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(art by @aatkaw, story by @fell-dragon-domain)

The fires she wakes to are confusing, terrifying; explosions seemingly from nowhere tear through the other buildings, so hot that snow and ice melts in the middle of the frozen winter night. A quickly flashed white lotus tile makes her decide to trust the unfamiliar man she stumbles across in the chaos, though she can’t help but look back at the fires as he leads her away from her tribe, her home. His friends are rather funny-looking, a mismatched bunch, but they’re kind to her, calm despite the late hour and the smoke pluming over the nearest rise. They know she’s the Avatar and are duly impressed, and offer to help her since the Southern Water Tribe training facilities have surely burned down by then. Offer to help her restore balance to the world. She accepts.

Korra is utterly fascinated every time they make camp on their way from the Southern Water Tribe and Ghazan melts a section of ground for their campfire, a strange and fascinating blend of earthbending and firebending. He tells her of the most famous lavabender, one of her own past lives, Avatar Kyoshi, who cut down into the earth’s mantle with lava to end a conquest of the Earth Kingdom. The technique is too powerful to teach her just then, he says, but one day. Every night, she stares into the dimming lava until her eyes are too heavy to keep open.

Bending without movement is slow to sink in. How many times had she heard that it was the motions the produced the effects she was after? But Ming-Hua could do it, so she learns. She ties her hands behind her back and stays at Ming-Hua’s side for hours, willing earth and water to move without digging in her feet or flicking her wrists. It’s many months before she can grasp at the energy of the elements with nothing but her mind, and then it’s only trickles of water and small cracks in the ground. Another year passes before Korra can cut a blade of grass with water, rip up rocks larger than her, and make embers swirl around her body without ever moving a muscle.

Learning combustionbending proves impossible, but P’Li’s lessons about focusing her chi to a razor point translate well to more regular firebending, helping create scorching swaths of fire hot enough to blacken their training grounds and turn any remaining grass to ashes. All the while, though, Korra can sense trepidation from her firebending teacher, a flash of hesitation behind every smile and congratulatory word. When she tries to ask after it, P’Li simply squeezes her shoulder or hugs her and tells her not to worry herself over it. Korra does worry, especially when she hears muffled discussions that turn into muffled arguments between P’Li and Zaheer in the next room at night.

Korra’s airbending unlocks only after Harmonic Convergence—as does Zaheer’s. When she accidentally blows all their furniture across the living room one day, he’s more than ready, with dozens of airbending scrolls he had carefully copied for archiving from his time in the White Lotus. Korra is thrilled to finally round out her bending repertoire, though she’s less than excited about the increased meditation regimen that comes with it. It’s very much an ordinary winter day, halfway through her usual breathing exercises, when a strangely warm breeze kisses her cheek. When she opens her eyes, her surroundings are frightening and different, an overgrown mangrove swamp to look at it. Zaheer is there with her, a comfortable anchor of familiarity among the strangeness. He tells her she’s finally crossed into the spirit world, and that they’ve arrived in Xai Bau’s Grove, the old meeting place for the Red Lotus before most of their membership was purged by the tyrannical White Lotus. From then on the grove becomes a solace for her, an island of calm in what is so often a hectic household, where she can practice her bending forms without fear of breaking anything.


Bern, Montreux & Lucerne 

September 27th 2016 with @tamingthetides and @hulahooch

This was the day that Amber, Kristi and I took advantage of the deal that the Swiss Railways had on a day pass for groups, so we were able to take the train anywhere for one full day. And to be perfectly honest, it was quite a struggle deciding where to go.

First we went to the capital city of Switzerland - Bern. Due to its political importance, Bern is full of fancy buildings for the Parliament and embassies of other countries, plus it’s got this one fancy cathedral and other old, yet beautiful houses. You can’t really go anywhere in this city without seeing bears, since that’s the official symbol of the town. They even have real live bears living in a downtown enclosure!

The next stop was Montreux, where we planned on taking a ferry to the famous Chateau de Chillon. We ended up not taking the ferry nor making it to the castle because there was an absolute downpour of rain, but we did at least get to see the statue of Freddie Mercury and the giant Lake Geneva surrounded by the Alps. More importantly, this was the girls’ first time in a French speaking part of the world, which was cool, because me and Amber had French together back in high school.

The last stop on our train adventure was in the city of Lucerne, which is another Swiss city surrounded by a lake and moutains, but is probably most known for the old wooden bridge called Käppelsbrucke. Although we just barely missed sunset, we did see the sky turn beautifully blue during twilight. It was impossible for the two to get me to move away from the famous spot by the bridge, so after Amber and Kristi helped me out a bit by throwing some baguette crumbs into the river in order to lure the swans to right spot, they went out to explore the rest of the city while I stayed and took more pics. And before finally going home, we finished off the day by enjoying some delicious gelato by the river and taking some long exposure pics. If you ever get a chance, definitely visit Lucerne and walk across the old bridge and check out at all the paintings underneath the roof.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you watch GOT, but how hard would it be to fight someone like the mountain hand-to-hand? (well, armed, like in the show). Does being big like him really makes for a better fighter?

Hand to hand is a bit different from armed, especially armored, but okay. The answer is pretty simple.

Start low.

Tall fighters, especially male fighters, have a rather serious issue that’s often overlooked: their center of gravity. It’s higher up off the ground than the average person, and a great many men (like the Mountain) do not drop low enough into their stances to compensate. The taller they are, the lower they need to go to counterbalance their size. Attack their feet, or their legs. Attack their center. Whatever you need to destabilize them. A lot of tall fighters have issues with their base. There are other flaws, but that’s often a big one.

Cutting the legs out from under of your enemy is a real tactic, or I should say: cutting them down to size.

Stab him in the foot. (Yeah, no, real combat tactic.)

Here’s a question: you ever hear the story about David versus Goliath? Probably, most people know the story of the shepherd boy who defeated the greatest, largest warrior in single combat with a sling.

The story is a parable, and a life lesson. It’s also a little more complicated than just brains over brawn. If you take anything from the story, the big one is going to be: never fight your enemy on their terms. Understand where their strengths are, where you’re strengths are, and change the rules.

What a big fighter has going for them is the intimidation factor, and mind games in combat are a huge deal. It’s not so much about physical prowess as much as what your enemy believes about your physical prowess. Or you believe about your opponent’s. What you believe will affect how you fight, how hard you fight, and how well you fight. Go into a fight believing you’re at a disadvantage or will lose and you’ll lose.

Assessing your enemy’s strengths for their weaknesses is the winning strategy. If never addressed, big fighters will have a lot of flaws because their opponents often cede them the field in their minds. This is especially true when in training, and training is the foundation of skill. When people treat you like you’re invincible, you’ll start to believe you are. And that’s how you get an over reliance on a natural advantage with no compensation for the flaws it brings.

