the most handsome man on asia

Artaxerxes II & Tiridates
“Eunuch Tiridates had been the most handsome and attractive man in Asia. The King was said to be greatly in love with him. When Tiridates died young, his death caused Artaxerxes enormous grief.”

Darius III & Bagoas
“Persian king’s lover Bagoas, a eunuch of remarkable beauty and in the very flower of boyhood, who had been loved by Darius and was afterward to be loved by Alexander the Great.”

Al-amin & Kauthar
“Al-amin, Caliph of the Baghdad and black eunuch Kauthar, his favorite. The king died in battle with his faithful lover, Kauthar.”

Alauddin & Malik Kafur
“Sultan Alauddin Khilji fell madly in love with the effeminate beauty of Malik Kafur who was very intelligent; the boy became his consort and the general of his army.”

Mehmed II & Radu III
“Radu Dracula was the source of Sultan’s burning love and passion, he became his male concubine, and they spent long days and nights together.”

Ivan IV & Fyodor
“Fyodor Basmanov, a favorite of Ivan the Terrible. The Russian nobleman was almost certainly a lover of the tsar. Feodor Basmanov was described as beautiful and in some accounts, effeminate youth.

Eastern lovers from 350′s BC till 1500′s

Stress, Be Gone (G-Dragon Scenario)

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Thank you for the kind words! Even if I feel kind of rusty and like my imagination is on vacation, I’m glad that I’m (kind of) back too ;) Hope you like it! ^^

Summary: You comfort him when he’s stressed

Every time you came to this particularbuilding, you were overcome with gratitude for the fact that you weren’t acelebrity; that you didn’t come to the building for work, but to visit one particular person who did.

YG Entertainment.

Outside it, just like outside the other big entertainment company’s buildings, fans gathered in hopes to see one or more of their favorite stars. You, however, had access to the inside of the building and was able to go inside without being mobbed by hormonal teenagers.

The person you often went there to see – when he was there – was none other than the almighty G-Dragon; leader of supergroup BigBang and one of the most famous people in all of Asia. To you, though, he was simply just Kwon Ji Yong; the handsome young man who’d stolen your heart five years ago and made your heart race when you simply just thought about him. He was your boyfriend and the love of your life.

This particular day, you knew that Ji Yong was in the studio working and you’d felt like you needed to go and see him. That feeling hadn’t only filled your body because you missed him, but also because you felt worried. You hadn’t seen him in person for quite a while, since he’d been very busy traveling to a lot of different places. Since you weren’t able to see each other, you talked on the phone pretty much every day and – last night – he’d sounded very stressed out, which worried you. You felt like you needed to see him and take some of his stress away; or at least try.

Stepping into one of the building’s elevators, you went up to the floor where you knew his studio was located. Greeting the people you passed on your way to your destination, you felt your heartbeat pick up. It wasn’t nervousness, but simply just worry that whatever your Ji Yong was stressed about was too big – so big that you wouldn’t be able to take away his stress. It’d happened before and you hated it when you couldn’t help him.

He was the love of your life and you felt that it was your job to keep him happy and to always be by his side, even if the entire world was to turn against him.

Was he stressed because a false rumor about him spread and created complete chaos on the internet again? No, you’d know about it by now if it had.

Multiple thoughts raced around in your head as you finally reached the door of his studio. You could hear faint music coming from inside the room and quietly opened the door and peaked inside. To the left, on the couch by the wall, sat Youngbae. He quickly noticed you and waved as a greeting, a smile on his face. You smiled back and opened the door a little more and stepped inside, now able to see the right side of the room. There, by all the gadgets that you had no idea how to use; right outside the recording booth, sat both Teddy – one of the in-house producers at YG – and your dear boyfriend. Both of them were completely absorbed with work and neither noticed your entrance at first. However, Teddy soon turned around slightly and noticed you. After he’d happily called your name as a greeting, Ji Yong quickly turned around and looked at you with surprise evident on his face.

You smiled and greeted them both. Soon, though, you turned to both Teddy and Youngbae and asked if you could have a moment alone with Ji Yong. Both men understood when they saw the worry that’d – unknowingly for you – returned to your eyes. They did as you’d requested and soon, it was only you and Ji Yong left in the studio.

Ji Yong seemed confused, but reached out his hand towards you nonetheless. When you took it, he pulled you closer and made you sit down on his lap – he then proceeded with wrapping his arms around your waist.

“No matter the reason why you’re here, I’m just happy that you are here right now”, he said with a small smile on his face.

He leaned forward and planted a small kiss on your lips, one that you responded to instantly.

“I came here because…”, you started, “… I’m worried about you, Oppa”

“Why?” he asked, looking confused.

“When we talked last night, you sounded really stressed”, you said, “why… Is something wrong?”

Ji Yong seemed very surprised, like he hadn’t expected such a question from you. But he soon seemed to figure out why you’d come to such a conclusion and allowed a heavy sigh to escape his lips as he leaned his head back – closing his eyes.

