the most modern home built in the world


Fury Road Modern AU – for @airagorncharda

Furiosa is the one of the best - and most famous - racecar drivers in the world. Notorious for the prosthetic arm she built herself, she has spent her whole life fighting for everything that her male peers were handed without question. Tired, frustrated, and angry, she meets a former soldier whose PTSD leaves him nearly mute and whose only friend is his puppy Nux. Together, and with the encouragement of Furiosa’s sisters, they leave their lives behind, travelling across the country to Furiosa’s childhood home, an acreage in the middle of nowhere known as The Green Place. 

All The Changes:  Chapter 1

AO3 | Hedwig Masterpost

the one with the wedding. 

Dedicated to my partner in crime, Desi, who passed away on Tuesday.  I love you, Shorty.  You live on in your words.  I love you.

This was the one we were going to save for the end and now the end has an entirely different meaning, so I’m going to go ahead and post it now.  I have so many more one shots that we had saved to post and never got around to it.  If you want more, just say so.  This is a lovely way to keep her legacy alive.  The only difference is that we can’t edit together anymore, so I’m going to just set them up as hardly edited.  I wouldn’t want to cut something she would have wanted to keep.  I don’t want to go through that risk.  

Thanks to everyone for all the support.  Her brother and I are both overwhelmed with the kind words and the amount of people she touched.  Thank you for allowing us to grieve.  

“I’ve carried it all too long ; The fear of the pain it brings ; Feeling the panic building up ; I’d rather the broken heart ; Than live in the emptiness ; Of what if the world won’t save me?”

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