the most perfect family

  • Most Disney Channel Shows: characters have these perfect families with a mother and a father who are married with many kids
  • Andi Mack: Andi is the result of a teenage pregnancy, Buffy has a mother that serves overseas, Cyrus has divorced parents whom are both remarried
Sign Superlative
  • Aries: "Best School Spirit" "Most Accident Prone"
  • Taurus: "Best Hair" "Most Musically Inclined"
  • Gemini: "Most Likely to Laugh in a Funeral" "Wittiest"
  • Cancer: "Most Likely to Have The Perfect Family" "The One Who Always Needs a Ride"
  • Leo: "Sassiest" "Most Creative"
  • Virgo: "Most Likely to Succeed" "Teacher's Pet"
  • Libra: "Prettiest" "Class Flirt"
  • Scorpio: "Most Likely to Work For The CIA" "Most Changed"
  • Sagittarius: "Class Clown" "Most Likely to Live in a Van by the River"
  • Capricorn: "Most Likely to be a Millionaire" "Most Dependable"
  • Aquarius: "Most Intellectual" "Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize"
  • Pisces: "Most Likely to Be Late to Their Graduation" "Worst Case of Senioritis"
Full offence, Kim Dongyoung is the most perfect man alive 😍

•Cares for his members so much
•Loves his family so much
•Loves us fans so much
•Fights with Taeyong but would protect him with his life
•Gives Haechan the love and support he needs
•Mark’s ultimate hype man
•Always down to make others happy
•Funny and playful
•Knows how to roast his members without taking it too far and hurting their feelings
•Helps Winwin with Korean
•Is considered the dance hole but can keep up with some of the hardest choreographies.
•Has vocals that will make you cry with happiness
•Is incredibly attractive
•So so so talented
•He knows when others are upset without them saying anything.
•The best at variety in NCT (not really a feat with how bad they are but still😂).
•Memorisation skills are 👌👍
•He looks good no matter the hair colour. I mean he’s had black, brown, orange and blue and slayed them all.
•The best body proportions ngl 👅💦
•His hands are gorgeous and so are his eyes and his nose is so cute.
•He would be the most loving boyfriend I swear.
•Basically Doyoung is the closest to perfect we’re ever gonna get so stan this adorable bunny boi now 😢

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What are your thoughts on private vs public adoption agencies? I've been looking for jobs and have been thinking about working in adoption. Private agencies pay better obviously lol

(This is going to be my LEAST popular post) When I first started actually looking into adoption I was looking at all the wrong places. I was looking at adoption agencies, mainly private ones. I was reading stores about how families that had adopted babies or children, how happy and wonderful their lives were to have children because they were infertile or just because they felt called to adopt. I had heard all these wonderful stories from adopted children, how much they loved their parents who adopted them and how grateful they were to have families. It seemed like the perfect, most pure and good thing to do was adopt, especially as a prolife person, some unwanted baby who had escaped the possibility of abortion by people like me who wanted that baby.

A couple years ago I was scrolling on Facebook in my favorite Facebook group, a Catholic Homeschooling group. It was such a good place to go for comfort and prayers, from the daily struggle of being a Catholic Mother and Wife. I felt the urge to pray for some of these women who I considered my friends, and I came across a photo of a beautiful newborn baby with beautiful black skin and thick black hair over his little head, laying in the hospital bed just so tiny. “PRAYER REQUEST” it read. The first few sentences was about the babies health problems, as he was a few weeks premature, but the writer assured us that he would make it, being the strong little guy he is. She gave us a little background, how badly she had been wanting this baby for so long, she had children herself, but had always felt called to adopt. “Over 30,000” she began to explain, she spent on adoption fees and hospital costs! On and on she went. Then came the real prayer request. The biological mother and father wanted to keep the baby. After all this money she spent, after months of preparing the nursery, “he’s already mine” she yelled into the screen and into the many hearts of mothers reading who gasped at the idea of someone tearing their infant from their arms! The post went on about the biological mother and father, who clearly were “unfit” do to their age and financial instability.

