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Do you like Louis?

I don’t just like Louis, I LOVE HIM, I ADORE HIM, I WOULD LET HIM WALK ON ME IF HIS FEET WERE COLD, I think the world of him. I really think he’s one of the strongest, sweetest, most beautiful, intelligent, talented… I could go on all day… people! He’s always been and always will be one of the most important people I’ve (n)ever met! 


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What i learned during 2016:
- Health is the most precious thing i can ever own
- Good friends are important. I ve never had this much fun in my entire life.
- Nobody is a saint. Even the person i aspire to the most.
- Some people can be quite rough to me, but not always in bad intentions.
- My studies are my passion. My job is my passion.
- To be aware of polite people, because i mistake them for nice people.
- My mother is my everything.
- Never underestimate the power of reading.
- I learned to be more openminded.
- I am a dog person as well as a cat person.
- Honesty is key, even if it hurts sometimes.
- Be grateful of the people who left me because i found myself through them.
- Sport and healthy food are very important.
- Anyone can succeed and bad things happen to good people.
- The world will always be sexist no matter how much we fight for women’s rights.
- Good deed come in various forms.
- Never stress to much. Just go with the motion.
- Power comes in numbers.
- I have never enjoyed being alone until now.
- I am not the only one.
- i learned to accept criticism and appreciate it.
- I learned to learn from my mistakes.
- Never understimate myself and never think i am better than someone.

“The most intimate thing we can do with another quarian is link our suit environments. We get sick at first and then we adapt. It’s our most important gesture of trust, of acceptance. I haven’t trusted anyone enough for that though, except…well, no quarians…um, you know what I mean.”
“Wait, I can’t tell under the helmet. Are you blushing?”

“That special power of loving that belongs to a woman is seen most clearly when she becomes a mother. Motherhood is the gift of God to women. How grateful we must be to God for this wonderful gift that brings such joy to the whole world, women and men alike! Yet we can destroy this gift of motherhood, especially by the evil of abortion, but also by thinking that other things like jobs or positions are more important than loving, than giving oneself to others. No job, no plans, no possessions, no idea of "freedom” can take the place of love. So anything that destroys God’s gift of motherhood destroys His most precious gift to women– the ability to love as a woman.“
~ Mother Theresa’s Letter to the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, 1995


These are possibly my favorite Swan Queen looks. Don’t get me wrong I love all the eyesex looks but these looks are what make me feel the most. The looks of such tenderness that says that makes the recipient seem like they’re the most precious thing in the world to the looker. The look that says “I just love and care about you so such and you’re so important to me but I just don’t know how to tell you so I’m just going to look at you you’re my whole world and hope that’s enough” I just love these two (´⌣`ʃƪ)


DNA WEEK: day 7 - bonds
└favorite relationship ⇒ miyuki & sawamura

“right now, you’re still only a sprout of a great big eye-catching flower. that flower is small for now, but very strong. what kind of flower will bloom in the future is up to you.”

Okay but aliens who are human enthusiasts. Like they collect all of our little sound bites that escape into outer space. The ones that are considered the most rare and precious are the ones of people just sitting around chatting with each other about benign things, especially ones that come from cell phone signals. On the flip side, the most common and worthless ones are ones from important events. The most common ones that every collector has are the signals that were purposely sent out to space. Like the ones from SETI, the ones that say “hey we’re here” cause, duh, everyone knows you’re there.

Befriending my body the way it actually is, and not the way I wanted it to be, was the most important act of self-love. I stopped being overly critical with myself and learned seeing my body for all its miraculous functions and abilities, and in exchange I was blessed to experience the most precious love story. This love story isn’t relying on outer influences and factors. It’s a love story between me and the only person I will spend the rest of my life with for sure: myself. I will continue to work on deepening this loving relationship for the rest of my life. When I stopped hating my body, I was rewarded with a peace of mind that I wish everyone around me to experience as well.
—  sometimes I’m drowning in pain because I take for granted how far I came. I need to remind myself of this fact more often
episode 5 was bad

i was very pleased with how season 3 was going, it was good and consistent and kept most shiratorizawa things, and even added some new moments!

then episode 5 came along and punched me in the face. no really, a fist actually emerged from my television screen and just up and socked me right in the teeth!!! that’s gonna leave a mark for weeks!!!

they skipped the kawanishi exposition scene. this was one of the most important little shiratorizawa scenes for several reasons:

  • literally the one time kawanishi gets to be in the spotlight.
  • important delving into kawanishi and tendo’s relationship.
  • important precious semi and tendo interaction
  • semi smiled
  • we get to witness tendo’s extreme passion for blocking.

basically… this scene explains kawanishi’s playstyle and a bit of his character, and while doing this exposition, tendo gets really passionate about how miffed he is a about kawanishi’s blocking style, about how much he fusses over what blocking means. he is probably the middle blocker in haikyuu the most passionate about his position. they just up and cut this out. for what?? several minutes long karasuno background dialogue? oikawa and iwachan appearing much earlier than they needed to?

several other little things got the ax, like goshiki’s bangs pose and some high fives.

i hope you all enjoyed your oikawas

The Gaang and the Old Masters

I got this idea a few weeks ago because this is one of my favourite moments, especially since I’d never noticed that Aang had tears in his eyes when he ran to hug Bumi until I saw a post about Aang crying (I believe the gifset was made by @avatarparallels?).

