the most important fact in this ep

a few thoughts from a former C$waner and the road to Swen

why did I change my mind ? 

I was desperate for some true love story, and ouat was offering that or so I thought …

we can all agree that Snowing is True love and same with rumbelle, but what what I really wanted was a true love story for the savior, Emma deserved it, especially after what she’s been through with Neal and Graham … hook was the perfect candidate wasn’t he ? 

The guy is hot as hell, i’ve always loved blue eyes contoured with eye liner ;), he was cocky but most importantly ; a villain ! who doesn’t love villains ? Loki, moriarty, Rumpelstiltskin… hook was unapologetically selfish and just .. bad, but he starts developing feelings for emma, and starts the road to ‘redemption’, now comes my personal view on this, i’ve always had bad experiences with men, my father being the first ( the guy is a cheater and selfish af ), I was desperate for a good story showing that a man can change but mostly that men can be good, I mean we all want to see that, so I start investing myself in hook and let’s say the truth here, season two and three hook WAS GOOD, he was on the right path to redeeming himself ( with a few mistakes here and there, at the time I thought it was alright, you can’t change overnight ), with Captain swan hints being dropped along the way, I was okay with, more than okay with even, Emma was getting a love story with a man who willing to change for her, we have enough of these stories already but fairytale stories have more meaning right ? so this one was special,,, and things start going downhill from there ( I will never say it out loud, but C$ was disappointing me from there i’ll never admit it out loud but i can say it on here) hook was treating Emma worse and worse, but they always found a way to make him ‘apologize’ for it and just like Emma I bought his crap (because whether i want it or not society has taught me to just do that) even tho’ a part of me still thought that was wrong, I still gave him the 5th 6th 7th 8th … chance! and another part of me also didn’t want to be disappointed in the show that changed my life, I watched the episodes days or weeks later on (never happened in s3 and before ) but I still cling to the hope of happiness for Emma and trusted the writers to make it better, but C$ wasn’t that ooh so worshiped OTP of mine, it wasn’t the true love story I dreamed of, I Got so confused at times ( when Emma lied to hook about him being the dark one for example, OR WHEN SHE KILLED HIM SO HE COULD DIE A HERO?!? I kept telling myself what kind of love is that ? and I’m passing so many more) but because they made sense on paper I didn’t give too much of a thought, I convinced myself that its writers giving us shit drama like always

 and then arrives season 6,the season of realization : while in the previous season hook  was making mistakes, and I forgived him, my brain just couldn’t take it anymore, hook is a living mistake in this season, I even started to question his character, and what was his general goal was ? but then again, I love Emma so much, I wasn’t now just acting like her but like most of the characters at this point ? they all want her happiness and just let her be with that toxic man ? I feel like her parents and everyone else feels the same at this point, in took David 4 seasons to finally ‘accept’ the guy ( and by his look he wasn’t sure of his decision), I just wanted Emma to have her happy ending.

when did I realize that they weren’t meant for each other you say ? 

WHEN HE LIED TO HER ABOUT KILLING HER GRANDFATHER. the guy lowkey wanted to burn the memory of it, he was thinking for an entire episode whether to tell her the truth or not ? and when he finally decides to do so the worst proposal of all times happens and then he just what?  burns the memory of his act. he could’ve interrupted her that night and tell her the truth BUT HE DIDN’T. he was willing to start their married life together with a lie, and not just oh I swear I didn’t at that woman’s chest lie, HE KILLED HER GRANDFATHER, thats a divorce cause material. thats when I realized Emma’s true love wasn’t hook ( plus all the previous moments in the previous seasons) 

let’s talk about Swan queen for a minute:

I was the biggest ‘swan queen friendship’ shipper, in my early oncer days I was against them being romantic, probably because of my personal experience as well, I was having some troubles with my own sexuality at the time, I refused to acknowledge it, even if it’s just watching a queer couple on TV, it made me uncomfortable and I feared that if I gave in in that aspect of my life it’d become too real ( and held into C$ ) Only just last year that I came out to friends as Bi, so yeah Swan queen was no option for me, BUT IT WASN’T for them, I still saw their actions, I still saw their looks their mutual love for each, their deep affection to one another, the fact that they lean on each other, help one another and never ever stopped believing in one another, but still my dumb closeted self refused to believe it.

how does my personal life influence my vision of this ship tho’:

I believe, like ouat has told in ep’ 6x14 the most important thing in life is accepting and loving yourself, after one special event in my life I finally saw the light about myself and admitted what I was denying my whole life and now I love me ( just like regina does now ) and started seeing ouat with new eyes, eyes that could finally see and a heart that could finally admit that swan queen is the real deal, my eyes and heart finally see that the true love I wanted for Emma has always been there the character development I wanted to see was in Regina, her happy ending was there that whole time. 

