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The Amazing Way the Fellowship Theme Grows Part 2: Building the Fellowship

(In  The Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack, composer Howard Shore uses specific pieces of theme music to represent certain places, characters, and things– the Rohan theme, The One Ring’s theme, the Gondor theme, etc. What’s really cool though is how– as Howard Shore explains in his book on the soundtrack my main source, which you can find by googling “the LOTR annotated score” –these leitmotifs grow alongside the things they represent.

 As a kingdom changes, its theme music subtly changes, too. As the Hobbits grow, the Shire theme grows with them.)

This is Part Two (part one found here) of a series where I talk about how the theme music that represents the Fellowship grows over the course of the films, reflecting the way the Fellowship itself grows.

In Part One, I talked about how the composer Howard Shore introduces this theme (the music you hear in the beginning of The Bridge of Khazad-Dum soundtrack here) the way he introduces most of his epic themes….While everyone remembers the bombastic versions that play during the battles, it’s first heard playing softly in the background of humble lil character moments. Shore said he wanted to show that the Fellowship’s theme music, like the Fellowship itself, wasn’t born in epic battles but in small moments of friendship.

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This part will cover how the Fellowship’s theme grows from the “baby” versions you hear in the Shire to the huge Iconic™ versions you hear in Moria, growing as the Fellowship itself grows.

(all posts in this series are tagged #fellowship theme, and all my soundtrack-related posts are tagged #lotrsoundtrackfacts. I will try to post a new part of this series every Sunday)

The first time we hear the Fellowship theme outside of the Shire is when Gandalf is riding to Isengard (beginning of this clip)

Links to where this plays in the soundtracks:
OST: The Treason of Isengard
Complete Recordings: Saruman the White

Frodo and Sam set out on their journey, as I mentioned in my last post, with a version of the Fellowship theme that sounds cute n cozy. (”We’re going on an adventure, just like Bilbo!”) 

But Gandalf sets out on his journey with what Shore calls grim “bits” and “fragments” of the same theme. Gandalf’s variation is darker because, unlike the hobbits, he understands what might lie ahead…..

We hear the Fellowship theme again as Aragorn leads the hobbits out of Bree at (3:30) of this clip. 

OST: Not on the OST
CR:The Nazgul

The Fellowship has grown, so its leitmotif has grown. As Howard Shore described it:

“The Fellowship theme is a little fuller now… it’s not completely assembled, but it’s getting closer because now Strider has joined them. The orchestration is fuller—you hear a little more of the brass. In earlier sections with Frodo and Sam you heard one French horn playing. Now there are three.”

Then you hear “arduous” snippets of it as the ragtag Hobbits-plus-Strider group struggles through the Midgewater Marshes (not in OST, but in CR: The Nazgul).…..

And when Aragorn defends Frodo on Weathertop, according to Shore in the FOTR  commentary, “the music is primarily based around the Ringwraith theme but [has] elements of Fellowship theme.”  This is the first time we hear the Fellowship theme in a battle setting but it’s only in “fragments” and “elements,” muddled up with the Ringwraith-leitmotif and bits of Aragorn’s  theme music (YES Aragorn has his own theme music it took me SO LONG to notice that)….

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OST: not in OST
CR: The Caverns of Isengard

By now you’ve probably noticed the pattern of the pre-Rivendell  theme: it gets progressively stronger but it’s never “completely assembled”…which makes sense. We never hear the fully formed Fellowship theme until we see the fully formed Fellowship.

As Howard Shore points out, it’s only after Elrond proclaims the nine companions “Shall be the Fellowship of the Ring” that you hear the theme music in its full orchestration for the first time.

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 (Don’t even need a clip cuz it’s so ICONIC and also the four video limit)
OST: The Council of Elrond
CR: The Great Eye

And from that moment until Moria, we don’t hear any more of those weak or fragmented versions of theme. Only buff versions.

We hear a soft (but still “full”) version as the Fellowship sets out from Rivendell together (in the beginning of the next clip.) This variation is not on the OST, but appears in the CR track Gilraen’s Memorial.….

After the journey out of Rivendell begins with some variations on the Shire theme, we hear (at about 1:50) a heroic slow version as the Fellowship journeys IN HEROIC SLOW MOTION….

