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Global Update - March 2016

Hi LoliRockers !

It’s time for a little update on… many things.

First of all, production of season 2 :

It’s progressing, slowly but surely. Our teams, both in France and Malaysia (Inspidea) are working hard to make the best show they can.

If possible, I’ll try to tease you from time to time about it… Anyway, you’ll see more of our princesses very soon !

Second, who’s behind this blog ?

Surprisingly, this question seems to matter for a lot of you. I receive a lot of question about “Who updates it ?” and more specifically, “Is it director Vandestoc ?? And can we consider it’s Jean-Louis Vandestoc’s official blog ?”.

Well, no. It’s not Jean-Louis’ official tumblr, and he’s not the one writing here either. He reads and helps me from time to time though, but he’s very busy with season 2 right now.

I’m one of the supervising producers of the show and I work very closely with Jean-Louis, ever since I joined the team at the beginning of the production. Just call me “Production Guy” or whatever. No need for more. I like my privacy. ;)

Third, what’s next ?

I asked in a previous post what you guys would like for the next ones. Here’s the new guidelines we’ll follow :

From now :

  • I’ll continue to post pre-production artworks and concept art, not worry about that. Including compilations regarding specific characters or locations.
  • I noted the request for more ephedian stuff : the magic, kingdoms, background, lore, and such. It’ll require a lot of work to prepare those, but I’ll do my best. ;)
  • Also noted you like to know how we lived this production, I’ll dig for more team’s post-it, production stories, and such.
  • I’m preparing a “F.A.Q” section, for… well, obviously, the frequently asked questions, and also in Index section to make the navigation to old posts easier. (Don’t forget the Archive page, it helps a  lot !)

Changes :

  • Until now, I posted materials episode by episode, in the order of production, mixing designs, stories, animatics and such. Unfortunately, I won’t have the time to do so for the rest of the series from now on. So I’ll just focus on the most important things, starting with what you guys ask for first instead.
  • The animatics and behind-the-scenes on youtube are liked, but they take a LOT of time to prepare… For now, I’ll have to focus on the other things listed above. The videos will be back later, don’t worry. I’ll also focus on our best scenes from now on, instead of posting entire part of every episode

And that’s all for now ! ;)

OBTumblr is THRILLED to announce a brand new special, Orphan Black: The #Cloneversation! 

Mark your calendars - the special will premiere on Saturday, April 12 at 8/7c on BBC AMERICA. The show will be hosted by Wil Wheaton (wilwheaton) and the one-hour special will cover all-things awesome in Season One and offer an exclusive look at the making of Season Two.

Of course an Orphan Black special wouldn’t really be SPECIAL without #CloneClub. We want to feature YOUR artwork and video in the show! That’s right - you or your art could be featured on TV.

There’s TWO WAYS to be a part of the special:

ART SUBMISSIONS. You can submit your Orphan Black fan work. You guys are incredible and we want to use Orphan Black: The #Cloneversation to celebrate all of the fantastic work you’ve been making for the past year. Click HERE to visit to submit.

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS. We want you to create Orphan Black videos letting us know your thoughts and feels about the show, Season 2 and about all of the beautiful things that happen in #CloneClub!

*Tell everyone what you love most about Orphan Black.
*Talk about who your favorite clone is and why you relate to them.
*Show everyone your best Felix impression, by quoting your fave Fee lines from Season One or, make up something new!
*Tell us your favorite thing about #CloneClub.
*Share your craziest theories for Season Two. What do you hope will happen?

Click HERE to visit to upload your video.

SOME VIDEO DOs: Make sure we can hear and see you. Be as creative as you can be - you could make an animation or an original song! Let your personality and individuality shine.

SOME VIDEO DON’Ts: Lose the jams (no music.) Logos are lame (don’t wear stuff with massive logos.) Watch your mouth (go easy on the profanity.) 

To be considered, you must submit your art and videos through, but you can share anything you make on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, or any other platform for everyone to see.

DUE DATE: Please submit all your video and art entries by Tuesday, March 25 at 6PM/5c in order to be considered to be featured on the show. (You could also make Orphan Black videos and art for the rest of time and we would be very happy about that.)

FINE PRINT: (Click here to read it all.)

You must be 18 years old to participate. We really wish we could open this up to everybody, but unfortunately we can’t. Your submissions must also be in by March 25 at 6PM EDT. 

You should also be aware that BBC America and Temple Street Production will be contacting you directly if your art or video is selected for the special and you will be required to sign and return the production’s standard consent and release form. Please make sure the email address you use for the submission form is correct and you check it frequently - we’d really hate it if we couldn’t use something because we couldn’t get in touch with you.

We can’t wait to see what you create, #CloneClub! To us here at the Orphan Black Tumblr, the most important part of Orphan Black is you guys. It’s your art, gifs, cosplay, meetups, puns, your love for sugary products. It’s how you help each other learn binary code, all of your conversations with each other, and how you’ve made so many of your friends and family excited enough to join us on the trip. 


Dorze village. One of the most fascinating costumes found in south ethiopia is the ability of Dorze people to create a bread-like staple from what is know as false banana trees (“Enset”). They consume the false banana bread with honey and a bit a chilli. Their relationship with the false banana trees is of great importance, as they use every part of it (leafs, stems ,roots) for making different kinds of products. 

Click here to see my Dorze Village video.