the most important relationship of course

What I say: haha I hate Bill/Bev

What I mean: IT (2017) erased Beverly’s childhood feelings for Ben that were present in the novel and made his feelings for her non-mutual in order to have Bill/Bev as the straight, non negotiable romance of the film. They did this because people are more willing to accept Jaeden as a serious love interest than Jeremy. They heavily promoted Bilverly scenes in TV spots and trailers whereas Ben was only shown as the nerdy kid, to the point where I was concerned that his feelings for Bev had been cut. Even though they weren’t, they were portrayed as pathetic or funny in most scenes since the film made it clear that Bill/Bev was going to happen and Ben was sad for thinking otherwise. And even though Bev and Ben get married as adults, now it’s going to be that she developed feelings for him when he lost weight which is really harmful and gross, plus the emotional weight behind them finally finding happiness together after all that time is lost. Bill/Bev was given backstory, development, a proper kiss because why not? They LOOK just like the pairing you’d expect, the most conventionally attractive guy got the girl. Of course I think Bilverly is cute but I can’t detach the fatphobia that motivated their storyline from their relationship and I just wish that there had been a more balanced love triangle because Benverly is an important couple to me and the fact that they erased it in this film is really upsetting to people who relate to Ben (me)
25 LGBT Characters On TV That Have Made A Difference
Television needs more LGBT characters, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some great people out there already.
By Scott Bryan

1.  Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) in Doctor Who

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“It’s awesome to see a black gay woman who is just casually queer and no one cares. I’m super upset she’s not going to be in Season 11 though, because of course that’s what happens.”

4. Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) in Supergirl

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“These characters give me that sense of representation I have been looking for since I came out. Both women hold high-power and important jobs and respect and encourage each other through them. They are the only reason I religiously keep up with the show.”

8. Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) in Legends of Tommorrow

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“Sara Lance is absolutely, without a doubt, my icon. She is one of the most badass characters on Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow and she’s had relationships with both men and women, making her the only bisexual hero out there (that I know of at least).”

11. Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) in the “San Junipero” episode of Black Mirror

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“Sometimes I feel I’ll never be able to date a girl because of my shyness towards my identity, but seeing Yorkie in a loving relationship really helped me out.”

13. Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) in Wynonna Earp

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“They’re a power couple in such an underrated show that needs to be more recognised. Their relationship is so beautiful and powerful, yet their adorableness doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re both badasses! This show is one of the very few shows that doesn’t queer-bait its audience either.”

16. Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) in Sense8

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“She is the first and only trans character I’ve seen whose plotline and character development had nothing to do with being transgender, instead focusing on her relationship with Amanita and her abilities as a hacker.”

25. And Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Willow (Alyson Hannigan)

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“It felt amazing for teenage me to see a lesbian on TV be characterised not by her orientation but by everything else about her: her nerdiness, her ridiculous fuzzy sweaters, her quirky way of speaking, her growth from a shy and timid wallflower to a confident and powerful witch. I loved that her relationships with her friends were emphasised just as much as her relationships with her girlfriend

“that’s my word”

peridot has a surprisingly emotional reaction to garnet teasingly calling her a clod, and at first i didn’t get why. i brushed it aside as a funny moment.

however, when i thought about it… of course peridot is emotional. garnet just showed her, in terms peridot can understand, how much she likes her.

peridot obviously has trouble with reading other people’s emotions, knowing how they feel about her, and how to make her own feelings known.

she has a lot of strategies to cope with this, some of which are obvious, like the tape recorder, some of which are not. one of the little things that i don’t think all the crystal gems have picked up on - she mimics their speech

the most obvious example is steven - where she has this now-infamous expression of gratitude from:

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she also picked up “cool” from him, and the tongue-out gesture all the way back in friend ship. steven was the first person she trusted among the crystal gems, and for a while, her only ally.

and he’s not the only example! remember how in barn mates, peridot said stuff like “holy smokes”, “i got yo numbah”, ect? i think we can be pretty sure that was amethyst’s influence. they’ve been hanging out more, and it’s pretty clear peridot considers her the “best” of the crystal gems. 

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again, this tells us that peridot parrots the people she likes! this is a very subtle, maybe not entirely conscious decision. again, i don’t think most of the other crystal gems have picked it up. 

however… i think garnet gets it. ever since log date, she’s been making a conscious decision of trying to understand peridot.

of course, this isn’t one-sided! garnet says it herself, peridot made an effort to understand her. i think garnet wants to do the same. 

in log date, we also saw she’s getting pretty good at understanding peridot’s needs; putting her relationship in terms she can understand (”i’m percy and pierre”), helping her calm down, and telling steven the tape recorder is important to peridot, so he should return it.

so when garnet uses peridot’s word, “clod”, she’s giving her what she needs - reassurance that garnet really does care about her, and has been paying attention to her. she’s doing exactly what peridot does to the people she likes - mimicking her words. 

because peridot was worried, peridot was scared, and garnet wants her to know she cares. peridot might struggle to understand others, but she gets it when they make the effort to understand her, and express love like she would.

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What do you think about Jackie and Kelso? And could you perhaps write a meta (if you want and if you have time) about the differences between Jackie and Kelso and Jackie and Hyde, please?

Wow, I don’t really know where to begin with a meta showing the differences between Jackie/Kelso and Jackie/Hyde just because they’re such different relationships and I haven’t really seen anyone argue over who should be with who, like Jackie/Hyde is so universal to me (within the fandom) that I’ve never considered writing a meta about the two ships.

I was never really a fan of Jackie and Kelso even before Jackie and Hyde were a thing, it’s not like I shipped Jackie or Kelso with anyone else but I didn’t pay that much attention to their relationship. That 70s Show came out when I was, like, 8 so as a kid I saw them more as comedic relief in the form of a duo than as an actual ship if that makes sense. Then when I got older and rewatched it I realized how fundamentally toxic Kelso and Jackie were and how even from the beginning when Hyde didn’t like Jackie, he still respected her and thought she deserved better, that’s the major difference.

I mean yes, superficially, the difference that sticks out the most is that Kelso and Jackie were very much alike:

whereas Hyde and Jackie were fundamentally different

And these very obvious contrasts of course mean very obvious differences in dynamic. But the most important difference is, as I said, the respect.

