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Game of Thrones Season 8 Theories

Since I’m fairly sure the leaked plot is legit - it’s been pretty accurate up until this point- I’m going to jump ahead and put my bets for Season 8.

1. Sansa won’t be happy about the possible D + J marriage/partnership.

Shipping aside, considering what Sansa has been through to reclaim her home and Dany’s overall attitude about being in control of the Seven Kingdoms, I doubt she’ll be nothing but warm and welcoming to the Dragon Queen.

This could put more tension in her relationship with Jon.

2. Dany will try to convince Jon it’s his duty as a Targaryen to join forces with her.

After being convinced that she is the last of her house, Dany won’t be to happy to find out that there is another with a potentially stronger claim to the throne than she does.

At that point, she could either have Jon killed or marry him to secure her position. Dany does not seem like the type who would kill a good man like Jon so it will most likely be the latter. She probably won’t like the idea of sharing power but it’s a fair compromise.

Given the Targaryen tradition of marrying relatives, she’ll most likely try to convince Jon it’s his duty to marry her and honor his house. Jon will hesitate at first but give in eventually to maintain peace and order.

Jon and Dany might even marry.

3. Jamie will join Jon.

I’m 50/50 on this one. Jamie loves his sister so much he’s putting a blind eye to almost everything she does. But now that the whole of Westeros is in danger, being the decent man he is, he knows the battle with the White Walkers is a more pressing issue than the fight over the Iron Throne.

This could lead him to abandon Cersei and join the rest of the people up north - potentially taking a few Lanister soldiers, Bronn, and a few minor Westerosi lords with him.

4. Cersei won’t like being ignored.

At this point, most people would have realized they’re all going to die unless they defeat the army of the dead - everyone except Cersei.

Not liking the fact that she’s been all but abandoned and ignored, she’ll try to reinstate the fact that she is still the reigning queen of Westeros and she’s in charge.

She could either launch an attack on Jon and Dany or try to foil their battle plans in some other way.

It’s either she realizes it doesn’t mean shit if she’s on the Iron Throne when they’re all fucked or she remains the stubborn woman she is and ignore everybody else.

5. Dany will die
I was pretty sure of this the moment she came out of the flame at Vaes Dothrak and amassed an enormous army with ships and dragons. She’s just too much of an obvious choice for the throne and frankly she’s getting a bit annoying this season.

Dany is a fantastic conqueror but it doesn’t seem like she makes a great leader - not next to someone as level-headed as Jon Snow that is.

My guess is she’ll be killed right before she gets her hands on the throne (possibly by one of her dragons). There was also an interesting theory on how this was foreshadowed in Dany’s vision at the House of the Undying.

In her vision, she was at the throne room in Westeros and it was snowing. She went past the Iron Throne and joined Khal Drogo and her stillborn son on the other side instead.

There’s also another theory that she sacrifices herself to give Jon the power to defeat the White Walkers.

6. Bran might also die :(
Emo!Bran might not last until the end. The Night King has already touched him before and he’s too powerful to leave alive and on the other side of the battle.

I’m not sure when or how, but it seems likely he’ll meet his end as well.

7. Jon will win the Iron Throne (if there’s still a throne to win)
I was also thinking Jamie or Sansa but I’m 60% sure Jon will live this one through.

Jamie doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who wants the throne, not after everything he’s seen and done. As for Sansa, she might still be queen if Jon chooses to ignore a lifetime of seeing her as a sibling and accept the fact that they don’t share the same father after all.

If Dany does die, she seems like the only character left for him to end up with. It’s a good way to unite the north and the south - him being a Targaryen and her being a Stark. It’s also a good way of keeping his word to protect Sansa. Marrying her will make sure she doesn’t end up with some lunatic ever again.

8. The Seven Kingdoms will go back to being seven kingdoms
After all the hullabaloo for the Iron Throne, there might not be a throne left to fight for in the end. If Jon does win, he might choose to abolish the system and bring things back to where they were before the Targaryens swooped everything up and made it their own.

