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hi! how do you think we'll see the first declarations of ~love~ between magnus and alec on the show? both realistically, and how you personally would write it, if you were a showrunner? :^)

I got this ask like two days ago and I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve been in many fandoms, both with US tv shows and Indian tv shows. And what I’ve noticed is that love confessions aka the ‘I LOVE YOU’, in Tellywood are always overdramatized, it’s just a thing we do. But this is also the same in US TV shows, it’s like people go out of their way to come up with this elaborate scheme , with flowers and romantic music and all that just to say I love you. Is that even realistic? Do most couples plan out a perfect proposal setting just to say I love you. 

And it got me thinking, that I don’t think i’d want it like that for Magnus and Alec. Everything about Malec has been so honest and real. And everytime I look at their relationship objectively it just seems like every ordinary relationship I’ve noticed, but the ordinariness in comparison to the over the top couples we see on television, makes their relationship so extraordinary. Malec communicate about issues, they didn’t meet one day and fall straight in love, they also didn’t meet one day and started hating on each other and then fall in love. Instead they met and slowly grew their relationship from a crush to friends to boyfriends. And it’s so realistic, and because of that I want their “confession” to be realistic. 

I’d be happy to see Magnus and Alec just cooking in the loft, and Magnus/Alec gets a call that requires them to be some place and the other quickly rushes around whilst the other one is getting ready. And then in a hurry one of them kisses the other, says ‘, don’t forget we’re having dinner tonight okay, I love you,  have a great day at work, bye’. And then that’ll be it. Because most real relationships, the whole i love you thing happens so normally and so I’d just want it to happen normally for Malec as well. No OTT, overdramaticisng it. Just them, just very real. 

Top 5 Grimm Moments by Season 

Season 3, #4: Monroe proposes to Rosalee in 3x12, “The Wild Hunt”

Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship has to be one of the healthiest, most developed, and most supportive I’ve ever seen depicted on television.

After a year of getting to know each other and working together, and then another year of dating, it finally came down to this fantastic moment. This proposal was absolutely perfect. I can’t watch it without tearing up a little.

And what makes it even better in retrospect is that the show managed to avoid the pitfalls a lot of shows encounter when one of their major couples ties the knot. Monroe and Rosalee are never written with any of the cringe-worthy marital tropes other TV couples suffer through. They’re amazing together, not just a couple, but a team, and I can’t imagine this show without them.

Perfect Position

Dean x Reader

Tonight I was spending the remainder of my weekend watching Catfish on Hulu and just being lazy. The following picture was sent to my bitches @holywaterbucketchallenge and @demondean-for-kingofhell with the caption: “Look I found the perfect position to be eaten out where I can still see the tv.”

This sentiment inspired the following drabble-ish thing…

It had been one of the best most relaxing weekends you’d had in such a long time.

On Saturday you took your time as you pampered yourself in a glorious bath with your new favorite peach bubble bath from Bath and Body Works. You felt like you’d died and gone to spa heaven; the sweet smell from the steamy tub mixed with the floral scent wafting from the couple of candles you lit.

You didn’t know exactly how long you spent in the tub, but it had to have been a couple hours, because you awoke in the chilled water which had your body shivering. You quickly rose from the tub and wrapped yourself in the biggest and fluffiest towel you could find in the bunker.

After quickly cleaning up your mess, you darted to your room to get warmer. Luckily you didn’t cross paths with either Winchester as you were completely naked covered only in a towel.

Once in your room, you chose your most luxurious lotion to lather all over your chilled skin. The Eucalyptus and Mint scents enveloped you in their clutches and relaxed you even further. The night was finished off when you conned Sam into making you one of your favorites: grilled cheese.

That night you swear you’d slept better than you had in a long time.

On Sunday you awoke in quite a chipper mood as you moved to the kitchen, humming a familiar tune. With a spring back in your step, you made your coffee and assembled a bowl of cereal. It struck you as odd when at the sound of the dry cereal hitting the bowl, Dean didn’t appear. Usually the sound brought the eldest Winchester out from the depths of the bunker like a puppy at feeding time.

You frowned as you cautiously shuffled to your room with coffee in one hand and cereal in the other. Although you valued your alone time, you missed the guys as it seemed they too wanted to spend this weekend to themselves. You sighed as you continued with your weekend full of alone time.

After finishing your coffee and cereal you spent the day pampering yourself further. Today’s focus was your nails. You spent several hours giving yourself a much needed pedicure complete with aqua nail polish.

Next you set your sights on your finger nails. You were so proud of yourself as you expertly shaped each nail. Sure, the next hunt was sure to fuck them up, but it’s nice to feel pretty for a bit.

Finally around seven or so, Sam poked his head in your room to let you know he’d found a case and you would be leaving tomorrow morning. You sighed, knowing the most relaxing weekend ever had to come to an end sooner or later.

You made up your mind to spend the remainder of the evening watching trash tv reruns on Hulu. Tonight’s selection: Catfish: the TV show.