“They aren’t able to take care of the baby, the world doesn’t need more thugs and drug addicts, the baby is already yours I will pray immediately that the laws are in your favor have faith!!!” That was the general voice of the over 300 women in the comments. Every single one of them busted out their rosaries and prayed with their whole hearts that this baby would be delivered into the arms of the adopted mother who so clearly loved this baby more than the biological parents, after all, she was the one that paid the hospital fees, the adoption costs, “Tell her she will have to pay back all the fees! That will make her change her mind! She just wants to use the baby to live off the government!!!” More and more similar comments came in.

I sat down myself, saddened by the situation and started to pray. At first I also began to pray that the adopted mother would win the child, but something didn’t feel right.

At what point does someone have the right to take an infant from the arms of their mother? After they have paid 30,000 dollars? After they have had the lawyers for their private adoption agency protect the adopted mother by packet of papers with laws and signatures? After finding out that the biological mother was a poor scared young woman? Who deserves their own child then? By most those terms certainly not me.

For a while I thought this situation was rare. I thought generally most women who gave up their infants were happy, or even grateful their children were adopted by warm wealthy families. I was wrong.

I started researching birth mothers, I listened to their stories, their stories of immense regret, loss, pain that only a woman who’s infant was living but not in her arms could feel. As a mother myself, I can’t even fathom the pain. I mean that from the very moment I hold my child, the bond is something you simply cannot understand unless you are a mother yourself.

See, in government ran agencies there are no lawyers. The primary concern is the best interest of the child, which professionals, psychologists, even our Catholic theology all agree over and over the best interest of the child is it’s biological parents, second choice being other blood relatives. I won’t go into detail on this, you’re welcome to research yourself.

If it was up to me, private adoption agencies would be illegal. That’s right. Illegal. In order for their doors to stay open, they need to make money. Their best interest is NOT for the child, although they may tell themselves that they are doing God’s work by “rescuing” the infant from the arms of a poor teen mom and into the arms of wealthy infertile parents. The fact is, the concern is not for the infant, the mother, or anyone. It’s for the paying customer, and the financial gain for the doors to stay wide open. Most of them with the loving intention of saving babies from abortion, completing families with infertile parents. Women (birth mothers) come to these agencies scared out of their minds, they don’t want an abortion, and they honestly believe (thanks to society) that an unwed mother, a teen, a poor woman, is undeserving of her own child. They go to these agencies and are are coerced. Lawyers work for these companies and are paid big money to work on behalf of the adoption company and the client-the adoption parents. The birth mother has absolutely zero protection herself. These businesses profit by taking children from the wombs scared hopeless young birthmothers and into the arms of paying customers. There is no turning back, once the money is paid, the baby is no longer belongs to the birth mother. At this point she is reduced to as the prochoice people say “an incubator”. We can deny it all you want, but in this business, is she anything else?

Did you know that government agencies almost never have infants available up for adoption? Do you know why? Because they aren’t making any profit adopting children out. They are working for the best interest of the birth parents and the child. Mothers are directed to help, and get the help they need to keep their children, or a biological family member is able to care for the child, because that’s the best interest of the child. The mother is also legally able to have her child returned to her, as long as she is not an addict, or has ever been charged with child abuse. In private adoption, this is absolutely never an option, unless of course the lawyers didn’t cover the company and the adoption parents well enough.

Slowly I began to uncover the real face of most infant-relinquishing adoptions, children desperate to know who they really are, forbidden by laws or their adopted parents to find the mother and father that they were created by to be loved and cared for them. Forbidden to have relationships with their birth parents. Then you see the birth mothers, who morn the loss of their child who’s still alive for the rest of their lives, shamed, guilty, hopeless. Look up their blogs. Read their stories, face their pain.

The worst part is, because this has a lot to do with religious, particularly Christian and prolife groups, we turn our cheeks and close our eyes to the pain. We tell ourselves that it isn’t our problem and we’ve done our part. I don’t believe that, and I’ll stand on whatever side against what is the best interest of both the mother/father and the child. I’ll never choose one or the other. And never on the side of profit, especially profit off human beings.

There was a story my priest told me about the importance in our Catholic faith about the relationship between a mother and child, being as were Catholics and we don’t dismiss the importance of Mary in the life of Christ like other Christians might. He said in Yakima there were many Latino immigrants who were there illegally, and were being deported. The problem is, the children they had, one in particular only days old, were legal citizens of the United States. In situations like this the children are actually forced to remain in the Untied States as citizens. The Bishop of Yakima, stepped in, firmly planted in the truth that a child should never be separated for a mother. The children were then able to be processed, released, and returned to the parents.

