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The Heartache Pg1

Oh yes, the star of the show as everyone knows him, Bendy the Dancing Demon. He was in his room sitting in a wooden chair as he was breathing in his smoke, it’s lovely poison. His room was covered in gifts from his fans, especially those who were women. Constantly sending him letters just begging to dance with him, or be his back up dancers and all,sometimes begged to marry him. He leaned back in his chair as he opened more and more letters from his adoring
fans. He felt like a hero any time he saw a child trying to act just like him.Heck, he was a hero, every now and then when some brute would come around he’d show them a thing or two and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. Bendy once drove a large raging pig out of town so it wouldn’t hurt any people anymore. He beat up a wrestler who didn’t know when to stop destroying people’s homes just to look for a challenger.  He caught all five robbers on a train and threw them in prison.
        And yet, an unwelcomed thought creeped along his mind. Would he have been the cheeky little devil everyone would love today if he had never met Boris? Or would he still have been trying to become everyone’s nightmare he had planned ages ago? When he got caught up with the wolf he planned to use him for as long as he wanted just to get what he wanted and toy with his emotions for a bit. Yet things…took a different turn. He never had expected the guy to be so incredibly kind. He was a wolf. Usually people have seen wolves as vicious animals who are ALWAYS hungry. Boris was different though.Boris isn’t like any wolf. Bendy threw his cigar down on the floor and stomped on it. He pulled out another one from his box and lit it. He took in a few puffs and sighed. He chuckled. He remembered when Boris would try to cheer him up when he was feeling down. Boris was certainly something. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing and he frowned. He picked it up.

Bendy:“Bendy the Devil here.” He said and just as he expected a loud shriek came through and he quickly slammed the phone down hard to hang up. He shook his head and growled. The phone rang once more. He yanked the plug out and silenced it for good. He sighed and leaned back in his chair once more. He looked at some old photos of himself and Boris from over the years. He looked outside and noticed it was raining. Bendy stood up and closed the curtains. He put out the cigar and dropped onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling. Over the years of beating down villains and chasing women, none of that was exciting any more. Except the beating up the villains part….and the dancing. Ah yes, the dancing, it will always be his most favorite thing to do.
All eyes are on him, people stopping what they’re doing just to see his amazing dances. All of that was thanks to Boris. He was the one who put the idea in his head. Bendi turned out the light and rolled over on his side, just staring at the wall.  Every show he’s been in, none without his best friend Boris. He and him have always been together. Danced together, played music together.Bendy loved trying different things however. Playing just one instrument wasn’t enough. He wanted to be good with all of them.Most of all though, he wanted to be able to play the clarinet.
        Bendy remembered getting into a couple fights with Boris over stupid nonscence every now and then. Even best friends get into arguments eventually, he thought. Boris wouldn’t speak to him for a week after Bendy glued feathers on him to make him look like a chicken. Bendy almost lost it. He was about ready to get into a fight with the wolf but instead, he wrote him seven pages that read; ‘I’m so sorry’ over and over. Bendy rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. The sound of rain pounding on the roof made it impossible for him to fall asleep.
           Years later when his fame grew, he was chased around by his adoring fans. He didn’t mind, he loved the attention. He just couldn’t get enough of it.
           And yet….even though he was loved by all, no matter who he was with, it wasn’t enough for him anymore. The feeling of wanting attention from EVERYONE just seemed to almost very slowly fade away. It was when he was robbed from one of his 'fans’ that made him realize that he still can’t trust ANYONE. Not even when you’re famous. When things were going down he knew he could always depend on Boris’s help. He would help him no matter what. Just when he felt safe being with Boris…everything turned into a nightmare when he met her. Bendy covered himself up with the blanket and
closed his eyes tightly.
       It was fall. The wind blew like crazy, everyone’s in a hurry to get home, Boris was waiting outside Mrs. Mo’s store for Bendy. Bendy was stuck in a chat with Mo as he held onto a brown bag full of sweets. He actually seemed to enjoy her stories though. Bendy laughed after she had told him a joke.

