the most perfect story to ever

so i played skyrim tonight, and i thought i’d tell an important story about my journeys:

i was mostly wandering around minding my own business when i came upon whiterun stables and guys - listen. i found the most beautiful perfect horse i’d ever seen. majestic, beautiful, immaculate. i had to have him. so i figured - hey, i took long enough getting here, it’s the middle of the night, no one’s gonna see if i take this horse, right?

this was my first mistake.

so i hop on the horse. i press the big glaring red STEAL button and get my ass on the horse. perfect. 50 bounty from whiterun - well, no plan is ever perfect. and we start walking along - and who runs up to me, but a whiterun guard. “you have committed crimes against skyrim and her people” - he’s very upset. well holy shit! i didn’t think anyone saw me, but you know what, good sir, here, i’ll pay the fine -

“we’ll take your stolen goods, and - “

no. this simply won’t do. i come out of the keep, scheming. i must acquire my horse again.

so i go back to the stables, steal the horse again. it’s the same horse, of course it is, because he’s flawless and gallant and waited for me.

but then - again - the guard, crimes against skyrim and her people - well you know what sir, a cat-man’s pride for his perfect and beautiful horse is not a crime. so i hop off my perfect horse, and get my Destruction ready. i’m going to give this guard what-for. of course, in the process, i accumulate 1000 bounty from whiterun.

well, fuck. this, probably, could be considered mistake number two. i get on the horse again. +50 bounty from whiterun, but in the face of killing that guard, honestly, who’s going to notice one stolen horse? i press the big red STEAL button again.

“alright, RED STEEL,” i tell the horse, “from now on, you and i are fugitives.”

RED STEEL, noble and awe-inspiring steed, and i walk for a very, very, very long time. we can never go back. but - you guys, i found out something else about RED STEEL that made it all worth it:

well, of course. he can fly. my incredible, unkillable, righteous RED STEEL.

look at him, as majestic and all-powerful and graceful as i always knew him to be.

so - did i commit crimes against skyrim and her people? yes. yes, i did. but in doing so, i made an unforgettable friend, and a powerful ally. so was it worth it?

i’ll let you be the judge.


Last week I read the anthology Love Is Love, published by DC Comics and IDW, an homage to the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

I didn’t dare asking to participate when Marc Andreyko made an open call for creators. But after reading it, and seeing the DC characters there (which I didn’t expect), I kept thinking what would I have done, and I was inspired to do this short story. Couldn’t help myself actually.
It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.

And to expand on the meta commentary, given the hostile world we live in, as a queer author and activist I think mainstream comics still could use higher profile queer superheroes, tied to their most visible franchises, that are queer super activists alongside the ones that do add to minority representation but sometimes just “happen to be queer”. Of course, as a Wonderfan I think one tied to the Wonder Woman franchise would be just perfect.

Inktober, day 28: BURN

This drawing was inspired by the most beautiful one shot fanfic that I’ve ever read - Morning in the Burned House, by @kylorenvevo .  It is absolute Reylo/redemption perfection, and if I could pick one story out of the countless fics that I’ve read over the past year to become canon - this would be it! 

Rey is sitting on the couch. Ben is kneeling in front of her, head bowed. The glow-panels have been switched off, the covers over the windows have been drawn. But there is still sun, peeking through the cracks, tangling their figures in a net of chiaroscuro.

“I have been here eleven months,” he whispers. “Give me night. Give me the stars. I have forgotten. Sunset over Coruscant, or twilight on Jakku, anything. Help me remember.”

“And you said you liked it here,” she grumbles, but her fingers are moving slowly through his hair in soothing strokes, and she pulls him into memories of starlight and the moon, memories so intense that even Leia can feel them. Darkness. Evening breeze. A shadow-soft world. Night sky. And radiance, always radiance, gentle and silver, washing over the soul like forgiveness, and like benediction.

A while back, my boyfriend and I were talking about feeling disconnected from our deities. I gave him some advice that I’d like to repeat here.

First, it is not a vital thing to have a deep, exciting, saga-worthy connection to a deity. They do not have to be your bosom buddy, your confidante, or the most important figure in your life. If you never have any deep, personal interaction with them, and all they are in your life is a distant figure whose stories you find meaningful…that’s okay. That’s enough. That’s wonderful, and amazing, and perfect. 

