the most dangerous prisoners in the world

okay, in this scene, everybody jumps back, flinches, or whips their head around to look.

except for Lena.

she stands there, completely still and unaffected. she doesn’t even flinch.

she keeps her feet planted, because she’s been through much worse.

she says to herself that she has stopped an alien genocide, shot a man to save someone’s life, been in prison and then broken out by her ass of a mother, been through a traumatic childhood that nobody should ever experience, has come close to death multiple times, set a trap to get rid of highly dangerous criminals only by using her smarts, sacrificed someone’s life to save another, been morally challenged her whole life being a Luthor, had her close friend die right in front of her, been emotionally abused by family, has most of National City despise her for her family name, been thrown off a fucking building, and has to wake up and be faced by the world again and again everyday. 

she says to herself that she’s Lena Luthor, and that she’s numb to fear.

tl;dr Lena is a badass who deserves the world and more.
35 psychiatrists just met at Yale to warn Donald Trump has a 'dangerous mental illness'
Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University. Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

“Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President.” –Dr. John Gartner, psychotherapist and advisor at Johns Hopkins University Medical School

“I’ve worked with some of the most dangerous people our society produces, directing mental health programmes in prisons. I’ve worked with murderers and rapists. I can recognise dangerousness from a mile away. You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend fifty years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous this man is.” –Prof. James Gilligan, psychiatrist and professor at New York University

There’s even a formal petition with almost 50,000 signatures so far:

We, the undersigned mental health professionals …, believe in our professional judgment that Donald Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States. And we respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.’

I’ve just finished the episode and I understand that most people find it disappointing because Guardienne didn’t react violently to the situation but I think that her reaction was logical, as she said in her conversation with Leiftan, she is a prisoner, she doesn’t have any home to go back to and she can’t run away given that she is on a dangerous world that she knows nothing about, she even told him that she would live with the kappas or with Huang Hua if she was given the choice but at the moment she doesn’t have that option, so she tries to put that issue aside and be helpful to the Guard, you could even make her avoid the guy that kissed her and be passive aggressive towards him and the other boys and miiko besides it was mentioned in the end of the episode that she still avoids him which mean that she actually didn’t forgive him, she’s trying to avoid thinking about it and confronting him with her feelings, but I think that bottling these feelings up will lead to a breakdown in the future episodes that might be even more violent than when she slapped him and Miiko, I still wish they will solve this problem properly in the next episode/episodes because what happened in the last one didn’t seem like the end of it.

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So i very strongly sided with the mages until i saw what it turned into at the end of da:2 and what happens in da:i, i can fully support wanting more freedoms and to be given a chance at a real life, but what it looks like theyre trying to do is rebuild the tevinter imperium and i cannot support that, but i still dont agree with the templars either, and honestly this whole thing couldve been avoided if the chantry had been a little more lenient with the circle

What it leaded to in DA2? I don’t know what you mean really. Unless you mean Anders’ actions, but he wasn’t acting with any other mages. And at the end of the game he was so fused with Justice I don’t think we can even be sure he would’ve acted the same way if he were just himself. Also, what it lead to? It led to the mages - who did not do anything - all going to be killed because of it, well actually Meredith had already sent for the right of annulment before Anders’ actions so… yeah I can’t really see how I’m meant to blame mages for that? There are a few instances in da2 when mages do bad things, but they’re always a reaction to the insane amount of abuse in that circle.

And what do you mean in da:i? In what way are they ‘rebuilding the Tevinter Imperium’? Please send in another ask because I don’t get it? I might be missing something?

I do agree that the Chantry could’ve avoided the whole thing, but it would have meant an entire restructuring of the Circle, not just ‘being a little more lenient’. The Circle would have to stop being a prison and become an actual place where mages can be save and learn in safety. And I don’t think the Chantry would ever be willing to do so, considering how much power and money they would lose.

I view the question of ‘templars vs mages’ as simply this: are the horrors of the circle a justified necessary evil to protect the rest of the population from the possible crimes, or accidental destruction caused by mages?

That’s the only question that matters. That’s where the true grey morality of this issue comes in. Do you think the chantry is right that mages are so inherently dangerous that they need to be held prisoner their entire lives? That the Chantry has the right to decide which of them need to be made tranquil, or punished in other ways, and which entire circles get to be murdered down to the last child?

My answer is always going to be no. That’s why I support the mages. Always. And not just because we’ve already seen more peaceful solutions in game.

Just think about it, in the real world if we determine which groups are most likely to commit violent crimes, would you support pre-emptively locking them up? (Remember, modern day weapons can be as dangerous as any magic we’ve seen in game.) Probably not.

And let’s be clear, even a circle where there is no abuse is still a horrific idea in principle:

- Being locked up the rest of your life

- cut of from family

- not allowed to go outside 

- not allowed to form romantic attachments

- not allowed to have a family (and having any child you might have taken away from you)

- living with armed men instructed to kill you if you necessary 

- being constantly told you’re basically a walkign bomb so dangerous the world needs to be protected from you

- Living with the threat of the right of annulment your whole life

- Living with the threat of being made tranquil (yes yes, until you pass a horrifying test, unless you live in one of the circles that ignore that rule and oh yes the chantry and the circle has a huge monetary incentive to make you tranquil or suggest you allow them to make you tranquil even before the test)

Even if this prison - and it is a prison no matter how cosy the beds - doesn’t suffer from any abuse of power it’s still a horror show. But then I don’t think there will be a circle with no abuse. Just because predatory people are often dawn to positions where they can enact abuse and get away with it and the circle is the perfect place; no one gives a shit about the mages. Also, the only circles we’ve seen in game have been abusive, I find it odd to presume there must be a perfect circle where there is only the horrors of it being a prison.

