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what's so iconic about the Viscosity Exchange ??

listen here. LISTEN. hERE. it’s just so good. (for anyone who wants to watch it back it starts at like :33 of the first undertale video.) okay first of all. the second phil first says viscosity dan immediately breaks off and turns to him with the crinkliest eyes and a lil wrinkled nose and it’s already aggressively cute and we are like a quarter of a second into this exchange. incredible. beautiful. to me it was such a significant thing that he doesn’t mock phil’s word choice to US in the way that he used to on dapg ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but instead he turns to PHIL and rather than mocking him he just does that cute confused face and kind of asks phil to clarify why doing a let’s play would involve viscosity at all. 

CUTE!!!! and then there’s A JUMP CUT!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY? it HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY! when we cut back, dan has completely dropped his on-camera voice and his body is pointed a little more inwards at phil. amazing. what happened in the lil bit that was cut out of this? we can ONLY GUESS. so then dan proceeds to ask in his much deeper/softer off-camera voice, “how can a let’s play have viscosity?” and honestly i am just left asking “how can such a dumb fucking question sound so soft and enticing wtf.”  and then phil tries to explain it in his silly way, he’s saying it’s “deep and sticky” and dan just gives a TEENY TINY SMILE and then turns to share it with us and THIS IS HOW HE IS REACTING TO PHILS WEIRD BRAIN NOW it’s no longer MOCKING it’s SOFT AND FOND and he’s smiling at us to sort of tacitly communicate how adorable he finds phil’s mind and i want dEATH and then, as if this weren’t enough, his voice drops even further and gets all hoarse as he asks phil, “do you know what viscosity is?” and just turns that same fond smile towards him 

and honestly if at this point you haven’t gone back to the video to watch this you really need to just for this part because holy shite man,,, that voice dan uses is Something and phil himself looks a lil shook and he gets all flustered and giggles 

and dan giggles while watching phil giggle and then phil says “let’s keep going!!!!!!” rly promptly and phil’s whole reaction was so unwarranted based on the actual words they are saying which makes me feel like phil is just reacting to dan’s flirty voice and basically wow this whole scene is everything to me ok you need to rewatch and appreciate it fully i still wake up in cold sweats thinkin about it


i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now


top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#4. Ruby Rose + Yang Xiao Long

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all


shameless meme [3/10 scenes]

“Okay, okay, enough! Jesus, stop. School, c’mon, we gotta get moving! What? Oh God, what?”

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what do you think alec loves most about jace? what made alec fall in love with him?

first of all Jace is pretty wonderful. he’s a great warrior with virtually unmatchable skills, the looks of an angel and a heart of gold. so at first sight Jace Wayland is pretty much perfect, but if you get close to him, if he lets you in and you get to see behind the cockiness and the bravado and the tough act he puts out to the world you’ll see the cracks in that armor, you’ll see that Jace is damaged. he was raised a warrior too soon, taught love is a weakness and death a glorious send off, he was abused by a father he also devoted himself to and he had all the reasons to break because of that, all the reasons to be cold and ruthless and mean, but he never did. i think at the end of the day what Alec loves the most about Jace is his fire, this passion, resilience and absolute refusal to give in or surrender. Alec is not a passionate man, not the way Jace is, he’s used to repressing his feelings while Jace feels everything so intensely and is still, somehow, able to fight and exist and push through. they say we love in other all that we are not and the fire and courage he sees in Jace is something Alec not only admires but something that gives him a reason to feel that intensely as well, regardless of how wrong it is.

as for what made Alec fall in love, I guess it was the way Jace saw him, the fact that he saw him at all. you see Alec wasn’t particularly skilled, he wasn’t talented like Jace or smart like Izzy and everything he achieved has been through extreme hard work and hardly enough to quench his low self-esteem. so he saw Jace, golden and wonderful Jace, and he realized how being close to someone so brilliant made him pale in comparison, how even his parents were more impressed by Jace than he felt they would ever be by him, and he believed that, he believed like everyone else did that Jace was better than him. the one person who didn’t believe that was Jace himself. Jace who insisted on training with him, on befriending him, Jace who asked him to be his parabatai because despite everything he was taught about love being a weakness still believed that they would be better together, that Alec made him better. Jace believed in Alec more than Alec had ever believed in himself and that was the reason Alec fell in love with him.      


“Know this before you give any weight to their suspicions, Natalie Renee Shields Walker: I don’t fuck women.”
“And I don’t kiss heathens,” she said, in as cheeky a tone as she could manage, and Andrew wheeled back to look at her. She smiled and said, “So it’s not going to be a problem for either of us, right? We’ll have to settle for being friends.”

dave and rose literally decided to die together because neither would let the other one do it alone they love each other so much and i will never stop screaming into the abyss about this