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Why I Think Momo is Kickass and You should too

So with the emergence of the anime becoming more and more popular, of course the fan base is growing and growing, I would even say to heights like seen in Fairy Tail, Naruto, etc.

 However, with the series getting more popular, you are stuck with more….negative opinions about the characters that in my mind are sometimes just not necessary.

 Now, this blog is normally Ochako and Kacchako and I intend to mostly keep it that way but lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative posts towards Momo and frankly, I’m heavily displeased by this, especially since she’s one of the most well portrayed girls in the series and it’s really heartbreaking on my end to see posts that essentially dismiss her for more shallow reasons that don’t need to be here.

 I mean to start this off, are we going to simply forget that she came into UA on a recommendation and was a student that made even All Might shook when asked why Iida was the winner of the exercise

or how, even though the class didn’t know her, she was still voted to be Assistant Class President? 

 or how she was able to act calm and rational during the USJ villain fight?

 or how she still managed to get the top grade in the midterm exams and didn’t get it to her head but actually acted BENEVOTELY and helped her classmates who asked her for help?

or how it was HER plan that got Todoroki and her to win the exam that they were fighting in?

 But ya know, because of her BODY, we’re going to ignore that right? We’re going to ignore how amazing and how smart she is simply because of her body.  

I won’t lie guys, I’ve heard people complaining about her quirk and even saying how bad her quirk is designed when it’s like??? It actually makes a lot of sense why it’s like that since she does create large objects like shields, spears, A FREAKING CANON, like it makes sense for her to need to use fat call throughout her body to be able to achieve that look.

Which brings me to talk about her costume. Oh boy, this is the one that when I first entered the fandom, no one really said anything but now that the series is more popular, everyone has become experts on body proportions and quirk designs and apparently fashion design since her costume isn’t good enough for her.

I mean look at the costume design that Horikoshi put in for her and how he planned that all out for her

At some point, yes I understand, Horikoshi is a pervert, sometimes his intentions aren’t the best, I get that. But consider this, even though he had the ability to make Ochako’s and Tsuyu’s costumes completely perverted, he chose against that. He had the perfect opportunity to indulge in that yet he didn’t. What I love about Horikoshi is that he thinks about the practicality of the quirks and designs the costumes based on that as well taking into consideration the character’s personality and what they would want.

 So guys, at some point, reality check moment: Momo is comfortable with her body enough to wear a costume that she deemed necessary for the usage of her quirk. And she chose that design for that outfit and has not said a word about this entire series. She even had an opportunity to create it to be more closed and she chose not to. MOMO CHOSE HER OUTFIT AND VIEWS IT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER HERO WORK.

 In this moment too, I would like to share what even Midnight said during Episode 34 at the very beginning.

So another reality check: The only people who are saying it’s sexual are the people who are sexualizing her to begin with. Instead of viewing it as more of a practical thing that is designed for her quirk (which involves utilizing her fat cells and creating stuff through her skin), people begin to view as sexual and are condemning her for having a revealing costume. Which, to me personally, I find ironic since tumblr is filled with campaigns of free the nipple and the stopping of sexualization of breasts and female anatomy, yet look what’s happening here. People are taking her costume and saying she’s being sexualized for choosing a design that would give her optimal openness to use her quirk.

 I mean look at how she used it in the Aizawa fight

 Having that navel cavity helped her out immensely during this fight and she was able to create the alloy material in a much faster way with having access to areas where most of her fat is stored.

Which, I also heard people commenting on how Momo’s body doesn’t make sense and how skinny she is in comparison to her boobs (which I’ve seen that in real life, it’s not uncommon), but if you see in this spread

She actually isn’t the skinniest person in the world. Keep in mind that while she does use her fat cells to make stuff, she does also consume A LOT OF FOOD TOO to keep up with the level of activity too so she does get chubby sometimes so it’s a wrong assumption to think she has this INCRDIBLY PERFECT BODY WITH NO FAT when she does! Which only makes it only more natural and real!

Honestly, her entire arc in the beginning of the manga (or at least up into this exam point) has been so powerful, so realistic, and so amazingly well done.

I mean to consider, very similarly to Bakugou, while we haven’t gotten much of her backstory, given how she behaved in Season 1, we can have a somewhat assumption that she came from a great home and was well praised for her quirk. Obviously, her quirk isn’t one with a talent, she had to work immensely for it, but she must have been placed into situations where she was elevated and praised for how powerful her quirk is (like she was put in situations where she was able to be able to use her quirk to the fullest and not have much backfired).

Even Aizawa says this during their fight

Which does imply this isn’t a constant state she’s always been in, it’s one that has been gained since the sports festival (hence why the arguments that she should be shouldn’t be self confident are wrong). 

Yet, with coming to UA and being in a hero course, after participating in the festival, well she starts to crumble and kind of doubt her abilities against the others

 Like it starts off with her not getting a high ranking on the race

 Then she mentioned the issue with the cavalry battle later on but definitely the heavy hitter for Momo was her fight with Tokoyami where she was left in shambles since she wasn’t able to make much on an impact on the fight itself (which this was amplified more in the anime than the manga itself).

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Thus really bringing down her confidence. And now a lot of people screamed about how misogynist her hero training was and how demeaning it was which leads to 2 issues that some people forget about.

 1.     That there are multiple sides to being a hero. It’s not always the cookie cutter “fight villains, rescue people, rinse and repeat”. Even famous people in our society, even though their job is to act/sing/etc, they still go out and do publicity work and that’s what they do. It’s a part of being well known and using your abilities outside of the field you are in.

2.     This was all part of Momo developing. This was just another way to bring Momo down a couple more notches. It’s a bit cruel and hard but this was a way for Horikoshi to get her  out of her mindset and be exposed to something where her confidence could be lowered. Guaranteed if she was put into an actual hero training internship, she wouldn’t have been lowered as much as she did.

 Which could lead the argument that it wasn’t necessary to have any of that stuff happen to her but consider, would she have gotten in this state if she didn’t have those things happen and accumulate?

And would she have gotten her confidence back from Todoroki/Aizawa and execute an amazing plan without that encouragement from those moments?

Probably not.