Jackie and Kelso’s relationship is portrayed comically but it was a terrible one. That isn’t to say there weren’t cute moments:

or moments that showed how much Kelso knew Jackie:

But throughout their relationship, Kelso was either cheating on Jackie:

Or he pressures her about sex:

Or he continuously tells the group how he’s going to break up with her but refrains from doing so either because she can be useful to the group:

External image

Or because they were physically intimate.

And Michael admits that Jackie makes him feel bad about himself:

which is meant to explain why he repeatedly cheated and lied to her, which of course is an utterly immature response.

On the other hand, Jackie and Hyde, even though their dynamic is at first genuinely confrontational, Hyde expects her to realize she deserves more than what she puts up with from Kelso:

and is visibly irritated by the way Kelso flaunts his relationship with Laurie:

and is protective of Jackie’s vulnerability and state of being:

which is why he goes to jail for her (I mean, it’s also a part of his self-fulfilling prophecy but that’s another post):

(while incidentally, Kelso pushes Jackie to the side and yells, “Out of my way” in “Halloween”)

and its also why he punches Chip when he explains that he’s going to use Jackie for sex and calls her a bitch

This respect feeds into their actual relationship because while Kelso was emotionally manipulative and while he consistently lied to Jackie, there was always transparency between her and Hyde. For instance, when Jackie finally chooses Hyde in 6x01, he kisses her, yes, but he doesn’t lie to her about going on a date with another woman, which Kelso would’ve done in their relationship. The transparency was there even when it was something neither of them wanted to admit to, which was usually how much they actually cared about each other, and that was more about self-deception, which they get over once they talk to each other about whatever they’re self-deceiving about:

and the last gif actually segues into the other difference between Jackie and Hyde and Kelso and Jackie — the level of maturity, which is related to one of the first points I made about how the obvious difference is that one dynamic is an opposites attract dynamic and the other isn’t.

Jackie and Michael may understand how the other thinks

but bonding over the arguably vapid aspects of their personalities doesn’t encourage growth in either of them, which actually consistently disappoints Jackie and which also consistently makes Kelso feel bad

which only further perpetuates their cycle.

By virtue of being polar opposites who care about each other and respect each other, Hyde and Jackie naturally push the other to grow. Jackie learns that being domineering and spoiled won’t get her way with Hyde:

while Hyde learns to be vulnerable and to go outside of his comfort zone:

and they both learn to compromise:

and their effect on each other is noticeable to everyone around them:

whereas everyone consistently told Jackie she could do better and told Kelso that she made him unhappy.  

Something else I’ve also noticed while looking up gifs for this post is that while Hyde and Jackie will be physically intimate in background scenes just by being together and being close

I barely if ever remember seeing Kelso and Jackie be so casually intimate with each other, it was always a display of sloppy kissing. All in all, Jackie and Hyde were a much more nuanced relationship and a much healthier relationship and a much more affectionate relationship imo,

None of the gifs are mine, thank you for reading, sorry it’s so long.

a long post about the message of the blurryface era

all the blurryface music videos (and heathens) seem to be pretty different from the rest but all of them have the same theme, which is that connection with friends is the best way to cope, and no one is really alone.

heathens/heavydirtysoul - these two music videos parallel each other closely as i talked about in my last post. both start with tyler in a dark and unfamiliar place. he is sad and withdrawn. then, he sees josh. josh is drumming furiously and doesn’t notice tyler. 

in both music videos tyler is represented by dark motifs (rooms, clothes, etc.) while josh’s motifs are glowing and bright. heathens - he’s drumming on a glowing box, which eventually becomes the stage on which he and tyler play. heavydirtysoul - his drums spark flames with every hit; they grow larger and eventually consume tyler as well. 

both videos reach a climax in which tyler and josh interact with each other for the first time. the light (heathens) and flame (hds) grows to a blinding maximum and the two are rocking out together. josh is no longer ignoring tyler. tyler is no longer withdrawn; he is interacting with josh and for the moment his anxiety is gone. it’s a release but it’s not a painful one. he is coping. 

and then in the end everything is back to normal - no yellow suit, no light, no flames. tyler is still there alone. blurryface is as present as ever. and the implication is that he has imagined josh. this is why josh didn’t notice tyler both times. he was merely an attempt for tyler to find someone to relate to. a cathartic figment of imagination. an imagination of light that tyler hasn’t found yet. 

and what these songs mean in relation to the videos is clear. “all my friends are heathens” - there are so many people here going through the same thing as me, and while the general public considers us freaks, we are all here together and ready to stay that way. “can you save my heavydirtysoul” - implies desperately trying to find a way out of the situation. imagining salvation so fervently that it manifests as almost reality. salvation, here, is josh and the flames. 

lane boy - this one is kind of similar to heathens and heavydirtysoul in that it starts with tyler, alone and contemplating, in the dark. but this time he’s worried about what he has done to become successful, and whether it’s good enough, and whether fame will change him and limit him. all these worries are new to the band, because they’re at the beginning of their rise to fame at this point. and in the video the dark road in the woods symbolizes that they’re in the dark and they’re being careful. stay low they say. 

and then they’re playing on a stage, and everything is forgotten, and they REFUSE to stay low. if you notice in the video the moment tyler sees josh on stage, that is the moment he breaks his silence and starts to dance. to me this video represents that even though not everyone in the crowd might like what the band is doing, and even though there are critics behind that stage and out in that world, being able to play in front of thousands, together, tyler and josh, is worth it. at the end of this video is the realization that having each other means much more than success. 

stressed out - i think this video illustrates the point the most obviously, but it does a great job handling the dichotomy between wanting to grow up and not wanting to grow up. obviously tyler and josh would rather hang out with each other, with no responsibilities, and make music without having to worry about how it is going to be received. and part of the music video is the deliberate denial of reality, and the fantasy of regressing into teenagerhood. but the last part? that’s the acknowledgement that they’re not always going to be kids and life will not be easy. tyler is walking down the street, alone, and without the backpack and the tricycle. this is a sign he’s maturing. and blurryface, he’s there too. i think that entire scene is representative of coming of age.

ride/fairly local - like heathens and heavydirtysoul, i think there’s strong evidence these videos parallel each other. both take place in an isolated location and make use of very polarized (no pun intended) environments. ride - the daytime and the nighttime. fairly local - the icy house and the red hallway. 

