the most dangerous man in america

Could have had Yale Law graduate, lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, two-time New York Senator, and Secretary of State.

2016 is proof a less qualified man can still beat the most qualified woman (even if she is the most qualified person –man or woman– to ever run for the Presidency). A woman has to play the game at so many levels to even be considered a capable candidate. Trump is a 4-times bankrupt propaganda artist that inherited his wealth from his Father.

But instead Middle America stole the election from the 3 million majority through the use of an archaic system known as the electoral college. Both of the last two Republican Presidents lost the popular vote. On the contrary, Obama won both the electoral college *AND* the popular vote.

Now we are stuck with a man far more dangerous than George W. Bush. Instead of opting for the most qualified candidate in history, we got the biggest con-man of all-time. Trump is in over his head and admits it: “I thought being President would be much easier.” – what a joke!

Hillary saw how hard the job was up close and personal twice – first with her husband and then with Obama. And yet she still wanted the job.

Elections have consequences. Buckle up!

Spiderman homecoming was hands down the greatest spiderman movie there’s been, Tom blew Toby and Andrew out the water.
He made me laugh, cry and root for Peter Parker throughout the entire movie, this Peter was brave, insanely smart, powerful but most importantly he was also scared.
I’m really glad the movie dealt with how he’s only 15, still a kid, in these dangerous and near death experiences, of course he’s scared. A certain scene where Peter is trapped under rubble made me cry, Tom was incredible.
I honestly just want to protect Peter Parker??¿?
I’m also here for Tony the dad, 100%

In the second film, Yondu’s role is vastly expanded. We discover that the real reason he didn’t bring Quill to his father, Ego, wasn’t actually because Quill was a child and therefore small enough to gain access to places grown men couldn’t reach.

The reasons weren’t selfish at all.

Instead, Yondu was protecting Peter from a capricious deity with a murderous intent. “He may have been your father, Quill,” Yondu says of Ego as he rescues Star-Lord, “but he wasn’t your daddy.”

Yondu was.

We crash headlong into the revelation: This dangerous man with his crazy whistle-arrow-of-death and crew of thieves and ne’erdowells is in fact one of the bravest people we’ve ever encountered in the MCU films, going up against a diabolical Celestial to save a little boy’s life.

Then Yondu dies, saving his boy. It’s just another in a litany of heroics that Yondu never boasts about, never lays claim to. It’s beautiful and sad and by far the best death the MCU has given us. The death and the scene after are among the most riveting in any of these films.


Yondu isn’t Captain America or Iron Man in terms of his importance to the franchise, but he’s not a minor character either. As Paul Tassi points out, he’s the real star of the second Guardians film (or Michael Rooker is, in any case.) He stole the show, sure, but I’d go one further and say that he’s become one of the most significant figures in the MCU period.

- Erik Kain for Forbes: Why ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ Is The Most Important Marvel Movie In Years

Mr. Barnes (Part 2 out of ?)

(A/N): I’m so glad everyone is liking this series so far!

Summary: Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: swearing, mentions of rape

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 Bucky sat at his oak desk, a cigar hanging out of his mouth as he breathed in deeply. Ever since that run in with that…with that slum kid Bucky hadn’t been able to keep his mind off of them. Their rosy cheeks and bright eyes kept perforating his thoughts, making it impossible to think about much else. He had business deals to think off, he had other gangs to think about, he had to worry about some prick in England talking shit about him, he didn’t have time to focus on that low life nobody. With a sigh Bucky tossed his cigar into an ash tray, running his hands down his scruffy face. It was nearly half an hour later when A quiet knock on his study door is what finally broke him Out of his stupor. 

   "Yeah?“ Bucky’s voice was hoarse, much more than usual. The tall oak doors swung open to reveal Dot, Bucky’s saving grace, wearing nothing but a silk robe he had bought them for valentines day. "Hello there dot,” Bucky smirks as Dot waltz in, swaying her hips as she made her way to Bucky’s heavy desk. 

   "Hiya Mr. Barnes,“ she smirks as she stops before him, resting her hands on the arms of his chair. "I’ve been missin’ ya today,” Bucky hums as he leans forward, almost touching his lips against hers. 

    “Have you now?” Dot nods, her lips parting in a sultry fashion as she does. 

