the most dangerous women in america

Seriously, though.

Not to be snooty here, but the way Trump voters act you’d think coal mining was the most important thing that ever existed. Isn’t it quite a hideous, dangerous job too?

And the sad thing is: Trump WAS lying to them.

“I have a tremendous plan for the cool miners!”

Like fuck you have.  Lanley in Marge vs. The Monorail was more convincing. 

Freedom in the gender realm means the freedom of each sex to define its history and destiny without blame or harassment. If women seek freedom, they must let men too be free. Men who demean or subjugate women are not free, because they are signaling their secret fear of female power, which remains near total in the still murky and anxiety-ridden realm of procreation. But men have every right to claim credit for their vast achievements in conceiving and constructing the entire framework of civilization, from the great irrigation projects of ancient Mesopotamia to today’s global electronic grid. Impugned and silenced by feminism, men stoically go on doing the dirtiest, most dangerous and thankless work in modern society.

Feminism must end its sex war, which is stunting the maturation of both girls and boys. Upper-middle-class career women in the Americas and Europe blame men for their unhappiness. But the real cause is systemic. In the shift from the agrarian to industrial and now technological era, women have lost the daylong companionship and solidarity they once enjoyed with other women when they ruled the private sphere. In a new world where men and women share the same ambitions and workplace, perhaps a mutual incompatibility or creative tension between the sexes may have to be tolerated. But what is indisputable is that women do not gain by weakening men. An enlightened feminism, animated by a courageous code of personal responsibility, can only be built upon a wary alliance of strong women and strong men.
—  Camille Paglia, Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism (2017), Introduction p. xxvi

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Can you tell us more about the rivalry between TJeff and Ham? If it was like the musical or different, I'd like to know more about it

Here you go. Two days and three thousand words later, all sources come Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry That Forged a Nation by John Ferling. Here you go:

It is probable that Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson met for the first time in 1783 after Madison in an effort to get Jefferson back into public life after the death of his wife, Martha finally convinced him to take a position as an envoy to Paris, France. Traveling to the coast before his departure, he reached Philadelphia just after Christmas, about two weeks before General McDougall and his officers arrived from Newburgh to urge commutation and spread rumors of a possible officers mutiny. Hamilton, of course, was a member of the Congress, and it is probable that he met Jefferson sometime during the Virginian’s seventy five days in Philadelphia, especially since they both counted Madison as a friend.

Both had contrasting views on the Constitution- Hamilton was a member of the Federalists who wished to ratify the constitution and Jefferson was opposed to the thought of it. Their rivalry does not start there- they barely knew one another in this time while Jefferson was in France during which the Constitution was birthed into life.

While it is probable they met in 1783, it is certain they met in 1789. This was the year that Washington was made president of the United States. Washington first began to fill his cabinet, he first offered Robert Morris the position of Treasury Secretary but he declined and recommended Hamilton. Jefferson, on his way back to the States stepped off into England to learn that Washington had nominated him to be secretary of state and that the senate had already confirmed the appointment. That was not the reason that Jefferson was returning to America, however and did not want to job- only accepted after a second offer from Washington.

The half year in the cabinet together was peaceful, though they disagreed with one another nearly every meeting- they also were good at speaking. Hamilton was even invited to Jefferson’s for dinner several times and they dined together.

In 1790, Madison, Jefferson and Hamilton negotiated the “Compromise of 1790″ in which Madison badly wanted the capital to be located on the Potomac. Hamilton asked Jefferson to intercede with southern congressman to support the Assumption Bill. Jefferson had remained on the side lines during this battle. The agreement that they allegedly reached called for Madison and Jefferson to persuade a couple of recalcitrant Virginia congressmen to support assumption, and for Hamilton to convince some Pennsylvania representatives, who longed for Philadelphia to be the nation’s capital, to consent to locating the capital on the Potomac. Madison had long since mastered the arts of backroom negotiating and Hamilton was the master at intrigue. Ever after. Jefferson depicted himself as a guileless innocent who was taken advantage of by Hamilton.

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#OrdinaryWomen: Daring to Defy History has arrived! Watch as we defy stereotypes and challenge the status quo through our five-part video series. Up first, activist, anarchist and “the most dangerous person in America”, Emma Goldman.

