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Being Jack Sparrow’s first love would include...

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  • him never leaving you.
  • you accepting him as a pirate and joining him on his adventures.
  • him making you the first mate of the ship.
  • lots of dead bodies if someone disrespected you.
  • stargazing together.
  • you often wearing his clothes, but especially the hat.
  • him being soo turned on with that.
  • being the most badass couple in the whole sea world.
  • him always kissing you hard in front of the crew, so everyone knows you are his.
  • him always kissing your neck when you try to leave the bed.
  • this trick never failing.
  • him making you his queen. Literally.
  • you never leaving him, even in the darkest times.
  • training together.
  • furious fights.
  • hungry, angry sex after that.
  • you being famous for your love story.
  • saving his ass, multiple times.
  • having the most strong connection.
  • his compass always pointing at you.
  • you being his most valuable treasure.


Bts when they slap you: Jung Hoseok

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Ashlyn Harris's personal triumph puts her in position to succeed Hope Solo as USWNT goalkeeper
ORLANDO, Fla. – Hope Solo is not here. Abby Wambach is not here. Megan Rapinoe is not here. Even Alex Morgan isn’t here.

The SheBelieves Cup begins March 1 and the tournament will feature a changing look for the world champion United States women’s national team. Wambach retired. Solo, the most decorated goalkeeper in American history, just completed a six-month suspension precipitated by her “cowards” comments about Sweden’s defensive tactics in a stunning Olympic quarterfinal loss. Rapinoe is still trying to regain her form from December 2015 knee surgery. Morgan, the most famous face in women’s soccer, has been in France with her new club Olympique Lyonnais and joined the national team this weekend.

What remains in this training camp is a goalkeeper competition and, more importantly, a need for new leaders to emerge. Harris might very well be the answer in both cases for a USWNT whose team culture has “changed and shifted.”


Just interviewed #tomhiddleston, one of my favorite actors. And his answer perfectly explained how him and many other British actors & actresses are successful around the world. He said: “There’s a philosophy of artistry in British training, which is ‘we are trained to be artists, we are not trained to be famous.’ The thing that matters the most of all is our work. As an actor, you commit your whole self to doing that work, to be intellectually curious, to be physically agile and to be emotionally compassionate. The head, heart and body all working at once.
Because in British theater tradition, there’s no hiding place, there’s no short cut, no fast track…There’s no digital magic can make you better. The only thing that makes you a good actor is the sharpness of your mind, the size of your heart and the commitment of you body, all working at once.” #kongskullisland #britishboy

Questions for Shedd’s vet team?

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago - a well renowned AZA facility - is doing a livestream from their hospital on 4/27 at 9AM CST. Here’s the announcement:

“You can see what goes on in the animal hospital by joining us live on Shedd’s Facebook page this Thursday, April 27, at 9:00 a.m. You’ll see Shedd from the perspective of our animal health team members as they conduct routine exams, share an inside look at our animal hospital and discuss what we can learn from the animals in our care.”

Shedd staff has put out a call for people with Shedd Aquarium memberships to send in questions they’d like to see answered on the livestream - a member happens to be a fan of WADTT and offered to submit a limited number of questions for the blog. 

If you’ve got a question about medical care at the aquarium, you can send it to use and we’ll submit it to the livestream. You do not need to personally be a member. Please email questions to by 12PM CST on Wednesday, 4/26 (replies to this post or questions in reblogs won’t count, for my sanity). We’ll pull a selection of the most common ones and the most unique/interesting ones to send in! 

Shedd is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, and is famous in the zoo field for their widespread behavioral husbandry training programs. They house some 32,000 animals in exhibits arranged by geographic area, and they do house cetaceans (belugas and white-sided dolphins). 

  • McGonagall: It's settled, we'll send Hagrid to fetch the Potter boy from his guardians.
  • Dumbledore: Sweet.
  • McGonagall: Now we just have to figure out who is going to transport the Philosopher's Stone from Gringotts. They'll have to be able to defend it during transit if anything happens, someone who can avoid detection... I think Filius can do it, I may be able to do it-
  • Dumbledore: Nah, send Hagrid.
  • McGonagall: But he'll be escorting Harry-
  • Dumbledore: Yeah, they can have an adventure.
  • McGonagall: ...Albus, he doesn't have a wand.
  • Dumbledore: Yeeeeah
  • McGonagall: And he's a half giant!
  • Dumbledore: I know right??
  • McGonagall: Escorting the most famous person of our era through the wizarding world for the first time! How is any of that avoiding detection to you? That's a terrible idea.
  • Dumbledore: Or is it brilliant?
  • McGonagall: It's - no, it's terrible, it's just terrible. We would be better off if we just - who did you just send an owl to??
  • Dumbledore: Hagrid, told him about my great idea, he's gonna be all for it. Winning.
  • McGonagall: ...These next seven years are going to be a train wreck.

Dreadnought by April Daniels


Do the wlw end up together : No

I don’t know what I expected when I picked this book up. Yes, I do actually, I was expecting a superhero novel with a trans lesbian teenage protagonist (which I got). I was not expecting it to be so funny! I was reading this on the train and trying not to draw too much attention to the fact that I was laughing audibly. Set in a world where metahumans are an accepted fact of life, Danny one day witnesses the death of the most famous superhero, Dreadnought. He passes his powers on to her which, along with flight and the ability to manipulate reality, physically transform Danny into a girl. Danny has to learn to navigate her new world as Dreadnought’s killer schemes. While I’m going to spoil things somewhat and point out that it ends with a very positive attitude, Danny faces some pretty severe transmisogyny, both from family and friends, and a large part of the book does deal with being outed by factors outside your control. That said, I really loved this book; it is packed with action sequences that seamlessly flow into comedy and will never lose your attention for a minute.

