the most flawless of them all

Perks of BPD

• unpredictable as hell

• obsessing over new obsession brings the literal Joy™

• what is stable

• lots of super cool meds B-)

• depression becomes The Great Depression

• i love my fp i need them in order to breath

• i love nothing, i need nothing,,

• needing no sleep

• needing all the sleep

• we dont feel the emotion, we are the emotion

• discovering Today’s Personality™

• i am the most flawless being

• i want this mirror out n goNE NOW

• this current emotion is the only emotion

• validation feeds our soul

• disassociated so im only physically here rn please don’t try to make me speak

• we can choose to not actually hear you

• its 5 am but im not tired ????

Hamilton Pride Headcanons

- They go extremely early, they both don’t want to miss anything.

- Alex and Laurens are both decked out in their pride flag colours. Alex somehow managed to become a human bisexual pride flag and Laurens is wearing sequined shirt that reflect the sun.

- “I’m wearing them to blind the homophobes, Alex.”

- Laurens somehow finds himself holding a random guys hand as they all sing ‘It’s Okay To Be Gay’.

- They meet up with the rest of the squad and Lafayette has the most flawless pansexual pride makeup they’ve ever seen.

- Hercules is an ally but he’s decked out in all the flags because he supports everyone.

- Laf somehow found really short shorts that were rainbow coloured and brought John to the car so he could change into them.

-“You have nice legs, mon petit lapin.” “Thanks, Laf.”

-Peggy is fiercely waving an asexual pride flag and may or may not have made a cuddle buddy.

-Maria has used red in her favour and became the personification of the most attractive polyamourous pride flag.

- “Laurens, are you crying?” “Ever see a woman so beautiful that you had to cry?” “Okay, I feel that.”

- Hercules sewed Maria’s dress, using actual pride flags.
Otabek's DJ Friends

•They’re the super irresponsible friend group all of us have at one point or another

•Although Otabek is the youngest of them, he’s definitely the Mom Friend™ and keeps them from doing overly stupid stuff

•His friends from DJ'ing is made up of other DJ’s, people working at the places he DJ’s at, and regulars who always go to see him play (there are like 6 of them)

•They seem all tough on the outside (like Otabek) but they’re actually some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet

•Viewing parties whenever Otabek has a competition??? Of course.

•They’re screaming at the TV (much like most sports fans will yell at a football game) during these competitions


•When he first met them they knew literally nothing about figure skating but they asked Otabek to teach them all about it so now they’re Experts™

•Along with being the Mom Friend™, he’s the smol youngest friend in the group (how he pulls off both titles the world may never know)

•They love to tease him about being younger than them even tho it’s only by like a year


•As soon as they saw what happened in Barcelona at the GPF they shipped it

•They insisted on meeting Yuri over skype (much to Otabek’s embarrassment) to make sure he was worthy of their friend

•Immediately adopted Yuri as an honorary member of the group as soon as they met him

•Literally willing to fight anyone who talks shit about Otabek or Yuri

•They’re always giving Otabek advice on dating because they claim they’re superior at relationships just because they’re older

•Otabek always texts with perfect capitalization and punctuation in their group chat except when he’s talking about Yuri, then he breaks out the all caps


