the most plot twist ever

seriously though the fact that this anime tried to trick us into believing that Boruto has a unsteady relationship with his grandfather

only to reveal that Boruto’s just embarrassed by the fact Hiashi is super affectionate & doting towards him

is the most amazing plot twist this anime has ever shown


Something I forgot to mention in my review of Supernatural 12x12, “Stuck in the Middle (With You),” because I was super tired last night…

This episode gave us one of the most interesting plot twists in the Destiel love story we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something.

In real life, the only commonly recognised way for someone to suddenly acquire an adult “son” is via marriage, as a son-in-law. Or, if there has been no marriage yet, they might still be called a son or son-in-law (or in Aussie slang, an out-law :) to acknowledge the seriousness of the relationship.

Without that romantic tie, a close friendship between one of your children and someone else (the “brother from another mother”) does not usually translate to being openly acknowledged as another son within the family as a whole. I’m not saying that never happens, I’m saying that in our common understanding of families, “in-law” is the recognised way for an unrelated adult to enter a family. In fact, pretty much the only publicly and legally acknowledged way an unrelated adult can join a family is via marriage, which is one of the reasons marriage equality is a core concern for many queer people.

So when Mary protectively co-opts Castiel as one of her boys in that final scene, after he just confessed his forbidden love for the Winchesters, and all the special things he’s shared with Humanity/Dean… when it’s pretty clear he had to give up his original Heavenly family in order to become a Winchester (and, I might add, in a way that works as a heartbreaking thematic parallel to the homophobia and disowning that still often follows a gay union)?

Yeah, the show downplayed this subtext as much as it possibly could while still making it a central part of the episode, because of course it did, but in real life, the most obvious implication to this kind of dynamic is that Mary thinks Castiel is her son-in-law.

That is the unavoidable conclusion the (sub)text is offering us. If it can really be called subtext. As I doubt mainstream audiences recognised the implication, despite its obviousness, I guess it still is.

(Whether Dean, Castiel, or for that matter, Sam, think Castiel has married into the family is a whole other post. But whatever they think, the implication is unavoidably offered to us in this episode – Mary considers Castiel her son-in-law now.)

what if… we had soulmate trope… but in reverse… so you are born with the name of the person… who has the most potential to make you absolutely miserable… like this person is going to ruin your life if given the opportunity…

most expected plot twist ever: the protagonist falls in love anyway.

ha ha. what a joke. we all know what pairing i’m thinking of right now. fuck me.

“Oh,” she said in irritation and perfect understanding. “It’s you, Eugenides.” -The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

For my Queen’s Peeps entry I did Gen presenting Hamiathes’s Gift to his queen, AKA the most amazing plot twist in the history of ever. Sophos is on the left looking surprised next to a slightly grumpy looking Magus. Gen of course has the Gift, a simple little m&m river stone, and Eddis is looking very surprised but pleased with her thief. I had so much fun making this and got kinda carried away with the background, which is decorated like the throne room of Knossos.


Fai’s ready to drop some truth bombs I’M SO READY FOR THIS





But also two saboteurs?



I did not expect that at all. 

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Omfg A Lesson In Love is soooooo good! You wrote one of the most butterflies/nausea inducing plot twists I have ever read in a fanfic. Looking forward to seeing where you take this amazing story. (And the reader is literally me mate. From stress cleaning to studies first boys later,or at least ones in my universe.

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I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the story and that you can relate to it, lovely 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

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:O Sonja, are you not a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch?! :O (haha sorry!) Also I meant to ask a while back - what did you think of this year's Broadchurch?

i’m not 🙊 i’m still irritated about some of the misogynistic and just generally privileged comments he’s made in the past (particularly the ones about jonny lee miller when elementary first debuted).

and I LOVED IT *but* i do feel like chris chibnall was like ‘what would be the most dramatic plot twist ever’ and built the plot around that rather than really focusing on character because i felt like the mastermind behind the assault came across like a 2 dimensional cartoon character type villain and his reasoning for the assaults fell kind of flat for me.

i really enjoyed the whole season though (season 1 is still the BEST but this is a close second) and i’m going to miss it a lot.

I have exactly two headcanon about Obi-Wan Kenobi in terms of his knowledge of Anakin and Padme’s relationship, and I flip back and forth between the two of them:

1) Obi-Wan knows Anakin and Padme are fucking. He thinks–hopes–prays that it’s just fucking because Attachment is Forbidden and Surely Anakin Is Smarter Than This (haha psych). He actively helps keep their secret because Anakin is the least subtle person in the world and by god he has to do something.

