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FACE YOUR FEARS commentary post!

I love the commentary posts that Toby has been doing, so i wanted to follow suit and give some backstory to the episode! It goes without saying that there will be spoilers, so mute #OK KO SPOILERS if you wanna keep your eyes and ears unspoilt!

This was the first episode that Haewon and I got that addressed substantial main story points! It was a very intimidating episode to tackle, but it ended up being immensely fun and satisfying to work on! Since it’s about getting trapped in a video game, i decided to lean hard into my nerdy videogamey roots and paid a lot of homage to games that left a huge impact on me! 

The Face Of Fear arcade machine:

The arcade machine was in Haewon’s part of the episode, but i couldn’t help making designs for it… and not only did she use it, she made it even better!! She designed the SUPER EXTRA HARD DIFFICULTY version that the machine turns into after Gar bites off more than he can chew!

Dendy’s explanation of how the game works:

I made a little video game overworld map segment to accompany dendy’s explanation of how the Face of Fear game works! This was a blend of three of my all time favorite games: I referenced MAGICAL DROP 3 for the general UI of the map because I love its aesthetics, I referenced the TURBO TUNNEL stage from the original BATTLETOADS N.E.S. game because that was one of the most terrifying and nightmarish stages i have ever played through as a child (a perfect fit for a game that is basically a nightmare given form imo), and i referenced EXOR from SUPER MARIO RPG, because that boss battle had such a huge impact on me when i first played it! Exor still looks really cool and badass to me, to this very day.

Enid’s Fear:

This is probably the most obvious reference, if you’ve ever played Chrono Trigger! It’s based on the climactic Magus fight, about a quarter of the way into the game! chrono trigger has been such a huge influence and helped me shape what my definitions of dramatic storytelling were, so i just HAD to give it a nod, even if its application wasn’t half as dramatic as the source material, hehe.

Rad’s Fear:

I can’t remember for the life of me if it was me or haewon that thought of having rad’s fear set in a room that was just a bunch of rad faces laughing and posturing (pretty sure it was haewon), but i DID draw this diagram of the room’s layout!

I have hit the image limit for this post, so i think i will end this here! There are more references in this episode, maybe i’ll do a part 2? maybe not? who knows! Thanks for reading, all the same! And to those who were saying that the right enid portrait in her fearscape looked a little familiar…

anonymous asked:

imagine the missus always got bullied from this girl during her school time. she'd say things like 'you're so pathetic, you're never gonna find someone.' and since then she always struggeled with her self esteem, thinking she was worthless. until H came around and changed her life. and now her old class would have a reunion and she'd bring harry and he wants to really show that b*tch whats going on, just making her jealous with her engagent ring, wedding plans... a makout session... please?🙄

He’d dress extremely fancy– the nicest dark blue velvet suit he has with his Gucci leather dress shoes, his most expensive watch and his favorite Tom Ford cologne. His hair groomed and fluffed to perfection, his chin sporting just the slightest bit of scruff, just how he knows you like it.

You’d compliment him, your heart swelling at the fact that he’d do this, all of it, just for you.

“You look good enough to eat, Har.”

Harry would smile softly, eyes twinkling with suggestiveness as he presses a gentle kiss to the center of your forehead. “Maybe later, sweetheart.”

At the reunion, he’d shake everybody’s hands and introduce himself properly, working his charm to utter perfection and having your former classmates falling head over heels to chat with him.

You marvel at how smooth and easy-going Harry appears under the situation, talking and joking with everyone so flawlessly it’s as if he’d known them for as long as you had.

And the whole time, he has a protective arm looped across your hips, keeping your body close to his so that everyone can see how proud he is to have you as his fiancée.

Your nemesis is seething quietly, the corners of her mouth dipping down ever so slightly but not evident enough for everyone else to notice because they all seem to be getting along with Harry without catches or obstacles, so blatantly showing her dislike would make her the runt of the event.

Talk of your engagement eventually comes around and Harry is falling over himself to tell the love story of how you two came to be. During the whole tale, his eyes are alight with affection and the giddy smile never leaves his face, the way he depicts you as a “right angel with a smile brighter than her halo” makes all the girls around you swoon.

At one point he tightens his arm around you, turning his head to gift you a soft smirk and, “She was such a proper good girl when I met her. Turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets.”

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The Doctor’s Crush | Spencer Reid

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warning(s): None

Requested by anonymous: Hey! :) I saw in your writing list that you write for Criminal Minds so I was wondering if you could one with my bae Reid? Maybe something where they work together and he’s got a major crush on her ‘cause she’s all nice and sweet and always listens to him instead of stopping him like the others do? I leave it up to you. Thank you so much, you’re great!

A/N: Oh my God, first Reid fic ever and I loved it so much. Spencer is the most precious little cinnamon roll and I adore him! Let’s all agree he’s pure perfection, okay? I actually spotted a few more requests for him in my inbox. Can’t wait to work with them! 😍 Lots of love and kisses to all of you.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the temptation, look at that adorable face! Ugh! 💘)

And here he was yet again, waiting for her outside her apartment building. God, could time go by any slower? He hadn’t seen her in like what; three days?

That’s far too long, much longer than he was used to. Two years it had been since she joined the team and he got to know her. And after knowing her, there was no going back.

He could remember the first days of their working together. They hadn’t really exchanged many words, mostly because duty called on them before they got a chance to. But one day she passed by his office and she smiled at him, just a smile, and he came crashing to the ground. Seeing her made his day a million times better, he couldn’t explain what it was but when he was around her he felt like he could breathe.

Then, naturally, came the conversations. Awkward was quite an understatement when it came to describing Spencer while engaging in any kind of social discourse, he could barely have a decent, human conversation with the others.

He would either stutter or endlessly ramble about one thing after the other. Never mind, he still did that. But she was so nice and sweet and she hadn’t once seemed annoyed and disappointed by his odd nature.

And one day -a moment forever engraved on his mind-, she just walked up to him bringing him coffee, or sugar with a hint of coffee as she’d call it, and listened to him ramble about their latest case. Yeah, that was when he knew his heart belonged to (Y/N Y/L/N) the sweetest and kindest person on earth.

Of course, he dared not to make a move on her. What was he thinking, falling in love with her? He was nowhere on her radar. She deserved so much better than he could ever offer.

He had no plans to tell her how he felt, why would he, there was no reason for her to reciprocate them. Besides, he would hate himself if their relationship was ruined. They had grown to be best friends, spending almost every day together.

And now he was waiting outside her door, anxiously anticipating the moment that he would get to see his lovely (y/n) again and cherish her gorgeous smile as while he keeps on going on about a million random things that cross his mind. That’s why he always looked forward to their rides with the bus together. There, he could finally get her all to himself.

The building door opened and he saw a young woman walking out the door with (y/n) joining her outside. They seemed to exchange a couple words before hugging once and then the girl walked away with a tiny smile on her face. (Y/N) spotted Spencer immediately and hurried down the steps to meet him.

“Who was that?” Spencer asked curiously.

“I don’t know. She was having a horrible day though,” she whispered with a small frown disturbing her features. Like talking to a stranger and hugging them is the most normal thing to do. All he could do was smirk at her adorable quirks.

“So you just took the time to listen to a stranger having a bad day and she got a hug from you?” he emphasized on the hug part. The concept of being so affectionate with a complete stranger sent shivers down his spine.

How odd. Before meeting her, he used to have a hard time to even shake hands with anyone but now there was nothing he wouldn’t do to earn a hug from her.

“Why not? I’ve seen her before, I think. She must live here too. Want a cookie?” she turned and flashed him a dazzling smile.

"Sure. Did you know that chocolate chip cookies were invented by the American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938? She invented the recipe during the period when she owned the Toll House Inn - which at the time as a popular restaurant that featured home cooking…”

“All of You” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1,904

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: Do you think I can get a Daryl x Plus Size Reader where she is in love with Daryl but pushes him away because she feels that she’s not good enough for him?

Warnings: Some self-hatred, language, alcohol, fluff, implied smut

Originally posted by reedusgif

You stand in front of your mirror, just having got out of the shower. Your hair is still wet and its clinging to your shoulders, but you don’t mind. At least you guys have showers again. You don’t look as tired anymore, and you’re looking a whole lot more healthy since you guys arrived to Alexandria. You don’t like to admit it, but going here probably saved your guys’ lives.

You stare at yourself in the reflection. There’s no hiding that you’re plus-sized. You have been your entire life, even when you were a kid. Even during the outbreak, when you would go days without food, you still looked about the same. You don’t mind, not really- you have come to terms with it and you usually don’t let it affect you. You know you’re a great, beautiful person regardless of your size, and you’re a good asset to the group.

The only time that you let it bother you is when it came to one specific person. Daryl Dixon.

You’re in love with him, and you have been ever since you met him on the farm. You were entranced by how much he cared for that little girl, even if he failed to admit it. You could tell he was a good person underneath his hard exterior. Plus, it helps that he is attractive as hell and his arm muscles are god-worthy. Not to mention that you really like his hair now that it’s longer.

You’ve never told him how you felt. Not only because you two are friends and you treasure your friendship, but because you’re afraid he’ll shoot you down because of your size. You feel like you aren’t good enough for him. That he’ll want someone like Rosita, who’s not only beautiful, but thin.

Snapping yourself out of your self-degrading thoughts, you wrapped your towel around your body and walk over to your room to pick out clothes for the day. Even though you had access to wear better clothing, you much preferred your normal jeans and t-shirts. They were more comfortable and easier to move around in.

Throwing your wet hair into a bun, you slide on your shoes and head out the front door. You spot someone coming in the main gate, and you recognize the mysterious person as Daryl.

“Can ‘ya help me carry this?” Daryl shouts to you from across the street, holding three giant bags that were almost to the point of over spilling.

“Yeah!” You say almost over-enthusiastically. You walk over to him and grab one of the bags, following him to where he was taking them. “Successful run?”


“Good, good.” You try and keep the conversation going. “What all did you find?”

“Some medical supplies, some clothes. Also found a bottle of whiskey. Thought about chuggin’ that down tonight. Wanna join?” He smiles. You know he’s just being friendly- that’s what friends do- but it still makes your stomach turn with nervousness.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

Daryl nods at you as you two set down the bags in front of Rick’s house, presumably so he can go through everything.

You didn’t see Daryl for the rest of the day, and your thoughts were running wild. You kept telling yourself that maybe Daryl was joking about drinking together later, or that you heard him wrong. Sure, you two had “hung out” before, but nothing like that. And the thought of being alone with Daryl in his house, drinking alcohol, maybe you get butterflies in your stomach.

By the time that night time had arrived, you weren’t sure if you could go through with your plans. Daryl makes you insanely nervous and you have no idea why. After you had finished up working with Maggie, you were a sweaty mess and you were desperate for a shower. You were walking back over to your house, but someone running towards you made you stop.

“Y/N? I thought ya were coming over.” Daryl came into view, frowning.

“I am, but I’ve been working all day and I need a shower.” You scrunch up your nose.

“Fine, I’m startin’ without ya though.”

“You could always ask someone else if they want to join, I’m sure-“

“Nah, wanna be with you.” Daryl interrupts, smiling, before leaving you alone on your doorstep.

As you shower, you remind yourself that he’s just being friendly, and that you shouldn’t look so far into things. He wouldn’t like a girl like you, you thought, so there is no need to be freaking out so badly. You don’t bother to wash your hair, as you cleaned it this morning, so the shower is quite quick.

You step out, and frown as you look into the mirror again. You’d come so far in terms of building self-confidence, but Daryl made you feel like you were in high school again, dripping of insecurity.

You put on a different pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, not even bothering to put on shoes as Daryl’s house was just next door. Maybe if he got drunk enough, he wouldn’t notice if you just didn’t show up? You shake your head, knowing that you’re being completely ridiculous. It’s Daryl. You’ve known him for years- you’ll be okay.

When you get to his house, you can see him sitting on his couch, holding the bottle of whiskey in his hand as he stared intently at the TV. You knock on the window, and he smiles when he sees you there, getting up immediately to let you in.

“Was startin’ to think you weren’t gonna show up.”

“Nah.” You go inside.

“Look, if ya don’t wanna be here, you can go.” Daryl looks at you, obviously noticing your tension.

“No, I want to be here, I promise.” You smile at him.

“Alright, good, ‘cause I want you here.” He leads you over to his couch, making you blush. He pours some of the whiskey into a cup and hands it to you.

“I have no idea how you managed to find an entire, unopened bottle of this stuff.” You take a sip, making a face at the burn in your throat. You haven’t had hard alcohol like this in a long time.

“Just got lucky I guess.”

“Real lucky.” You commented. “How did you manage to get this back without Glenn finding out?”

“I have my ways.” Daryl smirked, taking a drink straight out of the bottle.

The next few hours was spent talking about random things, and it made you feel at ease. You weren’t so nervous anymore (probably a mixture of being slightly tipsy and just having normal conversation with Daryl) and you were truly enjoying yourself.