When Americans meddled in Russia’s elections, it was by securing victory for Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s very own Donald Trump, a man who had sent in tanks to shell his own parliament. Leaked cables suggest that Hillary Clinton’s own State Department interfered with the political process in Haiti by suppressing a rise in the minimum wage. And American involvement in the politics of Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Iran was mostly through military coups, sponsored by none other than the CIA. There was no question of these countries repeating their elections; anyone the generals didn’t like was tortured to death. Next to the mountain of corpses produced by America’s history of fixing foreign elections, a few hacked emails are entirely insignificant.

Whatever Russia did or didn’t do, the idea that its interference is what cost Hillary Clinton the election is utterly ludicrous and absolutely false. What cost Hillary Clinton the election can be summed up by a single line from Sen. Chuck Schumer, soon to be the country’s highest-ranking Democrat: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” As it turned out, he was fatally wrong. It wasn’t the Russians who told the Democratic Party to abandon the working-class people of all races who used to form its electoral base. It wasn’t the Russians who decided to run a presidential campaign that offered people nothing but blackmail—“vote for us or Dangerous Donald wins.” The Russians didn’t come up with awful tin-eared catchphrases like “I’m with her” or “America is already great.” The Russians never ordered the DNC to run one of the most widely despised people in the country, simply because she thought it was her turn. The Democrats did that all by themselves.

What the Russia obsession represents is a massive ethical failure on the part of American liberals. People really will suffer under President Trump—women, queer people, Muslims, poor people of every stripe. But so many in the centrist establishment don’t seem to care. They’re far too busy weaving themselves into intricate geopolitical power plays that don’t really exist, searching for a narrative that exonerates them from having let this happen, to do anything like real political work. They won’t accept that Trumpism is America, in all its blood-splattered horror—that the dry civics lesson of a democracy they love so much is capable of creating a monster.


We’re not sure exactly where she was born, or when she was born, but we know that Mary Harris was from somewhere in Cork County, Ireland, and immigrated to North America with her family as a child to escape the Irish famine. In her early twenties, she moved to Chicago, where she worked as a dressmaker, and then to Memphis, Tennessee, where she met and married George Jones, a skilled iron molder and staunch unionist. The couple had four children.  Then tragedy struck: a yellow fever epidemic in 1867 took the lives of Mary’s husband and all four children. Mary Harris Jones returned to Chicago where she continued to sew, becoming a dressmaker for the wealthy. “I would look out of the plate glass windows and see the poor, shivering wretches, jobless and hungry, walking alongside the frozen lake front,” she said. “The tropical contrast of their condition with that of the tropical comfort of the people for whom I sewed was painful to me. My employers seemed neither to notice nor to care.” Then came the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Mary once again lost everything.

After the fire, Mary began to travel across the country. The nation was undergoing dramatic change, and industrialization was changing the nature of work. She worked with the Knights of Labor, often giving speeches to inspire the workers during strikes. She organized assistance for workers’ strikes, and prepared for workers’ marches. In June 1897, after Mary addressed the railway union convention, she began to be referred to as “Mother” by the men of the union. The name stuck. That summer, when the 9,000-member Mine Workers called a nationwide strike of bituminous (soft coal) miners and tens of thousands of miners laid down their tools, Mary arrived in Pittsburgh to assist them. She became “Mother Jones” to millions of working men and women across the country for her efforts on behalf of the miners. Mother Jones was so effective the union would send her into mines, to help miners to join unions. In addition to miners, Mother Jones also was very concerned about child workers. To attract attention to the cause of abolishing child labor, in 1903, she led a children’s march of 100 children from the textile mills of Philadelphia to New York City “to show the New York millionaires our grievances.” She led the children all the way to President Theodore Roosevelt’s Long Island home.

A political progressive, she was a founder of the Social Democratic Party in 1898. Mother Jones also helped establish the Industrial Workers of the World in 1905. For all of her social reform and labor activities, she was considered by the authorities to be one of the most dangerous women in America. In 1912, Mother Jones was even charged with a capital offense by a military tribunal in West Virginia and held under house arrest for weeks until popular outrage and national attention forced the governor to release her. In her eighties, Mother Jones settled down near Washington, D.C., in 1921 but continued to travel across the country. She died, possibly aged 100, in 1930.  Her final request was to be buried in the Miners Cemetery in Mt. Olive, Illinois, where you can visit her grave today.