Side note : There is a sequel coming out sometime soon-ish that I will be sure to buy at the first instance. 

Japan's hidden caste of untouchables

Abattoir workers at the Shibaura meat market 

Japan has a reputation of being a homogeneous, mostly harmonious society. There are few foreigners, linguistic differences are rare and on the surface class distinctions are largely absent. But, as Mike Sunda discovered, there is one, often hidden, exception: Japan’s untouchables.

In the corner of a pristine room tucked away in Tokyo’s Shibaura meat market is a table topped with a stack of crudely composed hate mail - evidence of a prejudice that dates back to medieval times.

Slaughtermen, undertakers, those working with leather and in other “unclean” professions such as sanitation have long been marginalised in Japan. That prejudice continues to this day and especially for those working in the Shibaura abattoir.

Never mind that the men here are dicing up some of the most expensive and highly prized animals on the planet. This is where Japan’s world famous wagyu beef is prepared - prime steaks, shot through with ribbons of fat, that can set you back eye-watering prices.

It’s a process requiring such immense skill, training and mental fortitude that mastering the job can take a decade. And yet, for all the craftsmanship that goes into their work, many here will never speak freely about their occupation.

“When people ask us about what sort of work we do, we hesitate over how to answer,” slaughterman Yuki Miyazaki says.“In most cases, it’s because we don’t want our families to get hurt. If it’s us facing discrimination, we can fight against that. But if our children are discriminated against, they don’t have the power to fight back. We have to protect them.”

Feudal origins

Like many in the abattoir because of his profession, Miyazaki is associated with the Burakumin, Japan’s “untouchable” class.Burakumin, meaning “hamlet people”, dates back to the feudal era. It originally referred to the segregated communities made up of labourers working in occupations that were considered impure or tainted by death, such as executioners, butchers and undertakers. The lowest of these outcasts, known as Eta, meaning “abundance of filth”,….

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jingjing_vicky Just interviewed #tomhiddleston, one of my favorite actors. And his answer perfectly explained how him and many other British actors & actresses are successful around the world. He said: “There’s a philosophy of artistry in British training, which is ‘we are trained to be artists, we are not trained to be famous.’ The thing that matters the most of all is our work. As an actor, you commit your whole self to doing that work, to be intellectually curious, to be physically agile and to be emotionally compassionate. The head, heart and body all working at once.
Because in British theater tradition, there’s no hiding place, there’s no short cut, no fast track…There’s no digital magic can make you better. The only thing that makes you a good actor is the sharpness of your mind, the size of your heart and the commitment of you body, all working at once.” #kongskullisland #britishboy

We are incredibly thrilled to present our 56 Ring in the New Year with Reylo fics!

Thank you so much to every single one of our writers. Authors are anonymous for now, but will be revealed on January 6th. Please leave some commenting love for our amazing writers, and feel free to guess who wrote what before the reveal!

Home Is… by Anonymous for Sydney508
“Building a life together” is more than just a phrase. For Kylo and Rey, it literally starts with building a home, one little step at a time (but please don’t let them play with electricity anymore.)

Just a Dream by Anonymous for kmanion
At night, desperate to sleep, Rey imagines an island.

we must be killers (children of the wild ones) by Anonymous for personalphilosophie
He chuckles. He can’t help it. “You have to stop terrorizing the merchants, my love.”“I’m ‘your love’ now, am I? You were calling me 'little idiot’ a few days ago—”“Who,” he snaps, “in their right mind would just drop down into the middle of a pack of Sith hounds?”“Element of surprise?” she offers. “Anyway, they were only Sith hounds."There is refuge even here, in their little games. He can’t remember precisely when it started. It crept up on him like salvation, like forgiveness, like dawn seeping through.

Fugue by Anonymous for Queronea
Kylo and Rey keep their marriage in secret during the war, but in the final fight with Snoke, Kylo gets hit in his head and loses all his memories of Kylo Ren. Now he’s Ben Solo, balancing work in the Resistance base, his Jedi training with Luke, the disappearance of his father, and the constant fights with Rey, the only person in the base he cannot seem to get along with.

A wig and glasses isn’t enough by Anonymous for TheJGatsby
Rey meets a celebrity in disguise, and things only get crazier from there… 

Gideon’s Sacrifice by Anonymous for Ceallaigh
Since the loss of Rey, Kylo Ren’s pursuit of these new enemies has been relentless. Planets of no consequence, like Serpindal and Belkadan have gone completely dark from technology - there were no electronic subspace transmissions. Later his Knights of Ren discovered the planets were destroyed by space anomalies, such as the moon crashing into Serpindal, and an overgrowth of insects on Belkadan. His daughter has been left in the care of his mother, Leia. However, in this last visit, New Republic Forces have chosen to arrest him and try him for his crimes against the galaxy from the last war. The war the First Order lost to the Resistance. He was tried by grand jury of the New Republic and convicted of various crimes. His sentence was to be placed in Carbonite stasis by a new protocol that would cause him to be devoid of the Force. Leia refuses to let Kylo Ren surrender to them. Kylo Ren has other plans.