You were setting yourself back down on the couch, having got up to go pee. Your buzz was wearing off and you were growing tired, and were thinking about heading home soon.

“Y’know, I don’t know why ya avoid me so much.” Daryl says, scooting his body closer to you as you sat down. You tense up, taking another drink of your whiskey to help calm your nerves. He was definitely drunker than you were.

“I don’t avoid you.” You say simply.

“Yeah, ya do.” He frowns. “I try ta hang around ya more, and the minute ya see me, ya go runnin’ off.”

“Must have not noticed.” You take a bigger drink of your alcohol.

“I used to think ya liked me, and shit, I think I like ya too, but now I’m startin’ to think I was wrong. I’m startin’ to think ya hate me.” He frowns.

“You like me?” You look at him dumbfounded.

“Well, I thought that was obvious.”

“You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.” You put it off, not believing what you’re hearing.

“I’m not as drunk as ya think I am. Regardless, a man’s most honest when he’s drunk, aint he?”

You’re silent for a while, not sure how to respond.

“You’re right about what you said.” You admit, sighing.

“That ya hate me? I fuckin’ knew it. I’m an idiot, I’m sorry.”

“No!” You yell, startling him. “About the other thing. About liking you. You’re right.”

“Oh. Good.” He smiles down at you. “If I hadn’t drank tonight, I wouldn’t have told ya how I felt. That’s why I wanted ya to come over.” He admits.

“Why do you like me, Daryl? I’m… Well, I’m not like the rest of the girls here. I’m not as thin or as beautiful as the rest of the girls. I’m no Maggie or Rosita. I’m not good enough for you.” You pour your feelings out, a sure sign that the whiskey was starting to work.

“Y/N,” Daryl grabbed your shoulders so you were facing him. “I don’ care about your size. That shit don’ matter to me. I like you for you, not for what size of jeans ya wear. You’re beautiful, hell, you’re prettier than Maggie and Rosita combined. I don’ want to hear ya ever talkin’ down about yourself again. Is that why you’ve been pushin’ me away so much?”

“Yeah. Didn’t think you’d want me.”

“I.” Daryl brings you into a kiss. He tastes like whiskey, but you don’t care, you melt into the kiss anyways. “Love.” He kisses you again. “You.”

Your heart was beating out of your chest. There was no way this was happening. You bring your fingers to your arm, pinching yourself to make sure that you weren’t dreaming. The pain that ran through your arm alerted you that, no, this was real life. Not only was Daryl kissing you, but he was saying that he loved you.

You kiss him back, the shock finally wearing off. He’s an amazing kisser for someone who hadn’t been with anyone since you met him, and that was a long time ago.

“I love you too.” You pull away.

“I love all of you. I love your face,” Daryl kisses your lips softly. “I love your chest.” Daryl trails his kisses down your neck, giving you chills. “I love your stomach.” Daryl lifts up your shirt, kissing your bare stomach. You go to cover yourself up, but Daryl moves your hands away. “I love your thighs.” He starts kissing down your thighs, his lips lingering a little longer on your inner thighs. You can feel yourself weakening under his touch, desperate for more.  

“But most of all,” Daryl brings his face back up to yours. “I love your personality. I love everythin’ about ya. I don’t want ya to ever think that you’re not good enough for me ever again. You’re perfect.”

You answer him by crashing your lips onto his. He lays you down on the couch, bringing himself on top of you as he continued kissing you.

“Can we go up to your bedroom?” A burst of confidence ran through you, your body on fire.

“Yes, baby.” He grabs your hand, leading you upstairs to his room.

The night was spent well, and you had never felt more happy in your life. You finally had the man of your dreams. He loved you, and that was the best feeling in the world.

Apples at the Market

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - 40s!Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Request: could you please do a Bucky request for me please? where Bucky comes back and realises that he won’t be able to see you again since he married you in the 40’s. he tries to make a recipe that the remembers you cooking him all the time and he breaks down because its doesn’t taste the same. In the end can you make it that you actually went through the same process as him to be a super soldier and stuff and you eventually meet? sorry if its too long but its been on my mind for weeks and I would love you to write it because I love the way you write! thank you xx

Warnings: angst - fluff - language

Word Count: 2.3K

A/N: It was so much fun writing this prompt, omg. I actually really love baking and had a super chill time going through my great grandma’s recipes to find the perfect ones for this fic. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Bucky’s P.O.V

We were married in the autumn, Y/N and I. It was an outdoor wedding, in the middle of a lush, mystical forest up-state. The leaves were deep reds, sweet oranges, and brilliant yellows, and each gust of wind that would dance through the trees’ branches created an intoxicating melody of calmness, the leaves flutter down around us, landing gracefully on the ground. It was a small wedding, just us, Steve, a priest, and a few of our neighbors. I never really cared that there weren’t a lot of people - all I could focus on was her mesmerizing smile, her bright, joyful eyes, and the radiating glow of happiness she emitted around her. Her long, white dress floated elegantly over the fallen leaves. Her hair was done-up in a high bun, pinned curls framing her face. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life - she was the woman of my dreams.

Even after we got married, every day after was like living the same perfect dream over and over again. On Saturdays, we would wake up a little earlier and go to a small farmer’s market near our apartment building. Her favorite fruit was apples, and we would leave the market with a whole bag of ‘em, and in the autumn, we would bring home a pumpkin, too. She would make this absolutely killer apple crumble from the apples we had bought earlier in the day, and for dinner, we would make a pumpkin soup together in between little breaks of dancing and stealing light kisses. Saturdays were always my favorite - just being around her was enough to make my heart flutter with joy - but now, each passing day just reminds me of how I lost, and never even got to say goodbye to the love of my life. Even after HYDRA did everything in their power to make me forget - to make me into their weapon - I was always able to hang on to one memory: her.

The oven’s timer beeping brings me out of my trance. I get up from my stool, pushing it back under the counter of the kitchen island, and grab an oven mitt. When I pull down the oven door, a wall of heat hits my face, lightly burning my eyes and making it a bit hard to breathe. The smell of cinnamon and apples drifting from the oven is intoxicating as it swirls and mixes with the silent air hanging heavily on my shoulders. I set the hot pan on a hot-pad next to the stove, taking off the mitt to stir the simmering, pumpkin-orange soup. Outside, a light snow begins to fall, the delicate flakes landing on the window above the sink, quickly melting away and trailing down the glass pane. The first snowfall of the year…

Y/N loved the first snowfall. The last time I saw her during the first fall, we were out for a stroll, just popping our heads into small shops in the city, enjoying the clear, chilly night, when the flakes began to drop.

We were both tucked into our winter coats, her arm locked through mine, the bustle of the crowd swarming around us. Stopping at a corner to cross a street, a few delicate snowflakes begin to twirl out of the sky and drift to our feet. A smile blossoms on her face. It’s one of those ear-to-ear, goofy smiles that are contagious. I turn to her, watching as her eyes cast to the sky in awe. A few flakes settle on her hair, and one lands on her cheek. I bring my gloved hand to her face, using my thumb to brush it away. She leans into my touch, closing her eyes and humming. I lean down and press a light kiss to her soft lips, savoring the taste of her as I try to capture this moment in my mind. I slowly pull away and open my eyes, locking my gaze with hers. Y/N giggles and I gently rest my forehead against hers.

“I love you,” I whisper, my breath puffing into the air.

“I love you too, James,” she smiles as she stands on her toes, pressing her lips to mine again.

A quiet tear sliding down my face painfully drags me back to reality. I brace my hands against the smooth counter top and take in a shaky breath. Opening the drawer near my stomach, I grab a fork and cut into the crumble, the hot steam from the apples slowly drifting away like flames licking at logs in a fire. I bring the fork to my mouth, the hot crumble slightly burning my tongue.

I’ve made this recipe at least a hundred times, trying to find just the right amount of ingredients that would make the crumble taste like Y/N’s. But nothing ever worked. There was always something missing every, single, time. I just want some way to have her back in my life…to have some sort of…of a connection back to her even though she’s long gone.

In a wild burst of frustration and anger, I forcefully throw the whole pan of the crumble into the sink, sending loud clanging noises and its contents flying everywhere. Apple chunks and crumbs scatter over the countertops as the pan ricochets out of the sink and clatters on the floor, and a dull burning sensation radiates from my fingertips.

It’s burden to breathe. More tears well up in my eyes, blurring my vision. I lean back against the counter, the stone pushing into my lower back, and I cross my arms over my chest. A sob threatens to shake through my body, and my lip quivers as I try to suppress it, but it erupts in my throat any ways and a strangled choke escapes from my throat. My legs suddenly feel weak and I drop to the ground, pulling my legs to my chest and wrapping my arms around my head. The air around me feels like it’s suffocating me. Anxiety and burning hatred tingle through my veins, threatening to override my senses. Hot tears bleed into the sleeves of my shirt, but I don’t care. Thoughts crash into my mind, shrouding out reality - the shitty, stupid reality that she’ll never come back into my life.

Y/N’s P.O.V

You’ve been trying to adjust to life for the past year. After being a HYDRA captive for nearly seventy years, you managed to escape, create an alias, and settle down in an apartment using the money you had taken from the organization. Most of the time, they kept you frozen like the other soldiers they began to experiment with, only thawing you out whenever they needed a sort of last resort.

After James had left for the war, you relied a lot on Steve for support, until he, too, eventually left. A few months later, you were out at the market buying more apples to make a crumble for a family dinner when you were forcefully dragged into an alleyway, knocked out, and taken. You never even saw your attackers coming. When you woke up, you were in a cell, scared shitless, and aching pains raged in every joint, muscle, and bone of your body.

You endured a solid six months of training and mind manipulation as HYDRA molded your mind and body into their perfect rendition of a weapon of mass destruction.

But that was all behind you now.

Even though the manipulation mutilated your mind and controlled your memories, you were never able to let go of James. The fact that you never knew what happened to him eats away at you each and every day, but, somehow, you’re able to drag yourself out of bed and carry on living.

You’ve never bothered to reach out to Steve - the very thought of it made your stomach churn in fear of the type of memories that talking to him face-to-face may bring up. Every time you see his picture on T.V., or in a magazine, or even on a billboard, old, faint memories of James and him would surface. The three of you were inseparable, and the pain of not having James in your life was hard enough, let alone being in the same room as Stevie and not hearing James cracking jokes or watching him playfully make fun of Steve. You’d give anything to be able to go back in time and stop them from leaving, just to see James one last time…

The train slowing to a stop slightly jerks your body forward, and your shoulder bumps into the person standing next to you. The doors slide open, and people rush out like a wave crashing on a shoreline. Saturdays guaranteed a packed commuted into downtown. You follow the flow of bodies and walk towards the stairs heading to the streets above.

Overcast clouds make the wind blowing between the buildings colder than it should be. Winter was pressing in, and any day now, snow would begin to fall. You’ve always loved the first snow ever since you were a kid. The snowflakes would lure you into a trance, captivating you for hours. The first snow also reminded you of James. His touch was as light as a fresh snowflake, yet powerful enough to reassure you he would never leave you, like the biting cold of the winter. But, like snow in the spring, that promise melted away as soon as he left to serve.

Something runs into your legs, shaking you from your thoughts. You look down, blinking, and see a bubbly toddler staring up at you with an open mouth. Their dad runs up and quickly apologizes, scooping the toddler into his arms.

“Oh, no worries,” you smile. The man walks back over to where another man with an empty stroller was standing and passes the child into his arms. He bounces the baby playfully and boops his nose. The sight ignites a flick of joy in your heart.

A buzzing of people swarms around the market’s carts. Just down the way, you spot the cart with the best apples you’ve ever tasted, and you happily stride towards it. An old man with bright, white, wispy hair and a red apron sits on a stool behind the cart, reading a newspaper. He looks up at you above the paper and greets you with a large smile.

“Mornin’, love,” his thick accent is charming and playful. “How many can I getchya?” He reaches for a paper bag under the cart.

“G’mornin’, Ed,” you smile back. “Can you get me four today? I have a lot of baking to do.”

The old man picks out four, juicy, brilliantly red apples and puts them in the bag, rolling down the top to close it.

“Here ya are, darlin’,” he smiles as he hands you the bag over the cart. “See ya next Saturday?”

“Like always,” you chuckle as you hand him the money you owed. “Bye, Ed!” You wave as you start to turn around, but run into something hard. You drop the bag, an apple rolling out onto the ground. “O-oh man, I’m so sorry.” You quickly crouch down to pick up the bag and the loose apple when the stranger moves to grab the apple at the same time. Their gloved hand brushes passed yours, grabbing the fruit and handing it out to you. You look up, and your heart nearly jumps out of your chest.

It…it’s James.

He has longer hair tucked into a ball cap and wore a heavy jacket over a black shirt. A beard covers his jaw and fades into his neck, his grey-blue eyes frozen in disbelief.

You can’t find the breath to speak as you stare at him, truly believing that this man, this stranger, could possibly be -

Y/N?” He mumbles. You both stand at the same time. It…it c-can’t be…

“J-James?” You blink away tears pricking at your tired eyes. His eyes widen and tears begin to well along the bottom of his own eyes. You step closer to him. “Is it…it-it can’t be, there’s no way,” you swallow as a single tear races down your cheek.

