the most perfect cover ever


perfect man is the most iconic cover ever


Last night was my prom and it was undoubtedly the best night of my entire life. I was so happy and had a wonderful time.

Prom was something I always said I wasn’t going to because I thought it was pointless and something that definitely wasn’t for me.

Well fast forward a few months and it was prom night I was dressed in my beautiful dress with my hair done exactly how I wanted it and I felt like a princess it was perfect.

I placed my phone in my bag and the only time it came out was for photos and to ring my mum at 10:30pm. I didn’t even care about anything that was going on outside because that was my night. Anxiety was placed to the back of my mind and I somehow managed to stay in a loud room without getting too anxious.

My beautiful friends (pictures 4 and 5) accompanied me and we had the perfect night. We danced and smiled and made so many memories.

Last night I smiled, I laughed, I made memories, I had the time of my life, I shall treasure last night for my entire life because it was the most perfect thing ever.


This is the single most perfect cover of this song you have ever heard and it is just so hilarious!


hi cuties!
still reeling from hamilton last night… it’s truly one of the most perfect musicals ever created. it flows seemlessly with wonderful character development covering a very large time span. it was also an honor to witness daveed’s last show, i caught him off character a couple times and we made eye contact because i was having so much fun in the audience (i was in the 4th row orchestra). i know tickets to hamilton are so hard to get, but i suggest you try to get a ticket as much as possible. i was overcome with such joy and appreciation i think i cried 4 times. during the bows, renee and jasmine gave a side hug with tears in their eyes because daveed was leaving. oke and anthony were SPECTACULAR and rory o’ malley portrays the king so well.

some things i noticed:
- say no to this is actually not very physical! when i imagined it in my mind, i thought that it was very physical but maria and hamilton only kiss once and maria just sits on ham’s lap for a little bit.
- there is a scream eliza does when her son dies and it takes the LIFE out of you. ham tries to take her had but she shakes him off.
- during it’s quiet uptown, eliza just stands throughout the entire song until she takes ham’s hand and sings it’s quiet uptown.
- the reynold’s pamphlet is SO HILARIOUS. everyone is on stage, throwing the pamphlets like at if at a strip club. the ensemble members pick up the pamphlets as they get ready for burn as quickly as possible.
- the show ends by hamilton nudging eliza to the center of the stage while she takes a small laugh and everyone on stage appreciate all the things she’s done.
- THE TRANSITION IN SATISFIED. the entire ensemble plays out the ball and marriage for helpless and then we have angelica toasting to eliza and ham and then they rewind the ENTIRE THING the marriage ceremony, to the letters, to the ball, showing two completely different persepctives of eliza and angelica. the turntable on the stage makes that scene so powerful.
- there is no actual bullet when shots are fired (obviously) but an ensemble member holds an imaginary bullet whenever a shot is fired and when ham is having his last moments before he’s killed the bullet stays on that trajectory as he moves around the stage talking about the other side
- one of the king’s songs, he sings blue and stamps his foot and the lighting turns blue immediately
- when he’s on stage for the reynold’s pamphlet he starts waving his hands to the beat of the music. it was too funny.
- during the story of tonight, when burr comes in the trio starts making fun of him while he sings and they start making some sexual movements to burr (not alot obviously)
- during meet me inside, washington and ham are saying the “don’t call me son” and when he says “call me son one more time” the music completely stops and there is a huge pause before Washington says go home alexander and he walks off stage left.
- at some points the music is so poweful it shakes the entire theater, honestly the best feeling in the entire world

that’s pretty much it! hopefully this will help you envision hamilton and what’s it’s like until you guys can watch it!

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He's so bad but he does it so well // Zarry

“Shut up,” Harry hisses. Louis cackles, but doesn’t stop humming. “He’s going to hear you!”

“Because your staring is super subtle,” Niall points out. Harry pointedly ignores him. He is subtle. He is very subtle. Or, he probably isn’t, but Hot Leather Jacket Guy hasn’t noticed him for the past three weeks Harry’s spent ogling him in the bakery, so he’s pretty sure he’s good. People that hot probably have plenty of people staring at them all the time, anyway.

