the most lovely thing in the world

Life and death, love and sorrow, fire and ice - the immortal twins Yin and Yang reign over all things in the world, Yin reigning over all things that comfort man and Yang ruling the things that make humanity suffer. Yet, Yang is surprisingly easier to get along with, but Yin…

“We don’t talk about Yin. For although as appealing as she and her charges may seem, even the things that bring the most comfort to the peoples of the world can be the very things that bring them down to their knees.”

Aaron is going to prison and it’s going to be for a while - he’s going to miss all these seasons which is why they cram all of them into one.

danny miller // interview with metro.

- i mean if that isn’t the most sentimental and thoughtful thing in the entire world then … i just don’t know what love is anymore.

So while there may be other aspects to argue the toss over, can we put to death FOREVER this argument that Daryl cares for Carol just as much as he cares for the rest of the family?

The show made it explicit. And Norman has made it explicit in several interviews. Carol is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the world to him.

How that love manifest itself, fine, argue away but don’t ever come with this crap that he feels the same way for her he does for Rick or Michonne. He doesn’t.

this magazine means so much to me. every time I see it, it reminds me why i love this fandom so much. you get to know and meet people from all around the world, with the same love and spirit as you. it’s like your second family you get to have moments of joy and tears with. remembering walking down the streets in madrid our way to the stadium, with the biggest smiles on our faces. seeing people so passionated about football and the team they love the most. that made me realize one thing: football is a way of living. no matter how old you are, what you are or where you are from. It unite us and we should always remember that.

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To the Max, you seem like you have the most remarkable heart, never lose that, what we dish out into the world returns to us in lump sum & I hope you receive nothing but love & positivity! We meet people for different reasons & different seasons & I'm really glad I came across u as a person. I think that's more or less what life is all about- human connection & discovering more of ourselves in everyone person that we meet. Don't ever limit yourself, it's soo obvious u were made for great things

messages like this encourage me to be the person i am. not sure if one of my friends or fans wrote this but much love.. 

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Have you seen keemstar's video about jack's response and if so, what are your thoughts on it? I think he actually made some valid points for once.

I saw some shit on twitter, Keem pointing out that Jack’s made jokes like that himself plenty of times. I watched Jack’s video and I do disagree with him on the most part, in terms of the feelings thing. Again, free speech absolutist. Though, I think Disney has a right to drop them tho. Throwing away all that hard work was bullshit, however.

Idubbbztv is with them I believe..? Which, tumblr NEVER pisses themselves over the cancer crew, so.

See, I fucking love Jack. But I can see he’s not on a good side in this. In my eyes. People accusing my of fuckin stanning my favorites, they’re just mad that I don’t agree with them 100% and the world does not revolve around them.

I want Castiel to meet Donna, because honestly he needs a little sunshine in his life right now and the Winchesters (God love ‘em, literally) are just not equipped to provide that right now.

Donna takes Castiel to all the weird little “tourist” destinations in Minnesota that Cas enjoys because he likes the little things and Donna does too.

Donna doesn’t mind his continuing issues with human mannerisms because honestly, Minnesotans are the most unusual people in the world. Especially if they’re from places like Hibbing.

Donna finds out he likes bees and beekeeping and is super interested to hear what he has to say about it.

Donna doesn’t know all of his baggage. She’s never met him, she (I assume) hasn’t read the Supernatural books, so presumably he would feel a little lighter around her.

Donna and Castiel, people.

The possibilities. 

Super regret!

OMG! I didnt know that Eito would be so sweet!

Before the sub came out in Eng I read it somewhere that Eito doesnt call MC and Eisuke ‘mum’ and 'dad’, instead he called them by their names

IMO, I dont like kids who call their parents by their names since I find it incredibly rude and impolite

So I’m so happy that it wasnt the case at all
Yes, Eito doesnt call Eisuke 'dad’ but it was a given. I knew this would happen if Eisuke ever had a son

I regreted ever hating Eito! I’m so sorry my son!!! 😭

and I really super love how Eisuke and Eito are rivals for MC’s affection~

Like, that’s the most sweetest thing in the world 😍

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The 'Tales of' character you are most like.. definitely has to be Sorey. You're really clumsy, far too trusting of complete strangers, always running off into danger head first, never stopping to actually plan things out, gullible, naive, and probably one of the greatest people I've ever met. You're kind to everyone, make friends so easily, always willing to help people, and see the best in everyone around you. Maybe you won't save the world, but you've definitely made it a better place. ☆

O-oh my god….! HONEY!! How dare bringing a tear to my eyes…! Aaaahhhh…!!! shush! Silly! Agh! ////////
You.. You make the world a better place as well … I love you !!! BUT HOW DARE U

Episode 7 of Taboo was the worst so far. It was all over the place. The only thing I liked was seeing more of Helga and Godfrey. I wish Chichester was more developed but I guess he is just there as a plot device for James. 