Prison AU where he’s a CO and one day she gets beat up by the other inmates and he helps her, tends to her ribs and stuff, maybe?

Prompt found on castlefanficprompts

This was the fourth time in two weeks that he had seen her crippled over in pain when she came for her lunch. She was walking too cautiously, measuring each of her steps and keeping a tight grip on her ribs, not to mention how she would try and avoid every other inmate like the plague if she could. Inmate Katherine Beckett; 20 years old, had only been in the high security unit for two weeks after being convicted of the murder of Senator William Bracken and Dick Coonan, it was only the fact that she had admitted she was guilty that had saved her from the death penalty, but now she was spending life without parole in one of Americas most highly secure prisons with some of the most dangerous women in the country.

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*Any time anyone in public dares to so much as criticise Trump* *Breitbart* “Elitist snobbery! You are out of touch with regular folks! The nerve you have!”

*Me* “Bro, I was born working class and am as broke as fuck, most of the time these days. But I understand that Trump is, well, just a frigging idiot. A dangerous frigging idiot. This is not a class thing, we understand. It’s about incompetence, corruption, racism and sheer hatefulness.”


*Me* “Um, maybe you’re the snob for thinking working class people only ever had to think one way and buy into all the John Wayne bullshit?”  

SELF HATE - Those who have been socially conditioned to hate themselves and everything black within them(I.e hair, lips, nose, skin complexion, eyes, body, culture, heritage, & history). They consciously or subconsciously wish that they could change some, if not all, of their African characteristic. Many consciously or subconsciously date outside their race or lighter skin complexion because they find African or darker skinned women unattractive or they live by the paradigm that interracial or lighter skinned babies are more attractive. - 

Misguided - those who are consciously unaware of their environment and who have been systemically miseducated, exploited, and mentally enslaved. They cling to consumerism, materialism, negative rap music & pop culture (drugs, guns, violence, misogyny, money and sex) while unknowingly perpetuating negative stereotypes of African America (WSHH, Empire, Love & Hip Hop, Basketball wives etc.) They could tell you all about their favorite tv shows and but couldn’t name the senators from their state (it’s only two) - 

Revolutionary - they’re most dangerous weapons against white supremacy. They free and critical thinkers who try to liberate others from their mental shackles and awaken the masses. They are consciously awake, have an identity of self, and fight for the empowerment of African beauty, hair, culture, history, and skin while trying to dismantle negative stereotypes and social & political institutions that systemically oppress African Americans within the fabric of American society (I.e. the justice system, industrial prison complex, health care industry, education system, higher education system, etc.). 


I truly just feel gross rn! every time I go outside in tightish clothing or short shorts or whatever, I can feel men looking at me and it makes me wanna cry. I hate the male gaze. I hate male attention. why can’t my body just exist without it! why am I scared to be outside of my house alone! why is walking down the street to a friend’s house alone so dangerous that I have to drive even if it’s just a couple of blocks! why are there so many violent dangerous men everywhere on earth!


Google just made it a little harder for pro-life crisis centers to troll women in need

With language like “abortion care” and “pregnancy alternatives,” organizations known as “crisis pregnancy centers” target young women seeking abortions. The twist? These centers are not in the business of abortions. Instead their goal is to convince these sometimes desperate women to keep the unborn child, warning that abortion is a sin, is dangerous or is painful for the fetus.

For years pro-choice advocates like NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood have worked to raise awareness about the reality of such centers. They are now getting a helping hand from Google, which this week agreed to remove some of the most deceptively-worded online crisis center ads.

Google’s decision was made following NARAL research which found that 79% of crisis pregnancy centers advertising on Google lied or inaccurately described their services.