He brings a large, gloved hand to your cheek and wipes away the warm tear. You instinctively lean into his comforting touch, giving into the wild fantasy that this man standing before you truly is James.

“It’s really you,” he breathes. His lower lip quivers and he bites down on it. “Am I…are you real?”

“Y-yes James, I am,” you smile through more tears gently cascading down your face.

“What are you doing here?” He asks. “How are you here?”

“I’m sure I could be asking you the same exact thing,” you chuckle in disbelief. “I, uh…I come here every Saturday to buy a-apples for baking. Ed’s my favorite guy to get ‘em from. I use them in my -”

“Crumble,” he finishes my sentence. “You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to remake that recipe,” he chuckles through a few silent tears.

“Why don’t you come back to my apartment,” you ask. “I can show you how to make it, and I have all the things to make pumpkin soup, so we could -”

He cuts you off again by pulling you into his arms. You immediately wrap your arms around him as he tucks his head into the crook of your neck.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” he whispers, his voice muffled by your scarf. “I promise…I’ll never leave you like that again.” He painfully pulls back from your embrace. “I just still can’t believe it’s you.”

“You’re tellin’ me,” you laugh. He extends the apple in his hand to you, and you grab it, dropping it back into the bag. You turn back to the cart a few feet away, squeezing between two other people. “Hey Ed,” you breathe. “I’m gonna need a few more apples.”

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 Rays of light creeped through the break in the curtains casting beams upon the bed you shared with Harry. You glanced over to the bedside table which held your alarm clock, projecting the time across its face. 8:22. The room was cool despite the fact it was mid summer. What else could you expect from England though? Your feet gently hit the laminated floor beneath you as you tiptoed out the bed- being careful not to awaken Harry. You pulled large hoodie over your head, covering your underwear clad body in which goosebumps arose on your body. 

 "y'cold bug?“ Harry’s husky voice startled you slightly as he watch you from the bed. 

 "A bit.” You admired his beauty from your stance across the bedroom. His hair flopped against his forehead of a slightly plump face which always occurred when he first woke up. His inked chest rising up and down slowly as his gaze continued on you.

 "C'mere and let me warm you up.“ You climbed back in the bed beside Harry and cuddled into his chest as his muscular arms wrapped around you waist. You gazed up at his swollen morning lips, placing your over them. 

"Love yeh kisses.” He mumbled tucking you deeper into his chest. You fiddled with the cross necklace which hung carefully from his neck, taking it in your fingers and running the pad of your thumb around the outline. Your hand moved across his slow rising chest, lightly brushing over his newly developed chest hair.

 "Look at these hairs! Bloody hell where did these come from,“ you giggled looking up to you boyfriend "and my word! Look at all this stubble!” You mocked running your hand across his jaw, feeling the rough prickles beneath your fingers. 

 "Took me long enough, 23 years to be exact.“

 "My little baby boyfriend is turning into a manly man.” You pouted. 

 Harry brought himself so his body leant over yours, looking down at you with a cheeky smirk. “I’ll have you know, I never wasn’t a man,” he asserted jabbing his fingers in you ribs making you squirm beneath him, “and I’ll also have you know, you’re younger than me so don’t get too loud down there.”   His lips connected with yours and lingered for a while until breaking from you and gazing down at you in the light. “Look like an angel.” He whispered, stroking a piece of fallen hair from your face. You giggled at his corny remark, sitting up from your position and pecking him on the lips once again.

“I love her because she moves in her own way.“ Harry sung along gently to the radio as he poured his cereal into a bowl. 

 You sat on the counter admiring him dancing and singing along, two years of dating and yet you still couldn’t get over how amazing he actually was, he was genuinely the most perfect man you had ever encountered. Not one day went by where he hadn’t failed to make you laugh and make you feel special, whether he was with you in the moment or a thousand miles away. 

 "Y'know,” harry started, “you’re making it incredibly difficult for me not to kiss your pretty little face off, sat there all cute and pretty.”

 "Then do it.“ Harry got up from his chair and ran upstairs, you had absolutely no idea what he was doing but then again , everything Harry did was very unpredictable. 

 "Harry? What are you doing?” You giggled walking to the bottom of the stairs tilting you head up to look for him. Loud footsteps cam running down the landing and down the stairs as harry rushed towards you, taking your head in his hands and planting kissing all over your face. “You’re such a dork, you’ve got toothpaste on your chin.” You giggled underneath his lips. “Didn’t wanna bless you with my bed breath so had to brush m'teeth.” You shook your head at him , laughing slightly before licking your thump and bringing it up to his face, wiping away the toothpaste which had landed on his chin.

 "Eughh gross.“ He mocked pulling a disgusted face at you.

   "Disgusting aren’t I?” You challenged. Harry wrapped his arms round your waist pulling you closer to him, using his finger to tilt your chin up towards his face. 

 "Absolutely repulsive, and I love it.“ He mumbled pressing his lips into yours. 

Dream Snooping

Hey, everyone! This story was inspired by the Toon Henry AU of Bendy and the Ink Machine, created by @squigglydigg/ @squigglydigglydoo ! So if you haven’t seen that, well… You’re probably not gonna understand what’s happening here! I really suggest to go check it out, though, it’s really cool and the art is super charming! While I want to wait a little bit for more of the game story to form my own headcanons, this AU really caught my heart and so I wanted to do something as a gift for Squigglydigg. It’s really late right now and I’ve been writing this all day because is my true day off in like ages. Hopefully it won’t come off as too messy. I hope you enjoy it! (Oh, it’s also on AO3 !)

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Wear My Jersey

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Jay x Reader

Wear My Jersey

Prompt: Someone requested some Jay x reader, so here ya go.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. The sky was the bluest you had ever seen it, and the breeze was nice. It was a perfect day for the Tourney game that was set to take place later on. You, however, had no intention of going. Sports weren’t really your thing. Now, painting the huge tree in the courtyard, that was more up your alley.

Paint was splattered across your skinny jeans, smeared across your cheeks, and even streaked in your long, golden hair. Your mother always told you that your painting talents must come from her. It was another thing you had inherited in addition to her sunny locks. As for things you had gotten from your father…you couldn’t really think of any. Your older brother had inherited his rugged good looks and famous smolder.

“Hey, blondie.” A somewhat familiar voice caused your head to turn. You looked just as Jay, the infamous son of Jafar, took a seat beside you on the stairs. “What’re you up to?”

“Painting.” You replied as you shaped the wings of a raven flying across your perfect blue sky. Jay watched your hand move, and he swore you were working magic. The skill with which you worked was incredible. He found himself entranced by it but soon snapped out of it when he remembered why he had come to see you.

“So, I was wondering…” He tried to figure out how to word his proposal. He had been so confident a few seconds ago, but now that you were here in front of him looking at him with those big eyes…he swallowed thickly, trying to ignore the heart beating rapidly in his chest. “The guys all had extra jerseys made for their girlfriends, and I…I was just wondering if you wanted to wear mine?”

“Wear your jersey? Like to the game?” You asked, turning your attention away from your painting.

“Yeah,” He rubbed the back of his neck, waiting for your response with growing anticipation. “So…?”


“Really?” He really tried to hide the excitement on his face. After all, he had a reputation, didn’t he? But his smile was the biggest and most genuine smile he had ever smiled. It warmed your heart a little, arousing feelings deep in your heart that you didn’t know existed for the son of one of the most notorious villains of all time.

“Yeah, sure, Jay.” You couldn’t help but smile back. He reached into his bag and handed you the blue and yellow jersey.

“It might be a little big on you, but-”

“It’ll be perfect.” You smirked, and for a second, Jay could see the little bit of Flynn Rider that had found its way into you. After all, your father had been one of the most notorious criminals of all time, and if he had ended up with a princess, what was stopping Jay from doing the same? “Meet up with you after the game?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

You stood up, and so did he. Then, unexpectedly, you stood on your toes and pressed a kiss to his cheek. Then, with a wink, you added: “Good luck, Jay.”

He couldn’t stop the blush that spread across his face. “T-thanks.”


You found your spot in the student section of the bleachers after changing into the jersey and putting your hair up into a large bun. Jay’s jersey was indeed rather large on you, but it looked cute nonetheless.

For the first time in your life, you found yourself interested in a game of Tourney. Your eyes were glued to Jay as he ran down the field, pulling off impressive passes and scoring an innumerable amount of points. And no matter how good he was, he always worked with the others on his team to get the job done.

Everything was going smoothly until the final play. The Knights won, but while scoring the final point, Jay had hurt his hand. You ran onto the field with everyone else, but instead of running to Ben or Chad, you made a beeline for Jay, who was looking over his now-swelling hand. As you made your way over, you rushed to take your long golden tresses out of the bun holding them in place.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” He winced as you gently took his injured hand in both of your own. You wrapped your hair around it. He looked at you quizzically for a second before he realized what you were doing.

“Flower, gleam and glow. Let your power shine. Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt. Change the fates’ design. Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine…” Strong golden power, as pure as the sun itself flowed from the roots of your hair and into his hand, mending it with healing tingles. When you unwrapped his hand, the swelling and redness were gone. It was as good as new.


“No problem.”

“Thanks for coming, too. It was really nice to have you in the stands cheering me on.”

“Well, what can I say? You’re my favorite player.” You smirked and gave him a little nudge. He laughed. “It was a really good game. You’re amazing. It’s like you were born to be on this field.”

“I think so too.” He paused, another question surfacing in his head. “So uh, there’s a bonfire after the team debriefing. Would you maybe want to go with me?”

“Absolutely.” You stood on your toes to press yet another kiss to his cheek. He gave you a hug and then kissed your forehead before jogging off with the rest of the guys. It was then that Evie and Mal found you in the crowd.

“So…” the purple-haired sorceress wore an amused smile. “You and Jay, huh?”

“Yeah.” You smiled at the notion. “Me and Jay…”




“No shit,” Harry mumbled, still chewing on the banana in his mouth.  “Freddie Mercury, was a fucking king. Is a fucking king. Will always be a king.”

“Agreed.” I giggled, still wrapped up tight in his sheets, watching him saunter around the kitchen.

I can’t explain the joy of that sight, Harry with his hair messy and long, wearing a tight pair of boxers and nothing else, dancing around to Killer Queen with a banana in his hand. It was such a simple sight, but one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen all at the same time. There was a happiness shifting within the deepest pits of my stomach, heart and mind. He was a vision, a dim-witted smile on his face as he clicked his fingers and sang along, swaying his hips. So beautiful. So perfect.

“Do you know what I would sacrifice, just to see him perform even one song live?” He groaned, sulking a little.

“With the little show you’re putting on, I think you could easily start a tribute act.” I told him, watching a gleeful smile spurt onto his lips. “I once saw a Queen tribute act, and they were fucking incredible. Can you imagine the real thing?”

“Even the thought makes me want to cry.” He said, and then started approaching me, singing along again. “Drop of a hat, she’s as willing as, playful as a pussycat, then momentarily out of action, temporarily out of gas, she’ll absolutely drive you-

WILD!” I joined in. “WILD!”

She’s out to get you!”

He jumped back onto the bed, making me scream with delight as he knocked me backwards, kissing at my lips as I squirmed and giggled below him, wrapping my fingers through his hair and trying to kiss him back, but my smile was stopping me.

“Oh my holy fucking shit, I’m so in love with you.” I told him. “This is like, the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt.”

“Good weird?” He said between attempted kisses.

“Yes good weird.” I blushed. “Amazing weird.”

I’d never felt closer with someone. Never.
Being in his arms felt like home, warmth and comfort and something that was just second nature, like I wasn’t even fully aware of it, it was just my norm. Laughing with him sent this weird feeling bubbling through my stomach, like I’d never laughed that way before, like certain giggles belonged to him, released from me for his ears only.
Being in love was a weird feeling, one that I was still trying to wrap my head around at the same time as having this feeling in my gut that told me I should have always felt this way, I should have always been with him.
After littering me with a few more playful kisses, he jumped back off me, sauntering back over to the kitchen, swaying his hips to the music.
I sat upright so I could watch him, Moggy jumping and curling up on my lap as Harry attempted to prepare our breakfast, too distracted by his dancing, and I could see how happy he was. It was almost like he was constantly smiling.
It was the 5th of May, only two weeks since we’d first said we loved each other, since we had sex, and although not much had changed, nothing felt the same.

“You tired?” I asked him.

He’d had a pretty restless night, his nightmare shining through in the way it always did, ruining what should have been his one escape, but some nights were worse than others.

“I’m fine.” He said, though I was sure he was lying.

“You should get some more sleep.”

“Ren, it’s fine. I’m fine.”

I think with each progression of our relationship, we’d both been hoping that maybe it would trigger something within him that would stop the dreams, or at least calm them, but nothing had changed. There wasn’t anything I could do to stop them, no matter how desperately I wanted to, it just wasn’t in my power.