It’s a bit poetic - a Targaryen united the Seven Kingdoms and a Targaryen will also be the one to set them free.

At this point, Jon might go back to Winterfel to settle and rebuild the north after taking care of the mess the war left.

Irony and Storytelling in Game of Thrones and ASOIAF: Part 1

I’ve spent some time lately thinking over the most likely endings for various characters in the ASOIAF / GOT universe (I’ll be switching back and forth between referring to the show and the books pretty constantly), and I wanted to share some of them - partly because I’ve seen a huge number of Watsonian, or in-universe, takes on what people believe will happen, but not very many Doylist approaches (that is to say, approaching the story as a work of narrative fiction obeying the laws of narrative fiction, rather than parsing the logic of actions taken in-universe). There’s nothing especially new here, but I haven’t seen anyplace where it’s all put together in quite this way. I plan to do a number of pieces on different characters, especially Jaime and Bran, but I started off with the Dany/Jon/Sansa love triangle and kind of got carried away with just that, so…that’s coming in my next post.

Anyway, something that I think is sometimes overlooked in Martin’s work in favor of the dragons and character development and so on is his intense love of irony, and especially ironic reversals. Consider Jaime crippling Bran and then losing his own swordhand; Cersei, known as the most beautiful woman in Westeros, punished by being forced to walk totally exposed through the streets; or House Arryn, whose words are ‘High as Honor,’ falling under the control of Petyr Baelish, perhaps the least honorable man in Westeros and one who acquired his nickname, ‘Littlefinger,’ due to his lack of height. Those are just three off the top of my head—I’d bet a more thorough accounting would come up with a number approaching the hundreds.

This interest of Martin’s in reversals and turn-arounds has fueled my main prediction for the overall story arc of ASOIAF—that it is a deconstruction of the fantasy genre that will be followed, in its final act, by a reconstruction. That is to say that, in the end, the White Walkers will be defeated, humanity will be saved, winter will end, and the rightful monarch will once again sit on the throne—the feudal underpinnings of Westerosi society, in other words, will not be fundamentally challenged. I’ve seen a lot of people suggest that the story will end by transforming the Seven Kingdoms into a democracy or something along those lines, and I have to say, I think they are basically misunderstanding what this series is about. ASOIAF is not an ideological text in any sense—it is not about supporting one kind of government or economic system over another. It is, in fact, involved in an intensive effort to undermine pure ideology of any kind, whether it be a person’s faith in the inherent power of aristocracy, religion, honor, or family. Doing all of this work to untangle the threads of the various belief systems in play, only to turn the narrative over to full-throated supported of yet another manmade belief system, would be hugely out of character for both Martin and the series, the underlying message of which has always been that these systems are simply as good or bad as the people who create and sustain them. [AN - these are not my personal views, just my interpretation of the text!]

Another major theme of the series has been that of storytelling itself. Martin is constantly using his novels to investigate the different ways in which stories are constructed and reconstructed across societies, how they change depending on who is telling them and who is listening, how vast the gulf between two interpretations of the same facts can be and how the facts themselves grow inevitably murkier with every retelling. ASOIAF itself can be viewed as a case study in the storytelling practices of Westerosi society.

The initial story being told and retold is, of course, Robert’s Rebellion, the aftershocks of which are still playing out across the Seven Kingdoms when we first pick up with our characters in the present day—and two of Martin’s favorite ironic reversals are immediately in play, though it takes time for the readers to catch up to them. The first is King Robert himself, with his public image as the Good King who rescued the realm from a madman placed in direct contrast with the reality of Robert the man as substandard ruler and moral coward whose mismanagement has brought his kingdom to the brink of civil war. The second is Jaime Lannister, who is universally despise as the Kingslayer for what is, in his own tale, his finest moment. Robert’s version of the rebellion is different from Ned’s, which is different from Jaime’s, which is different again from Lyanna’s, and all of them quite dramatically different from Dany’s, but the underlying truth is that none of them (Lyanna aside, who we can’t really judge) are entirely unbiased in their judgements or fully apprised of all the facts in the case. But they also all know far more about the truth of these events—the chaos and ugliness of them, in Ned’s case; the terrifying stakes, in Jaime’s; the tragedy of a slaughtered mother, father, and siblings as the price for the side of ‘justice’ prevailing, in Dany’s—than does the common man or woman of Westeros, who know of the story of the rebellion only through stories.