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darcy/steve mistaken identity au

In the criminal world, she is known only as La Comtesse–an art thief and sometimes-spy who sells the information she hears in the course of her work to the highest bidder. She is beautiful, impossibly elegant, and she has information that SHIELD wants. Steve is sent to bring her in, and he finds her just in time to foil a kidnapping attempt. There’s only one problem…

After a series of disastrous job interviews, Darcy doesn’t see the harm in delving into her cousin/roommate’s closet to play Successful Adult for one day. So she borrows her cousin’s nicest outfit, heads to the fanciest part of town and just…pretends. She never expects for a couple of goons to try to nab her off the street, or for Captain America to save her–and then keep her.

Steve’s at a loss. The woman with him is a dead ringer for La Comtesse, but anyone who spends five minutes in Darcy Lewis’ presence knows that she’s not the art thief. But as long as other people think she’s La Comtesse, she’s in danger. 

He doesn’t expect her to be anything but someone to protect, but appearances can be deceiving. And attraction can flare up at the most inconvenient times. He’s got to keep her safe and find La Comtesse before it’s too late–for both women.

If you still think the election was just a "competition".

If you’re posting things within the lines of:
“Don’t be sad, we can get through the election even if your party won/lost.”
“It’s okay, America will make it through the dark times.”
“We needed this dramatic change in America, it’s for the better!”

Then you really don’t understand the severity of what just happened.

Today we elected someone who has no political experience into (one of) the most powerful positions in the world. This person has expressed on multiple occasions dangerous ideals against women, POC, and LGBTQ+ and now has the power and the people backing him (Republican majority Senate and House) to go forward with these ideas.

People posting and expressing their disbelief and despair about Trump aren’t just mad that their party or candidate lost.
They’re afraid that they’ll no longer be able to live their lives normally as they were able to yesterday. They’re afraid that their family will be sent away for wanting to lead a better life, for wanting a better life for their family members; because they don’t want them to experience what they’ve been through. They’re afraid for anyone who had any disadvantage in life because of how they were born, but dared to excel, and now will have everything taken away from them.

The election was never about just wanting “your team” to win. It was about being able to live without fear and discrimination. About being able embrace yourself and still have the same basic living rights as the next person.

Don’t turn this election into a simple competition, because it’s always been much more than that. And it’s about time that everyone started to realize that much.

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hitler ruined the economy in germany, was a shit strategist (prefered to spend all of his time making up racist shit and leave planning to his generals), and killed my relatives. please continue to try adn tell me he was germanys greatest ruler.

Now wait a minute. I never said Hitler was Germany’s greatest ruler. I said he would have been.

However, if you do wish for me to continue, let’s go over the positive things Adolf Hitler accomplished in his political career:

  1. Anti-Smoking Movement

    In a time before cigarettes were known to be as dangerous as they are today, Hitler lead the one of the most effective and expensive anti-tobacco campaigns in history. Smoking was banned in restaurants and in public transportation. He also was the first to severely regulate the advertising of smoking and cigarettes, and the regulations in America today are based off those. He employed a high tobacco tax, and cigarettes were rationed to the Wehrmacht (German military force) so less were available. It was in Nazi Germany that smoking was first found to cause severe health risks, including heightened risks of miscarriages in women. Hitler was so against smoking, in fact, that he would give Rolex’s  as gifts to any of his generals who decided to quit.

  2. Transportation

    The Autobahn

    The Autobahn was the world’s first freeway system. Though the idea was not originally thought of by Hitler or the Nazi Party, the project had all but ceased when Hitler came into power. Hitler, however, was an enthused advocate for the construction of the Autobahn, and pushed a great deal of support and funding into it’s creation. The Autobahn was revolutionary, allowing quick public and military transportation across the country. Additionally, it provided over a hundred thousand unemployed German workers with jobs, adding necessary assistance to the reparation of the economy. It brought a sense of unity to the country, and since its construction nearly every country in the world has emulated it.

    The Volkswagen
    The literal meaning of Volkswagen is “People’s Car”. Much like the American Ford, this car was created under the pretense that the average German citizen could afford to buy it. Hitler himself advised the car’s designer and the vehicle was soon a huge success, costing approximately the same amount as a small motorbike. Today, the Volkswagen is one of the world’s most popular civilian vehicles.

    Hitler also funded many other projects which created railroad systems, bridges, road systems, air travel advancements, and rockets. The construction and design of all of these also served to create countless more jobs for the German people.