“Harry.” I called, signalling for him to join me again.

Looking a little sceptical, he wandered back over to me, sitting at the foot of the bed and reaching out, locking our fingers together.

“You okay?” He asked.

“How’s therapy going?”

“You don’t need to worry about me.” He tried to dismiss.

“Well, tough shit, I do. So… talk to me.”

I watched his chest shuddering, using his other hand to run through Moggy’s thick, white fur, to which she purred appreciatively.
He looked down to his lap, taking a few moments to compose and ease himself before finally being honest with me rather than trivialising his thoughts.

“Ren, I-I can’t even explain, how happy I am for you… that you don’t go to therapy anymore and that you’re doing so well. It… It fucking makes my heart beat harder when I see you happy, and loving yourself. It makes everything better. But… I guess, it’s just kind of… It’s made it more apparent that I’m not there. I’m not even close. I just… I can’t even see an end and… it fucking hurts.”

He looked back up to me, the mornings sun beaming through his large window and making the green of his eyes even more captivating than they were usually. We were in the latter stages of Spring, and his eyes mirrored the world, green and growing and vibrant.
I had never seen his eyes during Summer, but the thought alone was enough to leave me breathless, just envisioning the kind of life that would burst within them.
I tightened our locked digits, biting gently at my bottom lip, my heart hurting.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. “I can’t even begin to understand how hard it must be for you.”

“Sometimes at therapy… it’s almost like I can see the hope draining from Dr Jacksons eyes. We’re both trying… so fucking hard. We’ve been trying for a year and a half now… every week… and we have nothing. I feel so… defeated. I’m so tired. We’re… trying all these new techniques with like… meditation and trying to access repressed memories but I don’t think it’s working. She even wants to watch me sleep now. We’re getting desperate and it’s killing me.”

I pulled him in closer, latching my hand at the back of his neck and making sure his forehead crashed against mine, looking deep into his eyes, residue filling them, just like the way that raindrops land on petals in thick splashes, beautiful but too heavy for their new home.

“How do you have the strength to not drink every night?” I asked him, trying to stay composed for his sake. “You know it stops them, so… I don’t know how you have that strength.”

“Because I’m fine with being fucked up when I sleep, but I can’t fuck up everything I’m lucky enough to have when I’m awake. That’s what would happen. I know it’s easier when I drink, but I can’t let it take over my life. I miss just… sleeping. I miss being able to enjoy my sleep. There’s only one good thing that I’ve got out of these fucking dreams. Just one. It just feels so… cruel.”

I lowered my brows, still trying to hold back tears because I was the one who was almost forcing Harry to talk. This was his time to be vulnerable, not mine.
But seeing him in pain and seeing him hurting was something that just recoiled. His pain was my pain. My pain was his.

“What the hell did you get out of this that’s good?” I questioned.

He swallowed, nudging his cheek further into my touch when I reached to wipe his tears away, his nostrils gently flaring.

“You.” He simply said.

There was an ache in my chest, one that I couldn’t distinguish. It was painful, like I was sad but reflective and grateful and this entire mix of things.

“Me?” I gasped.

“Without these dreams we wouldn’t have met. I wouldn’t have been at that group therapy session, and we wouldn’t have… been in a fucking fake relationship, which I still can’t believe we did.” He managed to laugh through his slow tears. “Without these dreams I wouldn’t have you in my life. But… you’re the only good thing.”


“There’s supposed to be good in everything bad, and you were that. You were… are, my good thing. But… They could have stopped when I met you. They should have stopped then. It’s not fair. I’m so fucking tired, Ren. I’m so tired. I think fate might be real… and, if it took those dreams to meet you then… they were worth it. But I have you now. We’re here now and we’re in love so why can’t they stop?”

It wasn’t unlike Harry to see the good in something bad, no matter how difficult the search was. He would find a way to see some form of light within the dark, even if that meant sparking a flame himself.
I was the only positive he could see in this, and that alone hurt, because that meant that Harry had spent three years looking for light, trying to spark flint, and everything had remained dark.
I couldn’t comfort him. It was impossible. Any promise I could make, there was no guarantee I could keep. I wanted to tell him that everything would be fine, that one day he would wake up and realise automatically that he’d slept straight through. He’d wake up realise that his sleep had been nothing but pure, sweet dreams accompanying his tender slumber, and his nightmares would quickly become a thing of the past, something he couldn’t remember clearly, like most nightmares.
I wished that I could say that to him, but I couldn’t. I’d broken promises to him before and I didn’t want to do that again.

“I love you,” I told him. “And I’m so proud of you, for coping the way you do. You have to keep fighting and you have to keep trying. I’ll be here, all the way.”

He gave me a weak nod, eyes fixed with mine as his tears calmed naturally, composing himself, breathing in and out, and resting his forehead against mine.

“I feel like… I’m close, y’know? Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, and you’re there… I get this gut feeling that I’m gunna have the answer soon. Is that naive of me?”

“Trust your gut.” I simply replied. “Maybe you’ve been making more progress than you’re aware of. Remember how abrupt me finishing therapy felt? Maybe it’ll be the same for you! It’ll just happen. You’ll be making progress without even knowing about it. I’m sure you will.”

With no warning, he pushed his lips forward to greet mine, the tips of his fingers pulling me closer like he was desperate for me, like kissing me could cure the ache in his stomach and the agony in his heart. So I tried to kiss him back like I really did possess that power, forceful and commanding, trying to prove how much I loved him with every subtle pant and caring touch.
I heard Moggy groaning a complaint before she jumped off my lap, meaning I could clamber from my original spot and move to straddle Harry’s waist, dangling my arms over his shoulders and rolling against him, whimpering my sweet tune into his open mouth.
He groaned appreciatively back to me, his hands searching up my spine until he reached my bra, his fingers beginning to fiddle with the clasps.
I humoured him for a while as he tried to mess with the thing and get it off, just continuing to kiss him until I literally couldn’t, letting out the softest chuckle against his kiss

“Ren, don’t laugh at me.” He sulked, pulling away from my lips.

“I’m sorry.” I covered my mouth with my hand. “I tried.”

“This is all very new to me, you have to be delicate.”

“Okay okay, I’m sorry.” I was trying to restrain my smile.

“Just… Let me…”

The tip of his tongue poked out from between his plump lips, one eye gripped shut as the other looked up to the side, snapping the back of my bra as he tried to undo it, but he was having no luck.
I tucked my lips into my mouth, and it reached the point where my cheeks were literally hurting before I finally blurted out another laugh, flopping my head onto his shoulder.

“I’m sorry!” I cackled. “I can’t help it, I’m sorry.”

“Y’know what, you are the worst.” He huffed. “I see you in the morning, Florence Daisy Valentine! I see you putting your bra on backwards and then swivelling it round because you can’t do bras either! No one can do bras! Fuck bras.”

“Don’t turn this on me!” I cried.

“I will turn this on you. How long have you been wearing bras? And you can’t even do them properly. You’re a backwards bra person. You can’t say anything!”

“You’re so right, I’m sorry.” I kissed him again. “Bras are the worst. It’s okay that you struggle with them.”

“Piece of shit.” He said, beginning to meddle with it again.

I heard my phone ringing down on the floor by my side of the bed, and Harry let out a huge sigh, flopping back down onto the mattress and dramatically sobbing to himself.

“It just wasn’t meant to be.” I laughed, clambering off him. “We’ll try again after breakfast.”

“You’re going to have to make breakfast.” He wallowed. “I’m too sad.”

I fell with a thud onto the mattress with my head poking over the side so that I could see my phone.
When I noticed who was calling, I hesitantly reached out to pick it up from the floor, turning around and sitting with my legs crossed on top of the bed, my phone still in my hand.

“What’s up? Who is it?”

“It’s my sister.” I swallowed.

He flipped round so he could so me properly, his eyebrows creased towards the centre, giving me a somewhat cautious look.

“Answer.” He told me. “Don’t miss it.”

It must have been seconds away from going to voicemail by the time I eventually picked up, pressing the phone nervously to my ear, Harry’s eyes still on me.

“Hi.” I swallowed.

“Hi.” She replied, seeming just as anxious.

“H-how are you?”

“Terrible.” She replied. “I’m… terrible.”

Those words stung me, regardless of the fact we weren’t really close, and I hadn’t spoken to her since I’d learnt she told our mother about me quitting my job. I’d said I was cutting them out, but I couldn’t bring myself to ignore my sister. She was the one member of my family that I felt like I’d made some progress with.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Just… Beatrice Valentine. That’s what’s wrong.” She seethed.


I was more than used to Matilda always having our mothers back, and fighting her battles for her, and attempting to overlook her mistakes and her failures. I was definitely not used to hearing she had any bad feelings towards her. At all.

“She let me think for a week that you just… didn’t show to my engagement party. She let me think that you decided not to come and didn’t tell me why. She let me think that. She only told me on Sunday that she actually… told you that you couldn’t come.”

At that stage, it felt like nothing my mother did could shock me anymore. I had expected nothing less.
It was Friday, meaning the following day would be two weeks since the event, and it almost meant that she herself had known for almost a week, and she was only just reaching out to me.
It was something I could have bit her head off for, but I chose not to.

“I’m not really… speaking to mum anymore.” I mumbled. “I… I don’t know how I feel about speaking to you, either.”

“Please don’t cut me out, Florence. I know I probably deserve it. I know there’s a million things I could and should have done differently but… You’re my little sister. I want to try and make this right. Even if that doesn’t include mum. I want to make things right between us because I feel sick. I feel sick all the time, Florence. I keep… I keep remembering all these different things.”

“Like what?”

“I remember when we were little… Before grandad died and left all that fucking money. They sat us down and told us that they could only afford for one of us to go to private school, and that they’d chosen me. It… It’s like everything they did was just-just to prove that I was their favourite. Do you… Do you remember your thirteenth birthday?”

I blubbered abruptly, tears forming and falling and fucking hurting all within a damn second, suddenly remembering something that I’d tried to bury years ago.
I covered my eyes, trying not to look at Harry who had just hitched even closer to me, not wanting to look up and see the worry in his eyes, but happily taking his hand and linking our fingers when we reached for me.

“Yes.” I blubbered, my chest aching.

“They said you hadn’t done well enough in some stupid, pointless mock exams, so they hadn’t gotten you anything. All they spoke about all day was how fucking disappointed they were in you, and all you did was cry. Because… you’d tried so hard. You always tried so fucking hard.”

“I’m not as smart as you.” I sobbed.

“But you’re not thick either, are you? They always compared you to me. They always have and they always will. But… they’ve always been so harsh. And I’m only just seeing it. I’m literally only just seeing it. How smart can I really be? I’ve allowed myself to ignore these really obvious things and I’m so, so sorry, Florence.”

My hands were shaking, but I tightened my grip even more, squeezing Harry’s hand so tightly. It couldn’t possibly have been comfortable for him, and no matter how weak I was, it was bound to be hurting him.
He took his other hand, tucking some of my hair behind my hear and edging to get closer to me, wanting to comfort me more than I was allowing him to. I couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“I just… I felt like you were never there for me.” I wept. “And… you’re my big sister. You should have been there for me more than anyone and you weren’t. You let them boost you by putting me down, and it’s been so horrible, Matty. I don’t want to cut any of you out… You’re my family and I love you all so, so much, but I’m so tired. I can’t do it anymore.”

“Please let me try.” She begged. “I’m not going to force you to talk to mum and… I’m going to try and learn and not speak down to you in the way I have done before. Please let me try and make this better. I really want to try and make this better.”


“I don’t know, but I want to try. I want to try and just… be your sister. Be your friend. Please, Ren. Please.”

A part of me felt like being her friend was just giving up, going back against something I’d decided to do only two short weeks beforehand. But another part of me felt like this was the exact progress we needed, and though it was coming a little later than I had been hoping for, it was still happening, and I’d be stupid to turn that kind of progress down.

“Okay.” I unlatched my hand from Harry’s to wipe away a tear. “Okay… Yeah.”

Really?” She beamed.

“We can try, Matty. All we can do is try.” I sighed, not feeling happy, or sad, just completely numb. “I’m not promising anything, because… I’m drained. But… we can try.”

“Thank you so, so much Ren. This means everything. Thank you. Okay so, I’ll drive over and see you soon, alright?”


“You won’t regret this, Florence. I promise you won’t.”

“Okay.” I mumbled again.

She rambled on about how grateful she was for another few minutes before the call, eventually, came to an end, and I still felt numb.
Harry sat silently waiting for me to say something, my grip on his poor fingers finally loosening a little. My head was all over the place, wishing I could find the words to say, but nothing came.

“Ren?” He prompted.

“I feel like I just always fucking let myself down.” I spat abruptly, barely aware of what I was saying. “I’m so fucking weak.”

“Ren, no! You-”

Yes, Harry!” I finally looked up to him, tears blurring my vision. “It took me years to have the courage to step away from them, and one call from my sister and suddenly I’m trying to figure it out? I give up so easily. I turn my back on things all the time and I always, always let myself down!”