   "You’re favorite girl is feeling a bit neglected,“

    "Oh, we can’t have that,” Bucky smirks as he grabs Dot’s ass, bringing her down onto his lap. “Now can we?” Dot gasps at the contact, shifting a bit, rubbing herself against Bucky’s leg enticingly. 

   "Sit back and let Mr. Barnes take care of ya, eh?“

 (Y/N) bit their lip as they eyed all the couples dancing, trying so desperately to keep their mind off of their run in a few days prior. They had just run into one of the most dangerous thugs in all of America, the man had everyone in his pocket, he could get away with murder and no one would bat an eye and yet (Y/N) ran into him and here they were, able to tell the tale. 

   With a shaky sigh (Y/N) reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind their ear, even though it wasn’t necessary. Honestly (Y/N) was trying their best to keep busy, even the most mundane tasks would help focus (Y/N)’s mind on things other than the dark haired, mysterious thug. 

    "Hey sweetcheeks,” a rather harsh, almost smoker like voice drawls in (Y/N)’s ear, sending shivers down their spine. “I couldn’t help but notice you here all alone, how bout you get up and dance with me.” His words were poised as a question but his tone hinted otherwise. (Y/N) gulps, steeling themself against the strange man.

    “I’m sorry sir but I really don’t feel like-" 

    "It wasn’t a Question sweetheart,” he grips (Y/N)’s arm painfully tight, leaving them to whimper in pain. “Now get up or I’ll make you get up,” it was either go willingly or against their own will and (Y/N) most definitely wasn’t all too thrilled about the second idea. So with shaking legs and a trembling lip (Y/N) stood from their spot, following the sketchy looking man out to the dance floor. His strong hands settle on their waist as he yanks them close, their hips pushed flush against his. “What’s your name kid?” (Y/N) trembles on the spot as they reluctantly dance with the man, praying that someone would notice how uncomfortable they were and come out a stop to it. But no one did, they all kept their gazes elsewhere, completely ignoring (Y/N) and the man. “I asked you a question kid,” The man growls dangerously, gripping (Y/N)’s hips enough to leave bruises.

    “I-I’m (Y/N),” they stutter, fear getting the better of their voice. The man hums, a sick smile overtaking his features. 

   "Such a pretty name…you wanna know my name kid?“ 

    "N-no,” (Y/N) manages a bit of sass, almost proud of themself for being able to have such attitude towards such a man. “Not really,”

    “It’s Brock fucking Rumlow,” He leans in, biting down on their earlobe slightly, sending the poor kid shuddering in fear. 

   Brock Rumlow- one of the most notorious gangs in all of Brooklyn, perhaps in the entire state. 

   Two mobsters in the course of a week? It seemed nearly implausible and yet here (Y/N) was, still reeling from their run in with Bucky and now their contact with Brock. 

   “No sassy remarks anymore, eh?” 

   “Get off of me,” (Y/N) mutters, pushing at his chest weakly. Their lungs were still trying to recover from the harsh weather, leaving them feeling much weaker than the usually were. 

   “Aww, aren’t’chu you a cutie?” He purrs, his sickening smile never once leaving his lips. “I ought to wrap you up and take you home with me….” Brock growls as he licks his lips, his cold gaze running up and down (Y/N)’s form. “Oh sweetheart, the things I’d do to you,” 

   “I’m going to start screaming,” (Y/N) whispers, grunting against his hold. Their squirming comes to an abrupt stop when the feeling of something cool presses into their neck. 

   “Scream and I’ll slit your throat,” Brock sneers, his tone smug as he digs the point of his blade into their neck. (Y/N) whimpers softly, closing their eyes as something warm trickles down their neck, most likely leaving behind a trail of scarlet liquid. 

   “What do you want?” (Y/N) tries to sound stronger than they are but it was futile, Brock could see right through them. 