Mysticism does not have to be the backbone of your faith. To borrow a phrase that I heard often growing up Catholic, not all of us are called to spiritual service; most of us will live and die without ever intimately knowing the will of God (or, in this case, gods).

My advice is to make a list of all the things that first drew you to the deity or deities you honor. If it’s more a case of you feel that they called and you were compelled to answer, make a list of the things that made you want to answer.

Make a list of the traits, associations, and behaviors that made you look at that deity and say, “Yes, this is who I want to hold up as important. This is who I look at and am inspired by.”

Then do what you can to honor those things. If you value a deity’s creativity, do what you can to foster creativity in yourself and others. If you value a deity’s connection to agriculture, tend your own garden, support sustainable farming, or just stop to smell the roses. If you value a deity’s knowledge and wisdom, spend time researching and reading about the things you find interesting. Etc., etc.

These things don’t even have to be formally dedicated to that deity, if you don’t want to make them a big deal. It is enough to just do them, and live your life as a reflection of what inspires you.

You do not have to develop a grand, epic, personal relationship with a deity to honor them. You do not have to even fully believe they exist. It is enough to know what it is about them that you find valuable, inspiring, and worthy of emulation.

  • me: you cannot convince me that Story of Tonight is not the most beautiful song ever
  • me again: Dear Theodosia is the most beautiful song ever known to mankind
  • still me: Best of Wives Best of Women is the definition of sheer musical perfection
  • me: Burn is the most gorgeous heart-wrenching song ever made
  • me again: I will fight anyone who tells me that Blow us All away and Stay Alive reprise are not the most amazingly heart-wrenching songs ever thought of
  • it is still me: The pain of Quiet Uptown knocks me out it blows me away I can't imagine anything being more tear-jerking than this
  • still me: Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story is the most sole moving piece ever created and you cannot tell me otherwise
  • me: you cannot show me a song that is more fun and awesome than Satisfied
  • still me; there is no song that is more fun to sing than Helpless
  • Me again: there is no song more great than Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Still me: you cannot actually get any better than obedient servant
  • its me again: no song can ever be better than Room Where it Happens
  • me: you just can't top the election of 1800
  • me again: no song can ever be more hype and awesome than my shot
  • my final verdict: you cannot tell me that listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack is not the most roller coaster ride of amazingness and feelings and that it doesn't destroy my heart and make me cry and so happy all at the same time
The Other Woman

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2508

Everybody knows the timeless, clichéd love story of two best friends who promised to stay best friends for the rest of their lives. But when one friend develops feelings for the other, of course the other is already in a relationship and the friend is forced to watch and endure the other love and cherish someone that isn’t them.

Usually, the other’s partner seems jealous and arrogant to the friend, leading them to wonder why the other chose them in the first place. But destiny is kind and rewarding, and soon the other realises his love for the friend, ultimately leaving his jealous, arrogant partner behind. The two best friends become lovers and live happily ever after. Sounds perfect, right? But it’s not. Everyone always overlooks the one person who suffers the most.

The day you met Minah, you knew your relationship with Jongdae would inevitably turn into this same clichéd love story. Unfortunately, you were on the losing end of the bargain.

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i don’t know for sure who the evil genius was who said, “hey let us make the actual devil our protagonist of this tv show and then go in whole hog with the most perfect and fitting and poignant and well written love story for him ever,” but i would like to shake that person’s hand

Burcon 2016 - Jensen -  Mr. Warm and Comfy

He is literally so warm and so comfortable to hug. Hands down one of the most fitting and comfortable people I’ve probably ever hugged. That is the best way I can think of to describe him. He is perfection. Which we knew of course ;) And maybe it was because of the flannel he was wearing that morning (he had on a different shirt during autos) which was soft, but he smelled warm and comfy too (I remembered to see if the ‘musk’ was real!!) 

No special story behind this. Just saying the good ol ‘hey, hi’. I had some nerves going since my fun candy hadn’t 100% kicked in yet, but also my Jared Meet n Greet pretty soon after, and no special idea for this, so it was quick, and I have no regrets in my decision. So after pleasantries it was set I was gonna ask for a hug, and there it is :D

The ‘Musk”

My first thought about said musk was ‘The holidays. Christmas.’ That warm fuzzy feeling you get during that time of year; a little spice, a little hint of citrus, woodsy, but subtle. It was very pleasant and very fitting to him I thought. Like he smelled like his personality, which is weird to say, but it makes sense when you experience it: warm, friendly, comfy, inviting; it just fits. Jareds is the same; like sweet fresh baked cookies in the spring in a forest in the sunshine.