-Mod Jess

  • The Rose Prince is certainly not Royalty, because you can look at it without losing your mind; the jury is out on whether or not it’s some kind of minor nobility.
  • It stands six to eight feet tall, depending on how scrunched its neck is today.
  • Its roses stink of raw meat.
  • It imprinted very, very heavily upon the Elizabethan age, which is most apparent in its attire and its manner of speaking, particularly the formalities it insists on. 
  • No one ever says anything rude about it out loud, and in general it’s difficult to assign human characteristics to the Fair Folk anyway as they run on such an alien level of thought…but nevertheless, those who have had dealings with the Rose Prince share the sentiment that if it were a student, it would be the boy in your creative writing class who takes all the advice of the Worst Muse to heart and subsequently stormed out of the critique weeping with rage. It is, in the most mundane of terms, a pretentious douchebag.
  • It heavily favors cellists and people with brown eyes.
  • If you’re trying to curry its favor, bring sonnets about how wonderful it is (make sure the iambic pentameter is flawless), anything hazelnut-flavored, and your most impeccable antiquated manners.
  • It grows infatuated with people overnight and bored of them just as fast, at which point it releases them into the Elsewhere with all the care and responsibility of someone setting their illegal pet lion free into the local park because it’s gotten too big. Most of them make their way back.
Pachimari headcanons
  • kinda likes Pachimari but isn’t a die hard collector or anything. She has a few of the plushies that her dad bought, nothing too involved. She liked them more when she was a kid and only keeps her old ones out of pure nostalgia.
  • Roadhog is an avid fan of them, but he doesn’t get to really collect them since he’s always on the run being a fugitive and stealing stuff with Junkrat. He does have a few rare ones, but for the most part, he only gets to look at them. He’d kill to get his hands on more though.
  • Symmetra is the queen of Pachimari. She quite possibly has every single plushy and merchandise in existence, even retired, limited edition, and special event items. She’s very reserved about telling others about her collection, but she will talk up a storm if you get her on the topic of it. She keeps the toys in display cases, and she has a rare Pachimari kigurumi, but good luck ever seeing her wear it.
  • Lucio only collects frog plushies, but if there was ever a frog themed Pachimari, he’d buy it. 
  • Genji used to pick up chicks by getting them Pachimari plushies from the claw machine, so he has a bunch that he’s collected from practicing over the years. He doesnt know what to do with all of them.
  • Hanzo fucking hates these things. They’re everywhere.
  • Mei received a Fuchimari as a gift from a Lunar New Year festival one year, but doesnt really have much of an interest in collecting any.
  • Tracer and Winston gave each other the limited edition BFF Pachimari (they came with frienship necklaces), but other than that, neither one really collects them. However, they do bring the plushies with them on missions.
  • Bastion has no need for them since he has Ganymede.
  • Zenyatta finds them amusing at most, but has never showed real interest in them. He’s impressed by Genji’s flawless skills in getting them from a claw machine though.
  • Junkrat just likes to taking Pachimari to blow up for fun. Roadhog has made it clear that he would destroy Junkrat if he ever touched his plushies.
  • Zarya has a huge pachimari plushy that she cuddles with at night. It’s nearly half her size. 
  • Mccree has a mini pair of Pachimari dangling from his hovercycle. He doesnt actually know what they’re called though, he just liked how weird they look.
  • Widowmaker has never heard of Pachimari.
  • Orisa and Efi always get two of each Pachimari that they find. They both have an account on the Pachimari site, which is similar to Webkins and Neopets. They are unknowingly friends with Symmetra on there.
  • Sombra has only one Pachimari, but it’s tattered and old. She found it on a street years ago, and she kept it for herself. It’s one of the only possessions she’s unwilling to part with.
  • Soldier has no idea what the heck Pachimari is even supposed to be.
  • Reaper isn’t really sure where he got his from. As far as he knows, it’s a Ghostimari that kinda showed up out of nowhere. He’s kind of freaked out about it, especially since it always seems to be in a different spot every time he sees it.
  • Mercy just sees them as a children’s toy and has no interest in them.
  • Ana occasionally bought them when Pharah was a little girl. Pharah has them in a box in her attic somewhere, but she hasn’t given them any thought since she’s put them up there.
  • If Torbjorn hears another Pachimari squeak, he’s gonna mcfreaking lose it. He’s desperate for the day his kids outgrow them.
  • Reinhardt bought every Pachimari that Torbjorn’s kids have.
A Day Like No Other - Masquerade Extra

I’ve been inspired by all the birthday messages so I decided to write some birthday fluff for my favourite mafia boys to thank everyone. (And for my friend’s birthday too😂) It was so fun to write them again.

Yuuri wakes up slowly, unaware of the chill outside the warm plush blankets, oblivious of the snowfall beyond the curtains because of the distracting heat next to him.

The ceiling is foreign, but the fact that it’s foreign is all too familiar to him. All of his surroundings apart from the chest he’s sleeping against and the hand playing in his hair are different. The four poster bed, the satin sheets and the baroque furniture. Nothing is the same, but yet everything is as it should be.

He’s only spent one mere night in this specific hotel room, and yet it still manages to feel like home more than any permanent fixture ever could.