   “I just want a little fun dollface, take you back to my place, rough ya up a bit,” Brock purrs as he leans in once again, licking up the small rivulets of blood that had cascaded down (Y/N)’s neck. “Then I’m gonna send you back on your way and we’re gonna act like nothin’ happened, sound good?” (Y/N) whimpered, trying to shy away from Brock’s invading tongue to no avail, the blade kept them still, nipping at their skin in a way that had them wanting to puke. “Now, I’m gonna escort you out of here all nice and slow and you’re not gonna make a sound, got it? If you do,” Brock chuckles as she stashes his knife away. “I’m gonna make that much more painful for ya, sweetheart,” 

   Brock’s grips on (Y/N)’s arm was painfully tight, no doubt leaving finger shaped bruises in their skin. He dragged them down the streets of Brooklyn, towards the nicer area of town, to where all the rich snobs lived. No one here would care that (Y/N) was being manhandled by Brock, hell, no one in the slums even cared as they watched the tall, burly man guide the smaller human being along. Tears burned at (Y/N)’s eyes but they refused to let them fall, they had to keep some shred of dignity with this man and letting him see them cry would be the last straw. 

   “No tears huh?” Brock chuckled as he turned a corner, harshly jerking (Y/N) along with him, resulting in a few pops from their elbow. “Most of the time people are sobbing by now, begging me not to hurt them but you-” He chuckles again, shaking his head as he makes his way towards one of the nicer streets. “You’re different, maybe I really should keep ya, you seem like a firecracker,” 

   “Burn in hell,” (Y/N) growls, as they struggle a bit, pulling backwards as Brock moved forwards. Why the suddenly had fight in them now only god knows but it was there, a kindling flame of hatred and fear and dammit (Y/N) was going to use it. 

   “I suggest you stop struggling sweetheart,” Brock growls as he yanks them forward, nearly tripping them in the process. “I’m not opposed to slaughtering you right here and leaving your body to the dogs,” 

   “Let go of me!” (Y/N) yells, struggling to get away. They twisted and flailed, clawed and kicked, anything to get this man off of them but Brock was strong and he held on tightly, causing much discomfort on (Y/N)’s part. “Get off of me!” (Y/N) screamed helplessly, hoping that anyone would come to their rescue. Little did they know that just up the street there stood a man dressed to the nines, a Brazilian imported cigar hanging out of his mouth. 

   “Get off of me!’ a voice screamed down the street. Bucky looked up from his suit, a small smirk rising to his lips at their person’s frantic cry. Sounded like someone was going to get lucky tonight, maybe if he caught them in time he’d be able to join in too. Bucky chuckled as he huffed on his cigar, reveling in the high it gave him. His pristine shoes clicked down the street, creating a soft clacking against the somewhat nice pavement. It was the only other sound in the air other than the person’s screams and to be a bit morbid he was enjoying them. Call Bucky a sadist but god- that noise was like music to his ears. 

   “What the fuck did I tell you was gonna happen if you struggled, huh?” A voice growled as Bucky got closer. Bucky’s brows furrowed in confusion;  that voice sounded so familiar, he could’ve sworn that he had only heard it a few days ago- Bucky comes to an abrupt stop before the source of noise, his eyes quickly taking in the rather shocking scene. It was the kid from a few days ago, the shabby, slum kid, struggling against the grasp of some tall, wide man…

   “Brock Rumlow,” Bucky growls, a small smirk rising to his lips. “How strange to see you here,” Brock stops fighting the kid immediately, his entire body going rigid at Bucky’s voice. 

   “Barnes,” Brock smiles sickeningly, that same smile that had been twisting (Y/N)’s stomach for the last half an hour. “Fancy seeing you here,” Bucky smirks as he flicks his cigar to the ground, allowing it to burn out and die slowly. 

   “Who’s the kid?” Bucky gestures to (Y/N) with a simple quirk of his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets. 

   “Just a lil’ something I picked up earlier,” Bucky looks at (Y/N), his harsh gaze raking over their trembling form. He regarded them with a look of prejudice, sneering down at them with an upturned nose. He hoped his look was enough to convince Brock that he had no care for this (Y/N) creature when in reality the look of fear on their face had stirred something deep within him. 

   “How much do you want for ‘em?” Bucky asks coolly, as though he wasn’t bargaining this persons life right before them. 

   “Sorry Barnes but you’re out of luck, this one’s a keeper,” 

   “I don’t think you understood me,” Bucky chuckles darkly as he reaches in his suit, retrieving a small albeit dangerous handgun. “How much do you want for ‘em?” He points the end of the barrel at Brock’s stomach, inconspicuous enough that if anyone walked by they wouldn’t think anything of it. 