And I haven’t even gotten into the whole idea that the Chantry makes money off making people tranquil, which kinda motivates them to make more mages tranquil, if only to keep the money flowing. Or that if the Chantry ever admitted that mages don’t need constant surveillance it means they will either have to admit that the templars are mainly there to be the Chantry’s military arm, or cut down on how many templars there are, and so weaken the Chantry’s power. (That’s what I mean when I say getting rid of the Circles would cost the Chantry too much.)

On the subject of ‘trying to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’, I have to say the abuses of the Tevinter Imperium are not caused by magic, so assuming a society where Mages are free and able to be in positions of power, is going to be ‘like the Tevinter Imperium’ is just not how it works.

Slavery isn’t something exclusive to magic (well using spirits as slaves as well might be), and (blood) magic, is just the tool they use to enact their cruelty. If they had no magic they would find other ways. And to be frank, while I’m sure the other nations we have seen in game would claim moral superiority over Tevinter, I don’t think they can. Look at the way they treat the elves? Look at what the Chantry has done? Profiting off making people tranquil, making Templars addicted to something they control?

Also, remember the elves being sold into slavery in da:o? Do you think that was the only time that happened? It seems pretty unlikely doesn’t it?

So yes Tevinter is horrible, but I think the problem with saying ‘they want to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’ is that it fails to recognise that the other nations have their own horrors and that depending on who (or what race) you are in Ferelden or Orlais, your life might already be as bad as that of the lowliest person in Tevinter.

It’s easy to judge the mage rebellion for causing too much destruction etc etc, but it’s not like the Chantry would ever have willingly let them go. The mages were pushed in a corner, they didn’t one day decide that they would cause this. I would love it if peaceful revolution was possible but it isn’t. It’s always a question of what are you willing to sacrifice to gain your freedom.

DA:I could have been a great morally muddled story about what is justified in the name of revolution, of freedom. It could’ve shown us a mage rebellion where some are forced to fight, where some mages only take revenge for the abuse they suffered, while others desperately tried to find peaceful ways to change the world. It could have shown us templars being pushed to the edge by the chantry, and those who gleefully hunt and kill mages. It could’ve shown us exactly how much it costs templars to break with the Chantry.

Cullen does to a degree show us and in DA2 we had Samson, but I would’ve liked something like a Knight-Captain who objected morally to the abuses of the Chantry, tried to reason with them to go against amoral orders and ended up with the Chantry cutting off his lyrium supply so he was forced to watch the templars under his command suffer and a few of them die. Actually that would’ve made a great quest that with show us exactly how little control templars really have.

I’m just going to end with some links with more information on the mages and the Circle/ Chantry/ templars. I think all these help to get the whole picture on the situation for mages, necessary to understand why revolution was unavoidable (and before you judge their rebellions as ‘going too far.’) 

1. A post discussing why Anders did what he did and why other options weren’t available. I’m not entirely decided on whether I support Anders’ actions myself, but this is an interesting read on why the mages had to rebel to gain any power and why it’s difficult to judge them for it. It also touches on more abuses of the Chantry.

2. A post with a number of reactions to the idea of the Circle being ‘a nice place’ which it can’t be by its very nature. Also mentions some other abuses that will happen in even ‘peaceful circles’ like Anders’ punishment of solitary confinement for a year, which is literal torture and if you want to understand to what extent a quick google search will do on why solitary confinement is torture.

3. A great post about why tranquility is not a mercy and in fact a system that is incredibly vulnerable to abuse (and not just in da2). Also touches on how the Circle provides the Chantry with funds (and so power, which of course makes their ‘magic is evil we will protect’ you bs stink a little more.)

4. A post discussing why not all templars can ‘just stop taking lyium’ which helps to show that they’re basically trapped in this system as well.

5. A post combining resources about the abuses the mages face in da2, I’d recommend reading it even if you feel you know all of them already because I’ve played da2 many many times and I was surprised by some of these. Also remember that just because this is the worst circle we’ve seen it does not mean the abuses are unique to this circle.

6. A post explaining more about the Chantry and why it needs its military arm, and how it abuses that power. ties in to how they can’t admit that mages don’t need constant surveillance without either admitting the real use of templars.

7. A post about the theory that templars aren’t meant to protect mages but are meant to make sure there aren’t too many mages. (In other words, they are there to kill mages.) I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the post, though it does make sense that the Chantry would limit how many mages there are in any one circle to prevent an uprising. Still the post contains some interesting discussions about the templars tactics and how they don’t make sense if they’re meant to just protect mages. This of course does not mean every day templars are aware of what the real order are and I imagine there are templars who truly believe they are meant to protect mages.

8. A really good post on why Meredith wasn’t ‘just doing what she thought best’ and was pretty horrible before the red lyrium business. Also, while it’s easy to say meredith does not represent the Chantry the fact is the Chantry never stepped in and at the very least it shows how rife this system is for abuse and how little people or the Chantry care what happens to mages.

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If you were teleported into the world of any animal-based fiction (Watership Down, Lion King, etc) and transformed into a matching animal, which would you choose?

I loved Watership Down, and the Lion King, and the Animals of Farthing Wood, but they’re not worlds I think I’d be happy living in. 

Most of the animals in these worlds have dangerous and relatively short lives (Looking at you, AoFW). In addition, the female characters are often not treated very well or given much agency. The does in Watership Down tend to be treated like prisoners, trophies, or weighed down with family and interested in nothing more than raising kits. They’re also thought of as just a means to extend the life of the warren, they aren’t desired for companionship or conversation, just breeding.

