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On this weeks’ episode of, “Alana Copes with Once Upon a Time,” Emma Swan is really f*cking angry because her life isn’t a goddamn fairy tale and anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive garbage dumpster. Also, congratulations on the engagement you guys, seriously. btw, swears abound. @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home xo

+ Here’s the thing about Emma Swan’s mental state in the moments following a confession she should have heard two days ago: she’s angry. And sure, she’s angry at Killian, because, yes, of course, you tell the woman you plan to marry the finer points of the darkish past before the proposal, but he’s not the only fuck-up between the two of them. The first emotion she feels is anger, because, quite honestly, it’s easier than being sad. Turning around and walking away is easier than being sad. 

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Julian Blackthorn, the first person ever to probably come close to what love really is.

“When you love someone, they become a part of who you are. They’re in everything you do. They’re in the air you breathe and the water you drink and the blood in your veins. Their touch stays on your skin and their voice stays in your ears and their thoughts stay in your mind. You know their dreams because their nightmares pierce your heart and their good dreams are your dreams too. And you don’t think they’re perfect, but you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets, and they don’t frighten you away; in fact you love them more for it, because you don’t want perfect. You want them.”

Out of all the books I have read Julian’s way of explaining what Love is is the most perfect one I’ve ever heard. 

literally all of this is @killianswench‘s fault. this is the longest one shot I’ve ever written (almost 12k, dear God, how) and I had such a fun time doing it. massive love to my cupcake @high-seas-swan for saving this from becoming a Hot Mess. 
modern lt. duckling based off of this perfect graphic.

worth the risk, worth the guarantee.
ao3 | ff

“How many of these do you even have?” Emma asks, poking at the side of his combat boot with the toe of her Converse.

He doesn’t need to see her to know she’s smirking. He doesn’t even need to take his eyes off the fretboard to shift his legs so that he’s managed to trap her foot in between the two of his own. She makes a small sound of annoyance but it’s all he gets in retaliation and he quietly thanks any deity listening that she’s in a good mood today. He doesn’t think he can handle more bruises on his legs, if he’s honest.

“You very well know I only own one pair, Swan.”

“How do they always look so clean?”

He glances up at her shoes, the sides of which are dirt ridden, a stain on the shoelace which could be from the ketchup she spilled on the floor two weeks ago. “I clean them,” he gives her a pointed look before adding, “unlike some people.”

He’s known Emma for the better part of his life. (And really, it’s been better because she’s been in it, as cheesy as that makes him sound.) They’d moved to Storybrooke in early October, four suitcases between his mom, Liam and him. He didn’t understand much of it at the time, but they told him it was for the best, that they were going to make a new life here. Emma had been his first - and for a long time, his only - friend in school, had for some reason chosen him to spend her days with and been practically glued to his side since. Not that he’s complaining. When you’re five years old and a cute blonde in pigtails holds your hand to tug you to the slide, it’s not something you fuss about.

And when said cute blonde turns out to be a spitfire of a teenager who’s one of the most important people in your life, that’s when you start believing in miracles.

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that-wandering-belle  asked:

Hi love! Sorry to bother you! I know you're a Captain Swan fan too and I remember seeing some of your pretty edits for some fanfics in the past and I was wondering if you might have any CS fanfic recs? I would really appreciate it! <3

Hello, there! You’re no bother at all, and thank you! I have tons of cs fic recs. Just a note: I tag all of the edits I make for fics with #fanfiction covers (though not all are cs), and I tag all the fics I reblog (which is pretty everything I read) with #cs fic rec.

Anyways, these are all multi chapters, some are WIP and some are complete, but pretty much all include at least some smut. Hope that’s okay? Since I’m not sure what you’re looking for, these are a few of my favourites. If you want to tell me what you’re favourite tropes etc are, I can always send you more specific ones.