   “Fuck you Barnes,” Brock growls as he shoves (Y/N) towards the brunette. Bucky was quick to steady (Y/N), incidentally pulling them to his chest. “I’ll get them back,” Brock chuckles darkly as he saunters off, shaking his head as he does. “Just you wait and see,” Bucky keeps his ground as Brock saunters off, keeping (Y/N) against his chest protectively but as soon as the other mobster was out of sight Bucky broke, his facade crumbling to the ground. 

   “You alright kid?” Bucky asks as he inspects (Y/N), checking them for any wounds of any sort. 

   “Why do you care?” (Y/N) grumbles as the bat his prying hands away, being mindful not to expose their bleeding neck to him. Bucky immediately retracts his hands, as though (Y/N)’s words had burned him. 

   “Really?” Bucky chuckles dryly, shaking his head in disbelief. “I just spared your fucking life kid and now you’re gonna give me sass? I could’ve let that bastard rape and kill ya but instead I saved ya and this is the thanks I get?” (Y/N) huffs as they brush their outfit off, as though trying to get rid of any remnant of Brock. 

   “I didn’t ask for help-” (Y/N)’s sentence cuts short when Bucky grips their chin, forcing them to look into his eyes. 

   “I own this town sweetheart, I own half the country, with a snap of my fingers I could have you beaten to a bloody pulp and left at my doorstep if I so desired,” (Y/N) glares up at Bucky indignantly, flaring their nostrils angrily. “So I suggest you stay on my good side, got it?” Bucky gave them a little cheeky grin as he stepped back, wiping some ‘dust’ off their chin before turning on his heels to saunter back home, his energy for the night gone. He knew (Y/N) was glaring at his back so he turned his head, giving them a little smirk as he pulled out a new cigar, placing it between his fingers as he spoke to them. “I’ll be seeing you real soon (Y/N),” And with that the mobster turned away, lighting his cigar as he walked back home, whistling a chirpy tune. 

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After rewatching all of the Marvel movies in the build up to going to seeing Spider-Man Homecoming, I noticed that in Tony"s last moments Pepper is the only thing he can think of. The only thing he can think about is making sure she is safe, protected, because he has to save the one thing he can’t live without. She has been his world for so long, he can’t remember or think of a life without her, so when it comes to choosing his life or hers, he would always choose hers in a heartbeat. She is his life line. She is his proof that he has a heart. She is his everything.

Happy has been carrying around an engagement ring since 2008 (The Year the first Iron Man Movie come out) he has been committed to her since then. They didn’t have their first kiss until 2010 (Iron Man 2)

Tony Starks worst, lowest, saddest moments has been when he thinks he has lost her, when he thinks he is going to have to continue on without her.

I’m Captain America: Civil War, they aren’t together and that was some of his darkest moments. Tony no longer cares when she isn’t around, because to him a life without her, isn’t a life worth saving.

Tony Stark goes into self-destructive mode when she isn’t there, without her nothing makes sense. He falls into his old routines from before he was Iron Man, but a thousand times worse. She makes him a better person.

“Threat is imminent and I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you” - Tony Start to Pepper Potts, Iron Man 3

Whenever he is prepared to die, it seems as though he is doing it to protect the city, the world etc but if you look at it closely, 9/10 she is in the most immediate danger. He is doing it to make sure that there is still a world for her to live in.

In what seemed to be his final moments in Avengers Assemble. When he went into the Black whole with that Missile, the only thing he could think about or do was getting to say goodbye to her because she deserved an explanation. An explanation for why he was going to risk his life.

He has been in love with her for near enough a decade. Tony Stark always has and always will love Pepper Potts.


alright, you guys finally pressured me into making a masterlist post! reminder, the main masterlist ( here ) is still and will always be there, but this one is just a tad more share-able(?). if any of you even want to share this trash lmao.

anyway, everything is under the cut!

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Joining The Team Pt 2 (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warning: Vivid description of torture, blood, violence, mutilation and murder


Request: Joining The Team Part 2 

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“Who’s going in first?” Tony asked. No one raised their hand, not even Natasha or Steve. No one felt safe enough, especially when they felt you staring at them, even when tied up.

“Rock paper scissors?” Clint asked.

