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BakuDeku Fic Recs

I’ll try to post a new one every 15-20 fics I read if you guys are interested. This is sorted from lightest to heaviest in both rating and topics.

Child’s Play by stardustacademia (cosmiclarents)

rating: General
notes: tiny Izuku is adorable

Katsudeku week prompts byJustaperson1718

rating: General
notes: just a bunch of super fluffy one shots!

How to Fall in Love with Your Enemy by Insomnia_Productions

rating: General
notes: this gave me cavities and pain

May I take your order, dipshit? by supercrunch

rating: Teen+
notes: “i like my fic how i like my pizza incredibly cheesy with a little bit of sausage.”

Silver Lining by pec

rating: Teen+
notes: seems like something that could happen in canon :)

Sparks Fly by limesicle

rating: Teen+
notes: this is great, please read it

Scoville Score by oisiflaneur

rating: Explicit
notes: spicy blowjobs

Boys on the Seashore by purpleho

rating: Explicit
notes: angsty but happy ending?

I Summoned a Demon 101 by EAter

rating: Explicit
notes: idk my dude just read it and see if you like it, I love it

Caught Looking by EAter

rating: Explicit
notes: 6k+ words of porn A+++

Falling by soulstring

rating: Explicit
notes: slow burn but then its heats up 🔥

I feel you by soulstring

rating: Mature
notes: Izuku becomes addicted to emotions

Coherency by Ramabear (RyMagnatar)

rating: Explicit
notes: everyone is really emotional, im angst, shinsou is best boy

standing in awe of death by Ramabear (RyMagnatar)

rating: Explicit
notes: this series is not for the faint of heart at all, many heavy topics, read the tags carefully, this was my first fic of what would become my otp and it got me shipping it bc I’m a messed up individual.

Make Every Moment Last  by osakakitty

rating: Explicit
notes: one of my absolute favorites, beautifully written. I reread this fic every couple days and each time I find a new emotion to feel.

Like the Moon by osakakitty

rating: Explicit
notes: this is so so well written I cried a bit but also there’s raw emotions from both the characters and the readers while reading it and wow this changed my life, one of the best one shots I’ve ever read for all fandoms if not The Best.

Overall osakakitty is an amazing author, their characterization is on point and I feel so many emotions pls read all their stuff.


Jongin saying he loves Kyungsoo the most😭😭😭 my heart can’t handle this!

Me: The whole freaking universe knows you know love him the most!

  • Someone: Your otp is shit.
  • Someone: Your otp is shit.
  • Me: Ha. Yeah it is.
People ask me why I ship certain ships.

Maybe it was because they made me laugh 

Or made me cry 

Or maybe they were just so perfect for each other that I couldn’t help it

But most of all, I ship them because they taught me 




to truly 


and care 

for someone 

more than 

you do 

for yourself.

             “ True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.” -Ricardo Montalban  

anonymous asked:

your blog is amazing! I only low-key shipped Drarry before I discovered this blog and now they're like my OTP. so thank you for that :-) Also it's so creative and such a great idea and you reply exactly as I would imagine them, it's perfect :-). Question: Is there anything about each other that really annoy you, and is there anything that really turns you on ;-)

(OMG that’s brilliant! Drarry should be everyone’s OTP. Thank you, love! ❤️)

(Also, @o0o-chibaken-o0o ❤️)

(What annoys them the most can be found here.)

Draco: *sighs*

Harry: Some of his shirts, the really thin ones that are slightly translucent–

Draco: What? My clothes aren’t see-through!

Harry: Some of them are, and sometimes I can see your nipples through them and fuck, but it’s enough to get me hard.

Draco: *inspecting the shirt he’s wearing while pink in the face* Why didn’t you ever tell me–

Harry: Especially that light blue silk one, oh god–

Draco: *mumbling* You can’t see anything through this one– Oh, for fuck’s sake, it never takes much to get you hard in the first place!

Harry: *indulgent* True. He could be sitting there doing absolutely nothing and I could get hard just from looking at him.

Draco: *shaking his head with a reluctant grin* You’re incorrigible.

Harry: *pleased* Your turn.

Draco: Oh, I– I dunno.

Harry: *hopefully expectant*

Draco: *relenting* His– I like his…fingers.

Harry: *slow smirk* When they’re inside y–?