If we look at Mother Mary, a teen, unmarried (betrothed, but unmarried), she would probably be deemed an “unfit” mother by our society. We gasp in horror when prochoice people say heinous things about Mary aborting Christ, but we would support Christ being raised by any other woman than the Mother of Christ?

Why are we okay with signs at clinics where scared women go to have abortions that read, “don’t kill your baby we want it!” Why are we so obsessed with “choose adoption!!!”

Where is the rally for the “alternative” true and holy nature of keeping a mother with her children? Why is adoption seen as the solution to abortion? There are programs in place to help these women, in our country how is it possible that a woman is so scared she feels the need to abort or give away for her child? How is this still a normal mentality? Because both prolife and prochoice people feed the fear. Neither of us apparently has any faith or respect for the nature of human beings. We have those who are prochoice who stand solely on the side of the mother, and those who are prolife who stand solely on the side of the baby, but who protects the family? Isn’t that the divine nature, the most important structure of our entire society? Unfortunately even pregnancy crisis centers are required to educate mothers who have already chosen to keep and raise their baby, on the topic of adoption and how much better it is for their baby, before giving any sort of services.

So, is there a need for adoption? Yes there is. There is a need for adoption because although God has designed us to be raised by our mother and father there are still evil and sin in this world. Sin that abuses children, causes parents to become sick with addictions, and creating broken family and children who have not a single blood family member to turn too. This is where the need is, not in the wombs of scared women or young mothers.

Now, we can tell ourselves, as prolife or proadoption people, that “we’ve never done that!!” Or “I’ve never strictly advocated for a woman to adopt without pointing her to help as well!” But honestly that isn’t good enough to wash our hands free of guilt. If we aren’t actively seeking and speaking out about stuff like this, we feed the same mentality that feeds abortion. That an unwed, poor, scared, mother is unworthy of her own child. I see hundreds of prolife people state that “we need less adoption laws to make adoption easier!!” Easier for who? Adopted parents? Through the state adoption IS easy, for parents who are qualified based on the best interest for the child. It’s also little to no COST. Yep. You heard that right. What’s easier than that?

Since I’m not a birth parent, I would like if we could all actually read what the birth parents have to say about adoption.

Here’s a pamphlet created by birth parents on how adoption has affected them. In order for a woman to properly and willfully choose adoption as a choice for her, she needs to know these facts, she needs to hear the good and the bad in order to make an informed decision. I beg all people especially prolife people, to read the pamphlet and inform yourselves please! If we want to really protect woman and children we need to protect the family!

(Sorry for any grammar, spelling mistakes)

The Whole World Exploded

Trimberly Soulmate AU, where the first time you touch your soulmate, there is a spark of color, which marks you permanently.

Excerpt: “Kimberly Fucking Hart, a girl who has no business talking to her, asks for a sip of her water. Trini hands her the bottle - never say she doesn’t do any good for other people - and their fingers brush.”

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“I feel like I need to confess something to you guys,” Jensen said as he gripped the podium tight. The crowd encouraged him to go on with their cheers. “I’m really…” Jensen looked down before continuing. “I’m really nervous right now,” he admitted. 

The crowd aww’d and Jensen looked out at them with a thankful smile. 

“But really. Y/N said that we really need to talk when I was done with this panel, and I’m nervous as hell about,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “What am I doing? You guys aren’t here for a therapy session,” he said, shaking his head. “You’re here to talk Supernatural!” he said, clapping his hands together excitedly, rubbing them together as if he could shake the nerves in that one small movement. “Let’s get this party started!” he laughed. 

The panel went on without a hitch. The crowd was screaming and clapping right at the end as Jensen’s phone rang in his pocket. 

He pulled it out and saw your face on the screen. He couldn’t miss this call. He didn’t know what you needed to talk about, but it had his stomach all tied up in knots. 

Next week he had plans of proposing to you. You had sounded all serious when you insisted you needed to talk. He hated that you were off in Texas while he was in California, but you insisted that this conversation had to happen today. He palmed the ring box that sat in his pocket. He had gotten into the habit of carrying it with him. It comforted him. 

