the most legendary man child this world knows

> throws you head first into a toilet bowl bcuz you wont join my terrorist gang
> blows up your head bcuz you don’t recognize me as a god
> makes you swim with sharks
> tapes my face over a portrait of a princess
> go on a cruise in the antartic bcuz gang is complaining about hot weather
> eats popsicle after blowing up three tanks
> sets off a nuclear bomb bcuz you damaged my flower
> leaves a note in my unescapable jail cell before escaping
> teleports to the bottom of the ocean just to tease you
> gets into an argument with a flying squirrel
> puts on biohazard suit and enters quarantined area just to laugh at you licking an urinal
> fixes my hair in the mirror while you’re tied up at my feet
> makes merchandise of myself
> blows up three helicopters so someone sends me to jail
> wears school uniform while in prison
> teleports inside your appartment uninvited
> cockblocks you from your girlfriend and tells her i’m your ex
> talks on the phone with you while stepping on dead people
> makes you eat poisoned soup
> plays in the bath for several hours
> throws bars of butter at you
> holds your hand and gives you ice cream as we walk away from a pile of corpses
> goes to the bar to drink a glass of milk
> encrypts data related to an assassination into a video game
> sends my terrorist gang to elementary school
> fires warheads at you
> waves at you as i sit on an airborne plane’s wing
> appears while you’re stranded in an african savanna just to eat in front of you
> makes you swim in a lake full of wild hippos
> contacts you personally thru an MMORPG (^^)/
> pops out of the ceiling and decides on the name of the govt’s most important esper team