The case I want to make is that the entirety of the present-day plot of ASOIAF can best be understood in a similar context. We the readers/viewers are being taken on a painstaking and intimate tour of the ‘facts of the case,’ learning firsthand how different the reality of these events is from the idealized songs and legends of the past. But we are doing this, not so that we can simply decide that all stories are fundamentally bullshit, but in order to understand how these stories are made and where they come from—and where they come from is reality, which is always more painful, more brutal, more chaotic and terrifying than the tales we later tell about it. Meaning only emerges at a distance, and events only seem inevitable once they are in the past. I posit that, in a hundred years or less, the events of ASOIAF will be an in-universe legend; they will be the stuff of songs and stories in the same way that Robert’s Rebellion and the adventures of long-dead knights and ladies like Aemon and Jonquil were for our characters. The truth of what happened in the past is always far less pretty than the histories we make of it, and this will remain the case long into the future of the Seven Kingdoms.

What this means is that we are actually going to get a traditional heroes’ victory at the end of our story—but that we are going to get there through the most brutally realistic telling Martin can manage to create, because that is very much his point. Reality is hard and complicated, and people are never all good or all evil—we turn them into into heroes and villains in our own telling of their stories, but in doing so we elide the truth that people are not their own ideals, and never have been.

What Makes Jaime Lannister SO Special? How did he go from massively despised to loved?

You often hear “Jaime did X horrible thing how can you like him!!!” “Jaime is a horrible man without honor who tried to kill a child and threatened another what can you possibly like about him” and I’m like?? the whole point of Jaime Lannister is TO MOVE ON FROM THE FIRST IMPRESSION (applies to sansa on a much more sympathetic level) ….

That’s the beauty of the character, GRRM did one of the best plot twist and audience manipulation I’ve ever seen, He presents you a character, from everyone’s POV but his own, you’ll know he’s a child murdering incestuous guy, horrible man without honor from the starks (even before they know about bran) stupid fool from cersei, A reckless spoiled child who left his duties by Tywin but there’s the redeeming quality, a hint to his truer personality from Tyrion POV that shows how much jaime cared about him when no one else did, that all he does, good or bad, is always driven by the desire to protect his family and no one can fault him at that cause we all want to do the same, So I didn’t start off HATING jaime, but not loving him either I was in the middle if not like him a bit

BUT THEN, he gives you his POV, his story, his thoughts and past experiences, You realize that he isn’t that bad, that he has a lot of hidden qualities as well that we didn’t know of because we didn’t see anything from his perspective, only others, Jaime was still the “kingslayer” when he saved brienne twice, he didn’t owe her anything but did it anyway, because despite what the world sees in him he has some principles, as long as he’s unprovoked he’s not that bad, BUT seeing someone so young and hopeful, someone living up to the hight knightly standards made him remember that he was like that, that was the person he always wanted to be but judgement and bitterness (and his family’s bad influence in a way) took that good part away from him, leaving out “the kingslayer" 

but once he let go of that, let go of the arrogance facade and the bitterness consuming him he embraced his better part, and truly tried to make up for his mistakes and redeem himself

Jaime’s story also shows how much "judging someone before knowing him” or through what people say about them can be wrong, as even the most honorable person in westeros, completely misjudged and was wrong about Jaime, he let his assumptions overrule asking HIM about HIS side and reasons to kill the mad king.