Bendy:“That’s a good one Mrs. M!” He said with a grin. She chuckled.

Mo:“Well, you should be getting going soon, I think Boris is still waiting for you outside.” His eyes widened.

Bendy:“Ha! Oh yeah! Time flies when you’re listening to stories huh?” The two laughed and he left. He looked around for Boris but he was no longer there by the door. He frowned a little looking confused. He looked at his truck but he wasn’t there either.“Boris?” He called. He looked around until he finally saw him giving a poodle back her umbrella. Seems it got caught in the wind he thought.
He smiled.“Aw Bori, you kind hearted son-of-a-gun.” He said to himself and chuckled.“Always helping strangers huh buddy.” He walked towards them but quickly stopped when he could hear them talking. His expression changes from a warm smile to a look of worry and confusion. The woman was giving him a flirty look and his face was more red than usual. He kept telling her jokes
and telling her stories of him and Bendy’s adventures together. She giggled a lot. It was starting to get on the demon’s nerves.It was odd though, he had never felt this way before. Just seeing someone else acting like that to Boris just made him feel bitter. He didn’t understand why but he wanted to pull him away from her as far as possible. Boris finally stops talking to her and turns
around only to find Bendy. He smiled. Trying to play it off as if nothing happened Bendy thought.

Boris:“Guess what Bendy!” He said happily. Bendy put one hand on his hip and smired.

Bendy:“You got a job as a clown?” He asked, half mocking half joking. Boris shook his head.

Boris:“Nope! I gotta date!” He said and laughed happily. Bendy’s tail dropped to the ground along with his smirk and shoulders.The demon opened his mouth to speak and was ready to argue with him but he couldn’t. Not after when he looked in his eyes. He’s never seen them sparkle like that before. And that smile of his was so different. It was that feeling he had with Scarlet years ago. Bendy slowly smiled.

Bendy:“Oh, that’s great buddy!” He said. Boris was always supportive of him with whatever he wanted to do, it was his turn. Boris went on about the poodle, her name was Abella. She loved travelling to different places. This was her first visit…and apparently, Boris interested her the most. At least that’s what she told him. Bendy wanted to be as happy as Boris was whenever he thought Bendy found someone to be with, so why was this so difficult for him? He thought he was over the whole fear of Boris leaving him forever thing. But maybe he wasn’t. For a couple of nights Boris left Bendy alone at home so he could enjoy his dates with Abella. He didn’t seem to mind too much at first, things were going smoothly. Until she decided to stick around a little longer. She decided to follow them wherever they needed to go for their shows in different places. She said she wouldn’t get in the way, but after at least five shows have passed, instead of going straight to the truck where Bendy was waiting, Boris went to Abella’s car and the two would talk for hours. Bendy would sit there waiting as he smoke three cigars. His smoking became worse after seven more shows. It went from three to nearly twenty cigars.
      Boris came home every morning after their dates ever since their last show. Bendy, trying hard as he could stay happy, began to feel as if the world was crushing him. He felt like Boris was starting to push him away. He felt like he was all alone in the house when he was gone. He even left on a ship for a few days with Abella without telling him. He sincerely apologized for making him worried. He even missed their show a week after. Abella didn’t come over much. Oh gee! Haha, wonder why. Bendy thought to himself with a snarl. Bendy and Abella rarely spoke to each other. Bendy tried but even though the two had the same interests, it was like she was never truly comfortable around him. Mostly when Boris was around. This made Bendy feel worse. Every now and then when something didn’t go right, he would leave ink everywhere he walked. This seemed to gross Abella out and this was the reason she rarely came over to visit. Boris tried to make Bendy feel better but no matter what he said, his words no longer calmed him down. They felt empty. Was this karma? He wondered. Whenever he went chasing after women, going on dates, spending long nights away from home?
                  These thoughts began to trouble the demon and he bit his bottom lip. He slowly curled up into a ball of ink. His tail wrapped around his body as he hugged himself. No matter how much people begged for Bendy to stay he would always say no… then why was Boris staying when she asks him to? No matter who he was with, he always picked his best friend over everyone else.