“I feel like I’m letting all of our fans down for every day that passes without the album being released”, he confessed.

His confession surprised you at first, but you quickly recovered – understanding why he felt like that. It wasn’t the first time that he’d felt like that. It was, by now, pretty much common knowledge that BigBang hadn’t made a comeback as a group for almost three whole years. Their fans were getting very impatient and some were even angry at him because the album wasn’t finished – since he was the one pretty much in charge of writing the lyrics and producing the whole things. Even if you weren’t part of that kind of world and didn’t know from your own experiences what it was like, you could still imagine the immense pressure he had to be feeling at the moment.

Leaning in to his chest a little, you studied your boyfriend where he sat – looking worn out and like he almost wanted the earth to swallow him whole. That was not what he was supposed to look like! Even if, in private, he wasn’t a person overflowing with confidence like he was on stage; seeing him like this still broke your heart.

Mirroring him; leaning your head to the side – allowing it to rest against the headrest of the office chair the two of you were currently sitting on. Looking at Ji Yong, where he sat with his eyes still closed, you bit you lip. Your poor baby…

Without really thinking about it, you lifted one of your arms and ran your fingers through his unstyled black hair. At the sudden touch, Ji Yong opened his eyes slightly and glanced at you – moments later, a small smile spread across his face.

“I’m so glad you’re here, baby”, he quietly said, tightening his arms around you slightly.

“Well, I was worried about you”, you said.

“Just by showing up, you took some of my stress away”, he confessed, putting a smile on your face, “thank you for that”

However, even if those words exited his mouth, you could still clearly see that he was still somewhat distracted. Also, the stress that the public and his fans were putting on him was by no means gone. He pretty much only said those things to take your worries away. You needed to do something, right now.

“Can I listen to the song you’d started working on last time I was here?” you asked, in an attempt to take his mind of all his worries.

He studied you for a moment before nodding and turning the two of you around in the office chair. He then leaned forward a little and started the – to him easy – mission of finding the song you were talking about.

Soon enough, a melody filled the entire room. It’s been stuck in your head ever since you heard it last time and it instantly put a smile to your face. With the right lyrics, this could be yet another hit from BigBang. You were sure of it!

Ji Yong suddenly reached for a paper to his right and handed it to you without a word. You gave him a slightly confused look, but he simply just smiled and encouraged you to read what was written on the paper. You did as he requested, with the melody still playing in the background. It was handwritten lyrics – Ji Yong’s handwriting, you could tell at once. As you read through all of the lyrics, you had to bite your lip slightly to keep tears from forming. The words were really touching – it was as if he was talking to and thanking a person who’d suddenly come into his life and changed it forever, for the better. When did he write it? Had he really written these lyrics for someone special and, if so; who?

“When did you write this, Oppa?” you asked, curiosity very evident in your voice.

“A few weeks ago”, he confessed as the melody came to an end in the background.

“But… Why didn’t you show it to me when I was here last time? This is amazing!”

“Because I wanted to finish it before showing it to you”, he said.


“I wrote it for you”, he said in a tone that told you that he was serious.

Now, that definitely shut you up in an instant. The person he wrote it for? You? It wasn’t like he hadn’t written songs both for you, about you and inspired by you before. But these lyrics were really touching and you instantly began to wonder what you’d done to affect his life that much. Did you really deserve such an amazing song?

“I…”, you really had been rendered speechless.

Ji Yong seemed to understand what was going on and simply just smiled. He studied you for a few moments before gently taking the paper out of your hand. Moments later, he began to quietly sing the lyrics for you. He may not be the vocalist in the group, but he still had a very nice voice and you loved listening to him sing – as well as rap, for that matter.

As a complete sucker for everything romantic and cheesy, this moment was nothing short of perfection. Goosebumps spread across your arms and a smile glued itself to your face as you listened to the love of your life sing for you. Yes, this really was perfection.

A while later, Ji Yong’s singing came to an end as he reached the last words on the paper in his hand. You turned to him, still a big smile on your face. Wanting to properly thank him for writing something like that for you, you leaned forward and placed your lips on his. He smiled and tightened his arms around your waist again before responding to the kiss.

Snaking your arms around his neck, the kiss soon turned into something a little more than the sweet and innocent one it’d started out as. Not having seen each other for a few weeks now, it was natural that you’d missed each other. Ji Yong tilted his head to the side slightly, instantly deepening the kiss and making you crave something more.

However, sadly, the two of you almost simultaneously remembered that this had to stop – now. Breaking the kiss, both of you panting slightly, smiles spread across both your and Ji Yong’s faces. When your racing heart had calmed down slightly, you glanced up towards the ceiling by the couch. There it was, the thing ruining the mood; the CCTV – surveillance camera – that Mr Yang Hyun Suk, the president of YG, used to make sure that the artists and the staff were working.

“As soon as there’s complete privacy, we’re continuing this”, Ji Yong whispered in your ear, instantly putting a smile on your face and a bunch of inappropriate thoughts in your head.