“Hey sweetheart,” he answered, waving to the crowd as he walked offstage. He practically ran right into one of the stage crew and looked up to apologize. 

“Hey daddy,” you answered, looking into his deep green eyes. 

He did a double take as your voice echoed in his ear and right in front of him. A smile spread across your face as he shoved the phone into his pocket and picked you up, spinning in a circle. 

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” he asked, setting you on your feet and kissing you before you had the chance to respond. 

You laughed, placing your hand on his chest, looking up into his eyes. “Hello to you too,” you smirked, straightening his jacket. 

“Wait, what did you call me?” he asked, suddenly registering the way you had responded to him on the phone. 

Your smile spread across your face as your eyes locked with his. “So many questions. I’ll start with the first because it will answer the second,” you laughed, running your hands along his sides underneath his jacket. You could feel his muscles rippling at your touch, and you smiled to yourself, pleased that you had this effect on him. 

“I’m here because I wanted to see the look on your face when I told you that you’re going to be the most amazing dad in the entire world,” you smiled. 

His eyes went wide, and his hands landed on your hips, one hand slowly moving to your stomach. “Wait, what?” he choked on his words, emotion getting the best of him. “You’re not,” he said, blinking rapidly trying desperately to rid the tears from his face. 

You placed your hands on both sides of his face and smiled. “I am.” 

His lips found yours in a bruising kiss, pressing your body firmly against his. Your head was swimming. This was the reaction you were hoping for. You didn’t think it could have gone any better. 

Until it did. 

Jensen pulled away from you, reaching into his pocket. He had a small box in his hands, and he lowered down onto one knee. “I was going to do this next week, but this seems like the most perfect time. We are starting a family. Like legit starting a family which is nuts. Do me the honor of taking my name and being mine forever?” he asked, his eyes searching yours as your hand flew to your mouth when he open the box. 

The ring was beautiful. You started crying. 

“Y/N, will you marry me?” he asked, grabbing your hand from your face and holding the ring. 

“Yes,” you smiled from behind your hand, a laugh popping out. “A million times, yes.” 

Jensen slid the ring on your finger and stood, wrapping his arms around your waist and spinning you again. You threw your arms around his neck and laughed as he kissed your neck over and over again.

“God, I love you so much,” he mumbled against your neck. 

He set you down and kissed you with a fiery passion that you would not soon forget. “I love you, Jensen Ackles,” you said, pulling away breathless. 

“And I love you, future Mrs. Ackles,” he said with a smile. 

Man, you could get used to that. 

The way the Zoldyck family treats Alluka/Nanika is oddly close to the way some families treats a child a mental illness or a neurodivergence.

Nanika is “something”, something they can’t reach, they can’t control, they can’t understand. It appears suddenly, just like a crisis. It obeys to certain rules, and reccurences. It’s out of control, but it’s not a chaotic force.

But it has a strong destructive potentiel. Nanika can destroy the whole world. For abusive/controling families, a mentally ill and/or neurodivergent child can destroy their world, destroy what they care the most for : their appearance, the illusion of a perfect family, according to social norms they chose to follow.

The roles are reversed. The parents watch over the child for their own safety, not the child’s one.

So they hide them, they limit their activities, their interractions with the outside world. Their needs are denied, but because the illusion must remain, the parents provide for needs the child doesn’t have. For example, by filling a room with dolls and plushies.

The child is deshumanized. They’re just a body who has to act a certain way, say certain words, to please the parent. They’re just the inconvenience, the mental illness, the neurodivergence, the thing.

Then there is this other relative. An uncle, a grandma, a sibling. Who doesn’t see the child as a thing, but see who the child would have been if they were neurotypical.

This is why the scene where Killua asks Nanika to go is so important. He wants to protect his sister from what makes her different - makes her a target for abuse. But Alluka is clear : she can’t do that. She doesn’t want to do that.

“Love as a whole, or no love me at all”, this is what she could have said.

You didn’t escape from abuse if you came from conditional hate to conditional love.

And Killua proves her both he loves them unconditionally. 

They escaped.

This is so close to the journey of so many mentally ill and/or neurodivergent kids in abusive/controlling families, it can’t be a coincidence. 