Animals of Farthing Wood is a bit better. Many female animals have names and a personality. They’re still not treated all that well though, with a number of ‘annoying wife’ tropes. The third season makes a few a bit more fleshed out, but still not enough for me.

I love science and having agency too much. So I think if I was forced to choose, I’d pick the world of the Rats of N.I.M.H. and join them as a rat.

They’re intelligent, creative, social and independent with a mix of science and mysticism that I could get used to.

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Baze/Chirrut & 48!

Rampage, from this meme.  Set in this verse.

Clutching his chest, Chirrut dramatically fell back among the wreckage of Saya’s rampage. A foam block dug into his back, and he shifted to dislodge it.

“Papa,” Saya chided.

“Right, right, sorry,” Chirrut said, and laid back down. “Dead monsters don’t move.”

The unmistakable sound of Baze climbing the stairs was accompanied by the sharp, fragant smell of delicately fried fish. He must have stopped at the Mon Calamari shop in the southern quarter of the city. The meet was supposed to take place in the eastern district. A change in venue never boded well.

“Papa!” Saya shrieked as the door open.

“What did we talk about?” Baze asked, setting aside the food in order to scoop Saya up.

“Sometimes I’m too loud,” she obediently recited. “I need to be mound—

“Mindful of others, especially your poor tired fathers,” Baze said.. There was a pause in which Chirrut assumed Baze was looking over him. “Are you still dead?”

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Our feminist agenda includes reading these awesome graphic novels out this week...


Collects Mockingbird #6-8, New Avengers (2010) #13-14.

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The original Pink Ranger returns! Featuring an introduction by Amy Jo Johnson, the actress who portrayed Kimberly Hart. After leaving the life of a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger behind, Kimberly Hart finds herself pulled back into the fray. With her parents missing and their village overrun by monsters, she must reclaim her destiny and discover the power that lies within. She’ll have to call on some old friends if she’s to unravel this mystery and save this once sleepy village. From writers Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Gotham Academy), Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms, A-Force), and Tini Howard (The Skeptics), and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo (Mirror’s Edge: Exordium), the Pink Ranger embarks on her first solo Power Ranger adventure!

REVIVAL Vol. 8: Stay Just A Little Bit Longer

The final collection in the acclaimed REVIVAL series. The existence of the Revivers is killing the world, and an unlikely alliance of Dana, Em, and Em’s murderer must travel across a community in the midst of civil war to stop it. Collects REVIVAL #42-47

BATMAN Vol. 2: I Am Suicide

He’s the one man who broke the Bat. He rules the island prison that once held him captive with an iron fist. He is Bane, and he has something – or someone – that Batman needs. And Batman will risk a suicide mission to take it, or them, from him.

But to infiltrate the stronghold of a criminal genius, the Dark Knight will need to raise his own army of criminals. From the bowels of Arkham Asylum, he’ll select an elite squad of the craziest, deadliest, most dangerous villains alive-including Catwoman, the one woman in the world who knows him best, despite the blood on her claws. But Batman’s makeshift Suicide Squad is every bit as unstable as the real deal. As lust, addiction, insanity and betrayal take their toll on his team, not everyone will make it out of Bane’s fortress alive and unbroken…

CLARENCE: Getting Gilben

It’s just another movie night at the local drive-in theater when Clarence witnesses his classmate, Gilben, get taken by something he just can’t explain. With the help of his best friends, Jeff and Sumo, Clarence sets out to to unravel the mystery and get Gilben back! Hopefully, he won’t miss the whole movie in process… An all-new adventure based on the hit show from Cartoon Network.

                                       - Part II
Kai Parker x Reader

(Part I)
word count : 2 575
*not my gif

Whatever Kai’s idea of fun was , it definitely wasn’t the same as Y/N’s. Not all the time at least. He was capable of being the most dangerous being one minute and the sweetest caring one the next. He’d stab her with a knife just to see how long it would take for the Prison World to heal her , or tie her up and practice his magic on her before making her dinner and telling her jokes to make her laugh.
Y/N’s first week with Kai had been rough. As much as she hated everything he was doing to her , a twisted part of her was actually starting to like him … up until the point he killed her again , when she hated him all over again.

* * *

“Wakey wakey.” Kai’s voice woke her up.
She opened her eyes , turning towards him. Kai was laying on the bed next to her , his hands behind his head and his gaze fixed on her.
“Kai !” she pulled away startled. “I thought we talked about this…”
A few times the past few weeks he had sneaked into bed with her instead of going to sleep on the couch as they had discussed. They’d take turns each night but somehow he always ended up wherever she was sleeping. Sometimes she’d go to sleep on the couch and wake up in his bed with him starring at her. It was making her nervous because clearly he didn’t get the whole ‘boundaries’ thing…
“Yeah , we did but I don’t care much what you have to say and I was bored.” he said grinning. “Awh don’t look at me with those big eyes. I made you breakfast , you are going to love it ! Come on.”
Y/N sighed. There was no way to reason with him , if this kept on happening she’d rather spend eternity alone.