You laid lazily on your bed in your most comfy pj’s watching the tragic love lives of others. You were unashamed as you rested in the most comfortable position possible. Your shirt rode up as your hand rested on your exposed belly. You laid on your back with your head resting comfortably on a pillow. Rather than laying the traditional way on your mattress, you laid parallel to the head of the bed with your feet flat on the covers with your knees in the air.

This view was best for television viewing as your tongue darted out to take hold of a couple popcorn kernels that laid on your chest close to your mouth.

Suddenly, a grunt from your doorway pulled your attention from the show streaming on your tv to the tall man who stood on the threshold.

“Y/N.” he mumbled.

“Hey Dean. What’s up?” you asked, turning your attention back to the tv.

Dean stayed quiet as he crossed your room to sit down next to you. He sat slowly, his eyes never leaving you as his silence caused you to pause the show.

“Mmm.” He hummed as his hands found your raised knee. You could easily feel the warmth from his hand seep through the thin material of your leggings as his hand began to rub long line along your leg.

“You know, Y/N that is the perfect position…” he suggested.

As soon as his eyes found yours, you knew the looked reflected in them all too well. What was he up to?

He rose suddenly, positioning himself in front of you and blocking your view of the tv. Your frustration immediately evaporated as both his hands now rested atop both your knees. Your heart leapt as your watch his tongue flick out momentarily to moisten his luscious lips.

“The perfect position to eat you out.”

Your body shot up immediately sending popcorn falling to the bed beside you. “Dean.” You shushed. “Sam is right down the hall.”

“Shh, Sweetheart. Let me take care of you.” He cooed, his voice was low and dangerous, sending heat straight to your core. You watched as he hastily moved to close and lock your bedroom door. Once the door was locked he turned on a heel and approached you on the bed once again. His pupils were completely blown as he palmed his erection through his thick jeans.

His stare was absolutely predatory while he watched you as if you were his prey. And tonight you were. He was going to be sure to eat you up.

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Favourite TV/film romances: Angel, Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.

This was the cutest and most doomed relationship. We all know how this ended. :’( …For both of them.

We Don't Believe What's On TV

Hear me out on this. I found it…kinda

A couple months back, fan pass tv released an interview of twenty one pilots on their tour bus.

In it, tyler himself went ahead and showed josh, the interviewer, and the audience a demo of a song he had been working on the night before. He hadn’t even showed it to josh yet.

Let me tell you, the demo was gorgeous. Perfect. But there was one thing I couldn’t comprehend: this one sound in the beginning.

Tyler used a software called logic and his piano keyboard to make this song, and as we all know, most keyboards can make the noises of different instruments.

For example, in the video he says he can make the sound of a string orchestra.

Now, back to the sound. What generic sound played from a piano keyboard could possibly make that sound?

I remembered scrolling through the reddit thing that tyler and josh did, and I coming across one comment about josh playing the trumpet.

The weird noise was a trumpet.

The demo was the earliest recorded version of “we don’t believe what’s on tv.”

You are welcome.

There’s some people sending hate and mean comments on twitter to Chris Fisher.

Even saying that if Root was always destined to die, they should never have made Root fall in love with Shaw.


Who the fuck do you think you are?

Root and Shaw, no matter what their fate are, is one of the most important relationship on tv history.
It’s the one and only interracial LGBT couple between two neurodivergent women.
They are precious to me and to a fuckload of other people. Don’t you dare try to take that away from us.

Yes, it would have been wonderful if they both lived happily ever after but i’m just so fucking glad they existed.

They existed and they were beautiful, they were strong, they were smart……….they were wonderful………..they were perfect.

Don’t you dare put Root on your shitty list of dead lesbians. She was more than that, she was better than all of them combined.
I will not let you reduce Root to just being gay. That’s literally the least interesting thing about her.

Root is the voice of God now and that’s an end fitting for the amazing character that she was.

You know what we should do?

Everyone should go in masses to watch The Fosters.

It might not be perfect but Lena and Stef are one of the most compelling, well rounded and stable couples of tv.

And they happen to be lesbian.


Middle aged.


With adopted kids.

Not dying.

Living a pretty down to earth and normal life.

Without drama (except for teenage drama but what teenager is not dramatic?)

And happy.


That is the show we should be endorsing, to prove the industry this kind of stories are worth telling.

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Why the Flash is so awesome

I’ve been thinking lately about why the Flash is so awesome, why I look forward to it every Tuesday night (only to feel crushed when I realize it’s still on hiatus). Let’s be honest: it isn’t a perfect show. There have been a couple of hit-or-misses along the way. It almost certainly doesn’t have the budget some of the other shows I watch have, so they are more constrained with what they can do (although holy crap do they get the most mileage out of their special effects budget that I’ve ever seen. What they do is damn impressive, given that you DO know they probably have less to work with than others might). So why is it - hands down, no doubt about it - my favorite show on TV, not just for today but probably even the best show I’ve seen in the last five years?

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