“Shortest straw?” Tony asked.

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This is an actual tweet from the man who represents the United States.

As if America is some sort of shining beacon of morality in the world, when it’s actually home to some of the most horrendous crimes in history.

But those darn refugees seeking shelter are so bad, right? Meanwhile, Americans can go where we please while we shoot up children in schools, and people in churches.

There’s dangerous people everywhere in the world, you cretin. That doesn’t mean we lose sight of our humanity. You want to “Make America Great Again?” Not that it ever was, honestly.

Show some damn compassion for people we SHARE this earth with. That might be a start.

Let the record show that I did not consent to this.

Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension.

Let History record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protestors and disregarded people of color.

Let it record my repulsion at his tremendous cruelty, his lack of compassion, his contempt for dissension, his absence of simple decency.

Let witnesses mark down my disgust at the way he boasted of infidelity, at how he ridiculed a disabled reporter, at the way he attacked female opponents for their appearance, at the way he marginalized immigrants.

Let it be remembered that I did not look the other way when women accused him of assault, when the reality of his Russian alliances came to light, when he refused to share his tax records—though large portions of the American media and its people chose to.  

Let it be remembered that I did not buy into the fear that he perpetuated of those with brown skin or hijabs or foreign birthplaces.

Let the record show that I looked on with disbelief as he spent countless early morning and middle-of-the-night hours following the election on social media, broadcasting a steady stream of petulant, insecure, incoherent messages instead of preparing to do a job he was ill-equipped for and seemingly not all that interested in.

Let the record show that I watched him assemble a Cabinet of billionaires and bigots, of people woefully unqualified to steward our children, our safety, our healthcare, our financial stability—and that I was horrified by it all.

Let it be remembered that my faith would not allow me to fall in line behind this man while so many professed religious people did; that I saw nothing resembling Jesus in him, and that to declare him Christian would have been to toss aside everything I grew up believing faith in Christ manifested in a life.  

Let History record my grieving at the racism and bigotry and homophobia that characterized his campaign, marked his supporters, and is evident in his assembling Administration.

Let it be known that I was one of the more than 65 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton; who understood that though flawed, she was an intelligent, experienced, passionate public servant with the temperament, commitment, and qualifications to lead and lead well.

Let the record show that I greatly lamented the day of his inauguration, and that I promised to join together with other good people to loudly resist and oppose every unscrupulous, dangerous, unjust and dishonest act this new Administration engages in.

History has been littered with horrible people who did terrible things with power, because too many good people remained silent. And since my fear is that we are surely entering one of those periods in our story, I wanted to make sure that I was recorded for posterity:

I do not believe this man is normal.
I do not believe he is emotionally stable.
I do not believe he cares about the full, beautiful diversity of America.
I do not believe he respects women.
I do not believe he is pro-life other than his own.
I do not believe the sick and the poor and the hurting matter to him in the slightest.
I do not believe he is a man of faith or integrity or nobility.
I do not believe his concern is for anything outside his reflection in the mirror.

I believe he is a danger to our children.
I believe he is a threat to our safety.
I believe he is careless with our people.
I believe he is reckless with his power.
I believe America will be less secure, less diverse, less compassionate, and less decent under his leadership.

And if I prove to be wrong, it will be one of the most joyful errors of my life. I will own these words and if necessary, willingly and gladly admit my misjudgment because it will mean that America is a better and stronger nation, and the world a more peaceful place.

But right now I don’t see that happening.

Right now I am worried for my country, concerned for our planet, scared for the future of my children, and greatly saddened that 62 million Americans seem okay with all of this.

Let the record show that I was not okay with it.

Not at all.

John Pavlovitz

The April Fool’s Day That Wasn’t: America is Undergoing Surgery Without Anesthesia

Today on Twitter, DJT went even more batshit than usual, again railing that Obama wiretapped him and excoriating the media–for some reason, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, in particular–for covering the very real Trump Russia story instead of the demonstrably false Obama wiretap claim. 

April Fool’s Day jokes abounded, most of them noting there is no joke: the man is dangerously unhinged and imperiling the nation and the world. 

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have maintained their business holdings and that they directly profit from serving in Daddy’s administration. Even more troubling: two business persons with no experience in federal government or foreign policy have had security clearance for months.

