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What a day! I’ve been waiting all day for this moment. Let’s get into it. 

The chapter starts with a crappy situation. Actually, all the situations in this arc are crappy, so there wasn’t much of a choice to begin with. Nami didn’t run away, of course, though she stated she would - and don’t tell that isn’t some good character development -, so she’s getting the same treatment as Luffy. Galette’s powers apparently manipulates something like plasma, but since every Charlotte’s family’s member’s power has something to do with food, I’d go for isinglass, which is used in confectionery, to make puddings solidify - no pun intended. 

Gotta say that between her and her sister Amande/Amant - I prefer Amant, which is French for “lover” - I love their designs: Oda’s been giving us some more powerful ladies as of late - Nami included. She could stand up to Mama’s powers for a while.

Strange thing is though, that here it’s still raining heavily, but this 

made us intend that it had stopped: as if Sanji’a acceptance of his crappy fate and the “bond” with Pudding were a sign of a positive situation. 

But we have since long learnt that on this island everything looks the opposite of what it is: sweet kids searching for knives to mutilate stuffed animals; lovely talking tree who confuse people; guys with powers based on sweet things that are actually meant to kill people - but I, like Luffy, would have loved Cracker’s biscuits. So what was shown here to us is meant to deceive: Sanji’s situation is not the end of the storm, but the beginning. 

Not to mentions that it’s Mama or her underlings who control the weather, it easy to just move the clouds, Zeus and Prometheus, away froma certain place.

Amant is bae appears to be a valid opponent: she must have the sparkle of madness inside of her, or at least she’s slightly overly sadic, unlike Galette. but who am I to judge. It’s good to see a female swordsman every now and then, cause apart from Tashigi, no one leaps to mind. I’d like her/I can already see her as an opponent for Brook, who’s so ever little used, especially as a swordsman, especially for the automatic comparison with Zoro. And then, her hat is awesome. 

Opera is also quite interesting - reminds of the Genie from “Aladdin”; for some reason. His devil fruit is pretty awesome - and again, combine it with Cracker’s! You can just have randoms sweets everywhere anytime! Forget Sanji, I want to marry in this family!

The soldiers again are a small reference to Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

For other random observations, when Luffy enters Mont D’Or’s book world, we see a clock poiting at two. Last chapter, when Sanji and Pudding talked,

we had a very clear indication from Oda that it was two o’clock. On Luffy’s side the hands have moved, it’s slightly past two. We already knew it that time was a central issue in this saga - like Alabasta and the bomb, Thriller Bark and the dawn, Dresssrosa and the birdcage, etc - , but this is an hint from sensei that we should not forget it. Not to mention that the saga’s protagonist name means 3 o’clock and we’re getting awfully close to it

Notice the other clock, and the inside of the Book world. Unlike Brulée’s Mirror World, it appers to e possible to self escape from this one: it’s more like an illusion, because Nami and Amant are there too, though they are clearly not necessary, and if it worked his older sister’s, Mont D’Or could/should have just trapped Luffy inside like Chopper and Carrot. It’s an amazing power though, very  creative.

Not these two guys remind so badly of Tweedledum and Tweedledee. “Carrol’s references” is getting repetitive, but here it is anyway.

Now happens something people didn’t expect.

He’s just gonna Conqueror’s Haki them all!!!

Yeah, right. These guys are not the marine small fry you saw in One Piece Z. These are the underlings of a yonkou and he’s tired and beaten up. So happens the things people didn’t expect, but I kinda thought would. Luffy and Nami get caught.

There a couple of good reasons behind it:

1. Kick a younkou’s ass? So early in the manga? We’ve barely just landed in the New World - take into mind the fans have been there for years, but it can’t have been more then six weeks for the Mugis. 

2. Mama’s clearly too strong. You need an army to defeat her army and an hero to defeat her personally. Still, they came with no army - though having very conveniently just formed one after Dressrosa, which I won’t deny may come to their rescue. 

3. Luffy said he wouldn’t fight her. Remeber? Others’ words may change; not Luffy’s. He’s Oda mouth of truth -

- yeah this one. 

Amant seems to be a Longneck - just another proof for Mama’s interspecies weddings. 

THIS I wasn’t expecting though: that Nami’s trump card vivre card would be taken away. At any time with that she could have turned the situation upside down, but this … this makes it much worse than it could be. And it seems her contribution in this saga will not be bound strictly to fighting. 

More longnecks and other random siblings suggesting that Lola’s card implies her demise at the hands of the SH. But Nami says she isn’t: she’s their friend actually. And I wish I could find the fragment, but at some point Lola states that now they are “sisters”. Given th importance of family relationships in the Charlotte crew, I can’t help but see this a hint of something more.

She literally gave her a piace of Mother’s soul. If that doesn’t mean something, I don’t know what does. 

If you ever run into any troubles, just follow this and ask for my mama to help you out, okay?

AKA famous last words. 

This may not mean anything OR it may mean that the role of the card is not over yet. 