That’s why I love Jaime Lannister so much, it’s not a story about how “Bad boy meets good girl and changes for her, or because she asked” but rather A story about a boy who was too good too young, that had seen the cruel reality of the world, who had seen how honor and doing the right thing are the same, that the world is full of injustice, about a man who would kill anyone who could harm his family in a heartbeat but also save a whole city and only get scorn in return, he’s the man who sank so so low from what he was supposed to be but managed to stay strong, to will himself to change to be a better version of himself instead of give up, which is really inspiring and the most human possible

because we all have that in us, we’re human we make mistakes but we shouldn’t let either our mistakes or the people define us, we define ourselves through our actions, getting back up and do better… 

That’s why Jaime lannister went from despised to loved, his journey is insanely relatable and inspiring, but also sympathetic, it’s not about looks or superficial things it’s about sheer storytelling skills.

Murmurs by Lovecomesinattheeyes

A drabble i said i would write, here’s part 1. Part 2 will be soon.

Jorah watches the fair haired Khaleesi approach the brooding fur clad form of the King in the North. The bastard son of the man who had exiled Jorah in the first place, who had threatened to kill him. This young King who currently wore the Mormont family sword on his hip also seemed to be winning the affection of the Dragon Queen.

“So he finally declared for her…” Missandei’s voice breaks Jorah from his thoughts and he looks away from the pair now deep in conversation as they pass something between one another.

“Aye, he could have chosen a better time.” Jorah huffs.

“Well, he told her on the ship from Eastwatch.” Missandei shrugs.

“He did?” Jorah’s blank face of surprise whips back to Missandei

“Yes, she told me when she returned to Dragonstone.” Missandei glanced at the pair. “Their affection for one another has grown more obvious over the past weeks, it does not surprise me.”

“Are you talking about Jon and Daenerys?” Theon edges into the conversation, his eyes flit to the pair then between Jorah and Missandei.

“Aye,” Jorah answers the Ironborn.

“I’ve known him since I was a boy.” Theon smirks knowingly. “I’ve never seen him look at a girl the way he’s looking at her right now. His brother Robb and I had a bet going about that.”

“I’m sorry, about what exactly?” Missandei asks, a confused yet amused look on her face.

“On whether he was more inclined toward men or women…” Theon chuckles. “I guess Robb wins.” The humor leaves his face quickly and he looks down.

“You were raised with the Starks weren’t you?” Jorah asks.

“Aye. I trained alongside Robb and Jon as if they were my own kin. Ned and Catelyn treated me well. I daresay Catelyn treated me better than she did Jon.” He kicks at some bone fragments on the ground before grinding them to dust with the heel of his boot.

“Really? Why?” Missandei presses.

Theon looks up slightly, his lips set in a firm line. “Jon was the only besmirchment to Ned Starks honor. A living reminder that he betrayed his marital oath. Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn did have a strong affection if not love for one another and to see another woman’s son walking around with her own children? Well, she treated him as if HE were the traitors’ son instead of me.”

“How did Ned treat Jon?” Jorah asks, glancing back over to see that the duo had retreated further back into the alcove.

“Just as he treated his other children, firm but fair. He hardly ever raised a hand to them. He didn’t have to. He had a certain look that he would give you, a way of making you feel as if you were the smallest person in the room. His disappointment was punishment enough.” He shakes his head as he looks back up. “Jon takes after Ned the most. He holds himself the same way, rules fairly but firmly, wields a sword better than most men, can silence you with a look, can have a quick temper if you harm or even threaten to harm those he holds most dear. He’s a good man, an honorable man. I just hope it doesn’t get him killed the same way it did Ned.”

Everyone peeks at them for a moment, the brief silence broken by Missandei. “Perhaps they will marry.”

“Why do you say that?” Jorah shoots back, almost too quickly.

“Well, she left Daario behind in order to make herself available for just such a thing. King Snow seems the best fit for her. They have an attraction, he’s strong, politically powerful, she could ‘legitimize’ him as you call it, give him a proper Westeros name that would give him more sway. Not to mention, they’ve both experienced something that no one in the world thought possible.”

“What’s that?” Theon asks dumbly.

“According to Davos, King Jon was brought back to life by a red priestess in the name of the Lord of Light. Queen Daenerys earned the title of Unburnt by walking out of the ashes of her dead husbands funeral pyre holding her dragons.”