 Ok this post is beginning to get way to long so I’m going to stop here before I go on and on and on about Momo. As much as Ochako is my best girl and I will forever sacrifice myself to her, even I have to admit Momo is utterly amazing and I only talked about what happened in the first 65 chapters. I didn’t even brush on how amazing she was during the invasion of the villains or how she managed to be a huge help in the rescue of Bakugou or even how kickass she was during the license exam (which she helped my princess Ochako and that pleased me so much). Momo is just more than the simple sexual object people are complaining her to be as, she’s an incredibly smart and amazing woman and Horikoshi put so much thought into her, more than what any of us could ever imagine. I am truly excited to see more of what she can do in the future and I hope she gains more fans since she truly deserves it.


Types of Naruto Fanfiction Tropes I Remember Over the Years
  • sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are on their way to train and they overhear all of their teammates calling them weak so they decide to get permission from tsunade to leave and train then they come back super boss level. sometimes comes back with kids and its obvious to tell who’s the dads but said dads are oblivious af to the fact
  • same as the above but the girls become rogue nin and somehow join the akatsuki and fall in love with whichever akatsuki member is in charge of their training
  • same as the above but this time its just sakura and hinata
  • sasuke and karin come back to konoha and someway, somehow, karin turns the entire village against sakura, including fucking tsunade [save for maybe one person that in all honesty sakura isn’t even close to, ex. shikamaru but according to sakura they’re just like siblings] so sakura decides to runaway and she joins the akatsuki who all love her because she’s been through so much and meanwhile in konoha everyone is shocked and hurt sakura left them and decide they must bring her back at all cost
  • same as the above but everyone still thinks sakura is weak etc and don’t want to save her but tsunade realized the error of her ways and makes everyone find her anyway
  • high school au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are the least popular girls at school who constantly get bullied [maybe temari is included, but usually just those four]. sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji are the most popular dudes in school with a shit ton of crazy fangirls. sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten all decide to stick up to the boys who are also bullies who in turn put all their bullying efforts onto the girls. but guess what, kakashi-sensei who is that teacher who’s always late af to his job/class is doing a group assignment AND GUESS WHO’S CONVENIENTLY PAIRED UP???
  • high school au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are all skater girls with no interest in dudes but new cute guys sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji fall head over heels in love at first sight but the girls are like buzz off.
  • did i mention that in all of these high school aus with sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten for some unexplainable reason they all live in this big house/apartment with each other
  • high school au where sakura is the only one being bullied and is for whatever reason the most hated and bullied girl in the entire school and the most popular [usually ino, sasuke, naruto, etc] decide to devise a plot where either naruto or sasuke trick sakura into falling in love with the respective guy then break her heart but they end up falling in love with her for real. sakura typically comes from a poor/troubled home that makes nards or sauce feel super bad
  • high school au where sakura is the most hated and bullied girl in school but finds solace and friendship by somehow befriending the most notorius kids in school that everyone calls the Akatsuki
  • sakura is the most hated and bullied girl in school but instead of the akatsuki thing, she actually has a nighttime persona and ironically enough that nighttime persona is super popular and loved by her peers and one of those peers, usually sasuke, falls for the persona and attempts to woo her whilst also being captivated by sakura whom he is annoyed by but also kind of is intrigued by
  • sakura isn’t being bullied but doesn’t stand out but she finds a new hobby in dancing or fashion or smth and the ppl who got her into it is the akatsuki
  • sakura is some kind of jinchuuriki like naruto like a ten-tailed wolf or smth and has been hated by the entire village her entire life save for best friend hinata. isn’t a sasuke fangirl but after being placed onto team 7 there is a love triangle. sometimes a love square if sai is thrown in as a first time ever 4 man squad thing is added
  •  sakura is chosen to be apart of an interrogation thing where she’s the medic for this particular person who turns out to be apart of the akatsuki but through their constant meetings and healing sessions, sakura falls in love with the person and they fall for her and share some passionate kiss and sakura typically helps this guy escape
  • tsunade has sakura to do an infiltration mission where she literally has to be arrested for some crime, escape authorities, and become a rogue ninja and join the akatasuki whilst somehow getting info about the akatsuki back to konoha. she typically falls in love with whoever she’s partnered with
  • the akatasuki actually need a medic nin to heal itachi’s eyes, so they decide to kidnap tsunade’s apprentice and force her to heal them and keep her forever. sakura typically either falls in love with itachi or with a diff member.
  • usually these above akatsuki fics have two ways of being handled: the characters are all p in character for what we’ve seen on screen or what is usually done– sakura sees the akatsuki as a bunch of goofballs that are actually nice af and konan is like a mother figure
  • sakura finds a box of cats outside her house and decides to take them in. these cats are usually the akatsuki
  • ‘The Future of Mrs Sakura ____’ au where every sakura ship is explored as this fortune teller person shows sakura her various futures with different guys and girls she could be married too. usually these fics are forever incomplete
  • sasuke is back in the village and is super flirtatious with sakura but sakura isn’t looking for love but finds it with someone else who isn’t sasuke. typically neji and sakura and neji support naruhina by being like chaperones on their dates cuz hiashi said thats the only way naruto and hinata can start courting each other
  • sasuke is back in the village, but this time sakura, hinata, ino, tenten, and typically temari shows up too, are all tired of their love lives/crushes so the girls decide to all date someone else. this is either super good or meh. best one i’ve ever read is Three Months y’all should read it, its 50 chapters long but bawse af
  • sakura goes back in time to prevent obito from dying and to save the future because the war is going shit and they’re side is losing. but sakura somehow falls for minato. she either knows who he is and is trying to get him to hook up with kushina but her arrival to the past fucked shit up so he isn’t into kushina anymore or kushina dumped him. or, sakura doesn’t know who minato is and they have a lot of sexual tension going on. naruto is usually brought up a lot of times and minato has this huge sense of jealousy and dislike of this naruto guy, which is amusing to the reader because we know that naruto is his son
  • another time travel fic but sakura has been chosen by some celestial being to change the past of someone who she subsequently falls in love with. like this fic Lost Year where she was trying to prevent Sasori from joining akatsuki it was p cute actually
  • modern rivalry au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are in a band and sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji are in a band
  • sakura, hinata, ino, or tenten wake up in the future where they are married to naruto usually and they have kids and everyone’s an adult.
  • after some incident between suna and konoha, temari is used as a peace offering for an arranged marriage. usually with either naruto or shikamaru
  • canon divergence where after the failed sasuke retrieval thing went down and kakashi was on his way to taking naruto back to konoha, they stumble upon tayuya who miraculously survived the attack and is taken back to konoha and she falls in love with naruto and vice versa. or maybe shikamaru
  • canon divergence where orochimaru took naruto under his wing by ‘saving’ him from his cruel fellow villagers and raising him in oto. naruto is good friends with the sound ninja 4/5 but he goes back to konoha for a spy mission. either falls for kin, tayuya, hinata, or sakura
  • canon divergence au where sakura’s parents died when she was young and was taken in by the akatsuki because konan’s motherly instincts kicked in and she convinced pein [the orange haired yahiko version b4 nagato’s big reveal] to let them keep her. usually titled smth like the akatsuki’s hime/princess/cherry/etc. she goes back to konoha for an infiltration mission if its planned for her to fall for sasuke, naruto, or neji instead of the usual akatsuki members if they just view her as their cute daughter/niece/sister
  • same as the above but it was hinata instead and the hyuga clan was wiped out by the akatsuki but konan couldn’t bring herself to kill this one baby that was in the arms of a dying woman
  • canon divergence where sakura is taken under orochimaru’s wing as a kid and goes back to konoha
  • sakura catches the attention of tobi who likes her a lot and they sneak around to meet and this way before it was confirmed tobi was obito or madara so there was like a shit ton of speculation
  • canon divergence where naruto was the one who saved karin from… wth was it a bear?? but that was before karin was revealed to be naruto’s cousin so after the reveal a lot of those fics were either deleted or forever incomplete