now thats just my personal take on it, you don’t have to be lgbt to see it, hook isn’t the right one for Emma, Regina is, and I will repeat this as much as i have to … if it is the last thing I do ;)

ps: thanks to that ONE tumblr post who made me go back and re-watch all the swan queen videos haha

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HIIII! I'm kinda new, and I was wondering if you had any fic recommendations and everything you want to add. In summary, everything you think a Voltron fan should know or see! I hope it's not a bother. Love your blog♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

aaaa im sorry i answered this so late !!
(fic recs)

well ok- so the ages of the paladins are very important to know!
keith, lance, and hunk (and shay) are all 16/17
pidge is 14
they said allura is a teen
and shiro is an ADULT!! but the creators havent confirmed his age-just the fact he’s an adult

season 3 will hopefully and most likely work on lance’s insecurities a lot!!

jeremy shada and bex tk ship klance , but jeremy has been more obvious about it !

the romance is going to be slowburn (jeremy said this in an interview)

there was supposed to be a scene where shiro couldnt find a parking spot in the space mall ep
and a scene where allura and shiro washed the mice !!

coran had an emo-classical music phase

i think thats it?? feel free to add on more !!!

What I hate most about Danielle constantly pushing for sb, is the fact that she does not recognize her white privilege. The Flash EPs specifically cast black people to play the West family for a reason, and they are constantly talking about how important diversity is on the show. Candice was not able to get on social media because the color of her skin would be rejected by comic book fans, and I have seen media outlets degrade and be rude to her straight to her freaking face. They do not do this to any other cast member. So Danielle pushing SB not only ignores the fact that Iris and Barry are comic book royalty, but also ignores a source of representation for so many people out there. How often do you see a white male superhero in love with their black best friend? I’ll answer that for you, never. Allowing SB to happen at this point will only further push Iris into the “token black friend” trope. Because she doesn’t know Barry is the flash right now, and the main time we see her is through her interactions with Barry. Her pushing for this crack ship, when NO ONE else on the cast is acknowledging it, is her ignoring the story the writers are telling and also her not realizing why so many people ship her specifically with Barry. Her not understanding why people chose her over Candice before the show even aired. Her not understanding why she gets to be treated with kindness, while Candice has been disrespected in interviews, and made to feel small. She could have easily just said Caitlin isn’t holding out for Barry. She could have easily mentioned that Caitlin has a fiance, who she is still engaged to. But no in every interview, I see her push for sb. Instead of supporting the relationship her character is in, she pushes for one that was not only formed through racism, but also tries to sideline and actively remove a black woman from her established role. I already knew she was a bit ignorant after tweeting an article that victimized racists, and I am starting to see it more and more. For her to blatantly disrespect Candice like that on stage is gross. This is why I will never like her. 

This Is What I Think Happened and This Is What Could Be Going On: The Meta

Okay, I’m going to go through the bits I think are encouraging for Team Delusional, with a short tangent into Noah’s character because I’ve found something really freaking interesting to do with him… I’m gonna skip over the first 2 minutes, you can read my meta on that here (and please do because I will relate to it in this) I’ve made it a read more because it’s detailed, but please read more :)

I’m gonna start with this. Bethmobile. SO MUCH emphasis on this muthafucker all throughout the episode, and although I know most people are discouraged because of the walker sounds and the fact that they see it and act like it’s just a regular walker etc. But I am convinced this is important! In every promo, in this ep about 5 times, IMPORTANT! 

Here it is again at the end, and this is super interesting

Now if you go back and watch this little bit (approx 38 minutes in) you need to pay attention to its movements. It stretches its hands out in front of it and the way it moves them is as if it is stressed/freaking out, or if you imagined a really exaggerated “WHYYYY!” moment, hands splayed and jigging up and down. Just watch it because I can’t describe it lmao. 

We discussed this at length in the Team D Chat (join us…) and now we think that although this cannot be literal Beth, it might be a similar walker with EK actually playing the walker so it looks like her. This is a reminder to Team Family that they left her in a car in Atlanta maybe, and we’ll see this scene recreated with the real Beth in a flashback. This would explain the despondent look on Rick’s face when he notices it, and the way Tyreese stares at it sadly, after all, the whole episode is practically about Tyreese’s guilt. 

Here, Noah says this: “I still have my mom. A couple of twin brothers.”
A couple of twin brothers? A couple? Of twins?