so in ride, i think it’s really important that the verses and the bridge take place at night. this is where tyler is doing all his worrying. he doesn’t know what his place in life is and what his relationship to others is. who would you live for, who would you die for, would you ever kill? he’s overanalyzing. he’s in the dark, both literally and metaphorically, about everything. and he doesn’t know where he stands with anyone. he can’t see. he’s wearing dark glasses at night. josh is nowhere to be seen. and then the chorus is where he lets up. he acknowledges that there is a lot to worry about and a lot to analyze over, but he can still enjoy his life. even though he’s hurling through the unfamiliar course of life he can still take the time to look at the things that he loves. and the light comes on, and he can look at the beauty that’s around him, and he can see that there are people and things that mean a lot to him even though he’s questioning it all. 

and then we have fairly local, where the majority of the video takes place in an icy house. the whole video seems very disconnected from the rest of the world. it’s freezing and desolate, both tyler and josh seem to ignore each other, and their demeanor is cold and apathetic. they’re trying very hard to remain unemotional, closed off, unable to see the damage they do to themselves and others. but that denial of their own feelings - that’s where blurryface manifests. he’s what’s causing their isolation, he’s there in the red hallway, changing into something darker and darker as tyler and josh continue to distance themselves.

and a thing i like about fairly local is that the quiet and desolate atmosphere of the video completely contradicts the lyrics of the song. “im fairly local, ive been around, ive seen the streets, youre walking down.” “the few, the proud, and the emotional.” he’s talking about the fanbase, and josh, and jenna, and everyone he’s been able to connect with. and the sense of group mentality and empathy are completely antithetical to the cold, quiet video that they represent breaking out of that atmosphere. 

tear in my heart - this one is an oddball. all the music videos from this era have the common thread of using human connection as a symbol of coping with blurryface. most videos choose to represent that with the relationship between tyler and josh, but this video uses tyler and jenna instead. i think the content of the video is pretty straightforward, and a lot of people have dived into this theory, but the scene in which jenna beats up tyler is important. a common interpretation is that this scene actually represents jenna beating up blurryface. blurryface doesn’t give up without a fight, of course. wrestling with such a character, such a deeply rooted part of your thoughts, is going to cause some distress. there is pain involved in battling your own mind, but the pain is a sign that you are able to fight, that you’re doing it. sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul. but it takes someone to come around and show you how. jenna and tyler’s love for each other is what gives tyler the power to challenge blurryface, but he won’t be able to do that without some pain involved. 

and now i think i understand why blurryface is the name of this strange part of everyone’s brain. the literal opposite of the word blurryface is of course clear face. as in being able to see people’s faces clearly. blurryface is the opposite of seeing people for who they truly are. blurryface is the opposite of joining people who are fighting the same battles as you and really connecting with them. the opposite of blurryface is friendship and truth, and we must always find comfort in the fact that we are not alone. there are always people out there for you. and that’s how you defeat a demon. 

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What's ur opinion on the Venezuela situation. And while we are on that why do no leftists here talk about it

I think people are quiet because it is better not to speak about things you haven’t read much about. This will be short for the same reason.

The situation is this: Venezuela has been subject to assault on its attempts to build socialism from the early days of Chavez, from attempted coups (you can watch “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” which is free on YouTube, for an understanding of the 2002 US-backed coup to depose democratically elected Chavez) to collusion between the US and its allies to lower the price of oil specifically to weaken the Venezuelan economy. The current economic crisis is the result of a multitude of factors, but the intentional lowering of oil prices by the US and its allies is one of the most important, as well as the failure of the Venezuelan government to diversify its exports such thst its entire economy wasn’t tied so strongly to the price of oil. The resulting economic crisis (resulting, again, not from -socialism- in the generic, but from specific attempts to undermine the Venezuelan government) has, of course, resulted in widening anti-government sentiment, especially among classes whose ability to consume has been limited.

That last part is important- many of the most impoverished in Venezuela still support the government because their ability to eat, to go to school, etc, has been directly provides by Chavista policy. In some papers this will be talked about as buying votes, or bribing those without privilege. In reality this is the relationship between a government not of bourgeois character and those among its people who most need help and empowering- that these people’s livelihoods have been so tied to the government is evidence of the good work being done by its government, not indicative of bribery.

This crisis has been worsened by hoarding and price fixing by Venezuelan companies which are privately owned. The Venezuelan government, contrary to what many people assume, does not control all production and distribution within its borders, and many private companies seem to be able to produce some products and not others, intentionally stirring up discontent. In a recent Telesur video (which is propaganda and should be seen as such, but this merely means that it is supposed to teach you something specific and not that everything or even anything it claims is false on its face) explained that there seemed to be a shortage of toilet paper, but no shortage of other paper products like paper towels, paper plates, etc, suggesting that the problem was in production and distribution rather than lack of demand for products (who does not want toilet paper?) or lack of access to raw materials. There have also been numerous claims of things from toys to food being hoarded by the wealthy.

In response to this crisis (again, one intentionally wrought upon the country), the government of Venezuela has made several moves which I do not support in and of themselves in an attempt to combat the opposition and maintain its power, including the potential dissolution of the one governing body in which the opposition has a meaningful voice, and crackdown on protesters using means of violence I consider overkill for the tactics being used in those particular moments. But leftists need to understand that we don’t pick sides based on good guys and bad guys- and, even if we did, the opposition has committed its own unseemly and unnecessary acts of horrific violence as well, including literally burning people- but based on the class character of the actors involved. That, and that alone, is the basis of solidarity. The “opposition” is first and foremost a euphemism and a misnomer because it includes a number of elements from social democrats to the most extreme elements of the far right, but its hodgepodge of demands includes austerity, increased privatization, etc- the class character of the opposition is decidedly bourgeois, and the class character of the Venezuelan government is decidedly not bourgeois, even if you don’t want to go so far as to call it proletarian in character. That alone ought to tell us who we maybe not support but eye with more suspicion, see as the greater threat, etc. The class character of the actors involved is very clear, and it is on this basis that, whether you “support” the Venezuelan government or not, you should certainly not “support” the bourgeois opposition. Solidarity is not about good feelings and liking who we work with and so on, but about defense against right wing antisocialist and anti proletarian policy, and advancement of the goals of socialism. I do not think that Venezuela ever achieved socialism. I do not think that Venezuela is a perfect or even very good model for future socialist projects.