did i leave anything out? anyone else remember these tropes??

My biggest problem with this series is something a lot of the fans, especially the girls, agree with. Whether or not we ship the same things.

You know, how girls are treated in this series. They’re not as smart as the men, they’re not as strong as the men, they’re too sensitive, they’re too bitchy, their boobs aren’t big enough, their boobs are too big, they cry too much, they don’t cry enough, they’re too slutty, they’re too boring, the only girls that get attention are those whose lives revolve around men, I could go on and on about the complaints people have.

But I’m going to talk about one girl specifically, Hinata.

I don’t like her character, and for reasons not a lot of people talk about. And no, it’s not because I don’t ship NaruHina. We all know she’s the most popular Naruto girl. And yes, she is kind, shy, some fans say she is beautiful [though no one in the series or databooks actually says it], some say she is strong [though she’s never won a fight that wasn’t added in or expanded by Studio Pierrot] and she’s very agreeable. So why don’t I like her?

Because she fits the bill of the sexist man’s perfect woman. Here’s a clip from American Psycho, directed by Mary Harron, for reference

Really this entire clip can be applied not just to the entire Naruto series, but the Anime and Manga business as a whole. But for my point, I’m going to point out one quote specifically,

“A good personality consists of a chick with a little hard body who will satisfy all sexual demands without being too slutty about things, and will essentially keep her dumb fucking mouth shut.”

And look at the youtube comments below if you think men don’t think like this.

For those of you thinking, “No, she’s a good person!” She’s not a person, she’s a fictional character created by a man who paired her with another character based off of himself. If you don’t agree that she fits the bill…

…We’ve got Hinata with the huge rack that has been pointed out more than once in the series [chick with a little hard body]. Her entire character revolves around wanting to be with Naruto and wanting to do what he wants to do [who will satisfy all sexual demands], but of course she’s not going to just throw herself at him because oh gosh that would be inappropriate [without being too slutty about things], and she’s oh so shy so she won’t speak her mind whenever Naruto’s being dumb or unreasonable [and will essentially keep her dumb fucking mouth shut].

Yes, she does fit the bill.

Kishimoto is not kind to women in fiction, never has been. Even to Hinata, everyone’s favorite “Byakugan Princess” [because being the oldest girl in a family makes you a princess apparently]. Even since the beginning, with Sakura, Kishimoto created her to act like a “real girl” and not just what men want women to be like. You know what else he claimed he first made Sakura to be? Unlikable.

Despite how great of a person people claim she is, Hinata was not spared by Kishimoto’s sexism. She simply bothers me because she is not a good person, she is the direct result of misogyny.

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I have a feeling most Sakura haters didn't actually finish the series because they keep calling her weak, irrelevant, useless, only trying to make Sasuke hers, always crying for help (the only time she did it was during the Pain arc right?). I myself used to hate her and believed those comments, and guess what, i didn't even know a fucking thing about Naruto back then. I was blindly following the movement, without actual knowledge of the character or the series

 The fault is  at the anime who ruined her character by adding constant fillers that basically made her go ooc all the time. And considering most of the Naruto fans are only anime watchers they cannot tell the Huge Difference that exists in Sakura as a character whhen yoyou compare her manga (and canon) self to the downplayed heroine that studio pierrot trashs on