OST: The Ring Goes South
CR: Gilraen’s Memorial


This all builds up to the biggest and (maybe even the most Iconic) variations of the theme in FOTR….the ones that play in Moria.

We hear it twice in the Mines: as the Fellowship races toward the Bridge of Khazad-Dum (clip below) and after the Aragorn and Frodo make it over that gap in the stairs (and we watch the stairwell dramatically crumble into the Abyss)

OST: Both are on The Bridge of Khazad-Dum
CR: The first is in Balin’s Tomb, second is in Khazad-Dum: hey that rhymes


Moria is the first (and only!) time all nine members of the Fellowship are called into action together. These two Moria moments are also the first (and only!) times in FOTR where we hear the full version of the theme playing over action scenes.

If the other versions of the Fellowship theme were bombastic but slow and peaceful,, then these variations are like…if the concept of CAPS LOCK and exclamation points!!!! were music!!!!  It gets you pumped, is what I’m saying, but you already knew that. My point is: We’re not even through the first film and the Fellowship theme has already changed a ton from the gentle “baby” versions we heard in the Shire.


If you were to listen to all the appearances of the Fellowship’s theme music in order…you would hear it begin as a cozy cute theme from the Shire, gain more instruments as the Fellowship gains more members, form as the Fellowship forms, and get more and more powerful as the Fellowship comes together, all of this building up to glorious invincible-sounding crescendos in Moria.

What could possibly go wrong….?

(Part three will come next Sunday. To request a soundtrack for me to write about, reblog this linked post.)

Fic Recs

These are some of my favourite fics to read and re-read when I’m down.  Sorted by fandom and occasional subgenre.  This list is the short version - and if I rec a fic by an author I would gladly say that anything by the author is worth reading.    #please check individual fic tags for warnings/ships/etc

Names in brackets are AO3 alias’ if they aren’t @ its because I don’t know or can’t link to their tumblr (or they don’t have one).

The problem with rec lists is that I could go on and on for ages and people who don’t get mentioned can feel left out like their writing isn’t good enough.  I hope that whether I have or haven’t mentioned you here that you know that your writing is good! its amazing! its wonderful and worth putting your time and effort into and I appreciate it so much!  I just had to cut this off at some point.

*sends love and hugs to the writers*

Star Wars (current obsession - buckle up lovelies)

RE-ENTRY + JOURNEY OF THE WHILLS - by @deadcatwithaflamethrower (flamethrower).  This fic kept me sane when I was struggling badly last year.  Re-Entry itself is complete; the sequel series Journey of the Whills is ongoing.  Qui/Obi is the main pairing though there are others.  This got me into star wars fics and meant that I found a wide circle of awesome fics writers on tumblr and ao3 who are kind, lovely and talented.  (IN A LONELY PLACE is a great fic by the same author and is smaller in size if you want something to get started with.  It’ll break your heart ten different ways but its so worth it)

BALANCE  by @norcumi and @dogmatix.  this series is partly Star Wars fic, partly Re-Entry fic and wholly itself.  As someone who is a big fan of Grey-Jedi and middle way paths I love this series and it is also on my Re-read when down to feel happy again list.  Ongoing series.

PULSION by @poplitealqueen part of her larger Frisson AU that looks to be super exciting this is a story set during the Rako Hardeen arc from the Clone Wars.  One of the things I love most about this story is the way Pop creates anticipation and her pacing is spot on.  Currently ongoing (on hiatus in Feb)

COURSE CORRECTION by @freakishlemon Though only two chapters and currently ongoing I would highly recommend keeping an eye on this awesome time-travel fic. I adore the opening scene and the change that comes is epic and I love it.  Makes me smile.

CORUSCANTI ROSE - by @the-last-hair-bender (emocezi)  I didn’t realise I needed this fic until I read it.  And then I was like HOLY SHIT!  Its a really interesting look into what could become of Obi-Wan when the Jedi Order kicks him out. Ongoing (pretty please)

PERILS OF ELECTROCUTION TO SITHLY PLANS - by @ilyena-sylph and @bow-weaver (Merfilly)  These lovely writers have a ton of awesome fics and so I picked this one as my favourite; it’s a great read and the characterisation is really spot on. Complete

AND YET, I LOVE YOU STILL - by @punsbulletsandpointythings Bail/Breha/Obi OT3 of my heart.  I adore this so much, its a rareship and there’s just so many great moments that made me smile and its sweet as chocolate mousse. 1 shot, complete.