Umm what? Did anyone else think his phrasing is totally weird? You would say, “I have my twin brothers” if he just meant the two little boys in his house, aka the dead one on the bed and the one who bites Ty. I think there are two pairs of twins. And Noah is one of a pair. I still think the Jekyll/Hyde figurine is for Noah and he’s gonna go insane at some point and massacre them idk. 

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We’ve seen in episode 4 that Fitz has troubles with controling his hands. I’ve just noticed in a new sneak peek of episode 8- Fitz admitted that only one of his hands works good. Which makes so much sense.

After season 1 I was wondering how they will deal with this broken arm of his. Because for an arm to heal and not cause problems with movement in the future, it must be ‘exercised’ multiple times a day during recovery. Only if muscles were being moved slightly in a right way it can heal properly. Fitz was in a comma right after he had broken his arm, so he couldn’t do any exercises, and his doctors had more important problems keeping them busy, like his oxygen deprivation. I don’t know for how long Fitz was unconscious, but the first couple of days are the most important for recovering broken bones. So there was no way for his left arm to full heal. Amd if an arm is not healed it can’t support his hand well enough- that’s where the shaking and lack of control can come from.

Actually I was sure the writers will forget about this fact, but apparently they didn’t! Too bad it’s the left arm that was broken and the left one that he shows while speaking of ‘the working one’ but I will let that one pass so as not to destroy my theory ;)

EDIT: I wrote this after I’d seen a sneak peek of ep 8. Apparently Fitz was then showing his bad hand while speaking of only one of them working, which later give us all a really good ’I am not left-handed’ scene when he revealed that he was not practising with his good hand. So his bad hand really is left, which goes well with my theory :)

Have faith in Grant Ward (spoilers for AoS Ep 17)

Okay, I know there’s been theories galore about the latest episode of AoS, and we all want to believe Ward has some purpose/reason for what he does. People have speculated that he’s a double agent planning with Coulson to take down Hydra from the inside, that he has one of those eye controllers like Mike has and Akela had, that he didn’t really shoot Agent Hand.

But I have a different theory, and maybe nobody really cares, but I just needed to process through it.

First off, we know that Ward has one of the shittiest backstories of anyone on the team. In the first episode, Coulson mentions his family history, and how it surprises him that Ward’s “people skills” aren’t worse than they already are. “The Well,” about the Asgardian scepter thing, isn’t titled because of the events of the episode, it’s because of Ward’s flashbacks, his fear, his rage, his helplessness.

Ward’s backstory is important.

Secondly, in the second episode of the season (0-8-4), they fucking mention Hydra. That weapon Reyes wants, that Coulson wants to destroy? They say it’s alien, tesseract-powered, but the make look almost German. Later they learn that it’s highly dangerous, and was in fact a Hydra weapon. At the end of the episode, they think it’s being destroyed, but it can be seen in the promo for episode 18 (when Garrett says “welcome to hydra”). So much foreshadowing. And we missed it.

Okay, sorry. Getting off my tangent. So in ep. 16, after Ward kills Nash, he tells Skye “Whatever punishment (I receive for shooting Nash), I deserve it. But I don’t regret it. Not if it means you’re safe.” I think he’s honest when he says the most important thing to him is keeping Skye safe (and maybe he’s trying to say that no matter what he’s done, if it keeps her safe, he won’t regret it, even if that means hydra and all the other shit). 

Flash forward to the kiss scene. Again, Ward mentions this idea that he deserves punishment (hinting that he has some major guilt, as well as the anger/fear of helplessnes/shitty memories/backstory from hell). He tells Skye. “And if I do die, maybe I deserve it.” Again, though, he seems to think it’s worth it to protect Skye. He’s ready to “pave her way” as he says, even if it costs him his life. At this point, I think Ward regrets ever choosing Hydra.

Then he asks her for that drink. Remember when she offered? It was in “The Well,” after Ward touches the staff and struggles with the rage and the memories. He refuses the offer to talk to Skye because he’s terrified what he’ll say. Instead, he compartimentalizes, as he calls it, and joins May. They’re warriors, they understand each other, and it’s just sex. In “The Well,” Ward loses it and can’t face it, can’t face that he's feeling for the first time in years, maybe, and Skye just makes him feel more.

But when Ward offers her that drink? He says he wants to have that talk. And he has so much guilt, but he wants to keep her safe, and he wants to have that talk. My theory is that he was about to confess that he was more than just a SHIELD agent, or at least confess some of his backstory to her. He wants to talk. He needs to talk. He realizes that of all the choices in his life, he finally has the opportunity to make the right one. He fights for Skye in that hallway, and he wins, and I think he has every intention of sticking with her.