Draco: No, Merlin, that’s not what I meant! *huffs* I meant like, while you’re just doing everyday, routine things… Like, cracking eggs or… doing that wand-twirling thing you do absentmindedly, or like… when you’re buttoning up your shirt–

Harry: *grinning* Buttoning up my shirt? Not while I’m taking it off?

Draco: *eye-roll*

Imagine your OTP

Person A is sitting reading or watching tv and Person B is reading a newspaper.

Person A: “Um, darling?”

Person B: “Yes dear! ~ ”

Person A: “D-do y-you think I’m odd?”

Then Person B looks up from the newspaper looking worried, surprised and fondly at them, then puts down the newspaper, gets up and comes in front of Person A kneeling to be at eye level. Then puts their hands on Person A’s cheek.

Person B: “Person A, you are the most wonderful, brilliant, unique and at the upmost perfect person to me and the love of my life. You will never be odd to me.” they then look at them with a bright loving smile 

Person A is then tearing up, Person B then kisses them on their nose and says

‘I love you and please don’t ever forget it!’

bepiscola-official  asked:

Mmmmmeowrails owo


Listen to me. Listen. There’s a reason they have a “perfect moirallegience” and that is this: They BOTH need each other. 

Equius is neurotic as hell, the most anxious of horses, he has a strong (heh) secondary response of anger to a lot of core emotions like discomfort, anxiety, frustration, and fear/unsureness that, after shifting into anger, result in him doing things he doesn’t really want or mean to do which just makes him MORE anxious/frustrated/unsure and it’s a tight downward spiral. This boy is a MESS. He needs to either let it out via gratuitous physical violence with his bots (so he’s emotionally and physically exhausted and can sorta “reset” in a way) OR he needs Nepeta to come pounce him out of his downward spiral. She can snap him out of it, throw him off balance long enough to dig her heels in and calm him down, talk it out, help him through things. 

Meanwhile, it’s not like he doesn’t do anything in return for her! Nepeta is GOVERNED BY HER EMOTIONS. She’s the Heart player for a reason y’all. She’s a master hunter, sure, but when it comes to social stuff? She does NOT look before she leaps. Equius, who lived next to Vriska, remember, SAW where the bodies of FLARPers went. He knew exactly what happened to LITERALLY HUNDREDS of people who FLARPed. Nepeta didn’t really care, she wanted to play, and so he had to put his foot down and just straight up tell her “no you can’t do that” in order to keep her safe, because she’s strong headed and doesn’t like to listen to the advice of others when she thinks she knows better. Luckily, he’s her moirail, and she knows that the things he does, he does for her best interest. Exhibit B would be the Gamzee scene: Nepeta could’ve murdered his ass six ways to Sunday, Gamzee is a malnourished disaster of a mop, he could never hurt her unless- say- she was SEVERELY EMOTIONALLY DISTRESSED, which she was. If she had taken ten minutes, had a good cry over Equius’s death, and then gone after Gamzee? Never would’ve stood a chance against her. 

Nepeta’s greatest downfall is that she jumps in headfirst without thinking things through, and Equius’s greatest downfall is that he allows himself to get so caught up in his own thoughts that they suffocate him. They’re balanced, one cannot exist without the other. Without Nepeta, Equius would absolutely capsize, he’d implode. Without Equius, Nepeta would explode, too caught up in her own momentum and unable to slow down. They are literally perfect for each other and I love them so much, so much you just don’t understand.

Anyway yeah Meowrails good ship best ship.

Love your writer day!

I don’t actually know if it’s today or I’m too late or what but I feel like I should make a post because I have only a handful of fanfic writers who I read consistently and you all really deserve to know how much I appreciate the time you take to share your stories with me and the rest of the fandom 💕

So I wanna say thank you to my favorite fanfic writers, in no particular order!

@bossard, @reservation-red, @badboykirschtein, @goodguyjean, @bettrdays, and @sayaanara!!!! You all deliver me the content that I crave 💕 Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

。:☆OTP TAGS! by astrorph

Under the cut you’ll be able to find #200 OTP tags from the lyrics of the songs on my playlist. Most of them are English OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs or songs in English made by Filipino singers! Most of them are pertaining to romantic relationships but you can tweak it to make it seem like brotp or even a character tag.  A like/reblog is well appreciated!

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