Later that day Kai left her alone for a few minutes and she used her chance to sneak out of the apartment and run out of the building.
When Kai came back to the living room and didn’t see her around something inside him broke. Using his vampire hearing he heard her running outside.
“Damn it.” he muttered and chased after her , catching up with Y/N in the town square. He raised his hand and she ran into an invisible wall knocking her a few steps backwards. “Life is so much easier with magic.” he laughed.
“What the hell ?” she asked , her hands hitting the boundary over and over. She hated it when he used his magic to do things like this , knowing there is nothing for her to do. Its like he was doing it on purpose.
He vamp sped towards her pinning her on the ground.
“Come on , sweetheart. You didn’t really think I’d let you go , did you ?” he said gripping her hand tightly , pulling her up.
He didn’t sound angry , he sounded hurt which completely took her off balance. She turned towards him , wanting to see his eyes but he wouldn’t look at her just kept pulling her with him towards his place.
“Kai … Let go of me.” she said out of breath. “You are hurting me.”
He didn’t seem to hear her at first , but then loosened the grip a little and she ran again , a moment later the world turned black.
“That’s about enough of this..” Kai said annoyed , flicking his wrist magically snapping her neck. He vamp-ran towards Y/N , catching her body before she fell on the ground , lifting her up and pulling her closer to his chest. “I hate how you make me do this to you again and again…” he sighed. “Oh well … maybe one more time won’t hurt.”

Kai carried her to his bedroom and let her down on his bed , stroking her cheek. “What am I going to do with you ?” he whispered.
He had been so terrified she’d leave pretty much since they had met and his worst fears had been confirmed more than once already. Y/N was the closest thing he had to a friend and he just couldn’t bring himself to let her go , the thought of her being gone hurt him for some reason.

* * *

Y/N woke up from a sharp pain in her leg. She tried to move but couldn’t. Kai was using his magic to keep her pinned down. Her vision was blury as she opened her eyes and then another loud crack came followed by a really sharp pain in her other leg , sharper than before.
“W-what are you doing?” she asked accusingly trying to focus her eyes on him.
“Oh , don’t look at me like that sweetheart.” he said faking a pouty face. “You must’ve known this would happen. I told you not to run…or did you think there wouldn’t be consequences?” he said suddenly serious.
“Why are you doing this?” she hissed at him. Of course he’d do something like this…
“I told you sweetheart. You shouldn’t have ran…” he paused for a moment , slightly tilting his head. “Maybe if I break another bone , you’ll learn your lesson.”
“No , Kai , don’t ..” she said screaming out in pain again as another bone broke with a loud crack. Kai looked at her slightly amused , watching her squirm in pain for a few more minutes before healing her broken bones.
“I am getting better at this.” he said proudly. He lifted her body up and pulled her into a hug gently rubbing her back as she started sobbing. “Awh , don’t cry. I can do a lot of things but I don’t know how to make you stop crying.”
Kai felt something in him shift again listening to her sobs. He had hurt her multiple times the past few days including less than 5 minutes ago , yet she held on to him as if her life depended on it. Y/N tried to run away from him, it wasn’t as if she had given up yet , but something always pulled her back towards him.
“Stop doing things like these to me , maybe I will.” she said snuggling closer to him.
It was absolutely insane … he kept hurting her and kept comforting her after and she was letting him do both.
Earlier that day when Y/N had run off , he had felt as if air was being pulled out of his lungs. He didn’t want to spend eternity alone , that’s why he had chanced her , it’s why he had hurt her but now a part of him was starting to wonder maybe this was only pushing her away and at some point he’d actually end up losing her. Y/N looked so fragile in his hands and suddenly he found himself wanting to protect her , except he’d have to protect her from himself.


The next two weeks were strangely calm. Kai acted super nice to her , refused to feed on her and payed so much attention to her , she was starting to get scared , more scared than when he was torturing her. This has been the longest he’s gone without hurting her. Sometimes she’d catch him looking at her with those beautiful blue eyes , he’d smirk at her and then look away or he’d just look away. Ka was acting weird and a few times she tried to ask him what was wrong , but he’d just say ‘nothing’ and change the subject.

Kai was sitting on the couch watching some movie on the DVD. His eyes had started to turn black the past few days and Y/N was starting to get worried. She finished her lunch (which Kai had made her) and sat for a while looking at him.
“Stop starring at me. Its annoying.” he snapped. Y/N sighed , last thing she needed was Kai getting annoyed at her , things never turned out well for her when that happened. The past few days Kai had shown her a side of him probably no one else had seen before and she kind of started to like him and ‘get ideas’. She turned her gaze away towards the window , it was annoyingly sunny as every other day. Part of her missed the rain , the snow … but in the Prison World the weather never changed. Y/N glanced at Kai who was now starring at her , watching her every move. She got up and walked towards him , sitting on his lap her legs on each side of him.
“What are you doing ?” he asked trying to push her off.
“You are hungry , Kai. I’m not stupid.” she removed her hair from her neck , pushing it away exposing her neck. Y/N could see his eyes flicker with hunger and the purple black veins under his eyes started to show , but a moment later they disappeared. Kai’s hands were on either side of her waist , unsure if he should push her away or not.
“I don’t … I don’t want to hurt you , Y/N.” he said , surprising her with his answer. Y/N hadn’t seen this coming , considering how much he seemed to enjoy hurting her the past few weeks. She slided her hand in his pocket and took out his pocket knife , opening it and making a small cut on her neck.
Kai could smell her blood before a single drop had shown on the surface. She watched as the purple / black veins under his eyes showed up again , his fangs coming out too.
“It’s OK Malachai. I want to.” Y/N said reassuringly. Kai glanced at her and she nodded. “Go for it.”
Kai sank his teeth into her neck , his hands pulling her closer to him as she threw her head back a bit , wincing at the pain. In all his times feeding on her , he had gotten better at it and now there was very little blood dripping down her neck. As he kept feeding his hands tugged at her shirt a bit , his fingers touching her skin , the cold of his rings sending shivers through her body. A few minutes later he pulled out , Y/N’s head feeling dizzy from the bloodloss. He wiped a few blood drops from her neckwound and pressed his hand against it muttering a spell. She felt warmth spread through her where Kai was touching her bare skin as the wound healed. Kai’s eyes were locked on hers , the beautiful blue / gray shade had returned and his eyes were glowing.
“See , that wasn’t so bad. Didn’t hurt as much …” she smiled at him , starting to get up but he wouldn’t let her. “Kai wha-”
Kai’s bloody lips smashed against her , his tongue going deep inside her mouth. The kiss was demanding , Y/N tried to pull away confused by what was happening , he didn’t let her. His hands on her waist were pulling her closer to him , making her grind against him and a moment later she let go. His touch felt like fire and she wanted more. His lips moved towards her neck , a low growl escaping from his throat.
“No … we can’t … we can’t do this.” Y/N said , pulling away and tossing herself on the couch next to him completely out of breath. She couldn’t wrap her mind around what had just happened. Kai leaned in , pressing her body onto the couch as his lips founding hers again. His eyes were black again , this time from a different kind of hunger. Kai slided his hand under her shirt pulling it up a little.
Y/N wasn’t sure what was happening in that moment , all she knew was his touch felt so good and she didn’t want to fight it.
“Sweet innocent Y/N…” Kai whispered to her , brushing her cheek , her eyes following his touch. He lifted her chin gently his eyes piercing into hers for a long moment before pulling away from her. Y/N’s heart was beating so fast and her breathing uneven , she got up quickly and ran into the bathroom , locking the door a resting her back against it sliding down towards the floor.