so, first of all, i’m going to completely shamelessly promote my own fics here:
heroes and villains:
when he is put in the alternate universe, henry knows he must find his mother and he knows just who to enlist to help him; the captain she was so in love with but when he finds hook, he’s in for a big surprise. a set of drabbles on what would happen if liam was brought back to storybrooke with emma and killian.
make you feel my love: emma swan and killian jones have been roommates ever since their not so cute meeting. however, when killian gets back with his ex-girlfriend, it raises some feelings in emma, which she has pushed down deep for years. will she confront her own fears and him, or will killian beat her to the punch, and what will he have to say to his best friend?
kindred spirits: emma swan hates killian jones - he’s arrogant and self centered but she’s stuck with him for the foreseeable future with them running in the same circles. what happens when she agrees to go camping with her friends, killian included, and what will happen when she has to get in a car with him, alone?
the fairytale bureau: killian jones and emma swan have been rivals for as long as she can remember. they were too different: he was all neat when she was all messy, she was cautious when he was all danger. when one case makes them work together, can they put aside their differences? lawyers!au.
make some noise: emma doesn’t hate her neighbour per say, she barely knows him. killian jones is an irritating, insufferable ass who’s far too cocky and confident for his own good but seriously, would it hurt him to keep the shower to a normal time like an actual human being? before she kills him.
what is this pain you call love?:  the first time she met killian jones, she was five years old and in kindergarten. and that’s the day she decided they were best friends. he promised to never leave her and always stay by her side, but everybody goes back on their promises eventually, don’t they?

onto more fics that aren’t mine:

to make your heart race: killian “hook” jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. emma swan is the counselor at the local children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares.
learning to love again:  in the wake of his crumbling marriage, Killian Jones turns to his best friend Emma Swan for help. Even though Emma had just ended a two year long relationship she is more than happy to welcome Killian and Nate, his eleven month old son, into her home. What neither of them expect is to learn how to love again through each other.
we own tonight:  the king and queen of arendelle are dead, lost at sea. princess emma of misthaven wishes to attend her friend elsa’s coronation. her parents agree on one condition: she accepts a bodyguard for the duration of her stay in the foreign kingdom. their choice? lieutenant killian jones, of the royal navy.
a one time thing (and other untruths): “she supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks.” pregnancy has a way of throwing a wrench in one’s plans.
bloodlust:  a series of one shots about vampire killian jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.
fragile design: david nolan is out to protect his family, in any way that he can. he enlists the help of emma swan and killian jones to help uncover the crime boss currently living in his sleepy town of storybrooke, ME. two stubborn and damaged souls now have to come together as partners to solve a murder and maybe even save each other in the process.
6:  emma swan is not one to break the rules, but when she meets killian jones, all her beliefs about what she is capable of change. over the course of six conferences in six different cities, they give into their attraction, pretending that it’s just physical when the truth is very different. where will this infatuation lead and who will end up hurt in the end?
life unexpected:  after a tragic car accident took the lives of liam and elsa jones, killian found himself the heir to their family home, their business and their only child. despite two large holes in his heart, he thinks he finally has things under control after a year of struggle and grief. in walks emma swan gradually filling both holes in the most unexpected way.
put me in coach, i’m ready to play:  PR director emma swan moves to pittsburgh intent on restarting her life. but playboy shortstop killian jones is making her job a hell of a lot harder with his antics.
i see the light (now that i see you): emma was twenty-six when she could finally see colors, after she had lost faith in it ever happening to her. she just wasn’t quite expecting it to be him.
the new girl: heartbroken emma swan needs a place to live - fast. killian, robin and Ddve had a spare room. surely nothing could go wrong here? surely ladies man killian jones can resist her charms? and surely there is no chance of straight talking emma swan falling for the hot english guy across the hallway?
with this ring: this was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard. marry a guy she barely knew? but sometimes desperate people do crazy things. and crazy things can sometimes be the best things you ever do…
sometimes it hurts:  after 8 years of marriage, killian and emma jones are in the middle of a very public divorce. clueless to why emma is ready to end their marriage, the truth is a greater hardship than killian could ever imagine.
the reformed scoundrel: emma’s dire situation calls for desperate measures, proposing marriage to a duke seems to be the only way to protect her son, and there is just one nobleman who might consider such an outrageous offer - killian jones, the duke of hillsborough, the most notorious rake the ton has ever seen.
the perfect roommate:  emma was in desperate need of a roommate, but wasn’t finding anyone who suited her. until her brother david presented her the perfect roommate. a man who had an obsession with tidiness, who was a great cook, and most importantly … he was gay.  
off limits: she had always been like a little sister to him. until the day she came back from college and everything changed.
the usual story!: what happens when the hot guy emma yelled at in starbucks for spilling her coffee, is her devilishly handsome and rich playboy new boss killian jones?
poem without words: looking to make some extra money, college senior emma swan takes a post as a model for professor killian jones’ art class. sparks fly on both sides. will they give into temptation?
heart by heart: emma nolan, rich, famous, heiress to nolan tech, frustrated by her life, unable to get anyone to take her seriously as a businesswoman, flees to her new york life for hawaii. a chance meeting with grad student-turned-mechanic killian jones might change her life forever. if she lets it.
only for one night: pirate!killian/princess emma au. captain hook is brought before snow and charming, and sentenced to death. finding herself on the verge of being married off to the son of the dark one, emma takes matters into her own hands… including a certain pirate in her scheme.
forbidden: she is an amazon. he is greek. she is a princess. he is captured in battle. an ancient amazonian tradition brings them together but their love is forbidden. this is their story.
teenage dream: after being away from her hometown for the last nine years, emma swan returns for a visit which its sole purpose is to let go of her past once and for all. the past in the form of killian jones. but what happens when she realizes that while some things have changed, her feelings for the guy who broke her heart remained the same?
7 minutes:  "we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now I think I might actually be in love with you.“ expect a sexy spin on the best friends secretly in love with each other trope…