TANO AND KENOBI - by @fireflyfish  Ahsoka has gone back in time and Obi-Wan is a soon-to-age-out Initiate.  Can she convince Qui-Gon to accept her Grandmaster as a Padawan or does the Force have a different plan.  EPIC! DELIGHTFUL! There’s a gorgeous duel in there that just had me visualising so hard I nearly missed my train stop.  First season is complete.

OLD MAN LUKE - by @scarletjedi  Old Man Luke is thrown into TCW era universe.  Beautiful characterisation, caught my eye and then my mind and finally my heart.  There’s something kinda awesome about a fic where Luke is old enough to be Anakins dad.  Ongoing

(not fic but I want to give a shoutout to @wolveria and her amazing Star Wars AMVs which you can find here)

Dragon Age (previous/concurrent obsession)

LOOKING GLASS - by @feynites.  An elegant and epic HUGE fic that’s spawned AUs and crossovers and all sorts of goodness.  Time-Travel fic where Lavellan is sent back to Ancient Elvhenan.  And there’s a group of authors on tumblr who have OCs and crossovers all of which are awesome. - shoutout to @circadian-rhythm‘s Janiculum and @mayaiai’s In an Elvhen World

LOGOLEPSY - by @weatheredlaw and @vehlr Cass/Varric in letters.  This will make you feel all the feels.  I highly recommend the entire series and also having some alcohol and chocolate on hand when you read it. 

FELL FAR FROM THE TREE - by @dammithawke and @hawkeabelas (LinnyBear)  An interesting twist on DAI - with a young girl as Inquisitor and as she’s Hawke’s daughter you know you’re in for a wild ride.  Unfinished but still very much worth the read.  I adore seeing Hawke and Fenris as parents.

THE UNENDING WAKE -by harellanart a really interesting Solavellan story. Would also recommend the sequel/AU Those Who Forget.  It captures all the heartbreak and heartache that comes from being set post-Trespasser.

WALKING IN CIRCLES - by Milee_Cosgrove  Solvelyan fic, a what if scenario (what if Solas was captured by Templars and taken to a Circle) really heartbreakingly written, a vivid look at life within Circle walls, a great cast of characters and the last few chapters have been intense and heartbreaking.  Ongoing.


DISLOCATED SOULS + DISLOCATED SOULS: SKYHOLD - by LonelyAgain  a diary style fic, really well written.  MC is not the Inquisitor, is from Earth, is not the only one from Earth. Lots of interesting social justice themes and a look at the inquisition from a working elf’s POV. Dislocated Souls is complete, the sequel is ongoing.

SIGHS AND RAISED EYEBROWS - by @i-dropped-the-chief (seeing_blue) this starts in Kirkwall and covers the events of DA2 as well as DAI.  MC is the inquisitor and Alaran is just such an incredibly interesting OC, I love her.  Also its really cool to sort of see the events of DA2 from someone else’s perspective.  Currently Ongoing.

THERE AND BACK AGAIN - by ElyssaCousland.  A DAO fic wherein the MC is from Earth and goes back and forth between the two worlds.  Not the Warden but helps the Warden and others in defeating the Blight along with a lot of other things along the way.  Currently ongoing.

Plus A Smattering of Critical Role

AFK: A critrole MMO AU - by @shippeh  This is really cool, I adore the way shippeh captures the interactions of VM in this modern setting.  There’s lots of great scenes, things that make you smile and things that make you cry.

TRY AGAIN TO GET IT RIGHT by TazmainianDevil  A time travel AU wherein VM find themselves in Whitestone at a critical point of history and ensure that things don’t happen the same way twice.

WHEN THE WICKED PLAY by @shadowedhills (seimaisin) Perc’ahlia and modern AU and holy hell there’s some wicked wicked stuff that will leave you fanning yourself in here.  Currently ongoing.


Discworld -
An Exert from: THE PATRICIANS HAT by @thebibliosphere (Demmora)  its just. perfect.

