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While I’m doing these requests here have some really super old art of the majority of my original story ideas lol most of the titles were made up last minute and will most likely be changed in the future

Click the pics for everyone’s names!! :D

Besides ATS the top big faves are probably Shadow Hunters, Crystal Universe, Master of the House and The Darkness King hehe

Random Fluffy Newt Scamander x Reader Headcanons

Hey guys, I wrote these kind of quickly, so I don’t know how good they will be, but after all of my ranting and problems with a few rude haters earlier, I wanted to end on a happier and calmer note. Thank you to all of you who have stayed respectful and kind to not only me but to ohers as well. I hope you all have wonderful days and nights you lovely people


-Newt would be the type of person to just randomly show affection throughout the day

-you could be trying to cook dinner or simply relaxing on the couch and he’d come up, his hair fluffy and eyes pleading, as he just melted into you

-Newt actually enjoying a bit of PDA, as he got to show the world that the two of you belonged together

-he would grow you flowers inside the case, and would scribble down notes as to which ones you loved the most

-the two of you would sometimes have dates at home, complete with cocoa, blankets, and cuddles of course

-Newt always blushing, even after months of dating

-stealing his sweaters and him secretly moving them to more visible spots so you can find them easier because he loves how cuddly you look in them

-late night conversations, each carrying in topics, from the niffler’s shenanigans from hours before or even about the first date you two shared

-waking up later in the day after a long night of writing, as his voice would be laced with sleep as he dreamily rambles about how radiant and sweet and amazing you are

-“You’re just the best in the whole world my darling, my beautiful lovely incredible darling love, yes, my darling” he would sleepily say, earning a laugh from you

-on chilly days, Newt would wrap his arms around you, pressing warm kisses to your cold and rosy cheeks to warm you up

-Having to remind Newt where he placed certain items, like chapters of his manuscript, quills, maybe even his wand from time to time since he was always so caught up in his work to remember

-reminding him that his scars are beautiful just like his heart, assuring him that he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about or insecure about

-simply holding one another when either of you was scared or stressed, making all the negative thoughts fly away

-watching sunsets in the local park, taking in the peaceful scene as you place a kiss to his scruffy cheek

-waking up Intertwined with one another, being as close as the two of you can be (and to decrease fighting over the sheets )

-his face lighting up when you interact with his creatures, for his love shared the same care and kindness as he did, and he always knew he had fallen in love with the most incredibly perfect person to ever live

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New tank glamour time! I was sick of the schoolgirl look, and I finally invested in the Shire body for my tanks, so…

Main Hand: Replica High Allagan Guillotine (Metallic Silver) / Head: Heavy Wolfram Helm (Metallic Silver) / Body: Shire Custodian’s Armour / Hands: Mythrite Gauntlets of Fending (Metallic Silver) / Legs: Hemiskin Brais of Fending (Shadow Blue) / Feet: Mythrite Sabatons of Fending (Metallic Silver)

I couldn’t decide if I liked this picture with or without my DOF effect on it, so you get one with and one without~

Spanish Vocab Day 26

Day 26/40

1. Cojear: to limp

2. Apiñar: to cram, squash

3. Magullar: to bruise

4. Custodiar: to guard, watch over

5. Inundar: to flood, overrun

6. La venda: the bandage

7. La pancarta: the banner

8. Los prismáticos: the binoculars

9. El parentesco: the relationship, kinship

10. Crispado(a): tense

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😬😬 mpregs 🙅🏻 I just read the Harry met Sally au one and I need morreeeee reqssss. Maybe I should hit up that block list post.

yeah.. not a fan of mpreg, but you say more recs?! i got you covered :’) check these out (most of these authors are on that amazing list too!!! haha)

Be Ready - Dash Wilder

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Be Ready -Dash Wilder

Summary: Character is about to bring their new baby home when they start to worry about being ready