  • Sister: You should meet my friend! She's a writer, too.
  • Me: Oh, cool! Yeah!
  • Sister: This is my friend--she's writing a novel! Friend, this is my sister--she writes fanfiction.
  • Me, who is also writing a novel, which my sister damn well knows: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...hi.
My thoughts about episode 7x23

I wanted to say something about episode 7x23. To me, it felt very similar to episode 3x20, because of the concept behind both these episodes, because of their meaning, because of the way these episodes gave us a more detailed and even more powerful picture of what was going on in Steve and Danny’s lives when they first met each other.

Episode 3x20 showed us that Steve lost two of the most important people in his life in an awfully short amount of time: first Freddie, then his father. Feeling this kind of pain, he came back to Hawaii… and he chose to stay. Why? He wasn’t (only) motivated by the desire to seek revenge against who killed his father. We saw him turning down, at first, the offer that Governor Jameson made him. He could have gone after Hesse on his own, without being part of Five-0. He was willing to stay in the Navy, to leave Hawaii again… before listening to his father’s message, before meeting Danny, before finding a family with Five-0. Emotions led him back to Hawaii: the ones he felt listening to his father’s words on that recorder and the ones he felt since the first time he met Danny. Steve was a broken man, he needed to be saved and he knew, he just knew, somehow, that Danny was the person that could save him. 

And Danny. A man who was dealing with a failed marriage and a brand new life started in Hawaii just to be able to be close to his daughter, being constantly threatened by his ex-wife with the possibility that Grace could’ve been taken away from him… we saw more of that in this episode, the way Rachel taunted, tortured him, the way he had to fight for the sacrosanct right to see his daughter, the way Rachel prevented Danny from being properly focused on his job, because only her time was valuable, because she had the upper hand and she just loved to twist the knife in Danny’s wounds.

And both episodes show us Steve and Danny feeling awfully guilty… Steve, feeling responsible for Freddie’s death… he was the one who asked Freddie to be part of that mission, he was the one who couldn’t protect him… Danny, knowing that Makino risked his life calling him, while Danny was too busy dealing with Rachel’s tantrums to pick up the phone…

Steve and Danny had such an enormous weight on their shoulders, such an unbearable pain in their hearts when they met each other…  two broken toys who, since the very first moment, started and never stopped fixing each other, giving each other what they needed the most: Danny gave Steve the family he desperately needed and craved for, Steve gave Danny a home, in the largest and most important sense. They saved each other, they keep saving each other, in the most wonderful way.

Among the many, and all so beautiful and so well done, parallels and references to the pilot and 1x08 episodes, I loved one the most. 

In the flashback we see Danny yelling to Rachel that he needs to do his job to be able to make some money and buy things for his daughter, like some water park tickets so he could spend some quality time with Grace… and in the pilot we see Steve giving Danny his first gift, one of many: three nights at the Kahala Hotel … “I heard this place has a pool, you can swim with the dolphins, just take it”. After all the fights, the efforts, the anger, the pain, Steve starts showing Danny that being loved, being happy, can be the easiest thing in the world, a gratuitous, God-given gift, when the right person comes along.

Fate brought these two people together. Somebody, up there, just knew they were meant to be together. The universe conspired so they could find each other, so that Danny could open that file that brought him to Steve’s house, that brought him to Steve.

And yes, life took so much from them, but it gave them so much, as well. It gave Danny someone who tells Grace and Charlie that their father is the best man he knows, that he’s the greatest man ever. It gave Steve someone who tells him “If something happens, I need you to take care of Grace”, someone who asks him to babysit his little son… They fill each other’s life with so much love, warmth, trust, happiness. They built the most perfect family unit together.

And, even if I hope we will soon see a less emotionally constipated Danny, who he’s not afraid of what he feels for Steve (to the point of thinking about retiring so he won’t have to deal – but he fools himself! – with this beautiful emotional mess that is going on in his mind and in his heart), who he’s not afraid of showing it, I think the last scene of this episode was so, so full of love. 

Danny talks to Makino about the people he met: Chin, Grover, Jerry, Kono… he leaves Steve for last, like, you know? like when you’re eating and you leave that one thing you like the most for last, to savor it, to taste it better. 