The door slammed shut downstairs. Bendy sat up in his bed with wide eyes. He forced himself to get out of bed and walked down the steps. He took in a deep breath and smiled. The ink quickly dried and he found his friend on the couch. He looked tired. He walked quietly next to him and saw that he had already fallen asleep. Bendy covered him up with a blanket near by and finally felt exhaustion hit him like a train. He slowly got up on the couch and snuggled up to the wolf. He buried his face in his chest. His tail curled around him and it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.
       He expects to see him gone by tomorrow morning and to be gone for another month with Abella again.

You might not have known much about Manchester before today. Please don’t focus on the images and videos you might have seen of the aftermath.

This is the place where the women’s suffrage movement was born, the home of the Co-operative movement, where computers and graphene were developed. Where most of the best music of the past 40 years was made, where the biggest gay area of Europe was created.

This is the place where people have spent all day driving stranded people home, where thousands offered spare beds to those who are stuck.

I grew up less than 15 miles from here, in a small town up in the hills where, on a clear day, we could see the skyscrapers on the horizon, could dream of the excitement of the city. I’ve lived down here in the city centre for 12 years and I know people must think this about all kinds of places but it really is a special city. You’re a fucking lion, Manchester, and I’m so proud to call you home.

My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 1

Hey Guys, I am back :)

So, as previously mentioned, I am starting a new multi chapter. This one sets 5 years after the events of MBBD. It will mainly focus on Omelia and Amelia’s relationship with her family, how it affects the dynamics of her marriage to Owen and the repercussions her trouble past has in her life up to this moment. 

Thank you to the lovely @jia911 for proofreading this overnight. You are my team!

My Boys – Beneath the Surface: Chapter 1


“I really don’t know how to thank you enough.”

At the sound of the words, Amelia’s mother in law turned around with a sympathetic smile on her face.

“There is no need to thank me, I’ve told you that,” The elderly woman added with a gentle nod, genuinely happy for being able to help. A couple of hours before, Amelia had called her to ask if Evelyn had any idea how to cook Spanish and Moroccan food and Owen’s mother had immediately stepped in to help, driving over to her son’s house to give the neurosurgeon a hand with the cooking.

The school to which Amelia’s kids went to was having an international fair to celebrate cultural diversity and much to Amelia’s dismay each student in the class of her eight year old twins was in charge of taking local food from a few selected countries.  

“If I can’t cook our own food,” Amelia said with a teasing smile, “how do they expect me to cook stuff I’ve never even tried before?”

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the 1975: pop’s most daring radicals | mtv news

“anybody of any kind of intellect understands that the most active people as consumers of music are young women. the most active people on social media, when you come to talking about music, are young women. mary shelley wrote frankenstein when she was 18, do you know what i mean? there’s fans of ours that i meet that are far smarter than me. of course they scream and they go wild — but if I was young and really, really excited, and drunk, and my favorite band was there, i’d be screaming and going wild! and you know, I could be really, really concerned and want to appeal to the kind of crusty, liberal, north londoner [audience]. but trust me. i’m telling you as a grown-up person: if you do what i do every single night, and you get the choice to play to that group of people or a bunch of screaming, younger girls who fucking love you, you’re going to choose that one. because it means more. it means something to those people. and i’m not going to apologize for embracing this intense emotional investment that i get from people. because — because it’s a big deal.”

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the act of terrorism was bugging me all day. i heard about it all day on the news, and really felt like i needed to send out my condolences.