“You’re not letting yourself down, Ren! You always wanted to figure stuff out, and they needed to know how bad things were and how badly they made you feel, and they had to approach you. Because this isn’t your mess to fix, is it? It’s theirs. And they’re doing it now, and the fact that you’re open to letting them only makes you a fucking better person. You’re not letting yourself down, you’re doing yourself proud.”

Harry always had the perfect way of wording things that could make me view things differently, and change my mind. Harry could somehow make me see myself through his eyes to a certain extent, and make me feel as though even when I thought I was letting myself down, that I was actually doing the right thing.
He just knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

“You really think so?” I sniffled.

“Your sister is willing to change, and work at this. You’re… such a big person for giving her the chance. Most people wouldn’t. Not after all the shit they’ve put you through. I really think you could figure something out with Matilda, and I really think you should.”

“Okay. You’re right. Okay. I’ll… I’ll try. That’s all I can do, right?”

“I’m so fucking proud of you.” He smiled, tears filling his eyes again. “You’ve grown so much. Proper sunflower now, aren’t ya?”

“Stop it.” I managed to giggle through tears, as he wiped away the final few with his thumb.

“You’re amazing, okay? And I’m not gunna force you to do anything. Whatever you wanna do, it’s your decision. Just giving my opinion, alright?”

“Your opinion is always so much better than mine though.” I kissed his hand. “I’d be stupid not to take your advice.”

He moved in and kissed me sweetly, and I just had a thought, just for a second.
That maybe things would always be that way.
Maybe me and Harry would always be there supporting each other.


“Does Harry still get jealous about me and you?” Zayn asked as I linked my arm through his.

“Hmm… I don’t think so.” I cooed. “I think now we’re a bit more committed, he’s a bit more chilled out about the whole thing.”

“Good. Maybe he’ll get off my bloody back now.”

Vocatus were hosting another evening for their staff, but this one seemed a little different to the previous. Harry had instructed we both dress up to the nines, and he’d literally invited pretty much everyone we knew.
Ahead of me, Niall, Sasha and Molly skipped in the right direction merrily, laughing and joking together, and if I checked back over my shoulder, I could see Harry, Liam and Mo bonding about something or other. We all had on our best dresses and our best suits. It was irregular to see us all looking so presentable.
I was blissfully happy.

“How’s your fake relationship going?” I asked.

“We’re prepped to the max now. I think we’re good to go. Time to show her off to my parents.”

“You’re gunna end up shagging her, aren’t you?”

“There’s a slight chance… I already have.”

“For fuck sake, Zayn!”

What? I couldn’t help myself. I’m weak!”

“This is already too complicated for your own good.”

“Like you can talk.” He huffed. “You bloody live with Harry now!”

“I realise that it all seems very ironic coming from me, but I’m also speaking from experience. You’re in for some trouble to say the least.”

“Well tell me this, Ren, are you happy?”

I looked back over my shoulder again, Harry already looking at me.
Maybe he’d heard his name.
Then again, maybe he just liked looking.
He shot me a wink accompanied by a gorgeous smile, and by the time I looked ahead of myself again, I was blushing.

“Probably the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“Well then, maybe I’m getting myself into something good, and you should stop lecturing me.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.” I admitted defeat with a smile. “Just… don’t go into it thinking it’ll be easy, alright?”

“Whatever. Let’s get fucked.”

We walked through the front door, and the place was already heaving. The infamous V after D night there had felt so intimate and quiet, and this was the opposite. The room was full to the brim, everyone looking scarily beautiful. Everyone there looked sophisticated.
I’d grown up going to things like that with my parents, but I never thought I’d go to such a nice event with my friends, on my own time, by choice.
It was nice.
Harry appeared at my side a few moments later, snaking his arm around me, his fingers clasping at my waist.

“You good?” He leaned into my ear and asked as Zayn rushed off to the bar.

“I’m great.” I replied. “Are you?”

“Yeah. I’m really good. You wanna drink?”

“I’d love one. Thank you.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

Immeasurably beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I giggled.

“Have I buttered you up sufficiently?”

“Uh… I guess?”

“Okay, well… I told Liam about the fake relationship thing and he’s about to quiz you. BYE!”

He literally ran away from me, the crowds fucking parting for him like they were bloody helping him without even meaning to. Fucker.
Liam was literally next to me within seconds, giving me this knowing smirk, like he already had planned exactly what he wanted to say to me.
I awkwardly smiled back to him.

“Hi, Liam.” I cringed.

“You two are fucked in the head. Perfect for each other. Who else would do that?”

“Zayn!” I pointed the blame. “Zayn’s doing it right now! Be mad at him! Tell him off!”

“I’m not gunna tell you off.” He laughed.

“Oh. You’re not? Okay…”

“I just wanna… try and wrap my head around it. C’mon, let’s take a seat.”

Liam was kind of intimidating to me, and I was still trying to wrap my head around why that was. He had this incredibly friendly face, and this warm vibe to him, but he still scared me. I think I’d just gotten the impression when I’d seen him that he was incredibly protective of Harry. I think he was the type of person who would never shy away from warning Harry off people he didn’t trust. I felt like I’d really need to be in hid good books or else he’d go back over to Harry and not care about saying he didn’t like me.
It was admirable, but terrifying.
We sat down together on one the dark grey sofas, and I tried to loosen up a little.

“So,” He seemed friendly enough. “Why did you do it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Uh… I think it would if you met my parents.” I swallowed. “They’re uh… They’re hard work.”


“They don’t agree with anything I do. They think I’m a massive disappointment. I just… I wanted them to think that I had something in my life that was going well. Just one thing. It didn’t even work.” I shrugged. “They just… can’t believe that someone as brilliant as Harry would be with someone like me. Kinda backfired.”

“That’s shit. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It is what it is.”

“Okay, so, I get that.” He nodded, gazing out around the room. “But what about Harry? What were his reasons?”

“I think he just… kinda wanted his parents not to worry about him so much.”

“Well, that’s ridiculous.” He almost groaned, brows lowering. “That was never gunna work. They’re not gunna stop worrying about him until the dreams stop. None of us are, right?”

It made sense to me, why Harry had done that. I think in his head, it worked in the same way it did for me. It just felt like it was one less thing. Just something that had changed that they no longer needed to feel concerned about.
I guess I’d just never really thought of it in the sense of his parents knowing he had someone beside him to take care of him when the dreams got bad. It hit me in that moment, that that’s why he wanted them to think he had a girlfriend; so he wasn’t spending his nights alone and scared.
That was the main reason he wanted to get into that fake relationship.
It made sense to me, but what Liam was saying also made sense.
None of us were going to feel okay about what Harry went through until it was over, until we knew that he could sleep through the night peacefully for the first time in years. We were never going to stop worrying about him.
I nodded, feeling a little defeated, kind of numb to everything, even when I felt a huge thud beside me.
Louis had expertly jumped over the back of the couch and sat himself down on the back of it, his feet and his legs snuggled between the two of us.

“Oi oi, look who’s arrived!” He was a lot cheerier than I could allow myself to be. “Nice to see you both again.”

We both tried to cover it so well, but the greetings myself and Liam conjured up and shot back to Louis were nothing short of miserable.
He tensed alongside of us.

“Shit, sorry, have I butt in at a really bad time?”

“Louis, you know about Harry’s dreams, yeah?” Liam asked.

“Yeah. I… Yeah.”

He slumped downwards so that he was sat on the sofa properly, and his face had dropped considerably. It had taken just seconds for us to lower his mood considerably.
I suddenly remembered that not only did Louis know about Harry’s dreams, but he’d seen them.

“Do you worry about him?” Liam continued.

“I do, yeah.”

“And it doesn’t make a difference that he’s with Ren, does it?”

“I mean… I’m glad you’re there for him, and everything,” Louis turned to me. “But… No. It doesn’t stop me from worrying. Not after…”

Liam sat up a little, glaring back at Louis, and the grumpy look on his face proved to me that I had been right to feel a little bit intimidated by him.
His love and protection for his best mate clearly brought out this almost aggressive side of him.

“Not after what?” He prompted.

“Harry asked Louis to… watch him, once.” I sighed. “From what I heard, it didn’t go well.”

“He freaked out, I freaked out. It was a mess.”

There was a part of me that still kind of hated myself for ever suggesting to Harry that he should let someone else see his dreams, no matter how logical it was. I had used it against him for the wrong reasons, a way for me to mentally distance myself from the boy and convince myself that there was nothing special between us.
Hearing about how awful it had been only made me feel worse.

“What happened?” Liam asked, and it took all my might not to just run away from the two of them so I didn’t have to hear it.

“I mean… I knew it was coming so… Well, it wasn’t nice to see, but I’d been expecting it! It wasn’t too bad at first, but then… When I’d managed to wake him up, he like… He froze for a second, just looking at me… and then he flipped. He… swung for me. Thankfully, I dodged it, but-”

“He tried to hit you?” I cried.

“The worst part about it was how much he bloody apologised to me about it. Literally, for like, two weeks after. Every time I saw him. Drove me mad.”

“I can’t believe that!” I ran my hand through my hair. “I’ve never seen him like that! Not even close! He’s always been scared when he wakes up but never angry! I’ve never felt like I had to worry.”

“He said… summat about my eyes. I dunno. It didn’t make much sense to me. He was in a bad way. And then, like… I’m useless at the best of times, so then I start freaking out because he’s freaking out, and… I ended up knocking over and smashing this vase of sunflowers he had and… it was all just shit. He calmed down pretty quickly but, it did not go well. Like, he’d told me about them before but… I didn’t think they’d be like that.”

I was holding in tears as I took my eyes and looked to Harry, who was stood charming all my friends, nothing but magnetism and beauty shaping him. There was no way you would ever know the struggle he went through almost every single day of his life.
I knew from what he’d told me that afternoon, that he was actually exhausted. He was running out of stamina, slowly but surely.
I stood up rapidly, leaving Liam and Louis behind and just heading straight towards Harry. I don’t even know what I wanted to say to him or what my plan was, only that I wanted to be around him, to be in his company and to not be in complete denial that we shared a connection unlike anything else I’d ever known. I did help him, even if I wasn’t entirely sure how, I did.
I took his hand in mine as soon I could and dragged him to the corner of the room.
When I turned to look up at him, he saw the tears in my eyes.

“Hey, what’s happening?” He came closer to me, clasping his large hand against my jaw. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” I shook my head. “I just love you, okay? I love you so, so much.”

“I-I love you too.” He replied, seemingly confused. “Promise me you’re okay?”

“I promise. I just… I need you to know that I love you, more than anything. And I’m thankful that you’ve helped me so much, and I’m gunna do my best to return the favour.”

“You already help.”

“Well then I’ll do more.”

He moved his lips and kissed my forehead sweetly, wrapping his arms around and me and holding me close to him, and he whispered that he loved me over and over again.

my experience with hi-touch. fair warning: this very well might be out of order because let me tell you,,,, the hi-touch is so rushed anyway… onto the story:

chan: i joked about somehow ending up a chan stan for months leading up to this concert lmao. he hasnt toppled han as my bias or anything, thank god, but guys…. he’s actually really handsome. you ever seen a man that is sexy, handsome and cute all at once? that is chan. he smiled the whole time. he also laughed at my lil mini freak out over him and joshua.

joshua: ???????? pictures do not do joshua justice AT ALL. he’s actually so beautiful irl. he’s got this tiny little pixie face and his eyes are so twinkling. he’s responsible for my lil mini freak out where i just kinda yelled out “oh my god you’re all so handsome!!!” his hands were really big too btw. he’s VERY tan and very glowy. his skin is kinda flawless but pretty much every member had perfect skin. 

seungkwan: again, even more handsome irl. he looked so absolutely happy he and he actually said “thank you” when i said they were all really handsome. i pretty much became the “:O” face afterwards which lead to more members reacting to me.

this is where… my memory gets fuzzy…. so it’s probably not in the right order.

wonwoo: his teeth are beautiful and he has one of the most uniquely attractive faces i’ve ever seen in my entire life. y’all know that little nose scrunch thing he does when he’s really happy? he did that @ me and it felt like i was being personally blessed. wonwoo might very well be my bias wrecker at this point. he’s beautiful. if someone says he’s one of the main visuals in svt, i wouldn’t disagree. he was definitely one that left me shaken. i stepped in with wonwoo near the bottom of my bias list and now he’s near the top lmao.

mingyu: not much of a huge difference from pictures to person tbh. i will say once you get over the fact that he looks like a tree, you realize he actually looks really young? chan looks older than him. he’s got these cute chubby cheeks. very twinkly eyes and teeth that contrast so perfectly with him skin. his skin is beautiful irl btw. we made eye contact briefly. i would say now he’s more cute than like, in your face sexy??? he looks like a little baby.

vernon: had the most eye contact with me i think. his teeth are roughly 50%of his face. he’s pretty pale in real life actually?? compared to most of the other members. not much of a difference like mingyu, he is really tall though. more tall than you’d expect. 