Updated Fic Recs (2)

The fourth in an unofficial series of posts in which I recommend my favorite CS fics from the past few months and compel you to read them. 

Previous: Captain Swan Multi-Chapter Fic RecsCaptain Swan One Shot Fic RecsUpdated Fic Recs 

Among Other Foolish Things by @blessed-but-distressed

“i have a crush on you and i’m too chicken to confess and you’re going for a 3 month trip to paris so i’m sure you’ll return with a sophisticated girlfriend while i’m a mess (optional sabotaging the trip)” Tumblr

Say Yes to the Dress by @captainswanluver

Snow convinces Emma to try on the new wedding dress in the store window across from Granny’s, despite the fact that she and Killian are not yet engaged.  But news travels quickly in Storybrooke and word soon gets back to Killian. Tumblr

Zemblanity by @lenfaz

William Boyd coined the term zemblanity to mean somewhat the opposite of serendipity: “making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries occurring by design”. A zemblanity is, effectively, an “unpleasant unsurprise”. It derives from Novaya Zemlya (or Nova Zembla), a cold, barren land with many features opposite to the lush Sri Lanka (Serendip). Soulmates gone wrong AU. Tumblr

It Runs in the Family by @mahstatins

Henry walking in on CS like Emma and Henry walked in on Snowing in season 2. Tumblr

It Was Real (It’s Real) by @i-know-how-you-kiss

The first thing they tell Emma Swan when she takes the job at the State Penitentiary’s infirmary, is to never fall in love with an inmate. It’s not that hard of a rule to adhere to, or so she thinks, until Killian Jones breezes into her life like the perfect storm – covered in tattoos, dashing to no end, brilliant of mind, incessantly mysterious – and promptly turns her world on end. (Prison Break AU) AO3 Tumblr

Untitled by @nephilimchloe

“we broke up after I left and moved away and months later I find you that you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late” AU. AO3 Tumblr

My Constellation by @caprelloidea

Emma is a bailbonds person, Killian a scientist. His research puts him at sea for several weeks in the summer, and after a slew of lengthy separations, this one just about pushes them past their limits. Tumblr

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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Promo Has Dark Emma, Brave Merida and More
A new promo for Season 5 of Once Upon a Time reminds you of where the fantastical ABC drama has already been... and previews where it's going next. Debuting tonight, the teaser takes stock of some ...
By Matt Webb Mitovich

A new promo for Season 5 of Once Upon a Time reminds you of where the fantastical ABC drama has already been… and previews where it’s going next.

Debuting tonight, the teaser takes stock of some realms and familiar characters who to date have played a role on Once, before teasing the introduction of Brave‘s Merida (played by Amy Manson) and King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table.

The promo also reminds us of Emma’s new “look,” having allowed herself to be consumed by the Darkness in the May finale, in the name of saving Regina.

Summing up the theme for Season 5A as “Love is a dangerous weapon,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz told TVLine as part of our in-depth Fall Preview Q&A, “Emma is a very motivated Dark One. There’s a real driving force behind what she’s doing and why.”


Jennifer Morrison told me that Emma feels “free,” not having to serve as Savior, with the Darkness now consuming her. The question is: Does that mean Dark Emma is aloof, disinterested or, worse, cruel to those she loves? Morrison champed at the bit (and studied up) to tackle this dark detour; let’s just hope Dark Emma doesn’t add to the body count she started with Cruella.


Colin O'Donoghue has been deflecting suggestions that Hook, once very much a villain himself, might see in Dark Emma the most perfect girlfriend ever – which is, you know, kind of a shame. While the hope is that in the end the pirate will play a role in “saving” Emma, it’d be nice (and logical) to see him, if even for a fleeting beat, have his interest roused by her bad girl ways.