I did not get the pleasure of hugging Mr. P that weekend so I can’t report which J is better from my stand point sadly, but Jensen… that’s really hard to beat. You have your work cut out for you after that. Mr. Warm and Comfy<3 

When We Got The News

Here is part eight in “Our Love Story”  

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1010

Read When We Met
Read When We Hid Our Feelings
Read When We Admitted Our Feelings
Read When We Fell In Love
Read When We Got Scared
Read When We Got Engaged
Read When We Got Married

Warning: this is the sad part

A/N: If you would like to be tagged in anything, send me an ask. (I don’t always see replies and reblogs).

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         You and Jared had been married for six months when you got frustrated. It wasn’t with Jared. He was the most amazing husband you could have ever asked for. He was perfect. You were so happy with him.

           But you were frustrated with the fact that you had been trying to have a baby and still weren’t pregnant. Jared reminded you not to stress about it, but you were starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen.

           “Y/N?” Jared looked over at you as you walked out of the bathroom.

           You walked to the bed and fell back onto your side, burying your face in your pillow. You felt the tears start immediately and knew Jared would know what was going on.

           “Baby, it’ll happen,” Jared said, rubbing your back.

           “We’ve been trying and trying,” you cried, “What if … what if we can’t?” you felt your chest tighten even more.

           “We can keep trying,” Jared said, “Maybe we’re just not meant to right now.”

           “I just . . . I thought … I want to be a mommy.”

           “Oh, Honey,” Jared pulled you into his arms, “I know you do. And you will. Somehow. Come on, no more tears.”

           You tried to stop crying for Jared. You tried to believe that things would get better. But you had this feeling that things were not going to go the way you wanted.

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ASOUE Rant (but kind of not really), Part 3/?







(added bonus his voice is like deep melted chocolate velvet now and it’s SO soothing to listen to and unfairly attractive my ovaries seriously cannot handle it, plus I have this headcanon now that Klaus tracked down Lemony after The End to get more answers and ended up getting contracted to tell Lemony’s life story instead because reasons and can we please get a Netflix spinoff where this is canon)

Jamie Benn #3.1

Requested by Anon:  Would you please write a story where you and Tyler Seguin became unlikely close friends since you are shy and the furthest thing from a party girl. However, it still happened after he hit on you and you turned him down. Little did you know somewhere over the course of your friendship, Tyler decided you and Jamie Benn would be perfect for each other, so he sets you up on what turns into the most perfect blind date ever.

*Here it is!! Enjoy! :) I had to establish that the reader is close to Tyler so this is a very Tyler-centric drabble but this is a multi-part imagine and part 2 will be all about Jamie. Yay!!*

Word count: 1, 038

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You gave him the bowl of lasagna you just heated and sat in front of him. You are currently eating leftovers in Tyler Seguin’s new, state-of-the-art kitchen in Dallas. If someone told you eight months ago that you would be here, eating with Tyler freakin Seguin and be actually friends with him, you would have punched them in the face.

You hate hockey – absolutely deplore it – because it’s confusing and you feel like it promotes violence to the kids, you hate playboys and Tyler Seguin is probably the poster boy for casual hookups in the NHL, and you hate leftover food.

Needless to say, here you are and you’re actually really happy to be here.

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“Because I’m scared, okay?” She let out a deep sigh. “I’ve seen how this story ends before. We may be perfect for each other, but we’re too young. It always ends with someone hurt.”

“Listen,” he tilted her chin up to meet his. “I know that realistically no one our age ever works out. I know that most of the time life swoops in and screws everything up, and that the chances of us working out are very small, but tell me,”

He grabs the palm of her hand, inspects it with both of his. “Can you seriously imagine not holding my hand 70 years from now?”

—  Excerpt from a story I’ll never write #5
The Astral is an MMO

Or at least, it’s a lot like an MMO.

Some people can’t even figure out how to log on, let alone afford to pay the subscription. Sometimes their computers are too old or their graphics card isn’t right, which makes the image blurry and the animation choppy and it crashes every couple of minutes.

Most people start out at level one, and they have to grind through the really boring story stuff.  Lots of times these people are confused and misled, but also amazed by the open world, and they run around a lot without getting anything done.  Many of those people will level up for a while without ever making any friends or joining any guilds, which is a totally perfect and valid way to play.