Dear Manchester, Ariana Grande, and the amazingly passionate fandom called Arianators,

I am in shock that an explosion happened during a musical concert of so many young women and little girls, who were extremely passionately watching their idol perform in front of them. Many of the girls at the concert were just 8 and 9. I remember my first concert, and it was amazing how one woman could change my life, and I was so excited and trembling with passion, happiness, and excitement. The most memorable moment of a performance by your idol should be the thrill and happiness that you’re feeling, not at all what many were feeling yesterday: fear and threat. When I found out that people were more than just wounded or seriously injured but had passed away, I felt discomfort that someone, or a group of people wanted to hurt a crowd full of innocent girls having the time of their lives. But when I found out people as young as 8 had passed away, I couldn’t help it that a tear had slid down my cheek. Yes, this was in the middle of class. But what bothered me most was that the people hurt were girls. Young girls who I knew were going to grow up and change the world in many great ways, and some of them can now no longer fulfill their dreams, get a diploma, go to college, and live their dreams. 

This is the end of my letter, but as I am writing this my heart feels lighter by just a little bit by sharing my feelings with the world on this tragedy, and my eyes wet with tears from what happened. But with all my love, a fellow swiftie and arianator,


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sending love to anyone affected by this tragedy <3


“Anybody of any kind of intellect understands that the most active people as consumers of music are young women. The most active people on social media, when you come to talking about music, are young women. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was 18, do you know what I mean? There’s fans of ours that I meet that are far smarter than me. Of course they scream and they go wild — but if I was young and really, really excited, and drunk, and my favorite band was there, I’d be screaming and going wild!”

Happy 1 year anniversary Steven Universe!

This day last year, the original pilot was revealed!

The first season isn’t even over and it’s already my new favorite animated tv series.  in case you haven’t checked it out yet, here is why I love it:

  • It’s created by Rebecca Sugar, who worked on all my favorite episodes of Adventure Time
  • Rebecca is also a talented songwriter who wrote many fan-favorite songs for Adventure Time, and is putting that talent to making musical numbers in this show!
  • It’s a very rare cartoon that is produced by a female creator!
  • It has an excellent cast of female characters who are all super cute and cool:

  • Half of the protagonists are cute and chubby! And Amethyst is portrayed as the sexy one and this isn’t presented as comedy.
  • They’re a found family of magical girls  and they all take care of a kid together, he is half human, half Crystal Gem and they are teaching him how to use his magic! He idolizes them and it’s never portrayed as a negative thing that all his role models are awesome magical ladies.
  • The Gems can shapeshift and Amethyst often takes on male forms when she does so, which is cool and makes me interpret her as possibly genderqueer:

  • Because there’s lot of female characters there’s lot of femslash potential! Speaking of which, the Gems can merge into each other to become one bigger, powerful entity. That’s hot

  • Many of the characters are POC/POC coded!

The voice actresses of the 3 gems are Estelle, Michaela Dietz, and Deedee Magno:

They are all incredible singers and sing in the show’s intro, and will most likely be singing songs in the show! I am so excited

  • The music for the show is AMAZING! (Go listen right now)
  • The backgrounds are AMAZING:

  • The stories are cute and funny and heartfelt without being cheesy or preachy
  • It has a very nostalgic, familiar retro feel to it that will remind you of classic videogames and cartoons/anime you love

    If you want to see more representation of women, POC, and varied bodytypes, if you love magical girls, if you like nostalgic music and design, if you like stories about unconventional families, if you like good music, if you want to support female creators, you should check out Steven Universe. You won’t regret it.

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What are some movies directed by women coming out soon that you're excited about?

So many!

I made lists of my 10 most anticipated movies of of 2017 and my 10 most anticipated holdovers from previous years that are finally getting a release in 2017.

But more specifically The Lure (a polish musical about singing mermaids), Lovesong (a romantic drama about two best friends who might secretly feel more for each other) and A United Kingdom (Amma Asante’s follow up to Belle) are all coming out in February and I hope to see all of them. 

Also even though I’ve already seen it, Toni Erdmann is doing a very slow expansion so keep an eye out for that if you haven’t see it already. 