Yes, this would definitely continue.

Calming yourself down and pushing all inappropriate thoughts to the very back of your mind, you sighed slightly as sudden boredom washed over you. Glancing at the clock, you realized that time had somehow flown by. As proof of what time it was, you stomach suddenly growled in protest – you were hungry.

“Want to order some food, Oppa?” you happily asked, excited about the thought of food.

“Sure”, Ji Yong said and chuckled slightly at the excited look on your face. You looked adorable.

While figuring out what you wanted to eat, Youngbae returned to the studio and happily joined in on the task of ordering food. A while after Ji Yong’d called and ordered, the food was delivered – to your delight. You hadn’t realized how hungry you actually were until the delicious smell invaded your senses. While the three of you ate, a lot of different things were discussed and laughter filled the room more often than not.

“So, did you show her the song?” Youngbae asked when you’d all finished eating.

Ji Yong nodded and glanced at you with a small smile on his face. You smiled back at him as you felt your cheeks heat up. Knowing that he’d written the song for you, a nervous feeling filled your body. If this song made it onto the album, would their fans like it – as much as you did? Since it already was an important song for you, the approval by the fans was important for you.

Time went by after that and when Youngbae momentarily went to the bathroom, you glanced at the clock again and realized that it was close to midnight. Had you really been in the studio for that long?

“I should go, Oppa”, you said and turned to Ji Yong who was sitting in the office chair next to you.

He looked at you first and then glanced at the clock for a short moment. Realizing what time it was as well, he simply just nodded and gave you a small smile. You weren’t an Idol and the crazy lifestyle and long work hours that Ji Yong had, weren’t something you should necessarily have to go though. He wanted you to have a life that was as normal as possible, until the inevitable day when the public found out about your relationship. If it wasn’t revealed though some leaked photos, it’d be revealed once he’d asked you to marry him – something he was planning on doing in the near future. You were the love of his life and he wanted you all for himself – and he wanted the world to know that you were only his.

“Do you feel better, though, Oppa?” you asked, wanting to hear the answer before you left.

“A lot”, he said, “I haven’t thought about any of my worries for the last few hours, thanks to you”

At his words, you smiled and felt a happy feeling spread across your entire body. Your mission was a success and you could happily go home knowing that.

Youngbae soon returned and you bid both of them farewell. Ji Yong, however, walked with you to the elevators – he said he wanted to properly say goodbye. This instantly put the inappropriate thoughts back in your head and you couldn’t help but giggle a little when your cheeks heated up, making him smirk as you walked down the hallway – hand in hand. This man was going to be the death of you, something you were sure of. Seeing each other after such a long time, in a place like YG Entertainment’s building, was both a blessing and a curse. It forced the two of you to keep your hands in check, but that only made your imagination run wild.

Reaching the elevators, both of you stopped and turned towards each other.

“Call me when you’re home, okay?” Ji Yong said, a slight hint of protectiveness in his voice – like always.

You smiled at him and nodded, promising him to do so as soon as you got home. You then told him to get some rest soon and made him promise you that he wouldn’t overwork himself too much. Even if the fans were waiting impatiently for the new album, an overworked Ji Yong wouldn’t be any help in satisfying those fans.

“I’ll see you soon, baby”, Ji Yong said and stepped closer, invading your personal space – something you weren’t complaining about at all.

After you’d nodded, he leaned in and placed his lips on yours in a kiss that made your heart instantly beat faster. You responded to the kiss, that only lasted for a few moments.

“I love you”, you said.

“I love you too”, Ji Yong said.

After pressing the elevator button, the doors soon opened and you stepped inside. Pressing the button for the ground floor, the two of you waved at each other with smiles on your faces. As the doors closed and the elevator started moving down towards its destination, the smile refused to leave your face.

How could such an amazing man be yours?

You really didn’t know how you’d ended up being so lucky, but one thing you knew for sure was that; you were happy you’d taken his mind off all the stress and worry, even if it was only for a short moment. You’d do it again in a heartbeat. He was you man, your one and only love.


To the one who has 반짝 반짝 eyes, to the one who denies that he’s cute, to the one who insists that he is a 상남자 even though he’s not (kidding, sometimes he is), to the one who can be pretty and handsome at the same time, to the one whose jaw drops whenever he laughs, to the one whose wrinkles appear whenever he smiles, to the one who loves to touch sehun’s neck and chin, to the one who idolizes Iron Man, to the one who has a very angelic voice, to the one who’s obssessed with yo’s, to the one who loves to play soccer, to the one whose eyelashes are awfully long, to the one who makes me happy, to the one who makes my stomach do somersaults, to the apple of my eye, to my bubu, my 宝贝, to my ultimate bias, Asias Most Handsome Man, Deer Fairy, Prince of Beijing, Xiang Qian Jin, Xiao Lu, to Lu Han, may you have the happiest birthday of all. Thank you. I love you. 小さな翼を拡げて飛び去って。

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