Welcome September! Happy first day of term!!
I have been waiting for September for MONTHS because next weekend I’ll be back in Utah, reunited with the @deliciousreads book club for the 10th Anniversary Book Club special Harry Potter retreat.
You guys, this is going to be HUGE. Kelly, our book club president, has been dreaming this up for a long time and I am excited her vision is happening. It’s an overnight retreat that book club members have been planning for the last year. Everyone is cos playing as a specific HP character (I’m going as Snape) and the food and decorations have been in the works for months as well.
We’ve been rereading the entire series this year and will be discussing all seven books for 24 hours. Not only is it going to be epic, I can’t wait to see everyone again.
Tell me your favorite part of Harry Potter (I know, I know, you can’t pick just one.) Which book is your favorite? Which food would you eat first? Which Harry Potter character would you date/marry if you could? Who’s death do you mourn the most?
I want all the feeeeelings. haha.

James Tynion IV on Stephanie Brown's Return, Harper Row, the Return of a Female "nobody will see coming" and ... Monkeys

This week brings the first issue of DC Comics new Bat-centric weekly series, Batman Eternal. First announced last year, the series will be written by four writers with Scott Snyder acting as showrunner. DC has been dropping clues about the plot lines hints for months. In February Batman #28 gave a look at the Gotham that will ultimately be the focus of the book. I chatted with one of the writers on project, James Tynion IV (Talon, Red Hood and the Outlaws) about the book, about that surprise appearance in #28, who else might show up and … monkeys?

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The mission in AC:R when Altair takes back Masyaf is to me the most epic moment in the entire series. Not only is it amazing to see him finally return, but seeing the Assassins rally around him, even after the lies Abbas told, is just brilliant. Also there’s the fact that he tries to kill the least amount of Assassins as possible because it goes against the Creed, but the best part is when he tells Abbas how his father died and Abbas finally forgives hime. All of it was brilliant, and only Ubisoft is to thank.

Picture this: the last scenes of the show.
We all just witnessed the most epic series finale this show could get.
Starco is canon and everything’s back to normal. The two dorks are mindlessly walking around the school, now fully aware of their true feelings for each other and an official couple (we see Janna giving five bucks to Ferguson, proving the existence of a school-wide betting pool on how Star and Marco would get together). The two new lovers talk about their latest epic adventure, how they were part of this big prophecy, reliving their past experiences.

Star: “And none of it would have happened if I didn’t meet you…”
Marco: “Uh… I guess we kinda are messed up twins then.”
Star: “Or maybe it was destiny… or maybe…”

Star says, shifty eyes, but Marco is amused and puts his arm around her and resume walking, mimicking her mysterious tone of voice.

Marco: “Or maybe it was one big conspiracy…”

They both laugh and leave the school side by side.
The camera pans on a figure proudly watching them through the school windows.

It’s Principal Skeeves.
He laughs lightheartedly, snaps his fingers and his human clothes become more Mewni-styled. He kinda looks like human-sized Glossaryck and definitely an old, wise magical being that knows lots of things.

Skeeves: “They just needed a little push…”

He chuckles a bit and grabs an old picture of the prophecy room from St. Olga’s. “My work here is done!” And then looks at the camera.

Skeeves: “But you don’t wait for me. Write your own story!”

He again snaps his fingers and the screen cuts to black.
The theme song plays and credits roll.


The Capitol becomes the Arena. The way this is ‘upped’ isn’t just in making it bigger and ballsier. It’s the movie where all the ideas and rivalries and relationships crash together. So in that sense it’s the most epic and emotional of the bunch. There’s something really satisfying about the fact that this is the first in the series that ends. There’s no er, there’s no tense. It ends.
—  Francis Lawrence on Mockingjay Part 2
I’d like to play something similar in epicness and gameplay (multiple choices, character customization, romances, etc) so do you know some non-Bioware rpg like that? I’m on ps3/ps4 and I’ve already played all DA and ME.Thank you

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Hmm- the Witcher Series?  Although you can only play as a male character (for the most part).  Can anyone else suggest some rpgs?  Please reply in reblogs rather than to us.

Writing Fan Fiction For Beginners

I’m not going to pretend that my way is the only way. What works for some people might not work for others. What I will talk about, however, are things that I wish someone had told me when I first started writing fan fiction. 