Love makes the galaxy go round by Anonymous for bittersnake
Their masters make a secret arrangement behind their backs.

The Word of Skill by Anonymous for onstraysod 
When Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey from Ahch-to, he expects her to be a worthy rival and a pupil. He’s already seen enough to know she’s a girl who can match him in wits and in Force power. But it’s the other things Rey learned during her years of neglect on Jakku that will make all the difference; not only to Kylo but to the other inhabitants of the Finalizer, and perhaps the Galaxy itself.

The most beautiful souls by Anonymous for dustoftheancients (The_Hollow_Bones)
Rey is a Jedi, trained by Luke Skywalker, granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, another famous Jedi master.
Kylo Ren has moved his first steps as a Sith: he’s sure of himself, stubborn.
They have felt in love too soon.[Jedi/Sith AU]

Heart Craters, Filled With Light by Anonymous for KagamiSorciere
Rey has never been able to celebrate Christmas before. Kylo can’t help but become a little invested.

His Desire by Anonymous for Ghostsdontdie
Kylo Ren’s hopes and dreams are fulfilled with a marriage to Rey, but he remains uncertain and unsatisfied.“Which of us is happy in this world? Which of us has his desire? or, having it, is satisfied?”
― William Makepeace Thackeray, "Vanity Fair”

the hint of hope that is you by Anonymous for ReyloTrashCompactor (NextToSomething) 
Rey, Poe, Finn, and the rest of the staff at Recto et Verso Books are gearing up for the holiday season when a surprise mass shipment throws them off balance.
Selling 742 copies of anything would be a challenge for a store their size.
Selling 742 copies of pretentious, free form, emo poetry by some asshole named “Kylo Ren” is next to impossible…or so they think.BookstoreAU written for the lovely ReyloTrashCompactor for the “Ring in the New Year with Reylo” challenge. If you love tea, books, and truly horrifying poetry, this story is for you.

let the silver arrow fly by Anonymous for LarirenShadow
Leia plays cupid, and fires a few misshots before getting it right.

Retrouvailles by Anonymous for NatMatryoshka
: The joy or happiness of reuniting with someone after a long separation.Prompt from NatMatryoshka: “Padawan Rey and Senator Ben Organa Solo: Rey and her master Luke escort young Senator Ben Organa for a noisy party in Coruscant. What will happen?”

The Fickle Finger of Fate by Anonymous for OfHealingLove
She should not be afraid of him. She does not understand. She will. He will make her.

such language holds the solemn sea (to sands upon the shore) by Anonymous for cassanah
They only ever met in large cities where they could blend into anonymity. This time they were in a city called Tvell’ia on a bustling trade world in the Outer Rim. Kylo came here once when he was not Kylo Ren. He remembered how the luminescent algae in the ocean glowed in the darkness of the night here, and he wanted Rey to see it.

Stay by Anonymous for Thelittlescrimshaw
Prompt fill for Ring In the Reylo New Year’s gift exchange.

Sins of the Father by Anonymous for Hormonal_Trashbag 
Unable to outrun the sins of his past, Ben Solo is faced with a ghost from that life that threatens his chance to finally find a peace he has sought his entire life.

The Five Times We Met At The Train Station And The One Time We Did Not by Anonymous for the-reylo-void (Anysia)
Exactly what it says on the tin(or the five times rey assaulted ben in some way lmfao)

Clockwork by Anonymous for Vickyshipsreylo
He is young, and there are two things he fears above everything else: death, and clockwork.

Family issues by Anonymous for Artemis1000
Rey tries to understand her feelings for a redeemed Ben Solo while his mother and uncle treat her like the hope for a better galaxy. It’s not easy when you have to be a jedi, a friend, a warrior and a lover.

That One Time Rey Got Drunk by Anonymous for dungeoncrawler
Rey is drunk, Kylo is impulsive, and neither of them can admit their feelings. They can, however, express them through physical intimacy.

Take my hand by Anonymous for tyrantsandcreampuffs 

Opposition in Vain by Anonymous for solikerez
Rey is a factory girl living off of meager pay and the hope that her parents will return. She’s given a new chance at happiness when the parson Luke Skywalker (a former student of her grandfather’s) adopts her. Years later, the Skywalker-Solo merchant business is facing financial ruin. In order to save her found family, she enters into marriage with the prodigal Ben Solo, who became wealthy through betrayal. But there may be more to this arrangement than what meets the eye…

Anchorite by Anonymous for momo_official
It was right, Rey thought, that he had to bend so low to speak to her. Men like Kylo Ren were made to kneel.

the one thing you leave behind (is how did you love) by Anonymous for diasterisms
Kylo’s orders are to turn Rey to the Dark Side. His personal feelings may prevent him from doing so.

Clandestine by Anonymous for kuresoto
She should have just done her job as a Jedi, should have remained detached yet polite, should have guarded Senator Ben Organa, and should not have jumped into bed with him.

Bound in the Balance by Anonymous for TheBridgeIntoYourMind
He sees her struggles. He feels her frustrations. He senses her presence in the Force, a sensation that echoes his own. He feels compelled to help her, to tell her the truth about herself and himself. How much he ends up telling her, he didn’t expect.

Solace for the Damned by Anonymous for incognitajones
Christmas Eve, and a lone priest of a tiny, isolated parish works feverishly in the snow until an old friend drops by. She misses him- what will it take to lure him away? When will he stop hiding behind the cloth?