Theon looks at her for a moment before she continues, realizing he doesn’t know what she’s getting at. “Magic. They’re lives were both spared by magic. Fate may have brought them together, perhaps in order to accomplish what they’re setting out to do right now.”

Jorah contemplates her words and though he tries to deny it, he begins to accept the fact that she may be correct. Especially as the hint of a smile he hasn’t seen in quite some time blossoms across her face. They all seem to witness it, Missandei smiles triumphantly, Theon quirks his eyebrows appreciatively and Jorah furrows his brow in concern. If love is what is happening, then his words from earlier are especially true, their timing is awful. War spoils many things, love being especially vulnerable. He has sworn to protect her, but her life and body are a lot easier to protect than her heart.


That was base camp Dany, up next is Jon’s crew. Leave me some love. I’ll add it to ao3 when I get back home from vacation.

anonymous asked:

It bothers the hell out of me when people claim that Jon is the heir of house Targaryen. Like what, by a vague bloodline that he neither knows nor honors? What dragons has HE ever fucking woken what fire has ever given him strength the only Targaryen legacy Jon has is the advice Aemon gave him like what the hell fandom DAENERYS is the heir to the Targaryen throne and the legacy of Valyria her ancestors's choices are HERS to correct & emulate I don't give a damn about R&L's marital status

Greeting anon!

Sorry about the late reply but I received the message during my vacations and well, I was on vacation. But I’m back now and better than ever, I think.

My dear friend, I feel your pain. This has been a source of grief for a long time. As a fan of Daenerys Targaryen, The First of Her Name, I’ve had to deal with the relegation by these fans of Dany’s character and arc to a delivery service that will provide Jon Snow will the dragons and the armies he needs.

Let’s first look at Jon Snow’s arc; it’s most important theme is his identity and what he sees as his place in the world. Jon doesn’t just want to be legitimized he wants to be legitimized a Stark. To find out that he’s not a Stark and that his father is a Targaryen will be devastating. He has no connection to the Targaryen other than, as you mentioned, his relationship with Maester Aemon and what he has heard and read about them. So, he has no interest in restoring House Targaryen and becoming the Targaryen heir, that’s not what his story is about.

His story is about becoming comfortable with who he is as a person and what he has been able to achieve despite the fact that he’s a bastard. Being legitimate won’t change him as a person, won’t change what he’s achieve. Legitimacy would be for the benefit of other not him, not really. His character shouldn’t be defined by his “true parentage” it should be defined by what he learned from his father Ned and what he achieved on his own despite being a bastard. Finding out who his real parents are is the last step in pushing him to finally and truly come to term with being the bastard, Jon Snow.

Okay, sorry, I needed to get that out of the way in order to discuss the story of the true heir to House Targaryen, Daenerys Stormborn.

So, I’ve very briefly delineated what I believe Jon Snow’s story is really about, which is not House Targaryen. Jon being a Targaryen has way more to do with the magical aspects of the story than the political aspects.

Let’s talk now about Dany’s story and its major theme. Like Jon, the main theme in Dany’s story is that of identity*, of which the most important one is her identity as the last scion of House Targaryen. Dany was not born and didn’t grow up believing that she was the scion of House Targaryen and that it was her job to restore her House, that was her brother Viserys who had been crowned king by his mother in Dragonstone. So, Dany’s identity at the beginning of the story is as the meek little sister of the beggar king, Viserys. But because it’s the world of ASOIAF shit happens and Dany found herself alone in the world, the last member of the once great House Targaryen.

Her whole life her brother drilled into her how they had to take back what was stolen from them, that they had to avenge their family, and erase the disgrace they now found themselves in. Viserys’ death didn’t erase these things from Dany’s mind, it made them more urgent. Dany feels the weight of her entire family’s history on her shoulder. It is up to her and her alone, to take back the kingdom that was formed by her family, to restore her House and to avenge the death of her family. After all she was the last Targaryen, if she failed, her House would disappear, but worst of all, it would have disappeared in exile, disgraced and in ruins, a shell of its former glory. It is now Dany’s duty to do everything in her power to restore and redeem the Targaryen name. This is not an easy burden to bear for Dany, it is lonely and sad, and it forces her to put away any personal want she might have had, for the good of her House and family.