  1. Write about a fandom you love. I can’t stress this enough. It can be tempting - very tempting - to write for a big fandom because of the potential for more reviews, follows, and favourites. But fan fiction is often the very first time that people show their writing to others. That can be a very scary experience. It is a lot easier to write about something you love, so take some of the pressure off by focusing on a fandom you care about.
  2. Don’t be afraid to post a story. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: every writer was once a novice. Don’t be ashamed if your writing isn’t as good as someone else’s. Instead, focus on your own writing and your own improvement. Focus on making each story better than the one before it. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the writing of people who’ve been part of fan fiction for several years. You will notice a change and improvement over time. 
  3. Start small and work your way up. Most people writing fan fiction haven’t written a lot of fiction before, but many of them have visions of writing the next great fandom novel. All too often, a novice writer starts what they hope will be an epic-length series only to get stuck or frustrated and then give up. An approach that may be better is to start with shorter stories (e.g., vignettes and one shots) and then work your way up. Each completed story can serve as a milestone, building up your confidence so that you can tackle a longer project with renewed enthusiasm and energy.
  4. Write to your strengths. Fan fiction is a wonderful tool for working on your weaknesses as a writer. In fact, that’s something I use it for quite a lot. But when you’re just starting, I think it makes more sense to write to your strengths. This will help reduce the stress of writing and help build up your confidence (which can be very important when you’re first starting).
  5. Don’t be discouraged if your first few stories aren’t popular. I’ll admit that when I first started writing fan fiction I had visions of posting a story and then being swamped by reviews. The reality, of course, was very different. Few fan fiction writers succeed with their first story. There are a variety of reasons for this (e.g., lack of experience), but the important thing to remember is that there is nothing stopping you from trying again. If your first story doesn’t succeed, look at the things you could have done better and try again.
  6. Learn the basics of punctuation and grammar. There is no need to be a punctuation and grammar expert to write fan fiction. However, having decent punctuation and grammar can set you apart from the crowd. The easier it is for readers to actually read your story, the more likely they are to stay and read it.
  7. Engage with the community. Now, I’m not going to lie and say that all the writers you run into on fandom-oriented websites are nice. Writers are just like everyone else - some of us are nice and some of us are jerks. But don’t be afraid to engage with the community. Having other writers you can talk to can really help you improve your writing. Plus, you can meet some wonderful people too. There’s nothing like making a few new friends online who share the same interests you do.
  8. Learn to distinguish between flames and constructive criticism. Nobody likes flames, but constructive criticism is very important. Constructive criticism (even when phrased harshly) can help you improve your writing. You don’t always have to agree with it, but at least try to consider what the reviewer might be saying. I would also strongly recommend not getting into slanging matches with reviewers, even if you don’t agree with them. Nobody comes out of those looking good.
  9. Have fun. Fan fiction should, ultimately, be something you enjoy doing. If you want to write crazy stories where everybody is a ninja, then write those. If you want to write stories where armies of plush toys go on a rampage, then write those. No matter what kind of story you write, you can still work on your writing.

grantgust: 3 days. Everything this season has led to this point. Everything in Barry’s life has led up to this moment. This is our strongest most loaded episode yet. You won’t want to miss this mid-season finale. I’m proud to be a part of this show & this group of people. They all break their backs on a weekly basis to make this show happen, and this episode in particular was a challenging one. It was also rewarding though. Some of my favorite scenes in the series thus far, EPIC effects, @robbieamell is friggin FIRESTORM and it will blow your mind, also my Mom was in town while we shot some of this & that made it all more memorable. Just DON’T MISS THIS EPISODE!


Anime vs. Live Action Film - Samurai X vs. Rurouni Kenshin Films

Samurai X is my one and only favorite anime of all time. So happy it was put into live film, “Rurouni Kenshin” (put into 3 parts). Superb casting, great portrayal of the actors & jaw-dropping sword fights. It’s a must watch film if you know this manga series.

Takeru Satoh justify, on his portrayal, Kenshin Himura’s character on his one-to-one & one-to-many sword fights,, most especially on his performance of the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki sword technique (the Ultimate Technique). He nailed it!

Kudos to the director, production & crew for bringing this epic anime into live film. It has met our expectations as fans of this manga series.