The problem is that many people treat size and body types like they’re all or nothing. For every advantage one has, there’s a disadvantage to go with it. A fighter with a heavy reliance on what nature has given them (size, strength, what have you) often neglects more crucial skills if never addressed. You can have big fighters with exceptional levels of skill, but those are the ones who’ve realized they can’t brute force their way through every problem. When they don’t, their technique is sloppy.

Now, really, really, really big people often have to work doubly hard to develop their coordination because fighting with a big, lanky body is difficult.

The trick when you have (or feel like you have) the disadvantage is not to meet the enemy on their terms. The best fighters figure out how to exploit their opponent’s strengths in order to expose their weaknesses and fight with an advantage. The bad fighters are the ones who choose to fight at a disadvantage, who don’t prepare to face their enemy, and try to use the same tactics over and over. The smart ones change up, they are proactive, and understand the battlefield flows.

Ultimately, that’s what makes for the “best” fighter.

Fear is the biggest strength for someone who is massive in size, not their strength and not their bulk. When you are frightened, you become reactive, you cease to actively think, and fail to problem solve. The moment you are defeated in your mind, that is the moment you lose. It doesn’t matter how many steps it takes in the real world after the fact, cede the field in your mind and it’s over. Intimidation can win that fight before the battle ever begins, and the biggest kid on the playground is as natural as intimidation gets.

The Mountain isn’t great because of his skill, but the fact that he makes everyone around him afraid. His personal ruthlessness and cruelty back up that size, and strengthens his ability to intimidate. When facing the Mountain, you’re faced with fear over the (very real) consequences of what he’ll do to you.

He’s valuable because he’s frightening, not because he’s good at fighting. The good at fighting is the bonus that makes him more frightening.

Understanding the affect the mind has on combat is like 70% to victory. Understanding the assumptions made and why we make them is important to writing scenes with characters like this. If you put stock in the Mountain’s size, rather than the Mountain’s reputation then you miss where his strengths actually lie and why people are afraid of him.

The Mountain’s reputation is as a ruthless killing machine who delights in rape, murder, and pillage. Torture is his specialty. He does not abide by the code of chivalry or rules of knightly honor. He’s a sadist. For him, there’s no such thing as just warfare. He thirsts for blood and battle. He’s protected by one of the most powerful houses in the GOT universe, and he earns his pay as their enforcer.

His size is just a plus. He could be just as terrifying at 5″4, and then you’d have the joy of underestimating him before he put a knife through your eye. If he was small, he’d be even more terrifying because there’d be more bodies. His size doesn’t change who he is under the hood, it’s just one more attribute he’s utilizing to its fullest potential.

Stereotypes about tall and short people are just that. Stereotypes.

Every body type has its drawbacks, and their natural advantages can be made to work against them. Tall fighters are more gangly, their center of gravity is further away from the earth, their weight puts additional stress on their joints (especially their knees), and if they never work at addressing their issues they can be slower to start. You can also have overweight/heavy weight martial artists like Sammo Hung, where there’s virtually no difference between them and a martial artist half their size. Skill can close the gap. Understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses also helps. Knowledge is power. Training yourself out of society’s instilled biases is hard, but necessary. This is especially true if you perceive yourself to be the underdog.

Not automatically assuming bigger equals better is the first step. The second is realizing that the best warriors are not decided by outside metrics, but rather through an inward understanding of how to utilize their strengths and address their weaknesses.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a compilation of Cynthia Rothrock’s fight scenes. Cythnia Rothrock is a Hong Kong action star, a winner of world championships in the 80s, she has a wide variety of black belt level training in multiple martial arts, and is one of the most famous westerners to make it in the Hong Kong action scene.

Why end with this? Well, exposure to female movie martial artists runs the gamut between low to non-existent and that lack of exposure to different body types is where most misunderstandings about size come from.


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Ashlyn Harris's personal triumph puts her in position to succeed Hope Solo as USWNT goalkeeper
ORLANDO, Fla. – Hope Solo is not here. Abby Wambach is not here. Megan Rapinoe is not here. Even Alex Morgan isn’t here.

The SheBelieves Cup begins March 1 and the tournament will feature a changing look for the world champion United States women’s national team. Wambach retired. Solo, the most decorated goalkeeper in American history, just completed a six-month suspension precipitated by her “cowards” comments about Sweden’s defensive tactics in a stunning Olympic quarterfinal loss. Rapinoe is still trying to regain her form from December 2015 knee surgery. Morgan, the most famous face in women’s soccer, has been in France with her new club Olympique Lyonnais and joined the national team this weekend.

What remains in this training camp is a goalkeeper competition and, more importantly, a need for new leaders to emerge. Harris might very well be the answer in both cases for a USWNT whose team culture has “changed and shifted.”


Just interviewed #tomhiddleston, one of my favorite actors. And his answer perfectly explained how him and many other British actors & actresses are successful around the world. He said: “There’s a philosophy of artistry in British training, which is ‘we are trained to be artists, we are not trained to be famous.’ The thing that matters the most of all is our work. As an actor, you commit your whole self to doing that work, to be intellectually curious, to be physically agile and to be emotionally compassionate. The head, heart and body all working at once.
Because in British theater tradition, there’s no hiding place, there’s no short cut, no fast track…There’s no digital magic can make you better. The only thing that makes you a good actor is the sharpness of your mind, the size of your heart and the commitment of you body, all working at once.” #kongskullisland #britishboy

My history crush and favorite human being of all time is Blaise Cendrars. Born in Switzerland on September 1st 1887, he is a french-speaking poet and writer, but also a traveler and a war hero. At age 17 he leave Switzerland and jumps on the first train, which gets him to Paris and then to Russia. He settles back in France in 1913 and writes his most famous poem “La prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jeanne de France” . He befriends the surrealist and modern artists : Fernand Léger, André Breton, Apollinaire, Picasso, Sonia & Robert Delaunay….
Comes the WW1 , he volunteers in the French Foreign Legion and loses an arm, tragically the right one: the loss of his writing hand plunges him in literally silence of four years, in which in continue to travel all around the world, particularly in South America. He finally surmounts his despair and learns to type with only his left hand, publishing a novel this time “L'Or”
Blaise Cendrars is amazing man, with a particular writing, reflecting his personality and marvelling of the world, capable in the worst of absurdity to find solace in the beauty of nature and his trust in the good in mankind.