Be it her personality



Or her looks

But leaving the anime aside most of the haters are either

  • Buthurt shippers
  • Fanboys of other girls *cough you know who I’m talking about cough*
  • Selfinserted fans who think of sakura as the popular girl who wants the “bad boy” (which is absolutely not the case but hey let them think that if it makes them sleep at night
alternate 700 ending where:
  • where the endgame ships were narusasu and sakuhina
  • plus the other ships but continuing on
  • when sns got married and wanted kids, hinata was their surrogate mother and alas that is how boruto uzumaki was born
  • more surrogate stuff later, sarada and himawari haruno are sakuhina’s best girls
  • neji lived and he became a huge hitter in hyuga clan politics and got the cursed seal on the branch members revoked
  • naruto is stil busy being hokage, but he is actually able to balance his work with raising his child and will have his shadows clans do work for him rather than miss his own kid’s birthday
  • naruto also doesn’t tell boruto to just call him “seventh hokage” when in public because that would be hypocrtical considering the fact he called tsunade and the third “grandma” and “grandpa” respectively
  • sasuke’s soul searching redemption travels ended a long time ago and he is a permanent resident here in konoha
  • after hinata got her haircut, she and her lovely wife, sakura, took a selfie with the caption ‘wives with matching hair’
  • sakura runs her hospital like the bamf she is
  • sasuke is the protective dad. fight me on this. date nights when boruto was a baby was always cut short because he worried too much about boruto soooo date night became watching elmo on late night tv on the couch with their son
  • inojin and boruto fight over who is auntie sakura’s fav nephew. sakura tries the ‘you’re both my favourite’ thing, it doesn’t work
  • shikadai had a crush on his auntie hinata and it was fucking cringe for boruto, sarada, himawari, and inojin
  • kiba is apparently the fav uncle, but it’s a fight between him and rock lee on who is the ultimate fav
  • sasuke is a part time teacher at the ninja academy. nothing too permanent. he’s the annual sex ed teacher. his version of sex ed is basically:
  • tbh no one knows how sasuke is still teaching sex ed but at least his methods get the job done
  • hinata and ino are shopping buddies
  • when hinata goes on missions she makes her girls promise to not trash the house while she is away
  • temari, ino, and sakura have their multiple meet ups all the time
  • the sasuke retrieval squad, lee, and sasuke all meet up from time to time and drink sake and laugh and talk about the sound ninja 4/5 and the hell they went through trying to get sasuke’s ass back in the village
  • between the next gen, it is all mutually agreed that narusasu’s house is the best house to play games because it is a large house but sakuhina’s house is the best to go to for great snacks because hinata makes these large and tasty cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate
  • naruto and hinata are gardening buddies
  • team 7 meet up every two weeks to eat at ichiraku ramen together. yamato and kakashi talk about how much trouble these youngsters put them through as kids. sai makes light jabs at sakura, naruto, and sasuke but all in good fun
  • narusasu family pictures
  • sakuhina family pictures
  • naruto and sasuke had a small and private wedding with their close friends. sakura got drunk and emotional
  • sakura and hinata’s wedding was larger because it wasn’t just friends and family but the entire hyuga clan. naruto gave the drunk best man speech and sasuke was sighing and shaking his head at his husband’s antics but he loves this dork so much
  • sasuke and sakura are good friends. sakura pwns him in arm wrestling matches tho and sasuke is lowkey a huge bag of salt because “you’re cheating” “sasuke, you can’t cheat in arm wrestling. pay up” “i hate you” “get rekt”
  • ino brags all the time about how she helped get sakura and hinata together and that she should be the godmother of the kids. naruto takes offense to that. sakura and hinata have yet to choose godparents for sarada and himawari
  • chouchou and sarada are still bffs, divas in training
  • tsunade thinks naruto and sakura have chosen the perfect spouses
  • a part of sasuke died when boruto told him that he had a crush on shikadai (after shikadai’s weird crush on boruto’s auntie hinata subsided) his son doesn’t need a crush. “boys are awful, insensitive creatures!!” “…. dad, we’re boys” “did i ask for your witty response?”
  • chouchou was the most popular girl in the academy and got a bunch of love letters all the time
  • someone reblog and add onto this because this is good shit

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tbh i don't see how it's not obvious to anyone that if sns were het, people would be all over it and it undoubtedly would've been canon. nobody would've disputed it. sometimes i think it would've been one of the most popular het ships ever. i see some people say that it still wouldn't have become canon if it were het, because the basis of their relationship is friendship, but it's easy for them to say that now because it's not het. sasuke and naruto are guys. but i can guarantee that if [1/?]

sasuke or naruto had been a girl, those same people would be all over sns because of how fleshed out the relationship is and how deep their bond goes. hell, even if sns had been het and written purely as friends, it still wouldn’t stop those same people from shipping it because they’d see them interacting and interpret their behavior towards each other as romantic, even if it wasn’t romantic. it’s just kind of funny to me that they try so hard to deny it would be canon and deny that it’s [2/3]

heteronormativity that s/s and n/h even happened and would mean sns being canon if it were het, because it’s just. it’s undeniable. make one a girl, and suddenly everyone can see it as romantic. there’s just no denying it. [3/3]

Yes, people mainly deny SNS because of gender. I always see people saying: “They’re not gay” or something like that. They never look at the bond, the development, the meaning behind their words. They overlook all these important elements needed in a relationship simply because they are two guys.

People who say that Sasuke and Naruto can’t have romantic feelings for each other just because they are friends really makes me laugh. What is the basis for a good and healthy relationship? I’m sure it isn’t one-sided crushes. Love is what blooms from friendship. 

There is a reason why so many N/H moments were copied from SNS. You can check out this post which talks about recycled SNS moments. The Last is a prime example of copied SNS moments but I’m sure you know about those already.

I think one of the more important scenes is Hinata “protecting” Naruto from Pain. To be honest, there is nothing romantic about that scene. From Hinata’s point of view maybe. But overall, that scene was pretty plain and a cheap rip-off of Sasuke protecting Naruto from Haku. Like, c’mon, that scene had 10x more emotions and impact.

No one will ever convince me that this isn’t meant to be romantic and that Hinata getting thrown in the air like a ragdoll for some reason is.

Oh and also

Seems familiar, right?

Needless to say, these forced canon pairings actually prove that Sasuke and Naruto could have been canon if only one was a girl :)

wanna one as girls I knew in middle school

sungwoon: got mad if ppl called her short but had her height in her Instagram bio and always wore shirts that said “I’m not short I’m fun size” with tinker bell on it and also posted short memes on Facebook 24/7

jisung: SO RANDOM XD omg she would like yell “cheese!!!” during class cuz she’s weird like that!! would wear silly socks and was super into adventure time. would reblog those Tumblr posts w a chain of like 50 gifs

minhyun: the smart girl everyone would try to sit next to so they could cheat. way too eager to raise her hand and answer questions in class. corrects the teachers but in an annoying unnecessary way. reminds the teacher about homework

jaehwan: the only girl who could maybe sing so she had to sing a song for every assembly/performance the school did, and she always overdressed for it and wore like 50 inch heels that she couldn’t walk in

Daniel: pretended to be a cat, would walk up and go meow :3. always writing poems that were bad. everyone thinks she’s low key weird. would dye her hair badly and it would fade in like 2 days