What happened with James and Zilpha was unusually cruel. What James did was awful and so sexist. James has done thing a million times worse than Zilpha but no she is tainted for killing her abusive husband and now he doesn’t want her anymore. He spent 14 years longing for her and pursued her  restlessly since he came to London but now pushes her away like that? Does the show expect me to believe that? Also it couldn’t be more obvious Robert is their son. There is a reason why Zilpha is the only character in James world who hasn’t seen him.

And Lorna is the most ridiculous character ever. I loved the actress on War & Peace but here I can’t relate with a character that is only there as the incorruptible goodness that will save the bad man. James has done nothing to deserve her affection but they expect me to believe she cares about him? That she married Horace because she was such a good woman that decided to spend her youth on a poor mad man? Also it’s so obvious they are trying to portray her as the good woman since she can’t even kill a duck properly without feeling bad. She helps the orphans and resolves crimes like she is Sherlock Holmes. I was hoping she was working with the Americans or at least she had her own agenda but no, she is perfect, has a golden heart and will stick with a homicidal cannibal because she is that good. 

Only one episode left but I’m feeling more and more this show will also suffer the curse of Steven Knight’s sexist writing.

Thank you so much for the prompt anon. I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but this is what happened when I starting typing. I hope you enjoy this:

Geoff ditched his cell phone about three blocks back, dropping it in a trash can. He figures a homeless person will probably find it. More power to them if they do; he isn’t going to need it anymore, and the last thing he needs is Gavin tracking his movements. He can’t exactly save his crew if they come running to his aid.

He can still hear the voice on the other end of his phone. A deep purr, a taunting laugh, a mock whimper when he threatened to take away everything that Geoff worked so hard for; to take away the people he loved most in the world.

Gus had always warned him starting a crew would be his downfall, but Geoff seriously doubts this is what he meant. Hell, Geoff always thought he’d go down in a blaze of glory. Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A gun in one hand, bottle of whisky in the other, and a devil may care smile on his face.

Instead, he feels like he’s on death row. He’s a cat cornered by one huge, evil dick of a wolf, and while he’s doing this to ensure his crew’s safety, he still feels like he’s gotten the raw end of the deal. People didn’t usually threaten Geoff Ramsey, he did the threatening, and he’s really not a huge fan of being on this side of the fence.

He turns the corner, spotting the car he had stashed away for this occasion, only to stop when he sees Jack leaning against the hood. Muttering darkly under his breath, Geoff turns to head back the way he came, but takes several steps back to avoid running into Ryan.

“Going somewhere?”

“What are you doing here?” Geoff demands but Ryan ignores him, nudging him towards the waiting car and Jack.

The moment he’s within touching distance of Jack, she hauls off and slaps him in the face. Geoff has never seen Jack this angry, her body practically vibrating with fury, and he has to fight the urge to hide behind Ryan.

“Do you have any… any idea…?” she trails off, eye sparkling with unshed tears. She blinks, a tear breaking loose and trailing down her face, and Geoff’s fingers itch with the need to reach out and wipe it away..

He curls his hands into fists, knowing it’d be a useless gesture, and repeats his question. “What are you doing here?”

Jack crosses her arms, sorrow flashing in her eyes, but her voice is hard when she says, “The least you could have done is left a note before going off and playing martyr.”

“You don’t understand…”

“Oh, I don’t? Let me guess, someone threatened us, didn’t they? And instead of coming to us you decided to, what, give yourself up? Have I got this right?” Jack uncrosses her arms, grabbing Geoff by the shoulders. She shakes him, shouting, “We can take care of ourselves, you stupid son of a bitch!”

“I know!” Geoff shrugs Jack’s hands off of him, sidestepping her, turning to face the car. “I know,” he repeats, much quieter, bowing his head. “But you’re not invincible. One day this bullshit is going to catch up to you, and I’d rather delay the inevitable as long as I possibly can.”

“How are you supposed to do that if you’re dead?” Jack snaps and Geoff turns to face her.

“What else was I supposed to do!? Watch you all die?!” He throws his hands out helplessly, needing Jack to understand. “This is the only way I can protect you.”