woozi: i know people doubt his height a lot but i think he is actually 5′6? he’s awkward too irl but he’s so cute and low key kinda thick???? he’s got curves and a cute little butt. he’s also actually pretty pale. his skin is actually FLAWLESS. you couldn’t see a single pore or pimple. he looked like a little doll.

jun: i don’t remember much about jun other than him being really tall lmao he’s really tan too. 

dk: i don’t remember much about dk tbh. i know now he’s second tannest compared to mingyu. also really good looking. @17dad had a more in depth meeting with dk lmao

s.coups: his skin is really red??? he has a natural red undertone and his lips, ears and face get so red. his facial features in general are so big lmao but he’s so much more handsome in real life. the main thing i noticed are his ears??? they stick out ??? so much??? you can tell he really loves you and is excited to meet you. 

jeonghan: he got big ass yaoi hands.. BIG HANDS. he’s not super tan or anything but his skin tone is pretty much the exact opposite of coups. he’s not red at all. his face is super petite aside from his eyes. he looks like a baby deer with those big eyes of his. he’s got a nice side profile too. his nose is so small and perfectly shaped??? it has the perfect slant to it. he’s got real thin lil lips too. he’s also insanely lanky and his legs go to his asshole. i felt very awkward standing in front of him with this big ass fan with his face on it. lmao.

 minghao: i’m going to be completely honest….. i didn’t even look at minghao because i was too busy looking back at jeonghan. he looks younger irl though. he’s got a very cute face. hes also really tan.

hoshi: wasn’t there. i know he looked good at the time.

zalfie memories 2016

new years eve trip

cutie chops

when alfie passed his driving test

zoe’s adventure with a selfie stick

i think you’re the most perfect” younow

nipple face swap

multicolored willy

a-ss grab, just one of them

that time

i can sleep like this, i feel safe

poppy’s snapchat

boyfriend tag

finally learning when they started dating (and it was way waaaay before we ever guessed, f*cking liars..)

hearing about their first date

zoe surprising alfie at the airport

being naughty in tanya’s vlog

look at my two little puppies

when he vlogged with her lipstick covered all his mouth

lady and the tramp

thirsty picnicker unaware of the camera

you know I’ve always got your back alright

when they took alfie’s drone out

just another one

greek trip

when zoe’s boyfriend come to pick her up

just being zalfie

zoe: “what is a picnic without a cheeky finger?” // alfie:“i’m much more into cheeky sausage” // zoe: *attempts to open the box* “i can’t open it with my left hand” // alfie: “i’ll give you a finger”

it sounds like we’re having sex

when alfie was caught squeezing zoe’s bum off camera and called out by her

their day out doing water sports

your cards were next to each other it’s the connection you two have

brother-in-lawly love at gleam summer party

lie detector test

when alfie surprised zoe with a go pro

the push

4th year anniversary and first kiss story

that kiss


that sofa hug

vlogmas (all of it)

romanticism at vlogmas, level: zalfie

A Little Insecure

Reader feels insecure but Jerome reminds her that she’s perfect
Requested–Yes—Hi there! As a Gotham request maybe something to do with an insecure reader? (Like reader has freckles or is chubby) and Jerome has to constantly remind the reader they look fine? It’s a little cliche but yeah
A/n– Guys I freaking love Gotham
Warning- none
Rating– fluff
Title– A Little Insecure

“Jerome, please get your feet off the table.” You smile as your vibrant haired boyfriend slid his polka dot socked feet off of your coffee table.
“My bad, love.” He grinned at you, the smile where his nose wrinkled and made your heart flutter. Blush bloomed in your cheeks. You had been dating for about two months and he still made you nervous. Sometimes it felt like he was too good for you. How could a guy like that love a girl like you? You were watching t.v. in your tiny apartment on the North side of Gotham. You cherished these quiet moments with Jerome, knowing he had a taste for the chaotic. He reaches out and slides you across the couch to wrap around your waist. You flinched and froze when his hands brushed the layer of fat on your hips and stomach. You shimmed away from him, feeling embarrassed and ashamed.
“Darling what’s wrong?” Jerome asked, his beautiful face twisted into a frown.
“It’s nothing.” You whisper, but the back of your throat started itching, meaning you were about to cry.
“Doll. You can tell me.” He says.
“I'm… I’m just a little insecure. That’s all.” You lower your eyes.
“Insecure? Insecure about what?” He tilts his head.
“About how I look. About my hips and my stomach. I… I just don’t want you to feel how fat I am.” You eyes burned as tears ran down your face. Jerome was silent. Shame built upon you.
“Doll.” He said softly. “You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.” There was something dangerous in his eyes. It was tender, nothing you had seen before. “You are so perfect darling. Don’t believe for a second that you aren’t. You are gorgeous. I don’t understand why you would feel that way about yourself. You aren’t fat darling. And you are so, so beautiful.” You reached over and pulled you closer to him, this time avoiding your sensitive spots. “If your are insecure, it’s okay. Because know you are perfect to me. I will love your insecurities until you do okay?” He pressed a kiss to you temple, to you nose and finally fit his warm mouth to yours.
“Thank you J.” You whisper and clutch his collar. He put his arms around you and propped his feet on the table.
“J.” You warned playfully as his wonderful cackle filled the room.

The Maze Runner: Newt - Drunken Confessions

Prompt: Newt confesses how he feels for you… but what happens when you notice things haven’t changed the next day?

Requested by: @nickey-mouse

You lie in your bed, blinking slowly as the sunlight wakes you and the warmth engulfs you. You smile, remembering the night that just happened, the imaginary music you danced to with the all the Gladers. The sparkling bonfire that glittered the night sky. The way Newt’s eyes clung to you as you danced.

And of course…

His drunken voice spilling over his lips claiming how he feels for you.

You sigh as you roll over, clutching to one of the pillows. It’s as if a dream came true, or something quite close to it. You don’t even know how it could have happened. Would it ever have happened if you didn’t encourage Newt to let loose and drink a little? Was it the alcohol that gave him courage to tell you or… maybe it was just drunken talk?

You sit up in your bed, the covers falling off the side of the bed, doubt overcomes you and suddenly you feel that maybe it might not have even been true after all.

“Y/N!” You hear your Keeper Clint call your name from below, his voice filling your room through the window.  “Get your shank butt down here, we’ve got Slicers to fix up!”

You tumble out of your bed, slipping a clean outfit on before sticking your head out of your window, “Already!?”

Clint laughs, “Unfortunately.”

You slide your feet into a pair of shoes and tie back your hair as you make your way out of the Homestead. You meet up with Jeff and Clint by the shack where your supplies for patching up the Gladers are kept and start on the group of guys, who are of course, Slicers.

“I swear I see you every day,” you mutter over at one kid who’s scarred hands only earn more scars. “Why’d they give you the Slicer job if you keep getting yourself injured?”

He blushes crazily, “It was that or being a Slopper, I practically begged them to give me the Slicer job.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Point taken.”

After a few more kids, you spot a blond head enter the building; a stream of blood covering his right arm. “Bloody garden tools, I tell ya’.”

You walk over to him, almost too shy to even touch him, and bring him over to the first-aid kit. You wash him arm with water and then wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes so it doesn’t get infected, that’s the last thing anyone would want in this shuck place. “Garden tools attack you again?” Your voice is quiet, and you’re not sure how you’re supposed to act around him after last night. But he doesn’t seem to look or act any different to usual…

“Yep, as always.” He laughs, and notices your unusual quietness but doesn’t say anything. Thankfully.

“Maybe you just can’t handle those tools because you’re still a little drunk from last night?” You joke, a smile on your face.

He laughs, “Yeah, yeah, last night was killer.” And that’s it, that’s all he says. You start to wonder, maybe he’s just joking around with you. It’s such a Newt thing to do, he’s probably just messing with you or trying to get you to say something first.

“Yep.” You’re not going to play his little game, so you just go along with his pretending.

Soon, the bleeding stops completely and you manage to cover the wound. He smiles gratefully and thanks you before he goes back into the Glade; you only watch after him.

Later that night you find yourself thinking about Newt, about what he said over and over. The way he was so shy, and how his voice was very timid. But you can only go about pretending it never even happened for so long, so you find Newt hanging with Thomas and Minho by Gally’s wrestling ring. You want to just go and ask him about it but the other boys are around and you’re not sure if you want them to know or not.

“Ah look, it’s the gal who saved my life!” Newt exclaims, smiling gleefully.

You laugh at his joke, “Barely.”

“You finished working for the day?” Thomas asks, chewing on a leftover bun.

“Yeah, but I’ll be on emergency duty tonight so I have to sleep in the Med-jack building.”

“First night doing that?”

You shake your head, “Third actually, I tried to tell the boys that I could do it more often but… well, I guess they’re just used to the schedule they have.”

“Well they bloody should trust you more with it, no one could fix my bleedin’ arm the way you did, darlin’”, he gives you a wink and you find yourself blushing. He’s still playing this game of his?

A few seconds roll by after you don’t reply, because of your confusion with Newt and this immense sudden feeling of not knowing how to act around him anymore. But the silence is cracked as Minho speaks, “How flattering,” he says with a laugh, and you join in. But it’s awkward, and you find yourself wishing you hadn’t come over here.

“Y/N, can I talk to you a sec?” It’s Newt, and at first you wish it wasn’t him who said it. But you knew sooner or later it would come to this, and finally you feel a little excited. You want to talk about last night, and you’ve been super annoyed all day because it hadn’t happened yet.

You wander off with Newt, walking beside him as you find a quieter, empty place to chat. He stops abruptly, his back to you for a moment as if he’s thinking over things, which makes you nervous. What if he’s going to say that last night was a mistake? What if he’s going to tell you that he never meant what he said?

He pushed your hair out of your eyes, tucking them behind your ear. His slurred voice and happy smiley-face the most adorable thing you’ve seen. “There’s something I want to tell you…”

He turns to face you, “Y/N… You’ve been acting weird. Not completey weird… maybe not even weird, just different.”

“God, you’re beautiful, you know?” He smiles even wider, “I feel so much… I feel happy when you’re around me, Y/N. I love the kind of person you are. You make me feel better, you make me feel as though this place doesn’t even matter. I think I could fall in love with you if you let me.”

“And now I’m worried that I might have… done something to you. Last night? Did something happen? You’ve been quieter and… I don’t know, maybe I’m just overthinking it, but I do get this vibe as if something’s changed with you. And I can’t ignore it anymore.”

You take a step back, and a flash of fear crosses his eyes. You blink, unsure what to say at first. “You mean… You don’t… You don’t remember?”

His breath hitches in his throat, “Like I said, if I did anything to you, I am so, so sorry.”

You shake your head, “I… I was so happy when I woke up this morning. But you don’t even remember? You don’t remember what you said to me?”

Newt looks away as he tries to remember, but it only brings on more confusion. He doesn’t remember that he confessed his feelings for you, and its like a stab to the heart. “What did I say?”

You feel your face tighten as you try not to cry in fornt of him but it’s no use, you’ve never been one to keep your tears away. You cover your face out of shame and he comes closer to try and comfort you but you only walk further away.

“What did I say, Y/N?”

You drop your hands from your face, “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you don’t remember!”

“I was drunk!”

“Then man up next time and tell me how you feel without being intoxicated you damn shank!” Your cheeks blush out of embarrassment and anger, and you wish you could have just forgotten what he said too.

His mouth falls open slightly, and it’s like all the oxygen around the both of you has been cut off. “I… I told you? I really told you?”

You swallow another batch of tears, “Yes you stupid shuck-face, you told me!”

You kiss his little nose, not wanting your first kiss to be a half drunken one, “I think I could fall in love with you too, Newt.

You tell him what he said, and you tell him what you said. But you’re angry; frustrated. The moment you both had last night was the most perfect moment ever, and now it’s been ruined because Newt was too drunk to remember and you had to angrily tell him about it after.

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He walks closer to you, and you think about just shoving him away and going to bed or something, but something makes you reconsider. You feel his arms slide around you as he pulls you into a hug. You hug him back and find comfort within his touch.
“What I said was completely true, you know that? I know I was drunk, but what I said is exactly how I feel.”

You laugh into his chest, the urge to cry subsiding. “I’m glad.”

His hands slide to your face as he pulls you in for a gentle kiss; it’s everything you had imagined and more. “I know it would have been better if I told you when I was sober, and I’m so sorry I’m such a shank. I hope you can forgive me?”

You kiss him again, resting your arms around his neck, “Of course, I forgive you.”

anonymous asked:

You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay? Tbh I can see both Stiles and Derek being stress bakers haha

So, usually, I’d have Stiles be the stress baker, but I decided to mix it up this time. And who doesn’t love shy baker Derek? Also on ao3!

When Stiles moved into his little Brooklyn apartment after getting accepted into Columbia University, his new neighbor was nice enough to bring over a batch of cupcakes to welcome him to the building.

Moving across the country from a sleepy little town in northern California to the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps had been unexpectedly stressful. Stiles had never been away from his dad for so long and the vast distance was certainly putting a strain on him.