For 2016 releases which are already or soon will be available on VOD there’s Queen of Katwe, Cameraperson and As I Open My Eyes some of which I’m excited to revisit. 

Zayn Malik’s Stylist on the Singer’s Fashion Identity Post-One Direction and the Pieces He Can’t Stop Wearing (Exclusive)

Zayn Malik wasn’t always dressed in Versace. Before the sensual-pop, Mind of Mine singer went solo back in March of 2015, the then-One Direction member was better known for his distinct swooped coif than a fully formed individual style. But now, a mere 12 months post 1D-breakup, Malik is a global style sensation in his own right, photographed just as often for his embroidered Valentino duster coats as he is for holding hands with famous model girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

Billboard spoke to the man behind Malik’s evolving fashion identity, celebrity stylist Jason Rembert, whose clients include Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea, and who has been working with Malik since July of last year. Rembert shares their favorite pieces, how Malik has grown since departing the band, and what it was like styling the sexy couple for the “PILLOWTALK” music video (“Gigi is such an amazing person, inside and out”).

What was it like styling Zayn for the first time?

We’ve been working together since the beginning of July, and when my management signed him, they asked me if I’d be interested in styling him. Most of my clients have been women, and usually I can get very dramatic and flamboyant with them, but Zayn is subtler and more toned down. I was really excited to finally style a man.

When you’re pulling pieces for him, what do you usually look for?

Really great silhouettes, fitted pants and dark colors. Duster coats are big for us right now. Bomber jackets, parkers, lots of leather. Zayn feels comfortable in longer pieces and he loves anything vintage, particularly vintage jewelry and leather jackets.

Most people don’t know this, but Zayn is really into art. So when I pull pieces I try to keep that in mind.

In what way does his love of art inform his styling?

We love unique, well-made things. Zayn’s a collector of vintage, and he also wears a lot of pieces that look vintage. For example, Zayn wears a lot of jewelry, and our favorite designers right now are Jennifer Fisher for older-looking pieces, and Foundwell for real, amazing, amazing vintage. Anything we’ve ever needed, Alan [of Foundwell] has found. Vintage Rolexes to vintage Cartier.

The graphic leather jacket he wore for his Mind of Mine album release party in NYC this past month was quite unique.

That was Faith Connxion, and it had the word “faith” splattered in white all over it. The first time he ever wore them was in Milan a few weeks ago when he was photographed in a green army jacket with Gigi, and he took a liking to the brand. So for the party, I went through their lookbook and pulled this jacket, and the minute he put it on he fell in love. We were supposed to change for the party, but he had finished a previous performance in it and he didn’t want to take it off.

Zayn Malik wearing Faith Connexion during his album release party.

You dressed Gigi and Zayn for the “PILLOWTALK” music video, as well as Nicola Peltz and Zayn for his “iT’s YoU” video. What was that like?

Amazing. The director [Bouha Kazmi] had a very clear vision of what he wanted for both [videos]. For “PILLOWTALK” it was more fashion-forward, futuristic and sexy, and that idea lent itself well to Versace. Both Zayn and Gigi mainly wore Versace (which Zayn likes to wear in general), and they looked amazing in it. This was my first time styling Gigi, but she’s an amazing person, inside and out.

Then for “iT’s YoU”, we went a more classic route as opposed to trendy. I pulled from lots of brands that are more 1940s-inspired, so it was more nostalgic and we really took it back. Berluti to Boswell, Andrea Pompillo to Canali. Even brands like Brooks Brothers and Club Monoaco. I loved it because we really got to show Zayn’s range style-wise.

How would you describe Zayn’s style?

Him. It’s very much so him. From the overcoats to the t-shirts, it’s all a collaboration. He doesn’t want to be too high fashion, but wants to be masculine and clean. We talk about the looks, the direction he’s going in, what he’s liking at the moment.

Which is what?