To be very clear here, what is being attempted by the opposition is the 2002 coup by other means and by counterrevolution as opposed to outright military coup- the goal is to unseat a democratically elected leader and to impose the will of the bourgeois and right wing elements of Venezuelan society on the people of the country. Regardless of how I feel about the decisions made by the government in the fact of this crisis, of course I do not support a mishmash of right wing elements attempting to undo the work of building something like socialism. I am no Chavista, but “Viva Venezuela” ya es el té, and I do not take kindly to seeing support for right wing elements passed around like it means nothing.


Ok but I’ve been dying over here because:
-Apollo being Bi is still both a big deal but at the same time not a big deal (Does that make any sense idk)
-Meg is amazing and must be protected
-Hunters can’t be in ANY romantic relationships regardless of gender
-Lesbian ex-Hunters
-Apollo and Commodus’ story THE PAIN
-Hunter named Hunter lol
-Thalia is still a queen
-Calypso is getting her powers back
-Leo’s full name might be Leonidas???
-Calypso putting Apollo IN HIS GODDAMN PLACE


And of course the most important part of the entire book


Like seriously someone please help me I can’t deal with all of this

Space Between Us | JAEHYUN

summary: being just classmates is not enough for him, but you only get to understand that after his lips had reached yours. 

Genre: frat boy!au | smut  | a wave of fluffiness at the end

⨯ Pairing: Jaehyun / Reader

Word count: 9 575

a/n: lowkey inspired—and enlightened—by study sessions from @honeytaeyong though mine is not as good as hers (god bless you and your writing). Special thanks to my pumpkin @suhsexual for  endure endless requests for help. There may be some grammatical mistakes left so I apologise in advance. Oh, yes, there may be a part 2 ;)

warnings: mature content, language (not actually dirty talking)

You’d been first, it was a relief. The number one exposed in that piece of sheet made your heart flutter little by little, and then you smiled. How sincere and truthful was it, the small grin drawn on your face, transforming your previous anxious expression in something completely lighted and amused. After broken hearts and desperate tears, being ranked as first place was one of the few things that could possibly turn out to be great in your eyes. You blinked. It was there, the one.

The elder woman in front of you—an old professor in the university; someone with an enviable knowledge—rested her hand on your shoulder. She had an odd aura around her; something completely comforting, which was not expectable from someone extremely rigorous. The professor took a deep breath and twinkled.

“You did great, again.” She said. Her voice tone was apathetic, but she managed to show some kind of happiness after a smirk. “If you keep doing like this, you may get in the rank of all courses.” Then she clapped her hands. “It’s something to think about.” And touched her own head with an index finger.

That hadn’t been your main focus, however. The ranks were just something to fulfil the emptiness you felt inside your being, as something really important was missing. At first you concluded it could be all about the end of you three-year relationship; you really had loved him, and that was something you didn’t doubt about. It was crystal clear you’d felt the most intense of all feelings, because you’d wished him well, you’d wished him to be close to you, and you’d wished—and deeply wished—for him to like you back in the same level. Although in the end of all, he didn’t. And that’s when you’d felt on the surface of a limitless ocean, slowly drifting away from the only land that held you—and your emotions—still. He had left you in the farthest blind spot possible, without a plausible reason. Were you supposed to be fine? In the very beginning you had even thought it could work out: you could deal with the situation. Oh, but you had been wrong.

And then you had cried for hours. An intense pain burning inside you for days—afterward days became weeks, and weeks became months. In the end of the third month, after the breakup, you’d realised he wasn’t what filled your soul. The guy whom you dated, and eventually developed feelings for, was just a part of a puzzle you hadn’t had the chance to complete yet. Something bigger was missing; finally you’d gotten to the point when your vision had become clear again and the monochromatic colours of life had turned out to be, actually, the colours of the rainbow. You were free of angst. You were mature enough to understand that the only person you needed was you—but you also knew that it did not mean you forgot your past experiences, it meant you could love yourself entirely. From that moment, what could possibly make you feel satisfied was your own success, so you’d looked for it. And you’d achieved your goals.

You looked down to the paper again. The #1 on the top made you feel ease. You folded the note and gathered the rest of your things, packed them up inside you backpack and calmly walked out of the enormous auditorium. The semester ended in the best way possible, and you were happy with what you obtained. The professor politely asked you to close the door behind you, but before you could do so, someone held it. The blond haired boy gave you a small smile and waited for you to exit the ambient so he could shut the entryway. You nodded, as an acknowledgement, and turned on your heels so you could finally go home, yet a hand touched your free shoulder obligating you to shift back and face the person.

“Congratulations.” The boy said. “You got first place again.”

“Thank you,” you’d begun, searching in your memory for the name of the guy in front of you. The information you had was his physical appearance and his voice, which didn’t sound so familiar. So it took you more effort, causing you to look deep inside his eyes and drive you gaze to his smile. You suddenly knew who he was and the sort of fame he had. You smirked at the thought that he was talking to you. “Hum, Jaehyun.”

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What changes happened during ep 28? I binged read the manga so ..

Anonymous said: I would be so grateful if you tell which chapter is the episode 28? 

@lumicuous said: I fully agree and I hope so much they’ll animate it the way it is in the manga! Though, I have a question… what changes in Episode 28 do you mean?

I’m putting all of these together again since they are about the same thing ^^.

Like I said in my other post, I didn’t like those changes. The one who got it worse was Mikasa, but the changes weren’t really good for Eren and Levi either, in my opinion.

But well, to make some sense of what I’m saying I need to explain myself a bit more, so let’s start from the beginning!

The scene I’m talking about is from Chapter 37 of the manga, and was animated on episode 28 with some changes. 

During this scene, Levi talks to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa and gives them instructions about what to do next, since they’re going to go separate ways. This scene occurs during the cart ride.

Levi first tells Eren he has to succeed no matter what. And just after that he addresses Armin and Mikasa. We got the first part in the anime quite well, so I can’t complain about that.

But in the anime, they moved the other part of the conversation to a scene later on. Levi then talks to Armin in a similar way as in the manga, but when he talks to Mikasa, is when the issues start. This is what originally Levi said to Mikasa:

This dialogue did happen in the anime scene more or less accurately. But in the manga, he continued and told her this:

This part was changed in the anime, and Levi told this to Eren instead. 