Seongwoo: the funny girl that the random girl wished she was. very popular, everyone loved her, she won class president and didn’t do a single thing. always on the dance floor at the middle school dances. fake quirky

baejin: tries to be emo/scene but her parents won’t let her dye her hair so she used bad clip in hair that she bought at hot topic. super into invader zim. has “I hate people” in her Instagram bio 

daehwi: every boy has a crush on her bc she’s popular and nice but so nice that she seems fake. super preppy, gets asked out like once a week, and grades r impeccable, she the MC for most school events (ong is jealous cuz she knows she could be funnier)

woojin: the weeaboo. has a hetalia backpack and always uses random Japanese words. she Naruto runs through the halls. thinks you’re lame if you don’t listen to vocaloids.

guanlin: the sporty girl who always has her hair in a ponytail. she’s rlly nice but also so intimidating. gets WAY too into soccer during gym class, and also has “ball is life” in her ig bio but with every sports ball emoji. also “god first” 

jihoon: posts selfies on Facebook that have writing on them like “I love my friends!” and tags literally everyone but its only so people are obligated to like it. has photoshoots jumping with friends outside during lunch. tries to be cool and aesthetic and also makes bad Instagram comics

  • Sakura: hey Sai-
  • Sai: [Punches Sakura's stomach]
  • Sakura: wHAT THE FUCK?!
  • Sai: You are one of my very best friends and I just couldn't stand by and let you throw away your life like this. yOU'RE TOO YOUNG! YOU'RE TOO BEAUTIFUL!
  • Sakura: what the fuck are you talking about...?
  • Sai: I'm talking about the baby that's going inside of your belly right now.
  • Sasuke: See ya. {leaves]
  • Sakura: I'm not pregnant!
  • Sai: Well not after that punch your not. heheh...
  • Sai: I've been talking Taijutsu lessons.
  • Sakura: I was never pregnant , Sai!
  • Sai: ......What....A-are you sure?
  • Sakura: You think fucking sure?!
  • Ino: I'm sorry but why the fuck is everybody yelling over here?!
  • Sai: Oh , I found this positive pregnancy test-
  • Ino: [Punches Sakura]
  • Sakura: oH mOTHERFUCKERS
HMQ’s NaruHina fanfic masterpost 1/?

Ok so no one asked me to do this buuut I wanted to so here we go.

I’ll prob edit this as new works are published and when I find them. Btw, the order is irrelevant.

Also, sometimes “In-Progress” = “Incomplete” sadly…

part 1 / part 2 / part 3

**UPDATED AS OF 20/02/17**


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anonymous asked:

Kishi has a screwed sense of the female mind.Going by kishis manga it seems like he thinks females prioritize romance.Sakuras whole character was "I must get stronger to save Sasuke-kun" the man she loves.Hinata-"I wish I could stand by naruto-kun."the man she loves.All obsessed fans are female,as if girls spend all their time obsessed with the cool,hot,popular boy.I know they were little but most girls aren't like that to guys in real life, he based p1 sakura on how he saw girls(annoying,mean)

That’s not true at all.

  • There’s far more to Sakura’s character than saving Sasuke, and saving him wasn’t her only incentive to get stronger.
  • Hinata’s desire to stand by Naruto’s side doesn’t mean that she “prioritised” romance.
  • Not only were those two not “obsessed”, but just as a little reminder, the entire reason that Obito caused all the shit that he did in the series was because of his own love life. He’s by far the biggest example of an “obsessed” character who “prioritised romance” above all else, and yeah, he’s male.
  • You’re allowing a ridiculously small minority of fangirls towards Sasuke at the very beginning of the show to influence how you think apparently all girls were perceived.
  • And no, that’s not what Kishi based Pt.1 Sakura on, because Pt.1 Sakura can’t be described as such in the slightest at any point after chapter 33.

Yes, Kishi has said he sometimes struggled with writing the female characters, but the manner in which people can blow this out of proportion sometimes is more than annoying. Kishi doesn’t have “a screwed sense of the female mind”.


Naruto + Harry Potter aesthetics │Uchiha Sasuke

♦ slytherin ♦ pure-blood ♦ seeker ♦ death eater

“Uchiha Sasuke was a pure-born wizard, one of the few living members of his family, only survivor of the massacre of the Uchihas. He is considered handsome by most girls his age, and his popularity only just growth when he is joined his house’s quidditch team as a seaker. Even for his popularity Sasuke have only just few friends. In his first year he met Uzumaki Naruto, who was later get shorted into Gryffindor and Haruno Sakura, who became a Ravenclaw student. From that thay they are just stuck together. This changed after his entire family was killed by Itachi (his brother), the person he most admired in the world. He became cold toward others, unmoved by and uninterested in what they do or think of him, choosing instead to keep to himself. His only goal in life became to take revenge for his family’s deaths. Thirsting for more power he- and some of his newly made friend, joined Lord Voldemort in his last year in Hogwarts, and take the dark mark.”

Why Shipping SNS Isn’t “Unrealistic” & Shippers Aren’t Delusional

Being a SNS shipper with pretty much all SS/NH mutuals (due to the fact that this is a Sakura-centric blog) I’ve been seeing a lot of, for lack of a better word bullshit floating around as of late. Everywhere I turn my anti - SNS mutuals are calling shippers “delusional” because how in the world could we ever perceive such a “brotherly” bond to be gay? (I think when I’m having conversations with people they tend to forget that although I do multi-ship SNS is where the largest chunk of my heart lies.)

This won’t be a post explaining why I do believe Sasuke and Naruto are in fact canonically in love (that post is coming tomorrow courtesy of the NaruSasu loving minds of myself and @uchiha-affair​ ) but rather why it isn’t delusional, “reaching” or even remotely unrealistic for people to ship it period. 

I’ll try to make it as short as possible though it’s hard for me as I tend to ramble hehe. 

Disclaimer: As I stated above I do believe that SNS is romantically real and all of the examples used do (to me at least) have romantic connotations. If you believe that this in some way skews my judgement don’t even bother reading.

Let’s jump right in :) 

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anonymous asked:

I personally think Sasuke had it worse than Naruto. Being alone & shunned since birth is NOTHING compared to having your own family murdered in front of you. I don't like Sasuke but what he went through was pathetic especially with his shitty older brother. I never got those beta fanboys always bitching & whining that Naruto had it "hard", so Sasuke was popular with girls, WHO GIVES A FUCK??? They are shallow Hinata-fapping Team 7 haters.