Dreadnought by April Daniels


Do the wlw end up together : No

I don’t know what I expected when I picked this book up. Yes, I do actually, I was expecting a superhero novel with a trans lesbian teenage protagonist (which I got). I was not expecting it to be so funny! I was reading this on the train and trying not to draw too much attention to the fact that I was laughing audibly. Set in a world where metahumans are an accepted fact of life, Danny one day witnesses the death of the most famous superhero, Dreadnought. He passes his powers on to her which, along with flight and the ability to manipulate reality, physically transform Danny into a girl. Danny has to learn to navigate her new world as Dreadnought’s killer schemes. While I’m going to spoil things somewhat and point out that it ends with a very positive attitude, Danny faces some pretty severe transmisogyny, both from family and friends, and a large part of the book does deal with being outed by factors outside your control. That said, I really loved this book; it is packed with action sequences that seamlessly flow into comedy and will never lose your attention for a minute.

Side note : There is a sequel coming out sometime soon-ish that I will be sure to buy at the first instance. 

anyway sorry @kevystel

The first night Yuri is in Russia, he has a dream that the Abominable Snowman from the Bugs Bunny cartoon is watching him, but instead of clutching him and happily saying he’ll love him forever and hug him and kiss him and squeeze him like Yuri wants, he just watches Yuri with a sad look on his face, like he thinks Yuri is going to run away across the icy fields and roads of Siberia and leave him forever.

Yuri reaches out and pats his head. The Abominable Snowman has very soft hair. It feels like Victor’s, almost. It’s a dream, so Yuri doesn’t question it. “You can call me George,” he says.

“What?” says the Abominable Snowman, and for a second Yuri is confused because it sounds like Victor instead of the voice from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. Pitchit and Yuri had watched a lot of them while they were learning English. Then he gives him a hug (the Abominable Snowman is very warm, Yuri is pleased to discover. It must be the fur) and sinks deeper into sleep.

He only vaguely remembers the dream in the morning, and by the time he’s staggered out the bedroom to faceplant demandingly between Victor’s shoulderblades and make terrible whining noises before Victor turns enough to gather him up in his arms and kiss him and give him genmatcha and poached eggs, he’s forgotten it entirely.

The first day at the rink Team Russia trains at is … odd. For one thing, it’s full of Olympians and future Olympians. Yuri had barely scraped into the Games, and only because the JSF felt bad for him. He’d somehow managed to place eighth and he’d cried all night instead of going out and partying like he’d always heard Olympians were supposed to do. The only good thing he remembers about the experience was the rare privilege of seeing Victor live instead of on a screen. He’d skated to a medley of Kay’s dances from the <i>Snow Queen,</i> and Yuri had watched from the side of the rink feeling like he could fling himself into the ice like Gretchen to save him.

Anyway: so here is Yuri, miraculously here with Victor Nikiforov, training with Team Russia, which is expected to sweep the Korean Games. Training, in the same rink, because somehow the universe fucked up and Victor Nikiforov is his coach and also allegedly wants to to marry him. They’re here together, in one of the most famous rinks in the world.

Except not, because Victor is being screamed at by Coach Feltsman, and Yuri could barely stand to listen to a minute of it before he had to go to the opposite corner of the rink and do figures instead of watching Victor getting yelled at.  Yuri can’t stand it. He’d probably be crying real, snotty tears if Coach Feltsman was that angry at him. He’d probably crawl home to Japan and die. Victor just looks like he wants to check Instagram.

Questions for Shedd’s vet team?

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago - a well renowned AZA facility - is doing a livestream from their hospital on 4/27 at 9AM CST. Here’s the announcement:

“You can see what goes on in the animal hospital by joining us live on Shedd’s Facebook page this Thursday, April 27, at 9:00 a.m. You’ll see Shedd from the perspective of our animal health team members as they conduct routine exams, share an inside look at our animal hospital and discuss what we can learn from the animals in our care.”

Shedd staff has put out a call for people with Shedd Aquarium memberships to send in questions they’d like to see answered on the livestream - a member happens to be a fan of WADTT and offered to submit a limited number of questions for the blog. 

If you’ve got a question about medical care at the aquarium, you can send it to use and we’ll submit it to the livestream. You do not need to personally be a member. Please email questions to by 12PM CST on Wednesday, 4/26 (replies to this post or questions in reblogs won’t count, for my sanity). We’ll pull a selection of the most common ones and the most unique/interesting ones to send in! 

Shedd is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, and is famous in the zoo field for their widespread behavioral husbandry training programs. They house some 32,000 animals in exhibits arranged by geographic area, and they do house cetaceans (belugas and white-sided dolphins). 

  • McGonagall: It's settled, we'll send Hagrid to fetch the Potter boy from his guardians.
  • Dumbledore: Sweet.
  • McGonagall: Now we just have to figure out who is going to transport the Philosopher's Stone from Gringotts. They'll have to be able to defend it during transit if anything happens, someone who can avoid detection... I think Filius can do it, I may be able to do it-
  • Dumbledore: Nah, send Hagrid.
  • McGonagall: But he'll be escorting Harry-
  • Dumbledore: Yeah, they can have an adventure.
  • McGonagall: ...Albus, he doesn't have a wand.
  • Dumbledore: Yeeeeah
  • McGonagall: And he's a half giant!
  • Dumbledore: I know right??
  • McGonagall: Escorting the most famous person of our era through the wizarding world for the first time! How is any of that avoiding detection to you? That's a terrible idea.
  • Dumbledore: Or is it brilliant?
  • McGonagall: It's - no, it's terrible, it's just terrible. We would be better off if we just - who did you just send an owl to??
  • Dumbledore: Hagrid, told him about my great idea, he's gonna be all for it. Winning.
  • McGonagall: ...These next seven years are going to be a train wreck.

pomrania  asked:

If someone wants that angst factor, but also wants to be more accurate... what about a trainer who's an abusive human being towards the character outside of training, but isn't an abusive trainer?

The best way to go about getting the angst factor is with the trainee themselves post-training, where you have someone who genuinely did buy in and then came to a realization later. They hate what they were trained to do, more importantly they hate what they did, and they hate themselves for it. They’re still excellent at what they were trained to do as they trained hard for it, it’s in their bones, an inextricable part of who they are, but the idea of doing it again makes them sick.

This is the setup of an internal conflict that is realistic, but requires an admission of personal responsibility. The “I Once Believed But Now I Don’t” is the foundation of a few hundred, grizzled and experienced action protagonists.

The trick behind this set up though is to go all in, the Atoner needs to have something they’re atoning for. The “I was forced” bit just weakens the motivation and gives them an easy out where they can divest themselves of responsibility. Maybe they do come from a background where they were taken/stolen from their parents at a young age and maybe they did fight against what was done to them in the beginning, but at some point they did give in. At some point, they made the choice and committed. That’s where the Atoner’s drama is. It’s born from personal choice and regret over actions taken. It really was their fault, and now they’re either running away or making up for it.