Yuuri knows exactly what day it is, and for once, he doesn’t get up and get dressed without ceremony, he doesn’t put on layer upon layer and conceal a piece of himself with each garment. He doesn’t check and load his weapons or make sure his knives are sharp, he doesn’t conceal them with a jacket and a metaphorical mask that’s heavier than any weightless thing should ever be.

Today used to be just another day to fight, just another day to die, just another day to make it through alive.

Instead, he curls into Victor’s chest and listens to the hum Victor gives in reply because he’s awake too. There’s so such thing as sleeping in when their time together is limited.

It’s the 25th of December, and for the first time ever, it feels like Christmas to Yuuri, and with the humming vibrating in his ear and the kisses Victor is nuzzling into the top of his hair, he finally knows why.

“Merry Christmas to me.” Yuuri sighs out loud, and before he knows it his arm his holding onto Victor tighter, his very own gift that will always be more than any human deserves.

And even as Victor is hugging Yuuri tighter to his chest in return, he can feel Victor’s breath pause in his hair.

“Why do you say that?” And the very first words Victor Nikiforov whine to him on the first Christmas they’re together are a whine, pouted lips pressing against his head. He can hear Victor’s real question. ‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’

The most terrifying man of the underworld- someone capable of stealing the moon - is hugely sentimental, he’s a romantic, he likes presents on valentines and to celebrate anniversaries and any date that means something. He likes to make memories and take selfies that they always have to delete. He likes to go on dates and hold hands only where no one can see. He likes to use the word boyfriend and kiss hello and goodbye- always too many goodbyes.

Yet chances to spend those times together, to do those things and make memories are always slim, there’s always been something, conflicting schedules or responsibilities neither of them can trust to anyone else.

And because of all that, Victor has also been waiting for this day since the day they met. Their first Christmas Day together.

“It’s merry Christmas to me Victor, because it’s your birthday.” Yuuri smiles as he stares up at the unfamiliar ceiling and feels Victor lose any comeback that was on his tongue.


There’s something incredibly satisfying in making Victor Nikiforov speechless, even more so when it’s because he’s surprised him for a change.

“Happy birthday, Victor,” Yuuri echoes again, and he knows full well his partner doesn’t need material gifts or something to unwrap to go along with those words.

There’s a hand tracing the tattoos on his arm now, lazy lines as Victor looks down at the difference in their skin. Victor’s unblemished and flawless, a canvas for all Yuuri’s colours and scars.

“You spoil me, love.” Victor whispers into his hair once more, smile in his voice as his heart thumps in is chest against Yuuri’s ear. “Thank you.”

“No. Thank you.” Yuuri whispers back.

Today is the gift for them both. Waking up with each other, this small pocket of isolation outside reality.

Yuuri has never been more grateful for a single day in his life. It’s another day to fight, another day to win, another day to live. It’s the day Victor was born, the most important day of Yuuri’s life.

You know what’s also boring in SJM’s work?

How everyone is special. 


And they never feel the weight of that power and responsibility, not in any meaningful way. All these SUPAH POWAFUL characters do is have tepid “banter”, fuck each other, or shoot magic outta their asses at people who don’t agree with them.

When everyone’s special and completely OP, there’s no tension. When the villains are replaceable, nameless cardboard cutouts that never pose a threat, there’s no tension.

Because everyone’s such a speshul speshulness, SJM has to up the ante every time someone “levels up” and make her obvious favorites EVEN MORE SPESHAL. THEY’RE THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. THE HEIR TO EVERY THRONE. THE DAUGHTER OF ALL THE FAE AND THE DESCENDANT OF EVERY GOD. 

And when she hands out these undeserved gifts to her weak protagonists while making her villains one-dimensional and non-threatening placeholders, the tension dissipates. 

What’s even the point? It’s not like she’ll kill her faves. And if she does, it won’t change anything, because they’ll die heroically sacrificing themselves to save the world or some shit. 

Every Ladynoir Fic Ever (for Bullysquadess)

Happy Birthday @bullysquadess ! Thanks to you I’ve been sucked into this fandom and achieved minor internet infamy. Please enjoy this finely roasted Ladynoir in honor of your name day.

Disclaimer: This is a work of parody aimed at overall fandom trends and not at any one author or story. None of this is meant as a personal attack on anyone; just a sporking of common Ladynoir fandom tropes.

Please enjoy.