“And finally… Eren.
Learn how to restrain yourself.
Don’t succumb to rage and lose sight of the goal.
We can’t afford another mistake”.

“Yes, sir!”

This… changes a lot of things.

The reason Levi said this to Mikasa in the first place is because how she acted in the encounter with the female titan in the forest. She tried to attack her even if Levi told her not to. For Levi, saving Eren was the priority. He let this very clear to Mikasa during that time, and he is doing it again now. Because of Mikasa’s actions, Levi got injured. What Levi meant with these words was that her attachment to Eren is precisely what can backfire for her and put him at risk. She has to make protecting Eren her priority no matter what, and for that she has to keep a clear head and avoid getting carried out by her rage.

Mikasa is not going to forget about this conversation, and this exchange is going to be very important to her development. Many people did not like this change, and have explained the reasons extensively since then, so I won’t go much into it, since I’m trying to focus on Eren and Levi here.

Because for me, this scene in the manga was also very important for Eren and Levi’s relationship because it showed how Levi always put Eren first, and how he made sure to let clear his safety was the most important thing, just before they separated. He wanted to make sure Eren was protected properly now that he couldn’t do it himself. It doesn’t matter if you see Levi’s intentions as caused by duty, or by personal feelings; it’s a fact that he puts Eren’s safety as the most important thing.

Also, the way Levi’s face changes in the anime when talking to Eren compared with Armin and Mikasa didn’t help either. He speaks to them very calmly, but when it’s time to talk to Eren, suddenly his face gets… (I’m not going to discuss the animation because, lol) I don’t know what’s that, but he’s not happy! Here’s a comparison:

Of course to anyone who enjoys Eren and Levi’s relationship, these changes will be already a sad thing on itself. But what it personally bothered me by this change, (and the whole reason of this post lol) was the fandom reaction, especially by people who haven’t read the manga and get their vision of Eren and Levi’s relationship from the anime only.

And the reason is simple: Why would Levi say this to Eren? The conclussion many people reached was that this was caused by Eren’s decision in the forest, and the death of Levi’s squad.

I completely disagree with this.

Levi gave Eren the choice to do what he thought was best. He has repeated again and again how no one can know the outcome of that choice. Levi would never blame Eren for the death of his squad this way, he would not refer to it as a mistake, or something that happened because of Eren’s rage. I repeat,

Levi would never blame Eren for the death of his squad!

Even more when this has been already discussed between them. Remember this scene from Chapter 32?

So why then, the anime makes Levi talk to Eren like that? The most likely reason and the theory I agree with the most, is that this is because the anime also changed the final battle with the female titan in Stohess, and made Eren lose control, go into berserker mode, etc. So then, it makes sense for Levi to say this to Eren in the anime. In the context on the anime alone, this change is justified, even if this never happened in the manga.

So in my opinion, if I’m going to judge the changes just by that, they really aren’t a big deal in regards of Eren and Levi. I understand that the anime has to make changes from the manga to be able to adapt it, and it’s not going to be an exact copy of it. But, like I said before, the way some part of the fandom reacted to this is what upset me and why I wished they had never made this change.

There are people who think Levi hates Eren because of the death of his squad. Who think of Eren as just a bundle of rage who can’t control himself, it’s always yelling/crying, etc. The anime exagerates this a lot in many occasions. Levi telling him this, with that expression, did not help at all on that regard. I saw comments saying how Eren “is always messing everything up” and “it’s obvious Levi is fed up with him”. And usually those comments are followed by some remark like “how can people still ship ereri omg”.

So yeah… this is why this change is annoying to me, haha.

In the original scene, when everyone is asking Eren if he’s going to be able to seal the hole, Levi realizes he is uncomfortable, pressured, and he speaks to reassure him, he gives him encouragement and motivation, and he does this calmly, without getting angry at him. He never blames him for any mistakes or talks about his rage. That’s how Levi and Eren’s relationship actually is for me, and I hope more people saw it that way, too.

annavalkyrie-blog  asked:

So I've finally gotten around to reading the RotS novelization - I'm like 120 pages in and Palps has tried to get Anakin to abandon Obi Wan like FOUR TIMES and I AM LAUGHING SO HARD because Anakin is so offended?? And Sheev is trying So Hard but tbh I think if he had asked one. more. time. Anakin would've dropped him straight down that elevator shaft and continued carrying his boyfriend to safety. 😂

Sheev’s attempts to drag Anakin away from Obi-Wan is one of my most favorite things about Star Wars because a) it’s HILARIOUS and b) it says everything about their relationship right there and how important it was.

Obi-Wan’s presence in Anakin’s life was such a fundamental stabilizing force that of course Palpatine had to break it apart.  He did absolutely everything he could to drive a wedge between them–sometimes successful, sometimes not. He would make little comments constantly about how, oh, I’m sure Master Kenobi cares for you, but does he really? or would put Obi-Wan in a position where he had to do his duty to go undercover to save the Chancellor and hurt Anakin doing it, or would just tell Anakin to leave his Master behind already because they had to escape this burning ship.

And, even after all the shit they’ve been through, when Palpatine looks at him all wide-eyed innocence and says, “Leave him, or we’ll never make it.” Anakin makes this incredible face:



6 Ways Visualisation Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams

To manifest the life you dream of you first need to create a clear mental image of what this life looks like. The process of visualisation is the beginning of the manifestation process - anything your mind can perceive, you can achieve.

1. Details - what does this life look like? What can you see, hear, smell, taste & touch in this ideal future you want to live in? How is it different to where you are now? What does each day look like? Writing down each sensation adds finer details to the overall picture - the physical act of taking something from your mind and bringing into your current reality starts the process of manifestation.

2. Emotions - how does your vision make you feel? Concentrate on how it would feel to live in the future you want to create, what else could give you the same feeling? For example if you feel a great sense of peace during the visualisation you could practice meditation or go into nature - aligning your actions with your vision speeds up the manifestation process.

3. Vision board - what inspires you? Building a vision board of pictures related to the life you want to create will help inspire you in your daily life during the process. If the beach is an integral part of your vision and you see it on your vision board every day it will serve as a reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. This can be particularly useful if your goal will take some time to achieve.