Abuse in martial combat training isn’t on the floor, it’s in much more subtle and coercive elements used to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. It’s certainly possible to be victimized by martial combat training, used and abused. That abuse is just unlikely to come in the form of a physical beating. The problem is that martial combat is also, simultaneously, empowering. Adrenaline makes you feel good, and the act of taking control over yourself makes you feel strong. Add control over another person into the mix, get a head rush.

A good example of an abusive martial arts setup are the Karate Kid movies with the evil martial arts master. The other important reference point from these movies is a somewhat universal truth: the student is a reflection of their teacher.

Debates about use of force aside, you will occasionally find abusive setups in the real world as bullies are, unfortunately, a phenomenon where fiction reflects life. Students who come from these setups are likely going to be either abusers themselves or more prone toward falling into that category.

Strength first. Weakness is to be punished. Finish your enemy.

“Do not stop when our enemy is down. No mercy in the studio. No mercy in competition. No mercy in life. Our enemy deserves pain.” - Master Li, The Karate Kid.

Sentiments which all feel right, except the contexts they’re applied in are universal. Notice too, it’s all “us versus them”. Master Li in The Karate Kid remake is a well respected martial artist with a huge school and is famous for his ability to produce winners. The issue is where his values lie, and how he pushes his students. His hardcore, aggressive training tactics are applied only to those students who merit his personal attention, who excel. We see the values he’s instilled in his students through Dre’s conflicts with them. They all look up to him. He’s their father figure.

You’re right in that the attitudes of the trainers are the place to look for when looking for abuse rather than the training itself. You’re looking for scenarios that are emotionally abusive rather than physically abusive, and they run in a pattern similar to those used by emotionally abusive parents.

If you want to use these dynamics in your stories, it’s important to recognize the affect these figures will have on your characters. The student/teacher dynamic is a tightly knit one. This person is akin to a second parent. They are part and parcel to the character’s values, who they are, and how they’ve been shaped. Combating abuse takes real work, and it’s not as simple as shuffling the blame onto someone else.

Most of the issues when the fictional “abusive training” tropes pop up involves the author’s desire to get angst and allowing the character avoid taking personal responsibility through their victimization. Their experiences aren’t character defining, but rather perfunctory and act as a means of giving them some angst. It’s also a key means of identifying that this character is special, unique, and different from all the other rubes. In true cognitive dissonance, the presentation of this character is aces with their backstory except all the traits they’re claiming should be the ones they’re rejecting.

Atoning is an exercise in service and humility. A true Atoner is someone who has been humbled. This is a character type directly at odds with wish fulfillment. After all, the western version of this trope is Catholic. However, Atorners come from all over the world. Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin is a classic example of the trope, where in his desire to help others perverted his training and became the era’s most famous warrior (and mass murderer). He becomes a wanderer traveling Japan with a katana whose blade is reversed and blunted so he’ll never kill again. (Ignore for a moment that most of Kenshin’s techniques would absolutely still kill people via blunt force trauma and go with it.)

There are a myriad of places to take someone who has turned the people who trained them, on the system, or on their past beliefs. The Punisher is an example of a character who has decided to strike out on their own, he’s not truly atoning but rather is vengeance driven.

The problem with angst is that the good kind can’t be cheated into existence. Quality fictional angst comes from a personal place, usually resulting from a sense of personal responsibility for a situation (whether or not its their fault). A character can still be a victim of a system while also regretting the actions they took. The trick is understanding that being a victim is not automatically absolving, especially not from a personal point of view. A person can be both victim and victimizer at the same time. A bully with abusive parents isn’t automatically absolved for the bullying they’ve done, even if we feel sympathy for their situation and understand them better.

If you want to write an abusive trainer, this is going to be someone who is first and foremost emotionally abusive. If there’s physical abuse (and there may be), it will come long after the victim’s emotions have been secured. The victim will model themselves after their teacher, much like they would a parent, and become a “mini-me” because that is the best way to avoid punishment. They will become good at shuffling blame onto someone else, or trying to escape it because punishment is painful. That pain is likely to come from an emotional source rather than a physical one.

It will be difficult for the student to recognize their trainer is abusive. Their teacher will be someone they want to please, and the training will reinforce what the trainer says justifying the victim’s treatment in their own minds. All the good emotions you feel from doing exercise and the power felt by taking control over your body/over your mind becomes a parcel used to justify the emotional abuse. The student links their good feelings to what their teacher does to them and pursues it harder.

The key aspect to understand about an abusive training environment is that it is not automatically different from a normal training environment on a basic level. Which is to say, it’s not any better or any tougher or makes one a better fighter. Those in the abusive environment will believe their abusive training is the foundation of their skill and they wouldn’t be the same in a different program, but that is not necessarily true. What makes the training abusive is the way their teacher treats them and the values that are instilled. An abusive environment is often dominating, top down, and everything reflects back to the teacher.

Abuse is about control.

You can have two different teachers who do exactly the same things, but is abusive and one is not. This is why it’s so hard to tell whether or not a situation is abusive, because it’s based in attitude and outlook not in teaching techniques. The difference between an abusive teacher and one who is not is the psychological damage they leave behind.

A character with an abusive instructor may become a great fighter, but they will also be emotionally crippled. Like a bully, they will feel the need to exert control over their environment, create their own little kingdoms, and lash out at those who threaten their authority.

A character who cannot embrace their teacher’s outlook will be shattered, chased by self-doubt, and end up too mentally insecure to succeed at warfare. Their confidence is crushed, and whatever they learn from their teacher they don’t have the fortitude to use.

That’s the consequence of an abusive instructor.

You embrace them and become like them.


You reject them, and they break you.

This is not physical, they break their student emotionally through neglect, through failure, by critically hampering their ability to succeed, by undercutting them, or changing the goalposts on them.

This is where the fantasy of “the hardcore abusive training creating the best warrior ever who was never into it from the beginning” falls apart. A student is a reflection of their master.

A student in an abusive system survives and succeeds only by buying in. They can come to a different conclusion later and abandon it, but at some point they’ll be a True Believer. With the abuse serving as a means of motivation, a desire to please their teacher because of what that will earn them. Whether that’s glory, success, or just not being hit is all up to the teacher.

I hope that clears this concept up some.


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Yeah I think if you can't see her face, then it's a waste of money for publications, and sure you can see Joes but he's unknown/doesn't get website hits.

the pictures blew up in the days since. And i think that the one i’m posting below from Vanity Fair is *exactly* what Taylor wanted the public to take away from all this time. things maybe like: – My life is mine not yours for entertainment, since you cant seem to leave me alone, let me prove that to you. You’re tired of me i get it, peace out. Im tired of you up in my rs. When i say im layin low i mean it. You’re gonna be making stories up about me based on pics to make money, i see how it is, im gonna give u nothing now! Welcome to the privacy era! 