Dany being the heir to House Targaryen is not just something that she fell into by virtue of being the last know Targaryen but it also appears that it’s something that the “cosmos” has chosen for her. Why do I say this? Well, in Dany’s first chapter in AGOT she has her first Dragon Dream, in which she presumably sees Drogon for the first time. She goes on to have another Dragon Dream in which she is healed by Drogon’s fire. Then, she has a third dream (during her miscarriage) this is an incredibly important dream, it’s her Fevered Dream. In brief, during this dream Dany is being encouraged by her ancestors to become a dragon.

Shortly after this, Dany walks into a pyre of fire with her three dragon eggs and hatches them, these eggs that have been dormant for at least 150 years. She walks out of the pyre unburnt with three little baby dragons and feeds them from her own breast milk. Please note that she almost symbolically gave birth to her House sigil, which is a three headed dragon. Now, she hatched three separate dragons but the connection is there. She then goes on to bond with the black and red dragon, the dragon that bears her House colors.

Dany then embarks in her quest to gain an army and take back the kingdom that was stolen from her family. During this quest she encounters Slaver’s Bay; which exist in great part to the Valyrian’s enslaving that region with the assistance of their dragons. She then uses her own dragons to free the people of Slaver’s Bay. Basically, undoing what her Valyrian ancestor did. Along the way she begins to learn a little bit more about her family from someone other than her brother, Ser Barristan. What he tells Dany is a bit different than what she’s heard. She is confronted with the possibility that her family was complicit in its own downfall. She learns that her father was a mad man who committed any number of horrors. But this part of the story is still in progress.

Regardless of this though, Dany still sees it as her duty to restore her family honor and the throne that belong to her family. She has her armies and her dragons and will soon set sail to Westeros to reclaim her crown and restore her House.

Like Jon, Dany has to come to term with her identity and what it all entails. She is confident in her role as a Targaryen, but does she know and recognize what that truly means? The good and the bad and the really, really bad? We’ve seen hints of this in the show, when Dany says that she wants to leave the world a better place than her father did. But I think Dany’s push (like Jon’s push with the revelation of his parentage) will be when she is forced to chose between the throne that she has fought so hard for and the fight against the Others. She will have to make good on her promise that she wants to leave the world a better place than her forebears.

I think it’s important that this choice be a clean choice for Dany. If Jon were the true Targaryen heir it would diminish the importance of Dany’s choice, in my estimation. Because the throne wouldn’t have been hers in the first place and so therefore her entire arc was a futile exercise attempt to regain and restore a House she wasn’t even the scion of.  Hahahaha!

So, then what lesson do we take away from this, don’t be ambitions, don’t fight for your family, their honor, your own honor as the last member of your family.

Who do you think you are woman; move aside so that the real man of the House can take your place.

Had Dany not felt it her duty to restore her House she might not have hatched her dragons, she wouldn’t have gone into Slaver’s Bay much less free the slaves there. She wouldn’t have gather her soon to be very large army and brought it to Westeros (where most all other armies have been turned to pieces by the War of the Five Kings. BTW).

And I ask those fans who are so keen to disinherit Dany, where would Westeros be if Dany hadn’t accomplished what she has accomplished? Because if you think that the dragons and that large army Dany is bringing to Westeros (however much it is reduced after her fight with Euron/Cersei) are not going to be extremely important if not essential to the War for Dawn then you have not been paying attention.

This is why it’s important that she’s the legitimate heir to the Targaryens, because her turning her back on something that is hers by right, that is just within her grasp, for the greater good makes her choice so much more powerful and meaningful.

So be grateful that Daenerys Stormborn is the heir to the House Targaryen, that she had the guts, the courage, and the cunning to do what needed to be done to restore her House. And that she’s bringing all that to Westeros, all her fight, her fearlessness, her determination that she will prevail. Because if she wasn’t bringing that, the story we would be reading would be the story of the end of the world.