“That’s bullshit,” Ryan argues moving so he’s standing next to Jack. Geoff can’t gauge his expression because of his stupid mask, but he can see the fury in his eyes. “You’re just making up excuses so you don’t have to admit that you’re abandoning us.”

Geoff scoffs, shaking his head. “If I had a choice I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“You do! You have choice!”

“And what’s that?”

“You fight. We fight,” Jack replies softly. “It’s what we’ve always done, Geoff. Even when we were kids, remember?”

Geoff’s shoulders droop, his entire body sagging against his car, and he whispers, “I can’t watch you die.”

“We won’t,” Jack says defiantly. “Not with you there, watching our back. We’ll be fine.”

Geoff squeezes his eyes shut, feeling his resolve crumble. Logically, he knows Jack and Ryan are right. He knows this more than anything, but he can’t help shaking the feeling that if he does this, if he allows his crew to fight, there are going to be casualties.

“We gotta go some time, right?” Ryan shrugs and Geoff sees something in his eyes, something that he remembers seeing in Gus’ eyes seconds before he torched his bar all those years ago. That crazy, “I’m up for anything if you’re up for anything” type of look that usually ends in chaos and with a body count.

“What about the lads?”

“We’ll be back before they wake up.” Jack’s got the same look in her eyes as Ryan, and Geoff, Geoff can’t believe he’s even going to agree to this, but he’s never been able to deny Jack anything and this time is no different.

“If we die…”

“We’ll be fine,” Ryan and Jack say together.

“But if we do…” Geoff meets both of their eyes, hoping they see how much he appreciates them, and he can’t help smiling sadly when they nod in understanding.

“Okay, you useless fucks, let’s get going then.”

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Have you seen the jaspisidot garnet au, you like it?

I think you mean J4sp1d07, and uh, no. I don’t like it. That’s half because of me not liking the ship itself and half because of bitter jealousy. I only started seeing that AU around the middle of summer last year, if i remember correctly, and it feels like it’s more popular than the AU I created, which has been around longer, since February 2016. I even have Peridot as Sapphire and and everything, just like that AU. 

It almost feels like they copied me? And if they didn’t, then my apologies. If they did however, then…that actually makes me pretty sad. They’re getting praise and popularity for copying my work. My AUs may not be the most original things in the world, but, they’re still things I have made. I’ve put so much thought and love into them. I’ve invested myself in them. To see somebody copy off an AU I put so much love and work into, and get more love and appreciation for their work…makes me feel like what I’ve done is pointless.

I really don’t want to see this AU anymore on my dash. All it does it make me feel like all the work and care I’ve put into my own AU is meaningless.

I probably sound like a huge jerk here, getting all pissy because somebody made a thing like mine I got more popularity and appreciation for it. 

But, if they actually COPIED me, then I think my feelings are justified. 

Sorry if I sound mean or unfair here, but it’s just so easy for me to get jealous. You wouldn’t know how angry I get sometimes when I see somebody draw up a concept I thought of get more appreciation for it than I did.

casinthongs replied to your post: Can we hear your ideas for the terrible sad…

this is such an interesting concept. You can clearly see the ‘clash’ of cultures here. I think this is one of the reasons I like your verses - everything is so surprising, there is so much to learn, and I learn about these two’s customs at the same time as Dean and Cas do


The most interesting thing is having the worlds and culture emerge out of conversation with others. There are things I wouldn’t even consider if I couldn’t talk to other creative people on here! :D I love doing that!

(And I can get inspired and excited about all kinds of things. The concept of cleanliness in Naga culture. Alpha sons being forced into submission to protect pack hierarchy - a thing that happened in the lamb!Verse. Cultural contact in the context of missionary activity and the dangers of assimilation in Pagan Gods Verse. Topics of immigration and the difficulty of adapting to a new culture in the coffee shop AU. Etc etc. All my verses are super self-indulgent and I’m sure others think they’re silly but I’m having a great time with them.)

Swiftie (S-w-i-f-t-i-e)

Definiftion: a teenage girl/boy who is just trying to find her/his place in this world. Falling for the people that she/he knows is dangerous, and always attempting to write a song about it. A Swiftie is always hungry, and loves baking cinnamony things. She/He has an innocent obsession with cats with big blue eyes, and the color red. She’ll never turn down fast food no matter who’s around, and has the best releshionship with her/his mom.