IN HIDING Taylor Swift Is Really Committed to This Laying Low Thing, Huh?

The singer was photographed with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn—allegedly. Both of their faces were concealed beneath hoodies.

Ever since Taylor Swift vowed to stay out of the public eye, she’s largely kept that promise. Well, her exact words were, “As far as I know I’m only doing one show in 2017, and as far as I know, this is that show,” spoken during a pre-Super Bowl concert in February. So that’s maybe less of a vow and more of a calendar update. Regardless. In October 2015 she ventured this thought: “I think I should take some time off. I think people might need a break from me.” And then, off-the-record, she told Kanye West in the infamous call tapes, “I’m like this close to overexposure.”

Like many celebrities before her, Taylor recognized that it was possible to be too famous. But unlike many of them, she took action to fix it, and then actually kept her word.

Fourth of July came and went without her annual Rhode Island celebration, known colloquially as Taymerica. The only photos of the star released publicly since the February concert have been taken with new boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and they’re grainy, as if taken with an incredibly long lens. (Unlike, say, the remarkably sharp paparazzi photos that first introduced Taylor and Tom Hiddleston to the world.) There’s the one on a Nashville balcony and the one supposedly boarding her jet in the U.K. The only social media we’ve seen from her is in service of her friends’ music releases—one Instagram for each, Selena Gomez, the sisters Haim, and Lorde, plus a small video shout-out to Russell Westbrook, this past N.B.A. season’s M.V.P., and a word of support tweeted after the Manchester bombing.

So enamored were we with the idea that Swift has been acing the laying low directive that when a Splash News paparazzi claimed the singer was carried out of her Tribeca apartment in a big box, it didn’t feel completely beyond the realm of possibility (the photo service since retracted the claim). And now, for further proof that Taylor Swift is still committed to giving the world a breather from Taylor Swift, compare what going to the gym in 2016 looks like to what going to the gym in 2017 looks like:

Swift is known for her creative paparazzi-avoidance tactics, like walking backward so they can’t train their lens on her face. But all these hoodies and grainy photos just go to show that if the most famous people in the world don’t wish to be seen, they won’t be seen. Swift is no exception, and it’s unlikely we’ll see her until she ready for us to see her—with an album in tow.


anonymous asked:

I was wondering what type of concepts each dancer likes/prefers for the stage performancees?

Oikawa/King: Loves to show off his dance skills, loves wearing various different costumes and doing elaborate choreography with other dancers. He had classes in ballroom dancing, tap dance and a bit of latin, he loves showing that off onstage. He also does a lot of broadway inspired choreographies.

Kuroo/Tom Kat: Martial Arts inspired. Kuroo’s style’s unorthodox cos he didn’t come from dancing backgrounds, but he nabs techniques here and there from other dancers. He does Tae Kwondo, Karate and some kickboxing, which is why a lot of his concepts take similar themes and he often takes the role of warriors/knights in choreographed performances.

Akaashi/Onmyouji: Has background in theatre, trained in classical ballet since young. Onmyouji’s concepts tend to be artsy, subtle and emphasise on the beauty of forms. In particular, he likes to indulge in traditional Japanese themed dances, such as Kabuki or Noh, often takes the female roles. Otherwise, he’s played with a bit of a bondage theme.

Yamaguchi/Eclipse: Yamaguchi’s majoring in dance in his university. He’s been training in various dance styles and even tried gymnastic over the years, but found a particular love towards Aerial dance. Most of his concepts takes a direct/indirect inspirations from famous tales and stories, as he thinks it fits with the ‘sense of wonder’ he finds in Aerial dance style.

Asahi/Titan: A former world champion in latin dance, Asahi’s style is powerful and sensual. He prefers to have a partner when he does his choreography, which is why he’s usually paired up with Queen. They frequently rehearse together and come up with collaborations for joint performances.

Sugawara/Queen: Trained in classical ballet, Queen adopts the roles both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ female roles in performances inspired by popular concepts such as the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Giselle etc. Though recently she’s interested in doing contemporary concepts as well.

Japan's hidden caste of untouchables

Abattoir workers at the Shibaura meat market 

Japan has a reputation of being a homogeneous, mostly harmonious society. There are few foreigners, linguistic differences are rare and on the surface class distinctions are largely absent. But, as Mike Sunda discovered, there is one, often hidden, exception: Japan’s untouchables.

In the corner of a pristine room tucked away in Tokyo’s Shibaura meat market is a table topped with a stack of crudely composed hate mail - evidence of a prejudice that dates back to medieval times.

Slaughtermen, undertakers, those working with leather and in other “unclean” professions such as sanitation have long been marginalised in Japan. That prejudice continues to this day and especially for those working in the Shibaura abattoir.

Never mind that the men here are dicing up some of the most expensive and highly prized animals on the planet. This is where Japan’s world famous wagyu beef is prepared - prime steaks, shot through with ribbons of fat, that can set you back eye-watering prices.

It’s a process requiring such immense skill, training and mental fortitude that mastering the job can take a decade. And yet, for all the craftsmanship that goes into their work, many here will never speak freely about their occupation.

“When people ask us about what sort of work we do, we hesitate over how to answer,” slaughterman Yuki Miyazaki says.“In most cases, it’s because we don’t want our families to get hurt. If it’s us facing discrimination, we can fight against that. But if our children are discriminated against, they don’t have the power to fight back. We have to protect them.”

Feudal origins

Like many in the abattoir because of his profession, Miyazaki is associated with the Burakumin, Japan’s “untouchable” class.Burakumin, meaning “hamlet people”, dates back to the feudal era. It originally referred to the segregated communities made up of labourers working in occupations that were considered impure or tainted by death, such as executioners, butchers and undertakers. The lowest of these outcasts, known as Eta, meaning “abundance of filth”,….