We’re wide awake while this administration attempts to dismember us. 

It’s Day #72 and we’re already deeply, hideously scarred. 

Whether the American experiment survives depends on our diligence and threshold for pain.

We can’t, under any circumstances, stop resisting.

Ed Brubaker was on the writing staff for HBO’s Westworld, so hopefully he can get the ball rolling on Velvet, an espionage thriller he created with Steve Epting — the man who drew some of Brubaker’s best Captain America and Winter Soldier stories ever. Velvet Templeton is the world’s most dangerous woman and suddenly finds herself being tracked after a renowned secret agent is killed. It’s filled with twists and turns and could resonate with audiences the same way that the Jason Bourne franchise or Angelina Jolie’s Salt did.

Brubaker wanted to do something with spy and noir fiction, embedding a female hero akin to Modesty Blaise or Black Widow, and guided by Epting, he created one of his best femme fatales to date. Image Comics’ properties usually head to television, but this can definitely follow in the mold of Kick-Ass and Kingsman as underrated gems that could take Hollywood by storm.

Idle Threats (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: This is a vent piece. My sister came home this morning from a walk and someone legitimately said this to her at the gas station. I don’t want shit over this, okay? I’m posting just in case anyone else needs some Sam hugs or the Avengers to maybe beat up a dude for them because racism lol.

Word Count: ~1893

WARNINGS: Angst, Allusions to the electi*n, Racism, Threats, Panic / Anxiety attack, mentions of past drinking, Sam hugs, and Cap is totally okay with beating up a guy for you. Gender Neutral Reader… I’m pretty sure anyway lol.

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You woke up bleary-eyed and listless, palming around your bed for your phone just to make sure that what really happened last night had actually occurred. Your head was swimming from the amount of alcohol you had consumed to numb the dull ache that had settled in your chest after most of the results came in.

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The true wisdom of a master teacher is borne out in the students he produces. Don’t simply think you know; don’t half-know; know thyself fully, Black man and woman, for YOU ARE GODS, children of the Most High God.

Do you not wonder why, of the thousands of people spied on in U.S. history by his F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover declared the Honorable Elijah Muhammad “the most dangerous Black man in North America?" 

Knowledge of one’s identity, one’s self, community, nation, religion, and God, is the true meaning of resurrection, while ignorance of it signifies hell. ~ T.H.E.M.

'character development' of Natasha
  • Iron Man 2: *fights off an entire wave of security guards in the time a trained bodyguard fights off one*
  • Avengers: *fights off three armed man from a start position of being tied to a chair. spends the rest of the movie being a complete badass who can look out for herself and her team mates*
  • Captain America 2: *manages to escape death at the hands of the most dangerous assassin in the world and goes on to trick top HYDRA personnel and leak all their secrets, effectively destroying them*
  • Age of Ultron: *gets locked behind bars and waits for a man to save her*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: literally wth
Castelobruxo Headcanon - Foundation

1 - One day, thousands of years ago, indigenous tribes and communities all over South America received a prophecy shaped warning:

Danger awaits. Magic could vanish. As the sign rises, you shall meet.

2- A few nights later, on a new moon, the sign shows up in the sky, and leaders and greatest healers march to the spot it indicates. They meet. Through language barriers and petty revenges (not all tribes or folks live peacefully), they spend days arguing about the prophecy they all received. Something must be done.

3- To protect magic form vanishing, they decide they are going to share it: each tribe would send their most promising kids to learn and preserve magical traditions. Since it would be easier to teach all the kids at the same time, they decide to build a temple, where they would be safe from the unknown danger. All deities are venerated here, and all sinchronies with nature is encouraged.

4- As they start building the school-temple, they decide to rise its outsides walls with pure gold (as gold is the most pure of the materials, it would garantee the safety of the children, and it’s easily found everywhere in these times).

5 - So they rise the first building, and it reflects the sun light so hard it’s equally beautifull and dangerous to stare at it.

6- for centuries, knowledge and witchcraft are shared among those golden walls

7- The story of a golden place in wich the most valuable riches are found spread quite rapidly through the international wizarding community. Sooner than later, muggles hear the word, and assume it’s a paradise of golden (wich they value not for its magical properties, but to use it as money).