The jet lag had him feeling constantly exhausted and nauseous, even unable to sleep, lasting longer than he had anticipated. And the last thing he needed was yet another thing contributing to his insomnia, already needing two sleeping pills and his favorite pillow to be able to fall asleep.

All of that was in addition to the stress of having to dive headfirst into attending an Ivy League school where he would have to maintain a spotless GPA in order to keep his scholarship. It wasn’t achieving the good grades that bothered him, it was the suffocating pressure that accompanied achieving those grades, the mere thought of possibly disappointing his dad enough to make him think about just run away.

He was in the throes of yet another round of self-doubt when a gentle knock sounded on his door, interrupting what was sure to become a panic attack. Scrubbing a hand over his face as he shook himself out of his haze, Stiles had stood from his seat on the couch and jogged to the door, calling out, “Give me a sec!”

Praying it wasn’t the crazy old landlord demanding more money or his elderly neighbor who screamed bloody murder if he so much as sneezed a little too loud. It wasn’t. Instead of a grumpy man with his hand out or an angry little old lady, the most gorgeous person Stiles had ever seen had been standing in his doorway.

He was holding a tray of cupcakes in his hands and while any other time Stiles would have been captivated by the sight of detectable desserts, he was much more mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful man standing in his doorway. Because people who looked like the man in front of him didn’t just knock on his door out of the blue. It immediately had him thinking that New York City might not be so bad after all.

Whoever the hell he was, he had the smile of an angel, with bright white bunny teeth and the most kissable lips Stiles had ever seen, and all the dark features of a handsome devil. His hair was pitch black along with his thick stubble, a beautiful contrast to the swarthy tone of his skin and the light green in his hazel eyes.

And as much as Stiles wanted to take a bite of him instead of his cupcakes, he hadn’t eaten all and his stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly. He could feel his face warm at the embarrassing sound, Handsome Stranger chuckling deeply and joking, “Guess I picked the perfect time to bring these over.”

Laughing nervously, Stiles had agreed and introduced himself to the man who turned out to be his next door neighbor, inviting him in to sit for a little. Over cups of coffee and the most delicious French vanilla cupcakes Stiles had ever tasted, his neighbor introduced himself as Derek Hale, explaining that he baked whenever he was stressed and figured that since he had already made some cupcakes he should bring them over to welcome Stiles to the apartment building.

It was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for Stiles and after the first time, it sort of became a thing. Whenever Derek ended up baking too much when he was stressed, he would bring some over for Stiles, either knocking on his door or leaving him a plate in the hallway.

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proposal!series [taeyong]

• so taeyong is definitely the type to have bought the ring like six months ago
• has been trying to work out the perfect way to propose ever since
• gets super stressed about it
• bc he wants it to be perfect
• doesn’t want to screw it up
• ((nd is also a little afraid you’ll say no))
• not even bc he doubts you or anything
• but like
• you’re the best thing he’s got going for him
• nd trust him to screw it up somehow
• “”taeyong…. bro….. you’ve been with her for years ?? it’s gonna b fine???””
• “”oh is it ??? can you guarantee that johnny ??? bc I don’t think so :-))))””
• “”listen if she hasn’t left you by now she’s in it for the long haul … me””
• not 100% sure if johnny is insulting him or not

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mr. jawline ☾ isaac lahey

prompt: isaac overhears an unsuspecting y/n sort of kind of gushing about him to lydia and allison, and can’t help but tease the hell out of her because of his crush. 

word count: 1534                                                                                           

warnings: swearing.                                                                                          

author’s note: i’m trying out a new format is it working???? this is v new. ((also go read my fanfic on wattpad it’s gonna be lit alright. Broken Arrows.))

 Isaac Lahey was pretty much the ideal male form. 

 At least, that was what Y/N found herself thinking nearly almost every day when he would sit down across from her at the lunch tables or when he would squeeze himself on a bench, pressed against the side of her body. She couldn’t help but cast a gaze that could only be described as lovestruck toward the boy, her chin held in her palm as a small, hopeless sigh escaped her lips. 

 Lydia and Allison exchanged a look, shaking their heads and smirking at their utterly in love friend before moving to block Y/N’s view of the boy in question. She almost protested, but kept her composure, not wanting to give the girls the satisfaction of knowing without a doubt that Y/N had been staring at Isaac again. Not in a creepy way, of course. It was more like she was admiring him, as an artist would admire their model. 

 “Hmm, who is Y/N staring at this time?” Lydia asked, her green eyes playful as she tapped her forefinger against her bottom lip, pretending to ponder the question. “I wonder… any ideas, Allison?” Allison laughed, shaking her head and stroking her chin, her lips pulled into a smirk. 

 “Could it be Isaac Lahey?” She exclaimed, lifting her hand to her mouth and gasping oh so dramatically. Lydia and Allison fell into a fit of giggles as they sat themselves down at the table on either side of Y/N, who was blushing a deep shade of red and rubbing the back of her neck, a sign of how uncomfortable she was in that moment. “No, it couldn’t be the guy that she spends every waking moment day dreaming about, could it?” 

 Isaac, upon hearing his name, lifted his head from his textbook, cerulean eyes scanning the crowded cafeteria for the source. His eyes fell upon Lydia and Allison, a red-faced but ever adorable Y/N sandwiched between her two laughing best friends. He glanced back down at his book, placing his pencil down. He was no longer interested in mathematical theories or algebraic equations- not that he had been before- but in the conversation Y/N and the girls seemed to be having about him. He leaned forward slightly, concentrating on the sound of their voices. 

 “I do not spend every waking moment day dreaming about him,” Y/N dismissed, her flushed cheeks slowly returning back to their original pigment. She paused, her lips twitching slightly. “Only when we’re at school and with the pack,” she amended, laughing along with her friends. Isaac couldn’t help but grin, no matter how hard he tried to fight it off. Ha. The prettiest girl in the school day dreamed about him. Isaac Lahey, who used to be a nobody. 

 “Knew it! You have the biggest crush on him,” Lydia squealed, clasping her hands together. 

 “Well can you blame me?” Y/N sighed, running a hand through her hair and glancing fleetingly at him. Luckily, Isaac managed to look away before she caught him staring. He tensed a little, worried she had saw. “He’s pretty much the most gorgeous boy to ever walk the Earth, and I mean it. He’s just… ugh, so fucking cute. It’s distracting. His eyes are just… and his hair is just… I swear he glows in the sunlight!” Y/N groaned, rubbing her temples. “Look at him over there, being all cute, jaw all tense. He has the best freaking jawline I have ever seen in my life. Literally. He’s Mr. Jawline.” 

 And all Y/N wanted to do was kiss that infuriatingly flawless jawline and his infuriatingly perfect face. Not that she would ever admit that out loud. 

 “Aw, Y/N, you really like him, don’t you?” Allison cooed, patting her friend’s hand sympathetically as Y/N nodded, letting out another defeated groan. 

 “Yes, and it sucks,” Y/N said miserably, slouching in her chair. “He’s, like, this perfect guy, right? He’s really cute, he’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s sarcastic… and then there’s me, and he’s way out of my league even if we are friends and a part of the same pack. I’m hopeless.” 

 Isaac licked his lips, his smile even wider this time around. She was adorable. Really. The fact that she thought he was out of her league was utterly ridiculous, of course, considering he had been harboring a deep infatuation with the girl since she defended him to Stiles Stilinski, not realizing that Isaac had been listening to the whole ordeal. He had a habit of doing that, evidently. 

 Lydia scoffed, shouldering her bag and gesturing for Allison to do the same. “Oh, please, Y/N. Don’t give me that B.S., he looks at you as if you’ve hung every single star in the freaking sky. He’s head over heels for you. You should go talk to him, he’s right across the room.” Allison stood up, Lydia following in suit. Y/N furrowed her brow, beginning to stand up as well and about to follow the girls out of the room when Lydia grabbed her shoulders and lightly pushed her in Isaac’s direction. “Go. Talk to him. Tell him that you want to make out or something.” 

 “Lydia, Allison…! I didn’t finish my lunch!” Y/N called to her retreating best friends, who simply waved back at her. 

 “Go eat with Isaac.” Ally murmured under her breath, knowing full well that Y/n could hear her due to her werewolf-enhanced hearing. Y/N, her cheeks now tinged a rosy color due to the embarrassment Lydia and Allison caused, hesitantly packed her bag again and shuffled nervously across the cafeteria floor, setting her stuff down across from Isaac. Allison looked back at Isaac, nudging Lydia with her elbow when she noticed Isaac’s bright red cheeks and shy grin as Y/N approached him cautiously. “How much you want to bet he heard our entire conversation?” 

 “He totally did.” Lydia grinned, steering Allison away so that Y/N and Isaac could… well, do something other than gaze at each other from afar.

 “Mind if I sit here?” Y/N asked quickly, a part of her wanting to run away and hide and another, bolder part of her wanting to grab Isaac Lahey’s stupid, adorable, smiling face and kiss him fiercely. 

 She didn’t, clearly. Her fumbling hands were too clumsy for such bold moves. 

 “Of course not,” Isaac said, slamming his book shut and accidentally pushing it off the table in excitement. Y/N raised her eyebrows, causing Isaac’s heartbeat to speed up significantly as he shrugged sheepishly and ducked underneath the lunch table to pick up his textbook. Her eyes were bright with amusement at his screw up, and Isaac decided in that instant that if she was going to tease him about his book, he was going to tease the hell out of her for her little comments just ten minutes before. 

 “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

 “Do I have a nice jawline?” He asked innocently, bright blue eyes sparkling at her. She blushed lightly, but Isaac picked up on her embarrassment. He flashed her a grin, the most smug of smiles, that nearly made her heart stop. 

 “I- um, you… have a fairly nice- I mean… it’s sharp- no, but I mean that… it’s just.. you know, yeah it’s p-pretty, um, nice,” she stuttered, her face even redder than before. Oh, fuck my life, she thought, sinking lower in her chair. 

 “Aw, I kind of wanted the extended version of that sentence. The one you told Lydia and Allison,” Isaac pouted, staring at Y/N with a certain intensity that made her confidence come rushing back full circle. 

 “How much of that conversation did you hear?” She asked anxiously, the stuttering gone and replaced with something else. Something different. 

 “Oh, just the bits where you admitted your undying love for me and that you wanted to kiss me in inappropriate places,” Isaac answered cheerfully. 

 “Hey, I never said that-” 

 “Oh, but you were thinking it, weren’t you, gorgeous?” Isaac remarked, resting his elbows on the table and leaning forward so he was very nearly in Y/N’s face. 

 “Maybe I was. Is it true what Lydia told me? About how you look at me?” She asked, her arms folded on top of the table as she narrowed her eyes at the boy, leaning even closer. 

 “Maybe it was.” Isaac replied. “What should we do about that?” He pondered that for a moment before taking Y/N’s face in his hands, his eyes closing as he pressed his cupid’s bow lips to hers, deepening the kiss as much as he could despite the constrictions of the lunch table between them. 

 When lunch ended, the two walked to class hand in hand like any new couple would do. Isaac looked at Y/N, at the beautiful girl beside him, and said, “So, do you think Mr. Jawline could be my permanent nickname when we sleep together or should it be-” 

 “Keep walking before I smack you, Lahey,” Y/N said, but he caught her blush before she could stop it, and grinned smugly to himself. He was never going to stop teasing her for that little comment, even if they ended up married with kids ten years into the future. Mr. Jawline. Ha, he loved it.

more loser hcs nobody asked for but are on my mind

- Bills amazing at art (obvs) but when he gets frustrated, he needs to paint on something. sometimes theres no paper so stan (even tho he hates things on his skin) will roll up his sleeve and let Bill paint up his arm to try and ease his frustration.

- Eddie and Ben actually hang out so much, like they study together and share notes, sometimes ben will help eddie with info on like a rash he has or something to let him know it’s totally safe and to reasure him, he’ll give him a medical book and bookmark the important parts for him.

- Bev and Mike have “love-hate” banter, but nobody else is allowed to say anything bad against the other one. like Bev will be like “shutup Mike you pussy” after beating him in an arm wrestle, and Richie will laugh like “yeah mike you pussy” and Bev will elbow him and tell him to never call Mike a pussy again or she’ll swirlie him

- Richie can drive but nobody, not even Eddie, wants to get in a car with him

- Mike is constantly 7th wheeling the 3 other couples, but he likes 3rd wheeling with Stan and Bill the most. 

- Richie and Bill practiced their first kiss on eachother because they wanted it to be perfect for the other two - they never talk about it because Bill coughed into Richies mouth and he fell off the bed 

- Richie was the first person bev went to when she finally wanted to open up about her dad. She cried on his shoulder all night and Richie promised her that “if he ever sees his face his gonna fuck him up on sight” 

- Stan, Bev and Eddie like to go on little walks after school and stuff. They talk about the boys and their annoying habits like wives talking about their husbands. 