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How I met you (headcanon) | ‘Dancing with the stars’

Requested: yes “Helloo im kinda new to your blod and can i request a tom headcanon where you and him doing a sexual romantic ballet duet pls❤️❤️ “


taglist: @sarcasticvodka @mamanewta5 @dr-tardis-who @petah-parkah-and-potahtas @wandering-at-midnight @peterparkersgal @castellandiangelo @i-survived-my-trip-to-nyc @once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod @notfabulousanna @dec-snowy @b0okjump3r @lancesome-mullet-spacegays @sunshine-little-miss @marveltomjunkie @whiitee–sxxl @kawaiianime03 @homecomjng @espritdefleur @muffinfangirl28 @brokenanxiety

(Ok I want to say that this headcanon inaugurates a new series of headcanon called 'How I met you’. Basically it’s a series that offers different scenarios of the first time you met Tom or Peter)

You met at dancing with the starts:

- One day Tom’s manager called him because he had a very interesting news!
- Tom was chosen to participate at the new series of 'Dancing with the stars’;
- At first Tom was excited at all;
- But then his manager convinced him;
- “You’re gonna love it. Your teacher is one of the most famous dancers in the world. Her name is Y/N”;
- And Tom was like ??? Who is this girl?;
- A few days later Tom had his first training session and -again- he wasn’t sure about doing it;
- But boy, the moment he saw you in the ball room he completely changed his mind;
- Without any doubt, you were the most beautiful girl in the entire world;
- He loved the way your hair highlight your features and the soft curves of your body;
- “Tom you are drooling”
- “Shut up, Harrison!”
- You, on the other hand, were pretty excited to start this adventure. You didn’t know who he was but he was really attractive;
- Tom stuttered when he introduced himself;
- “Hi I’m Holland Tom… I mean… Tom Holland”;
- Harrison laughing like crazy in the background;
- As we know, Tom used to dance, but he never tried ballroom dancing so everything was completely new for him;
- “Tom you have stepped on my feet again!”
- “I sorry!”
- “You have to count until three! It’s not that difficult”
- “Ok, let’s make a pause”
- Days passed by and Tom was more infatuated than ever;
- Especially because he had the chance to touch you all the time but he couldn’t kiss you like he wanted to do;
- He really loved touching your body, it was just perfect to him;
- And your skin was soooo smooth;
- Dancing with Tom was the hardest thing ever;
- You were addicted to his touch, all you wanted was to feel his fingertips on every part of your body;
- Sometimes you knees trembled so hard that you almost fainted;
- The night of the first show, when Tom saw you for the first time in your ball dress, he promised himself to marry you;
- Because he knew you were the best he could ever want in his life;
- Can we talk about Tom wearing a suit?
- That’s probably my new religion;
- The sexual tension between the two of you was reaching the limit;
- Tom was just too afraid to look like an idiot in front of you, and you wanted to look professional;
- But eventually you two couldn’t take it anymore and one day you kissed;
- It was the most mind blowing kiss ever;
- “I don’t know why we have waited this long”
- “Just shut up and kissed me”
- From that moment on, you guys became an incredible dancing couple;
- Tom became more confident and flowing;
- You loved dancing with him, and watching his body moving;
- On the last week you had to prepare a new number… TANGO!
- And tango is the sexiest dance ever!!!!
- I’m sure that the first times Tom got a boner;
- Eventually giving him head after practice;
- Tom couldn’t help staring at your beautiful body;
- Always complimenting you;
- “Darling you are absolutely the most gorgeous woman in the world”;
- “I’m so lucky I have you”;
- His heart melted every time you touched/looked at him;
- He would be sooooo whipped;
- Like, also in bed, he would be super sub! Because he wanted to see your body moving on top of him;
- Ok but it’s Tango Night!
- Tom would be a bit nervous at first;
- Kissing him and telling him that everything will be fine;
- And guys you slayed!!!
- Giving a reward one you get home 😏;
- Even if Dancing with the starts ended, sometimes you still danced in you living room;
- Okay but one night you guys got so drunk and once at home tried to dance;
- You broke a lamp and a few glasses;
- Conclusion: Tom was the happiest man and every time you remember him that he didn’t want to join the program he would blush or roll his eyes;
- “I’m glad I did it, because I had the chance to meet the most beautiful woman around”;

We are incredibly thrilled to present our 56 Ring in the New Year with Reylo fics!

Thank you so much to every single one of our writers. Authors are anonymous for now, but will be revealed on January 6th. Please leave some commenting love for our amazing writers, and feel free to guess who wrote what before the reveal!

Home Is… by Anonymous for Sydney508
“Building a life together” is more than just a phrase. For Kylo and Rey, it literally starts with building a home, one little step at a time (but please don’t let them play with electricity anymore.)

Just a Dream by Anonymous for kmanion
At night, desperate to sleep, Rey imagines an island.

we must be killers (children of the wild ones) by Anonymous for personalphilosophie
He chuckles. He can’t help it. “You have to stop terrorizing the merchants, my love.”“I’m ‘your love’ now, am I? You were calling me 'little idiot’ a few days ago—”“Who,” he snaps, “in their right mind would just drop down into the middle of a pack of Sith hounds?”“Element of surprise?” she offers. “Anyway, they were only Sith hounds."There is refuge even here, in their little games. He can’t remember precisely when it started. It crept up on him like salvation, like forgiveness, like dawn seeping through.

Fugue by Anonymous for Queronea
Kylo and Rey keep their marriage in secret during the war, but in the final fight with Snoke, Kylo gets hit in his head and loses all his memories of Kylo Ren. Now he’s Ben Solo, balancing work in the Resistance base, his Jedi training with Luke, the disappearance of his father, and the constant fights with Rey, the only person in the base he cannot seem to get along with.

A wig and glasses isn’t enough by Anonymous for TheJGatsby
Rey meets a celebrity in disguise, and things only get crazier from there… 

Gideon’s Sacrifice by Anonymous for Ceallaigh
Since the loss of Rey, Kylo Ren’s pursuit of these new enemies has been relentless. Planets of no consequence, like Serpindal and Belkadan have gone completely dark from technology - there were no electronic subspace transmissions. Later his Knights of Ren discovered the planets were destroyed by space anomalies, such as the moon crashing into Serpindal, and an overgrowth of insects on Belkadan. His daughter has been left in the care of his mother, Leia. However, in this last visit, New Republic Forces have chosen to arrest him and try him for his crimes against the galaxy from the last war. The war the First Order lost to the Resistance. He was tried by grand jury of the New Republic and convicted of various crimes. His sentence was to be placed in Carbonite stasis by a new protocol that would cause him to be devoid of the Force. Leia refuses to let Kylo Ren surrender to them. Kylo Ren has other plans.

Love makes the galaxy go round by Anonymous for bittersnake
Their masters make a secret arrangement behind their backs.

The Word of Skill by Anonymous for onstraysod 
When Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey from Ahch-to, he expects her to be a worthy rival and a pupil. He’s already seen enough to know she’s a girl who can match him in wits and in Force power. But it’s the other things Rey learned during her years of neglect on Jakku that will make all the difference; not only to Kylo but to the other inhabitants of the Finalizer, and perhaps the Galaxy itself.

The most beautiful souls by Anonymous for dustoftheancients (The_Hollow_Bones)
Rey is a Jedi, trained by Luke Skywalker, granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, another famous Jedi master.
Kylo Ren has moved his first steps as a Sith: he’s sure of himself, stubborn.
They have felt in love too soon.[Jedi/Sith AU]

Heart Craters, Filled With Light by Anonymous for KagamiSorciere
Rey has never been able to celebrate Christmas before. Kylo can’t help but become a little invested.