The Planet of Fates by Anonymous for Juulna
Simple scavenger Rey was almost ready to find Luke, to bring peace to the galaxy once again, until a mysterious force pulled her into the dreaded Kylo Ren’s path. Though this may be a trap, something bigger seems to be playing out for the two adversaries. And it won’t be like anything they’ve faced before…

Between Daydreams and Nightmares by Anonymous for BeMyDarkling
“Bring the girl to me.”
Kylo begins to train Rey after her abduction; however, as he attempts to draw out the Dark Side in her, she ignites the Light in him.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit by Anonymous for SouthSideStory
A diplomatic mission to Fest goes differently than expected.

Shadowed by Anonymous for Limra
The war is over. It has been for years. A damaged Kylo is forced to face his fears when Rey tells him that she wants children, believing that the sins of the father would be passed on to the children – his children… much like the sins of Darth Vader ruined the reputation of his mother, then-Senator Leia Organa.Rey? Well. Rey thinks that it’s about time that Kylo faces what people really think about her husband.

A Ghtroc 690, Fully Restored by Anonymous for Chthonia
This is the Force, Rey knows, trying to draw her to Kylo Ren, but she doesn’t care about whatever greater purpose a higher power has in store for them. She hates this man, and she despises any connection they have, no matter how divine its origin. (Or: the Force ruins Rey’s first vacation.)

Quiet Words by Anonymous for RacheyMayBe
She wants to take his heart in her hand and dare it to beat when its fickleness is the reason Han’s never will again.(She doesn’t know yet that this fury doesn’t wholly belong to her.)

One Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous for TehanuFromEarthsea
Really, Rey ought to kill him. But instead she found herself fascinated by him

Trapped by Anonymous for PalenDrome (nerdherderette)
Rey and Kylo get trapped on a shuttle in the middle of deep space. Inspired by ChroniclyFlaming’s “Revanche" 

Jazz Night at the Jakku Philharmonic by Anonymous for SaintHeretical
Rey expects nothing good when the Jakku Philharmonic plays an outdoor gig with weird and reclusive jazz legend Snoke. As for his backing band, they’re something else. Kylo styles himself as "the loudest trumpet player in the universe”, and his mic stand is right behind Rey’s chair in the woodwind section.

This Darkness Which You Know You Cannot Fight by Anonymous for OccasionallyCreative
Rey gives in to her anger. It has been a long time coming.

Fight Like Me by Anonymous for SWAG_77
After mysteriously crashing on a moon, Rey and Kylo Ren find themselves Forced to fight together.

The Force Works in Mysterious Ways by Anonymous for agirlfromniima 
Sometimes you just know what you need to do.

Tall Tales of the Western Wilds by Anonymous for Vivien
They say there’s three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth. No matter which you choose to believe, Ragin’ Rey Kenobi was the greatest bounty hunter there ever was.

Exigence in Force Majeure by Anonymous for MostTulip
This war has raged for ages and most of the leaders at its helm are long gone. It’s left to Kylo Ren, and Rey, his constant opposing force, whose minds have seeped so far into each other as to make planning in secret impossible, to come to some accord or else watch the galaxy burn in their futile efforts at mutual destruction.

Muscle Memory by Anonymous for thewayofthetrashcompactor (BriarLily)
The war may be over, but Rey is still encountering Kylo Ren far too frequently for her peace of mind.

Two Comets Lost, Following the Trails of Stars Unknown by Anonymous for Karla_shadow
He calls out to her as if through the Force, a pull that repels and attracts her in equal measure. He draws nearer to her as if he can’t help but follow that strange call.She backs away.“You can’t fight destiny.”

i’m always in this twilight (in the shadow of your heart) by Anonymous for jitterygummy
Coded on a secondhand datapad in a run-down motel room in Mos Eisley, deleted and never sent: Everything about us was a whirlwind.Written on a scrap of durasheet in a Tion Cluster outpost, the words fading after a while into air and ghosts: You shouldn’t have forgiven me for any of it.Scraped into the bark of an oak tree on the Argazdan homeworld: You won’t believe the dreams I have about you.

climb so fast to fall by Anonymous for LueurdeLaube 
Kylo Ren arrived at (crashed into) the Resistance base and fell in front of the general, broken and bleeding. No one was very happy about this development, least of all Rey.

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus) by Anonymous for cuddlesome
noun mon·ster \ˈmän(t)-stər\
: a strange or horrible imaginary creature
: something that is extremely or unusually large
: a powerful person or thing that cannot be controlled and that causes many problems
-Source: Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary
A Beauty and the Beast pastiche

In Balance by Anonymous for Fangirltrashbaby
Kylo Ren arrives on Ahch-Too with some surprising news. Rey is hesitant at first but when Luke strands them on the planet she has to learn to get along with him.

soon I know you’ll see (you’re just like me) by Anonymous for KyloWren
She crooks a finger. He kneels.

desperado (where you gonna run to) by Anonymous for La_Catrina
'It is my personal opinion that we cannot take Snoke down without you. Sorry excuse of a man that you are at the moment.’ Rey’s eyes skimmed him up and down as though searching for something, and coming up wanting.Kylo could not fault her for that. He’d failed at being a good man a long time ago, and a bad man more recently. He was adrift between two worlds, belonging in neither.