A few minutes passed in complete silence and then he knocked on the door , trying to open it.
“Y/N? I’m … I’m sorry , I don’t know what …” he started to say but didn’t seem able to finish his sentence.
Wow , Kai speechless ? That’s new. she thought. Usually he never shuts up and always had something to say.
Please open the door.”
Y/N hated how he made her feel , she hated him and liked him at the same time and what had happened earlier had her emotions completely mixed up. She could hear him sit by the door , waiting for her to come out which eventually she will have to. Part of her was wondering why he hadn’t knocked down the door yet…
About half an hour later she opened the door and found him sitting by the door just as she had expected. He got up in a flash , standing a few steps away from her. They locked eyes and for a moment none of them said a word.
“I’m not … I’m not going to do that again .. unless you want me to. I didn’t want to scare you or anything.” he said. Kai sounded so honest and Y/N couldn’t help but believe him.
Thing is , she hadn’t felt scared or anything like it. She felt confused and his answer , the way he was looking at her in that moment only added to her confusion.
“Why?” she asked simply. “Why would you … kiss me ? You don’t even like me. The only reason I’m here is because you don’t want to be alone.”
A look of hurt passed through Kai’s face , he reached for her hand and she took a step back. He sighed and looked at the ground.
“I … It will sound weird but , I care about you. I don’t know or understand why - you are so annoying …” he laughed nervously.
“You care about me?” Y/N asked thinking she had heard him wrong. Then she remembered how nice he has had been the past two weeks and before how even after he hurt her , he always found a way to comfort her. Maybe he was telling the truth.
“Yes. It’s annoying , all those feelings and everything.” he said. “And you are right. I don’t want to be alone. I’ve spent most of my life in isolation , Y/N. I don’t want to spend eternity by myself.” he reached for her hand again and this time she didn’t pull away. “You are the closest thing I’ve had to a friend … I don’t .. I don’t want to lose you.”
Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off him. What had happened to Kai ? He sounded and looked so different.
“You are not going to spend eternity alone , Malachai.” she said with a small smile. “Can we go out on a walk ? It’s stuffy in here …”
Kai smiled nervously. “Um yeah .. sure , whatever you want.” he said letting go of her hand , waiting for her to go.
She took a few steps towards the door , her hand holding onto the door knob for a moment before twisting it. Just as she was about to step outside , she turned towards him locking eyes with his , her breath getting caught in her throat.
“Catch me.” she said smiling and winking at him before running off down the stairs.
Kai laughed.
“Oh I will …” he said chasing after her a moment later.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017



TV series recommendation


The Magicians - After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real-and more dangerous than they ever imagined

American Gods - A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow’s life and past. 

Shadowhunters - After her mother disappears, Clary must venture into the dark world of demon hunting, and embrace her new role among the Shadowhunters

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To everyone who wants more Rogue One (and Rogue Squad)

Do you need more diverse squads made up of BADASS MISFITS with TRAGIC BACKSTORIES who form an awesome found family? Do you need more stories with amazing plots, characters, and revelations? Do you really just like having your emotions ripped out, but want something where it turns out all right in the end?

Read the Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo!


Six of Crows is YA novel about a group of dangerous and highly-trained teenagers living in a fantasy! version of Victorian Amersterdam who have to break a scientist out of the most secure prison in the world. It isn’t a war story, like Rogue One is, but it is about crime and is plenty dark and gritty. 

In addition, both are about the lives of the people who fall by the waysides in worlds full of prophecies and epic heroes.