The cerulean skies above Paris’ venerable and antediluvian streets gave way into a rich mauve tinged with the auburn hues of a dying day. On the streets below, Parisians came and went, unaware that the most romantic act in the history of the cosmos was being prepared not three stories above them.

“And we all say

“Oh, well I never, was there ever

A cat so clever as magical

Mr. Mistoffelees”

Humming a jaunty cat-like song to himself (AN: get it? It’s because he’s a cat), Chat Noir went about lighting each of the two thousand one hundred and sixty two candles strewn about the rooftop; one for every hour he knew and loved the most wonderful, sublime, perfect, flawless, radiant, resplendent, exalted, magnificent, regal, truncular, and ethereal girl in all of Paris.

Nay, all the world!

Such was his love that he converted the rooftop retreat where they were to meet for their Nightly Evening Patrol into a lush, romantic scene out of Kenneth Branagh’s wettest Shakespearean dream. Laurels and ivy hung from every corner of the confused tenant’s roof. A record player played a suave Edith Pilaf song (AN: because they’re French) as celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck prepared a delightful evening meal for Paris’ greatest heroes- prime roasted rib, herbed potatoes, and garden salad for the Lady, and half-cup of Friskies “Friend-Zone” mix for the gent.

Chat may have spent upwards of eighteen thousand euro on his little surprise, but it was money well spent. After all, it was the three-week anniversary of the first time Ladybug accidentally spat on him when trying to dislodge a fabulous booger from her perfect nostrils! Such an occasion demanded splendor the likes of which Paris had never seen before. The rooftop scene before him made Versailles look like a dilapidated crack den full of sentient cockroaches, but still it wasn’t enough for his Lady, his partner, his love, his star, his treasure, his catnip (AN: get it? it’s because he’s like…a cat and stuff) his everything, his-

“Whats up ass clown?” Ladybug greeted, swinging onto the rooftop and shattering the intricate four thousand euro Ladybug ice sculpture centerpiece like it was Chat’s heart.

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When He Realized He Loves You

A/N - The preferences are gonna be connected with each other. So if you wanna understand what I’m talking about, you gotta read the previous ones. And sorry, they’re long lol.


He wasn’t certain up to a point where he felt the fear of losing her over someone. He has always been oblivious of such feelings, although he felt something for a certain Ravenclaw, he didn’t know whether it was love. His feelings in such a case was very visible to everyone, and Y/N like everyone, definitely noticed it. She waited for him to notice her for a very long time and eventually gave up and in the Fifth Year he finally noticed her but it was still very clear how he felt for Cho and after Cedric’s death, how they bonded. Over the course of time Harry failed to realize her contribution and love for their friendship, for him.

So once again, Y/N gave her hopes up and decided to move on, and being on the fifth year, she sure did receive some proposals when Harry wasn’t around, or in other words, was spending time with Cho. She didn’t think twice about this but she knew it was time she did something for herself.

As expected, Y/N soon got a boyfriend who was in the Quidditch team, loving but a bit loose when it came to how to be in front of certain people. She spent a lot of time with him and Harry didn’t fail to notice that. Only then he realized something big was missing from his life, how she was always there for him. He felt a strange urge to choke him to death whenever her so-called boyfriend was around her. When confronted about why he acted so strange around him, he realized his feeling of jealousy. Hermione was ofcourse very much aware of that and made him see what he really wanted.

Bonus - He imagined himself kissing Y/N and in a way understood his love for her. (Lol sorry for the way it ended. I didn’t know how to say he was in love sorry.)

Draco Malfoy:

His love for Y/N was definitely something unique. Starting from his family’s reputation to carrying on the ‘date a pureblood Slytherin’ rule, he didn’t get much time to think about this but he surely observed the difference of his behavior in front of, let’s say everyone else, and when he was with her. When he noticed this, he realized had feelings for her and he knew it very well. But was conflicted to talk about it since he has to keep secrets about his family and in no way Y/N will like about his family’s plan or rather about their doings.

It was in the fourth year that he realized it. And she tried her best to hide her feelings as well, waiting for him to ask her to Yule Ball. But her hopes were crushed when she heard Pansy giggle in excitement that Draco asked her. Although she had deep feelings for him, she had her self respect. So she accepted to go with George. He wasn’t happy about this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Both knew what they wanted. But again, it’s easier said than done.