To the fanboys’ part: we learn that there are a total of 30 poneglyphs around the world, of which 17 are only there for archeology otakus like our sweet Robin, but 9 are relevant to the true hidden history of the world, and 4 lead to the whole point of the story: the One Piece  

Pedro is apparently known as the “Poneglyph thief”. All the members are in serious hardships right now, but he and Brook decide to go along with the plan. 

Actually, the two of them are the only ones still capable of doing something of thier own free will. I’d love for Brook to be relevant at last! He’s smart and strong and ridicolously understimated. 

Now, getting to the real stuff.  How I see this arc playing out. 

Basically, with a political settlement. 

For some of the reasons I stated above, I don’t think Luffy will kick Mama’s ass. Sanji wouldn’t want him to either: if she’s menacing to kill Zeff with him like this, she wouldn’t get softer if they attacked her more than they already have. But all the yonkous, Whitebeard too before his demise, share a common trait: the love for freedom. 

Big Mom stated it to Jinbei. For Shanks, it’s evident. Blackbeard is an horrible individual and he got

one of the most epic scenes ever. 

So Mama is a psychotic, but may consider letting Luffy go. At some price, of course. But she may - hoping she hasn’t cut off any of Jinbe’s limbs yet. 

Then we have this. I’ll past this from a previos post and proceed to explain my point.

 “Your current comrades” means: “after the wedding ceremony, they will no longer be your comrades, because you will be a member of my crew”, meaning: if they don’t leave before the wedding I’ll be able to toy with them as much as I like.I am still convinced the wedding between Sanji and Pudding won’t de facto happen, but this doesn’t imply

  1. some ceremony before that makes Sanji part of the crew
  2. The wedding won’t be between Sanji and Pudding. I’ve gone through the possibility that Sanji will marry Nami

Now, before shoving me off with “she’s just a shipper”, listen. I pointed out a couple of things above and I will add some you may have already heard about: 

  • Nami doesn’t a role right now in the fight, as the vivre card has been taken from her, but she’s still the Cat Burglar and she infiltrates places
  • Cat Burglars also stands for Husband Stealer, in Japanese
  • If Sanji saved Nami from her wedding - basically single-handedly -, Nami will probably do the same: again, not for shipping. You have two forced weddings, thematics parallels everywhere between Whole Cake Island and Thriller Bark, even the same characters! - Charlotte family members, but also Lola, if I am correct and she’s appear before long -: think as a writer would, it’s too inviting not to do it. 
  • the moment the wedding is completed, Sanji’s a member of Mama’s crew. Just kidnapping him from the ceremony is not easily done, he still needs the keys to the handcuffs, and his father has them. Now, even if I am right and Mama lets him go, remove the Damocles’ sword on Zeff’s head, he still needs the keys. And his father said he would give them to him as soon as the ceremony would end. 
  • But who said Pudding’s to be wed? Lola mentioned her “sisterhood” with Nami. And if Pudding’s not as bad as her mother, she may want to help Sanji escape the ceremony - especially now that they have been captured. Mama mentioned very clearly that as long as they are Sanji’s comrades, they can go free, but

she also said she’d much rather have them hanging from a tree. Meaning: now they are her prisoners, she won’t let them go until the ceremony is over and then punish them accordingly. This would make Sanji’s sacrifice totally pointless. 

  • Pudding should know this much about her mother - and if she’s not bad, she will try to help the SH
  • Nami, as mentioned, doesn’t have a role now. She’s not a fighter like the others, she’s a burglars, and she steals things. 
  • Brides much conveniently wear veils: it isn’t possible to know who’s behind it if it’s thick enough - and once a marriage is over, it’s over. 
  • Her sisterhood with Lola implies that in some ways she could be considered a member of the family
  • Exchanging her with Pudding would greatly simplify the situation: the Vinsmokes couldn’t a thing about it, nor could Mama. They would hand Sanji the keys without suspecting a thing. It would solve a major part of the current problems simply and smoothly, leaving the others to worry about the Poneglyphs
  • Just as Sanji’s meaning of 3 o’clock seems to have some relevance, for the reasons above, Nami’s epithet also should. 
  • Sanji’s theme before the timeskip was “chasing women who don’t want him”; now, thanks to Viola, the mermaids, Pudding, sounds more like “too many women want Sanji”: what if another one did?
  • One may object: “NO SHIPPING HERE”. Regardless of that, don’t you think Nami would anything in her power to save a comrade? They are not just crewmembers, they are family - which is yet another theme in this saga, incidentally: the Charlottes who are a disfunctional crew-family, the Vinsmokes, who sure as hell aren’t a family, but have a cloned army, which is kind of a “blood relation”, and the Mugiwaras, the onluy ones not related by blood and the only not disfunctional ones and bound by true love and trust. 

This is just a suggestion, of course. Mostly based on what could be reasonable to solve things. In this arc we may not think in terms of the usual “kicking asses”: with Doffy it was still possible, and we know what it took. I do, however, think that Oda might be pulling something unexpected from him.

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