  3. Animal Rights

    Under Nazi rule, Germany became the first country in the world to ban vivisection. A basic definition of Vivisection, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is as follows: “The activity or practice of doing scientific or medical experiments on live animals.” High ranking Nazi officials and Adolf Hitler himself, were highly concerned about the treatment of animals, especially the process of butchering them. A total ban on the process was employed in 1933 and maintained since. In fact, good deal of laws in Germany and the world today were derived from ones assigned by Nazi Germany.

    Hitler was especially concerned with the treatment and conservation of animals. Once in power, the Nazis set hunting seasons and assigned regulations to how many animals could be killed per year. Like with vivisection, many western countries have adapted this law today. Laws were passed requiring education on animal conservation, and a protection list naming native species was created. Later additions to these were laws concerning afforestation and the human slaughter of fish. Without these laws and regulations, many animals native to Germany would have completely disappeared.

  4. The Economy

    Welfare Program
    Nazi Germany maintained one of the largest public welfare programs in our world’s history. It was believed that all Germans should share a certain standard of living, no matter who they were. This was exhibited in what was likely the most popular and well known welfare practice, The Winter Relief Program. Citizens and Nazi party officials alike took to the streets and collected charity for the unfortunate.

    Unemployment dropped nearly 60% during the Nazi area, due to jobs created by the many projects run by the Nazi party and German government. A great deal of jobs were created between 1933 and 1939, and allowed for a great improvement following the countries economic downfall following the end of WWI and the documentation of the Treaty of Versailles.

  5. International Relations

    The Munich Pact
    Hitler in April of 1938 expressed the desire and intent to annex Czechoslovakia into Germany. This, of course, defied the Treaty of Versailles. The Munich Pact was an agreement made during a conference held in Munich which permitted the annexation of Sudetenland, a specific set of areas along the Czech borders which were inhabited primarily by ethnic Germans. Using the process of appeasement, the other world powers (France, the United Kingdom, and Italy) at the conference allowed Hitler these areas. Despite this agreement, however, Hitler proceeded to annex the whole of Czechoslovakia and the other world powers did not stop him from doing so. Hitler later stated that had he been stopped from doing this, he likely never would have stated WWII. During the entire process of the annexation of Czechoslovakia into Germany, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

    Austria had long been a Nazi target for annexation, and in March of 1938 they made a second and successful attempt. In the early days of the yea, after leaning of Hitler’s plan, Germany’s Chancellor met with the Nazi leader with intentions wiht hopes of convincing him to not go through with it. However, his attempts were unsuccessful. On March 11th, the Chancellor gave into the Nazi pressure and resigned from his post. Also due to Nazi pressure, the Chancellor pleaded with Austrian forces not to resist any German advance into the country during his resignation speech. It was the very next day the German troops accompanied by Adolf Hitler himself marched into Austria. There, enthused crowds met and welcomed him. Hitler appointed a Nazi government in Austria, and the country remained a federal state of Germany until the end of WWII when an independent Austrain government was reestablished. During the process of the Austrain annexation into Germany, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

Adolf Hitler was an amazing speaker and a charismatic man. He would often, before his rise to power, visit nursing homes to speak with the elderly. He would also go to hospitals and put on puppet shows for ill children. He was said to be a skilled comedian as well, if a cut-rate artist. He was named Time’s Person of the Year in 1938.

I will never say that Hitler was a good man. The fact that he started what is today known as the Holocaust can neither be forgiven nor ignored. He lead cruel men and encouraged crueler actions. He allowed the torture of human beings and encouraged that they be inhumanely experimented on. He employed labour, concentration, and death camps. He did, or forced others to do, countless and indescribably terrible things.

However, it is undeniable that without him our world would not be what it is today. His political and social feats are unmet, and he was a genius of propaganda. While it is true that he was nothing more than horrible when it came to military strategy, I only ever claimed him to be an adept politician. I have no respect for the man, and no admiration. But I am aware that while the last few years of his career were nothing short of horrifying, his advancements in technology and the laws that he implemented shaped out world today.

In conclusion, though Adolf Hitler was an asshole, I would not want to live in a world where he had never existed.