His Desire by Anonymous for Ghostsdontdie
Kylo Ren’s hopes and dreams are fulfilled with a marriage to Rey, but he remains uncertain and unsatisfied.“Which of us is happy in this world? Which of us has his desire? or, having it, is satisfied?”
― William Makepeace Thackeray, "Vanity Fair”

the hint of hope that is you by Anonymous for ReyloTrashCompactor (NextToSomething) 
Rey, Poe, Finn, and the rest of the staff at Recto et Verso Books are gearing up for the holiday season when a surprise mass shipment throws them off balance.
Selling 742 copies of anything would be a challenge for a store their size.
Selling 742 copies of pretentious, free form, emo poetry by some asshole named “Kylo Ren” is next to impossible…or so they think.BookstoreAU written for the lovely ReyloTrashCompactor for the “Ring in the New Year with Reylo” challenge. If you love tea, books, and truly horrifying poetry, this story is for you.

let the silver arrow fly by Anonymous for LarirenShadow
Leia plays cupid, and fires a few misshots before getting it right.

Retrouvailles by Anonymous for NatMatryoshka
: The joy or happiness of reuniting with someone after a long separation.Prompt from NatMatryoshka: “Padawan Rey and Senator Ben Organa Solo: Rey and her master Luke escort young Senator Ben Organa for a noisy party in Coruscant. What will happen?”

The Fickle Finger of Fate by Anonymous for OfHealingLove
She should not be afraid of him. She does not understand. She will. He will make her.

such language holds the solemn sea (to sands upon the shore) by Anonymous for cassanah
They only ever met in large cities where they could blend into anonymity. This time they were in a city called Tvell’ia on a bustling trade world in the Outer Rim. Kylo came here once when he was not Kylo Ren. He remembered how the luminescent algae in the ocean glowed in the darkness of the night here, and he wanted Rey to see it.

Stay by Anonymous for Thelittlescrimshaw
Prompt fill for Ring In the Reylo New Year’s gift exchange.

Sins of the Father by Anonymous for Hormonal_Trashbag 
Unable to outrun the sins of his past, Ben Solo is faced with a ghost from that life that threatens his chance to finally find a peace he has sought his entire life.

The Five Times We Met At The Train Station And The One Time We Did Not by Anonymous for the-reylo-void (Anysia)
Exactly what it says on the tin(or the five times rey assaulted ben in some way lmfao)

Clockwork by Anonymous for Vickyshipsreylo
He is young, and there are two things he fears above everything else: death, and clockwork.

Family issues by Anonymous for Artemis1000
Rey tries to understand her feelings for a redeemed Ben Solo while his mother and uncle treat her like the hope for a better galaxy. It’s not easy when you have to be a jedi, a friend, a warrior and a lover.

That One Time Rey Got Drunk by Anonymous for dungeoncrawler
Rey is drunk, Kylo is impulsive, and neither of them can admit their feelings. They can, however, express them through physical intimacy.

Take my hand by Anonymous for tyrantsandcreampuffs 

Opposition in Vain by Anonymous for solikerez
Rey is a factory girl living off of meager pay and the hope that her parents will return. She’s given a new chance at happiness when the parson Luke Skywalker (a former student of her grandfather’s) adopts her. Years later, the Skywalker-Solo merchant business is facing financial ruin. In order to save her found family, she enters into marriage with the prodigal Ben Solo, who became wealthy through betrayal. But there may be more to this arrangement than what meets the eye…

Anchorite by Anonymous for momo_official
It was right, Rey thought, that he had to bend so low to speak to her. Men like Kylo Ren were made to kneel.

the one thing you leave behind (is how did you love) by Anonymous for diasterisms
Kylo’s orders are to turn Rey to the Dark Side. His personal feelings may prevent him from doing so.

Clandestine by Anonymous for kuresoto
She should have just done her job as a Jedi, should have remained detached yet polite, should have guarded Senator Ben Organa, and should not have jumped into bed with him.

Bound in the Balance by Anonymous for TheBridgeIntoYourMind
He sees her struggles. He feels her frustrations. He senses her presence in the Force, a sensation that echoes his own. He feels compelled to help her, to tell her the truth about herself and himself. How much he ends up telling her, he didn’t expect.

Solace for the Damned by Anonymous for incognitajones
Christmas Eve, and a lone priest of a tiny, isolated parish works feverishly in the snow until an old friend drops by. She misses him- what will it take to lure him away? When will he stop hiding behind the cloth?

The Planet of Fates by Anonymous for Juulna
Simple scavenger Rey was almost ready to find Luke, to bring peace to the galaxy once again, until a mysterious force pulled her into the dreaded Kylo Ren’s path. Though this may be a trap, something bigger seems to be playing out for the two adversaries. And it won’t be like anything they’ve faced before…

Between Daydreams and Nightmares by Anonymous for BeMyDarkling
“Bring the girl to me.”
Kylo begins to train Rey after her abduction; however, as he attempts to draw out the Dark Side in her, she ignites the Light in him.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit by Anonymous for SouthSideStory
A diplomatic mission to Fest goes differently than expected.

Shadowed by Anonymous for Limra
The war is over. It has been for years. A damaged Kylo is forced to face his fears when Rey tells him that she wants children, believing that the sins of the father would be passed on to the children – his children… much like the sins of Darth Vader ruined the reputation of his mother, then-Senator Leia Organa.Rey? Well. Rey thinks that it’s about time that Kylo faces what people really think about her husband.

A Ghtroc 690, Fully Restored by Anonymous for Chthonia
This is the Force, Rey knows, trying to draw her to Kylo Ren, but she doesn’t care about whatever greater purpose a higher power has in store for them. She hates this man, and she despises any connection they have, no matter how divine its origin. (Or: the Force ruins Rey’s first vacation.)

Quiet Words by Anonymous for RacheyMayBe
She wants to take his heart in her hand and dare it to beat when its fickleness is the reason Han’s never will again.(She doesn’t know yet that this fury doesn’t wholly belong to her.)

One Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous for TehanuFromEarthsea
Really, Rey ought to kill him. But instead she found herself fascinated by him

Trapped by Anonymous for PalenDrome (nerdherderette)
Rey and Kylo get trapped on a shuttle in the middle of deep space. Inspired by ChroniclyFlaming’s “Revanche" 

Jazz Night at the Jakku Philharmonic by Anonymous for SaintHeretical
Rey expects nothing good when the Jakku Philharmonic plays an outdoor gig with weird and reclusive jazz legend Snoke. As for his backing band, they’re something else. Kylo styles himself as "the loudest trumpet player in the universe”, and his mic stand is right behind Rey’s chair in the woodwind section.