Some people have one of those instant level 99 tokens, and they level up instantly, and are kind of overwhelmed by how difficult the game was right off the bat.  Sometimes those people decide it’s in their best interest to quit now before they stress themselves out, and that’s okay.

Some people get in the game and they already have friends who are in pretty high-ranking guilds, so they’re pulled into giant awesome boss fights.  And man, are the boss fights awesome.  They play their role naturally and have a really great and fun time doing it.  Everyone in the guild really feels how fun and exciting it is, and the people watching them stream the game are also pretty excited, even if they’re a bit removed from the situation.

And the next day, when they’re talking to their IRL friends and they say, “Oh man, killing Archimonde last night was so cool,” their guild friends will totally relate, and agree with them!  But their IRL friends, who have never touched an MMO, will just kind of say, “Yeah, that sounds pretty cool,” even though they can’t relate at all.  They feel a little left out and almost like they’re expected to play the MMO, even though they can’t really commit the time to learn how to play.

And meanwhile, there are thousands of other players who have beaten the same bosses, played the same games, earned the same trinkets, and had guilds of their own.  Some people have explored most of the game without ever beating a boss.  Some people spend their time on the market earning gold. Some people play on a trackpad on their laptop and some people own a Razor Naga mouse.  And some people never even pick up the game at all.

And all of this is totally and completely valid.

Just because you’re not beating the biggest baddest boss in the game once a week, doesn’t mean your astral travel is less cool or less valid.  Do what makes you feel good, and what your abilities allow for, and don’t feel like you have to meet any extra expectations to have a good time.

Listen,.,, I know Sir Gawain of The Round Table wasn’t like…, the best knight ever.. bUT HE WAS THE TRUEST FRIEND AND HE DESERVED THE WORLD

Me and my boyfriend have been together exactly a year💕 and it’s been the best year of my life! He’s so accepting and supportive, literally the most perfect person I’ve ever met! Right from the start I told him I wasn’t interested in sex and at he totally understood, no questions asked. I could never ask for anyone more wonderful and loving 😍he’s so special and I know we’ll be together for a long time💜🖤💟

[Oh god, I’m SOBBING at the final episode of Asylum. And I’m not even halfway through. I never thought I’d cry over Jude when I first started this season and now I can’t stop sobbing. And I know that more heartbreak is coming.

Like fuck I’m glad I didn’t skip Asylum and gave it a shot. Some things triggered/upset me, but most of it didn’t. I LOVED Murder House. But Asylum is so much better to me. It’s just so emotional and in depth.

God, and I’ve had so many people say Coven is the best like how can anything be better than Asylum? So many interesting characters and individual stories. PERFECT character development in just 12 episodes. Especially with Sister Jude.

Sorry for this rambling I’m just in tears because Jude in the last episode is the most heartbreaking thing ever.]

Ravenclaw Raven and Hufflepuff Monty secretly setting up internet at Hogwarts, finding a way to deflect or disable the protecting spell against electronic devices and creating a whole new network only for young wizards (so information/videos doesn’t get leaked into the muggle world). Octavia putting a GoPro on her broom during Quidditch. Clarke and Raven overusing snapchat and annoying everybody. Jasper and Maya being gross, listening to music with the same ipod sharing earbuds and offering each other mixtapes. Clarke getting Lexa a tablet and being frustrated because “why is kindle the only app you have!!?”. Bellamy playing candy crush during History of Magic. Every Houses dorms having a secret movie night every Wednesdays. The hosting House changes every week in turn. Snacks are provided by the Hufflepuffs sneaking food out of the kitchen. 

bonus: Nurse Abby finding out one day and not saying anything as long as Raven download her the newest Grey’s Anatomy episodes every weeks. They watch the new episode with Callie every Sunday nights. Headmaster Kane is oblivious of everything, or pretends not to know.

And even though we ended up in pieces and broken promises, I will not regret anything and I will never, ever forget. I swear the moments I spent with you were the most beautiful I’ve been given the chance to live; never had I felt such happiness or such perfection before meeting you. I love you, and I will always, always think of you as my first taste of ecstasy and my most beautiful memories. I’ll carry a piece of you everywhere I’ll go from now on, and I know I’ll remember you when I’m an old lady telling her grandchildren about her first love. Nothing’s ever really over, you know? When a story dies, the memories live on, forever.
—  Nothing really ends