the most deadly game

yo shoutout to game developers and writers because sometimes people can be so ungrateful

Hitting on me by talking about Deadly Premonition is a dangerous game, cause most people who try just think it’s a joke game or they barely played it / only heard about it, and I will eliminate those people at the drop of a hat.

But it’s also the fastest way to win my affections if you actually like it and have played it properly, like I will go on a date with people who can prove some degree of genuine knowledge about 80% of the time.

[E3 Ambassador Blog] The World as an Enemy in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Author: Bartosz Listewnik – World of Tomb Raider, Poland

Formidable Opponent

The Tomb Raider series lead us to expect that in every game we’d accompany Lara Croft on a unusual journey to a new corner of the planet, often unseen in previous games. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Miss Croft will for the first time visit Siberia and Syria, and we’ll see how dangerous these two completely different locations can be. And by dangerous, I don’t just mean hordes of deadly mercenaries sent by a mysterious organization Trinity. No, the most deadly element of the newest game - one that can kill Lara at any moment – will be nature, both animate and inanimate.

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