4. Meditation - harness the power of the mind. Sit with your eyes closed and let your mind wander - observe the thoughts that flow through you. Acknowledge any doubts around your ability to create the life you seek & counter each one with a positive affirmation. “I can have whatever I desire”, “I am worthy of the life I seek” & “I am creating the life I dream of” are powerful affirmations to use during meditation.

5. Use your voice - speak your reality into existence. Find a manifestation buddy or someone you trust and speak about your visions, exchange ideas & support each other through the process. This greatly helps with all manifestations because it allows you to bring ideas out of your head and into the now - words are vibrations, you can use them to align yourself with the reality you want to create.

6. Next steps - reverse engineer the goal. Perhaps the most important part of the visualisation process is working backwards from where you want to be to where you are now and understanding what you have to do to bridge the gap. Map out your actions over the course of days, weeks, months & years to help you create the life you dream of - having a map makes it a lot easier to get to your destination.

Anything the mind can perceive - we can achieve.

Peace & positive vibes.

you must come back home ❖ yixing

anon requested: Hey you guys!!! Hope your having an amazing day! Keep up the awesome work!!💕 I wanted to request a Yixing smut. He comes home after a bussiness trip (cuz he is a ceo :’) ) and you greet him with nothing just a silk robe. And then yixing fucks against everybsurface of the house. And he would be so animalistic and raw. You would be screaming for pleasure. Good thing taht you guys have your own house ;) thank you babes💖 - 🐙🐙🐙 anon

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

4390 words | smut, sugar daddy, daddy kink, ceo! au pretty raw tbh, dirty talk | velvet

✎ After a long trip away from home, from you and your body, finally Yixing comes back home and you can remember him how good it feels being in your presence.

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12x10 - “Pterodactyl Screeching into the void” - Part 1

My title is borrowed from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak comment on my crazy blogging after first watching this episode earlier. I feel like it is a fitting title for how this episode made me feel. To clarify, these are very very happy pterodactyls.

Steve Yokey wrote this episode and he appears to have well and truly taken up the gap left when Robbie Thompson sadly left the show. In fact this episode to me channels the ghost of Robbie in many different ways. From the fanfiction-esque moments of poor suffering third wheel Sam, to the meta nod to Charlie Bradbury, there is much of Robbie to be found here. Basically, it was bloody perfect.

I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come. Yokey has picked up the characterisations brilliantly, and seems to have an understanding of what the fandom desperately craves in terms of Castiel, his character, his personality and his development. I adored his sass in this episode. Some other writers *cough*bucklemming*cough* struggle to really capture Castiel’s sass and humour. Showing their lack of understanding of Castiel’s persona and his intelligence and instead writing him in a way that is jarring and sometimes basically stupid. Castiel is far from stupid. In this episode he was written perfectly, in a way I haven’t seen since Edlund’s time. Is that a sweeping statement? Maybe. But I’m still riding my high so let me have it this time.

This episode gave us three of my favourite things. Badass and Sassy Castiel, Overprotective grumpy husband Dean, and poor long suffering brother Sam. (baring in mind this is how they are usually written in fanfiction nowadays this is exactly my jam and I am so so happy to see it play out on screen. Seriously who sold their soul to Crowley for this episode?)

This review will also be in two parts. Because I have so freaking much to say about it.

The first part will focus on destiel, the second on everything else including Castiel’s emotional arc (as separate from destiel), his relationships with angels, angels and gender and Lily Sunder’s character.


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For Patty Jenkins, one of the most important relationships in the film is that between Queen Hippolyta and her daughter, Diana. “She’s someone who has taken this very same journey, in her way,” the director points out.“ She was created to walk among mankind and teach them love and restore peace to the world. And mankind turned against them and ended up proving themselves untrustworthy. But Diana is like many of us when we are younger, you really think that you believe in something purer and more incredible than your parents have ever discovered and it’s shocking that it never occurred to you that of course they already know that, and then some,” Jenkins laughs. “That’s the classic story being told here. Hippolyta knows everything and is shielding her daughter from so much information. But her daughter believes - ‘if we can save the world, if we can save mankind, of course we have to do that.’ So Diana has to go on this journey to become equal to Hippolyta, but she’s also whom Diana must grow beyond and surpass in the end, because Hippolyta did not choose to go back and save mankind. She allowed herself to retreat. Diana has to make a choice, which makes her the person that goes on to become Wonder Woman and save the world by making a different choice than any of the Amazons have made before her. So it’s a very important relationship in this story, in our whole myth of what the parental character is in these movies

Hippolyta & Diana 

The Art of Wonder Woman by Sharon Gosling

enderzfox  asked:

Thoughts on the extreme stony angst in s3 finale?

@enderzfox​ oh I have nothing but thoughts about the stony angst in the s3 finale. it’s been, what, more than half a year since it aired now? Yet every time I rewatch it, the ending still destroys me. And I think the reason for that is because of how solidly AA establishes Steve and Tony’s physical intimacy as a marker for conflict resolution, causing the startling lack thereof in the finale to hit as hard as it does.

let me explain: in almost every universe, the way Steve and Tony’s relationship is portrayed via physical touch is like a Big Deal™. Think about the famous shoulder clasp + hug from Avengers Prime. Or MCU!Steve resting his hand over Tony’s heart after he narrowly avoids dying in space. Or the romantic rooftop moment from EMH. These moments are all given a similar gravity/importance, which establishes a pervasive “Steve + Tony + touch = important!!” paradigm, for a lack of a better term. 

The same can be said for AA. In fact, Steve and Tony touching is like AA’s thing. So much of their relationship is portrayed through physicality, which makes sense, because physical touch is one of the most concrete expressions of trust and intimacy. Tony even alludes to it himself in “Dark Avengers”: 

Note, of course, that the initial conflict in this episode was the lack of trust between the Avengers due to the Squadron Supreme’s alternate reality. It’s only after Tony manages to break the illusion and regain his true memories that he actually follows through on his promise, catching Steve in midair and reestablishing their “relationship” through physical touch. AKA, setting the world back to its rights. 

So anyway, back to my original point: in AA, Steve and Tony touch a lot. Sometimes, it has no plot significance at all, only serving to reinforce Steve and Tony’s close relationship as co-leaders, teammates, and best friends:

Other times, when Steve and Tony share some kind of “physical” moment, it’s meant to wrap up a major plot conflict or plot arc. These moments all share a similar “framing,” so to speak, where Steve and Tony’s point of contact is given a few extra seconds of spotlight.