I don’t like victim characters or sob story Olympics myself. I think the difference between naruto and sasuke’s sob stories is Naruto’s extent of suffering was assumed, it’s not shown on panel. People tend to overinterpret and overstate his conditions. On panel, K11 treat Naruto normally. Neither Sakura or Sasuke ever showed fear or disgust at him being a jinnchuriki. Even when they disliked him in the beginning, it’s for other reasons, it’s just his personality they disliked. No one in K11 showed any reluctance to interact with Naruto because he’s a jinchuriki. Whenever I hear naruto stans cry over his “extreme loneliness and isolation”, I’m like “where? in his own thoughts…” If you like to imagine he had it worst, that’s fine, I’m just saying that’s not what happened in the panels.

I think the most insightful thing I’ve read about Sasuke’s character is his life is a roller-coaster adventure of mindfuck. And most of it is on panel.  His first mindfuck was Itachi mindraping him by forcing him to watch his brother murdering his parents repeatedly for 72 hours. Then the next was when just before Itachi left Konoha, he told Sasuke he never loved him, he was just pretending he’s a loving elder brother all this time. It hurt Sasuke so much he activated his sharingan. In one night, Sasuke saw his parents killed by his brother, witnessed a massacre and found out his brother never loved him, and from now on he had to hate his brother and kill him. So Sasuke’s mindfuck adventure started spectacularly at the age of 7 XD.

For a brief period after he’s put in team 7, Sasuke was kinda wavering between revenge and a normal life with friends and a dog. But it didn’t last long, Itachi showed up, and mindfuck roller-coaster picked up momentum again. So Itachi and Sasuke met, Itachi beat him up, told him he’s a piece of useless shit, a weakling who lacked hatred, then mindraped him into a coma. Every time Itachi barged into Sasuke’s life, he deepened Sasuke’s psychological trauma, pushed him further into the direction of self destruction, all for the benefits of Konoha. This time he also gave Sasuke another mindfuck false info for no reason, he told Sasuke to kill his best friend cos apparently that’s how Itachi thought mangekyou sharingan works lol.

So Sasuke went on to fight Itachi and beat him, and he dropped dead. Sasuke thought he closed that chapter of his life, that’s the end of the rollacoaster ride. But of course it’s not, the fucking train started moving again. Obito told him the truths about the massacre, everything he’d believed were lies, his hatred and revenge was misdirected, his perception of the massacre, his clan and the village were false, his life had been turned up side down for the 2nd time. He’s going through the roller coaster loop, and what followed immediately was a almost vertical drop. Because he’d lost all bearings in life, he’s free falling, he just didn’t give a fuck. It’s a very thrilling ride, I wish Kishi finished writing this mindfuck adventure, but he just left it there. I wonder if Sasuke finds life boring now after such tumultuous childhood.

In comparison, Naruto’s sob story feels mundane to me. Most of it was just he talking about himself and his feelings but you don’t really get to see events that actually show the stuff he’s whining about. Loneliness and unpopularity are really really common things in shonen, they don’t really interest me. And the way naruto fandom interpret his misery was even more mundane and shallow, like you said they think not being popular with girls is like a huge tragedy. 

Kishimoto kept pushing Naruto and Sasuke are similar, but their sob stories are fundamentally different. The things that Naruto couldn’t deal with didn’t even bother Sasuke. Sasuke was fine with loneliness and solitude, he also didn’t care about popularity or what people think of him. Like most of Kishi’s “he’s just like me” parallels, they don’t make sense.

grechka34  asked:

Sometimes I wonder how popularity in Naruto works. Before joining Pixiv I was sure all Naruto Pixiv will be about SNS and there will be decent amount of SasuSaku arts. I was amazed to see SS as the most popular Naruto couple at Pixiv. Next, in my country if you check Naruto comments it all will be about how much they love NH and SNS, I was sure that SS is not really popular in my country but after I checked official pages I was surprised that SS community is the biggest one.

NH community was the 2nd one and SNS the 3rd. What surprised me even more Sakura community was the most popular one among Naruto female characters (with 9000 members) and Hinata is 2nd one (6000 members). So I just wonder where all SasuSaku and Sakura fans. Are they just tired to explain something to Antis and just enjoy their girl and pairing? Or they just feel that it is not necessary to prove something in the comments?

well, haters always tend to be the loudest ones. it is in fact true, that most just want to enjoy what they like without having to prove it to somebody over and over and over again. because haters, real haters, will never understand. hating is their hobby.

Naruto and Sakura

On November 30th, I was asked by an Anon:

“Can you do an analysis on Naruto and Sakura’s bond? If you don’t mind :-)”

Anon, this is for you :)

In their very early genin days, Naruto and Sakura didn’t have much of a relationship to speak of; Sakura was simply a girl that Naruto had a crush on: 

But unfortunately for him, Sakura only had eyes for Sasuke, the person who irritated him the most, and she would instead treat him similarly to how everyone else treated him; with disdain due to his constant misbehaviour:

I’m sure Naruto wouldn’t have been as bothered by the situation if Sakura had been pursuing someone else, but because it was Sasuke of all people, the irritation factor was multiplied; he couldn’t understand for the life of him why someone as arrogant and stoic as Sasuke was as popular as he was:

At this point, both Naruto’s crush on Sakura, and Sakura’s crush on Sasuke were rather similar; they were both quite shallow, and were largely based on external appearances rather than internal acceptance.

For Sakura, this began to change during the Land of Waves when she felt the pain of potentially losing Sasuke, and her feelings for him started to develop. But despite this, her respect for Naruto was also slowly beginning to grow. The frequency at which he used to talk about his dream of becoming Hokage used to annoy her. However, it had now become somewhat endearing to her, and when the 10th and final question in the written exam was upon them, she feared for Naruto’s chances to answer correctly, because she was aware that he wasn’t very academically gifted:

She therefore wanted to protect Naruto’s dream, because she knew just how much it meant to him, and she didn’t want to see it get taken away from him. Whether Sakura had realized it yet or not, Naruto had become an important friend to her, and she wanted to preserve his “impossible dream”:

However, Naruto, being the “Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja” that he is, refused to back down from the challenge, and instead opted to blindly face the unknown question head on: 

To which his peers just couldn’t help but silently respect him for. Sakura was still no doubt nervous about the situation, but was highly inspired by Naruto’s bravery, and could at least rest assured that if he did fail the question, then he did so on his own terms, and gave it everything he had. He was indeed “That kind of idiot”, and she admired him greatly for it:

After having spent more time with Sakura, Naruto started to look beyond the exterior, and he noticed the beautiful person behind the pretty pink hair and green eyes. His feelings for her were no longer just a shallow crush, they were genuine, and were put on full display when he gave it his all to protect her during his fight with Gaara.