Word Count: 533+

Warnings: none

A few days ago, you had welcomed your baby girl into the world. The birth was complicated, and you ended up having a C-section, but the baby was healthy and that was all that mattered. Today you were finally being discharged from the hospital.  “Are you ready to go on your first car ride?” Dash held her in his arms, looking down at her. You smiled, watching the two. You slowly walked over, still recovering from surgery.  “I am so nervous.” You spoke, making Dash turn around to look at you. Panic was already written on his face. “Me too, babe.” He chuckled nervously.
“I don’t think I’m ready.” You whispered, staring at your beautiful little girl you had created. Dash laid her down gently in the bassinet before turning to you. He grabbed your hand. 

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A written request on how the boys would cheer you up when you're feeling insecure about yourself? {Thank you and I'm sorry if this has been requested before ^^;} -Andy

Here you go Andy!

Jin would talk to you about it and continuously reassure you that you have nothing to be insecure about. He wouldn’t be hella cuddly but would make sure he at least had his arm around you, or your hand in his at all times.

Suga would make you feel a little bit bad for being insecure. He’d give you a light scolding, asking you why you would even start to think that. His skinship to make you feel better (after your scolding anyway) would just be a hug from behind while he was burying his face in your neck. Afterwards he’d probably write a song about it, determined to let you know how perfect you are in his eyes Suga writes a shitton of songs about his jagi… you know he will

J-Hope would feel a little heartbroken. “No no no no no no jagi.” Would be all he says. As soon as you tell him he just engulfs you in his arms and sways the two of you a little bit, still quietly whispering to you “No no no no no no no.”

Rap Monster wouldn’t really say much. He’d just look at you and give you a little hug. Like pulling you in, then lightly putting his arms around you. Then being the little shit goofball he is, he’d lean down and whisper into your ear “You’re perfect baby.”

Jimin would be very understanding. He’s had to deal with insecurities before so he knows how you feel. He’d tell you about his experiences, hoping that they would help you in some way. It’d be a very calm conversation. After all his stories (and yours) he’d wrap you in a protective hug and tell you sweet things. “You’re perfect to me. Don’t feel that way okay? Listen to me when I tell you… you are the most perfect thing ever.” After his long list of sweet nothings he’d pull back and give you the greasiest smile. Like smiling-so-big-my-face-looks-like-it’s-gonna-tear smile.

V would try to distract you from your insecurities. Insecure about the way your body looks? He’ll take you on a date to a movie, instead of shopping or to a beach. Insecure about your face without makeup? He’d take you to one of their photo shoots and ask the stylist noona to do your makeup. Once he had succeeded in making you feel happy and comfortable, he’d try to talk you into doing what you felt insecure about. If you felt insecure about your body, he’d take you shopping. You two would start off shopping just for him, so he could show you how much fun it would be. Then, he’d take you shopping for flowy clothing like summer dresses and everything. If you were insecure about your bare face, he’d slowly convince you to wear less and less makeup everyday. Once he had made sure you knew that you had nothing to worry about he would reward you with lots of cuddles and cute things.

Jungkook wouldn’t really know what to do. He wouldn’t want his s/o to feel bad about themselves, but he also wouldn’t know how to deal with it. He’d complain and ask his hyungs for suggestions. Most of it would be complaining. Saying that he didn’t know why you felt this way, and that it was really frustrating him. That he didn’t know what to do, but he knew he had to do something. He wanted to let you know how special you were and how it was almost stupid of you to feel that way. Of course once he notices you standing in the doorway, listening, he would go quiet and realize that he didn’t need to say anymore. and then his hyungs would laugh and make fun of him for that moment talking about how it was so cute and that it had played out like a drama or something

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Matchmaking : Creating the perfect college list

One of the most important parts of the college application process is actually choosing the college you want to go to. This can be especially nerve-wracking if you have absolutely no idea where you want to go (or where you’ll get in!). Your college list may take ages to perfect and lock down, but here are some few tips that will help you get started. College lists are all about matchmaking, and this is how you get it done! 