For example, in “Savages,” where Tony realizes that there’s more to fighting than just relying on technology:

Or in “Exodus,” where Steve the Avengers welcome Tony back as their leader after he quits out of fear of putting them in danger:

Or “The Ultron Outbreak,” the last episode of the S2 Civil War that ends the longest conflict we’ve seen Steve and Tony face with a classic shoulder clasp and private smile: 

And what does this all accomplish, you may ask? It makes Steve and Tony’s relationship matter to us. It establishes Steve and Tony’s physical relationship as “right,” as something that’s as irrevocable as the universe itself. 

And that’s why, when the S3 finale hits us with that final scene, where Steve and Tony are trying in vain to reach each other across an interdimensional chasm, unable, perhaps for the first time, to comfort one another through touch—

—we hurt, and we mourn, and we crave a resolution like nothing else.

handy (tom holland x reader)


word count: 930

pairing: tom holland x reader

tagged: @supernovares @spider-hlland @peterwithextrapickles@cmonspiderling@barely-emily@clubparker@comehomespiderman

summary: tom finds out about a weird fetish of yours and teases you about it  warnings: just fluff and terrible writing skills                                           –

Normally when someone says what they like about their significant other, it’s usually their eyes, or their smile. Not you, not even close. You know what you liked about Tom? Not his smile, his eyes, or his laugh - his HANDS. They were soft, strong, you lived for when he’d put his hand on your thigh, simply held your hand, or caress your face - anything really. When he would lace his fingers with yours and bring it to his chest, it’d melt your heart instantly. You always felt so warm and safe in his hands.

But you’d never wanted Tom to find out about this fetish. You thought it was just SO weird and could possibly make him feel uncomfortable, which would lead to a break up - which isn’t what you wanted at all. So you decided to not make anything too obvious and just keep it to yourself. You were completely okay with him not finding out ever. Saving the utter embarrassment was super important, but saving your relationship was more. Unfortunately, it did get to him.

“Honestly, Tom’s hands are the softest, warmest, most beautiful things I’ve ever seen or held , in my entire life. I don’t know what he does to make them so soft, but whatever he does, he needs to keep doing it.” You gush to your friend via phone one afternoon, thinking you were safe - and of course you weren’t, for Tom had been listening while leaning against the doorway for the past 10 minutes. He wasn’t uncomfortable at all, he just thought it was funny that of all of his features you liked his hands the most. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to tease you.

“My what now, babe?” He finally asked, making you jump in response.  He had the biggest smirk on his face when you turned around. This CANNOT be happening. You quickly end the conversation with your friend hanging up. “Hey, um, I have to go - cats out of the bag..”

You immediately started to ramble, not even letting him speak , “dude yoU wEreN’t suPpoSED to hEar thaT,” and, “oh my god, no, now you’re gonna break up with me I’m so sorry.”

Tom explained how he wasn’t going to break up with you, and how he didn’t think it was weird to have a hand fetish. He did think it was absolutely didn’t want you to feel bad, but the entire day he would still find ways to tease you. There was no way, no way he’d let you get away with that easily, absolutely no way. For the next couple of hours, he’d kind of brush it off, making it seem like he forgot about it. Then after a while, he started to mess with you slowly. Tom would be typing something on his phone or wrong something, and say something dumb like ‘my eyes are up HERE, not my hands.’

“Tom, STOP.” You’d warn him, slight annoyance in your voice. He’d just giggle, thinking it was the funniest shit ever. It wasn’t. It really made you feel worse.

The day was filled with moments like that: him doing something that involved with his hands, and being like, ‘did that turn you on, darling?’.

“Tom, i mean it, stop.”

He would purposely lace his fingers with yours and rub your hand with his thumb, just to fuck with your heart, and it surely did. This made you love his hands and him even more.

Sometimes he’d just be like, ‘hey, babe, hIGH FIVE’, and you’d do so, and he’d say “did that turn you on??” And for fuck sakes, the time he literally caressed your face with his hand, saying “The things my hands can do, huh babe?” while winking.

You were now red with anger, completely done with him. After that, you’d had it with the teasing and gave him the silent treatment - because it was already embarrassing that he knew, but the teasing really got to you. Of course he didn’t realize how bad it made you feel.

For hours Tom would try and get you to talk to him, but nothing helped.

You’d just give him blank stares or say snarky things like, “I feel like something is in here, but I don’t see anything? Maybe I’m just losing it.” And he would literally die inside because the boy is SO clingy and in love with you, he was starting to feel so bad because he realized that he hurt your feelings for teasing you. He never wanted to make you feel bad about anything.

You suddenly feel a pair of arms wrapped around you, and to be honest, you felt very safe in them like always. Tom kissed your cheek multiple times, then rested his head on your shoulder, “Hey.” He spoke, voice muffled.

“Hey, love.” You sigh, finally breaking through. Even though Tom was being a jerk, you still loved him and it made you feel better that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

“I’m sorry for making you feel bad about having a hand fetish. And no, I am not breaking up with you. I love you so much, darling.” Tom loved and adored you so much, even your weird fetish.

You finally managed to smile and pull him into a real hug. “I love you too, Tom.” You say, “Always will.”

Boyf Riends Proposals HCs (Part 2: Jeremy)

Jeremy’s Proposal:

- Jeremy gets really popular with his amazing music. Most of it growing from YouTube.

- And Michael (of course) usually helps Jeremy write the songs.

- And such a demand and success becomes enough for Jeremy to go on a nation-wide tour.

- Of course, Jeremy is excited! However, it lasts several months. And Michael has his own job (as a video game developer) so he can’t go with him.

- But they decide that they will make it work. They call or Skype every day. And sometimes Michael flies out to see shows and tours with him for a couple of days.

- Especially for anniversaries, birthdays, etc..

- And it’s the final concert. And it’s a tradition with bands for their final concert to be in their hometown.

- So Michael goes to the concert of course. But doesn’t use his backstage pass because he wants to see Jeremy shine and all that. And he mostly wants to do that in the crowd.

- For more background (cuz I can’t help myself).

- So none of Jeremy’s fans knows that he’s bi. But they do know about Michael from a couple pics on Instagram.

- But only a few have actually theorized that they were a couple (like very few).

- Most people did think that he and the ever-popular broadway actress Christine were dating though.

- And it was even brought up in an interview.