A Swiftie is smart, unless she is in love. She loves going to the cafes and taking pictures of latters, but only on Wednesday. And most importantly, a Swiftie lives, sleeps, and dreams about an amazing woman, named TayTay (I mean, Taylor Swift)

@taylorswift @taylornation

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One of the things I just fucking LOVE about your killugon fanfics is that they meet halfway. It's always consensual for both parties and it's just so good and nice and I love you for that

My favorite thing in the world is to write infatuated Gon and Killua XD I love it when they’re both so heads over heels in love with each other that they don’t know what to do with themselves haha. Give me adoring looks and blushing and stupid smiles and everything that comes with being happy just because another person exists…that’s what I want for them and what I try to convey through most of my writing!

I’m so glad you love that about my fics!!! I’m really, really happy that you picked that up ^-^ thank you for the wonderful message <3

Thank you ❤

For those of you in my Discord, you may know that these past few weeks for me have been…well, sort of like a repeated punch in the face. Those who know me more privately know its run even deeper than what I’ve shared in the server.

Yesterday was sort of a last straw, and I more-or-less crumbled. Felt like I was losing my damn mind.

But luckily, I have the most wonderful friends in the world, from @lettersfromthepit , to @trashpanda-rp , to @plsdontkinkshameme , to @wdvoided , who all in one way or another gave me love, support, an ear to metaphorically scream into, a reason to smile, or a moment of laughter. 

On top of that, YOU wonderful followers decked yourselves in sunglasses, went on anon, and sent me THESE wonderful messages. 

Things are hard right now. They are going to continue being hard for awhile. 

But I am thankful that no matter how hard life gets, I have people like you in my life. 

Thank you, and I love you.  ❤

tfw you are in love with the most perfect boy in the world
So soft, sweet and gentle and his smile is enough to make my day, his voice is so sweet and comforting and his laugh is so warm and infectious, and his eyes are the prettiest damn thing in the world and every time I look at him my heart beats a million miles a minute and could just spend hours of my day, every day, tracing and kissing over his freckles. He’s literally the sweetest most pure being and just wants the best for everyone and he literally is just sunshine incarnate

The ABCs of NQN

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A - age: 43 and change.

B - biggest fear: That I don’t have what it takes to positively change my life, much less even the smallest part of the world around me.

C - current time: 4:19.

D - drink you last had: Enjoying a now-half-flat seltzer. 

E - every day starts with: Most days start with an alarm on my phone, and then my bargaining with myself for another 20 minutes of sleep.

F - favourite song: I really can’t nail down just one. 

G - ghosts, are they real? I don’t think so, but like most things I’ve had no experience with, I’m willing to be proven wrong.

H - hometown: Louisville, KY

I - in love with: H, mild days with open windows, the color orange.

J - jealous of: Folks who have faith that the world won’t end if they take a risk and fail.

K - killed someone: No, but it’s still early.

L - last time you cried: Reading one of H’s poems.

M - middle name: Quentin.

N - number of siblings: Two – a brother and sister, both children of my father with his second wife.

O - one wish: To live in Knoxville.

P - person you last texted: My friend whose headshot I took last week, confirming that the edits I had made to the photo were satisfactory.

Q - questions you’re always asked: “Can we get a comp for that?” “Any room for cream?” “Are you getting hungry?” (Yes is the answer to all of those.)

R - reasons to smile: Spending a lazy, restorative weekend with H.

S - song last sang: Probably The New Pornographers “High Ticket Attractions.”

T - time you woke up: 10 AM, which after a week of Franklin waking me in the middle of the night, was a much-needed lie-in.

U - underwear color: Currently blue.

V - vacation destination: H and I are talking about going out west sometime soon. I would also like to travel to France with her, and make a return to Barcelona.

W - worst habit: Pulling at the hairs of my sideburns, staying up too late during the week.

X - x-rays you’ve ever had: I felt like I had something (an MRI?) when I went to the hospital, trying to determine if what I was suffering was an aneurysm or a migraine. I’ve also had x-rays when trying to determine where a particular kidney stone was.

Z - zodiac sign: Virgo.

Mark's February Charity Stream

I just have to say, before I go to bed (it’s 7:20 in the morning for me in the UK now), these streams that I’ve only just started being able to be part of are one of the most amazing things.

They bring so much joy, support, and good spirit it makes me cry from happiness. And the past 3 streams I’ve been a part of have all left me feeling better not only about the world but also myself, and they give me the confidence to really start pursuing and see all the possible good in the world.

Thank you @markiplier, @crankgameplays, Tyler, Amy and Kathryn (I’m sorry if I spelt it wrong). What you all do is flipping amazing and I love it.

Now I bid you all goodnight (≧∇≦)b