- Ben really hates the way he runs, like he has quite a gammy leg and it makes him look quite odd when he runs. in gym class he gets insecure when they do track so to make up for it, all the losers run really stupidly around the track with him to make it look intentional. Richie does the funky chicken, Bill takes really large strides, Bev gets on Mikes back, Eddie hops around like a bunny and Stan skips with his arms swinging.

- Stan and Bill make out under the bleachers

- Bev makes Richie try out for cheer, he most definetly gets in. He also likes to complain about discrimination when he’s not allowed pom poms. he gets them eventually and constantly walks around saying “give me an E give me a D give me a D-I-E eddie pls love me”

- They all get stick-and-poke tattoos, Stan gets a little bird on his wrist, Bill gets the letter G on his finger, Richie gets “ur mom” on his ankle, Bev gets a little heart on her chest, Ben gets the number 7 on the back of his hand, Mike gets a badly drawn football on his shoulder and Eddie gets a smiley face on his hip. He had to fight richie into not tatooing his name on him.

Save Tonight

This is for @dr-dean ‘s A/B/O Birthday Challenge! My prompt was the song Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry. I hope you enjoy it, love!

Summary: Dean and Cas prepare to face yet another doomed situation.

Warning: Smut, a/b/o dynamics including knotting, alpha!Cas and omega!Dean, angst

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: Feedback always welcome! XOXO

“How many times have we saved the world now?” Dean asks.

He sounds so tired. Too tired. Cas wants to put him to bed and make him sleep until those dark circles under his eyes are gone. But that’s not an option right now. It’s never an option. “Quite a few,” Cas answers instead, watching Dean closely as he takes a drink of his beer.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do OopsBaby part 3 where Jonathan and Will get to meet him/her? (Hopefully a he, everyone always does a her)

Jim Hopper walked into the waiting room, his eyes taking in his unusual little family as they all sat in an anxious row. Kali was slumbering against El’s shoulder, and she was about the only person in the room who was asleep, despite the hours upon hours of waiting. When Jonathan and Will noticed Hopper, they jumped to their feet, twin pairs of dark eyes red-rimmed in pale faces. El nudged Kali, who snorted and then opened her eyes. 

“Is she… ?” Will trailed off, unable to complete the question.

Hopper realized how dour he must look to the kids, his body and brain numb with exhaustion. His face broke out in a tremulous grin. “Hey, they’re both fine,” his voice was thick with emotion. It had been a difficult delivery, which they had all been expecting. Her blood pressure had been high when she was brought in, which had been a real fear for the past several weeks. Then there was the issue of the size of the baby, which gave Hopper the most anxiety. He had been a large baby, but both of his parents had been solid, large people. Sara had been a large baby, but Diane’s labor had gone off without a hitch because she had been young, healthy and tall.

Joyce was a small woman - a titan trapped in a fragile shell. Both Jonathan and Will had been tiny things like their mother, and she had given birth to them when she was relatively young and healthy. But this wasn’t a normal pregnancy, Joyce wasn’t young, and years of smoking had begun to take a toll on her health until she quit two years prior. A million horrific scenarios had run through Hopper’s head because of these facts, and it showed during the labor. Eventually, he had been sent out of the room, though he couldn’t bring himself to return to the waiting room and project his anxiety on their children. His calves ached from pacing by the time a nurse emerged into the hallway to tell him that the baby had arrived, that Joyce and the child were fine. He had to find an empty stairwell to weep into for about five minutes before he could return to the room to greet his wife and child. 

“Can we see -umm- the baby?” Jonathan asked. Neither Hopper nor Joyce had been interested in finding out the gender beforehand.

“Your mom is resting, but we can take a peek into the nursery to see your brother.”

Hopper grinned as Will and Jonathan cheered the news. El and Kali exchanged little grins and shrugged. He realized that in all probability, neither of them had ever seen a human baby up close. 

As the five of them stood near the glass (three faces nearly pressed up against it), Hopper felt another wave of emotion, that left his eyes stinging with tears; Oops Baby was fat and fussy, with a shock of reddish hair that matched his face. He was probably the most beautiful, perfect thing Hopper had ever seen, save for Sara. 

“He looks like a tiny old man,” Kali stated in a matter-of-factly tone. 

“He’s cute,” El countered, wrinkling her nose at her sister. 

Will squinted to catch the name on the bassinet. “Robert James.” he blinked back immediate tears and sighed. “Oh.”

Hopper put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “You don’t like it?”

Will shook his head and smiled sadly. “No, I like it.”

“The kid has a lot to live up to, with a name like that,” Jonathan stated with a crooked grin. “That’s a superhero name.”

RFA + Minor Duo React to MC in Labor

That last request got me thinking… So here  you go!


He’s your knight in shining armor, MC.

He didn’t think he’d need a minivan TONIGHT. [That-motorcycle-sits-in-the-garage-now.]

You actually end up breathing through another contraction as he paces in circles, picks up your overnight bag, drops it, and then picks it up again before reaching for his phone.

“I’ll call Saeyoung…” *insert wide-eyed-pause*

“How fast do you think he’ll drive?”

Doesn’t matter, the only other person he could call is Jumin, Jumin Han.


Even you were amazed that he got that much out all in one breath.

You try to get up, your doctor told you that walking is good during labor.

Zen lets out the most undignified screech and begs you to sit back down.

In the end, the four of you make it to the hospital. [What? You honestly thought he wasn’t going to bring Saeran? They’re-inseparable-MC.]

Zen is there, in the delivery room, the -entire- time. [He dodged a few fans who managed to notice him while he was filling out the paperwork.]

You have a beautiful little girl, who looks just like her father.


“MC, how early is too early to consider chastity belts?”



Out of everyone, you’d think that Yoosung would panic the most.

And at first, he -totally- does.

Remember though, he’s a trained vet. Not a human doctor, but he’s got a bit of medical knowledge and that helps him calm right down.

You’re already out the door, he’s carrying your bag for you and he even made sure that you have a jacket.

He doesn’t call anyone right away. He wants to make sure that you’re settled in, the paperwork is filled out, and you have everything you need.

Once all that is settled, you’re comfortably ensconced with a nurse checking in on you…


He’s in the chat. He’s flipping his potato chips. [Yes, Honey Buddha Chips.]

The chat is filled with exclamations, and then it’s EMPTY.

The whole gang is there, Yoosung goes out to fill them in every so often, but only when he’s sure you’re okay.

You thank your lucky stars that you had a little boy. [Otherwise-he-would-have-wanted-to-name-that-baby-Rika.]

Chubby little cheeks, big violet eyes. You’re -in love-.

Yoosung is beside himself, SO PROUD.

Doesn’t let V hold the baby at first. [STILL-SALTY]

When V does hold the baby, he hovers…For reasons.

Gets the baby a puppy before you even come home from the hospital.



Just kittens! Baehee is -SO- prepared.

She was obviously the one who came up with the labor and delivery plan.

It’s color coded. It has bullet points. It’s sponsored by C&R. [Somehow?]

She’s called a cab, she’s timed your contractions. To be honest, you don’t have to do anything until you get to the hospital and someone actually tells you to push.


So is everyone else. She called Jumin, Jumin Han.

He reached out to everyone else.

For once, Zen doesn’t look at Jumin and say FIGHT ME.

You have a wondrously easy labor, mainly because Baehee is ON POINT.

She knows what you need before you need it, and somehow manages to stay out of the way of the doctor.

She even pays attention when the nurses show you how to feed the baby. [And the ice packs for the special underwear. TMI?]

Basically, all you have to do once that precious little baby boy is out amounts to sleep and feeding duty.

In the end, you’re 100% certain she’s the one who needs the rest. Not you.


This man. This -PILLAR- of emotional calm and serenity.

Is heckin WRECKT.

He’s panicking. He’s never been in this situation.

He can’t buy his way out of this. [Yes, but not really?]

The delivery plan you two put together after consulting with the best specialists has completely flown out the window.

“Assistant Kang. Take my card and buy me some Xanax.” [Just-kittens]

Driver Kim brings you to the hospital where he legitimately believes he can rent out the entire building.

He’s too worried about you and the baby to be upset about it. He’ll just buy the hospital later.

He’s in the room with you, holding your hand, stroking your face, not even letting out a single complaint when you squeeze his hand so hard he can hear it creak.

When it’s all said and done, you two have the most perfect little daughter you could ever ask for.

Everyone is either surprised, elated, appalled, or resigned when you tell them your daughter’s name is Elizabeth. [Still-better-than-Rika]

You recover easily, take Elizabeth home, and eventually it’s time to pick the godparents.

Saeyoung is disappointed that it isn’t him, he wants to play with her just like Elly. [SEVEN NO.]

V is overwhelmed, speechless, and even starts to cry when he finds out you both want him to be Elizabeth’s godfather.

Jaehee is surprised that she gets chosen to be godmother. You can tell she is touched though.



“Saeyoung. You’ve been saying this for nine months now.”

“It’s still true!”

“Yes…and if you don’t get me to the hospital I’m sending all your honey buddha chips to Yoosung!” [Gotta-get-this-boyo-moving-somehow]


He bundles you up and puts you in one of his babies and OFF.YOU.GO.

He’s already hacked the hospital. You’re admitted, your paperwork is filled out.

Literally, all you need to do is show up.

When you get there, you’re taken straight to the maternity ward.

The whole gang is there. They all got alerts on their phones with the most annoying ringtone that somehow included longcat and Elly.

You’re too busy with your contractions to joke with him, you just let him take care of it for you.

All of this is an act to cover up how scared and worried he is. [you-know-this-to-be-true.]

No one is surprised when you have twins. One boy, one girl.

You’re too busy making sure Seven doesn’t sign the birth certificates for you that you don’t even notice when Saeran very gently and carefully picks one of the twins up.

He has tears in his eyes.




Seriously, I can’t even say that he’s blind, Jumin because you’re about to have children together. OBVIOUSLY now is not the time to dick around.

[Honestly, I think if anything could convince him it would be something like wanting to be able to see MC or his children clearly.]

Out of everyone, he’s the only one who has a considerably calm reaction.

At first you honestly thought he didn’t hear you when you said that your water broke.

The smile on his face was just so gentle, so beautiful. You were giving him what he thought he would never have, never -deserve-.


He takes his time, knowing from conversations with the doctor that you have a bit of time to get there.

He takes care, making sure you have what you need, and lends you his arm for support as you walk to the car.

He holds your hand the entire way as he drives you to the hospital.

He calls Jumin, and you can hear it in his voice. He’s so -EXCITED-.

Once he’s holding your little girl in his arms something that was jagged and broken inside his chest settles back into place.

You both decide to name your daughter after his mother.

Jumin recommends Excellent as an addition to her name, since Elizabeth is already taken.

Because Jumin suggested it, your gemstone of a husband actually considers it.


It took this boyo a literal nine months to get used to the idea that you were pregnant and that he was going to be a father.

He points out that he has not had good role models.

He also points out that he’s a fucking trash heap of a person.

You point out that he isn’t. [You-have-this-discussion-the-entire-pregancy]

Literally, he’s putting the crib together while Saeyoung is putting together what looks like a space-death-mobile having this -exact- argument.

Too late, you’re in labor.

He’s frozen. He’s terrified. IT’S HAPPENING.

He stays like this until he notices that you’re picking up your own hospital bag and HE AIN’T HAVING THAT.

All of a sudden that bag is ripped from your hands and his free arm is around your waist.


Of course Saeyoung is already waiting. In the car. [Since Yesterday.]

You get there in record time. Saeran waits until his brother’s baby is parked to aim a punch at the side of his head for driving too fast and endangering his precious MC and unborn child.

He glares at each and every staff member. [They-remember-him-from-his-stay]

Luckily for everyone involved, Saeyoung fills out the paperwork while you get to going on having this baby.

It’s a boy. [In-case-you-didn’t-notice-he’s-a-ginger]

It’s almost two weeks before he’ll let anyone besides you or himself hold that baby.


This man loves you, okay? He would DIE for you.

But he will -not- be in that delivery room. [He-just-can’t-okay?]

All the mess, all the noise. [You-poop-he-read-it-on-google]

No matter how much you tell him you want him there, he is convinced he can’t handle it.

He ends up in the waiting room. Pacing, burning holes in the carpet as he goes back and forth.

Seven tries desperately to calm him down and keep him entertained while Jaehee is in the delivery room with you. [You’re besties | FRIENDZONED]

It’s a toss up as to whether Vandy uses his taser on Seven or not. [it-may-or-may-not-make-him-feel-better]

He’s hoping it’s a little girl. Desperately.

Girls are cute. Boys make bigger messes. [He-saw-that-on-google-too.]

When the doctor finally comes out he really does give in to temptation and pushes Seven away, gently.

If you had been there to see it, you could have sworn that Vandy aged a good ten years while waiting.

It’s a boy. [OH. OH NO. GOD NO.]

He loves that little spit monster more than life itself.

It takes him awhile, but he eventually gets to a point where he can change diapers and not wash his hands for the next half hour.

This is why you rarely, if ever, ask him to change the baby’s diaper.