  1. Get realistic
     Growing up, we all have dream colleges that we want to attend. Now, it’s time to get realistic about your chances at that dream college. Compare your scores, GPA, and ECs with the Freshman profile of the college you want to attend. If your stats are similar, you might have a good shot! 
  2. Reach, Match, and Safety
     Regardless of how many colleges you have in your college list, segregating them will make your job easier. Reach colleges are the colleges that will be, essentially, a “reach” for you. Match colleges are the colleges that you have a VERY good chance of getting in with your grades and stats. Finally, safety colleges are the ones that will be fairly easy for you to get into. 
  3. Percentiles
     When researching colleges, make sure to look at the college’s 25th and 75th percentile on test scores. If your test scores fall between the 25th and 75th percentiles, you have a great shot! Make sure that all your “match colleges’” percentiles are in tune with your scores. Consider eliminating / adding colleges to your list depending on your grades, stats, and scores!
  4. Excel sheets 
    Excel sheets are life savers! Make an excel sheet with columns that
    read : Name of college, 25th to 75th percentiles, Tuition fees, Acceptance rates, Rankings for programs, Reach/Match/Safety, etc. Making this excel sheet will have all your data in one place making it easier for you to add or eliminate colleges to make your perfect college list. 
  5. Ask important questions
    Finally, ask yourself some really important questions. For example, ask questions about your GPA and what the college you’re applying to is looking for. Like I said, college lists are all about matchmaking. And matchmaking is a two-way process! If you’re convinced that the college you’re applying to isn’t what you’re looking for, consider eliminating that college. 

what a beautiful morning. adam parrish was born on this day. you know how amazing that is? The Adam Parrish. born today, what a baby. what a precious beautiful perfect sweet innocent baby. I have so many ways to celebrate and commemorate the existence of the most perfect human being. Top of the list is to either stare at him for ten hours, sighing in a forlorn lovestruck way, or set myself on fire. Adam Parrish you guys!!! Born!!!! Like a demigod ripped from a womb to serve only to make his life and our lives better. Born!! tODAY!!!! I call for a national holiday. Let today be Adam Parrish Day. His birthday. the day of his birth. the anniversary of his coming into being. Adam Parrish everyone. The sun is shining, birds are singing and nothing bad is happening. because Adam Parrish. Ilovehimsomuch. 

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Not sure if you're still taking prompts (I've loved all your ficlets!!), but I'd love a Holsom AU with the prompt: Are fake dating to join a contest for couples only because they know everything about each other but then feeeeelings

This is actually the bro-iest thing I have ever written, I hope you’re happy with yourself. 

“It’s three weeks, it’s fully paid, all inclusive, in the Caribbean. There are scuba lessons, there is horseback riding on the beach, there is an open bar,” Ransom lists. “Bro. This is like the perfect, perfect, most perfect ‘you just graduated what are you doing with your summer before starting real life’ vacay ever.”

“Seriously though,” Holster agrees.

“Literally all we have to do is prove we love each other more than other married couples,” Ransom says.

Holster blinks. “Uh, bro? We’re not married.”

“Nah, but like it’s a contest for newlyweds,” Ransom says. “And to be honest, we’re a little married.”

“I know, I love it,” Holster says. “Okay, so what do we have to do?”

The first part is that they have to send a video to the producers of the show describing why they are the most qualified to receive this gift. That part’s easy. They borrow (a very concerned) Bitty’s video editing skills and have the video off well before the deadline.

“Hi, we’re Adam and Justin!” they say, grinning at the camera. “We got married earlier this spring at Niagara Falls, but because we just finished college, we didn’t have time to go on our honeymoon!”

Part one, done.

The next thing they have to do – once they pass the first part, which they do – is play the Newlywed Game with the other contestants.

And they fucking own.