The main characters are: 

-Kaz. Utterly ruthless criminal prodigy and rising crime kingpin. Does anything to get ahead. Has plans in place 10 steps ahead, tragic backstory, disabled MC

-Inej. WOC lead, religious spy/ninja/ assassin, deserves the world, super dark backstory

-Nina. Child soldier, has the ability to control other people’s bodies/blood, both unapologetically fat and beautiful, super girly, sexy tension with Matthias

-Matthias. Prisoner, has a PAST with Nina, is soldier on the opposite side, big blonde secret cinnamon role, sexy tension with Nina

-Jesper, sharpshooter/sniper, bisexual and black, hilarious, has gambling and adrenaline addictions dealt with with appropriate weight, SECRETS 

-Wylan. The hostage. Absolutely adorable, human version of a puppy, SECRETS, amazing coming-of-age arc, bomber

And in addition, it has not one but THREE PERFECT SHIPS. The main squad includes multiple female, POC, LGBT, and disabled characters. It deals appropriately with some really serious issues, including organized crime, human trafficking, sex work, immigration, parental abuse, and addiction. 

Seriously, READ THIS BOOK!


They were workout buddies who had little in common — except for infamous reputations and a skill with explosives.

But housed in neighboring cells on the same secluded wing at the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) in Florence, Colo., Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, struck up an odd friendship with two other notorious terrorists of the 1990s: Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and Ramzi Yousef, who planted a bomb in the World Trade Center in 1993 that killed six people, a precursor to the 9/11 attacks.

Locked in their tiny cells 23 hours a day, the three at one point shared the same recreation time. Outdoors, the environment was bleak: an all-concrete yard so deeply recessed that some former prisoners have likened it to standing in an empty swimming pool. But inmates were escorted to individual wire-mesh cages — about 12 by 18 feet, Kaczynski estimated — where they could speak to each other under the watch of guards.

In his early months in prison, Kaczynski became close enough to McVeigh and Yousef that they shared books and talked religion and politics. He even came to know their birthdays, according to letters he wrote about them to others.

“You may be interested to know that your birthday, April 27, is the same as that of Ramzi Yousef, the alleged ‘mastermind’ of the World Trade Center bombing,” Kaczynski wrote to a pen pal in 1999, according to a letter on file at his archive of personal papers at the University of Michigan Library. “I mentioned this to Ramzi, and he wants me to tell you that since your birthday is the same as his, you and he must have similar personalities. … He may have some degree of belief in astrology.”

Known as the “Alcatraz of the Rockies,” ADX is considered to be America’s toughest prison, where the nation’s most dangerous criminals are locked away and meant to be forgotten. But for Kaczynski, who had lived as a hermit for more than 20 years in his remote cabin in the backwoods of Montana, prison was, in many ways, a social awakening. For the first time he had regular, daily contact with other people, even though it was largely with prisoners who had committed equally horrible crimes.

Kaczynski’s letters offer an unprecedented glimpse into what life is like inside ADX, a so-called supermax prison that has been widely criticized for its use of solitary confinement. Kaczynski arrived there in May 1998, shortly after he was given eight life sentences without parole for his 17-year bombing spree, which killed three and left dozens injured. According to his personal papers, Kaczynski so detested the idea of spending the rest of his life in prison that he actually wanted the death penalty.

Though he longed for freedom and mourned the loss of his beloved Montana, Kaczynski admitted to pen pals that ADX wasn’t so terrible as far as prisons went — though he might have been better equipped than most for the lonely existence of a small, enclosed space. (His 12-by-7-foot jail cell is not much smaller than his 12-by-10-foot cabin, which didn’t have running water or electricity.)

“I consider myself to be in a (relatively) fortunate situation here,” Kaczynski wrote in a February 2000 letter. “As correctional institutions go, this place is well-administered. It’s clean, the food is good, and it’s quiet, so that I can sleep, think and write (usually) without being distracted by a lot of banging and shouting.”

The prisoners on his cell block, he added, “are easy to get along with.” He had particular praise for Yousef and McVeigh, whom he described in another letter as “very intelligent … friendly and considerate of others.” “Actually,” Kaczynski told another pen pal, “the people I am acquainted with in this range of cells … are nicer than the majority of people I’ve known on the outside.”

In July 1999, McVeigh was moved to federal death row in Terre Haute, Ind., and though prison rules blocked him from exchanging letters with Kaczynski, they kept up their friendship. Through a journalist at the Buffalo News, McVeigh sent Kaczynski a copy of “Into the Wild,” writer Jon Krakauer’s account of a young man’s hike into the Alaskan wilderness. (Kaczynski, who is particular about his books, liked it.) Meanwhile, the Unabomber asked his pen pals to send McVeigh magazines and articles, including a subscription to Green Anarchy magazine.

You want to be a pirate ?
  • me : I want to be a pirate ! Find the One Piece, travel with my friends, live great adventures ...
  • Oda : you want to be chase by admiral fucking Akainu ? see your friends disappear in front of you ? you want to see your brother die in your arms after invading the most dangerous prison in the world ? you want to ...
  • me: ok ok let's forget it.

anonymous asked:

*whispers* what's six of crows you post about it a lot and I'm curious

*whispers* six of crows is my newest obsession, and you need to read it

Without spoiling too much, the book is mainly about Kaz Brekker and the team he brings with him as they try to break someone out of the world’s most impenetrable and highest-security prisons. Kaz is hired by the merchant council running the city of Ketterdam because he’s one of the most feared gang leaders, and is known for his reputation for being ruthless and being able to accomplish the impossible. So he and three people from his gang, a runaway, and another convict they broke out of a different prison, all have to go on a dangerous road trip to pull off the greatest heist of all time and get filthy rich. The plot instantly hooks you in, and the book is pretty fast-paced, so you’re not going to ever want to put it down. 

