the most deadly game

yo shoutout to game developers and writers because sometimes people can be so ungrateful

thinking about that Solas-Sera banter where Solas is like “our elven people fought and died here….” and Sera tries to get Solas’ goat like “Ew, we’re stepping on dead elves, gross,” and he snaps in elven, “You wanna be dead like our people? we can make that happen!” in like the most deadly scary voice he uses in the entire game. 

Solas:Our people used to be here.”
Sera: “Pfft, you say that everywhere.”
Solas: “It is more true than you want to believe.”
Sera:I bet, right? Who wants to think about stepping on dead elves.”
Solas:Din elvhen emma him?
Sera:Oh, you felt that one.”

Solas says “Din elvhen emma him?” WITH SUCH A DEADLY VOICE. It means something like “Our people are dead, do you want to be dead too?” (lit. “Dead our people, your become?”)

Like… Sera tries to get his goat SO much in this game, and the only time she really succeeds is by making Dead Elf Jokes. Everything is so hurtful and nothing is good or fine.

2014 TMNT Fanfic Competition Official Ballot

The ballot is here. ^^ The reading period lasts until April 8th. After this, there’s a two-week voting period (I will post a link to the voting page then) which you can technically use for reading as well. Because - let’s just face it - there are a LOT of AWESOME stories to read! Better get started. ;)

(For more info on the competition, please look here.)

Best Action/Adventure
Beacon in the Darkness by servantofclio
Brain Trust: Close Encounters by FantasiaWandering
Chewing on Glass by demonsweat
Click by Ponaco
Executor by Danzinora Switch
Forever On A Winter’s Eve by Novus Ordo Seclorum
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil by PurpleForDonnie
Irma Meets the Turtles by MayDayGirl-Save-Our-Ships
My Little Girl by BelatedBeliever1127
Normalcy Is Overrated by Kmb515
Red in the Silver Lining by MissMoMo1990
Rend and Forswear by Taryn Streambattle
Slant, Slip, Slope by theherocomplex
Taken by the Storm by WarpFly
The Smell of Apples by Simone Robinson
Turning Point by Adoradork

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Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone -

Even though it’s a day late and a ton of our followers aren’t American, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for making BuzzFeed awesome. We wouldn’t be anywhere without the people who read and contribute to our site. Y'all are the best.

In closing, here is a pug in a life jacket.

For real though can we talk about Alternian gender roles? Can we talk about how most of the female trolls are rough and like to play actually deadly games and are very violent people? And how most of the male trolls -AREN’T-??

Imagine this: in Alternian society, violence and aggression are feminine traits, while passiveness and quietness are masculine traits! Completely flipped from Western human society! This set of gender roles, while still having skirts be traditionally feminine attire.

I’m gonna leave clothing alone, because wow unnecessarily gendered bits of fabric wtf.

But just on gender roles, Aradia would be kind of a tomboy, Vriska would be an extremely feminine person, Tavros would be almost stereotypically masculine, and Eridan would most definitely be feminine.

Imagine that within troll society, Eridan is already seen as inherently feminine.

Allow me to back this up with some stuff. Karkat discourages Tavros from FLARPing with Aradia, Vriska, and Terezi because it’s a game for girls, much the same way a human girl would be discouraged from rough housing with boys because it’s a thing for boys, aka -dangerous-. Taken to a whole new level of being deadly because trolls. Equius seems to have quite a bit of shame around his strength (and yes I get that being shamed is a kink for him but still), and actively tries to avoid being violent when he can.

My point being that troll gender roles and expectations are flipped turnways from human gender roles and expectations and that we should respect a society that is not our own for what it is, even if it’s fictional, and that, given Alternia even has a concept of transgender, Eridan is probably not cis.

[E3 Ambassador Blog] The World as an Enemy in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Author: Bartosz Listewnik – World of Tomb Raider, Poland

Formidable Opponent

The Tomb Raider series lead us to expect that in every game we’d accompany Lara Croft on a unusual journey to a new corner of the planet, often unseen in previous games. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Miss Croft will for the first time visit Siberia and Syria, and we’ll see how dangerous these two completely different locations can be. And by dangerous, I don’t just mean hordes of deadly mercenaries sent by a mysterious organization Trinity. No, the most deadly element of the newest game - one that can kill Lara at any moment – will be nature, both animate and inanimate.

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