Because Brad and Jenny don’t know each other’s favourite dish soap smells (Ransom prefers lemongrass, Holster likes a nice apple); Tina and Sharon have conflicting answers about which boy band is the best (Backstreet Boys, hands down, both answers); and Mack and Jackie totally blow it when it comes to fictional characters (Holster completely prefers Liz Lemon, Ransom knows this better than he knows his own birthmarks).

“Alright boys, but before we send you off on your vacation, at least give us a kiss for the camera,” the producer says.

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Hello my love! I was talking about the Addams family with my mum today, more specifically on how Morticia and Gomez are so beautifully in love and it got me thinking. I feel like maybe Brax, Monty, Eddie and possibly David (although it's more behind doors than in the open) have that same type of love between them and their girl. They're the Gomez that just basks in glory of his wife and literally anything she does. What are your thoughts on this terribly important matter? xxxx

oh, i’m DELIGHTED by this message! gomez and morticia are my EVERYTHING, and YES, your list is nearly perfect!

honestly, the man who most comes to mind as a gomez addams is eddie. he has it all; the dramatic flair, the facial hair, the dark, combed over hair, the excessive and wonderful passion, the giddy grin. oh, he’s got it all! he’s my go-to for a gomez! he adores his wife SO much. everything she does makes him smile dreamily; from reading to writing to scolding strangers to sleeping. everything she does inspires his poetic heart, and he, like gomez, would kill for her, die for her. either way, what bliss! he kisses her passionately and excitedly, wetly smacking up her wrist, up her arm, up to her shoulders and clavicle and neck, to her jaw and finally to her lips, adoring, fawning, doe-eyed and delighted by her. eddie is the bright, giddy, unassuming parts of gomez, the parts that trust and believe and are curiously (and sometimes inappropriately) cheery.

braxton, similarly, has the same drama to his soul and the same dark sensuality, the same grim, giddy grin to him. he’s wonderful, and as he’s a dancer with the same grace and sophistication as gomez, so he carries that same wonderful macabre with him into his unwavering love for his bride. she’s his glittering moon, his deep, dark night full of mystery and glory. braxton is the dark side of gomez, the willingness to do anything and everything to ensure the happiness and pleasure of his “cara mia”. he takes “kill for her, die for her” to a very new, very literal level.

monty is a surprise contender. monty becomes disgustingly affectionate with his wife, and when he’s home, the “griff” facade falls off to reveal the soft, tenderhearted, devoted man he is, cleaving to his wife, singing her praises, kissing her every inch of sweet, soft, delightful skin. she’s his beloved, his radiant princess, and she warms his cold heart and makes him a new, molten man. monty is the part of gomez that is fragile and moody, dependent on his wife’s presence and happiness to make his own happiness complete. monty is the part of gomez prone to melancholia when he’s far from his beloved, the part that resolves into coldness and melodrama when he isn’t being loved upon or loving his sweet little woman.

and then there’s david. fawning, cooing, kissy david. he saves his overwhelming outpourings of affection for private affairs, moments when he and his little lady are out of sight from prying eyes. he scoops her up, dips her, and places his lips on every spot of her skin that he can reach, whispering pet names into her ears and making happy coos and whimpers whenever she returns his affection. he’s devoted, wholeheartedly in love. he’s a man made weak in the knees by his unending love for his wife, and he kisses her neck, her wrists, behind her ears, each fingertip, all across her chest and throat, hungry for more. he’s the insatiable parts of gomez, hungry for love, pratically starved. he’s also the jealous parts of gomez, the parts that want to keep his morticia close, admiring her loveliness solely, her beauty his private blossom to gaze upon and to shower with affection and loving. 

so, yes! yes, i ADORE a good gomez inspired love-fest! and you picked an excellent array of gentlemen to portray that love!

The Lore Library

Welcome to the eighteenth week of The Lore Library! Each week this post will be filled with my favorite fics of the week!