This turned out a lot longer than I intended it to be, because apparently, I’m feeling wordy today.

*Dany’s struggle with identity is a bit more complicated. She’s a mother; she’s a dragon, a Khaleesi, a queen, the duality of her character, etc, etc. But for the purposes of this ask I focus on her Targaryen identity because it’s the overriding identity, it’s the reason she’s doing what she is doing.

Jonerys Baby Name Predictions

Just a random post and my random thoughts. You guys tell me what you think!

Boy options:

Eddard/Ned: Likeliness - 8/10. Ned was Jon’s adoptive father, arguably most honorable man in Westeros. Very likely.

Robb/Robert: Likeliness - 4/10. Although there is book evidence Jon would want to name his son after his late brother, Robb Stark was named after Robert Baratheon (userper, killer of Jon’s actual father, all around not great guy). So I’d say this name is Not very likely.

Rhaegar: Likeliness - 5/10. Jon’s father. Dany’s brother. Dany already wanted to name her first son for her eldest brother. But Rhaegar’s relationship with Lyanna did start a war that nearly ruined House Targaryen so I’d say it’s just Possible.

Daemon: Likeliness - 5/10? I keep seeing this name in a lot of different fanfics as if the fandom has somehow decided on it and all agreed. Yes it’s a Targaryen name and a cool one. But I think Dany and Jon would be too sentimental to not name their child after someone they love.

Jon: Likeliness - 10/10 (if Jon dies); 6/10 if Jon lives. If Jon dies clearly there would need to be a legitimate Jon Targaryen out there. No question. There would literally be no other name Dany would want if Jon died. But if he lives, I’m not so sure Jon would be so egotistical as to name his son after himself. So it’s either Highly Likely or just Possible.

Aegon: Likeliness - 0/10. Oh Gods please no not another one. Impossible!

Benjen: Likeliness - 3/10. It would be a sweet thought. Benjen did save both his nephews beyond the wall, dying saving Jon. But Benjen Targaryen just doesn’t have a very regal ring to it. So I’d say Not very likely.

Rickon/Rickard: Likeliness - 3/10. Again, sweet thought. Jon’s grandfather or late brother/cousin. But just not significant enough. Not very likely.

Aemon: Likeliness - 8.5/10. I would say 9/10 but don’t want to sound too sure of myself. I really like the idea of Jon and Dany’s first son being named Aemon. First, it’s a very Targaryen name, regal, very fitting for an heir. Second, Maester Aemon was something of a mentor to Jon and had a lot of influence in his journey, likely being the one to suggest Commander Mormont chose Jon as his steward, helping him get elected Lord Commander, ‘kill the boy’ speech. And also, Jon pretending to be Aemon the Dragon Knight when he was younger. I’d say this name is Highly Likely.

Girl options: (Omg this is actually so much harder)

Rhaella/Lyanna: Likeliness - 7/10. They were Jon and Dany’s mothers who both died giving birth to them. Both would make lovely names for a princess. And I feel Lyanna is more likely for a girl than Rhaegar for a boy because Jon grew up knowing her name and believing she was his aunt, she was supposed to resemble Arya, and Lyanna Mormont is inarguably a badass. I’d say these both are Very Likely.

Sansa/Arya: Likeliness - 4/10 (if both live); 7/10 (if either dies). While it would be a lovely thought to name their first girl after Jon’s sisters, I just don’t see either of these as a first choice. However if one of them dies, I think it fairly likely Jon would want to honor his fallen sister by naming his daughter after her. So Not very likely to Fairly Likely.

Daenerys: Likeliness - 10/10-6/10. Again depending on whether Dany dies. Regardless of whether she and Jon both die, whoever remains to raise the princess would name her Daenerys I believe to honor her mother. If Dany lives, again, I don’t know she’d be so egotistical to name her first daughter after herself. Highly likely to Possible.

Rhaenyra: Likeliness - 5/10. Its Targaryen sounding, it’s regal and pretty. I’ve seen this one come up in a lot of fanfics, much like Daemon. But again, Jon and Dany seem too sentimental for that. So just Possible.