Ron Weasley:

This brat is so stupid I swear to god. Even after spending so much time with Ron, Y/N couldn’t do anything except flirting (which he rarely understood and even if he did he either blushed or laughed it off) or hugging him. That’s the only kind of way she had to express her feelings, because even if she did confess to him, the love will not really be LOVE if he didn’t understand his own feelings. But Ron being Ron, didn’t understand the body language and was stupid as ever. He was never the kind of guy who would understand these little things. It took time, it did, but eventually he realized his love for her, and she knew he would, like everyone did. He realized he actually adored those things that he thought annoyed him the most, and that wasn’t irritating at all. It was like a daily routine that made him complete. And it was definitely in the Second Wizarding War when he realized she did not have the mindset to annoy him anymore, everything seemed confusing, painful and lost to her.

Fred Weasley:

He knew it. Spending time with Y/N was always fun and she made sure that all the pranks they played were flawless, or atleast she tried. And when Lee Jordan asked them why they didn’t flirt with her, George just laughed and said, “I never saw her that way really.” Meanwhile Fred just sat there confused as to why he didn’t flirt. It wasn’t also like he didn’t want to. So later to get his answers, when he tried, he realized that she was the only girl he felt hesitated to flirt with. Or rather, if I say, she wasn’t a girl who was for flirting or winking from far away. She was the kind of girl who was meant to be loved.

George Weasley:

If you ask who George blushed around, Y/N was the right answer. After spending some time in Hogsmeade together, they stuck around each other. Not like they were always with each other but the one where whenever they passed, they made sure to do their signature handshake, which Fred found shocking, considering he never did that with him.

I know, it wasn’t anything like him, but there he stood, staring at her from the distance once again. And this time, accidentally or not, Y/N didn’t need to throw a paper ball at him in class.

Cedric Diggory:

Mr. Diggory was surprisingly different from what Y/N experienced before. He was not only sweet but caring too. He was surely manly and when it came to Quidditch or stuffs like that but he was so different when they were alone, um, in the library. You could say when it came to meet Y/N, his Hufflepuff traits were so visible to the people around. 

Cedric was very much surprised when he realized he was head over heels over this girl, who wasn’t swooning over him. It would’ve been easier for him to impress her if she did hung around with him and flirted with him quite often. But damn, she was hard as ever. While Cedric continued struggling his way in her heart, she kept it closed, keeping in mind her first encounter with Diggory.

Oliver Wood:

Oliver was not very surprised to realize his love for Y/N, because both of them knew they have something for each other. But the whole school was extremely taken aback when they really saw what was actually happening. Their feelings grew strong day by day, after they started talking with each other for the Quidditch team selection. Wood realized his love for her when he once caught his 'competitive friend’ secretly taking lessons and concentrating more on her flying skills, giving her best in this. At first he did misunderstand her by thinking that she was very desperate to prove herself better than him. He tried his best to ignore her for the following days.

But oneday, he saw her struggling to keep herself on her broomstick and heard her say, “Oh, I’m doing this for Wood. I mean, being his friend the least I could do to keep his reputation is improving my flying skills. He is obviously embarrassed.”

He felt very guilty to think so wrong of her.

“You don’t need to force yourself into something you’re not in order to be my friend.” He yelled, coming out of his hiding spot, “Everyone has their weaknesses." Like you’re mine.


I Apologize in Advance

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I’ve never mentioned it, but I’m a Mercy main. And this woman is so important to me. Lord. And since I didn’t have a Valentine this year, enjoy some Mercy feels. 

I’m so sorry. (Listen to this to make it hurt even more)