In terms of designers, we’ve got go-to’s: Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Versace, particularly the Versace Versus collection because it’s really well-made all black clothing. And right now we’re just building on the palette he’s into. Charcoal, slate gray jeans (he doesn’t ever wear actual blue jeans), sick boots because boots are key to his look. I’m obsessed with Guidi boots. And we love Tom Ford and Ksubi t-shirts, sneakers—everything from Nike Airmax 90s to Pumas and Adidas.

Has his style evolved or changed at all since he left One Direction?

I think it’s definitely changed publicly, but he’s always had style. The first time I worked with him he wasn’t as willing to take risks, and now he’s really stepping out of his comfort zone a bit. My favorite piece he’s worn so far is this Valentino coat with embroidered sleeves. And he loved it! As he grows musically, he grows style-wise. And he has such a strong work ethic, he’s going to keep growing.


terradawnhazelton: So excited that I can finally post this picture!! As always, it was an extreme pleasure to work with the amazing Tatiana Maslany! This will be forever in my top 5 best musical experiences! All of which came together and was coreographed and brilliantly sung by the two angels making a stubbs sandwhich! Barbra Johnston & Anika Johnson are two of the most talented amazing women you could ever meet or work with! I hope we can all sing together again someday!

Taylor Swift Named 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year

Taylor Swift can’t shake this award off.

The singer has been named the 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year – the first artist to ever receive the honor twice.

“As one of the most influential artists of her generation, Taylor Swift has seen incredible success on the Billboard charts,” said Janice Min, co-president and chief creative officer of Guggenheim Media’s Entertainment Group, which consists of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. "Over the course of her career, she’s charted 60 entries on the Billboard Hot 100 – the most of any female artist since her debut in 2006. We are tremendously excited to be honoring her as the 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year for the second time.”

The award goes to the female artist who “has shaped and inspired the music industry with her success, leadership and innovation over the past twelve months.”

Swift will be feted at the 9th annual Billboard Women in Music Awards on Dec. 12 in New York City.



Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra  ( December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998 )

It was a voice filled, it was a voice filled with bad attitude, life, beauty, excitement, a nasty sense of freedom, sex, and a sad knowledge of the ways of the world. Every song seemed to have its postscript, “and if you don’t like it, here’s a punch in the kisser”, you know. But , it was the deep, the deep blueness of Frank’s voice that affected me the most , and while his music became synonymous with black tie, the good life, the best booze, women, sophistication, his blues voice was always the sound of hard luck, and men late at night with the last ten dollars in their pockets, trying to figure a way out.

-Bruce Springsteen

There is something about the idea of playing Javert that really seems to excite teenage girls and young women, and I think it’s the intensity and the aura of power (very different from most roles accessible to teen girls) mixed with the strangely romantic single-minded pursuit of Valjean (most of us are used to playing characters whose objectives revolve around one male character), but that can’t be all. I know that like half of my friends and me all wish we could play Javert or see something in him that we feel we could portray. Why on earth is it?

anonymous asked:

(Sorry if the lack of political correctness here offends anybody, but serious question) Why is Book of Mormon the only Broadway show I can get my straight male friends and family members from out of town to see with me? Even with non-musicals it's like asking them to go to the dentist! Granted, certain shows would not be their cup of tea, but Broadway has a wide selection of shows and something for everyone. I don't understand. Is there a stigma attached to it now? I'm at a loss.

Back in the day, theater was Very Manly. Women weren’t allowed in theaters in New York because they would get too excited or startled and probably faint and just ruin everything like women do. But as time passed, fine arts like theater became associated with women, and nowadays most Broadway tickets are sold to women, and women make up the majority of the audience.

(Now why this doesn’t result in more women on the OTHER side of the curtain is a whole other conversation.)

So yes, because women are the ticket buyers and the audience members, show marketing wants to pander to women. And men see a sea of women in the audience for a show like Wicked which is a hit which focuses on women and they think “Well, I’m out.”