Visenya: Likeliness - 7/10. A female version of Viserys or Viserion (literally the dragon that had to die so Targ baby could be possible). A very Targaryen name. Also Visenya is one of Aegon the Conqueror’s sister wives, dragon rider, all around badass, much like Dany. So I can see this as a definite Very Possible.

Missandei: Likeliness - 5/10. Honestly if Missandei dies I will be so fucking disappointed. But I don’t see Targ baby having her name under any other circumstance so this is just Possible.

What other names do you guys think are possible?

A Union of Ice and Fire // Chapter One

Title: A Union of Ice and Fire

Fandom: Game of Thrones/ASoIaF

Characters: Rhaegar Targaryen x Lyanna Stark

Summary: The tale of the beginning of the Dragon Prince and the She Wolf, how they met and the events that followed.


Author’s Note

I promise to fix the format once I get on a computer. Unfortunately I was left with only mobile but I wanted to get this up! Enjoy!


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Daeron II was married to Princess Mariah Martell, officially bringing Dorne under the rule of the Iron Throne. had four sons, his oldest was Baelor “Brakespear.” Baelor had already established himself as a war hero during the Blackfyre Rebellion but he was also a thoughtful man who valued honor and fairness. In short, everything you’d want in a king. So naturally, he died young. During a tournament he took a blow to the head, and while his helmet saved him, he soon succumbed to his wound.

Not long after, Westeros was hit by a nasty plague. Many died, including King Daeron, and Baelor’s two sons. This meant the throne passed to the second son Aerys I. Aerys was an intellectual like his father and spent most of his time reading and studying. Unlike his father, he lacked any real resolve or interest in ruling (he rarely ever wore his crown.) He appointed Bloodraven as his Hand and let him rule. During his reign both the Blackfyres and the Greyjoys rebelled against the throne.

Aerys died childless and his younger brother Rhaegel and nephew Aelor both died soon after. So Maekar, the youngest son became king. Proud, envious and angry, Maekar always had a chip on his shoulder. He fought alongside Baelor against the Blackfyres but never received the renown and adoration his older brother did. And in an unfortunate turn of events, it was Maekar who accidentally killed Baelor during the tournament. While his reign was a peaceful one, Maekar lived the rest of his life deeply troubled as he could never shake his reputation as a kinslayer.

neeyagirly  asked:

hey, just saw your tags on the R+L=J post. i don't know the story well, so can you tell me why you said lyanna wasn't forced? *trying my best to sound genuine and non-offensive because i'm honestly curious*

first off -  don’t worry you’re not coming of as offensive

We know Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna disappeared together, starting a war as a result. Though many believe he kidnapped Lyanna, others seem to think it was an actual love affair. Based on character clues from the men involved, it would have been highly unusual for Rhaegar to spark a war over a violent kidnapping

one of the reasons I (and many other people) believe that is because 90% of the time Rhaegar is described as a good, honorable and peaceful man

Ser Barristan Selmy tells Daenerys in season three he was the “finest man I ever met.“ Ser Barristan is considered one of the greatest and most honorable knights in Westeros. If he believed Rhaegar was a great man, we should also consider that high praise. Ser Jorah Mormont chimes in, saying Rhaegar fought “valiantly” and “nobly” and the Trident

In season five, Ser Barristan tells Daenerys even more heartwarming stories about what a wonderful man Rhaegar was. “He liked to walk among the people,” Barristan says. “He would sing to them. He was very good … Rhaegar never liked killing, he liked singing.“ 

In season four, Oberyn Martell also gives Rhaegar’s character more depth when he tells Tyrion a story about visiting King’s Landing. Remember, Oberyn was the brother of Rhaegar’s wife Elia. According to Oberyn, Rhaegar simply had an affair with Lyanna. "My sister loved him,” Oberyn tells Tyrion. “She bore his children … and beautiful, noble Rhaegar Targaryen left her for another woman." Oberyn’s choice of words makes it sound like Rhaegar and Lyanna had an actual relationship.