He talks about this man, “a bit of a putz, big, gigantic pain in my ass. I used to hate him. I still hate him every once in a while… “ … and the flashback to their first meeting starts… then it stops for a moment, so Danny can tell Makino, with all his heart: “Thank you. Thank you”, and right after that we’re in that garage, to relive that moment that changed their life, that made it so much better, giving them the chance to love, be loved, be happy.

And “thank you” is what I want to say, as well, after watching this episode. Even if I’m still afraid my heart will break if these two won’t get the happy ending they deserve, together. But this episode, and these seven years, proved me they’re worth the risk. And I will never stop believing they’re the love of each other’s life and being sure, 100%, that, like I already said yesterday, the most wonderful love books and love movies can’t stand a chance against what this show created with McDanno.

Worried Dad

Requested: Could you write something about y/n and Shawn’s first baby getting sick for the first time?! Xx



“Babe, she’s really warm.” Shawn says, concern filling his voice, as he holds your three-month-old daughter who is fussing in his arms and not stopping no matter how hard he tries to calm and comfort her.

Shawn was at work in the studio, writing today. You had texted him that your daughter wasn’t feeling well so he came home early. From the second he walked in the door two minutes ago and took your fussing baby from your arms, he hasn’t stopped firing questions at you, most of which you didn’t know how to answer.

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sad things: oliver has had more interaction with the king than nessa

St. Patrick’s by the Bottle (Part 5)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,837

Warnings: angst (you should really just expect this from me lol), language, not a lot of cheating going on in this one, Daddy!Dean feels (bc that is def a warning)

Catch up on the By the Bottle Series

A/N: I hope you guys really love this part as much as I did!! Big thank you to all of you who voted on what the twins gender would be!! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!! :*

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Master list!

As I said, here’s the master list, and I honestly don’t know why I was putting off. Anyhow, it’s a bit unbelievable to me that I’ve written a lot, because I had never written this much before, and really it’s you guys who keep me inspired and motivated to do this, so thank you! 

Dean Winchester 

Sam Winchester 


Kevin Tran

Adam Milligan






  • Getting Caught I’m not that sure about fluff, but it sure as hell it’s angst
  • Kitten (Sequel to “Getting Caught”) Angst




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Maybe it would be different. Maybe he would be sitting next to you with his arm draped around your shoulders as you told him about your day. Maybe you would be the one he would be looking at with love filled eyes. 

It had all started at the first day of school. You and your twin, Betty, had been sitting at the cafeteria on the first day of school, pointing out the boys you found cute.  

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For SasuSaku Month 2017.

“Do you remember seeing this same sky, Sasuke-kun?”

When he glances at her, her gaze is bright and directed skywards, a soft smile curving her lips. Her posture is relaxed as she leans her elbows against the grass, comfortably adjusting herself into a position wherein she can see the stars in all their glory.

“Yeah,” he responds. “Back when we were twelve.”

She lets out a light chuckle. “Those were the days, huh?” Something nostalgic crosses her features, one that he doesn’t miss. “The night sky here looks exactly the same as it was years ago…”

He follows her gaze and finds himself immersed in the black expanse, sprayed with sparkling lights and hazy clouds. Both of them don’t speak nor do anything for a long while, finding contentment in being around each other’s presences. He has never really experienced anything like this before, and it’s actually a beautiful, surreal feeling. To have someone in your life who can give you the space you need, understands your reasons, and is never afraid to show how much they love you is still a concept that’s slightly foreign to him, especially since this case is not like his bonds with his family but something romantic.

She may not be the most perfect person in the world, but she is more than enough for him.

She… is the one.

No more hesitating, he thinks to himself.

Without any further ado on his part, he slowly turns towards her and gently cradles her face with his hand. She looks startled at this unexpected move, but she doesn’t say anything, only staring at him with her eyes wide.

She always does have the most expressive eyes he has ever seen.

Sasuke smiles softly, then leans towards her and presses his lips to her forehead.

Words aren’t the only way to tell someone how you feel.

Day 18 Prompt: Comfortable Silence.