However, if the depth of his feelings for Sakura had only leapt, the depth of Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke had soared. He had observed this first hand in the hospital, and saw how much she felt for him, and also noticed that Sasuke, at least on some level, cared for her too:

It was probably at this point that he began to think that Sakura may forever be out of his reach romantically. However, instead of wallowing in self pity over it, he displayed a melancholic smile instead, and respectfully gave them their time alone. Being Sakura’s close friend was good enough for him: 

What followed was an event that would create a very strong bond between them in the future. Following Sasuke’s defection from the village, and Sakura’s failure to stop him, she begged Naruto to return him to Konoha. She felt that at this point, Naruto would be the only one able to get through to Sasuke: 

After again witnessing the sheer depth of Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke, Naruto displayed a familiar melancholic smile, and commented on how much she truly loved Sasuke. Naruto was able to empathize with the feeling:

But to Naruto, Sakura’s happiness was a priority. Thus, he made the “Promise of a Lifetime” to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. Their future mutual endeavour to bring Sasuke back would serve as a catalyst to bring the two of them closer:

Following Naruto’s words of encouragement, Sakura thought to herself how Naruto had always been able to help her when she needed it, and was eternally grateful to him that here he was once again, helping her when she truly needed it. Naruto even added the “Nice guy pose” as further reassurance of his eventual success, as Lee would soon highlight :)

Unfortunately though, Naruto would fail to bring Sasuke back to the village (at least for now), and once Sakura overheard this, her heart sank:

However, despite his initial loss to Sasuke, Naruto kept his spirits high and refused to give up:

Sakura appreciated Naruto’s positivity and attempted to do the same, because she didn’t want Naruto to push himself to the point of endangering his life:

However, Naruto would persist, because it’s his Nindo; it’s his ninja way to never go back on his word:

After witnessing Naruto’s resolve, Sakura took a look at herself, and realized that she was always relying on her teammates for everything, and refused to allow Naruto to shoulder the burden all by himself again.

Naruto’s contagious optimism eventually affected her too:

And she then apologised to him for the burden she had placed on his shoulders, and not only promised him that she’ll become much stronger and reliable, but she also and assured him that the next time they would try to bring Sasuke back, they would do so together:

Following their 2.5 year training, Sakura made good on her promise; she had become much stronger and dependable, and when they went to retrieve Sasuke from Orochimaru’s hideout, they had done so together. She had definitely changed for the better. Thus, despite their continued lack of success in the matter, they were now at least able to share in the pain together, learn from the experience, and try again with even more fervour to return Sasuke to the village when the next opportunity would present itself.

However, one thing that hadn’t yet changed were Naruto’s feelings for Sakura. Sai had mentioned this to Naruto shortly following their return from Orochimaru’s hideout, and asked him if he had told her about how he felt:

But with promises meaning so much to Naruto, he didn’t think it was right to tell her how he felt when he couldn’t yet keep his promise to her:

But despite this, their relationship continued as normal, and they became akin to siblings; a stark contrast to how they were towards the beginning of the series. They had grown closer through mutual respect:

And through the Promise of a lifetime, and the promise she had made to him after his loss to Sasuke:

They were also bonding through their desire to save their dear friend from the darkness, and return him to the village:

After Naruto’s triumph against Pain, his relationship status with the village skyrocketed. He was initially considered an annoyance to the commoners of Konoha, but now he was the village hero. People were finally able to look past his label as “The 9 Tails Jinchuuriki”, and see the beautiful boy within. Sakura had noticed this far sooner though, and gave him the adulation he so deserved in front of the onlooking spectators:    

A little later on, after Sai had witnessed Naruto’s willingness to get severely beaten on Sasuke’s behalf, he connected it to the promise that Naruto had told him he had made to her. He then informed Sakura of Naruto’s feelings for her:

Sakura would then recall Naruto’s words of empathy to her, and began to realize just how much Naruto had pushed himself and put himself in harm’s way, and she thought this was all for the sake of fulfilling his promise to her.

This realization would leave Sakura in tears, for how much she had unknowingly caused Naruto to suffer:

However, Sai would push further. He continued to emphasise just how seriously Naruto took the Promise of a Lifetime, and he would go so far as to describe it as a curse that had been placed on him, and state that although Sasuke does indeed cause Naruto pain:

She caused caused him just as much pain because of the promise between the two of them. Sai’s words cut Sakura very deep here:

Although, it has to be said that Sai went overboard in his assertions. The promise between the two of them was not Naruto’s sole incentive for pushing himself as hard as he did for Sasuke’s sake (as Naruto would make clear later), and to think so is rather demeaning to Naruto and Sasuke’s bond. 

Therefore, I think Sai’s failure to completely understand the situation led to him giving Sakura a little bit of a false impression here, because she felt that Naruto was only pushing himself so hard for her sake and his promise to her. This may ultimately have led to Sakura’s fake confession:

After hearing her words, Naruto was initially stunned, but he very quickly adjusted and looked at her rather incredulously; he wasn’t having any of it:

He quickly remembered several instances in which Sakura had demonstrated just how deep her love for Sasuke was, and absolutely refused to believe that she’d be able to discard them at a moment’s notice:

Sakura then tried to justify her apparent change of heart by claiming that “They say a woman’s heart is as interchangeable as the Autumn sky”, but Naruto knew Sakura better than that; he knew that when it came to Sasuke, Sakura was anything but fickle. Thus, he essentially told her to stop lying to herself: 

Sakura then explained how concerned she was for Naruto’s well being, because she knew that chasing after Sasuke always resulted in Naruto putting himself in harm’s way:

So she sought to free him from his promise to her, in order to ensure his safety and well being:

However, Naruto would clarify to her that the Promise of a Lifetime didn’t have anything to do with how far he was willing to go in order save his dear friend:

He was doing this because he wanted to:

I feel like it was at this point that Naruto’s romantic feelings for Sakura began to lessen. He was taken aback by her sudden confession for all of one second, and quickly realized that something wasn’t right, and during the whole ordeal, he gave absolutely no indication that he still harboured feelings for her at all, even though he most likely did. Previously, he would at least display some form of sad smile or expression when realizing how much Sakura still loved Sasuke. Now, he didn’t do any of that, and was instead actually angry that Sakura was lying to herself about her feelings. 