  • Mercy dies. Now we may all see this as a common thing in-game, but canonly, Mercy has never fallen. Not once. For who would ever be there to bring her back again?
  • She is always at her most vulnerable when flying in to declare that ‘heroes never die’, and she knows this, knows the stakes are too high and the environment too hostile, but she does it anyway.
  • Her significant other is the last soul she ever saves–imagine this to be who you will, I refuse to drag the ship war into this post–and their horrified face is burned into her retinas before everything goes dark.
  • Every person who has ever been revived by Mercy has received a golden scar in place of the killing blow. Some team mates are covered in flawless gold more than others, but in their hearts they all know they carry a piece of her with them. 
  • Until she falls. The moment the life leaves her eyes, those glimmering blessings fade into dark knots of scar tissue. Dull, just like the world has become without her in it. The only one that retains its glow is a piercing mark above her significant other’s heart, brought on by the most lethal blow of all–losing her.
  • Hundreds are in attendance for her funeral. All of them come baring stories of her compassion, of seeing her brilliant wings and a smile on her lips as the pain faded away, as the darkness fled and breath returned to once still lungs. So many of them keep glancing down at various scars, as if still in disbelief that the light behind them is gone. That she is gone.
  • As the skies open up and her body is lowered into the soil, the heavens weep for the woman who showed mercy one last time.


Advanced English Vocabulary Part 3

feral (adj.) wild, savage

“That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it.”

flabbergasted (adj.) astonished

“Whenever I read an Agatha Christie novel, I am flabbergasted to learn the identity of the murderer.”

forsake (v.) to give up, renounce

“I won’t forsake my strong moral principles for anything.”

  • forsaken (adj.) describes something that has been given up or abandoned

furtive (adj.) secretive, sly

“Claudia’s placement of her drugs in her sock drawer was not as furtive as she thought, since that’s the first place most parents look.”

haughty (adj.) disdainfully proud, snobby

“The superstar’s haughty dismissal of her co-stars will backfire on her someday.”

  • haughtiness (n.) arrogance, pride, the quality of being haughty

hypocrisy (n.) demanding from others what one does not give or deliver

“The priest preached tolerance and love for all people, but was a judgemental and prejudiced man himself.”  

  • hypocritical (adj.) describes one who behaves with hypocrisy
  • hypocrite (n.) a person who is hypocritical

impeccable (adj.) flawless, without error

“If your grades were as impeccable as your brother’s, then you to would receive a car for a graduation present.”

impertinent (adj.) rude, insolent

“Most of your comments are so impertinent that I don’t wish to dignify them with an answer.”

  • impertinence (n.) rudeness, the quality of being impertinent

implacable (adj.) incapable of being appeased, impossible to calm

“Watch out- once you insul Grandmother’s cooking, she is totally implacable.”

impudent (adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent

“The impudent you woman was given a detention for her comments during class.”

  • impudence (n.) rudeness, disrespect, insolence

incisive (adj.) sharp, direct

“The discussion wasn’t going anywhere until her incisive comment allowed everyone to see what the real issue was.”

indolent (adj.) lazy (NOTE: not to be confused with insolent)

“Why should my indolent children be allowed to go to the party when they can’t be bothered to clean their rooms?”

  • indolence (n.) laziness

inept (adj.) not suitable or capable, unqualified

“She proved how inept she was when she forgot two orders and spilled cider in a customer’s lap.”

infamy (n.) notoriety, extremely ill repute (fame for bad reasons)

“The infamy of his crime will not lessen as time passes.” 

  • infamous (adj.) describes one with a bad reputation, one who is notorious

inhibit (v.) to prevent, restrain, stop

“When I told you I needed the car last night, it wasn’t mean to inhibit you from going out.”

  • inhibiting (adj.) describes something that restrains, that holds something back

innate (adj.) native, inherent, something one is born with

“His innate musical talent made him a piano prodigy at a very young age.”

insatiable (adj.) unable to be satisfied

“My insatiable appetite for Italian food was a problem on my holiday to Japan.”

insular (adj.) separated, closed off

“Because of the hostile terrain between the two cities, their cultures have remained insular from each other despite how nearby they are.  

intrepid (adj.) brave, particularly in the face of danger

“After scaling a live volcano and narrowly escaping its eruption, the explorer was praised for her intrepid attitude.”

“You know an awful lot about the enemy’s policies and battle tactics.”

“No shit, I came up with most of them once upon a time. Damn shame I was such a flawless strategist.”

“…you’re joking.”

“Yeah, having my own plans turned against me was hilarious. Good times.”

“But that means you’re-”

“-I was. A long time ago.” The tone, for all the previous flippancy, was enough now to stopper most people’s attempts at continuing the conversation topic.

Heyo! I know I’ve been kinda absent but I made sure to try and prepare something to thank all of you ♡ so, thanks guys


‘Why do I feel like this is not the place?’