- “So, you know the famous Christine Canagulia right.”

“Well, yeah, that’s right.”

“Well, your fans and our viewers out there have been wondering… are you two in a romantic relationship?”

Jeremy laughs, “Funny you should ask that. I’ve know Christine since middle school. She even got me into acting in high school. We did date for a little while our junior year, but it didn’t work out as we were both were trying to figure out ourselves.”

- People also theorized he was bi or pan. But Jeremy never gave any hints of sorts.

- Closest thing was that in June he would post something supportive of the lgtb+ community for PRIDE Month.

- And the couple of die hard fans who followed Michael on Instagram knew that Michael was very much gay and proud of it.

- But that was it.

- It’s the last song. And after it ends, Jeremy is suppose to say good night and etc.. but he doesn’t.

- “I know that I’m suppose to say good night and everything. But I have a new song and… I kinda want to play it. Since it’s the end of the tour and all.”

- People are cheering of course. Cuz a new song??? Omg!!!

- Jeremy then has to set it up since he isn’t using his piano and it seems very last minute. And people up close could tell he was shaking and that he was nervous. But it doesn’t take to long for there to be a stool and him sitting holding a ukulele.

- “God, I’m nervous.” He’s about to play, when he suddenly stops.

- “Oh, I forgot the most important part, jeez, haha. Sorry.”

- The crowd laughs but are confused on what he is forgetting.

- “I… wrote this song for someone. And, I know you’re out there. You goof.”

- Of course Michael fuckin knows it’s him immediately and is like… what’s going on???

- “And yeah, I’ve written you songs before. But, I didn’t tell you about this song. I… actually wrote it after you came for our anniversary.”

- People then are screaming at the revelation that Jeremy had been in a relationship.

- “And we’ve been best friends for years! And you have always been there for me. I wouldn’t be here. Yes Heere ha ha. If it wasn’t for you.”

- He then, of course, starts to cry. “I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you. You not being on tour with me showed that to me. I missed you. My best friend, my partner, my co-writer, the love of my life. My player one… You… better be up here when I’m done playing this or I’m probably gonna lose it.”

- He then starts playing the most beautiful song (and it then becomes really famous and popular later).

- Michael is crying and he manages to get on stage at the last chorus. Which Jeremy sings straight at him.

- Which of course people are freaking out about who it is.

- During said chorus, Jeremy is then standing with ukulele. But then kneels down in front of Michael near the end. With Michael covering his mouth with tears coming down his face.

- Once it ends, Jeremy puts down his ukulele and Michael thinks he is gonna come up and hug/kiss him. But Michael gasps (and everyone else) when Jeremy instead reaches for his back pocket.

- The crowd themselves can’t hear him very well since they are freaking out. But Michael can hear him loud and clear.

- “Be my Player 1 forever, Michael Mell?”

- Michael cries but nodded, and Jeremy puts the ring on Michael’s finger and kisses him on stage.

- Afterwards, Jeremy is known as a bi-icon and becomes even more popular. Michael ends up helping him write more and ends up doing duets with him.


Part 1:

Analysis on the ending of Kimi no na wa (Your name)


Makoto Shinkai did it again. Kimi no na wa is a very heartwarming, tear-jerker, cheesy, and romantic movie. Unlike the other Makoto Films, Kimi no na wa has a “happy ending.” Yes, you will not feel any regret or pain after watching this movie. But still, it is a roller-coaster ride. The movie will make you laugh hard, cry like a bitch, and scream like a kid. It is one of those movies that will leave a mark to your heart.

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You know how the trope is how everybody knows Jack and Gabriel are either lovers or want to be lovers? What if nobody knows? Like, you’ve got these two guys who are heading up one of the most important organizations in the world and the covert ops branch of said organization respectively. They’ve got to be awesome at keeping secrets.

Hell, maybe they’re even totally, legitimately married but the right amount of friendly persuasion and vague threats keeps the certificate from the hands of the press. Not that anybody’s looking. Nobody thinks they’d ever be lovers.

That they’re each other’s emergency contact isn’t surprising given their respective positions in life, lack of serious relationships, and friendship.

Then, of course, somebody finds out. Maybe McCree is snooping through Gabriel’s stuff and finds his wedding ring. Maybe Tracer blinks at the wrong time and finds herself warping through time to a point where Gabriel and Jack were making out in Jack’s totally secure office. Maybe some overzealous income tax auditor sees something ‘amiss’ in their respective tax forms, and starts an investigation, so they have to prove that no, they didn’t file wrong.

Perhaps the most important element in encouraging young college women in their escape from domesticity was a new form of what had been termed romantic friendship, which came to be called in college life, “smashes,” “crushes,” and “spoons.” These passions were even described in an 1873 Yale student newspaper, obviously without any awareness that relationships of that nature might have sexual undertones, or that elements of them were already seen as “inversion” by some European sexologists: “When a Vassar girl takes a shine to another,” the Yalie observed, “she straightaway enters upon a regular course of bouquet sendings, interspersed with tinted notes, mysterious packages of ‘Ridley’s Mixed Candies,’ locks of hair perhaps, and many other tender tokens, until at last the object of her affections is captured, the two women become inseparable, and the aggressor is considered by her circle of acquaintances as — smashed.”

Such mores and passions in women’s colleges did not die with the end of the century. Romantic all-women dances were held in the early twentieth century by colleges such as Vassar and Smith, as described by the Cosmopolitan Magazine in the 1901 article entitled “A Girl’s College Life,” where the writer observed that the older student generally played “the cavalier” for the younger student:

“She sends her flowers, calls for her, fills her order of dance, … takes her to supper, sees her partner home. … And if the freshman has made the desired hit, there are dates for future meetings and jollifications and a good night over the balusters, as lingering and cordial as any the freshman has left behind.”

The young women took these dances very seriously, as a veteran of such socials, Josephine Dodge Daskam, suggested in her early twentieth-century collection Smith College Stories. She describes one student having delightful “visions of the pretty little freshman” whose name would fill out her dance program and another student who in disappointment over her date “cried herself to sleep for she had dreamed for nights of going with Suzanne, whom she admired to stupefaction.” The writers were not disposed to speculate on the fact, but such courting often led to “lovemaking,” both in the sense of the nineteenth-century sentimental usage of that term and the way we use the term today.

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian Faderman