Captain by Anonymous for politicalmamaduck
“Why?” she blurted.He blinked at her for a few seconds. “Why am I bad at flirting? Or–”“No,” Rey cleared her throat. “Why me?”His head tilted inquisitively, and she felt his gaze as it traveled from her face. “Honestly? Han told me he was looking to hire another pilot. I saw you alone in here and…” he trailed off, glaring at his second whiskey.“And?”He met her eye, squaring his shoulders to say, “I’ll pay you double for the same job.”

Blades Crossed by Anonymous for second_chances
Notorious figure skater Kylo Ren has had a rough few years; once a decorated competitor, now it’s hard to say what he’s losing faster, sponsors or partners. With Nationals just six months out and no qualified partner on the horizon, Kylo finds himself begrudgingly skating with college hockey phenom Rey Kenobi, a scrappy forward coming off injured reserve who doesn’t know a lutz from an axel. It’s only for six months, but family drama, a twisted coach, and a budding closeness to his new partner ensure that this will be the most eventful competition season of Kylo’s career.

Rare and Imprecise by Anonymous for WildConcerto 
Soul bonds are rare and imprecise. Few beings took any stock in their occurrence, though the midwife cooed that it was a sign of great luck to have a son born with an omen etched down his back.Leia didn’t like it.

The Wheels Keep Right on Rolling by Anonymous for Hamliet
Ben Solo is brilliant and handsome. He is also insufferably arrogant, a flagrant womanizer, and a total ass. On certain days, they get along as well as oil and water. On others, it’s more like ammonium nitrate and TNT.Which is why the prospect of spending the next 48-hours cooped up in a car–on a road trip with the man–has left Rey feeling a bit out of sorts….

Convergence by Anonymous for Elywyngirlie
Whatever the next steps are, I want to take them with you.

silvermyrtleleaf  asked:

Hey J, I know the Bible contains God's instructions for us, but in this modern time, I wonder if it's ok to also look at "secular advice" on topics like developing your career (especially as a young person), money management and general life stuff (e.g. being organised and good mental health). I don't refer to anything against God, but what if the source of the advice is still someone non-Christian? I hope you know what I mean. What do you think?

Hey dear friend, I absolutely believe that “all knowledge is God’s knowledge,” and that anything useful to you is divinely anointed. 

While we might not see eye-to-eye on this, I don’t believe there’s a “sacred/secular” divide. It’s a strangely false dichotomy. As a Christian, to reject “non-Christian sources” is no better than when the evangelical church boycotts a movie or a department store. If we had to boycott the things we disagree with, we’d have nothing left. Even our Christian-labeled books, music, and movies all navigate within secularized companies and channels that might endorse things we dislike. I wonder if Christians recognize the irony of “taking a stand” on culture wars when the very venues they use—church buildings, social media, news stations—are unavoidably non-religious.

In fact, the Bible itself cites secular and non-Christian sources to support itself. Here is a list of non-canonical citations in the Bible. The Book of Joshua mentions the most obvious one, called the Book of Jasher, and Apostle Paul makes an argument in Acts 17 that quotes secular sources as well as acknowledging Epicureanism and Stoicism. 

Even more, how much are we missing out on if we segregate from all secular sources? My favorite authors include Oliver Sacks, Andrew Solomon, and Yuval Noah Harari, who are all gay men that would be despised by the typical evangelical congregation. C.S. Lewis was classically trained in medieval literature and ancient mythology; Apostle Paul was trained under the famous Jewish teacher Gamaliel; Jesus himself was Jewish. I cannot imagine a privatized little world where I only hear from those who call themselves a Christian—especially when so much “Christian art” is bland and mediocre.

I have to add that yes, we must discern wisely and think carefully (1 John 4, Acts 17:11). I believe very strongly that Christianity teaches to think for yourself. I also think we need to be even harder on Christian-sounding teaching, because so much of it is “hollow and deceptive” (Colossians 2). And we must learn to pick the meat from the bones, or as Aristotle once reportedly said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

— J.S.

anonymous asked:

Imagine if the BATIM trio were a steampunk band. What are the admins thoughts on a steampunk AU? What kind of music do they play? What do they dress up as? Do they fly in an airship?

I was actually talking to Lei about steampunk two days ago!

Hmmm, A steampunk AU? Thats kinda a tough order. BUT! We’ll give it a try!

Alice is a gunslinger, nicknamed “Singing Death” or “Angel of Death”. Dressed in a vest, leather hat, long skirt, cowboy boots, a brass and copper gauntlet over her left hand, and a two ammo belts (she still buff under those cloths). Four of her 6 Wings have been clipped, and she can no longer fly to heaven, or fly at all (causes to much pain).

Cast out of heaven after a misunderstanding, and wanted in several countries, Alice is probably the kindest outlaw you’ll ever meet. Her beautiful voice is feared by many, even more so than her actual fighting skills. An ace shooter, she almost never misses her target. (armed with four revolvers and a rare semi auto rifle)


Bendy is a snake oil salesmen, Nicknamed “Hell’s Doctor”. Dressed in a top hat, black suit with red vet, pocket watch around his “neck”, a ring with the philosopher stone, and a fake mustache (it falls off often). A

Demon with knowledge on how the world works, he uses this knowledge to create medicine that can cure many sickness and disease. However most people don’t trust demons, or doctors. So, he was branded a snake oil salesman. Those that have been his patient know that he is an excellent doctor (with outrageous prices)(Armed with three small handgun)

Boris is and engineer, Nicknamed “Hand Tool”. Dressed in overalls, a dirty shirt, heavy boots, welding goggles, and has a metal left arm.