Not that Harry expected Ron to enjoy the idea of changing their pub night routine after Hermione’s complaints that they had been going to the same bar, had been sitting at the same table and drinking the same stuff for the past two years, but somehow he understood what his friend meant the moment they spotted the building. No, it didn’t look like the kind of place Harry would expect to find himself after a tiresome week of dull work at the Ministry. He would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the burning feeling of adventure he had experienced countless times in the past. He obviously did, it was just that… he didn’t have that drive to take risks anymore those days.

‘It's… different. Stop looking so skeptic, Ronald, I bet they serve great drinks!’

Harry had known Hermione long enough to identify anxiety in her tone immediately.

‘Hermione, the tips of my toes must be blue from the cold, and that guy over there’ Hermione followed Ron’s eyes with her on, sighing. 'It’s on his boxers!’

Harry wouldn’t call those boxers, but he decided to keep that remark to himself. After all, the high heels the guy in question was wearing were for more concerning than the black leather shorts.

Harry thought for a moment he had an idea of what they were getting into, of what that place was, and deep down he thought Hermione knew that as well. So when Harry followed her past the two security guards which sent them odd looks, he tried his best to leave his preconceptions behind him.

And that was when Harry realized he was wrong.

To say the place wasn’t what he had expected would have been an euphemism. The small building from outside, all dark stained bricks with discolored painting, covered a majestic mansion, the ceiling so unbelievably high he had trouble telling if it was even there at first.

Feathers, glitter, neon painting flashed around him, everyone at sign dressed up from head to toe with the most absurd things, dancing and chatting, unknown drinks Harry was sure were spelled being passed from hand to hand. Harry turned his head to the side, his eyes meeting Ron’s immediately and even under the poor lighting he could see his friend was paler than usual.

What seemed to be a waiter - his all black outfit distinctive amidst everyone else - appeared in front of them before any of them could speak a word, the plate he had in hands sustaining more drinks than Harry would have thought was possible.

His features were flawless, white porcelain skin, hair as dark as Harry’s but perfectly combed. The outstanding creature turned his head to the side, blue eyes meeting green ones.

For a second Harry felt like his feet had lost ground, until Hermione’s hand brought him back to where he was. Somehow, a wide glass was secured in his right hand, a green, milky liquid, moving inside on its own.

'I think we better go’ Ron’s tone caught his attention, a deep crease forming between his brows. Harry’s eyes run the place but the waiter was nowhere to be found.

'I’m almost sure that guy was a half veela’ Hermione spoke with an odd expression on her face, eyeing her own drink suspiciously. 'But that’s not a reason for us to leave! Half veelas have the right to-’

'Where did this come from?’ Harry cut, unceremoniously.

He knew where Hermione’s discourse was heading and didn’t fancy a lecture on any bloody creatures rights on modern wizard world. His attention now was focused on what he had in hands, the liquid moving inside the glass something that should have seemed disgusting but only incited Harry’s curiosity.

'He said it was courtesy of the house’ Ron spoke, holding his own like it was some kind of poison. 'Hermione, I really don’t think we should- Harry!’

It burned.
Harry’s throat burned with the bittersweet taste of the drink, warming his way down his chest until it hit the bottom of his stomach. His lips, his tongue, everything was on fire.

And maybe it had burned his eyes too, somehow. Because he couldn’t believe what was in front of him.

'Are you insane?! That thing was disgusting, why did you drink it?’

Ron was shaking him, but Harry’s eyes were transfixed.

It didn’t took him too long to understand why. The club was crowded and the lights were low but it wasn’t impossible to distinguish people’s faces. It definitely hadn’t been impossible for Harry to recognize the blond hair, the sharp shoulders, so when Ron stopped talking abruptly he knew it wouldn’t be necessary to check if his friend was okay.

What was left of Harry’s drink dripped on the front of his shirt as his hand loosened it’s grip on the glass.

Harry was sure he had died and went to hell, he just couldn’t understand why his pants felt so tight all of a sudden.

Draco Malfoy stood with a shocked expression not far from him, his naked chest heaving up and down quickly. His skin shone in the dim light, long legs barely covered with a thin layer of tights that met stripes of leather wrapped around his hips.

When Harry’s eyes found the other’s gray ones again there were no traces of fear left.

