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Oh my goddd I was scrolling back through your blog and the 1950s lesbian exr is a thing that just could not conceivably be any further up my alley (I realise what this sounds like and I apologise), so I was wondering if we could get another little snippet? No pressure ofc. PS I love your writing and even if we never get any more of tscosi it's still probably my favourite podcast of all time <3


Thank you so much. There will definitely be more Starship Iris eventually, but I really appreciate that.

Re: the fic, I was simultaneously trying to write a historically accurate-ish look at 1950′s American lesbian identity and activism, and give it a bit of a noir feel, which in theory I think you could do because holy shit these women were risking so much, and they had to basically be spies anyway because the FBI was legit trying to keep tabs on them and their meetings. I don’t really know if I’m the person to do it, though; this feels pretty damn far out of my lane, to be honest.

I really wish there was more historical fiction about this cause in this period; you can find some fascinating shit just doing a cursory wikipedia crawl. Like, the first lesbian periodical was created in 1947 by a 25-year-old who was working as a receptionist at RKO Studios; her boss was like ‘just look busy so people think I’m a big deal’ and so she was secretly using company equipment to type and format a zine about lesbianism, like 25 years before the APA stopped calling homosexuality a mental illness.

Anyway, I only wrote about three pages; I stopped when I realized how long it would need to be, and how much work would be involved, and also frankly it’s a lot easier to situate Enjolras in a fic about queer activism post-Stonewall, because the D.O.B.-era organizing tended to be pretty assimilationist. Like, I think their work was important and has been unfairly neglected, but I still think Enjolras in any era would chafe at their gradualism. 

Enjolras isn’t even mentioned by name in this, but uh I think you’ll be able to find her. 

(Head’s up: this is the very opening of the story, it’s from Grantaire’s POV, and she has not begun to work through her issues yet, so quick content warning for period-typical internalized homophobia and self-loathing, as well as period-typical sexism. Also, historical note: from what I can tell, “lesbian” had negative connotations even within the community at the time.)

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The Nurse

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Request -  Can I ask for Victor Zsasz where you are a nurse and have loved him from afar since you saw him and one day he noticed you were assaulted by Gotham criminals, so he stepping in, protecting you and got injured in a process. You are patching him up and he asked you to be his nurse and confronting you about your sudden appearance near him all the time and to go out with him. Lots of fluff, please?

WordCount - 940

Warnings - Angst, Physical assault, drug abuse, swearing blood, murder etc. 

A/N - I really enjoyed working on the prompt/ sentence starter list. Just send me a character and up to three prompts. 

Prompt List

Working as a nurse for some of the most dangerous people on earth was no easy task. Knowing that they could turn at any minute, you knew the risks, death, being physically harmed, getting in-between in a brutal fight. Despite all of this you continued to work as a nurse for some of Gotham’s villainous criminals. Were you insane? Possible. Did you enjoy the thrill that working with dangerous criminals? Yes Most definitely.

There was one particular criminal that had caught your eye. His name was Victor Zsasz, one of Gotham’s mightest Assassins. There was no better man for any hit. There was something about him that was alluring and seductive, mysterious. Maybe that was what attracted you to him in the first place. The danger that being with someone like Victor could produce. Despite your deep attraction and emotion to the man, you two had never spoken to words to each other. He comes in, get’s his wounds attended to, gets given a prescription if he needed one then leaves. That was how things went between you. 

The day started off relatively normal, you attended to a couple of your regulars. nothing out of the ordinary, same thing different day. After Lunch, you returned and one of the senior Doctors asked you to attend to a specific criminal, he was known for his violent behaviour. While he intimidated you, you refuse to let him believe that he intimidated you by any means. Pulling the curtain shut you began to attend to the man’s wounds. You patched the man up as you finished the last of the man’s stitches he began to fidget. 

“Is there something wrong? Do you need more pain medication?” You asked the man, noticing his fists clenched you began to try and fit together what exactly was going on. You didn’t want the injured man to suffer any more than he had done previously. 

“Listen I need you to give me some of those prescription meds that Doc used to give me.” As you flipped through his medical records you noticed that he had become addicted to a type of painkiller. There was no way that you could give it to him even if you wanted to. There were strict orders and you weren’t willing to lose your job. 

“I’m sorry I can’t give those to you.” You replied, two other men soon appeared, you gulped. 

“You’re going to give me those drugs! I don’t like being told no!” You tried to explain that you couldn’t give them to him and you were sorry but it would be better for the long run. The man didn’t like the answer as he got his two friends to grab you by either arm, punch after the punch was dealt to you. Your stomach was throbbing from the pain when suddenly the pain stopped. The men who were previously holding you dropping you to the ground, allowing you to whether in pain,  through all the tears you noticed Victor Zsasz battling them off, each resounding blow. But even for the great Assassin taking on three men at once was no easy task. 

You couldn’t watch the man you had fallen in love with getting beaten to death, you knew what you were about to do would most deffiinately get you the sack and you would lose your job but Victor’s life for your job was a very easy sacrifice. Staggering to get to the medicine cupboard you opened it up rummaging for the prescription pills he was on about. 

“Enough! Take these and get out!” The men stopped quickly taking the prescription before making a run for it. Once you were firmly positive that they had gone, you moved towards Victor’s side, your eyes widened when you noticed how badly they had overpowered him. 

Sitting him down on a hospital bed, you began to examine him and fix Victor’s wounds. Victor always amazed you with his high pain tolerance. He never said a word the entirety of the time you cleaned and attended to his injuries it was unnerving. 

“You look beautiful today.” Victor broke the silence since it had been quiet for so long you jumped. 

“Thank you, Victor.” You replied as you wrapped his arm in a bandage. 

“You know you should come and work for me and the Zsaszetts. We wouldn’ make a threat on your life. Actually, I would prefer it, I wouldn’t have to keep coming down to this hellhole just to see you.” Victor rolled off his confession and potential job offer like it wasn’t a big deal but to hear Victor’s words suddenly come out of his mouth stunned you. 

“You come down here to see me?” Victor nodded as he took your hand in his mindlessly lacing them together. 

“Yes, I’ve had my eyes on you for quite some time. So what do you say? Maybe I could take you on a date after this?” Victor’s confession baffled you. But why shouldn’t you say yes? You were no doubt going to be fired from your job after giving that criminal drugs that were banned from him. Then what were you going to do? Most people would have taken the time to make such a decision, some wouldn’t have even considered Victor’s offer, some would have said it was barbaric to go with one of Gotham’s mightest criminals. 

But then again you weren’t most people. So you took Victor’s offers and became the Nurse and partner to the notorious Victor Zsasz and while people may have never believed Victor was capable of loving someone, you were the only one who knew otherwise… 

Psycho-ish (Tara•Mox)


It was a quarter-to-three in which the solar eclipse would emerge and darken the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Tara, The young tattooed beauty is a private nurse for the criminally insane. With that stated, She’s been the nurse of the most dangerous man, patient number #666 as if the number doesn’t speak for itself.

“Tara, Patient six-six-six is awaiting his first meal of the day.” Tara’s co-worker passed along the message.

And there he was.. Jonathan Moxley. He barley spoke, eaten, or had not one visitor. He was venomous, so the solid transparent shielded box that surrounds him was everyone’s only protection.

(Silence Of The Lamb influenced this, sorry! 😂)