Boris is a world famous engineer. After having lost his arm in battle, he fancied himself one made of brass and steel. After that, he took on a job as a blacksmith, a shipbuilder, a mechanic, a train engineer, and later a gunsmith. He now flies in a retired  military zeppelin (which he basically stole), discovering many forms of engineering, production, and continues to craft and design weapons for his income. (Armed with an SMG in his hand, and a copper axe)


Well, that’s what i could have come up with! Hope you like it! ~Admin Comrade

I believe that the Russian ballet school is one of the few (if not the only) school that keeps the traditions of the classical ballet art. It is the authentic source of classical ballet, I’d dare say. No ballet dancer trained outside of Russia can experience the same atmosphere and the spirit of the ballet art as Russian ballet dancers do. That is why the Russian ballet dancers are the most famous, and the best, in the world.
—  Nikolay Tsiskaridze
Things John Finnemore Has Ruined* Forever

the ending of Casablanca


hiring a man and van 




bears (all varieties)


the number 19

pineapple juice

Peach Schnapps

going through the airport metal detector

The Archers

takeaway pizza

getting some keys made

the Olympics








the World Cup (“The World what?” “The World Cup.” “The what Cup?”)

the Grand National





sea lions


hotel towels

Top Gun


ice cream vans 

ice cream chimes

train announcements


Leon Trotsky

Thomas The Tank Engine

Doctor Who


Winston Churchill’s most famous speech

ordering coffee in coffee shops


The Famous Five books

the area of South London known as Elephant & Castle

the songs “Greensleeves”, “Deck The Halls”, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, “Fly Me To The Moon”, and “Come Fly With Me” (and many more)

aviator sunglasses


dragon fwoo





King Arthur

the words awesome and awful

Timbuktu (Timbuktu)

Jelly Babies

Russselll Crooooowe

Any words beginning with Q

putting on a seatbelt

dressing gowns

Duxford Air Museum

the phrase not a happy bunny

any dish containing rice as the main ingredient

fire extinguishers



anything with tentacles




Christmas stockings

the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (“Mick! Mi! Muh!”)

using a stepladder (“or, as we call it, the Widow Maker”)

Pony Club girls

getting out of sync



French accents

Australian accents

Irish accents


the word bravery

Jekyll & Hyde

baked potatoes


Christmas gift supplements

choosing a restaurant




putting on a seatbelt

wiiiiinnnndddddd-drrrrriiiiieeeeeedddd ssssaaaauuuuussssaaaggeeeee

booking a holiday

the Grand Canal in Venice





the word basking

buying a watch

yellow cars


the Seven Deadly Sins

the Seven Dwarves

the Six Nations



reading the Sunday papers





the word brilliant


… and…

snow leopards

Winnie the Pooh


jacket pockets

* changed, and infinitely improved

Famous, But Not Because Of Youtube Masterlist

Links last checked: December 22, 2016

A Heart Full Of Love by lestericalphan

Summary: Phil is the new Marius in the West End version of Les Mis. However for him there is more drama off the stage then on as he falls in love.

Blue by manchesterday

Summary: Dan is an author, and he (sort of) accidentally bases a character on Phil the Cute Starbucks Barista.

Feeling Good by lettieewans

Summary: The life of Dan Howell, British single skater, is separated in two parts - before and after. Now, after two years of hospitals, plaster and no training he tries to prove to everone, and first of all himself, that he’s still able to skate and compete on the highest levels. But there are some people in his life, who has known it all along.

Ice Skater by placentaandllamas

Summary: Phil is a pro ice skater and did competitions while growing up but never told anyone because he doesn’t want to seem overly feminine and girly, even though he loves to do it and trains every week. So when boyfriend Dan finds out, Dan gets Phil to teach him how to skate.

It’s Your World, I’m Just Trying to Live in It by howellslester

Summary: Dan gets a text from a unknown number.

Kings Of The Course by phanfictionvevo

Summary: The one where Dan happens to be a famous pro golfer and Phil is his boyfriend

Love At Short Notice by meowyaoimeow

Summary: University student, Dan Howell, meets famous movie actor, Phil Lester, by accident. And everything else happens at a short notice.

Mint Chocolate Dick by chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan is the manager of a successful Pokemon themed ice cream shop, and when Phil, his boyfriend, stops by one day things get a little hot for such a frosty place.

Scripts And Stars by lovebuglester

Summary: Dan is an actor, auditioning for a new role in a film written by a revolutionary young writer by the name of Phil Lester.

Secret Service by philhcwell

Summary: Daniel Howell is the President’s son and Phil is a secret service member who gets more than he bargained for.

So Many Stars by transdimensional-void

Summary: After graduating with his law degree, Dan decides to move to Japan to teach English for a year.

The Black Rose by phansdick

Summary: The year is 2123 and Daniel Howell is a highly trained assassin who is after revenge after his parents were murdered. He is assigned to kill Philip Lester, also known as the second most famous assassin, who has his sights set on Dan as well.