All six of the main characters (Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper, Wylan) are absolutely amazingly written, and all of them undergo huge character development throughout the course of the book. Alongside that, each of them has their own separate history and in many cases Tragic Past™, and the way that is revealed throughout the course of the book. And in this book, unlike some others I’ve read, you actually always want to know more about every single one of the main characters and their pasts. Like, out of the main 6 there isn’t a single person I ended up disliking. Each character is fully fleshed out and interesting enough on their own, but the dynamic of the group is also fantastic- starting out from distrust and wanting to murder each other, to some really close bonds between all of the characters. Lots of quality angst, but also some really funny parts. 

I hope this made sense, and I really hope you consider reading the book (and it’s sequel, Crooked Kingdom, even though I haven’t gotten to that yet myself), because it’s one of the best books I’ve read in my life, and obsessing over it has gotten me through AP Week without going completely insane. Reeeeeaaadddd itttttttt 



But seriously this is a huge part of his character even in the games - up until ‘06 he basically had no control over his own life. He was a science experiment, created to be immortal, confined to the ARK. He was a dangerous weapon kept locked up on Prison Island by the people who had just murdered his best friend. He was a trigger for the end of the world, brainwashed by his creator. A trophy collected by Eggman. A servant of the Black Arms. For his entire life other people were calling the shots, and he had no choice but to follow.

Shadow is someone who values personal autonomy very highly but has absolutely no opportunity to take it for himself, and that is utterly tragic. It’s honestly no wonder he’s so distant and hostile to most people, and it makes sense why he would be drawn to Rouge as a friend despite their often opposing personalities - because she’s someone who has that freedom, and makes the most of it.

Just let my son be happy ffs


Iwaoi AU in which Oikawa is telekinetic and therefore is kept in a very rigorous prison for people with special abilities. From time to time the government uses him as a weapon. He is considered to be the seventh most dangerous person in the whole world. On his neck there’s a band which can explode (or paralyze him for a few minutes) anytime depending on how obedient he is. Iwaizumi becomes his agent and at first he thinks very bad of Oikawa (he took into consideration a lot of bad rumours) but then learns about his fears and vulnerabilities. 


THERE’S A FIC based on this by amazing @paintbrushyy. Go give her some love!

Daily writing day 2

I wanted to do something I don’t normally do, which is write about location.

I’ve been reading the second Ghormenghast book can frankly, I wish I could do that.


Courage was a comparatively small prison.

Only several hundred inmates to it’s name.

But they are the best of the best.

Or perhaps it’s better to say, the worst of the worst.

These were the serial rapists, mass murderers and terrorists of the world.

But in most countries, they simply would’ve been executed for their crimes.

So these were the worst criminals in the world, who could not simply be killed.

Perhaps they’d blackmailed someone high up, perhaps they had information their government needed.

What ever the reason, these men and women and were too dangerous to be kept in normal containment, and too important to be killed.

This made only a particular kind of person possible to incarcerate at Courage.

Every single person behind those four concrete, sea locked walls was both a genius and a murderer.

This made conventional security a moot point.

Guards could be manipulated or killed, security cameras could be fooled or misdirected, and locked doors could be circumvented or opened.

That left an unconventional security system as the only option.

The solution reached was to entrust the prisoners with their own safeties.

Around each person’s neck was affixed a collar.

Each one of these collars contained enough explosives to level the island.

When a prisoner was killed, his collar would explode.

Along with all of the other collars.

The same would happen if the collars were removed or broken, or if any prisoners attempted to leave the island.

The politicians behind the island had decided in that case to call the island a mutual loss.

A similar event had happened once in the deserts of Arizona, and once in the plains of Hebei.

Those prisons were named Anthem and Brain respectively.

Courage has lasted two years, far longer than it’s predecessors.

No one is really sure why that is.

Courage doesn’t really restrain the prisoner’s movement, they’re free to wander all over the rocky, empty island.

They’re even free to swim the wild, violent waves.

Only a few do.

The prison itself is one massive antechamber, with two floors of cells and a catwalk between them.

The room contains a garden, in which the prison’s food grows.

and I’m bored.

done for today I guess.

Percival Graves x Reader Imagine IV

Originally posted by moriarteamisreal

“Imagine Graves comes to your rescue after getting attacked and kidnapped by one of his enemies.”
>Requested by @sagyunaro , I finally did it, sorry again ! ;; 💕<

tw: kidnapping, blood mentioning

Being married to the Director of Magical Security had its advantages and disadvantages. You were a highly respected member of the wizarding world because of Graves and well known for your lovely and charming personality, people looked up to you and your marriage with Graves but you also always lived in danger because of his job. Almost everyone knew that you were married to Graves but he didn‘t talk about you or with you in the presence of criminals and you rarely showed up at the MACUSA building, so most people only heard of you but didn‘t know what you look like and yet, you got attacked and kidnapped by escaped prisoners who planned to take revenge on Graves and his Aurors.
It was a small group of wizards who attacked you and they gave you a few bruises and a bloody nose but nothing serious, you went through worse. Your physical condition wasn‘t bad but the criminals who kidnapped you were, especially their leader. They were a bunch of the biggest idiots you‘ve ever met and their leader, Dorian, was an old acquaintance of Graves, just as dumb and useless as the rest but really powerful and reckless which made him so dangerous.

They took you to an abandoned building, hours and even days passed but nothing changed on your situation. The kidnappers send untiringly owls to the MACUSA building to negotiate with them but they refused every deal they made. You trusted Graves and the other Aurors, and you knew that they were probably already planning to save you but you felt forsaken.
Everyone in the organization of the criminals ignored you most of the time, the only thing they did was to taunt you when they got bored but no one really talked to you or paid attention except for Dorian, who asked you for certain informations about Graves from time to time so he could blackmail him better. You told him informations so he had no reasons to hurt you but what you told him was just absurd.
„Is there anything Graves really dislikes or something we can provoke him with ?“
„He can‘t stand the color yellow, this makes him furious.“
„That‘s better not a joke, missy, ‘cause we‘ll use that against him.“
He didn‘t question any of your answers and believed you blindly which ended in hilarious blackmails which you were sure Graves and the others at MACUSA would enjoy.

