship” nonsense. What do you guys mean by that anyway? Sasuke went on a journey of redemption in order to better himself as a person, so that if he were to enter a relationship with Sakura in the future, it would be as someone who didn’t have all those crimes weighing on his shoulders.

Now, Sakura did put in a lot of effort for Sasuke, but what did you expect? That was required in order to save him from the the curse of hatred. Sasuke was in a very dark place for the entire story, and saving him from that place needed far more than a little bit of effort from both Naruto and Sakura. Do you also feel that Sasuke put no effort into his friendship with Naruto? Because that’s the same flawed logic. Sasuke put Naruto through far more than he did to Sakura. The fact that they both never gave up on him, and that they both persisted in saving him, despite Sasuke’s seeming indifference to both of them, was one of the running themes of the story.

Lastly, again, don’t generalise the ship and fandom by claiming to know the apparent sole reason for SS’s popularity. I also don’t agree with this “real couple” nonsense either. Both NH and SS are canon, and both ships are as real as each other.

My beauty girl, you are only a character in my world, but you dont know how much I like your personality and your courage

My handsome boy, you’re one of the most popular sexy boy character, and I love you so much for try to be a better person now,

“Sasusaku is one of most interesting bonds in Naruto, especially regarding about love, a genuine love, a family love, a friendship love, the angst, the sacrifices, etc, that’s why i love it (not because the popularity, not because sasuke is the popular guy, not because sakura is the popular girl, not because they have good looks, not because we self-insert). If they are not interesting, then the fans, even the antis, why still talk about it?”

Yumikuri and ereri are on opposite sides of the salty shipper coin

Ereri is the most popular and it is complete crack shipping and its shippers are completely aware of that and it makes them bitter and argumentative

Yumikuri is actually honest to fucking God CANON but its shippers are still salty as hell and bitter and argumentative because their ship’s not “popular”

Like the ship themselves? I didn’t care for ereri and I liked yumikuri a lot but the shippers are so damn toxic it makes me wanna hurl

And now it’s almost a Pavlovian response to see either ship and feel nauseous

Ereri: our ship is canon stfu go die mikasa!! Lol Levi’s so gayyyy

Yumikuri: our ship is canon but it should like be the most popular ship ever why are all these girls shipping ereri when they could be shopping yuri which they have no interest in on account of being heterosexual females??!!

For the last time

People can’t help what they ship

Why can’t you just enjoy your goddamn ship and leave everyone alone

Goddamn I was mocking the naruto fandom for the shippers of the most canon of canon ship being so damn defensive but now I take it back

Naruto fandom, you are no longer the worst fandom

And that

Is all you really need to know about the snk fandom

My ideal ending for Naruto

If Kishimoto really wanted to appeal to the fans, there would be a SNS and kakairu ending because those are the MOST POPULAR PAIRINGS PERIOD. I’d get Naruto and Sasuke being co-hokages. It’d be two conflicting styles: Naruto being the more brash, act first think later person and Sasuke being more of the Think first Hokage. I don’t know if I described them well though.

But really, NaruSaku should’ve happened if they really wanted to pair off a girl and a guy. Naruto loves Sakura and Sakura likes Naruto. Where is the problem?

Sasuke would still be friends with Naruto and Sakura, he’d either be with Karin by himself. Either one is fine with me. I’d get my Team 7 reunion/movie and Hinata would be MIA.

Naruto would’ve been Hokage with Shikamaru as his advisor and Sasuke as his unofficial advisor/Head of ANBU.

Sakura would’ve been the head of the hospital.

Ino would’ve been head of the Intelligence agency. She’d own her family’s flower shop on the side.

Neji would’ve never died and he would’ve become the head of the Hyuuga clan with the bullshit segregation being torn down by Neji/Naruto.

Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, and Chouji would be heads of their clans and the rest of the Konoha ninja would be members of the ANBU or jounin. Except Hinata.
Hinata would still be knitting her magical scarf let’s be real.

Or there could’ve been no pairings period. Would’ve saved everyone a lot of trouble.

I’d prefer the narusasu ending the most, the narusaku one or the no pairings one would’ve been fine too.