When You Wish Upon A Star by kittyxuchiha11

Summary: Dan Howell is a hardworking famous lawyer that seems to be destined for greatness…that is until his daughter who means the world to him becomes seriously ill. Phil, their doctor quickly befriends Dan, becoming Dan’s only support in this hard time

Writer’s Block by lovebuglester

Summary: Renowned author phil lester visits a pocket village on the outskirts of london to sign copies of his new book, where he meets bookstore clerk dan howell, who ran away to london; away from his problems and towards the now probably dashed dreams of something grand. Endings and beginnings clash with the starlight, finding both the sleepless and the dreamless.

ok so my friends and I were having a harry potter marathon this weekend and we began to discuss a headcanon on hagrid raising harry

stay with me here: instead of dumbledore deciding to place harry with the dursley’s (let’s say that the blood protection wasn’t in play here or something) he decides that hogwarts is the best place for harry, where he himself can watch over him. however dumbledore admits he’s not the type to raise a baby and neither are most of the other professor which leads to…..hagrid! he goes to get baby harry from godric’s hollow and from that moment on he’s sold. dumbledore allows hagrid to become harry’s guardian even though most everyone at hogwarts is like ??? um are you sure??? but hagrid loves it. he starts to ask everyone he knows about how to raise a baby: past students like molly weasley, who already has six children of her own and it surprisingly goes well. by the time harry is four hagrid decides to build onto his hut on the grounds for harry to have his own room. hogwarts students LOVE harry, not only because he’s the boy-who-lived but because he’s just a cute toddler. hagrid has no problems finding baby-sitters in sixth and seventh year girls who are a bit baby crazy. hagrid bakes a cake for his birthday every year and then they go up to the castle where the house elves insist on making a grand feast in honor of harry every year, even though it’s the summer holidays. hagrid knows harry needs some schooling and since most wizarding families home school, he asks the weasleys for help and so harry goes to the burrow a few times a week to begin learning to read and write - and in the process makes a good friend in ron weasley. 

harry develops a deep love for all creatures and can name more facts about dragons by age six than most wizards that are in the trade (charlie weasley often comes to have tea with hagrid and harry and talk about them when he attends hogwarts). best of all, harry isn’t just the famous boy-who-lived, he’s little harry who has been living at hogwarts since he was a baby and all sorts of young witches and wizards have either changed his diaper or watched him for a bit when hagrid has to go into the forest (sneaking him chocolate frogs and letting harry take a ride on their broom with them) and so those students go back and tell their families and their younger siblings that yeah, that harry potter might have stopped the dark lord, but he’s just a cubby cheeked kid who likes to get into some trouble now and again. 

then it’s time for harry to go to hogwarts and even though they know, the letter that reads: “harry potter, hagrid’s hut, hogwarts” leads him and hagrid to celebrate and hagrid to cry a bit because he’s going to be “moving out on his own” to the castle come september and hagrid insists that harry takes the train so they take the floo powder to london so harry can catch the train like anyone else. he meets up with the weasley’s and is pleased to meet a new friend called hermione granger on the train. most of the kids on the train greet harry by name and tell him they’re so happy he’s starting classes and just!!! 

even though harry would be raised in the wizarding world, you know he wouldn’t consider himself famous or get a big head being raised by hagrid. he’d be so good and true and caring to everyone, even creatures and people who most people would say aren’t good, like hagrid does. 

and okay that was way long but I have a lot of feelings about this!!!

anonymous asked:

It's early in the morning, matsu and s/o are still sleeping then their kid burst in their room and starts jumping on their bed, yelling "daddy, mommy, it's time to get up!" How does matsu react?

Seriously guys, send us more Daddy!Matsu and other fluff requests once we open up the ask box again >w<

Osomatsu: This was nice. Sleeping on a warm bed beside his spouse, his arms wrapped around your waist, foreheads pressing against one another, and nothing to disturb your peaceful sle—BAM! A small body slamming into him had him waking from his slumber and sitting up as the small figure started to jump excitedly on bed trying to wake them up. It didn’t take long at all for Oso to realize that it was only their little bundle of joy who was just as shitty energetic as him at their age “I’m up, I’m up! Now settle down squirt or you’ll make your mom mad” He joked, pulling his child into a headlock and giving them a small noogie. Yes, this really was nice.

Karamatsu: Having been awake already and just spending the time observing your beautiful self, he wasn’t too surprised by his child bursting into the room and jumping onto their bed to wake the both of you up. He could only chuckle as they proceeded to jump and urge you to get up at the same time, opting to pull them into their arms in a hug and seating them on his lap to prevent them from making any more of a ruckus. “Now now now, my sweetpea. You shouldn’t be so rowdy in the morning. You know how hard your mother works to care for the both of us every day so we owe her some rest” Their child was such a handful, but he wouldn’t have them any other way.

Choromatsu: He wasn’t expecting the sudden wake-up call from his child since he was SUPPOSED to still be sleeping with his lovely spouse and not being jumped on by a hyperactive toddler. Choro always knew that he was a man who was weak to cute things and his child was easily the cutest thing ever so it’s only natural for him to deflate and retract the scolding he was supposed to give them. Instead he just smiled lightly and got up from bed, taking great care not to disturb you before turning to his grinning child, “(C/n)….let’s just let mommy get some more sleep while we make her breakfast, okay?” Taking their hand, he quietly led them out of your room, sending your sleeping self one last time before he was pulled away by the excited child.