2) Obi-Wan is the only person in the entire galaxy who does not know Anakin and Padme are fucking. The revelation that Padme is PREGNANT with ANAKIN’S CHILD is the most stunning plot twist he’s ever heard, how on earth did this happen??? He  just Does Not Know.

realising i was gay is like when you’re watching a tv show and there’s a massive plot twist, and you’re like “what the hell? where did this come from?”, but then you rewatch the previous episodes and you’re like “this plot twist was the most obvious plot twist i have ever seen. how did i not see this coming”

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Have you read any good p&p fics lately?

I’m glad you asked, my friend. :D

Miscommunication : Darcy marries Anne who is terminally ill four years before the main story starts. Thereafter the story line will follow the original in most respects, but the characters act in ways I believe their modern counterparts would do; with 21st century sensibilities and understanding. The locations are as in the original; Meryton is in Hertfordshire, the Gardiners live in London, Pemberley is in Derbyshire. Elizabeth and William will be together at the end of the story, but their journey will at times be difficult. (I’m currently reading this one)

Pounds: When his Jaguar breaks down while he’s on the road less traveled, Darcy discovers romance in an unlikely location. But can he and Lizzy Bennet move beyond friendship, overcome their differences, and find love in all the ‘wrong’ places?

Sanctuary: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy have something in common: tragedy and loss. Both have decided to seek out a new life and a new home, a place where they can heal and put the pieces back together again.

Feel It All: This story does include sexual violence: Elizabeth is recovering from a rape assault and there are non-graphic allusions to it throughout the story. However there is one scene where she suffers a flashback from that event, and I will forewarn everyone in advance and set the scene aside to make it easy to skip over for those who are not comfortable reading sexually violent material.

The Pen is Mightier than the Gun: She is Detective Liz Bennet. Her skills are notorious, her exploits already legendary and her body is to die for. He is William Darcy, ruggedly handsome millionaire and best-selling mystery writer, parent to his younger sister. And he certainly has his issues, stemming from events of a decade ago. Darcy gets himself assigned to Bennet as a celebrity shadow. When the two meet he insults her and the sparks fly. Part P&P, part Castle (the TV show) and part original invention, this story is a mystery with plenty of humor, banter, fuzziness, heart, sweetness and other random stuff to balance out the tension and drama. HEA is guaranteed, well not for the villains, but for ODC. Previous knowledge of Castle is not necessary.

Plan B: I don’t even know how to explain this fic without giving too much away and there’s no blurb. All have to say is: it’s one of my favorite fics ever and there’s one of the most unexpected plot twists i’ve ever seen.

Repressed Feelings: What might happen if regency FD’s memories arose in a modern FD’s life, just when he was about to make the same mistakes as his predecessor did! (I know this premise might seem weird but trust me this fic is great. It made me cry like a baby)

Passages to Evil: This is a non-cannon story. Darcy finds Lizzy one night in the rain. She has been kidnapped by Wickham and managed to escape. With no memory for quite some time, she stays at Pemberley and falls in love with Darcy.

Dance The Tide: William Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet when they collide on a beach on Cape Cod, and though their immediate dislike for each other is strong, they soon begin to realize that first impressions aren‘t always true. As Elizabeth struggles to conquer her fears, and William works to overcome his arrogance and distrust, they both learn that the higher the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

A Beautiful Friendship: Darcy and Elizabeth are both affected by traumatic past experiences and only through an unusual relationship, can they overcome their fears to find true happiness (together, of course).

She Loved That Dress: She loved the dress. It made her feel alive. It made her feel like Patrick Swayze was going to come upon her any moment and tell her that she didn’t belong in any corner. The yellow, one strapped satin number was designed specifically for her by her all-knowing mother – a small hazard of having too much money and not enough interests to occupy her time. The slit only came up to her knee – just enough to leave one wondering… And the elegant, sparkling broach on her shoulder twinkled under her brown hair.

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wait what happened? im so confused?


steve rogers is now a secret hydra agent

aka the most disgusting tone deaf plot twist i’ve ever heard of, forget about whether or not this is “”’fake””” or him going undercover even the VERY SUGGESTION that this could be a possibility is completely revolting. captain america was written by two jewish americans as a direct response to anti-semitism and nazi sympathisers of the WWII era. (@kentswaynes sums it all up really neatly here.)

HYDRA IS A NEO-NAZI ORGANIZATION and no matter how hard anyone tries to reach there’s no other way to spin that. red skull is a nazi !!! their ideology, codification and symbolism is tied into nazism and fascism !!!!!

this is literally. rock bottom. we have hit rock bottom. marvel has hit rock bottom.