Remember: Things with a mostly male audience are normal. Things with a mostly female audience are niche.

So the response to this, in my opinion, is shows will go heavy on marketing to a male audience to get that elusive demographic. Book of Mormon and their South Park guys, Rocky and the Stallone fans, China Doll for fans of Al Pacino and Bluetooth headsets. So men feel safe in those spaces, they are Their Spaces, Manly Theater Spaces. Any show that hasn’t explicitly made itself Manly is going to have to work harder.
In Defense of Fangirls – Pitchfork

Sandra Song writes:

After all, “crazy” has and will always be the go-to adjective for the “fangirl,” to the point where the two have become almost synonymous. It’s something that has allowed others in the past to dismiss valid passions and disappointments with a hint of sexism. It is a way of telling young girls that they should be embarrassed about what matters to them.

Coloring most of this sentiment also is the idea that the only draw for these girls are the physical attributes of these male pop idols, that they can’t appreciate the actual talent or body of work. Instead, “fangirl” is an idea that has been compounded with the idea of irrational, silly and hysteric excitement, which is reductive at least and misogynistic at worst. It makes it all too easy for people to dismiss women as false enthusiasts with no real critical perspective or stake in the music itself, despite that women are the #1 purchasers and consumers of music.

So let’s stop using the word “fangirl” to marginalize women, let’s not use “fangirl” to force them into enjoying what has been vetted as a suitable interest. Let’s free “fangirl” from the relegation of silly and see it for what it is: a serious music fan in the making.

With just over two months til Not Dead Yet 2016, we’re hitting you more bands, tickets and a ton more info. Tickets are on sale Wednesday at 12pm EST!

As this year’s program expands, we’re excited to be including Ciudad de Mexico’s furious MUJERCITOS, along with Australian riff rockers POWER, Peruvian D-Beat maniacs DHK, New York City Goth Terrors ANASAZI, Montreal freaks OMEGAS, Memphis Garage Punkers NOTS, NY HardCore blasters WARTHOG, Boston Straight Edge Masters NO TOLERANCE and Olympia Rockers VEXX. These are only a fraction of the killer punk and hardcore acts that will be storming through Toronto this October. Damned if we can’t say that this just might be the Not Dead Yet lineup we’re most proud of yet.

We’re also excited to announce that the people behind Collective Delusion / Mass Hysteria will be bringing a newly curated program to Toronto during the festival. Having been through a number of cities already, we’re excited to host an art show that features exclusively femme / female identifying artists related to our underground music community.

In addition to that, the Thursday night kick off of the festival will simultaneously be the launch of the Women In Toronto Punk 2017 calendar, spearheaded by Blow Blood Records. Meant to celebrate and pay tribute to the women who fight to make space for themselves in punk, we’re excited to be involved. And, all profits from the calendar sales will go straight to Community Action for Families!

And while it’s always been a battle to balance an expanding festival with all ages restrictions in this city, we are proud to say we’ve got a program that’s 70% All Ages gigs. Toronto’s notoriously youthful Hardcore Punk scene deserves some recognition!

The full lineup & schedule are available at Here you’ll find all the info on the gigs, the art show, the record swap, karaoke and more.

Bottom line, Not Dead Yet is about exposing people to what we think is some of the best punk and hardcore going these days. What better way to do that by packing people into Toronto for a weekend of raging?

In case you’re looking for the list of new additions, here’s what it is:
Aggression Pact / Ajax / Anasazi / Apostille / Blank Spell / Combined Effort / Conman / Countdown / Dark Thoughts / DHK / Firewalker / Genex / Holder’s Scar / Intensive Care / Liquids / Mad Existence / Mollot / Mujercitos / No Tolerance / Nots / Omegas / Power / Private Room / Protester / Pure Disgust / Q / Red Death / S-21 / Stuck Pigs / Urochromes / Vanilla Poppers / Vexx / Warfare / Warthog / Wild at Heart / Wild Side

Just 25 reasons why Taylor Swift is the best.