They hadn’t met in years but the fire was there again, the rage, the hate.

Everything burned and, oh, had they both missed it.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely love your blog 💜 I was thinking about MC having lots of tattoos and their SO seeing them for the first time (since MC always wears long sleeve sweaters and stuff) please??

Ooooooh I love tattoos
I don’t think you asked for Unknown but I have a cute idea for him so imma do it!
~Mod L

♡ Honestly he’s intimidated
♡ Like don’t get him wrong they look amazing
♡ But he knows they must’ve hurt and that already implies you’re probably stronger than him
♡ He takes his time to look them all over, and accidentally turns into a “What does this mean? Does this one mean anything? Why did you get this one?” Kinda person
♡ He’ll eventually slow down on the questions but is constantly fascinated by them
♡ He’s too nervous to get any himself but his favorite thing when you two are cuddling is to trace them with his eyes all around you
♡ He just really loves them 

♡ He finds you about 100x cooler after seeing them
♡ It’s so badass!
♡ Most of the people he used to hang with had tattoos, but as he was proudest of his flawless skin he never wanted any
♡ That kinda changed when he saw yours
♡ "MC!! Let’s get matching tattoos!!“
♡ "Zen-”
♡ "Lets go right now!“ 
♡ "Zen nO-”
♡ You did your best to talk him out of it but when you saw it wasn’t working you told Jaehee
♡ And when Jaehee found out oh boy
♡ Lets just say you and Jaehee make a really powerful team
♡ He eventually drops the idea for good but still loves everything on you

♡ She never seriously considered getting a tattoo
♡ She had zero money to waste growing up and now that she does she knows Jumin would be furious
♡ Not that she ever really wanted one
♡ So when she saw your tattoos despite being fairly moderate designs she saw it as bold
♡ And she kinda likes bold
♡ She loved listening to you explain your tattoos, from the one you got for your late mother to the one you got while drunk
♡ She never admitted this but before she saw you she was one of those who thought tattoos as “unprofessional”
♡ But all of your tattoos were not only gorgeous, but quite classy
♡ She surprised herself with how open she was to the thought of tattoos after that

♡ He never necessarily disliked your tattoos
♡ But initially he didn’t love them
♡ He had never understood the appeal of them, knowing that they were forever and seeing it from an employers point of view
♡ But one day he caught himself staring at one on your torso, even lightly tracing over it without fully realizing it
♡ You explained to him that your brother designed it, and your aunt was the artist who inked it on
♡ That made him curious enough to ask about the others
♡ The more he heard you talk, regardless of whether or not the story was serious or silly he saw them all differently
♡ It took some time, but he eventually truly loved your tattoos and couldn’t imagine you without them
♡ And he always swore if you wanted another he would pay for only the best artist in Korea
♡ Rumor has it a few months later a qualified man applied for an C&R management position, and almost didn’t get the job from a tattoo across his neck, & Jumin was the one who demanded his hiring 

♡ He saw parts of your tattoos in photos before, but you were rather modest about them and never took a full picture flaunting them off
♡ So he was excited to see them once you were finally together
♡ No matter what you showed he was overly excited about it
♡ He loved all of them
♡ Sometimes when you were sleeping he’d take pens and doodle on additions to them
♡ " You know MC, I have a tattoo too!“
♡ "What? No way…. What is it? Where is it?”
♡ "Its of a cross! And it’s on my bu-“
♡ "NevER MIND”
 ♡ "Lemme show you!“
♡ It was very poorly drawn with a permanent marker

♡ Before meeting you, he admired your tattoos during a background check
♡ He had gotten his out of loyalty, not necessarily because he wanted it
♡ So after Mint Eye he became more jealous of what you had since you seemed to love them all
♡ But one night you confessed there was one on your arm you didn’t like at all
♡ While you had a good idea for it, the tattoo artist was fairly new and didn’t fully understand what you wanted
♡ That’s when he told you he hated his Mint Eye tattoo
♡ That weekend with some help from Seven you found a shop that specializes in tattoo cover ups
♡ You planned an appointment and you both spent the entire time up to it making a design together
♡ Saeran’s ended up as a night sky, with yours being a bright, sunny day
♡ That was one of the most meaningful things someone has done for him, and it helped himself not only love you but love himself a bit more