Bottom Erwin Week April 2017
First Day  -  Domestic Life

After a day at work there’s nothing better than to arrive at home and see your sweet waifu waiting for you in a… Naked apron!… Let’s give him hard!!
I mean show him how much you love him~ 

My first Rivaeru+Mike   ( ˙灬˙ )❤(믕_믕)❤(눈_눈)
The most exquisite sandwich in history…

Levi: I’m home.
Erwin: Welcome dear.
Erwin: Mike give it to me. How do I look?.
Mike: Isn’t every men dream a nude apron?

… and the best part is they’re so ready to ride Erwin all night long until their knees can hold them. This is gonna be so good and hard in many ways.

Thank you so much to my dear friend Suu with the last two parts (Japanese), I still can’t do it by myself  (˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰


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Happy Zootopia Day Everyone!

Worldwide Zootopia Day is here! Today, March 4, 2017, is a day for celebration! CELEBRATE! Reblog every piece of art, every story, and every GIF! Reblog everything you can possibly find! REBLOG, REBLOG, AND REBLOG! IT IS ZOOTOPIA DAY! Today is a day for celebration and commemoration, and remembering! Spread the word! Today is a day for expressing how much we all mean to each other, and to express how much Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde mean to us! We all must express how much Zootopia means to all of us! So, celebrate! Have a party! Rejoice in Zootopia! It is Worldwide Zootopia Day! NEVER STOP CELEBRATING AND LOVING ZOOTOPIA! Celebrate! 1 year anniversary since so many lives were saved and changed by the two most wonderful, most perfect animals, and one movie.

There is no greater, more perfect, and wonderful family that I’ve ever been blessed with than my Zootopia and Tumblr family. Every one of my followers, every one of my closest friends, Miss Officer Judy Hopps, Mr Officer Nick Wilde, pretty much every living soul reading this right now, YOU are my family! You are the most important thing in life to me! Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, you guys are the most important living thing in life to me! Never stop being the wonderful, amazing animals you are! I love my Zootopia and Tumblr family! I love every animal in that city. I love the entire city itself! You all are my everything! You all are my life! My world and everything!

It’s been a great year, and will be an even better year to come! I look forward to spending my life with all of my Zootopia family, because I will be spending my eternity right next to my Judy, my Nick, and every one of my Zootopia family members! Zootopia has changed my life forever, putting the biggest impact on it as well. Zootopia has completely saved my life in every way, and has shown me the better person that I need to be, helping others as much as I can. My Zootopia and Tumblr family, especially Judy Hopps, and Nick Wilde, are the most important things in life to me. You all are my everything in life. You all ARE my life! And you know what? My life is happy and I’m proud of it! Thank you all for being the one and only most beautiful, most perfect, most wonderful true family to me! Thank you all!

There is no other place I’d rather be with than right here with all of you, especially Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde! There is no other living animals or people that I’d rather be with than all of you! Thank you all for being my one and only most true, closest family! You all are my everything! You all are my life! I couldnt ask for a better family! It has been my privilege and honor to be here with all of you guys, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life right here with you all! I will spend my eternity, always right here with all of you! I look forward to spending my eternity with all of y'all! There is nothing I could say or do that would ever be enough to truly thank you all, or express how thankful I am to have all of you, especially my Judy, and my Nick! I could never thank them enough! I could never thank everyone enough! Thank you! Thank you all so much! Especially you, Miss Officer Hopps, and you, Mr Officer Nick Wilde! Thank you! For everything! I really mean that! I mean everything I say with every inch of the bottom of my heart and soul! I would NEVER be even half the person and animal I am today without Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and Zootopia! The most important living things in life to me! Honestly! Thank you all for everything you’ve done for me! You are my family, and you mean everything to me! Thank you for being here!

Now, CELEBRATE! Reblog every piece of art, every story, everything you can find! REBLOG REBLOG AND REBLOG! IT IS ZOOTOPIA DAY! Today is a day for celebration and commemoration! Spread the word! Today is a day for expressing how much we all mean to each other, and to express how much Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde mean to us! We must express how much Zootopia means to all of us! So, celebrate! Have a party! Rejoice in Zootopia! Thank you all, and have fun! It is Worldwide Zootopia Day! NEVER STOP CELEBRATING AND LOVING ZOOTOPIA! Celebrate! We all love you Judy Hopps! We all love you Nick Wilde! We all love you Zootopia! Stay awesome and perfect! Thank you all! Celebrate! :-)


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