“No, Harry’s staring is romantic. He’s going to seduce his bad boy with the power of laser eyes.”

“Shut up!” Harry repeats. “He’s coming!”

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He calls me amaryllis, because he believes I can break through concrete in a beautiful way. His nose is the most perfect thing I've ever seen, and he is covered in golden freckles. His face, when he really smiles, squishes up and his eyes shine. He talks about North Korea in bed and kisses my shoulders when he sings in my ear. I miss him.

i hope you find your way back to him, soon. this is beautiful.

Preference #454

You go to see/feed reindeer. 

Author’s Note: I know it’s June and I’m writing holiday stuff but you’ll take it and you’ll like it anyway. :p

Link to all preferences.

Harry: Your daughter pulled on Harry’s hand, running quickly over to the fence that separated all of you from the reindeer, her tiny hands pressing up against the wood. “Can we make them fly daddy?” She jumped up and down, eager to see the reindeer you both had promised she could come see. Louis squatted down next to her, pointing through the fence as he talked. “They can’t right now baby. Santa’s not around because he’s busy getting all the toys ready. Plus, the magic only comes on Christmas Eve remember?” He smiled, turning back to send you a wink, keeping his child’s belief in the magic of Christmas as strong as ever.

Louis: Your son had been known to be rather mischievous, all of your planned holiday activities so far having failed. First, you’d tried at visiting Santa, though your son had tugged at his beard as he sat on Santa’s lap, exclaiming for everyone in the mall that he was a fake. You’d tried at baking Christmas goodies but being sneaky, he’d eaten them all before his bedtime, keeping Louis awake for hours after. Now, you stood outside the caribou farm, a little nervous that you’d have no Christmas activities to make a tradition for your boy, gritting your teeth in a strained smile as he yelled to the top of his lungs. “What are caribou? I thought we were going to see reindeer!” He called, Louis leveling with him “Caribou is another word for reindeer.” Smiling, your son started petting the animals, your tour guide wearing a satisfied grin until you noticed that inquisitive look on your son’s face, Louis laughing as you shook your head. “His name tag says Vincent! It’s Blitzen!”

Niall: You were like a child when it came to the amount of holiday cheer you had and Niall was just the same, the holiday being among your favorites. You walked with your guide to the caribou farm, beaming at the bells that hung from their Christmas-themed wear. “Niall, take a picture!” You beamed as you stood next to the reindeer, posing as you petted the animal. Niall couldn’t bear to have you taking all the joy, running over to the other side, leaving his phone with his phone to take the picture with, the pair of you grinning harder than you ever had, with the reindeer who you call Dasher.

Liam: Liam stood behind you, giggling at you as you walked up to the fence. “What if it bites me?” A few of the oats in your palms sloshed out. “He won’t bite.” Liam assured you, both of you stepping up closer until you were right at the fence. The deer you were faced with was large and intimidating, antlers like you’d never seen. Liam chuckled behind you as you held up your hands to the animal, its fur and teeth grazing your hands as it gathered the oats in its mouth, leaving you with saliva covered fingers. You couldn’t help but laugh along with him, squealing slightly as it continued to eat from your hands. “It tickles!”

Zayn: Everything was perfect, the trail covered in white snow, the most beautiful scene you’d ever laid eyes on. Zayn had insisted on traveling to Alaska solely for spending time at a reindeer ranch, a trip your kids would never forget. Even your eldest daughter seemed to be enjoying herself, finally stuffing her phone in her pocket to interact with the tour guide, asking questions about the care of the reindeer, a smile gracing her face as she grabbed hold of your son’s hand, lifting him from the ground as they approached their reindeer, both of them delighted to be petting the animal. There was something about the place that just put everyone at ease, excited to be spending time together with all the time that you were apart throughout the year, perhaps something that could become annual, a new holiday activity that you all could enjoy.