8- Europeans start to travel to Americas, completely eager to be rich. That’s when the dizimations of indigenous populations start, as they refuse to show the way to the “Eldorado”, as the spanish man would call it. 

9- Meanwhile, muggles (specially portuguese and spanish) start to see the New World as an opportunity, and gets the colonization going. No indian would ever tell about Castelobruxo - as the honour code would make them die imeddiatelly if they do. People that didn’t go to Castelobruxo would start to gradually forget it’s magical habillities, and, soon only the Pajés (healers) would hold the knowledge.

10- Suddenly, the formal education became essential to preserve the mere existence of those kinds of magic.

11 - in Africa, wars between the folks generated more and more prisioners. The leaders new that the ones they feared the most should be the powerfull healers of their enemies, so, as soon as a nation had beaten the other, they would do as much as possible to get rid of it’s wizards. Even sell them as slaves (as it’s bad luck to kill a wizard - if the jinx you right before the death, wich they woul all do, you would be jinxed forever - this seemed like the safest option).

12 - Slowly, wizards of different african nations would get together as slaves, and perform their rituals while not on duty. Indigenous healers would hear about it, and as often as possible, would rescue an african kid from slavery, and send it to Castelobruxo. That was the start of miscegination amongst the South American Wizarding Community.

13- white wizards and witches would only be accepted in Castelobruxo many years later, when they were no longer seen as potential threats.

14- The reason its called Castelobruxo is because it’s name should be as simple as possible, so all indigenous nations could translate it into it’s own language, while maintaining it’s power.

I’ve seen a lot of people mad over the fact that Tony Stark is in Homecoming and I honestly think people should give him a chance! Yes, he did bring Peter to the fight at the airport but he didn’t “blackmail” him. He was only there to “web them up” basically. Tony gave him orders to stay away from the direct fight! When he was hurt, he told him to stay down. We don’t know how he got back to America but it’s safe to assume that Tony most likely took care of it. So now, he’s going up against a dangerous villain that wants to hurt/kill Spider-Man, of course Tony wants him to lay low and let others deal with it because it can be assumed if you fight Captain America and his buddies, they aren’t going to try to kill a teenager! He was likely to get bruises of course but he life wasn’t necessarily in danger. Except for the fact that team cap went all fucking out lmfao. Civil War really fucked this fandom up

I’m Your Man, Baby

I wanted to tell you

again last night

everything that scares me

about this world,

but I turned on the TV

I opened the window

I ate chocolate

I followed the words

across 10 pages of a book

before I realized

I wasn’t reading

but walking through

a conversation

I never expected  

to have

and still won’t.

Because I love you

you are more dangerous

to me

than bullets,

more powerful

than an army,

you’re America’s most wanted

and you’ll never be caught.

It’s no joke!

I’d call the cops,

but they’d laugh at me;

I’d call my parents,

but they won’t talk to me;

I’d call your parents,

but they hate me,

so I’ll just tremble at night

while you hold me.

Miracle Series

Characters: The whole Avengers team (including Peter Parker), Bucky Barnes, Wade Wilson, Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones

Warnings: Cursing, alcohol, violence, lots of blood, mentions of self-harm, smut (eventually)

Summary: The reader is a powerful mutant possesing the ability of creating and manupulating fire. She was trained by her pyschotic-soviet-made mother all her childhood until her death. After setting the orphanage she was sent on fire by accident, she was found by Nick Fury. Nick Fury took her under his wing and treated her like his daughter, making her an agent of his own. As she becomes one of the most skilled, dangerous people on the world he makes her a part of the Avengers Initiative.

PS: I know this sounded like some serious-superhero-movie-like-fanfic, but it’s actually goofy. Lots of sass and sarcasm inclueded.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Leap Of Faith: Damien Walters Backflip Over Speeding Formula E Car


Freerunner, gymnast and Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters is no stranger to danger. With movie credits including Captain America, Skyfall and Assassin’s Creed, Damien’s performed in some of the most mind-blowing action sequences you’ve seen on screen.

Damien proposed his dream stunt to us - could he stand facing away from a Formula E car as it approaches from behind, and then perform a blind backflip over the car as it passes below? We present to you this perfect synchronisation of highly-tuned man and machine: The Leap Of Faith.