Ichimatsu: Opening his sleepy eyes, the man sluggishly sat up and rubbed them as his only child eagerly jumped on his and his spouse’s bed in an effort to wake them. While most people would be miffed and probably scold their children for waking them at such an early hour, Ichi was already quite used to it, considering that the sibling he was closest to was Jyushi who also woke up at the early morning hours for his daily baseball training. It was with a sleepy smile that he ruffled and petted his child’s soft locks, “Hai hai…Papa’s up now so enough of that, alright? Come on, let’s go feed ESP Kitty and the other cats” Receiving a gleeful smile and cheer, the purple-clad man simply let his child drag him along. Life was good.

Jyushimatsu: As soon as his child had entered the room, he was already awake himself and was just about to get out of bed to get ready for baseball training. The cheerful male caught his progeny just as they were about to jump onto the bed to probably wake up their exhausted mother from their slumber. Jyushi lifted the child up in his arms like that of Rafiki with Simba in ‘The Lion King’ with no effort at all, giving them his trademark grin as he greeted them a good morning. “Good morning, (c/n)! Ready for baseball practice? That’s great! But ah, we shouldn’t wake your mama up and let her sleep instead, alright? Or else she might not make us her world-famous hotdogs!” It was with a laugh and smile that the father-child duo made their way out of the room in their training gear. But not before tucking in the other most important person in their lives besides each other and giving them a kiss on the forehead and cheek respectively.

Todomatsu: Out of all his brothers, he certainly hated losing his beauty sleep most of all so it was only natural that being suddenly woken up by his own hyperactive child held consequences for them. A dark look crossed his features after they greeted him and his sleeping spouse after unceremoniously waking them up, a look that the young child had certainly gotten familiar with throughout the years. Before they could run off to safety, it was already too late and they found themselves in their father’s grasp. “You know that it’s not nice to wake mommy and daddy up so early in the morning when they’re trying to sleep…right (c/n)? You know the punishment….” And so they found themselves mercilessly tickled by their father whom was laughing earnestly at their suffering and managing to wake you up as well at how much noise they were making. You didn’t mind though, because seeing your adorable husband and child bonding so early in the morning was worth the lost sleep.

Dragonball 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Picture of your favorite character and explain why.

This lady right here. Bulma Briefs. There are many reasons why she is my favorite character. In my opinion she is one of the MOST important characters, and a lot of people not consider her so because she doesn’t have super powers. But let me tell you something.

If it wasn’t for this woman, Goku wouldn’t even be the Goku we all know and love because their friendship is a pin point in Goku’s lifetime. If Bulma hadn’t found him, he’d be a wild little saiyan. She’s the daughter of one of the wealthiest and smartest scientist in the world, not to mention her own wealth and intelligence considering she has created inventions that revolutionize and change the way the world works. Thanks to her and her father, the trips to Namek were possible, Goku and Vegeta have been able to train with their facilities and let’s not forget about the famous Dragon Ball radar, which she invented single handedly. She’s always looking after her friends making sure they have the latest technologies to achieve their trainings (asides from the hyperbolic time chamber that Kami provides)

(In an alternate timeline) She’s a single mother who balanced her work and raising an amazing boy while the world was technially ending. Still managed to build a time machine so her son could save the original timeline. IN the original timeline, she was still a wonderful mother who managed her time perfectly. Her strong will and ambition made one of the most dangerous saiyan alive to fall in love with her (That’s a whole different subject I’ll cover later in the challenge) She loves her family and friends indefinitely.

Um, did I mention she’s freaking hot? Good looking, smart af, clever and takes no shit from absolutely nobody. Wife material much? I’d marry her if she wasn’t so perfect with Vegeta. I mean seriously, what’s not to love? Look at her, just just look at her.

She’s my favorite because without her, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and even in Dragon Ball GT and now in Dragon Ball Super would NOT be anthing! It was her who found Goku, it was her who invented the Dragon radar, it was her father who invented the ships they took to Namek, it was her who created a son and a time machine so that son could tavel to the future and save the world, it was her who befriended Whis so her and her loved ones would be safe if Beerus decided to destroy the world, it was her who invented the Super Dragon radar, I can go on. And no matter what, this woman will always be my favorite. Without her there is no Dragon Ball.

Day 19: War

Loose the dogs of War today since we’re talking about… War! In particular today is about how large-scale disputes are resolved. This could mean that your world may favor information wars, proxy wars, cold wars, internal conflicts, etc. with of course the most famous type of war being the trading of lives on a battlefield.

Despite what a certain protagonist of one of the Fallout series games says, War changes. Numbers of participants changes, technology changes, context changes, tactics change. The invention of crossbows and guns meant long-range warfare was no longer limited to specially trained individuals dedicated to the art of archery. Any soldier could be handed the device and trained up in a comparative blink of an eye, allowing them to fight at range. This meant a lot for future battles and for those who adopted this technology late, the consequences may have been devastating.

Culture also dictates the nature of war. Concepts of honor, humanitarianism, and tradition may change how someone treats their opponent on and off the battlefield. When prisoners are caught, how are they treated? When one side has clearly lost, is there an olive branch for peace extended along with conditions for this peace now that one side has their lives for leverage? Who even fights in these conflicts? Do nobility forge their leaders in battle or do they keep their hands clean of such affairs? Who are those in the front line and what is their motivation for being there?

This is a subject that is potentially troubling for some, but is a matter of deep interest for others. Some maybe even imagine a world without war. If that’s the case then you can definitely speak about the measures taken to prevent this. There have been some interesting takes on how peace can be achieved.

Well good luck with your war of the worlds and…