But Garrett is a manipulative son of a bitch. We know this. We also know that Garrett concealed his secret for years, he’s a high-up agent, trained by Nick Fury himself. He doesn’t make slip up remarks that out his secret, especially in front of people like Coulson. It was no accident that Garrett was caught. He saw how Skye and being part of a team was changing Ward (remember his remarks in episode 16, how he basically said Ward had someone to fight for now, meaning Skye. That obviously worried him). So what does Garrett have to gain by “slipping up?” He needs Ward to decide before Ward’s loyalty slips away from him any further and before Ward decides to join SHIELD for good. I think we’ve also all agreed that Garrett was the first person to care for Ward in any way, and so he definitely has this claim on Ward’s loyalty. He forces Ward’s hand, and Ward isn’t someone who forgets his debts.

So Ward, whose redemption arc has already begun, makes the hard choice once again. He thinks he’s saved Skye. He found her the miracle drug, he saved her life, he protected her whenever he could, he killed who he thought was the clairvoyant (which brings me to another point– yes, Garrett is a sick hydra psychopath, and yes, ward is a sleeper agent, but who is to say that ward knew garrett was the clairvoyant, if that’s even true? i don’t think ward had any idea it was his SO’s idea to shoot Skye). So, Ward think he’s saved the woman he loves, and now he knows that to fulfill his debt tp the only other person who has a demand on his loyalty, Ward has to make that hard call and save another person who meant a lot to him: his manipulative SO.

So that’s my theory. Ward is not affiliated with the Clairvoyant, and definitely is in love with Skye. But there’s this vulnerable kid, who we’ve seen in episodes like “The Well,” and Garrett is still taking full advantage of that. But, “Turn, turn, turn?” Garrett turned Ward. Skye turned Ward. That’s where our salvation will be. A girl born from chaos, capable of compassion under the worst of circumstances, and capable of extraordinary hope, is the reason for our hope. Is Ward’s hope. He began his redemption because of her.

And although Ward thinks his survival is a matter of “if,” I believe Skye is right when she speaks with her usual courageous hope: “When we survive this, we’ll have that drink.”

Here’s to Skyeward.

We need to talk more about the fact that Carlos gave Cecil the ‘one true timepiece’ as a one month anniversary present.!

Not only is it very romantic, but that watch is probably something that means a whole lot to Carlos, and the fact that he gave it to Cecil shows that hr already had a big role in Carlos’ life only a month into their relationship, something that implies that Cecil most likely played a big part in his life before they got together!

I would love to get to know how their relationship developed between ep. 16 and 25, and how Cecil became such an important part and constant factor of Carlos’ life, and why and how that lead him to give Cecil his watch (in my opinion that’s a huge sign of trust!), and it shows how important Cecil’s presence in his life is for Carlos, and thinking about it just makes me so happy and asdfghjk we need to talk more about the 'one true timepiece in all of night vale’!

(also, just try to imagine the sciency/romantic monologue that Carlos held before giving it to him!)

Fall TV Spoilers - The Walking Dead

The band is back together,” declares Andrew Lincoln of Season 5, which finds the survivors (mostly) reunited at Terminus and feeling… a bit out of sorts.
As showrunner Scott M. Gimple notes, “All of these people have had really different journeys to Terminus, and, as a result, they’re different people than they were. It’s decidedly more intense than coming back to high school after summer vacation.”
There’s also the small fact that their current hosts are psychopaths with a likely predilection for cannibalism who, in the closing minutes of the finale, locked the gang inside a train car. The premiere picks up a few hours into their ordeal and features “the most intense six minutes” in Walking Dead history, declares Gimple. “It gets very intense very quick, very terrifying very quick.”
Beyond the opener, look for Rick and Michonne’s still-platonic relationship to deepen. “The importance of who they are to each other grows, and that emotional intimacy gets developed even more,” says the EP, before quickly adding, “That doesn’t necessarily mean [it will turn into a] romance.
Loosely translated: It doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t!

“The premiere plays with time in some interesting ways,” teases Gimple. “The characters’ storylines crisscross in the timeline.”

TV-Line - September 26, 2014 (X) 

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so we still dont know how sherlock really did survive the fall?

Alas, nope. Not with certainty, because as Sherlock’s explanation at the end of TGG is plausible, there’s the fact Anderson ends up doubting it because of one tiny detail that doesn’t work, and because this scene is maybe all imagined by John.