I feel that if at this point, Naruto’s feelings for her were as strong as they once were, he would have given some indication of it, but this wasn’t seen in the slightest. I therefore think that this marked where he began to partially move on. He’d retain some of his crush habits (such as the girlfriend comment during the war), but nothing serious.

Speaking of the war, it was here that Sakura once again demonstrated how much she admired and respected Naruto. When he was on the verge of death, she gave everything she had to save his life:  

She performed CPR on him while manually pumping his heart with her own hand, so as to keep him alive long enough to reach his father in time:

And while she did so, she would recall many instances in which Naruto’s face lit up while he was talking about his dream. She wanted Naruto to live and fulfill the dream he has had for so long, because it was nothing short of what he sincerely deserved. It was no longer an “impossible dream” as she had once described it. It was plausible, and she was determined to make it a reality:

In the 2 years that followed the war, Sakura and Hinata would grow rather close. Sakura was aware of how much Hinata loved Naruto; she had seen it first hand when Hinata single-handedly protected him with her life from the biggest threat the village had seen since the attack by Kurama:

And subsequently told him of her feelings directly, just in case she wouldn’t survive her confrontation with Pain:

The look in Sakura’s eyes as she was healing Hinata, reminded me of the one in Naruto’s eyes just prior to him making the Promise of a Lifetime; it was one of empathy. Sakura saw how much Hinata loved Naruto, and (much like Naruto towards Sakura in Pt.1), She understood the pain of not having your feelings reach the object of your affection; she knew this well because of her own complicated situation with Sasuke: 

Thus, as they grew closer after the war, Sakura would support Hinata in her endeavour to win Naruto’s heart, and would give her advice and words of encouragement whenever Hinata needed them, because as stated earlier, Sakura was very empathetic to her situation:

She would do the same for Naruto when he was deeply upset after he was under the false impression that Hinata chose Toneri over him. Sakura would express her delight that he was finally deeply in love, and assured him that there definitely had to be a reason for Hinata’s actions, because Sakura knew better than anybody how much Hinata loved Naruto:

She would then use her own deep love for Sasuke to further prove her point; because she truly believed that when a girl falls as deeply in love as herself and Hinata had done, her feelings wouldn’t change so easily:

(This was rather ironic, because this was essentially what Naruto was trying to tell Sakura during her fake confession to him, and now Sakura was telling both herself and Naruto this!)

Fortunately, Sakura’s efforts wouldn’t go to waste; Hinata’s feelings did manage to reach Naruto eventually, and they would become a couple and eventually marry, to which she obviously attended their wedding:

And just look at how happy Sakura is for them below. She was so pleased that Hinata’s feelings for Naruto finally reached him and were reciprocated in kind. And she was just as pleased that her dear friend, who she’s been with through so much, was finally able to not only receive all the unconditional love that he was due, but also that he now had someone who would fill his empty home with the love and adulation that she knew he sorely needed, and someone who he could love with equal fervour. She was happy for Naruto and his new wife:

Naruto and Sakura’s relationship may have started out on the wrong foot due to his reputation and behaviour, and her ignorance. However as they learned more about one another, the bond between them evolved from being the most basic of comrades, to being akin to and as close as brother and sister. Naruto may have had a fair amount of feelings for her at one point, but once he saw how deep her feelings for Sasuke were, he had enough respect for her to not get in the way, and would instead advise her to remain true to her feelings when she tried to convince him that she no longer loved Sasuke.

Sakura would see the depth of Hinata’s feelings for Naruto, and she knew Hinata would be able to grant him all the happiness that he deserved, and so encouraged them to set aside their doubts and follow through with their feelings. Her efforts would bear fruit, as she witnessed her two dear friends devote their futures to each other, and Sakura couldn’t have possibly been happier for the two of them. Their feelings had reached each other, and following the forehead poke, Sakura knew her feelings had reached Sasuke on some level, and was confident that she would see him again soon enough :)

(This took a fair bit of time, so I hope you enjoyed this Anon! Lol)

Sometimes I think it’s unfair for Hinata

So Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are fully clothed and then suddenly Hinata becomes half naked in the latest illustration for that Naruto-whatsoever-game!?!

I’m not a big fan of Hinata but the objectification and sexism of this anime/ game industry has turned her into a souless doll with nothing but big boobs.

SP has done a great job to draw their viewers’ attention to Hinata’s ridiculously large chest in most of their fillers.

It’s unfair for Hinata, really. Most of her appearance and characteristics, especially the shyness, fragility, blushing face and big boobs are common traits of brainless hentai girls in Japanese pop culture. Being too well aware of this trope, SP has intentionally designed Hinata as one of those symbolic chicks.

I blamed Kishi for part of this Hinata sexism. He could have built her character as an insecure girl who eventually got stronger through painstaking practice and a never-give-up attitude just like Naruto, but nope, Naruto’s wife must possess an admirable boobs that every girl wish to have and every boy want to touch.

Kishi didn’t need to emphasize these unnecessary onsen panels in his manga, which not only adds no plus points for her character development but also mislead the viewers into seeing Hinata as something like a sex doll rather than her sweet personality.

Im not generalizing the whole Hinata fandom, just those fuck boys who keep complaining about “Hinata’s saggy boobs” in Naruto’s family photo

and then “where my Hinata’s boobs?”, “give us Hinata’s boobs back”, “this is not my Hinata, she has boobs!” when Boruto manga came out, which were super irritating and rude!

You want proof? Just visit a random Naruto topic or fan page on Facebook, YouTube, it’s not hard to identify those lewd comments from Hinata’s wankers, who glorify her as an ideal woman because she’s the perfectly summissive girl with large boobs that can satisfy every man. And perhaps that is one of the most prominent reasons why Hinata is so popular among male fandom.

Hinata is a very lovable girl, and people should remember her for that, obviously not her boobs!