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Hi!! I love your blog! can you list some of your favorite dramione fics? Thank you!

hell yeah I can, dramione is my shit. friends come and go, but dramione is forever :’)

just a reminder that you can find some more dhr recs on my fic recs page. I’m really behind in updating it, though, so there are a few that are missing. (all of the fics I’m listing below are completed)

ok I’m gonna assume you’ve read the fallout and isolation before, but if you haven’t, check these two fics out first!! they are great for dramione skeptics and beginners

(btw most of these are hogwarts fics because I’m super into the whole sneaking around dark corridors, making out in abandoned classrooms thing)

hogwarts fics

  • what the room requires by alydia rackham: 6th year, Hermione is the one to find Draco in the bathroom, they get trapped in the RoR together
  • clean & marked by olivieblake: two of my faves, clean takes place in 6th year, and marked takes place during the war, there are so many plot twists in this series, it’s amazing, beautifully written, i love it
  • difficult by provocative-envy: one of my favorite fic writers ever, she is so so so talented, this is a basic hogwarts fic, I think it takes place 6th year but I don’t really remember but I do that remember I liked this
  • silencio by akashathekitty: so much drama in this one! 6th year (haha do you see a trend?) personally their relationship moved way to fast for me, but this is still really good
  • beautiful things can come from the dark by yesterdayschild4: despite the rape themes (it’s not D who rapes H), this fic is obnoxiously fluffy and I loved it
  • forget me by emara88: this fic is so underrated! hermione passes out at a ministry party in 2001, and while in a coma, she discovers her hidden past at hogwarts
  • delilah’s black book of poems by dark whisper: ONE OF MY FAVES!!! forbidden romance in this is so heart-wrenching!!! and “If you were mine” is one of the most iconic moments I have ever read
  • live again by sophie733: why is this not more popular?? basically everyone dies in the war, and D&H go back in time to fix it
  • presque toujours pur by shayalonnie: hermione is revealed to be pureblood, which changes basically everything, this fic is so interesting, though, post war hogwarts
  • finders by everythursday: hermione and draco have to work together to solve a mystery at hogwarts, this is heavy on the plot and the romance is more of a background story, post war hogwarts
  • virtus et ludicium by anjalimalfoy: to be honest, I don’t remember what this is about, but based on my abundance of highlighting in my books app, I must have liked it..? seventh year dramione
  • suppressed emotions by hoplesslydevoted.xx: someone is after hermione, and draco is given the task of protecting her. this fic is amazing, I loved how their relationship is so slow burn
  • and we all fall down by rumaan: this is sooo good. draco malfoy comes back to hogwarts halfway through the year after a stint in azkaban.

war fics

  • cruel & beautiful world by lena phoria: the writer recently published this story into a book (yayy), but I have an .epub saved if anyone wants me to email it to them, voldy!wins AU
  • turncoat by elizaye: if you’re looking for a fic similar to the fallout, this is it. draco switches sides and hermione is his confidant
  • we learned the sea by luckei1: this fic is amazing, it’s one of my faves. draco, harry, and hermione team up to take down lord voldemort
  • ugh I’m sorry, I wish I had more :/

post-war fics

  • broken by inadaze22: amazing, amazing, amazing. no one has seen hermione for years, when she returns to the wizarding society with no friends, she develops a close relationship with the slytherin squad
  • hunted by bex-chan: written by the genius of isolation, draco and hermione are forced to work together when their ex-classmates start dying
  • when the bell tolls by everythursday: four years after the war, there is a sudden rise in Dark Magic, and hermione needs azkaban prisoner draco to help stop it
  • lady of the lake by colubrina: a rare fic where hermione is more of the bad guy. hermione and draco overthrow the order and take over the ministry
  • parade of the sun by everythursday: hermione is researching a plant that has the power to change time, and draco wants to use it 
  • again, I apologize for not having more in this category

also maybe check out my own fic? (error in expectations) it’s WIP, and it takes place during what was supposed to be the golden trio’s 7th year

the part of the song where some man is trying to tell kesha to get serious and she yells "OKAY SHUT UP" is literally the most iconic feminist moment to ever happen in the last three centuries. like susan b anthony is in the ground shaking in her petticoats at her own irrelevancy

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I’m new to Chanbaek and I just wanted to know what you thought the most iconic moment of theirs is❤️


and anonie.. 

If you ask ME what their MOST iconic moment is ——-

ITS THIS..!”!!!!!! KYAAAAA..!!!!!


I can never get over this tho T_T They really did THAT on LIVE TV..!! OMG.. 

So yeah anonie.. In my opinion, THIS is the most recent and yet the most iconic moment Chanbaek had.. 


this and some other moments.. like –

That one day when Chanyeol saw a GIGANTIC Chanbaek banner at concert he HAVE to show it to Baekhyun and say “Chanbaek” with his own mouth.. That smile on Baekhyun’s face tho T_T


That one time in THAT year when Baekhyun broke down to tears at their concert and Chanyeol HAD to walk pass every other members and check on him.. When he saw that tears, his face changed and see how other members just back away letting Chanyeol do the coaxing… T_T I love this moment.. Eventho it broke my heart seeing our happy puppy Baek crying like this T_T 

(if you don’t know, 2014 was a shitty year for Chanbaek and EXO in general - don’t look it up if you wanna spare yourself a heartbreak

My other fav moment is 

should i call it MY fav moment or EVERY Chanbaek shippers’ favourite moment..?? hehehehe.. 

This is during Roommate Season 1 when Baekhyun visited the Roommate house and they are all learning to dance to Overdose.. When everyone’s attention were on Seho, there is Baekhyun, sneakily stealing a skinship with Chanyeol.. 

When I said “sneakily stealing” its because the skinship only lasted for few seconds.. Thats definitely impromptu.. and done very cautiously.. T_T 

“Why can’t I hold you in the streets  [Uncover: Zara Larsson]”

I don’t know if you know about this but TEL Shanghai memorable to me.. 

After the dark event - FINALLY chanbaek did this at the concert T_T I don’t know what happened, but somehow, after this concert, they are back to normal again.. I’m so thankful T_T

Last but NOT the least, is THIS ..!!


This footsie would be a totally different moment if Chanyeol reacted differently to it.. If he JUST move his leg so that it won’t be touching with Baekhyun anymore, this will be totally different.. but he DID THAT.!! WTF IS THAT…!?!??! 

omg.! how can i forgot this one moment.!!


This is ONE other moment NO FIRELIGHTS should forget.. The 1st day of The Exo’luxion Concert in Manila - Oh Sehun, The president of Chanbaek Land - made Chanbaek do THAT on stage.! kyaaaaaa..!!! You should go to youtube and see the 100s of fancams on this moment.. kyaaaaa.!!! hehehehe… 

so anonnie..

Those are my fav and in my opinion the most iconic Chanbaek moment there are.. I bet there are  A LOT MORE that these, but its getting late here.. hehehehe.. 

once again - WELCOME to the Firelights family and always believe in Chanbaek ^_^

love -Ai-


one of the most iconic VSFS moments ever: karolina kurkova and her invisible stiletto


Throwback to the most iconic Narry moment that happened during OTRA