the most hipster of all hipsters

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

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I fucking hate Bernie Bro's. Pious white hipsters do more to hurt their cause than help it. They peddle the same right wing garbage and blatant lies about HRC, don't realize the same things they accused of her of Sanders is guilty of and worse. I.... don't understand it... they're still at... still determined to burn everything to the ground in 2020.

“pious white hipster” is a really good description of a sizable chunk of the Bernie fandom and like most pious white hipsters, they have a remarkable lack of self-awareness and a desire to avoid all information that doesn’t reaffirm their own biases.

I think if you’re always been comfortable and safe in life you can be ok with the idea of burning it all to the ground because it’s all theoretical to you. Violence is an abstract concept to people who’ve never worried about encountering a cop having a bad day. 

Under the cut you will find #100 LOOKALIKE PHOTOS that could pass as RACHEL BERRY/LEA MICHELE WITH A BABY. They range from hospital photos to day to day activities to vacation shots and most could be used for any tan, brunette female FC. All the photographs have been re-sized by me so they are 500x500, as fitting with instagram posts, but I can provide the original version upon request. Many thanks, and all credit, to stjamesrps for making this beautiful graphic for me. While none of the photos are my own, I did spend quite a bit of time finding and editing them, and so please LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if you use this hunt in any way. 

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Kylux Florist/Tattoo Parlor AU

Here are the facts:

  • Hux is a tattoo artist who works at First Order Ink, the most well-respected tattoo and piercing parlor in town
  • He keeps his first tattoo hidden out of embarrasment and hates hipsters with a burning passion
  • Kylo works at the New Republic, a brand new florist-cafe fusion thing that all of the hipsters in town love
  • He is both the worst waiter and the best florist they have and puts his hair in a bun when he gets really focused on gardening
  • They absolutely hate each other

It’s gonna be fun. Updates will be tagged “First Order Ink”.  Let me know what you think!

Un-fun: Hipster Creatures

Unglued had a chicken theme and Unhinged had a donkey theme. I really like the idea of the next Un-set having a hipster theme. They would all have pre-modern card borders and the keyword “Obscure.” With that in mind, I submit to you some hipster creature card ideas…

Esper Lit Major
1/ 2
Creature - Vedalken Hipster
Obscure – At the beginning of your upkeep, you may name a book title. If no opponent can name a character from that book, you may name a character from that book and all hipsters gain hexproof until the beginning of your next upkeep.

Serra SJW
Creature - Angel Hipster
Obscure - At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may say the acronym of an organization. If no opponent can name the organization, you may say the name of that organization and all hipsters gain flying until the end of the turn.
Most people just ignore what’s happened to the beeble population. Did you know in some places they even eat them? #beebleaware

Argothian Foodie
Creature - Elf Hipster
Obscure – At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may say the name of a food. If no opponent can say an ingredient other than water that is in that food, you may say an ingredient other than water that is in that food and all hipsters gain trample until end of turn.
“If you want REAL flavor in your flavor text, it’s got to be fresh, local, and hand-written. But you might like this pre-printed stuff.”

Akki DJ
Creature - Goblin Hipster
Obscure – Whenever a hipster enters the battlefield under your control, you may name a musical artist or group. If no opponent can name a song performed by that artist or group, you may name a song by that artist or group and all hipsters gain haste until end of turn.
The moment the music started, there was a frenzy among the crowd. It was all going accordion to plan.

Nosferatu Movie Buff
Creature - Vampire Hipster
Obscure – At the beginning of any player’s attack step, you may name a deceased actor. If no opponent can name a movie in which that actor appeared in the credits, you may name a movie in which that actor appeared in the credits and all hipsters gain deathtouch until end of turn.
Oh you don’t get the Nosferatu reference? I’m not surprised.

Vintage Player
Legendary Creature - Human Gamer Hipster
All hipsters you control get +1/+1 and gain Protection from Modern (Hipsters can’t be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, or enchanted by anything with a modern card border.)
Uncool before it was cool.

As you can see, I still need some help coming up with flavor text for a few.
3dspacejesus elspethsunschampion sigmasupreme hopelessly-vorthosian ihititwithmyaxe narcissisticnihilist spacecosts ajani—goldmane
Any suggestions? Anything you would add?

10 Things I've Learned on The Lesbian Side of Tumblr

1. We don’t smile for 90% our photos
2. We always give the camera Sex Eyes
3. We wear a lot of hats; mostly beanies and snapbacks
4. Most of us are hipsters, but don’t call us hipsters
5. You know one Tumblr lesbian, you know them all
6. We are OBSESSED with tie dye
7. Tumblr is our mating ground
8. We will find a way to make anything and almost anyone seem gay
9. Many of us are closeted but on Tumblr we roam free
10. The majority of the people who will like or reblog this live on The Lesbian Side of Tumblr