1. Her love and excitement for everything autumn and Christmas.

2. She is classy in everything she does.

3. She can be fierce and sassy when she wants to be (but never in an un-classy way)

4. She has two of the most adorable cats on the planet, and loves them so much.

5. Her music is ever changing but she has never lost herself. 

6. Her style is on point at all times. 

7. She surrounds herself with smart, strong, independent women.

8. She is not afraid to call herself a feminist.

9. Her live shows are much more than concerts, they are full on theatrical performances. 

10. She’s not afraid to make fun of herself.

11. She can have total confidence in a pegacorn outfit or lingerie, given the day. 

12. She is not afraid to take a stance on controversial issues. (ehem, Spotify)

13. She bakes bomb cookies.

14. Her lyrics are very specific to her own life, but also incredibly relatable.

15. She gives back to so many charities and visits sick children in hospitals (without press, most trips are a secret) 

16. Despite being a global superstar, she spends some nights sitting on tumblr, just like us. 

17. She inspires young girls to realize their own worth, shake off the haters, and find happiness within themselves, not through other people. 

18. She loves her family and values their opinions above anything. 

19. She actually invited groups of fans TO HER HOMES to listen to the album, eat cookies, and just hang out. (I still can’t believe that, no star has done that before)

20. She has surprised fans by sending them presents, each with gifts chosen specifically for them with hand written notes. (AGAIN, NO ONE HAS DONE THIS)

21. She is constantly commenting, reblogging and liking posts from fans on tumblr, making their days 100xs better.

22. She takes the time to stop, talk to, and take pictures with fans that wait hours for her outside events. (not many stars do that either)

23. She never speaks down to anyone. She treats all of her fans like long lost friends, because that is exactly how Taylor feels to us. 

24. She is the most authentic, gracious, appreciative person I’ve ever known. Not even just among celebrities, but people in general. 

25. She genuinely cares about her fans and shows them her love everyday. She is not expected to do any of the things she does, but she chooses to anyway. 

I hope this list makes you smile Taylor :)  I reallyyyyyy hope I see you again soon. I’m not convinced our friendship ended on October 4th :) taylorswift

Ok so Lemonade faves are: Hold Up, Sorry, Sandcastles and All Night. I ADORE every song except 6 Inch though (and that’s honestly more to do with the Weeknd because he’s not my cup of tea). Formation is still magnificent but it feels somehow sonically and emotionally separate from the rest of the album. To me, All Night is the end of the narrative and Formation is like a lagniappe. 

I’m making a point of digesting the album separate from the imagery today and it’s just astonishing how much musical ground it covers (experimental electronic music, reggae, dancehall, blues, country) without sounding like a forced effort to be diverse. The production is so full and rich and attentive. Beyoncé’s vocals continue her trend of being richer and more powerful with each release. As we already know, the lyrics are endlessly quotable. This is before getting into any of the sociopolitical context from the film, any of the references (I’ve only seen it once but I thought mainly of Daughters of the Dust and Oxum), any of the cameos. 

The album is presented in most discussion so far as a fuck-you to Jay Z and while that’s certainly one way to read it, it also gets into how this is generational (Beyoncé’s mother and sister were both cheated on as well) and connects this to how black women are always treated with disregard in this country. There are so many layers here. I think these aspects of the record/film will be covered much more fully by black women in the days and weeks to follow and I’m quite excited to read that. 

But speaking as someone who doesn’t really listen to much mainstream pop and who didn’t give two hoots about most of her music prior to 4 (I put this out there only to make it clear that I’m not Beyhive, I’m not unduly biased in favour of Beyoncé), I think Beyoncé has grown into our bravest, most adventurous, most exciting pop icon. I wanted to compare this to how Taylor Swift is known for making breakup albums but that feels insulting for a work of this gravity; without even stating it, it’s obvious that this is better. Beyoncé doesn’t really have contemporaries anymore.