Check out all these incredible fics and these amazing authors and don’t forget to leave them some feedback!!


A Good Man by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Dean x Reader)
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Her Party by @chelsea072498 (Dean x Reader)
Luckiest Bastard by @percywinchester27 (Dean x Reader)
50 Shades of Awful by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)
Everybody Wins by @blacktithe7 (Jensen x Reader)
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Kiss the Girl by @jpadjackles (Sam x Reader)
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Saving that for Later by @deanbowlegsackles (Sam x Reader)
Thirsty Thursday by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
Long Night by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Dean x Reader)


If the series doesn’t have a master list I’ll only be linking the most recent part

Picture Perfect by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
Somewhere, Someday by @jotink78 (Sam x Reader)
Oh, Baby by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
Sweet Torture by @frenchybell (Dean x Reader)
The Blue Beach House by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Sam x Reader)
Slow Burn by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
Lady in Red by @percywinchester27 (Dean x Reader)
365 Days of Jensen by @supernaturalismalife (Jensen x Reader)
Series Rewrite by @torn-and-frayed (Dean x Reader)


I feel like original female characters don’t get nearly enough love. So this list will have a section just for them!

Finding Joy by @waywardjoy (Jensen x OFC)
Devil with the Blue Dress On by @growningupgeek

Want to be on this list? Feel free to tag me in everything you write! (all likes will come from my personal blog, @ashleymalfoy)

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Can you please explain me the part "there’s boxes I didn't know existed which she ticks" because when I translate to spanish its really weird

It means she’s even more than what he could have ever imagined.

You know how people have a list (a mental list most of the times) of what their perfect partner would be? Not only of physical things (tall or short, dark hair or blonde hair…) but also of character traits (funny, serious, self-deprecating, family person, independent…) and even skills (can cook, can dance…).

Taylor not only checks everything on Calvin’s list of what he would want in a woman (“It’s not even a case of ticking all the boxes”) but she has qualities he didn’t even know he wanted, needed, was looking for or even existed until he found her (“there’s boxes I didn’t know existed which she ticks”).

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Hi! So I really want to attract the perfect boyfriend into my life. I've been visualizing the relationship and focusing on loving myself and I've been pretty positive lately but I feel like I'm not really getting anywhere. What affirmations do you recommend? Am I approaching it wrong?

It’s possible that you’re focusing on “wanting” to attract the perfect boyfriend. You’re focusing on “I don’t have a boyfriend” so that’s what you are attracting. Are you feeling like this too? That there is lack of a boyfriend in your life?

There was a period of time in my life, about 6 months when I decided I didn’t care either way if I had a boyfriend or not. I didn’t have one and I was OK because I was so in love with myself and my life was flowing perfectly. I was in complete bliss. After my divorce the universe already knew what I wanted in my next relationship. It was out there and I only focused on me and my happiness. And that’s how my husband came along. He is the absolute most perfect boyfriend/husband with a huge list of reasons. 

Make your list. These are all the things you want and you KNOW you’re going to receive in your next relationship. Be confident in knowing it’s coming. Never think of the how’s or when’s. Then focus on you and your happiness. Work towards not having a care in the world – that’s when your manifestations appear. It’s crazy, but it’s been happening to me A LOT lately just by releasing my desire and only focusing on being happy! 

Here are some affirmations:

• I love and approve of myself
• I am surrounded by love. All is well
• Everything in my life works now and forevermore
• My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am
• I KNOW I am receiving the perfect boyfriend
• I KNOW I am receiving the perfect relationship for me
• I completely trust and believe in the universe
• I completely trust and believe in myself
• All is well in my world
• Life supports me in every possible way
• I deserve the best and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met.
• I am worth loving. There is love all around me.
• Life brings me only good experiences. I am open to new and wonderful changes.
• I am so grateful for all that I have
• I am so grateful for all that is coming

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Much love to you! <3