I can’t find the meta right now but if someone has it and can link it… go ahead. To sum it up, we see a white-ish transition on John closing his eyes in the train, then the explanation, then another white-ish transition to John opening his eyes in the train. Usually a transition like that is meant to highlight a flashback or a view on what the character is thinking.
So, that’s ambiguous enough for us to doubt this explanation, it can just be John trying to figure out how Sherlock faked his death - and as clever as he is maybe he got it almost right.
My personal input on that is that under the high level of stress maybe John doubts all of this actually happened, he needs to find a logic in what happened, and he also need something to hold on. And what he needs to hold on in that precise moment is that Sherlock actually escaped death, that he was in control and so clever he could do that. Because he needs to believe that if Sherlock was able to do that, he can defy death again.
So it’s possible that he imagined Sherlock, cold-blooded, in charge, explaining how he did it.

But to come back to the explanation of the fall, the most important thing in this is that it doesn’t matter to know how Sherlock did it. It’s why. John gives the key to that: “I don’t care how you did it, I want to know why.”
That’s the point, Sherlock faked his death and came back to ensure John’s safety, and also the safety of Mrs Hudson, and Lestrade. He did it because he cares more about his friends safety than taking the villain down - in other words he values the people in his life more than his job. He could have dealt with all this in another way, but because the lives of the people he cares about were at stake, he has no other choice but fall. The point is that he’s not heartless, and that he did it for John.

And this because John doesn’t know that that the explanation he imagines - if this scene is really about that - is just “almost” right, he lacks the most important part: Sherlock actually cares, and Sherlock actually loves him. John couldn’t explain why Sherlock did it, so he only tried to understand the how - without forgetting that at the beginning of the ep he thinks Sherlock made him believe he was dead because Sherlock didn’t care about him.
But as I said, the most important point is the why.

That’s why we’ll never get a proper explanation of the “how”. It simply doesn’t matter. And I think that the reason why there’s so much hints about that is simply to lead us off track, and to help us integrate the fact that it’s a possible thing to do in this universe, despite of how it looks impossible. One of the main outcome of this is that because both Irene and Sherlock could do this impossible thing, we consider the fact that Moriarty can do it as well, despite the fact we saw him shoot himself in the head. And maybe it’ll be useful for other moments to come. 
The importance of it is mainly the why, but also the fact it’s a thing we have to envisage - that faking death despite all the evidences is possible.

I don’t think it’s useless to search for an answer to this, it’s still feeds the mind and can always give important details, and there is actually a solution to that (a solution I’d love to know), but “how” is not the point. That’s why we still don’t know how Sherlock did survive the fall, and we probably will never really know.


So today we got the cast for Alec and Luke for TMI. And I’m honestly disappointed….

Not on the cast but on the reaction of some of the fans

Listen I’m all in for the show to be true to the book but let’s be honest not everything is going to make it. The fact that people are angry and upset that Alec doesn’t have blue eyes…? Why!? He could wear contacts guys lets not jump to conclusions!

Also a lot of people are upset because of who they castes for Luke… Listen I don’t really care what he looks like.

The most important thing is that at the core of everything… They keep true to who the character is. We can’t start judging them on their looks we haven’t even seen the first ep.

I understand everyone has their own opinions and freedom of speech and whatever but that does not mean that you express your opinion in a rude and mean way.

Just wait until you have grounds to base your opinions. And as a fandom we should be more supporting of the actors. No matter their race, ethnicity, eye color, Etc..

Rant over

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Your thoughts about some of the cimfams opinion?: Tbh I hope cimorellis album will be actually buy worthy. I will buy there album for sure to support them but the most important thing is if I will actually listen to it daily. Because I am unimpressed and unsatisfied with some of their songs (the last time, the way we live, you got me good, boom) and I hope there will be more mature songs with more meaning. Million bucks is better then he whole Made In America EP.

Hahaha well first of all that’s your opinion, not a true fact, no matter now you phrase it. But thanks for sharing it with me :D We haven’t picked the songs for the album yet but we’ve written a TON and a lot of them are far deeper than anything we’ve released. Well we haven’t really released anything deep but yeah some of these are deep and some of them are kinda dark and those might make it on the second album and some of them are just fun and happy because sometimes that’s just what we’re in the mood to write and record and listen to :P also they’re turning out to be much more organic and some even country influenced so I’m excited to shape and mold them more and watch them progress.
Anyway if anybody else released these songs, I would absolutely buy them and listen to them whenever I was emotional, happy or sad, and they would be on repeat. Well they will anyway because we love them and we don’t release stuff we don’t love. We’ve already done that and we’re never doing it again haha. So from the bottom of our hearts we hope you enjoy it and that it touches your heart when you finally get to hear it, and more than anything we hope it heals you in some way or other and that you connect with some of these songs on a deeper level than you’ve ever connected with a song. We’re trying to really dig deep here and I hope it pays off. Alright happy new year y'all lets make it a good one! HERE’S TO 2014 :D