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anonymous asked:

If you are still taking prompts ;) a Season 3 AU where the TLK works in NYC and sexy times happen, with Walsh walking in but Killian and Emma don't stop even if when he notices , because they could care less and he just walks out like wtf. I love all your work btw, talented is you. :)

Dedicated to @thesschesthair & @fergus80 <3

I Can Make You 

The dreams always came. 

The same man with the dark hair and the gorgeous accent appeared ever night since she could remember. It started out with with Emma and this man climbing a beanstalk together; it was straight out of a fairy tale. As the months went by, the imagine of her pulling him towards her, her lips crashing against his own in a jungle stayed with her. She would wake up every morning aching with need, but not for her boyfriend, Walsh. She needed the man in her dreams, which was silly. 

One morning, she woke up horny and guilty. The night before, Walsh took her to their favorite restaurant and asked her to marry him. She couldn’t think of any logical reason to deny his proposal, so she only told him that she wasn’t ready. But in truth, she wasn’t in love with him; she was in love with the man in her dream. 

Emma crawled out of bed, needing her morning coffee. Henry was spending the night at Avery’s, so she had the apartment all to herself. As soon the coffee started dripping into the pot, there was a hard knock at the door. Clad only in her plaid pajamas, Emma walked to the door and grabbed the handle, angry that she hadn’t had any of her coffee yet. But when she opened the door, she was stunned. 

The man who had been haunting her dreams stood right in front of her, dressed like…a pirate? 

His face broke out into a smile. “Swan…at last?” He knew her name? He lunged for her, but she stopped him. 

“Do I know you?” she asked. 

“I need your help. Something;s happened, something terrible. Your family is trouble.”

“My family is right here. Who are you?” As much as she was stunned by his appearance, her dream man was clearly off his rocker. 

The man said, pleading, “An old friend. Now, I know you can’t remember me, but…I can make you.” He stepped forward, uninvited, and crushed his lips against hers. Instantly, a whoosh of air that seemingly came from their bodies caused everything in the apartment to shuffle. But at the same time, those dreams turned into memories, and Emma Swan stood there, intact, staring at the face of Killian Jones. 

“Killian?” she whispered. 

The smile that lit up his face would be one that she would remember for years to come. “Emma. It worked!” 

That feeling, that burst of air coming from her body…she had experienced that once before, when she kissed Henry and broke the curse…”Killian…are we?”

“It wouldn’t have worked if you didn’t feel the same, love,” he said, confidently. 

Emma licked her lips, and look straight into his blue eyes. “Can I ask you something?”


Her hand lifted to his jaw, caressing his stubble. “Was there a day that went by that you didn’t think of me?”

“Not a single one.” 

“Good.” With that, she met his lips once more, the warmth of his body coming closer and closer into contact with her own. “But you aren’t the only one…”

His lips met her collarbone as he stopped. “Aye?”

“I dreamt of you every night…”

“As if I wasn’t already burning for you…” Killian took hold of her pajama top and ripped it open with one hand, revealing her perky breasts to his heated gaze. Her nipple tightened in chill of the open air, making them perfect for him to nibble. He dropped to his knees, shrugging off the leather duster, as his mouth closed over one of the rosy buds. He laved her nipple with his tongue, eliciting tiny moans from Emma. “You have the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. And held. And licked” 

“Killian…don’t stop…”

“Never my intention…” His mouth returned to her breast as his hook eased her pajama bottoms off her hips, letting them fall to the floor. There she stood in only a pair of navy boy shorts with a golden anchor emblazoned on the front. How perfect. 

Killian’s mouth left her nipple, now chilled even more due to his saliva coating her skin. His hook traced the top of her underwear as he looked up to her. “Swan…may I?”

She nodded. 

In one fell swoop, her panties her down, and his jaw dropped at seeing Emma in all her glory. “You are goddess, You are my goddess. I am not worthy of you…”


“Yes, my darling?”

“Shut up and lick me.”

“Bloody hell…” Hearing Emma using such coarse language had his cock at full mast behind his leathers. Killian dipped his head, and when his tongue came into contact with her clit, Emma almost collapsed. “You alright up there?” he joked, his lips kissing her swollen flesh. 

“If you do that I again, I might fall.”

