the most perfect poem ever written

Brain apart,
let me dream in peace,
in peace.
I want to spread
on a dandelion diffusion
around the world,
around you
in a myriad of slight kisses.
Let me cut the cerebral threads,
out of reason, out of sense
only me and my evanescence
out of the prison
of bleeding memories.
I want to be for you the poem
you never read,
you never dared to write.
I want to be for you
the most beautiful poem
ever written, ever imagined
ever hidden in the heart
of a visionary poet,
the sorcery of metaphors
that turn tears into pearls,
voids into oceans
that we’ll sail together.
I want to write life in verses
and be the embellishment
that thrills your heart
anytime you think about me.
I for you,
I’d die at the end of each line
and relive at the beginning
of another one.
Our love instead doesn’t need
embellishments or metaphors.
Our love is us together
and it’s perfect this way.