You didn‘t know what happened but everyone was suddenly outraged and frightened when two of the criminals came back from their guard duty. Dorian glanced a few times over to you and whispered orders to his members. He didn‘t intend to free you to avoid a confrontation with the MACUSA members, no, it was his goal to either exchange you for the last member of his organization who was still in custody, or to lure Graves into the building to fight against him, which was his plan B but he honestly didn‘t care and preferred a fight with Graves over an simple exchange anyways.
You could hear several people curse and swear outside the building and you were sure that the MACUSA Aurors where fighting with the criminals now. You couldn‘t help but grin at Dorian, his whole plan was so time-consuming, exhausting and annoying for you and you looked forward to watch Graves while he gives him and the others what they deserved for stealing his wife.
It didn‘t take long for the Aurors to put the criminals outside the building to flight and to arrest them. Dorian got nervous and ordered his two best men to disappear with you through the back door while he takes care of the Aurors and Graves.
They grabbed you roughly and ran towards the back door when Robert, one of Graves‘ Aurors, blew the door open with his wand. Robert didn‘t hesitate and used a Levicorpus spell on the men next to you as soon as he saw them. They hang in the air by their ankles and dropped their wands, you kicked them towards Robert before they could grab them again and Robert picked them up before he walked over to you.
„Miss Graves, we finally found you. Are you okay ?“
He lifted your chin with one of his hands to check your blood smeared face for injuries.
„Stop that Robert, I‘m fine according to the circumstances. They gave me a few bruises and a bloody nose but nothing serious. More importantly, where‘s Percival ?“
He let go of your face and released your hands from the rope which you were tied up with.
„That‘s uh… I know you‘re not a fan of this but we bet on who finds and saves you first, he wanted to show off and took the front door so he‘s probably fighting with Dorian.“
You rubbed your wrists which were sore from the rope.
„Oh well, good to hear that Percival has nothing better to do than to place bets while I‘m in danger.“
„That‘s not true, he was really worried at first but he knew that you were probably just annoyed when Dorian blackmailed us really questionable stuff.“
„Aww, Percival knows me so well, but still.“
„Besides, turn around, there he is.“
You turned around and Percival walked with Dorian, his organization members and a few Auror‘s towards you. His hand was clenched around his wand and he looked to your surprise really displeased.
His Auror‘s took care of the still in the air hanging men while Graves walked up to you to pull you into a hug.
„My love, we came as soon as possible, tell me in detail what happened.“
Graves let go of you and took your face in his hands, checking for the source of the blood on your face.
„I‘m glad to see you Percival, but you mean you came as soon as you were done with setting bets with Robert, right ?“
Graves ran his thumb caressing over your cheek and glanced angry over to his friend.
„God damnit Robert, there was no reason to tell her.“
His gaze wandered back to you and he couldn‘t resist to give you a kiss on your forehead.
„What matters is that you‘re safe now. But another thing…“
He let go of your face and held up your wrists.
„Do you have any other injuries ? We‘ll take care of your wounds when we‘re at home.“
„Just my nose and my wrists, some bruises but it‘s not so wild.“
Graves held you tight against him and rested his head on top of yours while rubbing his hand over your back.
„Anyways, I was really worried about you and I‘m glad that you‘re still alive and at least not heavily injured. Also good to hear that you didn’t lose your cheeky mouth and your sense of humor, even in dangerous situations.“

The Shade Chronicles

Part 1: Now

A DC/SPN Crossover

Warnings: soullessness, violence, I think that’s all for this part 

Pairing: Reader x ????

Word Count: 902

A/N: I’m really excited for this series, and it’s a bit different than anything I’ve posted before. This part will definitely be confusing if you haven’t seen/don’t know the plot of Suicide Squad.

All Parts


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::: @wantedlaughs

Arkham Asylum was not an easy place to break into. Hell, it wasn’t an easy place period, if the things he had heard about it were true. Among all the prisons in the world, Arkham was among the most dangerous, as it was rumored to contain more than a few freaks of nature. For… “research” purposes, Sam took it upon himself to pay a visit to the place. Assuming one of his falsified identities, he was able to infiltrate through the front door. And it wouldn’t be until he had made it into the asylum that he would take the time to take out all of the guards patrolling the entrance. He’d even go so far as to loop back the cameras just so nobody would ask questions later.

Once every obstacle was taken care of, Sam would go ahead and retrieve a flashlight from inside his jacket, and proceed to make his way through the facility, walking aimlessly until he heard some sounds coming from deeper within.

Fun fact-thought-things

1. It’s mentioned that the Abyss can look one way to one person and then some other way to another (“according to Break, the Abyss can appear as a prison or a broken toy box, depending on the person” –Pandora Wikipedia). Oz most likely sees the inside of a toy box because he himself is a stuffed animal.

2. When the Pandora of popular folklore opens her box, all the horrors of the world pour out. Basically, when Jun equates “hearts” to “Pandora” (see the title), she could mean to warn her readers of the dangers of the human heart (as our love can so easily be the downfall of ourselves as well as that of those we care for the most, as the painful endeavors of characters like Vincent demonstrate).

3. Jun confirmed that Gil can knit scarves and that he gives them to people like Reim and I think that’s super neat.