“Well, we can’t have that now, can we?” Killian shot up from his knees and picked Emma up into his arms, carrying her over to the cherry wood dinner table that she got from Walsh’s furniture store. Killian laid her on on a table and stared at her like her was going to devour her. He spread her legs and dove right in, savoring her flavor against his tongue. But it was when he starting sucking on her clit that Emma thrashed about, needing something to grip onto, settling for the back of his head. 

“Oh god…I’m close…I’m so close…”

“Emma, come for me. Please.” Killian stared at her as she feel, a rush of wetness flowing onto his tongue. He lapped up as much as he could, and when he rose up to his full height, she could see her essence glistening off of his stubble. 

“As much I want to feel what it’s like to have your lips wrapped around me, I need to be inside of you,” Killian admitted. 

“Then why are you stalling?” Emma winked. 

“You are going to be the death of me, Swan.”

“Stop talking and fuck me, Captain.”

The sexy growl that came from Killian almost made her come again. Killian didn’t even both removing his shoes; he simply pushed down his leather pants, his throbbing erection pointing directly at Emma. “I am going to brand you form the inside, Emma. Everyone will know that you are mine and mine alone.” With that, he slide inside, giving way to mutual sighs of satisfaction. “So hot…so wet…so bloody tight…”

“God, you are so big…you fill me up so good…”

Their foreheads met as Killian began a steady pace, pumping in and out of her tight channel, each thrust deeper and harder than the last. The harder he went, the more the table under them squeaked. 

As he was praising her once again for her beauty, the lock clicked open, and a voice called out when the door was ajar. 

“Emma? Emma, i think we need to talk about last n…oh my god!”

Walsh’s sudden appearance did nothing to deter Killian’s rhythm, his cock pistoning in and out of Emma.

“Emma, what are you doing?!” Walsh whined. 

Killian, annoyed, turned over his should, stopping momentarily. “What does it look like, mate? Now, bugger off so I can bring my lady to completion.”

“Walsh. Get. Out.” Emma yelled. 

“But…But…” Killian slammed his hook into the cherry wood table, embedding it into the surface. “But I made that table..specially ordered for her…”

“And it makes a wonderful,” Killian said while thrusting into her, “stabilizer. Many thanks, mate.”

Still in shock, Walsh finally left, while Emma cried out, “Thankkkkk youuuuuu!” 

Killian looked at her and asked, “Were talking to to me or that git who just left?”

“Don’t care. Just don’t stop.”

Killian grasped at her hips, his balls slapping against her backside as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. “Emma, come around my cock. I want to know what it feels like when you collapse around me.” 

“Killian!!!!!” With that, Emma fell, which triggered his own orgasm. Killian pumped his seed deep inside her, and then fell on top of her. They lay there for a moment, basking in the glow of finally being together. Their foreheads touched once again, and she was the first to speak. “So that’s what it feels like…”

“What what feels like?” Killian asked. 

“True love.” 

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Still the most perfect video I’ve ever seen

anonymous asked:

I NEED YOU TO HELP ME! Could you write a meta about why the first CS kiss was romantic in terms of setting, music etc.? I am fed up of seeing STers saying that the kiss was nothing more than "a challenge" and that it was only a kiss to Emma. UGH. It was the most perfect romantic kiss ever to me

Hi nonnie! Thank you for this glorious, glorious question.

First, people who ship Emma with someone else are going to do whatever they can to cheapen the good moments (hah, good moments, see what I did there?) that CS has on the show - try to ignore it as much as possible. Trust me, I totally understand that it’s basically impossible…but the best thing to do is watch the scene again. That’s one of the best things about CS as a ship, in my opinion - what they do on-screen is just so charged and undeniable that it always makes me smile to see it. :) Luckily most of the people who ship Emma with someone else ship Hook with death or hell or something haha, so we don’t have to deal with that so much.

The hilarious thing about them saying that it was just a kiss to Emma is that she really doesn’t kiss people that often. She’s only had one other on-screen kiss in the present and it was with Graham, who obviously meant a great deal to her even though she didn’t know him for very long. The important thing to note about the Graham arc is that when he tried to kiss her and she didn’t want to kiss him, she DID NOT LET HIM. She was not having it AT ALL. That tells us that Emma Swan doesn’t kiss people unless she wants to. Emma doesn’t have that much control over many things in her life - she can’t control that she’s the savior and therefore responsible to do a lot of the saving (“The price of being the savior is I don’t get a day off”), and she couldn’t control ANYTHING that happened in her past (since when she got out of the system, August was hiding in the background).

More analysis under the cut!

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