And when I rewatched “Sokka’s Master” on the 26th of November, I realized that most of the Gaang members formed some sort of a special bond with each of the Old Masters (who also happened to be great friends and members of the Order of the White Lotus). So I decided to make this a series, starting with Aang and Bumi, their most important trait being friendship.

Drawing Bumi (and his throne room) turned out to be really fun! Though his colours were giving me a headache since they were really bright due to the lighting in there. I toned them down a little. And Aang is a precious cupcake, okay? Okay.. Or wait, was he a cinnamon roll?

@avatarwindboy - Also.. Natalie, I saw that you’ve been feeling a bit down lately.. and I know how much you love seeing Aang and Bumi together. So I wanted to dedicate this piece to you, too. You’re my favourite Aang roleplay blog, you write amazing fanfiction, draw cool (animated) pictures and you deserve all the love you get. *sends hugs*

Got7 as dads - Jinyoung

A/N - Time for Jinyoung as a dad! Ahh I get so many feels just thinking about Jinyoung with our kids. Keep on sending in requests everyone~

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  • okay so we all know Jinyoung is the mother of got7
  • well his parenting skills get even better once he hears the news that his wife is pregnant
  • like, all he thinks about is the baby and in interviews he’s always bringing it up with such a proud smile on his face
  • and he is just super caring and sweet to his wife all through the pregnancy
  • he doesn’t get annoyed by her cravings or her mood swings and he’s just the sweetest thing ever
  • he’s so helpful and supportive during the birth too
  • he’ll have read so many books and watched youtube videos of people talking about their experiences or giving helpful tips to new parents
  • basically Jinyoung is now the parenting expert and he knows everything he needs to know
  • after the birth is over, Jinyoung holds the baby like its the most precious thing in the world
  • and to him, that baby is one of the most important things in his life
  • he’d probably cry as he held the baby because he had wanted a child for so long and now he had one and this was actually real and he wasn’t dreaming
  • he might get his wife to pinch him just to prove that he wasn’t dreaming it all up
  • Jinyoung would be a caring father but still somewhat strict
  • not strict to the point that he’s controlling or anything
  • but if the kids break any rules? they best count their blessings before their dad finds them
  • Jinyoung would never shout at his kids though
  • he’d make sure not to raise his voice but would instead talk to them calmly and treat them like adults, even if they were fairly young
  • he’d raise good kids who had good manners and were sensible while still being able to have fun, much like himself
  • I can see him reading to his kids a lot
  • he’d want them to reach their full potential so would try and educate them as much as he could before they started school
  • he’d try and teach them languages too, especially if his wife was bilingual/foreign
  • overall, Jinyoung will be a super caring and loving dad who wants nothing but the best for his family
  • and he’s just so grateful to actually have his own little family that he can take care of
Loving the sun ritual

The sun is not often paid as much attention as the moon in witchcraft. Yet the sun is so vital to our very existence, so vital to the health of crops and so vital to the flow of energy on our planet. The sun brings us precious vitamin D, which is really important for those who suffer from depression and osteoporosis, keeps us warm, and brings us blessings of the harvest. If you live in the city, it’s very hard to know and understand how important the harvest time is. Most of us live in cities where vegetables and fruit are no longer seasonal but are available all year round, and super markets are chock-full of produce all the time. We no longer hunt and gather, and most of us no longer live on farms and rely on the crops for our sustenance in the same way we used to. It is only when we give offerings to the sun and meditate on it’s blessings daily that we can come to be mindful of how lucky we are to have the sun and how much it controls our life even if we live in a city. We can not escape the flow of nature, even in a city. Unfortunately many of us living in cities have become out of touch with the natural cycles of this earth simply because of where we live.

This is a simple ritual to get you more in tune with the energy of the sun. Do this daily in view of the sunrise and outside if possible. If your home prevents you from seeing the east, or you simply cannot get up at sunrise without 5 million cups of coffee, then you can build a little shrine to the sun using a mirror and some objects that remind you of the sun and perform the ritual at this shrine when you wake up. If it is easier for you all together, you can switch to performing this ritual at sunset.

You’ll need:

A yellow candle

Copal or Frankincense resin (if you have incense sticks that is fine too)

A small amount of citrus fruit, water, and rice (or bread) to give as an offering

1. Facing east (or west if performing this at sunset) light your candle and the resin and allow the air to become fragrant. Allow the smell of the incense to fill you and bring you a sense of happiness.

2. Meditate for a few minutes on how the sun blesses you every day. Think of how the sun is busy throughout the day growing your fruits and vegetables, growing your wheat and rice, creating rain, keeping you warm and helping plants create fresh air for you to breathe. 

3. Offer the food and water to the sun with gratitude. Bow deeply and thank the sun for all it does through the day to help you live happily. 

You will begin to learn through this ritual how incredibly blessed you are. You have some of the simplest reasons to be happy because of the sun!

Count your blessings! Be thankful! Start with thanking the sun! 

That was such a cute episode! I really enjoyed it a lot :D

Pumpkin is the most precious thing ever lol~

Peridot and Lapis are so married - they were certainly bickering like an old married couple lol (my husband and I just looked at each other and started laughing when they were arguing like that). They settled their differences in the end, which is always the most important thing - and, along with Connie, have been cemented as their own little “unit”, or b-team, now. Which I am 100% okay with!

Connie was so good in this episode, too. I think she really stepped up to the plate and I like the way that she was able to take charge of the situation, and bring Peridot/Lapis back to their senses.

I’ll probably post some more coherent thoughts tomorrow once I’ve had some sleep :p