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Okay, if you’re a kpop or khh fan you most deff have a YouTube account. 650,001 is the amount of subscribers Jay park has on Youtube(The last time I checked) . I’m sure he has more fans than that. How about we give him one million subscribers for his birthday? begin now. From Jan 10th- April 25th. We have months and 10days. Reblog and subscribe to his YouTube Chanel

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I 100% agree with your jail theory. She was most deff talking to Chris as more than a friend when she was with javi. It was her “forbidden fruit” stupid anology I know. She thought divorcing javi ( she probably wanted to divorce him anyway but more of a reason ) would get her Chris and when she realized she was just another side chick she got pregnant tried to trap him and it didn’t work. Also can I just say i hate the name lux. It’s so weird I’m like oh luxury vehicle right 😂

Lux just reminds me of granny soap but oh well!


today we harvested out honey from the hives in total we got 68 eight ounce jars and 30 one pound jars. And this is from 3 brand new colonies. we decided to do only one harvest to make sure the bees have enough to survive the winter, this is 110% organic raw honey, no sugar substitutes were fed to the bees at all. it tastes amazing i literally gorged myself on honey today, i am still really sticky…….. it was an all day process, our extractor actually broke during the end of harvesting because a gear stripped. i managed to be abel to fix it so we were abel to harvest 20 more pounds (i fixed it with a pebble actually because, by adding the pebble it moved the gear up far enough to catch on the areas that weren’t stripped)  i learned so much from today, i also managed not to get stung all season (i wasn’t really wearing full gear only a face vail) i hope to have a hive of my own someday….. that would be nice

now i have some really nice honey for witchy things, tea and offerings. i am most deff going to use this is some spells   


Who is louder? Rin. He’s just a hot mess. His emotions make it hard for him to keep quiet. He usually asks Haru if he’s alright, or whispers just how beautiful he is, and how much he loves that mackerel loving ass. 

Who is more experimental? Haru. Even tho he knows they’re both their firsts, Rin is always so easily flustered. Even during their first time, they tossed and turned because Rin couldn’t get his act together, and when he tried to put it in the first time (and let me tell you it was horrible, since they were both new to this), Haru accidentally shoved Rin off, completely off, and he fell off the bed. They both never spoke of that incident again.

Who takes more risks? Haru. Being that he knows how emotional Rin get’s and how even more emotional Haru can make him, by findind areas in which he loves being touched, kissed, bitten, squeezed, etc.

Do they fuck or make love? They both prefer to make love, because it so gentle, so much more intimate, it’s just perfect. But of course since they both fly off a wall, and make the other mad, Rin has a habit of jerking Haru around when he’s either trying to get him to understand, or get his attention; Haru loves this. He won’t ever admit it, but he loves it when Rin’s rough with him, taking him, and having his way with him. It gives Haru and excuse to bite, and pull at his hair, both going at it, until they get their frustrations out. Tho, they both know to keep this to a minimum, because they end up really worn out, and stay in bed for hours without being able to move. (Not that they mind laying there holding each other.)

Lights on or off? ON! GOD, ON! They love seeing each others faces, and looking deeply into each others eyes. Both pools of red and blue at times screaming feelings, they can never find the right words for.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  Haru. He hates the weekdays when Rin can’t come over, and has to relieve himself sometimes. One Friday, Rin decided to show up early and surprise him, knowing that he never locks the door. Letting himself in, he walked over to Haru’s room quietly, catching him in the act. That was the first time Rin had ever seen Haru flustered, and needless to say this did things to Rin; which he was more than happy to show Haru, in bed.

Who comes first? This again depends on their mood, and pace they have going. Tho, Haru has learned a trick to making Rin come first, he’s never one to make noises, but for the sake of coming out on top (if you get what I mean ;) ) he leans forward and whispers his name, words of love, but the one thing that works best is, encouragement. harder, faster, don’t stop, etc.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? I’d say Haru is better at it, and Rin most deff prefers it. But Rin will die trying, as he enjoys the noises Haru makes while giving him head, especially because this is the time when Haru usually makes the most noises, which drive Rin crazy.

Who is more submissive? Depends on the situation. For example if Haru is hot for Rin, he’ll let Rin have his way with him. Vice versa! If Rin is needy for Haru he’ll let Haru decide on the position, and let Haru take care of getting them both off.

Who usually initiates things? Haru, because Rin is too much of an emotional dufus, and always wants things to be romantic, and while Haru appreciates that, there are times, where he just wants to get down to it; and we all know he isn’t one to explain himself. Plus seeing Rin’s face match his hair gives him a pleasure unlike any other, to know that he can do these things to Rin.

Who is more sensitive? Rin, in the sense that if Haru confesses his love first, it makes him cry during love making. But Haru is physically sensitive, having more spots that Rin can count, and have fun with. Rin’s memorized his body completely, and knows which areas need more attention from his mouth, fingers, or tongue.

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Hey everyone, im doing a follow spree since i need some new things in my feed! Like or reblog if you have the following things on your blog:
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have you ever just lost control and cried it all out

oh most deff homie i hadnt seen my parents for like 2 weeks and my dad called me up and idk everything just became overwhelming but like life is life and you gotta keep pushing :)

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Most awkward thing that has ever happened to you

That time period when I was married to my brother was deff the most awkward time in my life