This Darkness Which You Know You Cannot Fight by Anonymous for OccasionallyCreative
Rey gives in to her anger. It has been a long time coming.

Fight Like Me by Anonymous for SWAG_77
After mysteriously crashing on a moon, Rey and Kylo Ren find themselves Forced to fight together.

The Force Works in Mysterious Ways by Anonymous for agirlfromniima 
Sometimes you just know what you need to do.

Tall Tales of the Western Wilds by Anonymous for Vivien
They say there’s three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth. No matter which you choose to believe, Ragin’ Rey Kenobi was the greatest bounty hunter there ever was.

Exigence in Force Majeure by Anonymous for MostTulip
This war has raged for ages and most of the leaders at its helm are long gone. It’s left to Kylo Ren, and Rey, his constant opposing force, whose minds have seeped so far into each other as to make planning in secret impossible, to come to some accord or else watch the galaxy burn in their futile efforts at mutual destruction.

Muscle Memory by Anonymous for thewayofthetrashcompactor (BriarLily)
The war may be over, but Rey is still encountering Kylo Ren far too frequently for her peace of mind.

Two Comets Lost, Following the Trails of Stars Unknown by Anonymous for Karla_shadow
He calls out to her as if through the Force, a pull that repels and attracts her in equal measure. He draws nearer to her as if he can’t help but follow that strange call.She backs away.“You can’t fight destiny.”

i’m always in this twilight (in the shadow of your heart) by Anonymous for jitterygummy
Coded on a secondhand datapad in a run-down motel room in Mos Eisley, deleted and never sent: Everything about us was a whirlwind.Written on a scrap of durasheet in a Tion Cluster outpost, the words fading after a while into air and ghosts: You shouldn’t have forgiven me for any of it.Scraped into the bark of an oak tree on the Argazdan homeworld: You won’t believe the dreams I have about you.

climb so fast to fall by Anonymous for LueurdeLaube 
Kylo Ren arrived at (crashed into) the Resistance base and fell in front of the general, broken and bleeding. No one was very happy about this development, least of all Rey.

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus) by Anonymous for cuddlesome
noun mon·ster \ˈmän(t)-stər\
: a strange or horrible imaginary creature
: something that is extremely or unusually large
: a powerful person or thing that cannot be controlled and that causes many problems
-Source: Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary
A Beauty and the Beast pastiche

In Balance by Anonymous for Fangirltrashbaby
Kylo Ren arrives on Ahch-Too with some surprising news. Rey is hesitant at first but when Luke strands them on the planet she has to learn to get along with him.

soon I know you’ll see (you’re just like me) by Anonymous for KyloWren
She crooks a finger. He kneels.

desperado (where you gonna run to) by Anonymous for La_Catrina
'It is my personal opinion that we cannot take Snoke down without you. Sorry excuse of a man that you are at the moment.’ Rey’s eyes skimmed him up and down as though searching for something, and coming up wanting.Kylo could not fault her for that. He’d failed at being a good man a long time ago, and a bad man more recently. He was adrift between two worlds, belonging in neither.

Captain by Anonymous for politicalmamaduck
“Why?” she blurted.He blinked at her for a few seconds. “Why am I bad at flirting? Or–”“No,” Rey cleared her throat. “Why me?”His head tilted inquisitively, and she felt his gaze as it traveled from her face. “Honestly? Han told me he was looking to hire another pilot. I saw you alone in here and…” he trailed off, glaring at his second whiskey.“And?”He met her eye, squaring his shoulders to say, “I’ll pay you double for the same job.”

Blades Crossed by Anonymous for second_chances
Notorious figure skater Kylo Ren has had a rough few years; once a decorated competitor, now it’s hard to say what he’s losing faster, sponsors or partners. With Nationals just six months out and no qualified partner on the horizon, Kylo finds himself begrudgingly skating with college hockey phenom Rey Kenobi, a scrappy forward coming off injured reserve who doesn’t know a lutz from an axel. It’s only for six months, but family drama, a twisted coach, and a budding closeness to his new partner ensure that this will be the most eventful competition season of Kylo’s career.

Rare and Imprecise by Anonymous for WildConcerto 
Soul bonds are rare and imprecise. Few beings took any stock in their occurrence, though the midwife cooed that it was a sign of great luck to have a son born with an omen etched down his back.Leia didn’t like it.

The Wheels Keep Right on Rolling by Anonymous for Hamliet
Ben Solo is brilliant and handsome. He is also insufferably arrogant, a flagrant womanizer, and a total ass. On certain days, they get along as well as oil and water. On others, it’s more like ammonium nitrate and TNT.Which is why the prospect of spending the next 48-hours cooped up in a car–on a road trip with the man–has left Rey feeling a bit out of sorts….

Convergence by Anonymous for Elywyngirlie
Whatever the next steps are, I want to take them with you.

I Spy - Chapter Two

Feyre Archeron works at the Spring Court- a secret spy agency. But when a fight with her boss -and ex lover- ends in violence, Feyre makes the decision to leave. But she has nowhere to go- except for the Night Court, a rival agency. And as the threat of a Crime Lord grows bigger, Feyre finds herself drawn to Rhysand, the mysterious leader of the Night Court.

Tags: @illyrianinterrasen @wolffrising @lemon321cat @ellabear28 @skyl0rd5117 @nestasbucket @fanfiction3639 @aroyalbluedragon @highladyyfeyre



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Flowers in the Window-Chapter 3: There Was No One There to Hold Before

Catch up here

Chapter 3: There Was No One There to Hold Before.

Now the words kept flowing out, even if I didn’t want to disclose everything to Harry, I couldn’t stop. Like it or not he was getting to know me. I didn’t think I was getting too upset, I wasn’t crying yet. But something in my face must have tipped Harry off otherwise. He moved his hand from my leg and put it around my shoulders, rubbing it back and forth.

“I love-” I started, then corrected myself. “I loved him.”

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jingjing_vicky Just interviewed #tomhiddleston, one of my favorite actors. And his answer perfectly explained how him and many other British actors & actresses are successful around the world. He said: “There’s a philosophy of artistry in British training, which is ‘we are trained to be artists, we are not trained to be famous.’ The thing that matters the most of all is our work. As an actor, you commit your whole self to doing that work, to be intellectually curious, to be physically agile and to be emotionally compassionate. The head, heart and body all working at once.
Because in British theater tradition, there’s no hiding place, there’s no short cut, no fast track…There’s no digital magic can make you better. The only thing that makes you a good actor is the sharpness of your mind, the size of your heart and the commitment of you body, all working at once.” #kongskullisland #britishboy